Dementia gate JoJo Magoo will Fail Parkinson Test & MRI Scan and the Democratic Elite Know it

Dementia gate JoJo Magoo  will Fail Parkinson Test & MRI Scan and the Democratic Elite Know it

Okay greetings brothers and sisters Major development today's Tuesday July 9th so um I saw this last tonight and I Just put up the video this morning uh That I was going to add this to a major Development in the story they're now Claiming Biden has Parkinson's and so this is a huge Development so many ways I'll show you The clip of a neurologist that went on MSNBC there'll be stuff coming out all Day today they ask questions to the um To the press secretary about him having Parkinson so they're all running with This what seems like happened was they Gave Biden a chance to um step down on His own gracefully and he didn't so they Leaked that he has Parkinson which is a Disaster for all of them because he just Didn't get Parkinson's he's had Parkinson's for a period of time as President and if he has Parkinson's he Can't be president and so so you know This is um a bombshell because it means KLA Harris is known he has Parkinson's And has been complicit in him you know Deceiving the American people I it's a Major you know for all of us in the Truth community and for you know the Trumpers at least on one side of the Thing is that when you accuse or Stereotype or profile a certain group of People like they've done with all of us In the truth community and as they've

Done with the trumpers and the Trump you Know people support Trump and then you Behave exactly and Trump himself and you Behave the way Trump behaves and you you Know lie and you cover things up and you Accuse the other guy being a liar and he Is a liar doesn't mean Trump isn't a Liar it just means that they're the same Guy they're the same they're the same From the same mindset they're the same Type of person and it just shows Everyone in the truth community in terms Of you know we're not going to get a Sort of apology or acknowledgement that They are you know the scum of the earth Right there's you know problems in the Truth Community but the way that they've Demonized all of us and the way they're Behaving now right it gives you uh cause To doubt everything the government says If they're going to deceive the American People their voters particularly people In the Democratic party and put the Election at risk all these people have Donated money to Biden all these people Have worked to fight off Trump right and They find out they've been lied to and Now you know the chance of the Democrat Winning the presidency is and you know With the house and the I mean it's just A Devastation for them right because They've deceived the American people for Years now and so this is a big day for Us like all of us because we've been

Proven right in a epic way that they're Liars which we know but you know now It's just right there in front of Everybody and you can celebrate all your Your Biden relatives who think you're Crazy truther and and say they've been Lying to you for years I was right you Know that the the government lies and There's no difference between Biden and Trump and there's no difference between The Republicans and Democrats I mean They have different beliefs and Different positions on things but the Way that they behave and what they're Willing to do for power and for money And you know for whatever their to to Keep their positions and things is the Same right and so let's get into this Thing first so he showed up on mik Joe He called into to Morning Joe mik Joe he Called into Morning Joe and they're the Worst and they still asked him some Tough questions and he failed you know This is right when the Parkinson thing Was breaking and so these are these two Clowns M sucking on aemon like usual Joe you know being cocked by the Lemon um I'm not going anywhere defiant Biden's message to Dem critics in MSNBC Exclusive Now for something a little different and From inside the White House uh we have a Special guest joining us now the he he Puts the yes into special 46th president

Of the United States and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden Joseph Robin at Biden calling in to Morning Joe Right now good morning sir he's so old They used to name people used to man Name man Robinette hey M I'm more of them Presumption I'm going to be the Democratic Nominee you okay well M okay so that's There you go so they're humoring them And these are the the biggest shills They claim to love him she said she Wasn't ready to ditch him you know They've been pushing this but later on On the same network they're going to Have a neurologist say yeah and he's Going to describe he's going to they're Going to show pictures they're show Video of Biden behaving in a way that Would indicate s Parkinson's right which Is a major issue right this is you know And he's declining rapidly so he has to Be removed from the presidency and so Again the Democratic Congress and the The Establishment had no leverage to get him To step down but if he has Parkinson He's got to go and so they outed him Like they're leaking this right and even You know CNN's on board MSNBC is sort of Wavering but you know there's a handful Of politicians that are now uh defending Him and then you have kamla who's had to

Know like there's no way kamla doesn't Know he has Parkinson's and of course She's defending him which was Self-centered self-interest because she Knows if he gets elected with Parkinson She's president and so she's you know And like van Jones said yesterday I Showed you in this video that I just put Up today that he said they're running Kamla one way or another this is a you Know this is a vote for kamla because Biden ain't making it for four years Mr President that leads to the letter that We just received a few minutes ago and I I'm curious there's a part of it where You talk about the fact that you got 14 Million votes 87% of the vote it was an Open process you only had three people Running against you you have 3,900 Delegates and then you ask this question Do we now just say the process didn't Matter that the voters didn't have a say I'm curious is that an illusion also to Donald Trump and the fact that Democrats You believe may now be doing the same Thing that Donald Trump tried to do in In 20120 and that is overthrow the Popular will of democratic voters so First of all it wasn't the popular will Because they didn't allow Kennedy to run Against them they didn't have a real Primary there was no campaigning there Was no real candidates Joe Biden ran on Opposed and he didn't get very many

Votes because there wasn't very many you Know there wasn't anything at stake he Was already considered the nominee and So it wasn't the will of the people Because the will of the people was Thwarted when they rigged it against Kennedy now Kennedy probably would have Lost but they never did it anyway Because whenever there's a primary for An incumbent president that president Loses and so they like to run him Unopposed they ran Trump sort of Unopposed as well Trump didn't even Campaign there's a couple of you know People out there Nikki haly hicka hickey N and you know these other clowns that Were out there for you know brief time But they had no chance of beating Trump So this was already presumed for both People so that's not democracy right I Mean they had a real primary for the Republicans but Trump was already he Didn't have to campaign at all and he Was he won they didn't do that with the Democrats because Kennedy ended up Becoming independent he tried to run as A as a Democrat but in this thing right There he's accusing the Democratic party Of trying to steal his nomination which Is the wrong way to go Right well look Democrat J let me say it This way reason I've been on the road so Much all over the country and while Trump is riding around his golf cart

Filling out his golf cart before golf Cart before he look he's smiling like He's rocking it like he's just he's Already babbling even hits the ball but Anyway he hadn't been anywhere in 10 Days I've been all over the country Number one and I've gone over a country For several reasons one to make sure my In think was right about the party still Wanting me to be the nominee and all the Data all the data shows that the average Democrat out there who voted 14 million Of them that voted for me still want me To be the nominee number 14 million Ain't going to get you there buddy I Mean you're supposed to get 80 million Votes and you got 14 million that's That's you Know that ain't going to get it done bro One number two the idea that Donald Trump is uh has gained in any Substantial way has his his arguments to Why he should be president is anywhere Convincing than it was uh two weeks or Three weeks ago it's just not there and We're just getting we're just starting To focus on Trump so he's saying it's Just not there that means that when he Goes to Pro Biden rallies that the People there aren't saying hey you have Dementia and you have to leave and They're they're being enthusiastic with Them plus it's probably paid people in Shills that are there right like they're

You know they're hand selecting this Crowd just like they're telling the Interviewers what questions to ask he's Being completely handled with the poll Numbers and everybody who is aware of What they saw in the debate stage know That he's going to lose Right and look I attended Services spoke To over 600 people in Mount Ary Church Of God in Christ and Philly I 600 whole People wellow you're definitely going to Win to by campaign field officers with John fedman and Dean both strongly Supporting me yeah John fedman you got Federman okay as well as you got Federman the president the first lady we Spoke at the campaign ice cream social For for you had ice cream okay there we Go uh Council 13 in Harrisburg 40 Minutes after we spoke with supporters Sto by denim C so they're giving him Positive photos here I mean I was with The the governor of Pennsylvania who's Still strongly supporting me I mean so look and see the fact that You're talking about a guy who's an Incumbent incumbent president who They're saying has been a great leg he's Passed all this legislation he's done a Great job is you know that Um that you're saying that right is that There has to be some big reason isn't Because they don't like him isn't Because they you know they've been

Trying to get rid of the guy they've Been propping him up for years now They're saying Parkinson's I don't know If that's true but he has dementia of Some sort or another he's broken down Mentally and physically the case for Parkinson's looks pretty strong they Could make the case for anything because He's not functioning anybody can see it The way he walks and the guy gets into The gate in this gate of his walk and Things right so this isn't about people Supporting him people saying that he Can't mentally do it anymore the fact is That this week I'm going to be hosting NATO Summit here in DC going to hold Press conference on Thursday on Wednesday I met with a national this is Where he's a joke and he doesn't even Know because these are the two most Supportive shills he could this is why He's calling up them he's calling up the People that he thinks are the most his Most staun supporters and they're going To ask him some tough questions here After he gets done babbling about all The things he's about to accomplish and Do union leaders of aflc on Friday I Traveled to Detroit Michigan for a Campaign event and you know just on down The line and so I'm not getting any of What I was told I wanted to make sure I Was right that the average voter out There still wanted Joe Biden and I'm

Confident they do and I'm conf that's That's just not a way to gauge it right They're not going to tell you some Random person that's a Democrat and a Supporter of yours and you know is Respecting the presidency isn't going to Go hey you cile F step the F down right And like I said the Press I I think they've been fairly fair I Haven't read any reporting they did Today but the fact is that you know I Think they have to acknowledge we had Large crowds and enthusiastic crowds and You know and now they're talking about Whether I use a prompter well I did it All extemporaneously the fact of the Matter is I us impr prompters too I Don't get that but anyway the bottom Line here is that we're not going Anywhere I am not going anywhere I Wouldn't be running if I didn't Absolutely believe on the phone with President Joe Biden I am the best Candidate to beat Donald Trump in 2024 we had a democratic nominating Process look they're they're looking at How they're going to end up like you Know asking them questions without being Dicks about it where the voters spoke Clearly I want 14 million of those votes Etc so I I I just want she's like you Got to stop him you just got to stop him He's just gonna I I not only believe That from the beginning but I wanted to

Reassert and demonstrate that true and I'm going to be doing that all through This week and from here On so we uh we we noted yesterday that Was quite a contrast the people that Were supporting you yesterday compared To say um a lot of the Washington Insiders and Hollywood Mogul and go down The list of of very powerful people that Want you out compared to the support That you had in Pennsylvania yesterday That said there are a lot of Hollywood Mogul like that's what you're gonna you Guys are GNA go to war with Hollywood Over this thing you know that's the I Mean this is all the people that have Been chilling for you people of Good Will who love you who believe you did a Great job in your first term who are Still concerned uh yesterday uh the the The topic came up of the Stephanopoulos Interview where you were asked the Question uh how would you feel if Donald Trump beat you how would you feel after You lost and you said well as long as I Did the best I could do uh that's the That's the most important thing that's Caused Democrats concern who believe They're that that losing is see laughing At people and laughing at their you know Opinion of you I mean that was a that Was a major Gaff you said and you know And they're leaving out that he said if He did his goodest I mean he said he did

His goodest and John story covered this And he left that out as a comedian the Grown ass man just said if I do if I did My goodest is not an option what would You say to those who were concerned by That answer it's not an option and I'm Not lost I haven't lost I beat him last Time I'll beat him this time and this is A guy who look we talk about debates Look at his performance of debates he Lied over you know jump out 50 lies that He I mean look this is a guy who says 10% of the univers I don't want to get Into he's just a liar and he hadn't done A damn I don't want to get into that Thing since the debate he's been riding Around in the golf cart for 10 days down In Mar Lago talking with his wealthy Friend I'm not okay so um Trump is a Bigger campaigner he campaigned more Last time than you did when he was President and now he doesn't have to Because people in your party are saying You have Parkinson's Trump has to just Sit back which is the best thing for Trump to do because every time Trump Opens his mouth there's a chance the Attention is going to be diverted to him And so him just sitting back and Watching you implode in the Democrats Infight is the best thing he can do Every day I mean it's amazing that he's Been as restrained as he is running Because of these guys Joe I'm running

Because and you know me well enough to Know this and I don't know what Trump's Doing like nobody cares about what Trump's doing and Trump won't like that For long but they're not talking about Trump it's the first time time is about You right very beginning I ran because I Never bought onto the trickle down Economic theory I never bought into the Notion that we have to walk away from The rest of the world and Cave to Putin Or anybody else I've never never Believed any of that and I'm confident That's where the American people are so What I did was I went out and I wanted To make sure that there wasn't any any Slippage at all and with the average Voter I don't care what the millionaires Think and by the way boom you don't care What the millionaires thank you well you Did when they were supporting you way 97% of all the people contribute to us Are make people make it under 200 Contributing under 200 bucks I think we Have the largest continu what are they Making under 200 bucks a year in history I'm not positive of that but I think That's true and so I think it's true so I just said it and you know no I don't Have any facts to back that up like you Know I accus Trump of I want their Support but that's not the reason I'm Running I'm not running about what they Think what they care about and by the

Way you don't see a whole hell of a lot Of them flocking to Trump you don't see A whole lot of CEOs flocking to Trump You don't see any you see the major Economist out there talking about what I Have been able to do I don't hear Anybody talking about his economic plan Likely to bring America around and keep America First and by the way here's Trump talking about all that he's done And all and you know Trump trump and his And his debate night he's he's a Pathological liar he lied about Ro Refused to accept the outcome of the Election he refused to condemn Jan so He's just babblin now right like this is A friendly pair of people here these are His shills these are his biggest shills On in the news and he's just I mean he's Failing he's in a comfortable situation He's calling in on the on the phone from His wherever he is right and he's Failing right he's babbling and they're Not helping him out here January 6 and He says they claim he spoke with Putin Before he invaded what the hell are we Doing Joe what are we doing this is Bizarre it's it's a good question I have A few questions Mr President okay so This is where she screws him I know you Know where I stand and and yet I have a Few questions first it's very simple how Can how can you assure the American People that you won't have another night

Like the one you did in Atlanta look at my career have not had Many of those [Laughter] Nights you know I mean not understanding Dementia Parkinson's or any these other Things it was a terrible night and I I I Really regret it happened but the fact Of the matter is how how can you assure You're going to be on on you know fate Not can intervene on your way to go to You know work tomorrow age age wasn't You know the idea I'm too old C over 15 Million jobs 21 so um again he's trying To talk about his record which isn't you Know to the Democracy may be good I Don't know certainly not to everybody Else but he keeps on talking about his Record and that's not getting it done And they're not telling him he needs to Say something else right like he needs Neurological testing I'm insured for ACA Beat big farmer relieve student debt for 5 million people first black woman in The court so I I think I had a Significant a significant so you're Saying having the first black woman in The Supreme Court is evidence that You're not scile right like what does That even mean right why are you even Saying that he's saying things that just Happened like you know all right Something's got passed but they were out Of his hands right he nominated somebody

Like you can be seile and nominate Somebody right like that isn't a mark of Your success right and that's how i' Measure me me measure me what I've done And by the way in terms of my Neurological capacity I had a physical a Neurological physical as well and a Neurological physical you had a Neurological physical do they tap your Neurons with a you know to see if your Reflexes I mean what do You he had a neurological physical February it's released I released all my Records You released all his records Well that's not neurological test and Now they're saying you have Parkinson so You're completely effed but why didn't You say that to George Stephanopoulos Why didn't you say that that you had a Neurological physical which is I don't Know what even that is and no no neither Does anybody else because it doesn't Exist if you had neurological testing Then release the data in February but Now you have to have another one after Your performance the Bas performance Which you refuse to have and you know The guy isn't going to want to pass you Through when his complete credentials And his career is on the line because Everyone can see you're going to melt Down so any doctor that gives you the Green light and shills for you is going To be you know under a lot of scrutiny

Because of just failing to do his job Right all of them all of them and I have A neurological test every single day try Sitting behind his desk and making these Decisions you know it both of you know She a fake laugh boy they're bummed it's So they're on comfortable right they Know it I'm not bad at what I do and now It doesn't mean I never make a mistake I Do but I'm making those Decisions Mr President um if anybody in My family had a night like that like if Joe had a my Joe had a night like that Or my kids or anybody i' I'd probably Want he's her Joe want to do some sort Of workup and medical work up and make Sure he's okay have you been tested for Any age related illness is pre Parkinson's or anything like that that Might boom so Parkinson's starting to Break explain sort of having a night Like that where you couldn't finish Sentences boom she just stabbed him in The heart M says she supported him but She asked this question because you know She isn't going to be uh she isn't going To be you have her career threatened by Being a complete like shill like she's Been for years free Parkinson's [Laughter] Why why laugh at that that's not like What is you laughing at her look um I Had before I was feeling so badly before The debate when I came back they I they

Tested me for I thought maybe I had Co Maybe there was something wrong I had an Infection or something they tested me They gave me those tests I was clear so But look I had a bad night but the fact Okay so you're not getting tested your Relatives there's they're calling out Jill Biden here n mik is saying that Jill Biden is a poop seaword because She's not protecting this guy Michael Moore said it's elder abuse and if They're pushing this guy out with Parkinson's what kind of people are they What kind of wife is she right like Think about if you had Parkinson's and Your wife was like hey stop whining get Get to go to work right or your husband Or your family imagine if you had Parkinson's and your family's like h Stop he's he's fine just get there and Keep on bringing in the big Bo like you Know just you just have Parkinson's Right there's bigger concerns here fact Of the matter is look at what I'm do I Mean let me put it this way if there was Something that was wrong that night it's Not like it comes and that's one night And it goes away that's why I've been Out I've been testing myself been Testing everywhere I go because you're Tested Yourself by doing interviews Which you're failing at you're failing At this point Like you're just you're not making sense

You're you know I mean this is better Than the debate and still you know You're you're doing poorly out and Making the case the night of that debate I went out I was out till 2:00 in the Morning you went with Co that very night that very night it Drives me nuts people talking about this That very night I talking a large crowds Look at the crowds we've gathered Everywhere from Atlanta to North Carolina to Pennsylvania like they know They they know they can't you know they Have to bail on this guy I mean these This is how slimy snake like these these News people are they're supposed to be Supporting them right look at the Enthusiasm but it was right after where The hell's Trump man what has Trump said Or Done except deny and lie about what he's For okay so you have repeatedly said That all of these people and entities Are wrong and and let me go through them The New York Times editorial board The Economist the Atlanta Journal Constitution the Boston Globe Jerry Nadler Seth Molton let me go to Julian Castro Tim Ryan David Axelrod David rednick Richard Hos yeah I know which one you're Responding to there Zeke amanuel but They they're they're saying that you Should step aside um so what is your

Plan of attack moving forward these are Pretty big names and keep doing they're Big names but I'm not I don't care what Those big names think I don't care what Those big names think that's what thing That Trump would say and so you know no Neurological testing I mean he's this is What I was saying in my last video he's The joke and he doesn't even know he's The joke right like he thinks he's Rocking it right now these are the two Biggest Shields that he has and they're Asking him questions that he can't Answer them and they're doing in the Nicest possible way and they're setting Him up and he can't answer them right Like he's you know saying the same Things that didn't work in the interview They didn't work in his you know his When his shs are running out there and Saying these things everyone's bailed on Him and now they're releasing that he's Had Parkinson's which screws the party It doesn't screw him it screws all the People around him completely I mean his Wife and his family I mean that they all Know he has Parkinson's and they're Still pushing him out there like what's Wrong wrong with you right like and Everyone thinking he's so great that you Would you know like he was so Magnificent that he could still do this Job with Parkinson's like he sucks Before he you know or whatever it is

Right and so like he's Gone they're wrong in 2020 they're wrong In 2022 about the Red Wave no not not All these people in the media said Anything about the Red Wave or these Other things right wrong in 2024 and go with come out with me watch Watch people react you make a judgment You make a judgment and by the way I'm Going to have all these foreign leaders Here I've been in contact with the new British prime minister with the anyway Look the the country the rest of the World is looking our allies looking for Us leadership who else who else you Think could step in here and do this I You have no confidence in KLA Harris you Have no confidence in any of the other Democratic candidates you're the only Guy and if you have Parkinson's or Dementia it's still you're better than Them right like you have K Harris your Vice president who's your backup plan And you're old as F and you're saying That she can't step in and deal with These world leaders expanded NATO I Solidified NATO asked your brother about It in Poland I made sure that we're in a Position where we have a coalition of People of the Nations around the world To deal with China she used to know About the NATO think she asked asking Her brother with Russia with everything That's going on in the world we're

Making real progress the Biden plan Which got in in in Israel for for for For the Gaz of strip and something that Was adopted by the UN Security Council Whether it comes a FR it's awful close We'll See G7 Biden Plan look I'm not going to explain Anymore about what I should or shouldn't I am like they're like they're like Trying to communicate like this like What do we do with this right it's so Uncomfortable when your shs are acting This way I mean what about the people That are already verbalizing and then That's your party what about The Independents what about the people that You know aren't convinced about you Anyway Right I am running and if you want to Stop if you want to stop me come what They interrupted that he's trying to say Something bad here if you want to stop See if I get I am running and if you Want to I I I wanted to ask you it's so Interesting you talked about how you Know it's a suting against them thing Which we have in the truth Community Acting like a victim like acting like He's being persecuted and they're not Giving him a fair Shake acting like They're trying to run him out of office Right like he's some victim and these

Are people who are friends his Supporters people who are you know Staunch Democrats and like it's just It's a bad bad look right it's bad you Know you were supposed to lose in 2020 You won uh there's supposed to be a huge Wave in 2022 there wasn't in 2023 Republicans were supposed to win they Didn't you could say the same thing About France Le Pen was supposed to win In 20 you know two years ago she ended Up getting crushed uh the her her party Her farri nationalist uh extreme party Was supposed to win yesterday they ended Up getting crushed I'm I'm curious what Message do you take from the the the French elections and the British Elections because we keep hearing about The rise of farri nationalist extremism In Europe but I've got to say it looks Like this past week has been the worst Week for far-right nationalists between Britain and France I'm wondering what You say about that and what message you Take to NATO allies this week look Joe Let let make let's get something clear About 20 and 24 not only were they wrong I said they were wrong Beforehand I okay 24 hasn't happened yet Said we were going to win and how we're Going to win I didn't pretend about it It wasn't like oh my God I was surprised I was not surprised I predicted that I Knew what we were doing number one

Number two you may remember I was one of The few people out there publicly saying Before the 2022 election there will be No red way There will be no Red Wave because I've Been all over the country I didn't Believe it at all and then in 2023 the Key elections I went into those races Not every one of them you just said the Things that you were supposed to say Right now they have they're not screwing Them with the pictures here I mean you Know these are his best possible Pictures but he just lobbed him a you Know a question where he was saying Right wave the right-wing wave hasn't Happened here in America and not in Europe And so you could talk about that like You know they regain confidence but that Doesn't mean anything if you have Dementia or you have Parkinson's like This is something completely else Whether Trump can gather gather enough Votes and win is one thing and they're Talking about well you're the the least Likely to win or you know you're damage Good now your damage good now that's Politics this is whether he's mentally Competent American people don't believe You are right whether that you win or Not like that's you know That's a big Deal a lot of them big effing deal said

We were going to win look if we won Those so Joe it wasn't just that it Didn't happen I was predicting Beforehand it would not happen look at She's completely defend defended here She's got a fake smile on they know like This guy can't do it like he can't do it Here he's not going to be able to do it In the next debate he's failed Everything that he's done since you know He's made gffs and things like this Every place he he's gone he gets his you Know facts screwed up he get his you Know dates screw up screwed up people's Names I've got a pretty good political Instinct and I and here's the deal it's Not going to happen here this time Around the American public is not going To move away from me as the ay's voter And again me me me me me me me reasons Pal one pal like she's calling him pal That's what he calls people he doesn't Like like he's like he's he's arguing Against somebody who doesn't exist here He called them off cuz they're his Shells to rebuild the economy for hard Work and middle class people give Everybody a shot just a straight shot Everybody gets a fair chance number one You know this is where you talking to Somebody and they don't understand your Questions and your statements and they Just go into these these rants these Rambling rants right my older brother

Who you know I don't think has dementia But in my conversations with him he's in The 70s he's telling me the same stories Over and over again like you know and I Haven't talked to him in a while now but You know he was telling me the same Stories over and over again you know he Was repeating the stories like we Sometimes within the same conversation He would retell me the same story right And you know it's I mean no awareness of These things I'm not talking about like All Years Gone by but he would say the Same things over and over again and it's Just um you know that there's no like New information or new positions or you Know just things that were it was it was About truther stuff cuz he's like an old School truther he would tell me stuff That was relevant you know 40 years ago Right 30 years ago number two remember All those talk about how I don't have The black support come on give me a Break come with me watch why give me a Break you see how there'll be black People there Like I'm getting so frustrated by by the Elites now I'm not talking about you Guys but about the Elites in the party Who they know so much more with any of These you're talking about the elite now So you're a truther now right you're You're a Trumper you're a qby is it the Elite what about the Deep state is a

Deep State he's gonna be talking about The freaking deep state for you know it Like he's Just don't think I should run against me Goad announce announce the president Challenge me in the convention you know On Europe the polls are wrong in France So that's what you want people come come At me bro ma come at me bro they're also Right you know there's no right wave or Tide here in America either by the way In case you wondering whether there is One have you ever seen Trump run away so Fast from what he's for you know he's Going to do it anyway but have you I Mean he's such a Liar this guy it's all it's everybody Knows what they're planning to do and Now he said no no no no this guy is Going to rip away the woman's right to Choose and this this they're talking Twice 2 permanent way that 2025 thing Whatever it is but he doesn't know the Name of it because he of course he Doesn't this guy is going to make sure That the exact so someone should be like Okay Joe hang the F up this isn't going The way we hoped Revenge this guy They're just putting him out there and They don't want to you know they keep on Rolling him out there like you know They're supportive of him and he keeps On doing this embarrassing himself right But ultimately you know Parkinson's sets

Him free of any accountability and all The people in the party are like you Know all the people pushing them who Knew you know they have a lot of Questions answer here and that's not Going to go away right destroy democracy This guy's gonna give a blank check to The Supreme Court and's going to use it He's gonna give a blank check to the Supreme Court what He the the 2025 agenda you know extreme D this guy's extremely dangerous but you Notice he doesn't speak up for what he Now really for he's all of a sudden Realizing oh my God nobody's for what I'm for but anyway look and again think Of look at him she's just nodding Pathetically look at him this is Pathetic he lied about he said talked About he gave the largest tax cut in History yay gave the large tax in History to Millionaires and billionaires He said that he's going to those 10% Look they got fish boy going they got The pictures of trump but the pictures Of Biden AR just like best Universal ta Tax proposal is not going to drive Prices higher every major Economist in The world is saying it's going to drive It's like you know it's like you're Talking to somebody who you could put The phone down and walk away from it and You come back 10 minutes later you pick Up the phone they're still talking like

He's just disconnected from the Listeners and he keeps on going on he Thinks he's rocking it right aage $2500 Per person only jobs we created for Illegal immigrants and bounce back job And bounce back from Co give me a break That's give me a break give me a break He's repeating Trump's talking points he Said the convention I mean I see at the Debate which is it the convention or Debate I mean everything he said he said You know he largely fixed Co you kidding Me and what happened nobody said Anything nobody it was your job nobody Say anything you meant the reporters They didn't say anything they didn't Shill for you or protect you because you Have Parkinson's listen to that mfer Like He's I mean me at the debate he I mean Everything he said he said you know he Largely fixed Co you kidding me and what Happened nobody said Anything nobody said anything except me And the folks out there and the local uh So you're saying that people didn't talk About his lies they all talked about his Lies but they couldn't talk about him Because everyone was looking at your Disastrous performance like he just Doesn't realize he's the joke Right you know R you know he said I did Nothing to stop Russia's invasion of of Ukraine in fact he said I think I

Encouraged Russia from going I I Encourage I think he encouraged Russia Going in I mean you know I'm reading oh My God he's just gone a list of Lies First of all he was made up both suckers And losers I was with he called American In the cemetery you know you're fumbling Even now like you're fumble you're going Back over the debate and you're Performing the same way and these two People are just sitting there like oh my God he's holding the sausage World Suckers and losers and so this guy's Going to have to start to answer for What he's did I'm not letting up Joe I am not letting up a little bit and by The way you know you know France Registered you know I look you talk About Europe France rejected Extremism Democrats will rejected here As well Trump and you know this is a This is a guy who is is an extreme Candidate I can't think of a candidate In my lifetime that's been more extreme He makes George Wallace look like President Joe Biden um let's make this a Thing thank you for calling in let's Make this A let's make this a thing like they're Just to completely blowing you off my God they're like freaking out right uh You're just dissolved in front of them Uh we really appreciate it and thank you For answering our questions if you're

Willing to hear from me I'm willing to Talk to you thank you very much we will Take it on a regular BAS we'll take it We'll take it right up there Boop thank You Mr President take it in there Boop Greatly appreciate it uh President Joe Biden so that video got 500,000 views This video got 150,000 so these are Big Videos for MSNBC neurolog neur neurologists Comments on Biden's Health to talk more About those eight white house visits by The Parkinson's expert I'm joined Tonight by Dr Tom pittz he's a quadruple Board certified neurologist he sees Patients with uh Parkinson so I guess he Had nine visits with Parkinson's Experts um that's what that woman must Have been just saying they cut that off But here it's this guy okay so I'm Editing it's Tuesday July 9th 11:30 a.m. I'm editing what I shot this Morning and so what I didn't know was There had been eight visit visits to the White House by uh Parkinson's Specialist and Karine Shan for all Um Ex remember That um she uh tries to blame soldiers Which this guy's going to talk about Here he's going to say yeah that's not True because this happened after the White House briefing but I'll show you The White House briefing after this and

So it's an absolute mess so what there What we do know now is there may be as Many as a dozen visits by a Parkinson Specialist to the White House But they're saying that Joe Biden Checked out fine and they won't answer The question whether Parkinson Specialist saw Joe Biden so the answer Is yes so this is getting bad um and This guy is brutal this thing is Devastating this uh this guy's Commentary I mean devastating to the Ability for them to lie about Joe Biden Not having Parkinson's but in terms of You know the American people are Dopey And don't aren't thoughtful and you know Can't make decisions so I mean they Still might vote by in but you know all The time he diagnoses it I I want to be Completely transparent says here Parkinson's expert visited White House Eight times so if they've had a Parkinson's expert out there eight times Then he has Parkinson's or at least That's what they're saying now you know They could be trying to figure out the Best possible spin for this but if they Think he has Parkinson's right if They're bringing an expert out there Then they know he has Parkinson's and They don't know when that started and How long they've know Here you've never examined President Biden from from my knowledge you've

Never even spoke have you spoken yet to President Biden been in and and we're Just going to use what we have so far Which is what we've seen the president's Interviews and the information coming Out of the white house so my first Question to you is as somebody who's a Neurologist what you've seen from the President over the last two years what You saw at the debate the the last few Interviews the way he speaks the way Maybe he he walks have you noticed Anything that that gives you a red flag As a doctor oh I see him 20 times a day In clinic I mean it's ironic because he Has just just classic features of neurod Degeneration I mean word finding Difficulties and that's not oh I Couldn't find the word that's from Degeneration of the word retrieval area He's also overcome stud word retrieval Area this this sucks for him right Because this guy's like yeah he totally Has it there's no doubt about it because You could see that he's he's not Functioning right the way he walks the Way he talks the way he struggles and The you know how lost he is and just his Expression on his face like I've been Pointing out his expression he's gone Uttering though could could that could That be part of that too the guy said Talks about stuttering is not a palatal Issue or a speech discrepancy which is

Very different from a lemono dysfunction Actual word retrieval where you pick a Similar question or talk around the Issue plus the rigidity um monotone Voice wait go back to that the rigidity What you vity loss of arm swing standing Up lordotic you notice when he turned It's kind of end block turn turning it's Not a quick turn um so that's one of the Hallmarks of parkinsonism is oh Right this is bad right because you know We all seen that sh right rigidity and Brainia slow movement and he has that Hallmark especially with the uh low Voices that was a cold Hypophonia a small monotone voice like This over time is a Hallmark of Parkinsonism I could have diagnosed him From across the mall here here you could Have diagnosed him from across the mall You can see this guy walking through the Mall and go away that guy's got Parkinson's and you know when you're an Expert in something when you're somebody Who does something professionally day in And day out you see things like I I see Things because I look at the news I look At I mean just from doing this job over And over again you get better at you Just get better at stuff that's what Happens anything you do in life you get Better at it right like you just you see Things differently than people who do it As you know offices you know and I read

People I've been doing this for a while As a counselor and as a a preceptor Doing the sjar you know meditation and Just you know my natural abilities in This area right but you know isn't hard To see with Joe Biden like most people Look at Joe Biden go all right that guy Is mentally deteriorated in some way Right and neurod degeneration as this Guy put it and this is what this guy Does he he he diagnoses people with Parkinson's and some guy can walk into His office and he's like all right you Got it I can just tell and Joe Biden has Been exhibiting these symptoms the Rigidity of walking has been going on For at least I mean it's it started back In 2020 and it's gotten worse the Tremors have I've been pointing out him Shaking his hand shaking and things like That that's been going on for years now And then probably medicating these Things to suppress them his slow Movement his masked face his softer low Voice these are all things that been Going on for 5 years and they 've all Gotten worse over time here are some of The the symptoms from from Parkinson we Just had them up there on the screen if We can put them back um what about the Movement some people have have have Pointed out the way he walks sometimes It's not very fast small steps is that Something that that is common in people

Who who who are battling a disease like Parkinson yeah it's a Hallmark shuffling Gate we call that so little steps Shuffling gate that's why he tripped on The you know he can't pick up his feet Anymore of loss of arm swing from the Rigidity when we walk we have a nice Cadence you notice he doesn't really Swing his arms and end block turning Meaning he kind of pivots around his Foot if you said hey President Biden he Wouldn't go like this so yeah but I also Know I also don't tell me if I'm wrong Here it's very hard to diagnose Parkinson's isn't it it's it's not it's Not simple I mean I've heard that it can Be one of the one of the easier movement Disorders to Diagnose the expression on the guy's Face let's watch that again that was That was classic like this guy doesn't Know what he's talking about it's it's Not it's not simple I mean let's go back A little bit further also know I also Know tell me if I'm wrong here it's very Hard to diagnose Parkinson's isn't it It's it's not it's not simple I mean I've heard that it can be one of the one Of the easier movement disorders to Diagnose actually but it's so Clinic There's there's very little other and I'm you know I'm a Democrat I always say About this right it's just like this guy Is not a hard case but I've had I've had

Relatives this guy this guy's got it who Have gone through issues neurological Issues and I've heard that sometimes Parkinson's is not very easy to nail you Have to take a lot of tests there's like I mean uh early on if you're just Present with like hallucinations that Could be a variety of things or just the Cognitive problems that could be Alzheimer's vers uh parkinsonism and That becomes a little nebulous but once You start manifesting the Hallmark motor Symptoms right slow movement rigidity Mass faces hypophonia I mean if a med Student did not pick Parkinson's on the Test they'd be remediated let me ask you A med student could could you so these Are not talking about just someone who's A Parkinson specialist he's talking About every doctor because he's saying a Med student should be able to do this so Every doctor that Biden had signed off On Biden should have said oh this guy's Got Parkinson's and so they have known For a long time that means kin knows has Been covering it up that means Jill has Been pushing him out with Parkinson's it Means the whole Democratic establishment In the white house has known this guy Has Parkinson's and has kept it from the American people because when he started To show these walking mov movements I Was over a year ago he tripped on the The you know the sandbag but he's been

Walking like this forever like this has Been two three years where it's been you Know tripping upstairs falling upstairs And these things like walking up the Stairs and falling like how many times That's happened they have to make it Smaller stairs for Him special stairs Because he can't get his feet up anymore So this is all been covered up they've Been covering it up by making smaller Stairs right like this is Bad if you had you had you know and I Know you can't you have no idea what Happened in the white house but a Neurologist coming eight times in eight Months does that tell you anything is That is that I mean I know you're just You're just sort of speculating here but Does that tell you anything or no well I Mean I don't know if they're like the Best of friends or something but that's A very specific you know he's a movement Disorder that's a subsp specialist in Exactly what he has and there's very few Young people like a marine guard most People would be medboarded out for any Type of movement disorder at a young age Like if you had Huntington's Korea early On Parkinson's distonia bad essential Tremor you're usually medboarded out so I highly doubt there what does that mean Medboarded outed mean the military would Not let you if you have seizures for Example you cannot usually be in the

Military that is you are you mean like Commander-in Chief say you're saying you Don't necessarily believe medical Boarded out so he would be if he had Parkinson's they'd have to retire him And and they're not saying this but they Said there's thousands of military Members that go to the White House Treated there for for for health reasons Yeah you're not buying that that's a Random military person no that would be Very odd to just see a random movement Disorder case at the White House you Know especially a young guard there Aren't many young people that have Movement disorders that could oh they're Saying that some guy had Parkinson's and that they were checking Him in the military and then you know a Lot of people so he's saying they're Lying like he just called them Liars Called for a cognitive test what exactly Would that entail what does that mean Now that's the key because word finding Retrieval doesn't necessarily mean you Don't know what you want to say what I Cannot comment on is his ability to make Good decisions his motor symptoms are Degenerating he has parkinsonisms that Is a fact you know he has degeneration Of the brain show me the MRI show me he Doesn't you know put your put your money Where your mouth is he definitely has it But the problem is when you look at his

Situation you can't say oh I know for a Fact that because he didn't retrieve the Word he didn't know what he wanted to Say and that's why both him and Trump Should take the 4-Hour Neuropsychological testing which is the Hallmark test for cognitive performance What do you do in this test a lot of Things so for example they may have you Say like say as many words you can in a Minute that start with f block building Uh retrieval I may I may say cup and Have you recall it three minutes later Uh Trail drawing these are done with a Profession PhD in neuros pychology has Nothing to do with Psychiatry and and we We can tell if you have four hours long Four hour it's a full day we tell people Bring a snack it is a full day and that So not the mocha which was a bedside Tests that uh president Trump took you Know these are tests that are screening Tests they don't rule in you know if you Do great there's no there's no way to Sort of lied in this test to to to sort Of Ace it even though you're it's not Going to ace it no way this one will Will uh it will come out in the wash for Example if I do the bedside exam to a an Accountant and I ask them what's 100 Minus 7 even the worst neurod Degenerated patient if they worked at a High education level or something like That is going to get that right but in

The 4-Hour test it will come out finally I mean you said you're a Democrat you're A doctor you sound like you're Frustrated with what the White House is Saying yeah why well because you know I'm an American before everything and I Look at it and say when I used to see Russia Soviet Union North Korea when They just make outrageous things you Know like when when North Korea can't Keep the lights on and they say oh you Know it was some faulty power thing I Kind of hate that kind of stuff they had Four years my own party had four years To find you know this was a a wreck and Slow motion and they had four years to Find out of 350 Americans one person That could take the place and here we Are the day before school trying to do The homework and replace a guy who's got A neurodegenerative disease Dr pittz uh We thank you for joining top story and Again I know you've never exam boom that Was Brutal that was that was freaking brutal That was absolutely brutal like they had Four years so he knows that they've you Know he's known for four years and he's Been watching this guy and watching the Democrats cover this up and then have This disaster three months before you Know the big election you know Trump's Re-election right I mean just a disaster This was brutal okay so moving forward I

Just scroll through Morning Joe because I my YouTube TV app um tapes it and I Can tape the thing off the phone and so I wanted to see the end of the the um Interview and I got some clips about That like this whole thing about the Elites and the Hollywood Elites and Where that came to play cuz that's Hilarious they're now stealing the Truther and the rightwing truth there's Um you know the idea of the elites you Know this thing they're they're Hijacking it right uh Mo and Joe like in Whole thing I got to say about that but We'll come back to that later but we now Know there's a name for dementia gate And it's Parkinson's right they have a Diagnosis now sitting there very Credible I mean that guy is completely 100% Believable and you know they're talking About Hillary having Parkinson's Remember that then people are saying she Had Kuru and there was all these things But Joe Biden you know based in his the Gate in which he walks and his Neurological degeneration has Parkinson's and it's been obvious and They've been covering it up there's a Name in this has been resolved to some Extent and we're going to see how where That goes but apparently this um person So I get to the beginning of this thing She um was asked about Parkinson's and

I'm not going to find that but let's Start at the beginning here we'll start Off here long things long long tuers at The top just warning you all no falling Asleep Please okay uh so we've gotten more Strong economic news in recent days on Friday our economy created more than 200,000 jobs how excited she is so look At how excited she is right like what What Like the White House is melting down Around you so like she's going to give Her statement and then um Biden's Defiance to stay to race stay in race is From MSNBC okay so they rolled an admiral out So it's 38 minutes into this hour and 16 Minutes press conference and they rolled An admiral out and you know talked about The good economic news and then this Happens thank you so much thank you Admiral uh okay well all the debate Questions have been Answered press conference answer let me Close let me close my book and get out Of Here uh hi Zeke thanks green uh my first She was on The credibility of this white House when it comes to talking about the President's Health uh when you were here Uh last Tuesday you were asked if the President had any medical examinations Um since it's physical in February or

That included the time period after the Debate um you said flatly No 3 days Later you admitted the president had a Put short check in with the medical team Thereafter I mean those are those are Two very different answers actually Actually if you if you were to listen to The I think I did a 30 minute Gaggle on Friday 30 minutes with uh I think it was An uh with uh with the pool and uh and I Said he did not have a met I I cleared It up you're right you're correct I said He didn't I still stand but he didn't Have a medical exam I said that in the Gaggle and you're right I said that in The briefing he had a check-in uh with Uh and he had he said this on on Friday Uh he had a check in with his um he said He had covid or some sort sort of virus And he was so sick it was Debilitating um you know caused them to Have a like a complete neurological Breakdown caused them to have Parkinson's for a whole debate right uh With his uh medical doctor which is Something that he does a couple times a Week as you know and I I say I stated This as well he has for for those who Don't know uh obviously outside of the Briefing room outside of the White House Many American don't actually understand This so let's take a step back they they Deal with their medical uh issues or Physicals very very differently they are

Very you know they are lucky if they get To see their their doctor once or twice A year right they have to get in a car They have to either uh take public Transportation in order to make that Happen the president's medical unit is Literally down on the other side where's This Parkinson specialist of the Colonade uh is just down the steps from The residents and so a couple times a Week he does a check-in a verbal Check-in with his doctor while he's Exercising that is something that Happens uh often uh matter of fact he Did a check-in today uh because I know Folks were going to ask about if he was Tested for covid uh he was not uh we are Following CDC guidance he was not tested Uh for covid uh just to let you guys Know about that one and if he has any Symptoms obviously uh we would test him But context of the second gentleman's D Yes which is why no no no it's it's in Context of the second G But to answer Your point he did not have a medical Exam he did not have a physical he did Do like a verbal check-in with his Doctor a couple days after the debate uh And it was very quick it was a couple of Words that were spoken to each other so You know after that disastrous debate There was nothing there when people are Concerned for him and that's how uh we Were able to to to uh able to give you

That answer but he did not have a Medical exam he did not have a physical Know though last Tuesday was did you Know about that verbal checkin or did we Just not ask precise enough question so So the line of questions that I was Getting uh that day was in the way that I was hearing the question was okay so This is just move forward Here had uh a Comprehensive uh okay this is about Neurological stuff here still thinking About the medical exam I was still Thinking about the physical that's how I Answered the question and then when it Became uh uh when the president actually Spoke to it we actually I went back Asked the asked the uh asked the uh the Medical doctor and he said they had a Verbal check-in that's what he said but In answering the question I was talking About the medical exam I was talking About the physical a quick on there's a Lot of report in the last 24 hours about A Parkinson's expert who's come to visit The white house uh uh almost a dozen Times of the last year or so including At least one meeting with the President's uh position um could you State like very clearly yes or no was That expert here to participate in Anything surrounding the care of the President of the United States so let me Just say a couple things we have had uh

A Comprehensive uh and I just want to take Another step back Comprehensive uh physical examination The president has had that we've given a Comprehensive report we've shared that The past three years every year that he Has uh every year that he has had this Uh this exam he sees a neurologist uh And uh just give you a quote from that Uh from the report most recently in February and extrem he got Parkinson's We know that right so you squirm in here Ain't going to make it go Away detailed neurological exam was Again reassuring in that there were no Findings which would be consistent with Any uh cerebella Cabella or other Central neurological disorder such as a Stroke multiple sclerosis Parkinson's or Ascending lateral sclerosis and quote uh So that came directly from so Trump uh Biden saying he didn't get any Neurological examination he's not aware Of that because on the on the interview He said he didn't get any he hasn't seen One now they're saying he's seen a Parkinson Specialist in February uh in that Comprehensive uh report that was Provided by the president's doctor uh to Me that I share with all of you so Anyone who is watching can certainly uh Go to our website question which was

This was this experts visits where Multiple visits the white at all to the President well here's the thing I have I've said he's he has had three he has Had three uh three physicals in those Three physicals that's when he has seen A specialist a neur neurological Specialist I have to be super mindful Here and this is why and I'll and I'll Explain this to you in a second there Are thousands of military personnel who Come onto this white house uh many of Them get the care from the White House Medical unit uh and so need to be super Careful there are uh you know the Medical unit uh hosts a wide range of Specialists from dermatologist to Neurologist and so I cannot speak to Every person because there are act There's actually a security reasons to Protect their privacy we respect in Protecting uh people's privacy so do not Want to share uh I'm not going to share People's names from here uh but the President I can tell you has seen a Neurologist three times as it's Connected to the uh to a physical that He gets every year that we provide to All okay so she see he's seen the Parkinson's guy she's saying five times With some unnamed military guys this is What the guy was addressing because this Came after this what I showed you with The doctor The Specialist and so what he

Was saying is if some person had Parkinson's in the military they would Be bounced out of the military because You can't do military activities and so Biden has seen a Parkinson specialist Three times like at least that's what She's admitting to not really because I'm editing and I just I know it's Coming up but eventually she clears it Up and says she can't even acknowledge That a Parkinson's doctor came to the White House because of Confidentiality and so that's just a Fancy way of saying yeah Biden's been Diagnosed with Parkinson's so we got to Just make this as convoluted as Possible and then five times somebody Else which makes no sense because who Has Parkinson's you know why would they Bring a Parkinson's physician into the White House With the you know president's current State of being you know when you're Trying to hide something they're hiding His neurological disorder and there's Going to be speculation like we just saw With this doctor which is a diagnosis Like he said a Med medical student could Diagnose Biden just based in all the Symptoms what he's presenting right you Know as a when I used to do um Personality you know psychological Assessments you you know you read the Person right you look at for symptoms

You look for the you know behaviors of The person and there's these various Things called differential diagnosis Where if you're going through the Dsm5 you know schizophrenia might also Be um the uh you know what used to be Called the multiple personality disorder That's now called dissociative identity Disorder you know there's these various Things right narcissistic personality Disorder could also be borderline Personality Disorder so you look for Little um indicators that it's one thing Or another right it's called Differential diagnosis and so when They're looking at what he said the Difference between Alzheimer's and Parkinson's early stages of Parkinson's It could be Alzheimer's but he was Saying as these you know motor Degeneration these things happen these Neurological degeneration happens and Affects the guys walk and these other Things then you go all right it's Parkinson's right it becomes obvious Because those symptoms don't exist with Alzheimer's so that's how far along Biden is and they've known about it and So for her to dismiss this so for them To bring in a a Parkinson's doctor into The White House which can later be found Out like it is now for somebody else That makes no sense right why would they Bring him into the White House only for

The president everyone else can go out To the doctor you know if you want to See somebody like that CU you don't want This to come back to the President right And they're you know their handling of This and so you know they're getting Caught lying about this and how long Have you been covering up and this guy Said for the last four years he's known This Parkinson specialist has known Joe Biden has Parkinson's since the very Beginning they had four years to bring Somebody else in and now they're Scrambling he's pissed off because he's A Democrat that's the way he ended it Right and now this is coming up here and It ain't cool right it's a very basic Direct question Hold on wait the wait a second eight Times or at least once in regards to President specifically wa hold on a Second how much you should be able to Answer by this Point about no wait a minute come Ed Please a little respect here please okay You're a liar you've been lying you got Caught lying about his examination the President said he had no neurological Test now you're saying he had multiple Ones with a par Parkinson specialist you Guys can't keep your story straight you Know once it comes out the idea of Parkinson's is out there then it's like You're effed like if if nobody's saying

Parkinson's it's fine but now that People are saying Parkinson's and you Know medical professionals are going to Comment about this like this guy did and No one's going to want to say he doesn't Have it right and sanj Gupta says he Should have neurological examinations You can't say that's just the elite Being aite right which we'll get into After This so every year Around the the president's physical Examination he sees a neurologist that's Three times right so I am telling you That he has seen a neurologist three Times while he has been in this Presidency that's what a physical once a Year for a guy that old I'm saying I Telling you that he has seen them three Times that is what I'm sharing with you You know every time a president gets a Little bit sick especially someone this Old and he has all the these duties They're going to come in and check his Blood pressure check his vitals you know All the times he's fell like how many Times has he fallen down we fell off the Bike he didn't see somebody to make sure He was okay right when he fell on the Stage when he tripped on the stage these Things right so every time he has a Physical he has had to see a neurologist So that is answering that question no It's not no it is it is you're asking

Kinard but I just I also said to you Ed Also said to you for security reasons we Cannot share names we cannot share names You can we have to we have others he Would have met with you can share names In regards if someone came here in Regards we cannot share we cannot share Names of Specialists broadly from a Dermatologist to a neurologist we cannot Share names there are security reasons We have to we have to protect it's I Understand that came out right there for Anyone to see Ed I hear you you I cannot From here confirm any of that because we Have to keep their privacy I think it Makes no sense did Joe Biden see a guy For Parkinson's you would say yes you Would say no if the answer was No if it's yes we going to say something Else they would appreciate that too we Have to give them we have to keep their Privacy Iar allow longer for me unless the White House ansers hold on a second there's no Reason to get back and go back and forth Be in this aggressive way my around here About how information's been shared with The Press here what do you missed about What do you miss everything he just Asked about what do you and then every Time I come back and I answer the Question that you guys asked correctly Didn't have to come back and clean I Never answered the question incorrectly

That is not true I was asked about a Medical exam I was asked about a Physical that was in the line of Question okay so these are lawyers speak Trying to justify you covering up and Having a different story than Joe Biden Because Joe Biden's just saying Right Joe Biden's just out there saying he's not he's not controlled he's Like you know he's going rogue on Himself right he's going rogue on his Own team that's trying to cover up for Him because he's got you know probably Parkinson's I mean I would say you know Other than some this being some bogus Official story roll out I mean I you Know they said the same thing about Hillary but not like this this wasn't Being Sav by the media but it looks like Joe Biden has Parkinson's I mean based On a very cred ible report from a doctor And neurological degeneration that he Expressed in the symptoms explain his Walk explain his his stiff turning and Things like this that made 100% sense And so now there's a Parkinson's doctor That's gone to the White House and Joe Biden said he hadn't seen a neurologist But you're saying he sees one every year And that neurologist is the guy for Parkinson's but you won't say that cuz You don't want to uh wreck somebody Else's you don't want to out somebody Else and their confidential ity because

There's lower members of staff there That are getting visits from a Parkinson Specialist come on question that I Answered and I said no he did not have a Medical exam and I still stand that by That matter of fact the president still Stands by that he had a verbal check-in That is something that the president the President said he wanted to be tested For covid has a couple times a week a Couple times a week now in regards to Dr Kevin Canard and I am telling you right Now that I am not sharing confirming Names from here It is a security so a security Rich they Know that the Dr Kevin Canard of Parkinson specialist has been to the White House eight times and you're not Going to say anything because it's a Security risk I am not going to do that Ed it doesn't matter how hard you push Me it doesn't matter how angry you get With me I'm not going to confirm a name It doesn't matter if it's even in the Log I am not going to do that from here That is not not from here you can look At the log and once the name's out there It's no longer confidential but you know I'm not going to do it something I am Going to do what I can share with you is That the president has seen a Neurologist for his physical three times Three times and it is in the reporting That we share a comprehensive reporting

B matter of fact it's more than what the Last guy shared and oh it's a it's got To bring Trump in it's got to be Trump's Fault in line with what George George W Bush did it's in line with what Obama Did and so it is comprehensive it is out There I just read a quote from it but I Am not I am not going to devolve Somebody's name and or confirm someone I'm not going to do that that is as is Privacy for that person yeah because That would mean that you would have to Then say yes the president saw a Parkinson specialist yes we've been Concerned that he might have Parkinson's Yes actually we know he has Parkinson's Because this has been going on for a Number of years now and yeah we've been Covering up and we knew about this Whenever the first time he came to the White House the Parkinson Specialist or Even before that and we ran him anyway And now we saw the debate performance Which shows to everybody this guy's got Neurological degeneration which is Parkinson's and so we now know that We've covered up and sorry you guys and Um I guess we're going to vote for comla I'm not going to do that it doesn't Matter how hard you push me it doesn't Matter how angry you get with me from Here I'm just not going to do that it is Inappropriate and is not acceptable so I'm not going to do it not about the

Name cannot confirm the name can you Confirm whether or not the president has Seen this Parkinson specialist and you Mentioned three times but the visitor Log show a duration of eight visits over Eight months I think that is the Crux of The question but but I also said I also Said there are Thousands of military personnel that all Have parking Like that come to the White House and They are under the care so this what you Know the doctor said yeah was for him Because you'd be bounced out of the Military so that's you're lying they They don't have Parkinson's you can't You know these guys are walking around The White House with a gun and Parkinson's of the medical unit they are So can you confirm that the Parkinson's Visits specialist visits were for the President or not what I can tell you is That the president has seen a Neurologist three times And I read to you what the neurologist Has said and I read to you the last the Last line I could say it again uh no Findings which would be consistent with Any sarella so you know he's lying right So it's on him and that's his fault for Lying you guys are going to destroy that Guy's career when this all goes south Like American people and everyone's been Noticing his neurological breakdown and

You guys are still pushing this B right or other Central neurolog Neurological disorders such as stroke Multiple sclerosis Parkinson's or Parkinson's like they just don't want to Say the word ascending lateral sclerosis That is from that is from February that Is coming from February that is what the Medical unit the the president's doctor Shared and I sh I said to you it's Happened three times each time there is A physical okay did he ever see a guy Who is a sparkon specialist no an Unnamed guy not those eight visits any Visits has he ever seen anybody how many Times has he seen a Parkinson specialist Occurs and we put out a comprehensive Report that is when he has been able uh To see uh to see a specialist so that's What I can share question on on this um Has the president you mentioned Parkinson's multiple sclerosis all of These things um one diagnosis that we Have heard of Potential diagnosis is Hydris which is fluid buildup in the Brain it's something we've never heard In any of the medical reports is that Something that the president has been About if it's if it's not in the medical Report obviously it's not it's not Something that the president uh is Dealing with uh well I can tell you this Just going back all right so um she's Just going to Stonewall but this is the

First questions are about Parkinson's Right and so they did all this other about the economy they brought A military guy and everybody's all about Parkinson's okay so I just searched the Word Parkinson's and this is the picture Of the guy Um this is the guy right here right this Is the Guy they're using Joe Biden as the Picture of Parkinson's right um stooped Posture masked face back rigidity Forward tilt of trunk flexed elbows and Wrist reduced arm swing hand Tremor Tremor in the legs slightly flexed hip And knees shuffling short stepped out Gate this is Joe Biden this is the guy They're using this they're using Joe Biden as the definition of Parkinson's I this is what it is right Here right these are the the different Um these are the different things here And one of them is Joe Biden and if we Go to news it's all about Joe Biden Biden has seen a neurologist outside Annual physical doctor says Parkinson Specialist evaluated biding for physical White House says so now there saying it Is White House doctor offers explanation For Parkinson's expert visits Parkinson Specialists met with Biden's physician At White House earlier this year and so Now it's coming out that it's Parkinson's right and that ain't going

Back in the Box because they're Literally using the the picture of Joe Biden they're using Joe Biden's picture As the definition of Parkinson's like This is hilarious like you know again I'm not you know wishing at Parkinson's On some but this whole thing is Hilarious right looks like Joe Biden Right There and that's just um you know me Looking into it just briefly here There's videos here and then we'll do More of this stuff here Michael J fox of Course um so these are the things that Are out There Parkinson Biden displays Parkinson Symptoms Dr Drew Pinsky they got him I Don't know if that's a win or a lose Loss for them because he's a a shill so They he's got Parkinson's you know That's you know if they're denying it And they're using the image of him um That's wonderful I'm G to go show this Image to my wife so we have a laugh About It okay as I was saying earlier I got a Bunch more to there's more stuff coming In all the stuff's flying in but I want To get to this so after I saw the um Morning Joe interview I wanted to see Their reaction after Biden left is kind Of Epic uh but before that you know so I I have on the YouTube TV app and I Record a variety of news shows and I

Used to be able to record them off of my Computer but then they started to block My app which is you know whole thing but I can record them off the TV and so I Ate breakfast and I went and looked at Morning Joe from Yesterday and I scroll through four Hours of Morning Joe and 80 or 90% about It was Biden like I'm scrolling through It and it's pictures of Biden and people Talking about Biden and you know banners You know these these headlines of about Biden and that's a reversal from Trump Right usually you'd scroll through Something like that and it' be 90% about Trump pictures of trump videos of Trump Trump Trump trump Trump trump right and That's what's happened Biden is now you Know being focused on and so this was What they were saying uh first and then I'll show you what they were saying Afterwards And it was Joe Scarboro who had this Idea to go after the elite and Joe Biden Capitalized on it Biden's brushing Everyone off he's like hey people have Been telling me not to run for president Since 1988 I think I know what I'm doing I think I know what I'm Doing so Jimmy felon sucks probably even Worse than coar and Kimmel if that's Possible but he's certainly the most Lightweight of them and he's already Going in after Biden because you know

That brings Biden's past history up of Plagiarism and then all his failed Attempts at being president good morning And welcome to Morning Joe it is Tuesday July 9th good to have you with us you Know um it it's pretty incredible what's Been happening uh uh oh by the way I Found out this morning Wall Street Journal editoral page you and I were Very relieved that the president didn't Say we were Elites I mean why would turn Up Tri [Music] So as it turned out Joe Biden showed up Right before the end of their show I Think their show ends at 10 and they um You'll see the aftermath I have the Brief you know the brief time Afterwards and you know it was a Disaster and you had to know when M said That pre pre uh Parkinson like come on He's got full-blown something right and It's Parkinson's but when she was asking The question she you think you might Have pre Parkinson's no he's got Full-blown but it was a disaster right His conversation with them because of The you know the everything everything Else is going on with it because it was A friendly environment and so but I also Found another part which I'll show you Here in a moment where he was the one to Go after the elites Joe Scarboro was and So that was a reference to Biden

Stealing the truth or you know the elite The truthers talk about and you know the Trumpers and the QB stole that from the Truthers right he stole that from us but I'll um you know I don't use it anymore I call them the controllers but this Idea of the elites and because they Never can think of their own things but Let me show you the rest of this year Dumb Country come on what's nothing Elite About me okay so these are some of their Houses that they have look at that big Giant one here this one here look at it Um she sold this when they got together And so these are you know she's a long Time her father is Igu brazinski here's um so go Scaro has Several residents inside where Morning Joe hosts lives where does he live um He's got multiple properties right New York properties and so um it's one's Worth 3 uh $3.6 Million he's got one new ukan in Connecticut um some of these other Things right and so they got these big Ass houses you know so he's saying Wayne Wayne Joe's studio apartment in Miami so they have something in Miami Going on there there's the inside of it Here um so I guess he works out of Miami Gets a new home studio inside mik and Joe's Miami apartment because you see They have a they very seldom have guests

Over they used to have a round table but Now they just do it Skype wise and so um You know they have some Miami Home there's their house in Miami Here Um so this is some of their houses here Some of the previous houses so this is Their you know big house in Miami his net worth is approximately $25 Million and so what is he talking about He's not a leite right He's not like they did the same thing With Michael Moore you know Michael Moore's worth $50 million and then they Were saying he was one of the 1% he got All cry he got all whiny about it but Yeah if you have $25 million you're part Of the 1% and you know and then whatever M has Right and so his annual salary is $8 Million they pay him $8 Million for that crap that he does $8 Million and what do they pay M and so She's worth 20 million so they're worth 45 million together and she's got a Salary of 8 million as well cuz you know They're equal Partners so they make $16 Million a year between the two of them And they have $45 million in assets and He's trying to say he's not an elite He's he's just a country Lawyer man of the people cadd can tell You man of can confirm CAD this one find Oh also who's just

Let's try get some organization here I People keep coming up going I hope you And M are okay so apparently some Rightwing some right-wing something said That we were fighting each other over Joe Biden were got really Testy semi vigorous debate so Biden Called up and I don't know how much um They knew ahead of time but they clearly Weren't prepared for it and you know I Showed you it you guys watched it I Listened to it again with my wife we Went somewhere a little while ago so so I've heard it two like two and a half Times now and it's great because of all Of it and how big of shills these guys Are and he was just hitting him in the Face with Parkinson's Right he was slapping him in the face With his big Boop of Parkinson's um and you know uh they were Uncomfortable cuz there were times that He should have stopped talking after a Minute he wasn't answering the questions It was just saying the same old things He's been saying now he went back Through the debate he went back through The interview stuff and he was just Demonstrating the same stuff and they Were clearly uncomfortable because they Knew you know he was demonstrating all The things that they're they're Defending him for Ma wants him to stay She acknowledges the debate is bad but

She thinks he should stay even if he's You know got Parkinson's I mean she even Mentioned it and Joe scarbo is like on The fence but thinks everyone should Give him a chance right and there's some Of the few media holdouts and their own Network is turning on them and certain CNN has already gone South on them and We'll show more about that in a bit and So all of this is happening right and They're uncomfortable they're talking She has a defensive posture they're Talking to each other and so they people Interpreted that that they were having a Debate about it but you know they didn't Know what to do with this cile President Do not get test you should see at home When she tells me to take out the trash At 10 at night that's when it gets testy Yeah there I mean seriously we've had Bigger debates we have had bigger Debates all Right we're fine can we hug each other No she like that she doesn't like to hug Should we hug each other no no no no no That don't touch me don't try to mount Me so um m m you know M's the power Top anyway Joe Scaro is the bottom If you did get the you know if you Didn't figure that out on your own but Anyways so that was from today Tuesday July 9th this video is probably coming Out the 10th I mean I already have a Long video I just released today so

Maybe later on tomorrow afternoon and I Have more stuff to show you and all These things and maybe stuff from Tomorrow that hasn't happened yet and There's a press conference coming in Right now so we'll see there'll probably Be more of the this stuff covered and so Anyways I watched some of the um the the Part from yesterday I was just scrolling Through and I just hit this perfect spot Where I saw a graph so then I turned on The volume and I listened to it this is Before Joe Biden called in and Joe Scarber's bragging about his tweets Right these are you know this becoming More more common for these clowns to Show you their tweets these people on The news media look at what I said on Twitter like it's new news uh oh there He is for a man who's given more than 50 Years of his life to Public Service it Is more than fair to take a breath and See what happens over the next few days Well those few days have turned into About a week or week and a half and here We are and I find it absolutely Fascinating we're going to get to the Bloomberg polls that came out this past Weekend and I've already talked about The Cena poll that shows Donald Trump Losing Independence I mean after Joe Biden's debate performance but Joe Biden Now Has what I would dream of having if I

Were running for president of the United States in his position I've got Washington insiders against me well Let's just put it the way it is Joe Biden now can say he's having to fight Media Elites New York Times editorial Page billionaire donors they've been on The phone for a week and a half uh Washington politicians even though Mark Warner has now canell his meeting uh the Congressional Black CAU is by the way Not really happy with all these people Trying to substitute their elitist Viewpoints for that of millions of Democratic primary voters Hollywood Mogul hey there Ari uh and Miss Disney And of course mag extremist so so Biden Allies now this is what they're gonna Say oh wait a second so you're telling Me that media leads and billion air Donors and Washington politicians and Washington Moguls they all think that they can Substitute their judgment for the Judgment of millions of Democratic Primary voters so what I assume happened Is Joe Biden was either watching this I Don't know if he watches the news but if He does he watches like Trump watches People who talk nicely about him he Doesn't watch his critics but more Likely one of Joe Biden's staff members Saw this tweet and saw him talk about This and they decided to have Joe Biden

Call in And try to capitalize on this new Narrative that they're anti- Elites that These Insider Elites these are the guys That handpick Joe Biden and forced him On the Democratic party they didn't want Bernie Sanders I mean they rigged the Election for him these are guys who you Know not just the people who run the Democratic party but these people who Are big donors you know the guy for Netflix and some of these other donors And Joe Biden just now spitting in their Face and all the media people all these Papers and things that ni read you know New York Times Washington Post all these So-called elitist um liberal you know Newspapers and things and so Joe Biden Is now running against them like they're The ones trying to force them out when There was a poll out that 70% of Americans we all saw the debate and I'm Going to show you David oxel Rod who Joe Biden got particularly pissed about Because he wrote a letter you know about This very subject and saying I'm not Doing this for millionaire so that was That whole Spiel so Joe scarel put it Out there and again they can't think of Things themselves they can only copy Like how many of these things came from The truth Community originally the truth Community called the powerful people the Elites and they you know disparage us

All the time telling us how crazy we are And then they steal our right just Like the cubes the right-wing truthers Who aren't really truthers stole our and now you know I mean I don't Even call people Elites because of the The connotation of the stupidity of People who are behind it you know they Can't think of their own trendy things Or their own terms so they got to copy Us and they always do it and so now you Know they're running against Trump who's An elite I mean Trump's a billionaire Who tried to co-op this message and They're trying to use it like Joe Biden's going rogue and they're trying To take him out and it's because he's Got Parkinson's and everybody knows it Right they all knew it they all have Known it for a long time they're all Complicit here and they're trying to Bail on them and Kamala knew so I mean They if this comes out which it looks Like it is and it comes out that he does Have Parkinson's and they have to reveal That this was a diagnosis I don't know If they can now but the lots of people Are going to hear it and believe it Because it's going to be reported and They're going to have to ask KLA when She knew and she says she doesn't know That means that she's you know they want Her to run on Joe Biden's record but why Wouldn't they tell the vice president

That um the president has a debilitating Condition and you better prepare because I mean this is why she's so uh in Vigorously defending him cuz she knows He isn't going to last very long I mean She knew that anyway but she already has More information than we do which is he Has Parkinson so all of this stuff right So then um there was I found a piece of Where Joe Biden um called in and I Wanted to show you what they did Afterwards so first they talk to um Reverend Al Sharpton and Joe Biden calls Him the most important figure in the Civil rights Movement that shill and horrible person Al Sharpton who sold out you know his Own all this stuff right I mean so you Know he he uh and that guy talks about How they should stick with Biden and Then Donnie Deutch I believe it is he's A guy used to be Trump Celebrity Apprentice and they were good friends Says this voters he mentioned others I Think that that Joe Biden will be Donald Trump and I he ended with what I said Earlier Pok in the bear keep going after Trump he they have have him locked away In the room he'll break through the Locks and come out if he hears Joe Biden Keep attacking him they won't be able to Lock him out he'll throw them Donuts Down and go for it so this is right After they just interviewed Joe Biden

And Joe Biden was talking about how Trump has been disappeared for two weeks And not really two weeks it's since the Debate because it's it's just smart for Him not to say anything right it's hard For Trump not to say anything but he Should basically say nothing because This is really bad the way this is Playing out it's horrible for the Democrats it just keeps on getting Worse still with it Donnie final thought To you as an ad man as a branding expert Uh your thoughts first all as American We got to get it right this week I mean This we are staring at the abyss and What I said earlier Uh we have to look hard is this is he The best choice going forward for us I I I I think we have to look really really Really hard at that because there's too Much on the Line all right uh and and this is uh From the Associated Press um very Quickly summarizing what the president Said um AP uh 9:51 a.m. uh Washington DC Biden insists to MSNBC that average Democrats want him to stay in the r And quote I don't care what the party Elites want sounds like um the type of Race that Joe Biden wants to frame out Absolutely digging in but also making The point that the other options play Into Trump's play Trump's way right Which is going against the process he

Also our democracy he also said anybody That wants to challenge him uh come to The convention come to Chicago challenge Him in Chicago we'll see we'll see what Happens that does it for us this morning Okay so if Parkinson's the truth which It seems like it is right makes sense That guy seems credible it's number of Sources and it's something D Joe Biden Has something and what the guy said the Doctor said that I showed you earlier Was go take an MRI get a scan of your Brain and we'll show you where the Deterioration is right you can't dispute Where there's deterioration in a Photograph of your brain like these are You know in terms of the alpath medic Model these are some of the Breakthroughs I don't like X-rays I Don't like any of these things you know I think they're they're harmful um but You know in terms of diagnosis and Finding out what's going inside your Body and ultrasound these things right And they can take you know a scan of his Brain and see where there's been Deterioration right and they can show it To him and everybody else but they're Not doing that because that would mean They are liars and they have known about This for a while and they refuse to deal With reality and now they have said Up this you know not only the situation With Trump but put America at risk by

Having a scile president like there's Going to be a worldwide uh knowledge That America had a scile president and The other guy was Trump and so America's Already you know on the ropes in so many Different ways that you know this is a a Complete disaster and so let's go to David Axelrod who um is responding to This letter that Joe Biden wrote Attacking him and other so-called party Elite And so that's um I haven't watched it Yet that's going to be Epic okay one of my friends just sent me This on Facebook President Biden climbs A rock wall will whilst riding a bike He's fitter than a man half his age Maga Hates This that's him face planting there Which is hilarious Biden Isa sales Democrat Elites as he fights to remain In the race so this is a new headline Right this is the tact that they're Taking here party Elites are trying to Get him out when he has Parkinson's and so one of those party Elites David axelrad Biden seemed to Have an issue with and he's going to Respond here this is um Starts Here David I mean what do you make of these Visits to the White House from a Parkinson Specialist well I don't know what to Make of it I I will say this and and

Anderson I I have I don't believe the President has Parkinson's disease they Say he doesn't that he's not being Treated it's just Stupid like it's just ridiculous of Course he has something severe but There's something here that he talks About the Letter 's determined and defiant uh and Thinks he can can do this um as long as He feels that how does anything change Well I mean this has always been the Case it has always been his decision uh You know what he said in that interview Was that he didn't expect the leaders of The House and Senate to come to him and Say uh you're jeopardizing us and and Our members and you know that you don't Want this to be your legacy he said That's not going to happen they're all With me uh and if they don't uh I don't Know what else would intervene I don't Think God Almighty is going to play a Role here uh it really has to be the not In the way that anybody would like right Leers of the I mean God's already Playing a role whether you like it or Not and Parkinson's is a part of that Role so let me say more about this this Is kind of something that should be in An introduction to a video hopefully I'll remember to restate this in a Future video God is the truth and the Truth is always trying to get out right

But the truth is Multi-layered or at least your journey To the truth goes through various layers Because life on planet Earth in itself Is um illusionary third dimensional Reality is an illusion you know like I Always give the example of that color is Whatever the color of an object is the Object is rejecting that color so light Is hitting that object and that object Is absorbing all the colors except the One color that it looks like so the sky Looks blue because the sky is absorbing All the other uh colors in the you know The rainbow all the Prismatic colors and Rejecting blue light and so that's very Interesting like just that it's actually The the rejecting of the color that Makes the something an object have that Color right but everything in our third Dimensional reality can be broken down To an atomic level level to a subatomic Level to an energetic level just like You know website there's code but There's code that gives the visual Images right this thing that you're Listening to isn't my voice it is the Reproduction of my voice in um digital Format right and there's code there's You know there's computer code that make This they're behind this recording and So when you understand that material Reality in itself is illusionary and There's your soul and you know your

Ability to perceive your soul is limited And you can't perceive it with your Senses your mind and these things you Can feel your soul you know and that's Not concrete that's not some you know Scientific um factual type of Materialistic factual type of Interaction and so the truth is always There but our perception of reality is Distorted each person has their own you Know their own uh their own defense Mechanisms their own misuh conceptions Their own limited cognitive functioning And spiritual functioning to where they Change what they're seeing in front of Them that's why people disagree because Your reality what you what you believe To be reality and my what I believe to Be reality are two different things Right and so a spiritual person is Somebody who is working to get rid of Those misconceptions right And is doing that by seeking the truth And the truth is always there if you ask God for an answer you'll get that answer Right but most people don't want to hear The truth how many of you go to your Loved ones and say tell me the truth now They're going to have their own you know Agendas and their own whatever but at Least say give me legitimate feedback How do you feel about me because most Times people are lying to each other Because they don't want to get into a

Fight they don't want to you know They're not telling you the truth about How they feel about you right and you Know sometimes it's positive sometimes People aren't able to say I love you or You know Think You're great and you know People have trouble giving other people Compliments sometimes it's good news but Either way people aren't seeking the Truth about themselves they're not Looking for feedback like Joe Biden in This circumstance right and so the truth Is always there and God is always there But not in politics because all of it's Illusionary right everything in the Pol Political Spectrum these politicians Don't believe in what they're saying and They take polls and they you know they Have positions of they have people who Are secretly funding them and telling Them what to do they have handlers and They have to tell you one thing and then They're going to do something else right And so God is always there but for Biden you know he ain't interacting with God cuz he's not asking for the truth The simple truth he's unfit to be President I mean you know if presidency Was real but if he's going to be handled If he's going to be Micromanaged he's going to have you know People telling him what to do yeah of Course he could be president I mean as Long as he has a pulse they can they can

Wheel him out there let weakend it like Bernie's but part of his job is to go Out and convince people he's doing the Job and he's actually the one in power That he's actually the president that He's not you know answering to a higher Authority and I don't mean God I mean Higher authority in terms of the people I call the controllers part of his job Is to show that he can competently run The country which you know is just even As an actor and he can't do that and so He therefore should step down which Everyone kind of sees but he's not going To do that but he's not going to at Least they're going to try to get him to Stop running for president because he Can't be Trump and that's you know the Sad State of Affairs here but they're You know they're not seeking anything That resembles the truth that letter he Sent over this morning uh was pretty Dismissive I mean there was no uh real Acknowledgment of the concerns or Addressing of the concerns that people Had he basically said I'm done talking About it I'm running live with it and Here's my case against Donald Trump and Uh you know that uh as Ashley said that Didn't really resolve the fundamental uh Question so I do think he's trying to Run out look at the forehead on this Mfer right here so this guy was Addressed in the letter this whole Elite

Thing that Biden's Doing dark Brandon is back Obama Campaign adviser on Biden telling Critics to challenge him dark Brandon is Back dark Brandon is this meme right you Know have these various things that I Keep up here um that's the Chucky King Charles this is um trumpty Dumpty when The New York Post turned on Trump this Is the greater Israel thing that I show You guys occasionally when I talk about That Israel is this according to the Bible Israel isn't this little strip of Land that it is now it's all of this and If God promised you know which God Doesn't promise anything but if the Jewish people believe and Christians Believe that God promised this to the Jews this is what God promised right According to them their belief and now I Have this Parkin's disease Symptoms so I've added that and my other Browser I have this this is dark Brandon Right and so I have these things that Separate my videos I used to have you Know I keep up tabs for both channels I'm not making content on my other Channel right now but I'll you know make A video per week when I get done with This busy time I'm making long videos Here but I put one like the tabs that I Want to cover on one side of these um Various you know things that I keep up But this was a dark branded meme know F

Joe Biden um the dark you know Brandon Let's go Brandon and they decided to Hijack that and talk about him going Dark Brandon but you know he mumbles and He has that soft I mean what the doctor Was describing as this um symptom of Parkinson's right and you know like he's Obviously got something and he fits the Symptoms for this and you have experts Coming forward and saying he has it and Obviously nobody wants to admit that They 've known about this and or they're Concerned about this right David oxel Just lied through his freaking teeth and So this is you know dark Brandon's Coming back no he's not right like he's Not being targeted he's not a victim Here he failed in the debate because He's been failing regularly for the past Four years cuz he's not you know a Healthy adult right he's got some kind Of deteriorating neurological condition And you know his brain is no longer Functioning the way it needs to and he's Not fit to be president this is this Guy Biden into your fellow Democrats Well look I think he should step aside I Think it's become clear that he's not The best person to carry the Democratic Message and here's the thing we have an Incredibly strong message and record to Run on and yeah you do you guys you guys Are great there's another he Drake Jake Tappa was addressing Parkinson's

There over the weekend the media Feeding Frenzy over President Biden and his on The ticket saw elected Democrats Tripping and falling a party Civil War All over themselves to have their names Appear in stories calling on Biden to Quit the race and go be elderly Somewhere else this despite a new round Of swing state polls published on Saturday showing the presidential race Remains essentially tied with the only Change since the debate being in Joe Biden's favor Biden leads Trump in both Michigan And and Wisconsin in the monou swing State poll Two must- wi States for the incumbent Still the drum beat to quit is so Deafening Biden called into Morning Joe This morning to reiterate that he's Staying in the race okay so this is um Joy who's not a Joy Reed defending Biden She's one of the few people well she's On man MSNBC so this is Today um Tuesday Hispanic caucus which Is reaffirming its support behind President Biden though some caucus Members have either called for Biden to Drum out of the race or have said they Are Trump out of the race concerned the Caucus as a whole released a statement That reads in part quote we stand with President Biden and vice president so They're pushing for this thing here

Right I had spoken to the president over The weekend I have spoken with him Extensively he made clear then and he Has made clear since that he is in this Race the matter is closed he had Reiterated that this morning he has Reiterated that to the public Joe Biden Is our nominee he is not leaving this Race okay so if this was Trump and Trump Was acting this way if Trump was he had The same way of walking and he had the Donal Trump had that disastrous debate Performance these same people would all Say that he has Parkinson's or something Like it and if doctors came out and said Parkinson they all jump on it and say Trump is not fit and Trump wouldn't back Down because he's a selfish prick like Biden but you know it's only because It's Biden and their guy and so that's What's wrong with America this is what's Going to take America down at least you Know that attitude the selfishness and The and the ability to rearrange reality Based in your personal desires and needs And things like that I want to cover Some of this Stuff um you know see what else happens Tomorrow but here's fedman on um um this Uh and Federman together Together again the Fallout and calls for The president to step aside there is one Senator who has stood firmly behind President Biden and it seems like the

President noticed the other Guy I'm not going to make this a speech I'm gonna I promise John by the way I got John there's John's witch there fed I don't need much [Music] Else now how about how about a work Nervous System I'm about to point to the only Person that's ever kick Trump's ass in An election right Now well you didn't point to yourself Look at him look at this let's at this Freaking fman Smash I hope the media is hearing that Remind you that humiliated Trump broke Him and he had to lie about it he had to Lie about it joining me now is Democratic senator John fedman of Pennsylvania Senator thank you so much For joining me this evening so when They're going to let you out of the Dungeon Federman you were someone we Just showed a bunch of it there you you Have staunchly defended the president You said he had a great day yesterday You said that earlier today he Came Out Swinging this morning with a letter he Made an appearance on Morning Joe he's Made it very clear he's not leaving but Yeah it was horrible like it was bad all Of it was a guy who's deteriorating Mentally there their denial is wonderful Their inability to be honest here since

Then several of your Senate colleagues Have come out with statements they've Talked about concerns their constituents Have expressed like some part of me Almost hopes he gets elected I mean that Would mean in kamla would be I mean you Know just the joke of it right like this Is how bad America's gotten like you Know I mean and people say the one thing I'll say to Republicans is you know this Attitude that Trump uh that Biden didn't Get 880,000 votes And uh 80 million votes and you know Yeah Biden didn't get 80 million votes The hatred of trump anybody they put in There against Trump is going to draw a Lot of votes and you say Well they're Not enthusiastic about that candidate no They hate Trump right so many people are Fe fearful and hat and hatred have hate Towards Trump that they'll turn out and Vote just against Trump like you have to Be aware of that right I don't know if Joe Biden got all 80 million votes but He could have Because that there's 80 million people Out there who would vote against Trump There's no doubt about it like there's You know this is let less than um a Fourth of the population you know let me Add this it's um Wednesday I'm editing You know when there's hatred for a team Like anybody but Duke like people hate Duke University in

Basketball uh a little bit less so now Because the coach quit uh but you know Tom Brady or you know any of these qu Quarterbacks any of these people that um Are hated there are basketball players LeBron you know they might have fans but They're also hated and people will turn Out to Jer the other team and to Jer the Players to talk smack to the players and There's more enthusiasm around anger and Hatred than there is for liking people And admiring them and so people will Turn out to vote against somebody more Than they'll vote for somebody the Energy is more there and so that's what Trump's provided for the Democrats People will turn out just to vote Against Trump and who no matter who it Is they're voting against him you can Run anybody else and those people are Going to the people that hate Trump are Going to vote against him and so then When you say Biden get didn't get 80 Million votes well of course he didn't But the hatred of trump easily could Have Biden might have got all those Votes like I don't I'm not saying there Isn't cheating of course the mill and Ballots there's possible cheating but Either way you have to admit that hate Is a motivating factor for voting and There are lots of people who hate Trump They've said the president needs to Prove he's up for it including two who

Are facing a tough re-election fight and You've been through that before what Does the president need to do to keep Others from jumping ship other other Colleagues of Yours well I mean it cracks me up it's Like it cracks me up When I'm not depressed in Suicidal if no one's run for president Littleon one and has been the president Giving get out of the basement fedman Federman in basement Federman is not Smash basement advice that's kind of a Strange place to to sit there I mean It's like y I'm GNA tell Tom Brady you Know oh you really need to hold harder In the pocket or something I mean I mean The Tom Brady retired because he's too Old great example Federman it's strange And strange it's bizarre when people are Saying well he's the best president in My lifetime uh but but I mean he's got Dementia like it it should stop right After you he's the best president of Your lifetime and he had a rough debate We all know that and we're still talking About that and I'm not really think it's Really help helpful that's going to be Our guy that's my guy that's our President and I like to keep pointing Out again and again uh there 's only one Man in or a person in America that's Beat Trump in an election and that's Joe Biden and my money is going to be on the

Guy that kicked his ass in 202 uh and He's going to win again yeah well said Well Articulated well Senator I mean they're Not just speaking from their own point Of view they're talking about what They've heard from constituents and These are people who represent a range Of States including states that will be In play right coming up this election And they do say they love Joe Biden but They're not questioning his record They're questioning whether he can beat Donald Trump so I guess it's how does he No they're questioning his mental Capacity to be president and the lack of Faith you know to make this about him Winning or losing and not whe it's Either he has dementia or he doesn't and Have him take some freaking cognitive Tests have him take a cognitive Test a 4-Hour one like the guy said and Screen out for any of these issues have Trump both of them take one you know Make it a dare like both of them take These four hour cognitive test with an Independent set of doctors and if they Approve them it's not some shill type of Thing and you know I don't know if Trump's going to pass or what he would You know wouldn't be great for Trump but Biden would certainly fail and that Means he should be out of the office Right now and this idea that he's has

Parkinson's I hope it doesn't die down But you know either way I don't care Because it's really entertaining to Watch these Liars lie when you know Everyone kind of gets a sense that Joe Biden is breaking down mentally I just Want to say this here I'm editing and I Have a bunch of things that I'm going to Talk about this cognitive testing all These things right but it should be Mandatory for these candidates and People in office these offices right There are lots of jobs where cognitive Testing you know think about how Athletes have to go through all these Tests for performance enhancing drugs as Well as CTE you know they have to go get Tested for concussions and concussion Prot protocol and things like that and Then people in the military and a lot of These governmental jobs they have to Submit to lie detectors and these other Tests right people in the CIA or Whatever it is you know so the President Should have to be tested Cognitively a lot like throughout their Presidency and the candidates as well The cognitive testing should be Mandatory like it should be mandatory in Lots of jobs Congress and Senate I mean It just makes sense because if you don't Have the ability to pass those tests you Shouldn't be in that position it's that Simple and so this should be mandatory

And like we've seen it over and over Again it's an issue and if Biden took These tests he would fail he'd be out of Office and this would be a No-brainer pardon the pun the Unintentional Bud do he bring them them Back to the fold does he need to bring Them back to the fold or are you telling Me you don't think that Matters I mean he's going to keep Running the kind of campaign that he did My colleague just said unscripted it's Like well we did a whole day of it Yesterday of unscripted and it was a Great day for the president as well you Know there's a somebody sent me one of These unscripted days and said that was Good viewing I haven't looked at it yet I'm not going to look at it today when I Get a chance I'll I'll watch it um but You know it's getting good Right okay still Tuesday July 9th um Late at night of you know basically Getting ready for bed but I turned on um The TV and the News was on MS NBC or CNN And there's a panel of people there and There's a woman there Saying how everybody in the Democratic Party wants to get back to business as Usual like they were accepting Joe Biden Not stepping Down and they wanted to focus on Donald Trump and agenda 2025 and these things And the guy you know was a I'm not sure

If he was a Republican or Dem Democrat Some guy random guy and he commented you Know when we're watching him I think he Was a Democrat when you're watching him This was a scripted event and you're Still waiting for him to have a gaff Everyone's just waiting for him to fall Apart right and the woman said no we Weren't and and he said well you just Said that's what you were doing she goes Oh I was joking right and I'm like well You know maybe you wishful thinking M And fers I mean like I said before if This was Trump you would totally be Saying he has uh Parkinson's and it's It's not a you know you guys all say you Believe in science right and so this guy Is clearly has some major cognitive Issue this doesn't matter whether he's The best or worst person to be Trump I Mean in terms of being a human being it Matters that our president has a Cognitive issue and it's out there now For the world to see and that you would Be so partisan and so he would be so Selfish and so myopic right um that that He would stay in the race and everyone Would fall behind him just because they Don't really have a choice and pretend That he doesn't have Parkinson's right Because Parkinson is out there and you Know not that he's just has an onset of It but it's there's some cognitive issue Some neurological disorder right some

Deterioration and everybody can see it And the Democrats and you know Trump Sucks I'm not you know Trump is again I'm just waiting for Trump to disappear But the Democrats who are these science People and you know forc everyone to get The you wanted to have mandatory you Know vax mandates and they push the Masks and these things and you know it Used to be that liberal people were the Ones who were pushing herbal medicine And alternative medicine to allopathic Medicine but they just betrayed Themselves and lost their right and You know this guy should be tested There's doubt about his cognitive Function and even if it's a possibility He should be tested and it should be Transparent and the Republicans can Bring his staff in and um Get them under oath I saw some headline From Fox News and they want this this to Happen get the staff under oath and say As he you know is he fit and do you know Anything about Parkinson's and these Things right and so that's how bad it is Like it's that bad and it's wonderful For me like I'm you know digging this You know because it's it shows you what We know like if these people were good People and they were competent and we Were going in the right direction and You could have faith in them then I Wouldn't have a I wouldn't do what I'm

Doing here I mean I talk about the Spiritual things you know but I wouldn't Have the this would be no pockets of the Future but this is you know the collapse Of a civilization because there's one Right thing to do here and get the guy With Parkinson's out of a job that's Really important and bring in somebody Else right and you know they don't Really have anybody else I mean they do But they all suck and you know we still Going to suck no matter what but that Would be the right thing to do and that Would be the right thing for him to do His family to do the Democratic party to Do something bigger than politics and You know when somebody has a Life-altering condition and they get Something that's going to kill them or Make their lives you know uh much worse Than they were before some physical Condition mental Deterioration and you know um we knows What we know what happens for people who Deal with someone with Alzheimer's and It's no treat right I know a number of People some of my viewers uh out there Have you know these situations there's Some who whose um husband has had mental Deterioration since like I think she Must be in her early 50s or something And he started to have issues back when They were like 30 years old and she's Stuck by him and take taken care of him

To her credit right but you know these Things are really difficult on people You know Bruce Willis and you know this Is um it's kind of a tragedy and it's a Horrible way for things to end for People and you know that's what's Happening here and you know I mean and He's President right and so you know They're just being horrible about this I Mean I can't even say it's a fail it's Whatever is worse than a fail like it's You know it's evil right like this is Real evil going on but anyways a Few more things to get to I'll I'll get To them tomorrow but I just want to add That here okay today is Wednesday July 10th Um so there's been some developments There's been a Gretch and Whitmore Sighting from Morning Joe uh totally Gretch or something like That we'll get into that so Gretch um She yeah she wrote a book with that Title I'm missing it but we'll find out Later what it is Big press conference Coming up which we'll get to for Biden Big Stakes the stakes are High Um and then there's this so um let's Start here founder of Eurasia group and G0 media Ian Bremer Ian good to have you Um what do foreign leaders or Allies Think of President Biden right now uh They don't think he can serve another Four years uh and I will say that is

True of every leader that I have met With uh that's attending uh the NATO Summit uh doesn't matter if they come From the right or the left wing of their Respective political spectrums uh and uh They are this isn't news to them uh they Yeah it's not news to anybody you know I Dubbed him Mr MCU and I want to talk About how right that was JoJo MCU those Of you who understand the are familiar With the Mr M character from Cartoons because you know this is about Them forcing muo on Everybody they mooed all over the American People and so it's come full circle I Haven't really talked about his nickname As much lately but today it's going to Be a big day so think about this in Terms of Mr Vu uh being president and then having to Deal with you know everybody pretending That the guy's mentally competent and he Can see in Mr vu's case and he can't Right they've reported this from the G7 Summit they talked about this when they Met with the president in Normandy uh It's not that they don't like him uh in Fact they're deeply concerned NATO Allies more than other countries around The world very concerned about what it Would mean uh if Trump were to become President given his stated policies on Russia Ukraine and on NATO and on the

European Union so I mean it's not like They're saying we don't like Biden we Want him to go they just don't think He's up to it they increasingly think He's going to lose uh and so what They're asking is what's the state of Play what's going to happen is he going To step down who's going to make him do It if he does step down who's going to Be there I mean this nobody right now I Don't it doesn't look like anybody can Has become you'd think it would be all About Ukraine and all about NATO see the The subtlety that they're trying to deal With Biden is oblivious he's very Heavily defended very defensive which People are freaking out about and you Know in the Democratic party and it's Going to take a atomic bomb to get this MF or out of the race and out of the White House I mean he's not going Anywhere he's locked in as much as Trump Is and you know I mean Trump was and the Way that Trump went went out in 2020 and This guy is not any different and what's Great about this is everything that they Say they believe in everything they hate About Trump Biden represents and they Represent they're completely enabling Him and the subtlety which you'll see That they're trying to hint at oh Mr President you know I mean they're trying To hint maybe suggesting things closed Doors that's not going to be enough I

Mean they got to come out and say he's Got Parkinson's and once they do that Like there's you know this has been Floated out there and it's not Um being taken as seriously as you would Think it would be but it means that the Media and the Democratic party are Completely complicit in a guy who has a Disease that's Debilitating and you know eroding his Ability to to function and they've been Covering up for years right this is Wonderful it's just like this is the Moment right this is the moment this is The Arc of the B the Biden disaster the Mr Magoo disaster But I mean the reality is the United States is the lynchpin of NATO and if They can't count on the US they've got a Very serious Problem do they think that Joe Biden is Not up for campaigning or do they think That he's not up for actually Governing not up for campaigning the way He campaigned four years ago and I mean That's not just about the debate that's Even true with the ABC Stephanopoulos Interview it's way it's true with the Way they have uh limited the amount of Time that he has with the public um you Know much more uh you know sort of Prescripted uh and shorter statements Fewer bilaterals shorter bilaterals uh With world leaders they they all notice

It again these are his principal Interlocutors around the world these are His principal allies they have all seen It happen um he wasn't good to start With and he's he's gotten way worse it's Not that there were Parkinson's that Biden is not capable of Being president right now that he want They're not saying he needs to resign That I didn't hear that you didn't hear That but that's what should happen Because they don't care about America They're thinking about themselves but This is an embarrassment and you know It's come to fruition which is wonderful This is right this is poxs of the future 101 here Karen Jean Pierre is excellent At her job and her job is covering up Lying being defensive Playing the victim card and being really Annoying and being so Unlistenable that you just tune her out After a while realizing you can't get a Straight answer out of her like she's Excellent at this right be so um I just Want to get a clarification on the Letter that was sent last night from Dr O Conor um and you can correct me if I'm Wrong but it it didn't seem to Explicitly describe the nature of Dr Canard's meeting with Dr o Conor so can You say whether that one meeting was Related to care for the president Himself I can say that it was so Canard

Is the guy who's the the um Parkinson Specialist and she wouldn't mention his Name yesterday but today she is like This is how they drip drip drip this Stuff out there not it was not um and Can I just ask why that information that Was released last night um just wasn't Set at the briefing yesterday well no Actually a lot of what is in the letter Was said at the briefing to be very very Clear to be very very clear I wasn't you Know like she lies and she's deceptive And she's belligerent she's a pce POS and she's always like aggressive With them like she's the victim and They're horrible people playing as many Of the the cards that she has to play Right the victim cards and she's um you Know it's hard to listen to her she just Shuts everything she sucks the energy Out of the room and these guys must be Really frustrated but they're not able To get any kind of movement in terms of Truthful interaction so she's really Doing a good job said many of the things That were laid out in the letter was Actually repeated right here behind this Lecter at this Podium yesterday uh it Was said that hold on nobody believes That but they all know she's lying but She just shuts it down I said many of The things many of the things many of Things many of things many of the things Uh and we got cler cler clarification

Obviously from Dr oconor wait you Getting Parkinson's Bro uh but it was in line uh with what I Said when I said only three right I said Only three visits uh that this Particular doctor uh had I said a Neurologist what I was not able uh to Confirm is the name and the reason why Is because we do not share uh private Information we've said this like 20 Times like it's these details that don't Matter Because they're not being honest like They know he has Parkinson's they know He has whatever he has if it's Parkinson's it's Parkinson's but it's Something else they it's something else They know it uh that is something that We respect uh and we wanted to make sure That we protected our Consultants here That work with the White House medical Unit their security as well and so that Is the one thing that I was not able to Confirm obviously uh Dr OK Conor's Letter confirms that but we had to get Permission from Dr Canard and also the President in order to put that Information and it is not normal and That also states that in Dr OK Conor uh But many of the things that I said right Here uh at this Podium is in the letter And can I just also ask a little this is The second time in less than a week Where the briefing had prompted a need

For later clarification on questions About the president's health and I'm Just wondering if you could speak to so I disagree I she disagrees with that of Course she does disagree s me it's not Yesterday A lot of the things that I Said right here in this briefing I know You were not in the briefing room I Actually it's in the letter it was the Letter is a lie too like you're lying And the Letter's a lie it's all lies Like she using the letter as an Authority because it comes from a doctor Who's lying because he knows what Joe Biden is incapable of doing his job They're not testing him because if they Tested him they would fail right was in The letter it was being incorrectly Assumed and insinuated that the President had seen Dr uh Canard more Than three times I said that it was only Three times that the president okay were The other five times he came or the Other uh nine times he came depending on What you're hearing he came there 12 Times and had seen a neurologist I Didn't confirm the name but I did say it Was only three times it was being Incorrectly assumed and insinuated that The president was being treated for Parkinson I said right here that the President was not being treated for Parkinson I actually went a step further And oh so he's not being being treated

He's he's being treated he's not being Treated but he has it or or you treating Him and not calling the Parkinson's Right because if they tested him for Parkinson's then they're screwed because Freedom of Information Act it'll come Out if they did these neurological tests He'd fail and so if they tested him for These things then they would be on the Hook for it and you know if they if 3 Years ago they found out he had Parkinson's and they've been covering it Up so they have doctors come in they all Know what he has they don't talk about It like that but they give him the Medications and treatment for Parkinson's without calling it that Right and so you know they're just um It's a it's a really sick game of Deception here and said he wasn't taking Medication for Parkinson's I said that Right here it was also being assumed and Insinuated that uh Dr Kad was someone Who only worked on Parkinson's when in Fact he's a general neurologist that was Something that Dr OK Conor was actually Able to confirm that was okay it's just Silly it's silly stuff and like she just Drains you you don't have the ability to Listen to her because she just sucks so Bad and she's so she's being deceptive But like they have all these little Intricate ways of manipulating the truth You're never going to get the truth

Because they're never going to tell it Because the truth is Biden should step Down because he's doesn't have the Capacity to do his job and they you know And it's been a while so they can't just You know the whole thing right does President Biden commit to serving a full Second term if reelected yes thank Stupid question you uh we know the President says that his health is fine But it's just his brain and that he's Sharp as before he was joking by the way I just want to make sure that that's out There and people people he was making a Light-hearted joke as he was speaking Off he was he's speaking off the cuff And was making a joke you know the President he likes to joke a lot he's The same guy who says I know I look 40 Right so he likes to make jokes it is a Joke I think people laugh when he says It well he also said he's he's sharpest Before 8:00 P.m. so say that the Pentagon at some Point picks up he's got such a douchy Haircut an incoming nuke it's 11:00 p.m. Who do you call the first lady he has a Team that uh lets him know of any of any News that is pertinent and important to The American people he got a team Uh he has someone or that is decided Obviously with his National Security Council and who uh gets to tell him that News so Kevin McCarthy just said that

When he was the speaker many times when We had meetings in the opal office Jill Was there as well when the first ladyes In these meetings is she making Decisions or is she just advising the President no the president is the President of the United States he makes Decisions okay Jilly Jill that that was A like she just hates them that's a Hatred smile Jilly Jill Dr Jill Biden She's in the meetings another family Member President Biden has told me Before he and his son don't have any Business dealings together so what is Hunter Biden doing in White House Meetings are you talking about the Meeting where they came together from oh Gross Camp David and the two of them Walked to the president's meeting and he Was there there's a report that aids Were struck by his presence during their Discussions look I can't I'm I'm Certainly not going to get into a Private conversation okay so there's It's a Mess okay so I really dislike the douchy Family the dad douchy and the little Douchy here but there this guy's in his Heyday because he's got his adversary Karine whatever her name is Kar Jean on the ropes and are you guys just Not since February testing President Biden for Parkinson's or for dementia because if

He gets a bad result it's all over that Day again as I've said many times before The president has had a fome Comprehensive uh uh you know just line Just coming out in line because that's The question right and the answer is They know he has Parkinson's or whatever They he has they know what it is and They're treating him for it but if they Diagnose him with it and they test them For it then everyone's going to know and They can't withhold that information It's going to come back to bite him so They're you know they're not testing him But they know what he has and they are Giving him whatever he needs to and They're not calling it treatment for Parkinson's or whatever because they Can't he can't run the country and be The president with Parkinson Um so that's the lie a doctor just play One on TV uh but I know that scary that Is scary but I know that especially as Adults get into their 80s health Conditions can pop up more than just Once a year when he's getting his Physical I think if my wife saw me on TV Misspeaking or saying the wrong thing or Seeing a change in my appearance she Would probably say let's go to a doctor Just to make sure that you are okay you Have a family you have an important job Why doesn't anybody in the president's Family urge him just to go to get

Checked out to say the coast is clear Okay so just to step back just a little Bit because I think you weren't in the Briefing room last week I I I don't want To go backwards but just to share a Little bit about that night the President said it was a bad night okay So we all heard it she you he watched The Briefing right the issue here is you Know I just said this earlier but I'll Repeat it here cuz worth repeating and What duy alluded to they can't test him If they test him he is going to fail That's that simple after a night like That and a guy of this age and back in February there was a devastating poll But there's been evidence of his Physical and cognitive breaking down Most Americans 70% Americans think he's Too old to be president and too old to Run for president and so he had has no Confidence the Democratic part is Turning on him and a cognitive test and An MRI scan could put make all that Disappear so why not do it well he can't Because he'd fail right it's that simple So his family they all know he has it And they're still pushing him out there The Democratic party that's around him The people around him that are pushing Him out there the people who are Enabling him and all the news media Who've covered and not Co covered for

Him and not covered these breakdown that He's been having for four years and say Hey look he's too old every you know he Has a some sort of cognitive issue gu It's not too old because there's people In that age that don't have cognitive Issues like this right but even then you Just start breaking down you start you Know you don't have the energy for it You don't have the testosterone you Don't have the fight anymore you just Don't have it you don't have the ability To sustain work you don't have as much Energy as you used to right there's this Nice sweet spot where you're not a young Dope anymore and you but you still have Enough energy to do the job and that's a You know somewhere between 40 and you Know 70 65 I mean you know 70 at the you Know I mean 70 is kind of old I mean 60s Old right so and whatever it is you know People have their own you know their own People age differently right but in that Is someone who's 80 years old and had The kind of night he had mandatory C Testing right like everyone would say we Got to find out what's going on with Them but they already know and they they Haven't given them official test because Once they do that then they're on the Hook for we we diagnosed with him with Diagnosed him with Parkinson's three Years ago but we kept them in office Like that would destroy the Democratic

Party and the media the way it is it Would if you know there's any Accountability and people had any kind Of a standard which they don't have Right and so you know That's everything you need to know about This Right okay um so I watched Morning Joe a Little bit this morning and they Mentioned grit and Whitmore so I went Back because I had it recorded and Grabbed that clip but uh well let's go Through it it starts here with I think Gretchen Whitmore I appreciate both of Your insights very much uh thank you Doctors Willie joining the conversation At our table here in New York Michigan's Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer she Is the author of the new book true Gretch what I've learned about life Leadership and everything in between True Gretch what a piece of true Gretch it's true Gretch it's True Paulie everything you need to know About Paulie and my life and Leadership And everything in between like how Superficial is that right now she's Going to give her full endorsement of Jojo Mago but she's putting out a book And it's election year right and this is What happened to um Christine Nome Remember she put out a book and she got You know railed for that that she was

You know that book was part of her way To get on TV like gret and witch gret And wi Witmore and you know uh promote herself At a time where they need I don't know Possible new presidential candidate Right but she's really supporting Joe Biden Governor it's great to have you With us here in New York good morning Thank you good to be with you so we're Talk a lot about the book in just a Moment but to get your um reaction to What we've seen in the last couple of Days we had Senator Michael Bennett of Colorado coming out publicly last night And saying he doesn't think Joe Biden Can win this election he says Joe Biden's been a great president he thinks He's one of the best presidents in Modern American history but just doesn't Think he's the guy to do it do you Believe that Joe Biden can defeat Donald Trump in November I do and I am a co- of The campaign I have spent quite a bit of Time with the president over the last Week or so I can tell you that debate Was a lousy performance everyone one of Us knows that there's unanimity on that One but the fact of the matter is uh the President is I think showing that he is Up to this moment up to the job up to The rigers mean speaking with NATO he's Touring the country he'll be in Michigan This week see all the people that are

Being mentioned as his successor can't Come out and say he's got dementia Because it looks self-serving but you Know he does and Parkinson's and you Know I mean it's just a mess in parote The White House and the Biden campaign Have suggested that the president's Problems that the debate stemmed from an Exhausting travel schedule and a cold Such explanations do not Inspire Confidence yes it's common for elderly People to bounce back more slowly from Stressors but even if jet lag and Illness exacerbated normal cognitive Limitations said limitations remain Ready to surface again and who knows When the next life and death decision Will need to be made crises don't wait Patiently for presidents to be fully Prepared someone whose cognitive Competencies can be compromised as badly As Biden's were by routine travel and a Mere cold may be a may be able to live a Normal life but they'd be hardpressed to Endure the rigors of negotiating with Congress or foreign leader much less Making multiple rapid decisions when Some future domestic or Global disaster Emerges so morning Joe's all over the Place they have people who are really Endorsing Biden people who are semi Endorsing Biden or saying he should stay In the race Mika and uh is strongly Endorsing him Joe is on the fence and

They then they bring out these heavy Guns like this right and you know it's Just all a deception because everyone Knows he's got to go and they just won't Say it so then they bring all these Other people in here beloved he is Respected and people want him to make That decision not has said he has made The decision he has said firmly this Week he is going to run do you want him To run I want him to do whatever he Decides to do and that's that's the way It is whatever he decides we go With ran numbles we had uh Governor Gretchen Whitmer on the show earlier and Her support of Joe Biden staying right Where he is was much more full-throated Uh what are you Hearing yeah M I think it's what uh Speaker Pelosi didn't say that was most Revealing in that interview that you Guys conducted so the background noise Is these clowns walking behind him doing Their Washington DC right and They didn't use a a noise coun Cancelling mic for whatever reason Because you know it's MSNBC they're on Hard times over there last hour she had The opportunity to say definitively that Yes she believes that Joe Biden should Be the leader of the party and she chose Not to and and honestly her view in that Interview reflects a a lot of the Ambivalence that we're seeing here on

Capitol Hill after this series of closed Door meetings that took place here Yesterday it did seem on Monday as Though President Biden had stopped the Bleeding in terms of congressional Support but inside those meetings we Know that there was a lot of tense Conversation about the path forward People really concerned about whether or Not Joe Biden has what it takes to take On Donald Trump in the fall and as a Result you saw more and more Congressional Democrats either come Right out and say they think that he Should step down or others stating Publicly for the very first time that They don't believe that he can win in November party heavyweights still Backing the president I'm with Joe we Red the president remaining defiant and His allies urging support every minute We spend focusing on questions and Concerns about his debate rather than Questions and concerns about Trump's Leadership is a day that we are missing Some Democrats have concerns behind Closed doors describing Biden as shaky And expressing real doubts he has what It takes to beat Donald Trump one Democratic House member telling NBC News Quote people are very frustrated that The president appears defensive and in Denial but many are not speaking out Publicly are you all on the same page no

What do you mean you're not on the same Page they're not even in the same book One of the Democrats who had privately Called for Biden to withdraw now saying He'll support Biden whether concerns or Not I is is beside the point he he's Going to be our nominee and we all have To support him I can't express how Wonderful this is because the guy is Obviously completely gone Mentally and you know I'll get into this At the end of the video and everyone Knows he has to withdraw but he just Won't and I don't know how they're going To be able to get him to do it right Like I don't know you know and his Family and the people around him are Going to be Ops about this and after That performance and everything he's Done since right and so it's Bad and I think it's also important to Point out that even those Democrats who Say that they're with Joe Biden do so Almost reluctantly the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer I was in this press Conference with him yesterday he was Asked a series of questions about his Support for Joe Biden all he would say Is that I'm with Joe he wouldn't talk About his concerns he wouldn't talk About anything else uh related to The Campaign itself just didn't want to Touch the topic and so many these Democrats that I've talked to say that

They are really looking forward to this Press conference that the president is Going to hold on Thursday a solo press Conference as part of the NATO Summit There's a real belief that the president Has to have an ace performance in that Press conference to assuage some of These concerns that they have but right Now uh you know Willie it's a weird Situation because in many ways it's a Worst case scenario for Democrats Because they're leaving the president to Twist in the wind as to whether they did Their on to whether or not they're going To stick with him long term at some Point they've got to make a final Decision whether or not they're all in Or all out and that time seems to be Running out and what an extraordinary Commentary on where we are that the President of the United States must have A perfect press conference tomorrow for Democrats to continue to support him It's amazing really it's not amazing Because you know it's Sad but they said the same thing about His uh interview with Stephanopoulos okay we'll see how the Interview goes and then something will Happen this weekend we got to get him Out of there and it was a disastrous Interview and apparently this live event That happened in U Michigan I believe it Was or wherever it was um

Wisconsin was a disaster cuz somebody Sent it to me and I haven't watched it Yet they said it's good fod for my stuff Here so you know he's screwing up left And right and everything that he does is Being held under a microscope whether They're showing it on the news or not I Mean they he said good or be the you Know do the goodest job I could and they Left that one I mean he's making these Huge mistakes and they're not calling Him out on everything but he's being Completely scrutinized and he's had These gffs forever so he's going to have Them like there's going to be some gaps There's going to be some you know Breakdowns mentally there's going to be I mean just his walk and his gate and His staring or his weirdness like if you If you really look at him you know There's a difference between having a Conversation with somebody and doing a Psychological assessment on them and When you start looking at people in that Way like you can just uh get used to you Know you you're familiar with your Family members and people around you but All of a sudden you start to notice Something or somebody points something Out and you start noticing it and you Can't help but to notice it then right Like it's something that you've ignored And didn't even know and you're like oh This really bugs me or somebody says oh

That really that thing they do really Bugs me you're like what are you talking About and they they point it out and You're like oh yeah they do that do that And then you can't help but to see it And so he's going to fail at this press Conference and they're going to say all Right it's time for you to go and he's Going to be like f youi going and then There'll be another thing next week Right this is just wonderful so I abely Name Joe Biden Mr Meu and it's playing out now and I Really have to bring attention to it Because I'm good at nicknames we all Have our special talents but the reason I call him Mr Meo was because his Lessness is he shuffled around and was You know walking through life you know Doing this thorine shuffle through life Right the Parkinson Shuffle and just you Know tripping sometimes and making gas Doing things bad things you stupid Things and showing everyone that he was Incapable of doing the job and they put Mr MCU in there and the media and the Democratic party has removed all these Obstacles or Gaslight lit people when he Stumbles around and does some Mr Moo right and they've been saying no You're what you're seeing isn't real and You what are you talking about he's fine And he's sharp and oh behind closed Doors he's great but he's been doing

These Mr Meo things and you know somehow I mean he should Mr muo should be dying Left and right but something just Naturally comes in his way and saves the Guy right and that's been happening for Jojo magu for a while now like I said With the media and the you know all the People there but you know that time has Come to an end because when they chose This guy and they chose him you know They can talk about how they love Democracy but they had a bunch of Candidates back in 2019 and they chose him and they were Choosing KLA in the beginning but she Failed but they chose her anyway for vvp But all these other candidates Like Bernie was the most popular he had the Most energy right Pete budagig won one Of the first two primaries and he was Young and up and coming and you know Represented a lot of things that the Democratic party wanted to stand for in Terms of bringing new people in right But Joe Biden was the guy that they Thought either could beat Trump or that They could puppet or both you know Weekend did Bernie's the guy and so they Chose this Mr Mago character in full Knowledge that he had Parkinson's and he Was going to be breaking down and be Worse and worse over time like they knew It like he was you know he was having These dementia moments I mean at least

You know they they knew something like Was going on and like I said if he was Given a full neurological workup he Wouldn't have been able to be president That in 2019 and every year since but They didn't test him they you know they HIIT him away they didn't let him Campaign in 2020 and they just Micromanaged the guy Mr mudam you know And just protected him and they've just Continuously done more and more of that Covering up for his gaffs putting him in Situations where he's less likely to Fail shortening his speeches shorten his Duration of his workday and do all these Things but eventually it was going to be Too severe for them to do anything about It and then they were on the hook Because you can look back and see that This has been going on for years now and To admit that this guy's had zentia is Not good for anybody and they have Allowed it to go go too far you know was Like one of those mistakes you make like You see in TV shows or movies Where a character will make a critical Mistake and it's going to come back to Bite him in the ass but he'll you know Take responsibility and change and Apologize to everybody and redeem Himself right or herself you know Somebody be caught in a lie or deception Or whatever it might be and there'll be Reasons for them to do it you know to

Make to leave them off the hook in this Case it would be that Trump had to go And this is the only guy take Trump down And all these things right but you know Now it's come to fruition and the Democratic party is helpless because he Is the Nominee and he's so oblivious and he's So far God and the people around him Won't talk to him and I and I bet he'll Cut him off if they question his his Ability to do the job so they are Finding it difficult to OU the guy if They have to come in and run those Neurological tests and who who is going To and who in his inner circle going to Let that happen it's just wonderful Right so the press conference is Tomorrow and we'll see Mr M a full odd Full effect he's going to make some Mistakes and people are going to say no Now he really has to step down and he Isn't I don't think he's stepping down He might I don't think he is though like I don't and I don't know how they're Going to get him to do it like I don't Even think he'll respond to Blackmail And you know I think he's just so far Gone like I don't think he'll say those Words I don't think he wants to admit That he's got issues and I don't think He's even aware of his issues and so They probably hit it from him right and They're treating him from Parkinson's

Without knowledge or whatever it is Right that's going on there and his wife And all that all those people are Complicit this is wonderful like this is Just you know this is where we're proven Right as truthers because they are just Horrible people this is evil this is Just bad decision making and then making These decisions over and over again to Hide the truth and to you know dismiss Anybody who's telling the truth and Censor them and this guy has freaking Parkinson's or something and he's Breaking down you know neurologically And it's something that could easily be Proven through a scan Andor extensive Testing and they ain't giving it to him Because you know he'll fail only Spirituality will save this world it's Par definely point for the Apocalypse in The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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