CNN Hilariously hits new Low + Kamala Knee Pads Harris epic Gaff & More Prayer

CNN Hilariously hits new Low + Kamala Knee Pads Harris epic Gaff & More Prayer

Okay greetings brothers and Sisters um I want to talk a little bit More about prayer uh I was talking about This in the video entitled um uh you're Going the wrong Way Poophole which seemed to be one of the More profound sort of uh talks that I Gave based on people's Reaction uh but this is just you know I'll cover that later but this is just Too uh delightful to uh wait like I've Been I saw this two days ago and I've Been waiting to make this video starting With this because CNN has reached the New low I would call it rock bottom but I know they can go Farther Um but they uh this is you know Dana Bash this ghoulish woman a Dana Bash Who's like 55 but she looks like she's 65 and uh you know there's this image I Have of her somewhere where I you know They were they got a close-up of her She's really a big supporter of Israel And this is Lindsey Graham Dana Bash is A very Unapologetic Democrat Lindsey Graham is a closeted homosexual Republican Right um and they you know somehow have A positive relationship here but this Happens It's there's a fun bar game which I will Clean up because we are in mixed company

And on television so I'm going to call It date marry or make disappear forever Okay you guys know what the real thing Is right yeah we do it's a bar game like Exactly it's a bar game you're playing With a sitting Senator this is like Really going to happen it's totally Going to happen it's not a joke this is About to Happen you know what the real thing is Right I think yeah we know yeah we know What it is Data I'm going to do a lot of The disappear forever with first one Usually rhymes with truck okay truck it Rhymes what words rhyme with truck Make uh Mary date Mary or truck and so Um she's like they're big political Analyst like she's always serious and I've never seen her make a joke she's You know just talks serious politics When the politicians are a joke and the System's a joke but then she does this Bizarre thing here I guess they're Sitting in a box But she had this planned right this Isn't like something she did Spontaneously and you're too old for This like it's like it's a stupid game And she's going to do this with lindsy Graham so date marry or disappear Forever Hillary Clinton Carly fiorina Sarah Palon she said it like look at the way Let's watch the way she says that like

It's profound Date Mary or disappear Forever Hillary Clinton Carly fiorina Sarah Palon look at her sit back and be woo This is a stupid game like this is a Game you play when you're a dumb college Level kid whatever it is you're a dummy And you don't have anything else Profound to say you don't have any Thoughts on you know what's going on in The world you're not like you know you Have no depth to your personality and You play games like this cuz you have Time to kill and you're you're stupid And don't know anything else to do right Like isn't something that you do as an Adult she's like I said she's in her 50s Like 52 or 55 or something he's in his 70s and the answer is I'm not going to Play this stupid freaking game because It's a stupid freaking game right like It's just some random thing that people Do when they're drunk or like stupid Like it's you have to either be drunk or Stupid and most likely both and there's Just no you know there's no reason to do This like it's Just I didn't know we were going to do The Mormon thing here uh what's the Mormon thing like what is like why you Think you're going to marry multiple Women is that what you're saying like What

Um um date marry or make disappear Forever take your time Senator we've got All Night she winked like I thinks she must Be on crack or cocaine or something or She's maybe at least drunk cuz that's Not what she's usually like uh we can't Go beyond dating that's as far as I'm Going dating who do you want to date Exactly because you're gay like he's Very effeminate and most people think That there's a chance that he's like gay Right and so it's a weird game to play With a guy who's closeted gay guy who's A Republican and conservative and a Conservative state who's very effeminate And seems to be hiding something do you Want to date Hillary Clinton car or Sarah no no no so you have to date all Three okay you don't get the game you Can't even play this game this guy like This is a silly stupid game you either Going to play it or not right like you Shouldn't play it you should be like say I have more dignity than that like I'm Not playing this game because it's like Silly like it's goofy you know all these Games like this you know like there's Things that are out there that you know If people ask me to engage in Paul do You want a drink no why not cuz I'm not Freaking 17 [Laughter] Right because there are things you leave

Behind that you that you did in your Youth that you no longer do when you're Older right because you have evolved Into something where your Consciousness Is I mean as an adult older person You're now more refined and you don't Engage in things you know I'm not saying Like you know like once in a while you Do youthful things but these are stupid Things like these are pointless things Like what what point is this game like What is what is the it's not fun it's Not funny and you know it's just like It's just some kind of weird thing that That's never going to happen right and So you know you just would say no to the Thing but he can't even do it like all Right you're going to play it then just Freaking play it like just put you know You got three categories and choose one For each freaking one of these freaking Ghoulish woman You pick one one of them you date one of Them you marry and one one of them you Make disappear forever and we'll go Hunting on our first date okay who are You marrying I got to marry one of the Three yeah you not understand the Premise of the game that's how it works Keep Up keep up like you know this is like an IQ test at this point like you don't Understand the premise of the game it's Like you know like I could go to the zoo

And get a chimpanzee to play this Game you don't under the premise and She's really into this thing I gotta really watch what I say here no You don't you'd want to make Hillary Clinton disappear I don't know who the Other person Is Karly fiorina I I think She's um is she uh kind of remember who That is she was a CEO or something or Other I think Trump called her like not You know called her ugly or something Like that kind of barely know who that Person is but you want to make Hillary Clinton disappear if you were a Republican and all your all your Constituents all the people vote for you All the people who are part of your Party want to make Hillary Clinton Disappear that's the easy option she's Given you that like the one that you Know you would make Hillary Clinton Disappear that's what you know I mean The Republicans all the people that vote For you and are part of your party were Yelling lock her up right you know what The easy answer is so you would either Date or marry probably marry Sor Palin Because she's the most Conservative Republican so you date Carly fiorita you Would you know these are like anybody Could do it for you see she's giving you A list that that's just you know it's Obvious that you'd have to say Sarah pel And just based in you know your

Political performance and the you know This fake persona that you've I mean You're not going to do any with any of Them because you are attracted to men Right like you're you're asking she's Asking a gay dude about you know dating Mar and and you know I guess make Disappearing but Trucking uh women and none of those Things are going to happen Okay so it's Hae marry or make disappear forever Hillary Clinton Carly fiorina or Sarah Palin or and Sarah Palin Carly cuz she's Rich what you're marrying her okay she Could keep me in the life that's very Practical I'm a very practical guy so That leaves Hillary Clinton that you Want to make disappear forever no I just No no no I no like take [ __ ] take a Freaking stand bro like you can't say You would want almost every Bo Bill Clinton wants to make Hillary Clinton Disappear it's just like it's the Easiest thing it's like you know she put It on a te for you and it's completely Safe like nobody's going to freak out Because you said you played this stupid Game and you said you would make Hillary Clinton Disappear is she Rich I think so she said she was flat Broke I'm going to let you off the hook Good I'm going to let you off the hook Good I'm going to let drop the

Hook that's CNN right now this is their Political analyst their specialist she's The one who you know brings the brings The heat when it comes to analyzing Politics and she's letting him off the Hook it's it's a weirdest game what do You mean Let Her Off The Hook what let Him off the hook that was just like I Mean it was So pathetic it was like Great it was a game that she should Never talk about with some serious Politician right there supposed to be You know we're we're at the the cusp of World War III and you know all the stuff That's going on and divided country and The most contentious election and you Know in history with two guys who are Both you know on the on the verge of Complete senility and breaking down Mentally one is showing signs of Dementia for the last four or five years And the other one's consumed with hate And Vengeance and you know narcissism And you know Trump Trump trump Trump Trump and this is a you know and you're Playing this stupid game and you don't Even make the guy say he would make Hillary Clinton disappear which is like The easiest answer to say like pretty Much anybody could say that right I mean Whatever it is like you know I mean the Game's stupid he shouldn't have played The first place but the guy he failed

That he didn't even understand it right Like he didn't he didn't know how to Play the game like there's three choices And there's three categories and there's Three people you put one person in each Category and you should be able to do do That without you know I don't want to Make anybody disappear yeah you voted For these wars you voted to drone kids You supported all these things horrific Things right you supported the war in Ukraine how many ukrainians and Russians Did you make disappear you know how many Uh you know uh he's supporting Israel Completely on this thing how many Gins And gazin kids do you make disappear and You can't say you would make Hillary Clinton disappear if you could like That's the one you'd wish would go away Of course you did I mean that's what Supposed to be your position and he Can't even say it like it was the whole Thing I mean this was like this the Epitome of this direction CNN is gone And this is you know Politics as it is Absolutely spectacular like I did this Thing on Marjorie Taylor green and AOC And my other channel yesterday is worth Watching because like they're just um uh Like they just losing they're calling Each other names and like it's so Pathetic like this is your tax dollars You're paying these people salaries Right and CNN is you know this is why

That no one watches them because it's The kind of content they produce right This is you know this is the level of These blue people are supposed to be Adults and they're like you know Pathetic children who don't really Understand how what reality is and how To be a human Being okay let's move this to um our Vice president uh without douge fresh Like he's not nearly as palatable Without douge fresh dougy fresh is Props her up but uh she made a gaff that I wasn't sure was true or not somebody Sent it to me and you know I know if it' Been deep stated or deep faked or Whatever deep faked um so I went to look For the actual talk and it's the Asian-pacific American Institute of congressional Studies so she's speaking to Asian People um about you know Asian-americans because um You know so This Woman's running the Thing here the perception of how others See you define who you're meant to be so Let's get to where they introduce um There person here it's going to bring Out kamla president of the United States Kamla [Music] Harris okay so Kama sits down and then This Happens they have so many talents and

They're so courageous and she is an Incredible organizer among the young People in my office but around the Issues that we really need to focus on If we care about the future of our Country can we please applaud Alicia for Her work woo Alicia's freaking great woo Please look at the guy look the guy's Clapping really he's Wonderful okay hi J hello how are you Hello it's Jimmy see you uh I have no Idea why you guys call me to do this uh Lisa Lang must have been not available Uh you know went down to list Connie Chung not available now here I am you Know but it's it's an absolute honor to Be here with you and and and all these Amazing leaders I I've been listening to A lot of talks you know first May of Cincinnati and like everyone it's a lot Of first a lot of groundbreaking okay Really so let's get into let's get into Her uh you going to play uh date Mary Make Disappear lasting impact as she said cly You may be the first to do many things Make sure you're not the Last my mother was 19 years old when she Arrived in the United States by herself Okay so her mom was Indian this is you know Indians are real Aren't Asians they have this um you know Sometimes they're considered Asians Sometimes or not so that's what she's

Leaning into here right but her dad was Jamaican so she wasn't African-American And she you know that's her big CL claim To fame but she grew up with a Jamaican Dad and an Asian mom and they were both Professors so professors and people who Are you know uh educationally oriented Right Intellectuals uh they they're different Like growing up in a college environment Is different and she tries to make it Like she grew up as like an African-American woman in America under You know impoverished situations but her Mom probably dominated the house because That's just the culture like I'm Familiar with the Indian culture I was In India for three years and their Parents ended up being divorced right And all these things uh but these Academic people you know and she's even With that background she's a real dope Right so her parents were both educa you Know educated people intelligent people And kamla is not only Dopey but clueless And just weird right she's Weird um she was the eldest of my Grandparents four Kids and she said and this is in she was One of she was part of one of the first Waves of Indians to come in relative Modern history to the United States in The 50s right so anybody of of South Asian background you'll know that this

Was early early early okay so that's not A South Asian type of thing Indians and Asian people are nothing alike right you Know like it's just not the same thing They don't look the same they're not you Know like you have Asian people who all Look you know similar they have similar You know types of features and whatever It is right you know India people aren't You know they're not like African people Because they're different they have Different hair they have different you Know features they have different body Shapes you know it's like this whole Thing right and so different cultures More importantly the cultures are are Different and so she's trying to connect With these people who aren't you know And she's not really I mean she almost Never talks about her Indian history Unless she's with people who are like in Some way connected like that um uh Mindy Keing did an interview and all a sudden K k KLA Harris was talking about her Aunties you know they always talk about Aunties and uncles in India and this Kind of thing and she started talking About these things that she grew up with But normally she doesn't talk about Those things at all right because you Know I know a lot of Indians that have Come to America because of the Meditation that I do and their kids like All ethnic kids move away from their

Parents' culture and they're embarrassed Of their Heritage because Americans you Know American kids just want to be Americans they don't want to be no known As the you know Irish kid or the Italian Kid or the Puerto Rican kid or the Whatever it is right they become Americans right this is what happens you Know my dad's my grandparent my Grandfather came from Sicily and my Grandmother came from Albania you know My dad ended up being a BARC he didn't Speak either of those two languages Right you know he didn't want to be that And you know I mean my mom was Irish and German the same thing you know you move Away and by the time I came along like I Have almost you know very little Knowledge or experience with my ethnic Heritage one of my co-workers years ago I was in my 20s and or she was like I Think um half polish and half Italian And her Italian grandmother said you Know my grandfather my grandparents or My parents were Italian you know I'm Italian American you're American Italian and Your kids will be American you know Whatever it is right like it's fourth Generation it's just pretty much gone And so you know KLA is just being stupid Here right like she's trying to fit in This is what she always does trying to Identify with the Audience by you know

Embracing something she pretty much Never talks about there were not many Indian-americans or Indians who had come In um at that point and um my mother Said to her father when she was 19 years Old I want to cure Cancer and I so she's a failure So your mom's a failure want and so what I learned later is she secretly applied To UC Berkeley and she got accepted wow and so She went to my grandfather and said I Want to go and my grandfather was very Progressive um his eldest child we know In Asian culture what birth order means Right you know they're not the same Cultures you can't compare you know Asian people Chinese Korean and they're All different Chinese culture is Different from Korean culture Japanese Culture all these things right and so The people are different like to them They have you know they know the Difference in cultures and Indian people Have a completely different culture you Know maybe it's you know it's more Similar than European culture but it's It's not the same they're not connected Right they're not even close to each Other where India is and these other you Know China is you know that you have to Cross the Himalayas to get to China Right like India is not I mean it's Closer to those countries than say

America but they're not you know sharing Cultural things right ideals I am the First grandchild to LSA um and my Grandfather said Go and so she arrived in the United States by herself because she had a Passion and she had a goal okay I got to Find this other thing that she's doing Be silent in those Rooms and that we expect that from you Because we also expect that you will Internalize and no we're there with you And so your voice can be Strong it is as Alicia said my mother Would say to me don't you ever let Anybody tell you who you are you tell Them who you are okay who are you Because nobody really knows or if they Know they don't like you because you you Pulled it less than 1% among Democrats Democrats don't even like you right like You're unelectable like you're people Just don't like you they don't you like Even worse than Hillary Clinton about us mhmh right it's about Family it's about Community it's about Country it's about values you know Someone once described it to me as if You think of it the culture and and I'm Oversimplifying obviously but as an Onion um the individual is at the core Of the onion never heard this analogy Before what what does it have layers Perhaps and then there is the family and

There is the community and there is and There is and all of those things are Bigger and that's part of how we are Conditioned to think in many ways which Yeah that's that's not how you're Conditioned to think like you threw People on under the bus in terms of your Own you know the people that you claim To be a part of and were throwing them To jail for like smoking pot right Because you had to meet quotas at as a District attorney and then you came out Later and pretended that you were like About Reform sometimes leads to probably Um a willingness to to Minimize the importance of the Individual and we have to be careful About that yeah be careful about that Because the individual is important like I'm important like my ego and things the Gaff is real and I'll get to that in Just a moment but first we have to go Back to understand where how kamla haris Got to where she Is so again you know I look at it in Terms of the fact that you know one of The I never met him but one of The mentors for me in terms of the Career that I chose was th Good Marshall She has nothing to do with like he was The first black Supreme Court Justice is I think I you know that's uh my Understanding who understood the

Importance of translating the passion From the streets to the courtrooms of America okay she didn't grow up in the Streets she grew up in You know academic like these prestigious Colleges right if you Gove up it's you Know these college towns these you University towns where it's Progressive And it's you know it's I it's the best Place to grow up if you're you know Somebody who's different right and she Grew up in these areas and she didn't Grow up on the streets right she has Nothing to do with the streets to make Real the promise of America and when I think about the dobs Decision which was just about 2 years Ago the highest court in our land the Court of Thurgood and RBG RBG was there just took a Constitutional right that had been Recognized from the people of America From the women of America you mean the Right to murder fetuses Is is this this um this horrible thing That's Happening and thereafter in state after State laws are being proposed and passed That will criminalize healthc care Providers punish women some make no Exception even for rape or Incest And so there is but you realize emerging Fetuses which is a human right you know

You're not respecting the right of the Life of the unborn baby you know so it's Like you it's not a you know this is not Some Cut and dry violation of Human Rights uh But again she didn't come from the Streets so KLA Harris Got Her Big Break not because she was you know from The streets and she was bringing you Know she made it in some way 29-year-old KLA Harris began her affair with Powerful San Francisco politician Willie Brown then 60 and married who appointed Her to two lucrative positions only to Dump her after he was voted first place Black mayor of the city and so she had An affair with this guy when she was 29 He was 60 you know that's uh a big age Difference right he was twice her age Twice her age and he was and she was 29 Right and he she got her positions Because of that affair with a married Man and so this is why I call her kamla Kneads Harris right um and I guess this Was his wife here this is this guy this Is a black guy that she had an affair With and so she didn't kick in the glass Ceiling right she didn't do any of these Things that were you know some ways um You know there they are there right just With her patented cackle and so that's How the first way that KLA Harris made It she serviced the guy got at her knees And serviced them but then she did it

Again with Joe Biden I've showed you This scff before To this issue of of black voters I I Have a lifetime of experience with black Voters I've been one since I was 18 that's funny you're funny need a Focus group to hear from African-American voters uh black voters Are pissed off and they're worried They're pissed off because the only time Our issues seem to be really paid Attention to by politicians is when People are looking for their vote and They're worried because the Democratic Party we don't want to C people miss This opportunity and lose because we are Nominating someone that doesn't isn't Trusted doesn't have authentic Connection and so that's what's okay so What this is about is Hillary Clinton Lost to Trump because she didn't get as Much black vote as Barack Obama like That was one of the narratives about This election right that Barack Obama Brought in more black people to the Polls and Hillary Clinton didn't they Didn't like her and so Joe Biden was Getting support in the African-American Community he talked about all the time That that was his sort of core group That helped him you know become Senator And all these other things and Corey Booker and Kay Harris were losing to Joe Biden in the black community which was

Pissing both of them off because they Looked over and this guy's pooping in His depends and wandering off the stage He's an old white guy and he's winning More support than they are right and They know he's seile and they can't Believe it and so he has a major Gaff Here and senior moment and they can't Believe this guy's beating them right It's on the ballot and issues do matter I I I have a lot of respect uh for for The vice president he is swore me into My office as a hero this week I hear him Literally say that I don't think we Should legalize marijuana I I I I Thought you might have been high when You said And and let me tell you because because Marijuana marijuana so he's getting a Big reaction um kamla Harris put all Kinds of people of color into jail for Minor Marijuana uh you know Infractions because she wanted to do This politically she sacrificed them so She's not that person right marijuana in Our country is already legal for Privileged people and it's one the War On Drugs has been a war on black and Brown people and so let me just let me Just say this with more African-Americans under criminal Supervision in America than all the Slaves since

1850 see I thought he developed this That tick when he had a mask on but he Was doing it when he had a mask where he Rubs his face do not roll up into Communities and not talk directly to Issues that are going to relate to the Liberation of children because there are People in Congress right now that admit To smoking marijuana while there are People our kids are in jail right now For those drug crimes and so these are The kind of issues that mean a lot to Our community and if we don't have Somebody authentically we lost the last Election let me just give you this data Example we lost in Wisconsin because of A massive dimunition a lot of reasons But there was a massive dimunition in The African-American vote we need to Have someone that can Inspire as comma Said to inspire African-Americans to the Polls at record numbers Senator Booker Vice President Biden KL is an African-American again she's Jamaican And Indian and you can respond to that I'll be very brief number one I think we Should decriminalize marijuana period And I think everyone anyone who has a Record should be let out of jail their Records expunged it be completely zeroed Out but I do think it makes sense Based On data that we should study what the Long-term effects on for the use of Marijuana that's all that's you don't

Think it's been studied it's been around For like a thousand years Joe like you Know this is I say this every time Because so stupid what you saying this Has nothing to do with my major Point Here like we don't know what marijuana Done okay so when I said it's been Around for a thousand years I knew that Was like you know not accurate and I Looked it up it's been around since 2800 BC so it's um more like 5,000 years Right I mean before Christ they were Using this thing it's like the Neanderthals were using this stuff right And so you know it's it's not an unknown It's it's not OIC or it's not um uh like You know um fentol that just was Recently created some synthetic thing Right this is a natural product that's Been used for over 5,000 years and been Studied intensely he would later go on To make the Boop mandatory practically Right all these mandates telling Everybody who didn't take it they were You know causing the pandemic And that was brand new it was brand new Technology right all this like Gene Editing all this stuff mRNA right brand New like just and he wants to study Marijuana because we don't know what it Does right like he's Just all it is number one everybody gets Out record expunge secondly I uh you

Know I'm I'm part of that that Obama Coalition I come out of the black Community in terms of my support if you Notice I have more people supporting me In the black community they announced For Me so this is the big thing here because They know me they know who I am three Former chairs of the black caucus the Only African-American woman that ever Been elected to the United States Senate A whole range of people my point is true The Other so he gets confused right and it's Kind of true what he's saying cuz KLA is Really not African-American I mean That's what she puts when she does her You know fills out a form somewhere but She's Jamaican and Indian and she's Trying to be Asian when she's with Asian She's trying to be you know whatever she Is right um but here he's confused and Cory Booker and KLA Harris start Laughing at him because KLA Harris is The second African-American woman to be Elected to Senate based in you know her False narrative and he's confused Right I said the first and then he goes I said the first no you didn't we just Heard what you said so he scile that's Shows his Scile the First first so my she's laughing because She knows he's scile right she knows

This guy's a scile m and effort I can't Believe that she's losing to him um in The community that she's supposed to be From she ends up pulling only less than 1% and has to quit right and then she's Telling us that this guy is really Coherent and he's doing a great job so She's getting on her knees and servicing Joe Biden Because she knows this guy's going to Die and she's going to be president Right and she's willing to do anything And lie and pretend this guy's you Know is great right and she knows he's Not great he's an old white guy and She's servicing him just like she Service the other guy to get to move Ahead because she can't be elected Because people don't like her so she's Been appointed to a position by a guy Who um you know he um he said that he Was going to choose a woman for his vice President And then he said it was going to be an African-American woman and he didn't Have very many options so he chose her Even though nobody liked her and plus She was insurance for him because you Know people are like well this is the Alternative If he if if he's impeached Or he dies or whatever they would rather Have Biden than her right so you know he Was she was like insurance policy for Him point is my point is one of the

Reasons I was picked to be vice President she's laughing right she's Laughing at him for being you know his His mental capacity is gone you know it Was because of my relationship Longstanding relationship with the black Community I was part of that Coalition So this is a section leading up to the Gaff and a government that treated People equally and with fairness and and Was and and a government that was not Corrupt And and that's that influenced my life In more ways than I can ever ever Explain even though I didn't realize it At the time um and all of that had an Impact then on what I decided to do with My life my mother when she arrived in The United States she automatically Given who my grandfather was and and and About the fight for independence in India my grand my mother then of course You might know know this in retrospect Took to the streets to March for civil Rights in her sorry And are Sorry yeah they don't get the sorry joke That's how she met my father because They were a couple of academics right Future professors in a college town Marching for something that was going to Have no effect on anything right and um And all of that has had a profound Influence but I I I will also add to

This about being the first CU there's so Many firsts here and um there are so so Many who we who are the first have Decided we will Mentor you and we will Support you and we will remind you of What it involves and also that you have An incredible community of people that That are encouraging every step of the Way so because she's a first woman and Person of color to be a vice President um or whatever it is Asian Right she's a first Indian part Indian Person so these are first right but she Doesn't really deserved that title cuz She didn't earn anything right I mean You know getting on her knees and being A knee pad yeah that's I guess earning You know the way a prostitute earns Right but it's not something she did Something great right the oldest Profession in the world right so here's The thing about breaking barriers she's Going to tell you how to break barriers Get on those knee pads breaking barriers Does not mean you start on one side of The barrier and you end up on the other Side there's breaking involved M and When you break things you get cut yeah Or you get in your knee pads and you you Know you you service powerful men and You may Bleed and it is worth it every time Exactly it's worth it get on your knees Do your knee pad things it's worth it

Every time and so to especially the Young people here I say to you when you Walk in those rooms you go to those Rooms put on those knee pads being the Only one that looks like you exactly the Only one with your background you walk In those rooms chin up shoulders back Your Chin's not going to be up for Long be it a meeting room a boardroom a Courtroom a hearing Room you walk in those rooms knowing That we are all in that room with you Applauding you On and expecting certain things from you Exactly like you knee pads including They're always they're expecting things From you KLA that you will not be silent In those Rooms you're going to G and that we expect that from you Because we also expect that you will Internalize and know we're there with You and so your voice can be strong Because you got all these people in the Room with you that don't know you don't Care about you because they're all you Know coming from some where they look Different too it is as Alicia said my Mother would say to me don't you ever Let anybody tell you who you are you Tell them who you Are don't ever carry as a personal Burden you tell that you tell them who They this is who I am don't tell me who

I am your capacity to do whatever you Dream and aspire to do based on other People's limited ability to see who can Do what What this is part of what's involved and Having an affair with a married man was Twice your age who was powerful and he Give you good jobs you gave him good Jobs I'm editing I just got That I didn't intentionally do that but He gave you good jobs you gave him good Jobs it was a you know it was um Sympatico is that we have to know that Sometimes people will open the door for You and leave it open sometimes they Won't so you got to get in your knee Pads and Say leave the door open for me and then You need to kick that [ __ ] door Down what door did you kick down tell me A door you kick down right I mean you Can't kick a door down when you're on Your Knees excuse my language excuse my Language you know I'm I'm kind of a Oh By [Laughter] Oh we going to make t-shirts with that Same kick the [ __ ] door Down I I mean I literally just got Emotional listening to that like I I Think all of us you going get on your Knees in this room have that experience You know okay so like again she didn't

Kick any doors down so we know how she Got her career started right she was 30 She was struggling you know just a Midlevel low-level Bureaucrat and not somebody you know a Lawyer or whatever and she was made District attorney of some place you know San Francisco whatever some California Thing where instead of supporting the People that she claims to be a part of She threw them in jail for minor Marijuana you know possession or you Know usage and they went to prison Because they had quotas and it was a big Business prison's a big business and so They throw people who don't really Deserve to be in there in there for Minor infarctions Right Infarctions and so she um that was how She got her start and I'm sure she just Knee paded her way all the way into Where she was a Senator right and she's Really unlikable so much so that she got Less than 1% from the you know she never Got one vote in one primary she didn't Make it to New Hampshire she didn't make It to Iowa and she was pushed out there Chris Matthews said on MSNBC you know the now disgraced and Fired mewed Chris Matthews said that KLA Harris would be a great vice president Candidate for Joe Biden and then KLA Harris started to get support she got

12% in the polls now Joe Biden was Pulling at 20% and she was in second at 12% and then all the other candidates Took notice and she debated them and did Her you know her cackle and did her Stuff and they you know went after her On a record and the American Democrats who were going to vote in the Primary didn't like her and she Plummeted from 12% down to less than one I mean she was pulling less than Marian Williamson or and some of these other Guys right uh that guy Yang remember These guys he wasn't even like they're Not even politicians and they were Pulling higher they had a higher they Were like at 1 or 2% she was less than 1% she ran out of money and she quit and So she had zero chance of you know not I Mean even getting votes in a primary Never never mind being president so she Was American people decided you're You're not you know like you're not even Pulling at 1% in Democrats she couldn't Get any support even among like Indian People who would support her just Because of her you know of her ethnic Background she couldn't generate any Kind of support and so she's done and Joe Biden they robbed the election from Bernie Sanders remember Bernie Sanders Was had much more passion behind his Candidacy and Joe Biden lost the first Two primaries as well so the Democrats

Didn't even want him in Iowa and New Hampshire now South Carolina this guy Klyburn Saved Biden you know and said you know Biden was running the no Malarkey Campaign it was totally out of touch Right no Malarkey was a saying that when I grew up my parents like it was you Know was something my mom was Irish and It was like a a saying that people older Than my mom my mom's been dead for years She died in her 90s right she'd be in Her hundreds now and she um like it was It was a and it was oldfashioned for my Mom's generation to say no Malarkey Right but he went on the no Malarkey Tour and like it was just a joke and so He promised you know like I said earlier To to have a woman because you know he Had to do that and then the person of Color and so she got chosen again and Her job is to basically tell everyone Joe Biden isn't scile and to make him Look good in comparison which she does CU she sucks right so she's kicked out No barriers like this is you know it's The equivalent of getting on her knees And servicing that mayor the way she Services Joe Biden and pretends the guy Is you know qualified and is mentally Stable which everyone knows he is it Right everyone with half a brain knows That this guy Cena and so that's how she Got to where she was being on her knee

Pads right putting on her knees getting On her knees and and servicing powerful Men and these things right and then she Claims to be you know a champion who Kicks down doors and breaks glass Ceilings and she very well could be the First woman president and she would get There because some guy died you know White guy Died so she isn't any of these things Right she isn't any of the things she Pretends to be like she's a complete Fraud okay so I need to add this I got One more thing I'm going to get into the Prayer some epic stuff for Don Lemon I'm Going to have to save for next time Because the video is getting long but I Just want to add this you know usually I You know say things that I don't think Are that subtle but you know sometimes I Just don't spell out exactly what I'm Talking about you know I just assume People will get it right and you know You probably do but this is just being More specific about it so kissing ass is Like the best way to to move forward in Politics and business and all these Things right nepotism and you know Connecting with people who are in power And you know this is why I talk about The Duchess of suck sticks Right the Duke and The Duchess of suck Sticks but even the royal family they Have to kiss ass right they have to get

On their knees you know they have to Kiss the ring you know kissing the ring Bending down getting on their knees and Kissing The Ring Of The Sovereign of the King or the queen serving at the Pleasure of the President right that's What they say and so it's kissing Somebody's ass who's got power and Influence people do that all the time That's why they go to universities like Harvard and you know these um Yale and These other institutions is to connect With people who are on a you know are Part of the club and being part of the Club is more important than any of your Skills and any of your inventions and Any of the things that you have to offer Because they can find someone else with Your creativity or let's say you get an Invention they can steal it from you you Know whatever it might be and so the Best way to assure your being part of The club is to get on your knees right Which KLA Harris obviously did because She dated a powerful man who was married And he gave her jobs right he gave her a Career for doing that and she was with Him and she got a career because of it And now you can see she's doing the same Thing with Joe Biden when you knew that She knew that he was scile based on how She was laughing at him at that debate I Showed you and then other times you know She confronted him in debates and said

Things about him she knew he was gone Like she didn't come out and say it but You could tell she knew and now she's Pretending that isn't true even though He's much worse four years later because She knows the only way she's going to be President is to be vice president and The president dies right like or gets Impeached or something the only way She's ever going to be president is the Current situation she's in because she's Not going to be she's not going to earn It she's not going to do it on her Merit People don't like her the Democrats Don't like her she'll never be voted President I she has zero chance of Winning an election you know maybe if She's a president and you know they run Trump again they run Trump scorps Against her in four years and she's Already president maybe she'd have a Chance but probably not because she's The kind of person that you know she's a Fall Guy she's the kind of person that They put out there as a as a shield and You you vent all your anger and hatred Towards her she She just pisses people off she doesn't Have any kind of skills or talents but She knows how to kiss ass right she Knows how to get on her knees she's a You know that's how she made it and so You know I don't really care about that Like I said it's the oldest prostitution

You know people been kissing the ring Forever but that's how you that's how You get into Power you know that's the Best way to get into Power find rich People find you know people who have are Gatekeepers to you and your success and You kiss their ass look at what happened With Carvey Weinstein right and the you Know the casting couch that's how people You know get in there you know they it Doesn't necessarily have to be sexual But it's something like that you have to Prostate in prostrate in front of them Prostate what prostrate what am I Prostrate you have to prostrate you have To bow down before them and you have to You know completely um like worship them In some way or another like you have to Be subservient to them in such a way That they will give you a chance they Throw you a crumb and that's what she's Done that's what K Harris has done she Didn't kick any doors down she didn't do Anything great she didn't you know burst In the room and say this is who I am I'm Telling you who I am no she did the Opposite of that and so to go out there And be completely fraudulent and tell These kids and people there you know how To get into these doors and break these Glass ceilings and do these things and Kick open the door you know kick Ki eing Kick open the effing door right that's Not you know that's not accurate at all

It's the opposite you're you're a Complete fraud you got in your knees you Didn't kick anything open you didn't do Anything you didn't you know you weren't Brilliant you kissed ass right like you Know you you got you know your Comm knee Pads Harris and anybody with half a Brain would know that's how you got to Where you were because you don't have Anything to offer no one goes oh my God You hear what commus said she's so Brilliant she's so [Laughter] Insightful and so you know that's the Thing right that's you know you're OPP Poser like there's nothing worse than a Poser like just say all right this is How I got where I am and now I'm there You know maybe you'll be you you'll be President maybe Biden gets elected again He's he won't complete four years and You'll be the first woman president but You're not like you know somebody great You're not a great person you're not a Mahatma right you're not somebody who You know made it you somebody who kissed Ass and you got lucky and you got the Breaks right and so you know you're You're top-of-the-line ass kisser knee Pad wearer I mean in terms of you know All the people that engage in these Behaviors you've you know you've done it Really well so that's your talent right But don't go out there and talk about

Kicking doors down and you know make Them notice you right that's not you Know none of that's true like you you're Not a a person who succeeded you you you Know you parasited off to this the Success and power of other people okay Okay I have one more thing to show you Um I'm not going to watch this one of my Viewers sent to me but I used to cover Gaddafi quite a bit and he was actually A good leader and somebody was kind of You know pretty pretty you know pretty Smart in terms of his uh a lot of his Policies and he was good for the people Of uh Libya like the people loved him he Had 70% approval and he took it from the Poorest country to the richest country In Africa it was the poorest country in Africa and now it's it was the richest Country Africa and now it's probably the Poorest country again uh but he did a Good job and you know people portrayed Him as crazy and things but he poured Money back into the country and they Stole technology he had this technology He technology he developed to take uh Glacial Waters buried glacial Waters and She he literally greened the desert and He won awards for it right but then they Demonized him and they took him out Because he wanted to do the gold DNR and Stuff and they you know made up some Stuff the UN ordered America and these Other countries to go in and take them

Out and they you know they robbed the Resources from the country but like Someone's taken his speeches and he Gives us one Epic speech in the UN which I'm aware of where he talks about all The wars that they allowed and he's just Slamming the UN and they um you know It's here for people that's the title The video if you're interested I thought I'd passed that on and so um You know I want to talk about prayer and I was already making this video and then I checked my instago messages and Somebody sent me this it's kind of Hilarious man just roll past my preacher He called me and told me I can't go back To his church what happened was I was Driving and I seen him on the side of The road and uh I think he ran out of Gas or something so I pulled over asked Him if you need help he said yeah so I Grabbed his hand and I prayed with him And then I got back in my car I said Help should be on the way and he got mad [ __ ] you did that when I told you I was Laying my bills [ __ ] you pray for me And said hopefully help me on the way I Thought I was returning the favor I Thought prayer was the most powerful Thing I can give I Ain want to give him No money I gave him some money on Sunday that's great so in that video Entitled um whatever I said it was um uh You're going the wrong way pohole or

Whatever it was you know God saying that To you but I talked about prayer And I want to talk about it more because The sjar explanation of prayer and the Application the way that you pray is the Most sophisticated and to me the most Accurate understanding of it right so The original explanation is Bob the Second master of the system said prayer Is begging and meditation is receiving And so usually the way people use prayer Is to beg for God for something right so You're either you know there's something That you want or something that you Don't want or something you want to Change there's something going on your Life and you're begging God to change Those things right to you know something That's unpleasure unpleasant and Undesirable you're saying something's Wrong God you're screwed up why is this Happening to me please fix this and if God doesn't answer those prayers often Times people lose faith and say why Would God make me suffer this way and so You blame God and you say I know more Than God I know what I need I need what I need and what I should have more than God and God's giving me this and I'm not Responsible at all I'm a victim and God's just doing this to me because God Must be sadistic or God not not exist at All and if there was a you know true God I would be you know richer or better

Looking or you know thinner or you know Wouldn't be experiencing you abuse or Whatever it might be right and so people Pray in a way to beg God to change Something that they think God is Responsible for right that God's doing This to me and so you know meditation You're receiving in a sense you're Connecting God and you're you're Whatever God gives you you accept you're Opening yourself up and allowing God to To you know come into you or you're Connecting with the part of you that's Divine right whatever you might way you Want to look at it but you're Acknowledging something higher than you And you're um you're conect conting to That energy and you're not going with Some set you know thing that you want or Some desire of something you don't want Or something that you do want or Whatever like God please fix this you Know God can you change this thing for Me I can't deal with this God why are You doing this to me can you please Change it and so you know this is idea Of prayer is begging but prayer in the Sark system that the way it's used You're never praying for something for Yourself and really something for other People Because if there is a God then God knows More than you so you're not going to God And say this is what you should do God

You know it's like this is you know Something that's going that's off here This is how you should fix it what You're really doing is bringing God into The Situation you're connecting yourself and You know really other people to Divinity Because praying for other people is much More powerful because it's selfless Right there's no desire but if you're Going through something yourself if you Pray in a way where you're saying God This is you help me have the strength to Endure this or help me understand why This is happening or you know whatever It is you know you know God help me I Can't you know I'm overwhelmed by this Thing you know whatever it might be you Know but if you really want something You know you'll get it if you're Supposed to have it right because God Knows more so if you connect to God you Get what is best for you and having Faith that and so what you're doing is Bringing God into a situation that maybe You know God is hidden God's always There but God's hidden so there are People out there who aren't able to Connect to God so you pray that you know When that I gave the example of somebody Being broke down family being broke down Inside the road and you know something You know uh I felt something so I prayed For them right but what I was doing is

You know connecting God to the situation And so that Divinity is now there with The people and they can embrace the Divinity right that's what you're doing You're embracing the Divinity the Divine Aspect of something you know something Seems horrific you know they say war is The absence of God because of all the Not just what happens in terms of the You know the battles but the way people Behave when everything breaks down and They're desperate and they're running Around a war torn country and they're All fearful there's a lot of bad stuff That happens you know people who are Victims of the war or not you know I Don't like the word victims but are you Know being you know invaded and things Like this and they're being bombed and Killed and they're you know countries Being destroyed they will do horrible Things to each other during that time They'll take advantage of no you know The lack of laws and you know there's It's just bad this Wars are horrible but God can be brought into anything and you Know you it can be you know divinize Anything right anything can be made Divine but you have to ask for it ask For it you have to invite God in and you Have to connect to God and somebody who Is working on that process they have Better ability to connect something with God you know something that we're doing

Here is witnessing what's going on and Reporting back so God can make the Necessary corrections but we always have The attitude that maybe this is what's Supposed to happen you know because Everything that's happening is happening For some real reason even if it's Something diabolical or demonic it's Happening because people have allowed it Or chose it right collectively and Individually and so whatever God's going To do with that it isn't going to be Something that's just going to wipe away The mistakes that were made and the Consequences for those mistakes right And sometimes you know you have to go Through something bad to get rid of the Inner poison that you have and you know Open you up and you know whatever it Might be like that happens all the time Misery is a divine blessing so this idea That there's a plan and sometimes a plan Is isn't what you want to hear or what You want to Experience and so you're praying that You are able to do that or other people Are able to do it and see the Divinity Within everything and the reason why Something's happening and embrace it and Be grateful for it even if it's Something that's in you know that's not Very palatable that's not something that They you know want to endure right so That's like the true essence of prayer

You know in the sense you're still Begging but you're begging God for the Strength to you know to do the right Thing and and take the right attitude And see what needs to be seen and do What needs to be done right and so That's you know like a a more uh Sophisticated understanding of prayer Rather than oh God can you change this Or God can you give me this or you know God this has to happen or you know any Of those things right because you can Make the things happen I mean you can You know the things that you want you Can go out and get you know people can Do that right you can make enough money You can you know I most people you know I mean in terms of they they think they Want something and they don't really Don't right because their soul isn't Wanting that for them and deep down it's Not what's best for them you know they Want things but deep down they're they Know it isn't what they should have so They don't they don't obtain those Things and then they blame God and say Why didn't you give me this I deserve it Well if you deserve it you would have it Right you know like it was something That was for your best you know Self-interest and you you want it on an Egotistical level then why isn't it Happening cuz your soul doesn't want and It's not part of your destiny or plan

It's not you know it's not what's best For you anyways I just thought I'd add Those things only spirituality will save This world it's far definitely app for The apocalypse and the Ascension there Would have a blessed day and be grateful

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