Chariji Gratefullness Meditation Birthday Gathering

Chariji Gratefullness Meditation Birthday Gathering

Greetings brothers and sisters so the Gathering is going to commence Tomorrow The July 23rd And every day of the Gathering I'm going To post and I'll start today I'll post A short video where people can leave Their feedback and Things that are going on I'm going to Release a journey series video Tomorrow that has to do with all this You know the Gathering I I'm going Through a cleaning you know there was a A car accident my family and I and you Don't need to say anything about it My wife and I We're in it was a kind of a bad accident But no one was hurt I talk about that and then minor Injuries and I've just had cleaning Stuff going on Like a a good solid cleaning like I'm Really anticipating this Gathering The heartfulness organization is Add to uh put together an emergency sort Of pseudo gathering for charging They've lost you know control of people To know about that so I covered that I'll cover that again in a video while The Gatherings going on And so I mean I'll be making a journey Series video whether Gatherings going on So I'll have two Journey series videos

To release One before the Gathering and then one Um you know shortly thereafter But anyways it's just there's epic Things going on I've already started to Feel a certain amount of cleaning which I'll talk about My video and my gratefulness channel so If you check out the gratefulness Channel over the next three days There'll be an opportunity for you to Comment on your experience with the Gathering if you're Participating Doing a sort of feedback and things like That and I'll put a first video up today On the 22nd and there'll be one on 23rd 24th and 25th And they'll be the journey series as Well Um for those of you who are interested In participating Is two meditations Each day two on the 23rd 24th and 25th Uh you know do them in the morning in The night there won't be any videos or Any life uh casts about it but they'll Be sittings given and you know you can Experience them at your convenience Anyway so that's just the uh The you know the all the information That you need the links the link to the The other YouTube channels in the Description box of all my videos

And you can check it out there Only spiritual value will save this World as Paul Romano definitely Reporting from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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