Celebrate August – Email Month – to Honor Innovation Can Occur Anytime, Anyplace by Anybody®

Celebrate August - Email Month - to Honor Innovation Can Occur Anytime, Anyplace by Anybody®

Let's move on and talk about email the Scandal about email for some reason There's this controversy on whether or Not you really created it there was Somebody else who was cited is his name Ted am I getting that right that they Claimed was the guy who actually created Yeah yeah so let's talk about that the Invention of email is probably one of The most important things that gets back To what it means to be an American what This country is about if you look at the Facts I came here when I was seven years Old I went back to India for a brief Moment my grandmother was passing away In a small village in India India has a Caste system and that caste system we Were supposed to be the lowest of the Low you won't find a lot of Indians like Me here so when I went back into that Brief period I realized wow America has So much software I was back in our Village where my grandmother had no Shoes living in a hut I realized I Better do something with my life or I Would be a parasite this is very deep Deep feeling that came upon me so when I Came back I excelled at sports excelled In athletics but also in mathematics I'd Finished up my mathematics course Calculus at the ninth grade which was Only given to high school the seniors my High school had no more math courses to Give me now there's a lot of very

Powerful women were involved in my life My mom was an extraordinary woman a very Important teacher she argued with the State school board in New Jersey to Allow this kid there was a professor who Moved to Israel Henry mullash and but Henry mullash had this Vision at NYU as A mathematician that one day we would Need software Engineers this is a 1977 Which is not the concept didn't even Exist a computer would fill up our Entire building here they're called Mainframe computers so 40 students were Selected in a competitive process to go To NYU I was one of the fortunate Students who got accepted to that Program the only Indian kid the only kid From New Jersey and I was Far younger The acceptance schedule was yet to be 16 And I was 14. so I also had to fight That at a young age anyway I got in Finished number one in that class Learned computer science this wonderful Woman teacher Stella Alexey actually Said Shiva is going to get bored here And I had gotten the opportunity to get A job in the heart of Newark New Jersey And what is now known as Rutgers medical School I was hired as a research fellow Full-time employee a 14 year old kid the Task was because of my interest in Medicine to look at why babies were Dying in their sleep this was a medical School they had wonderful date on baby

Sleep patterns and I developed some of The first AI algorithms predict the Onset of the baby dying in their sleep In fact I went on to publish a paper Before I came to my tape on this but Because my programming skills were so Good Dr Michaelson was still there he Gave me another opportunity if you go Back to that period women could only do Three or four jobs that's what they were Restricted to a teacher nurse secretary Or housewife so if you went into any Institution like this medical college Women were typically sitting at Something called a desktop they had Something called a typewriter you may Have used this I used to direct my Papers growing up on their desktop they Have something called an inbox an outbox Big file folders they would write a Thing called a memo with this to from Subject very very structured carbon Paper you'd have to put a paper and you Have to put a cc Etc you had these Pneumatic tubes in these rooms where you Would write a memo a doctor would come Typically dictate to the secretary she Would write a memo draft would occur the Reason I'm sharing with you all this is A very complex system it was the Inter-office paper-based mail system now Those old computers you could do simple Text messaging that's not what I'm Talking about I was asked to convert

This entire system in box outbox folders 100 different features even go to Inventor of email.com and they can see That as a 14 year old and I took on this Challenge I wrote 50 000 lines of code With eight kilobytes of memory no one Had ever done this before translating Every feature now you have to understand The doctors in that hospital will come To me and say why are you inventing this System no one's going to use it I really Just love going to my secretary and Using this inbox outbox folders the Secretaries are fascinated they became My customers I had great respect for Them we made up a list of every feature And they said Shiva we're not going to Move from this paper-based system to This until all of those features exist Every single thing you see in every Email system today and that's what I did Kim and I named that system email I came Up with that term never used before in The English language one one of the Westinghouse science Awards which was Considered the baby Nobles it was Written up in the local newspapers when I came to MIT they said here's a guy Invented the first name email system on The front page I was elected student Body president the president of MIT who Was then the science advisor to Ronald Reagan Paul Gray had a big event at his Home this is December of 1981. Dr Gray

Said what's truly unfortunate that the Supreme Court is not recognizing Software patents there's a problem again Legislators not understanding Innovation But in 1980 what had occurred was that The copyright office had said you could Use copyright law to protect software Inventions and that was called the 1980 Computer software act so Dr Gray said You know Shiva you should protect your Invention now I had no lawyers my Parents weren't PR people I rode away There was no PDFs you have to write for These forms and it was not just simply Putting a c with a circle around it Which a lot of people have denigrated That to you had to submit all your code It went back and forth and on August 30th 1982 a 17 year old kid that's the First United States copyright Recognizing me as the inventor of email Wrote the code named it email and have All of it now the problem is I didn't do Any PR 40 33 years later my dear mom is Dying of pulmonary fibrosis and a Beautiful suitcase kimchi has all of This organized the code the computer Code Doug Amoth of Time Magazine the Only journalist the only honest Journalist who a friend of mine at Emerson a professor there said Shiva you Invented email how come you haven't Spoken about this well Doug I'm at the Senior editor came by went through all

Of it and he wrote a very important Article front page on Times online Website called Dr shivayedre the man who Invented email Smithsonian contacted me And they said oh my God you have this Treasure Trove of materials we would Like it the Computer History Museum Contacted me February 16 2012 a Beautiful ceremonies held in Washington The Smithsonian received all these and a Young Washington Post reporter writes an Article called Shiva ayadre honored as The inventor of email and that's when The proverbial hits a fan and the Proverbial should hence a fan and you Have to remember this is I'm now 40 Years old I've been at MIT taught at MIT One every major award at MIT Fulbright Scholarship on the front page of MIT Inventing Echo mail another company I Did for automatically analyzing email Which we built into a quarter of a Billion dollar company which started From me getting the White House as my First customer my second life with email I was called doctor email no one else Has a problem with this but the day it Went into Smithsonian a racist scumbag Historian by the name of Thomas Hague Who thinks he is the one who's going to Own the history of email calls me a Fraud a liar Gizmodo you may remember Them from Gawker media writes an article Saying this this dick and

Another blog says this Curry stained Indian should be beaten and hanged Unbelievable this is not in 1952 Jackie Robinson this is in 2012 and I never Wanted any of this Fame now I'm teaching A class at MIT for free like Elizabeth Warren for four hundred thousand dollars While I'm running cytosolve another one Of my inventions thousands of calls come Into MIT saying how dare this guy say Invented email the arpanet guys did it The military of course yes Exactly you nailed it and this is the Issue you got to understand I was a Model minority which MIT loves the Liberal Elites love to promote the model Minority when they think you are part of Their establishment but here's a problem Kim it was a wonderful journey I went Through personally because if you look At my journey from MIT when I came there In 17 all this occurred I was there 33 Years in all sorts of manifestations Lecturer teacher grad student always was Doing something else I was fighting for Others I made sure more women came to MIT more poor whites and blacks more Minorities because mit's policies were Really screwed up I organized the Food Service workers so they got a better Wage I was the first one to protest a War in Iraq and my PhD graduation I Pulled out this huge sign half of the Crowd booed me I never have gave me a

Standing ovation so I've always been a Fighter what the important Journey here Was Kim was a very deep Journey it's Hard to I've talked to women who've been Raped when they get raped they think They did something wrong so I'm seeing All this out there I'm like wow Maybe I didn't invent email am I a liar So one of my students in my class Devin Sparks he felt so bad he went through Every microfiche in the MIT Library Prior to 1978 because we're thinking why Does someone use the word email did I Not create it and lo and behold he finds A doc document written by a guy called David Crocker who is attacking me at the Time saying oh this guy didn't invent Email email was a collaboration of the Military industrial academic it surely Could not have been done by one Individual well it was done by one Individual what they created was a Simple form of text messaging which they Conflated to email after the work was Done so when my stuff went in it was Like a bomb went off what was the bomb The bomb was that I had created email Before I came to MIT not solving a Military prompt but solving a civilian Problem where I had moved women from the Typewriter to the keyboard and I had Done all those features that David Crocker 1977 had written was impossible Because see these were old white guys

Trying to send simple text messages in Fact if you want to brand that as email That would go to Samuel Morse but I Created email the system as we know Today but I had to go through this Journey I said I got to now defend This not for me but that 14 year old boy And it was a very deeply spiritual and Emotional journey I had to create the Inventor of email site I had to then put All the facts out there and I had to Move from being this humble Indian to Becoming someone who defended not me but This much deeper issue that Innovation Can occur Anytime Anyplace by anybody You don't have to go to MIT to be deemed The anointed one the fact is I wrote all The code I have the freaking copyright But this is a problem for the military All These Foolish nerds who don't know Anything about this thing oh the arpanet Well the arpanet was just this little Network of a bunch of people trying to Exchange text messages that is not email That would be like saying Facebook is Email or Twitter is email these are Completely different platforms what Maybe this nerd did Ray Tomlinson and by The way it's fascinating is when this Stuff went to the Smithsonian the year Before Raytheon 37 billion dollar Company had bought this company BBN Where this guy worked who looks like out Of Central Casting who looks like a nerd

So they had branded Raytheon as the Inventors of email and they were making 270 million dollars from cyber Security Contracts well it's all so that Is the actual Journey Wikipedia all my Stuff was taken down I'm suddenly a Fraud and a liar what I think really Troubles people a friend of mine is a Very very insightful guy goes Shiva you Know what really bothers people in fact Kevin Ryan who's ahead of Business Insider said something interesting Kevin Said the facts are so black and white You invented email the issue is why is There a controversy do I have to be White do I have to be blue eye blonde Does my last name have to be Einstein Because this is a central issue and Should this have been done at MIT you See Philo Farnsworth was a young Schoolboy who did invent TV everyone Should go look at his history he didn't Have to deal with the skin color but he Did it in Idaho Franklin Idaho he did it In very similar circumstances not the Military industrial academic complex but In the Triangle of a loving family Amazing Public School teachers who cared About this kid and a mentor who gave me Infrastructure you see what they're Trying to rewrite history Kim is that All great Innovations must come from the Military-industrial academic complex That we have to go kill people to create

A real unfortunate person is Walter Isaacson one of the elite liberals in The middle of this controversy Isaacson Writes a book it's like he was Commissioned to do this and the book Says innovators of the digital Revolution isn't email part of the Digital Revolution and you you go Through that book everyone is white and Then in the book he attributes all great Innovations to the military industrial Academic complex this is a brainwashing That has gone on that all great Innovations must come from war the truth About the invention of email reveals Something much deeper that Innovation Can occur any time any place by anybody It can occur by Philo Farnsworth it took Him 60 years finally there's a statue of Him in Congress but the truth is I Invented email and the bigger truth is That anyone can invent things like email And it has been occurring throughout History Innovation is in everyone's DNA What I believe has occurred is that the Liberal Elites specifically have created This narrative that oh after you go to MIT or Harvard and by the way you can Drop out that's pretty cool that's Chic Like Bill Gates or Zuckerberg then you Get anointed to be an inventor and the Really thing that bugs them is that Indians are supposed to shake their head And accept it I'm not a good Indian I

Curse I call Booby F and Kennedy because I remember where I came from I do not Come from the brahmanas I came from Everyday working people in New Jersey Who do curse and I come from poor Village farmers who I've never forgotten I'm independent I'm not in this left or Right Camp by the way four years later In 2016 when I was out in Malibu finally I met this lawyer called Charles harder If you remember Hulk Hogan at sued Gawker media he won the 140 million loss Was that a sex tape a sex tape and Gawker was a click baiting organization So Charles looked at he goes oh my God You invented email he took it on Contingency which he's charging 1400 on Rodeo Drive he said Jesus you created Email after I filed my 35 million dollar Lawsuit Gawker claimed bankruptcy here's The karma of it that's why I believe There's a God I was appointed chairman Of the bankruptcy committee to sell Gawker to Univision the new board Members of Univision unanimously rules To take down those three defamatory Articles and give me close to a million Dollar settlement the bottom line is a 14 year old dark-skinned Indian kid in Newark New Jersey in a small Medical College invented email not the military Industrial academic complex period There's no controversy on this in fact Not even a gray area it's a fabricated

Controversy so where can people find More of the topics that you talk about I Mean you do bring up a lot about a Variety of different people a variety of Different issues so where can they find You they can go to Shiva for President.com Um everyone should go there and get a Little bumper sticker and put it on the Back windshield 100 000 people see it The other thing Kim is that every Thursdays I do a town hall Shiva for President.com slash Town Hall we're Taking the six issues Healthcare Environment education Innovation Governance and economy and for each one Of those Kim I have actually have a Solution when people come to the town Halls I give them here and now it's not Like after I become president health Care we teach people how to boost their Immune system on Innovation we actually Teach young kids the seven secrets of Innovation economy we actually teach People what is a profit and loss Statement what is a balance sheet how to Save money so our view is that the Presidency is corrupt legislature is Corrupt to Judiciary is corrupt what Would I do as president use that Megaphone to unleash people doing Bottoms Up movement so chief of President.comresident.com town hall yeah Number four president

And then finally I created a set of Educational Tools at Truthfreedomhealth.com where I want People to have the same knowledge that a Henry Kissinger has or George Soros has With the science of systems it's like Prometheus bringing fire to the Earth With this knowledge people can really Awaken how to solve problems so Truthfreedomhealth.com cheever for President.com again numeral four Dr Shiva thank you so much for joining us Thank you Kim thank you for all your Great work thank you be well

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