Britney spears dress up like the devil and dances

Britney spears dress up like the devil and dances

Greetings brothers and Sisters okay so a variety of viewers Have S me this here's Britney Spears Um dancing with a Pitchfork or maybe she's just um I don't Know here she goes dancing Boom I got The pitch for swinging around here we go Do my weird walk oh my I got to pull my Dress up just my hair up where my walk Again now it's the same thing over and Over again okay so that's one He's dressed up like the devil um There's another one lick the pck fork Stick the pck for here and then stick it In my mouth that's not very sanitary do That again we do my wiggle hump in the Pole hump in the pole hump in the pole Smack in the bottom smack in the Bottom using the using the pitchforks Using the Pitchfork smack in the bottom Smack at the bottom smack at the bottom I smile smile smile smile here wave with The Pitchfork look I'm crazy lick the Pitchfork do that thing with my hair H In the pole hump in the pole hump in the Pole there I go with the Pitchfork okay I think it's back to the beginning um so Yeah it's kind of creepy she's doing This for Valentine's Day or some people Like to call it Valentine's Day that's for my Wife see of all the things I Mispronounce that's the one that bugs Her um when I F when I say Valentine's

Day And then there's this dressed in red Again spinning around here I go spinning There I go grabbing my bosoms there I go Walking there I go here there's my other Outfit look at my knee you see my knee I Show my knee do you see my knee there You go walk it up again there I go I got My slave collar on I got my MK Ultra Collar on and I do went back and forth Forth and back back and forth back and Forth spin around you see that I did it Touch my hair back in this one again There we go yeah okay we don't want to Let me see That stop It stop it you're making everybody Uncomfortable um so that's that I Haven't done Britney dance in a while Because they usually flag it for here's Another dance down here here we go bend Over SPM my hair look see humping the Pole hump the pole there's that guy Walking behind me there we go there my Hands there my hands there that dog was Little puppy Bend backwards Bend Backwards here we go back bend spin Around smile like a fool here's my teeth You see them they they're bearing my Teeth look out I can grab my pants Pulling out my pants pants and pump I Don't know I can't get my thumbs are Stuck someone help me get my thumbs out Of here oh there there we are here we go

Go go sing go around there we go go ah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah then my hair Bending over there it is you see it you See it right and then spin it around Spin it around there you go here I am Look at my smile no I'm not crazy come On I'm not crazy you guys just you guys Guys are crazy and there's the guy Walking by again all right you know we Haven't done Britney dance in a while so There it Is so YouTube Flags these videos CU they Rightfully see them as Inappropriate so I stopped doing Britney Dance um I would get yellowed sometimes They would pass it through sometimes They wouldn't that's why I haven't done It in a while it's always fun but you Know to visit the crazy site of Britney Or whatever's going on I had seen her Instag page in like six I don't know Last time I looked at it cuz they start Once they started flagging the videos I Stopped making them you I stopped making Short videos as well but you know her Dressed up as a devil I mean I have to Make an exception here and you know Hopefully they'll pass it through and if Not you know whatever it's still um only Took me a couple of Minutes only spiritual valy will save This world it's bar definely point from The Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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