Britney J Spears gets to drive without a License & Reg + The other thing that is going on

Britney J Spears gets to drive without a License & Reg + The other thing that is going on

Okay greetings brothers and sisters Today's halloween so this video won't be Out for two days but I wanted to catch Up on the daily um whatever headlines Here Israel and Hamas battle deep into Gaza ceasefire a matter of life and Death UN agency says jabala Refuge Camp Hit with devastating strike in Gaza Video shows free Israel hostage Reuniting with her family these are the Some of the titles Here is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nyatu rejected growing international Calls for ceasefire we'll get into that In a moment United Nations agency in Gaza warned that an immediate Humanitarian ceasefire has become a Matter of life and death for Millions More than one million people have been Displaced in Gaza so that's a huge Refugee crisis right those people ain't Never getting their homes back whatever They were living whatever their Situation is it's gone now and this was The headline on Huffington Post front Page GOP finds ways to pay for Israel Weapons Israeli weapons and they have a Tax revenue here this is um uh to pay For Israeli a GOP wants to make it more Expensive for you to file your Taxes and so um Republicans are looking To cut funding to free digital tax Filing system currently being developed By the IRS to to instead offset a 4 $4

Billion emergency request for military Aid for Israel's war in Gaza it's not Just the Republicans that's why they're Framing it like this but I'm sure They're the ones that I've said the Republicans are worse on this than the Democrats um so they're you know trying To get rid of you know this a lot of the Tax money goes directly to Israel I mean Some of it does and so like this is a Reality that you know people have known About for a While Kamas is holding over 200 Israeli Hostages including 33 children we're Talking about a million people being Displaced right and so 200 versus a Million right I mean because you know They're um what do they call it right um Um is a [ __ ] right [ __ ] can be used as a Derogatory manner the Yiddish Leo rosin And New Joys of Yiddish defines deoya Someone who is a non-jewish or someone Who is dull incentive or Heartless and so there's a lot of debate Of the term [ __ ] and I've seen Jewish People try to say no it do not a Derogatory term and they don't View they don't view you know people who Aren't Jewish this way but when you're Saying a million a million Palestinians are being displaced as Worth 200 uh Jews being or whatever M you 1500 Jews who have died and 200 who are

Captured well that's not fair right it's Like when Americans lost 4 4,000 troops 4,000 Army Personnel in the war in Iraq And then whatever the big event was Which had nothing to do with the Iraq Anyway big event 2001 another 3,000 so 7,000 people and it was over a million Iraqis are dead and then the country's Been destroyed you know its Infrastructure and its government all These things right that isn't fair like That's not equal like that's saying you Know that white people or Americans are More valuable than brown people or Muslims or whatever it is right and so That's what's being said here by actions Right that you know they they suffered Some sort of uh you know tragedy at the Hands of Hamas that's the official story And they get to inflict um suffering Pain and suffering on innocent children And people in Gaza over a million of Them you know all of them but at least a Million of them could die or be you know Displaced or or both you know so today's Um Wednesday November 1st I have a lot Of things to talk about in terms I've Thought about this speech a little bit In my meditation and a lot of stuff came To me that I want to add here but to What I just said you know I don't have a Problem with people I don't want to say Having Pride because Pride's not a good Thing but having a posit postive

Association with their religion or their Whatever it might be like you you Believe in your religion like that's a Good thing I mean to some extent because There's falsities in your religion or Your culture you know wherever you're From your family you know people want to Think they have the the best family or The best kids or the best wife I mean There's some things about that best Husband whatever you know at least a Good one uh the best is always a you Know it's it's a relative term right Right but like for example I believe That the sjar system for connecting People to God is the best one and have I Experienced all the other ones no but It's the best one for me but I know it Doesn't work for other people some People don't try it some people don't Are into it some people don't have the You know capacity to even experience it Some people try it and it doesn't work For them so it's the best one for me not Best for everybody else right but I Think it's you know phenomenally more Advanced in terms of the transmission And cleaning that's given than any other System but does that mean that all the People that do s Mar are better than Other people or more spiritual or more Godly no because they're not does that Mean I'm better than other people Because I'm doing the best system no it

Doesn't like you know there's things That I get from the system that other People don't get there's insights I get Here there's a connectivity to God that The system provides but what I do with That is my choice right like an example Is this is my brother told me the story Where he um you know my brother served In Vietnam and he um you know was going To the veterans hospital he um was Rollerblading he was like 70 and he was Rollerblading and he told me a story About how he um you know he had these Roller blades he was in Florida and There's you know this sort of a a place Where people go and run and you know Walk and things in batan where my mom Lives and he you know moved down there To be uh you know support system Whatever um but he was rollerblade and Some guy flew by him and he had better Roller blades and my brother asked him What kind of roller blades he had and The guy had these special you know High-tech roller blades my brother Bought a pair and now he needs hip Surgery right or he did and he was going To the VA to get hip surgery and he had Been the caretaker of one of the ashs For SJ Mar for a long time and he um you Know he had done so much service there Which people appreciated you know Sacrificed and it was you know he had His own thing I mean was whatever but he

Didn't feel like he got much support From the Thousand or so and you know It's probably a much less I mean that Was the number he gave me but you know There's a number of preceptors a number Of people there maybe some hundreds of People who most of them Indian who do You know Indians who are um you know Living in America now some of them American citizens but you know they come From the Indian culture and the Indian Culture is very big on hospitality and And service and um you know and I've had People drive four hours to give us you Know give me and my family sittings and Things I mean the service that people Will render and the effort they put out Is extraordinary so you know that exists But my brother needed a ride to the Hospital and there was a guy there who Was in charge of sort of being a you Know uh like the support system for my Brother you know young preceptor nice Guy apparently but you know he he said I Want to make sure I give you that ride To the hospital like he was like you've Done so much work here and we need to Support you and my brother said no you Know I can make other arrangements and The guy's like no I want to do it Because my brother doubted that it the Guy would come through for him because Of his past experience right and it got Closer to the day and my brother calls

The guy and so all right we need to Leave like Tuesday and it was like Friday And the guy goes can we reschedule you Know this is the VA you know the the you Know dysfunctional VA Veterans Hospital Veterans Administration Hospital that um You know and you don't reschedule right My brother had waited a long time for This you know appointment um you know He's getting hips replaced and the guy's Like can't do it so my brother you know There's a Christian woman who had come And taking these sittings these Introductory sittings to meditation she Didn't stick with it but my brother you Know kept in contact with her and she Was you know I mean because she was Republican Christian woman in the South She was um you know she honored his Service as a veteran and she drove him To the hospital you know there's things Like that right where you know people in Who are Christian in this case it's not Always the case because there's Wonderful aasis that have done great Things for me and other people in the System but what I'm saying is it doesn't Mean that a person is worse than you Because just because you feel that your Religion or your spiritual practice is Better it's what you do with it right You know these things are all you know People who are in a religion can be

Connected to God even if the religion's Dysfunctional there's going to be Saints In every religion people who are really You know into God and they'll find a way They'll find a way and they'll you know They'll they'll leave behind the Dysfunction and the abuse and the Manipulation of the religion they'll Find a way to connect to God There's saintly people out there in Every religion there's saintly people Who are you know atheists or people who Are good people so if you think you're Systems the best your religion and You've been born in it that's great you Know if it's uh you know I mean it's Good that you feel have faith in it Because the more faith you have in it Again you know the system might let you Down or be guiding you in the wrong way But you know true faith is a good thing But when you get into this idea that Your people are better you're the chosen People and your people are God's people And people are like happened with the Christians who you know did whatever They did to the Native Americans and Other cultures and colonialism based in The idea they were saving these people Because they were giving them Christ you Know it's not a um you know I just got a Comment right here I'll read it just Came in this Morning

Um this this got to find it here I think It's this one and the person writes um No that's not the one there's two Comments there the person writes this Wrong only Christ can save you and Buddy Boy you need it and you need him wrong That's the person saying to me and you Need him you are cold judgmental and Disturbing I mean this is what this Guy's doing in this sense and your video Makes no sense at all this is to my Chandler Bing was a drowning [ __ ] I'm Not sure why I said to you know whatever But only Christ can save you that's not You know it's not true it's what you've Been indoctrinated with and you can Believe it sure but don't force it on Other people because you know people Have to choose Christ people have to Choose God people have to you know do it Themselves you might want to believe That you believe that Christ is the only One fine that's your belief that's fine You know I don't believe it and you know Don't try to force it on me here on my Channel because I know that God's in Everything and everybody and so that's a You know it's a we have a different Understanding of these things and you Can go to other channels that will tell You the same thing you believe but don't Try to force it on other people don't Invade other people and try to force Your religion on them because you then

The guys that you're saving them as you Exploit them and enslave them and you Know do all the negative things you do To them and put Christ's name on it like Don't don't get Jesus involved in that [ __ ] right you know don't don't get Jesus involved in and doing things that You know that are um that are ungodly Don't do it in Jesus's name don't blame Jesus for your Depravity and same thing for Netanyahu Here even more so right I'll get more Into this I you know this is only the Beginning of this line of thinking Holding them terrorizing them keeping Them as Hostages every Civilized Nation should Stand with Israel and demanding that These hostages be freed immediately and Freed Unconditionally I want to make clear Israel okay so do you think amamas is Still holding these hostages with the Idea that a million Palestinians are Being displaced like at some point you Know I mean you think that pressure from The world when their whole country is Being overrun by ground troops and being Bombarded and there's you know I don't Know as as of last time I checked 8,000 Dead 4,000 of them were children like Half the country is under 18 there Almost half the country half the Population and they're all dying and

They're you know losing their properties And they're not going to release those Hostages doesn't make sense why why Would they do that unless they wanted Their country to be destroyed I there's No endgame for them again I'm editing Here so there's two things here when You're in an argument with somebody and You're in a dispute and you're getting Into your victim Consciousness stance Your victim Stance and you're not taking Responsibility for for what you do to The other person you know I I was you Know I had a relationship with somebody Who magically forgot everything she did In any kind of argument or dispute we Had right and all she was remembered is Like what I said or whatever you know Well that was you know like I was the Horrible person and you can't do that Right you have to look at what you said And take responsibility for what you Said and what you did and so the Official story is that Hamas is taking All these hostages now it's hard for me To believe in the official story for Lots of reasons and one of the official Stories is that Hamas because I was Watching this in a a clip yesterday I'm Not going to show you the clip because YouTube will demonetize the video but You know they uh Israel has bombarded These civilian uh residences right and

The idea is that Hamas builds their Network in underneath civilians because Because Hamas wants these civilians Hamas has no regard for the lives of Palestinians Hamas is one goal is to Kill Jewish people and they don't care About how many Palestinians people have To be displaced or or uh they use them As human Shields right and I don't Believe that right like I don't believe That they would do all this knowing What's going to happen to the people There the UN is saying and you un sucks But I believe what they're saying here That a million people are at risk they Have nowhere to go nobody's allowing Them into these other countries and why Should they why should they leave their Own country and the isra you know Israel's pushing them out and bombarding Them and killing their kids and Destroying their infrastructure and These people are you know they're at Risk for starvation they're at risk of All kinds of ways of dying that aren't Related to just the the military action Like there are now Refugees and you know millions of them And you know Israel is doing this to Them and it is in Hamas because you know Israel is choosing to drop bombs and do These things and saying it's okay to Kill these kids because Hamas is that Evil and not taking responsibility for

The kids you're killing and the evil That you're doing the you know Justifying the evil you're doing based In what 200 hostages you know they Always have this thing about hostages I'll show you the hostage thing again Because the New York Post they're Pushing this idea so we'll get into the Hostage thing and again I got to show You some more um I got to do another uh Screen flow thing after I'm done editing This part's position regarding a Ceasefire just as the United States Would not agree to a ceasefire after the Bombing of Pearl Harbor or after the Terrorist attack of 911 Israel will not Agree to a sociation of hostilities with Hamas after the horrific attacks of October 7th calls for a SE so Our calls for Israel to surrender to Hamas to surrender to terrorism to Surrender to barbarism so you have to Take the whole country you have to take The whole Province I mean you have to Get rid of palestin Palestine right That's what you're saying like you have To take over those those lands which is What I said in the beginning it's a land Grab that's the only option right and Not only those lands you have to take Over the greater you have to take over The whole Middle East I me if Israel is Going to be safe and that's the number

One goal of Israel and one of the top Goals for America certainly for the Current Administration and the you know The past administrations of the neocons The number one goal is for Israel to be Secure then you're going to have to get Rid of all the Middle Eastern countries Israel would have to be the whole Middle East for this and then of course there Would be all these types of things going On because all those people are going to Be displaced you can't get rid of all Those people we're talking about a Billion Muslim people right right most Of them living in that area again I'm in The editing process and I wanted to add This that's a lie what he's just said When he said that if there was ceasefire That's Israel surrendering to Hamas you Know like you are occupying and Bombarding the crap out of a country That doesn't have a name and doesn't Have an army I mean isn't you know has a Name but isn't there's no Palestinian Country on the map there's no pal in There's the Gaza Strip and there's the West Bank but there's no State you know There's no Palestinian State no Recognized Palestinian state it doesn't Exist and so Hamas is a group of people In that country and you've killed more Of them than they've killed of you they Got their ass kicked you're not Surrendering you've kicked their ass

Already so you just want to continue and Not just their ass but all the people Around them and so You saying that you're surrendering to Palestine is a joke that's a lie no one Should believe that no one should trust You after saying that like you're Kicking the crap out of these guys and You're going to kick the crap out of Them even more and if you stopped right Now they the ask kicking is theirs right Just the numbers don't lie and the Damage that you've done the you know the Infastructure you've turned off their Water and electricity you can turn off Their power their electricity their Everything that they have they can they Can throw rocks right you know just I Come on like stop you know the lies are Just part of this that's a big thing About just why do you have to lie that Will not Happen ladies and gentlemen the Bible Says that there is a Time For Peace and A time for war yeah your Bible sucks Right your Bible is a remedial book it's Not spiritual and God didn't promise you Anything and there's no chosen people This is a time for war exactly it's a Time for war so it's not a Time For Peace War for our common future today we Draw a line between the forces of Civilization and the forces of barbarism It is a time for everyone to decide

Where they stand Israel will stand Against the forces of barbarism until Victory I hope and we'll do barbaric Acts to do that bombing people that's Not barbaric these are peace bombs Displacing people people that's not Bombar killing kids that's not bom Barbaric we're we're totally civilized We're civilized we're killing people in A civilized manner not like those Hames open pray that those Hamas Holes Kaboom Nations everywhere will back this Fight because Israel's fight is your Fight because if Hamas and Iran's aess Of evil win you will be their next Target no you won't what are they going To do Hamas is going to come to America Are you serious they begin they're not They don't want any part of American Military like they've it's just stupid We're not going to be their next Target Maybe the oil will or whatever it is so I thought about this a great deal last Night and this morning meditation this Is the part I want to go in on I'm Meditating this is November 1st so That's a lie right if they don't stop You know we we fell for that lie before Well I didn't but people fell for that Lie before for and that lie was we're Going to go fight them there so we don't Have to fight them there fight them here Remember and then um that was about you

Know Al-Qaeda remember that's what they Said we got to go over there and fight Him there so they don't come over and Fight us here because the big lie the Whole thing had happened and the big Event 2001 and so there was these Illegal Wars killed over a million Iraqis and it led to all these other Wars and we now now know from West Clark That he saw the plans that he went in And talked to the you know the people That he used to work for him that used To work for him in the so-called defense Department right the same thing defense And IDF you know Israeli defense fund or Whatever it is Israeli defense uh Whatever it is um and American defense Department but it's not defense these Are Wars of aggression and you need a Catalyst so you need somebody to to do Something to you so you can do what you Want to do like you just can't go in and Bully them and say yeah we're just Taking your we're we're just going to Take your Boop and we're going to you Know we're we're just doing it because We're the bullies and they have to do Something to you so you're you got to go In with victim Consciousness so America Was allegedly victimized in 2001 and it led to the wars in Afghanistan Iraq and the regime change Of Gaddafi and in uh Libya and then they Did some stuff in Egypt and and uh they

Tried to do something in Syria and West Clark you know I showed that clip before Recently he went in and they said they Were going to invade seven country in F Seven countries in five years with Iran Being the big one but they got War Blocked by Russia and Syria and you know All these things and they said they're Going to go over and fight them there so They don't have to fight them here so You're safy they made you fear for your Safety but then after they supposedly Defeated Ben Laden and that group gave Rise to Isis which was the old Republican guard that the American Government made a deal with and they Became operatives they became their you Know sort of new group that they could Use to justify further military action For the military-industrial complex and We know this to be true because they're Being funded by an oil field that was Sitting out in the middle of IR Rock Isis had an oil field and they were Driving Toyota trucks one of them was This guy Bob the plumber or something Like this on the side of it and all the People in his neighborhood in Texas Yelled at him because he said they asked Him why he would sell his truck to Isis Remember I told you the story bizarre Stuff right but they could have easily Just bombed any you know they had to Ship the oil out of this region right

They had to take the oil um out of this Oil field and get it processed and they Had to drive across the desert and they Were sitting ducks to drones and American uh military planes and things Like this but they you know they didn't Like they allowed Isis to have this oil Field and they ordered Isis to do things And then Trump stopped ordering them to Do things and they disappeared so Netanyahu is comparing this you know Hamas thing to Isis and Al-Qaeda and Things like this and saying they're Going to come after you and they're not Like it's a lie and we've been through This before like this idea you got to go Fight him there and you're you're the Next Target why why why are we the next Target right if you don't take care of Him now and this is going to be echoed Here by um an MSNBC report and let me Show you these two clips so I watched This at breakfast but it's just a Lie um this is all one fight and we have To respond in a way that recognizes that If we start to peel off pieces of this Package they'll see that they'll Understand that we are playing wacka uh While they cooperate increasingly and Pose uh an Ever greater threat to our Security as well as to that of allice And partners Secretary of State Antony Blinkin laying out the importance of Financial support for both Israel and

Ukraine that's in response to an Israel Only only Aid package from House Republicans that also came with a catch We'll look at where that fight is headed Okay so first I want to show you that Because the Republicans can't wait to Give money to Israel as are the Democrats so they just they're going to Hand as much money to Israel support as They want and that's going to happen and The Evangelical Christians are going to Back him and I'm going to get into all That kind of stuff and why that's just a Joke but what he said was if we're Playing whack-a-mole and they see that Were divided and they're cooperating More and more so what he's saying is Iran's cooperating with Hamas and Russia's cooperating with Iran so this Is all one fight the Ukrainian war with Russia and the um war with Iran and and The war CRI the war crimes being Perpetrated on the Palestinian people Are all one thing and they're they're Coordinating these things Hamas and and Iran and you know and um Russia and Maybe China and like if we don't support All of it we're going to SC all these Things but people don't want to give More money to this is the Republican Hypocrisy they don't want to give more Money to the Ukraine war they know it's Unpopular but they can't wait to give Money to Israel and so that's the first

Piece we'll come back to that because That's the hypocrisy of the the Rightwing and the in Evangelical Christians and all the you know this is The neocon stuff that failed before plus The director of the FBI is warning the Hamas Terror attacks could Inspire EXT Ists here at home calling it The Greatest threat to the United States Since Isis and so BD said it yesterday and Morning Joe and this clown are saying it Today right the FBI saying it today and Bey said the thing yes they did said This yesterday Nations everywhere will Back this fight because Israel's fight Is your fight because if Hamas and Iran's aess of evil win you will be the Their next Target well since you're Controlling Hamas then you mean you're Going to Target us is that what's Happening you're going to if we don't Cooperate with is that a threat against Us right this FBI thing as well and so I Want to get into that like the lies all Right you're just liying you're a liar Guys they're all liars we've heard this Before and it didn't work and you just Come back and do it again like they did With everything you know with the Financial crisis and the planemic and They they use fear to get you to do Something it turns out what they told You was isn't true and they you know the

People who ran the economy into the Ground and the big farmer that did all The damage with the opioid crisis which Is connected to the Afghan war war in Afghanistan where they got all that Opium to create an opioid crisis here That's the real thing right they said They were going to stop you from you They were going to keep you safe by Fighting them there and not letting them Come here and then they got opium and Distributed it to your kids and so There's that and then the thing with the Financial crisis they gave the Reigns to The banks that made the financial crisis Happen with the derivatives market and They said oh you guys fix the thing that You created and they just made it worse And now they're doing the same thing With the neocons who failed over and Over again and Joe Biden put them in Control and they failed in these other Wars and they're doing the same BS in in The Ukraine and they're supporting Israel and this you know this uh Act of Like horror right and I'm going to get Into the lies and things in a moment all Those things right um but first I want To show you what they showed afterwards On MSNBC on Morning Joe I was nervous I Was getting nervous look at Willie Guys I can't tell the difference to Go he kind of looks like oh Wow yeah so this is what morning and Joe

They they have all these things about The world ending right all this stuff That's going on the world all the Threats against you all the fear and all The trauma all the serious stuff and Then they segue into Willie Gist um dressing up like Harry Styles on Yesterday's show so uh I was on YouTube For a couple days searching Harry Styles Dance moves and those are all right out Of his can excellent oh so you did Research right you just didn't wing it You did research you those are official Harry Style dance moves we're talking About World War III and these things are About you know the but these are Official dance moves he he didn't just Wing it he went out there make sure These are official Harry Style dance Moves there maybe not executive the way He did I'm proud of you why we can't Separate you from better the but what's Amazing about that is you get to work With SNL it's an artistic event for like you Know a couple of hours a year you're on SNL and then they just strip it From what do you mean they're able to Make M look like a woman every day Kaboom and so that's their level of I Mean this is their journalism right like These can't wait to go up and dress up Like Harry Styles and prance around out There the JB suit and do all those

Things and then they're you know they're Supposed to we're supposed to take them Seriously that's why Israel's Victory Will be your Victory but make no mistake Regardless of who stands with Israel Israel will fight until this battle is Won and Israel will prevail may God Bless Israel and may God bless all those Who stand with Israel yeah you guys Don't know what God is God isn't Blessing you and God isn't with you Because you're not with God uh you know This is not a you know this is I've Talked about the Bible being especially The Old Testament the Jewish Bible and The way that God is presented that is in God and that's what this is all about This is religious War he said It this is what God promised this is What they think God promised them here's Israel right here this little thing is Israel right and then um this is the Greater Israel that they they think they You know this is this coastal line here And then they think they own you know They get into Saudi Arabia they get into Egypt right they're right up here Against Iran Persian Gulf um you know This is what they think they're promised The promised lands and if they you know That's what they believe and so it's not Going to stop until they get that and They they want this they want this you Know to to hold this this Iran has to be

A regime change the only way that's Going to happen is World War II so this Is what I was whing to say like you know Took a while to get here and then of Course I end up watching the MSNBC this Morning was eating breakfast and I got Those wonderful clips And I said the exact same thing about What I do with the current scammer dodgy Who's in charge of the heartfulness Organization that you know has meant so Much to be the sjar system and he's Created this heartfulness cult-like you Know corrupt fake Guru thing and he Didn't have to right and what I said in My journey Series this morning and I Talked about Israel and and Netanyahu as well you know like this is A sort of crossover thing because it's The same Behavior I always talk about How behaviors are the same but if you're A Godly person if you're a person who Does divine things or was working for God and God gives you orders and you're Executing those orders if God's really On with you and you're you know you're You're with God you're doing what God Wants you to do you don't have to engage In manipulative and deceptive behaviors You don't have to GA engage in these Types of you know lies and manipulations You can just be honest about what you're Doing you don't have to lie to everybody You know this is in in the case of you

Know heartfulness dodgies um uh you know Scam the Amazon system he's he's done Things in terms of buying views and you Know he's got a he's got this brighter Minds scam which is a you know a a School program where they get kids to Peak through blindfolds and pretends That they can smell colors I mean just All these lies and manipulations Deceptions and you know just these types Of behaviors and with Netanyahu if You're really the chosen people and God Promised you Israel you don't have to Lie to everybody and create these you Know false narratives and do things to Provoke things that you know the people Don't want you know people have been Getting their ass kicked for years now In Palestine don't want any part of this Same thing with Iran like Iran you know They kept on trying to provoke Iran Before and Iran was just you know not Not buying into it they knew they were Getting their ass kicked right but you Guys are just pushing Russia you're Pushing China you're pushing Iran you're Pushing you know all these countries the Middle Eastern countries into World War III like you're the you're the bullies Right America's the bullies and Israel's The bully and you know all these things You guys are engaging in these behaviors Right God may want World War II and God May want all these things but isn't

Because he wants you to be Victorious he Wants you to have happiness you know the Things that you're promising people You're not the chosen people and you Know these Evangelical Christians who Believe in this stuff your you know your Books your gospels and these three major Religions Judaism Christianity and Islam There's all this violence and bloodshed And things that aren't true there's Falsehoods and you know things that Aren't Divine and things that are aren't You know are are not have anything to do With God in your books and in your Religions and there's violence in your Religions and there's been these Religious wars because of it and you Know God doesn't want War I don't want To say God wants War because God doesn't Want anything there's a plan here and There's a correction and when things go In a certain way of course there's a Caluga there's different time periods And right now we're in an ego centered Time period it has to come to an end Somehow and Wars will be a part of it Right it's not like God is wanting War But war is something that is used as a Corrective action to bring down Empires And civilizations and things and you Know there's conflict and bloodshed and You know evil and all these things and You know it's about learning to do Things in a way where you're connected

To God and you get God's permission and You don't let your egos run a muck and If people don't learn that they don't Learn that right but that's the lesson To be learned learned I got a really Stupid comment here that's you know I Mean that's uh the person says this to Me um I don't agree with you saying that Things have to get really bad for people To drop their belce system police Systems there's plenty of countries Where things are very bad and people Cling to radical beliefs just as rigidly If not so more I didn't say they Guaranteed it will happen that's the Opportunity but when things are going Well people won't change people change And they go to God when things are bad That's you know that's a known fact very Few people celebrate God and give God Their pleasure and include God in their Pleasure and their happiness and their Gratitude very few people do that and if They do it it's very briefly but people Enjoy their pleasures and their good Times but when things go rough they turn Towards God like my brother used to say When times are are good bars are good When times are horrible bars are great People go and drink their sorrows away And feel like a victim and you know find Some way to self-medicate very few People look to change themselves and one Of the great principles of sjar

Meditation is that you're creating your Future Now that what you're doing in the Present is creating your future what you Did in your past is creating your Present and so whatever you did in the Past is creating your life as it is now If you're unhappy with your life then Change the the way that you behaved in The past now in the present and create a Better future for yourself and so we Have that ability and people don't Exercise it but I didn't say it would Definitely happen but it won't happen Until the world collapses people are Just stupid right their comments are are Just ridiculous like I didn't say you Know the person themselves said let me Find the the comment again here and the Person said I don't agree with you Saying that things have to get really Bad for people to drop their belief Systems I didn't say they would Definitely drop their belief systems That's the opportunity right and you Have to be willing to confront it and Part of it is your your bogus religions That are you know a blockage between you You and connecting God and these Rhetorics and so when they evoke God Like what be's doing here and saying That God wants this and you know it's Going to come to your if it's going to Come to you if you don't stop it hear

All these lies that we've heard before Then don't lie about things just be Honest if if God promised you this land Then then you do it in a way either just Take it honestly and say God promised us This land and we're taking it we're not A victim stop playing the victim card Constantly I mean in a way that's Deceptive and you know all these things Don't murder children other people's Country and and pretend it's okay it's You know it's not your fault it's your Fault you know it's just say to people All right we're going to have to kill a Couple hundred a couple million Palestinians in Gaza and God knows how Many more in the West Bank and take Their lands and then we're going to have To invade these other countries because The greater you know Israel is a a Bigger country right the part that God Promised you is a very large piece of Land we're going to have to take that as Well so you Christians you even Evel Evangelical Christians we're not victims We're not being attacked we're going in Here we're just taking the land cuz God Promised to us and these people just Happen to be on it oh well poor poor Them you know you know hate sucks to be You but God promises the land and this Is what we got to do to take it just be Honest right be truthful be truthful to The people that are fighting the wars be

Truthful to the people that are Supporting you with their money their Tax dollars and things don't come in Here like a liar and you know make Things up right I read one of these Whispers of the brighter World messages This is a French woman in a sjar Practice that that um channeled all These messages from bobaji the second Master of the system and I read one for The 126 uh edition of The Journey series but It applies to this situation as well Because there are countries like America that make things happen right They have individual effort and you know There's fatalistic countries there are Countries that oh this is just God's Will they're passive countries they Surrender to gods well and that's good But it's not you know it's not Everything like you you have to do your Own work right in America we are Self-effort self-driven make it happen You know you're to blame if things go South you should achieve all your goals You should pull yourself up by your Bootstraps these things right which is Also good but not always true right There's a balance here you have to Surrender to God but you also have to do The work that's assigned to you and People are usually one way or another Another you know one way is being

Fatalistic but it also is being Devotional and surrendering to God's Will but you're but there's you know You're too passive the other one you're Too aggressive trying to force things That God doesn't want right so you have To have this balance you have to do your Part of the work but you also have to Figure out what God wants you to do and Then ultimately you have to surrender to The outcome and one of the great Teachings of the sjar system is that you Do the work and you relieve and you Leave the results to God you do the work Assigned to you and then whatever the Results are are God's the work is yours The results are gods and this is Monday October 22nd 1999 8 a.m. Letting Go Doesn't mean having no will anymore Simply in certain circumstances one Should be not be obstinate and try Absolutely to get what one wants that Might that might not be good for you That might not be good for you if a big Project is being achieved one should see The hand of God in it you are not Supposed to invest yourselves in what You were planning to do so hang on and And so don't hang on desperately and be Willing to and be willing to turn the Page whether it's a little things in Everyday life or more important issues For your future what seems best in your Eyes is not necessarily desirable for

You do whatever it takes to obtain a Satisfactory outcome and then be willing To accept the result our views are not Necessarily yours we have to protect you From yourselves and direct you towards What's best in the broad outlines of Existence you have your own free will And you are left with choices unless They are harmful to your Evolution Whatever may happen to you always see The destiny being fulfilled Baba G Bob J You know he had passed away years Earlier in 1983 and he was given these Messages from Beyond his grave but you Know this idea has got to be there Sometimes things aren't meant to work Out like at some point you you got to Let it go you just have to be all right This isn't going to happen right I you Know I surrender to your will God I did My best I did what I thought I was Supposed to do I I did the work and Maybe you was what you were supposed to Do it just the result wasn't what you Thought you were going to receive and so Forcing these things and again maybe This is God's will maybe God wants you Know the end of our civilization I Believe that's the case that our Civilization is demonic and it can't Ever be divinized and so yeah maybe this Is God's will but don't lie about it Like you know I mean if that's what You're going to do that's what you're

Going to do but you don't claim that You're on God's side if you're going to Lie and manipulate right anyways let's Move on to Britney Spears and other Things here okay so there's a great Trump video on Morning Joe Chris Christie saying Trump's going to jail And they got a kind of great compilation Just Morning Joe sucks so bad I was Going to try fold that in here today but I'm not going to do that um instead Let's end here with this Britney thing Um so Britney gets pulled Over This this is the cops body cam footage Wish you got a Camaro there what is that I'm so sorry you're speeding let me get Your license registration Insurance um My license actually is um with my Security at home and I don't have it With me right now at this moment my License is with my security at home in Her very girl-like voice um he's not He's not showing you Britney here um so She's driving without a license first of All so sorry but it's like 10 minutes Away um you're going 60 and it's like a 45 sorry I'm so so sorry please forgive Me please forgive me it's you know That's not how crimes work it's not About forgi you him forgiving you can I Get you registration Insurance excuse me Registration insurance I don't know she Doesn't have any of those things because

She's just Britney Spear is driving Without a license doesn't know what her Insurance is or registration she's not Prepared for this interaction but she's Going to act like a victim if he gives Her a ticket or arrest Her all my information is at my house Okay do you have a valed license uh yes Sir it's I just flew in from um overseas So they have my security in my house Have my I've stopped you before out here For speeding I stopped you before out Here for Speeding I gave you a break last [Music] Time he's constantly stopping her for Speeding and she doesn't have a license And doesn't have any of her Information Um all right can I get your full Name the middle Jay Britney Jay Spears do you don't have a registration In the car yes sir um do you have Insurance doesn't your security doesn't Your security usually follow you my Secur at the house he's at the house Okay uh yeah you know she can't go out By herself she's not a competent Functioning human being like this is Something where most of us know where Our information is in case something Like this happens and he's stopped her Before so like she has no excuse well my

Security is taking care of me you know Like my security take care of me superst Um are you able to have them bring your Stuff can you have them bring your Information can you drive there no I Mean I no I don't want to do that or he Can send you a picture of the uh Insurance can you hear me Um you you know holler asked to jail so Um what and insurance and insurance to This so I okay just wait here for me Okay so then he goes back he does his Cop stuff here and then he comes back to The car all right ma'am um so I'm going To write you a fix a ticket for the License and then not have him proof of Insurance um I'm guessing you do have Insurance but you need to have it in the Vehicle or accessible so if you're get In a car crash you can exchange it um Versus having which is inevitably going To happen try to juggle it back and Forth um just sign in the red box by Signing or not admitting to anything I'm Going to give you a warning for speeding By the way uh a Warning why a warning just give her she She can afford the tickets um just sign In the red box by signing her not Admitting anything she you already said You stopped her before did you give a Warning last time yeah you did cuz you Said it thing you're just promising to Take care with the court they should

Send you a notice to your address um in General you can just show proof to any Law enforcement you have your license And that you have the insurance they can Sign off on the ticket or and then you Talk to the court with how to take care Of it okay thank you or have your Assistant take care of it um please so Down have your assistant take care of it Here this is the second time okay it's The second time I mean geez how many Warnings a guy guys got to give You there's your copy you're free to go Okay Britney so apparently Britney Spears Gets to drive without a license without Knowledge of a registration or insurance Or she can speed you know like she can Be crazy as a as a poop house Rat she can do some sort of a crazy Dances on instag and and still she gets Waste Scott free even though she has Millions of dollars now that she doesn't Have her conservator ship and she can Drive along without Security and she'll get an infinite Amount of warnings and breaks from the Police department cuz she's Britney B J Spears um So I'm going to wrap this up here there A few more things I want to get to but The whole netu whole thing went kind of Long but I think I should add one thing To the comment or I'm not sure I was

Clear about this right when there are Things that are tough in your life Problems um when you're banging your Head against the wall of something and You know things are frustrating or Things are going south and you have a Time of misery There's an opportunity For change There's an opportunity for Your heart to open up to God and you to Uh you know realize the area of your Ways and take responsibility for what You've made of your life and your what You are as a person the opportunity is There and collectively when the system Goes down you know because everyone's Just locked into their lives and you You're on the internet so many hours a Day and you're you know you you're Working you know whatever it is you're Just going through your mundane routine Day in and day out and the idea of Connecting to God the idea of changing Who you are doing deep changes to who You are isn't really there but if you go Into some sort of emotional crisis you Get depressed you can't function anymore Well that's an opportunity to change Right but when things are going and You're just Habitually checking the clock or things Are going well and you're celebrating Your your happiness or whatever it's Hard to change right that's why miseries Are Divine blessings but when things do

Go south the opportunity for you to take Responsibility and realize that you're Being guided to change the direction of Your you know the way that you exist is There and it usually comes in the form Of miseries and we're about to all see Something like that happen and what Humanity will do is up to them but the Opportunity is there because freedom of Choice is always there this stupid Commenter right because I didn't say it Was guaranteed to happen yeah lots of Times when things go south people get Entrenched and go deeper into their Dysfunction deeper into their their you Know their horrible belief systems yeah That happens like that's an option That's a choice for you I mean you can You know what does it take for you to Change right that's what comes down to What does it take for Humanity to Collectively change and realize that What we're doing is you know we're going In the wrong direction what does it take For an ego to submit to the Divine will And you know how much misery you have to Have before you're willing to do that or You just going to you know give up and Die and all these things right and so We'll see what happens I'm not sure What's going to happen because I don't Have much faith in people but you know The opportunity is going to be there Anyways only spirituality will save this

World it's Paul Romano definitely born From the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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