Britney gives herself a pole as a divorce gift

Britney gives herself a pole as a divorce gift

So just days before divorce announcement Woo look at me do you see that got this Poll two days ago and last night was my First time on It come On HP in the pole There She Goes grabs a Thing you're you've been riding the pole For years Britney there we go wiggle my Bottom look at me I'm an expert look at Me I look at the camera I look at the Pole been down around the pole look at Me swing around the pole let me rub Against the pole let me swing the pole Look at that I didn't have any lessons I Can do that on my own let me rub my Bottom against the pole there we go hump In the pole hump in the pole I don't Hump the pole spin around [Laughter] W my back I got a scratch back there I Walk around all right let me do it let Me let me show you my moves I got this Pole and I I know how to use It it's a great pre- divorced Gift there you go rub my back in the Pole spin around again went and doubt Spin

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