Britney freaks out fans with Knife Dance

Britney freaks out fans with Knife Dance

Greetings brothers and sisters This is a little bonus video bonus hole Video for um Either epoxy future or it means that the Video I'm uploading now for Hollywood celebrity shopping like flies Didn't get monetized Um they're kind of you know Whatever it is um on my other channel so Whatever Channel this is on that that's What it means if the video got monetized This is a bonus video on my box of Future Channel Or if it's on my Apocalypse Now it's the Other thing Britney Spear dances with knives in Concerning video later insists they're Not real Are we still talking about the knives Here Brittany kaboom Now her Her channel is called Maria River red You know I don't know if these are old Videos people say this is in her you Know there's all this conspiracy theory I don't do the dance video so much Anymore because YouTube Doesn't monetize them at first I have a few short videos that have to Make public or finish them up on my Boxes future Channel But here she is with the knives right There she is a couple horns do the

Devil's horns do it back and forth back And forth then down a little crazy as Possible so we're gonna nice around oh Yeah you're you should be working at uh Benihana Cross them over The knives look pretty real Um go back and forth in here it was up And down The knives are completely unnecessary Because they go for the knife for you a Little knife for you to do back and Forth there we go the horns Um The knives are you know she's saying They're fake but whatever Um The knives are just completely Unnecessary let's go back to that one Where she's kind of the horns Um Well I can just uh I can just um Do a screenshot of that and put it in Here as I talk So very recently she bought a poll like A pole dancer maybe this was Older videos they're uh they're just Putting up Dow or maybe it's not Bringing all together but Anywho she's added props so she's done These crazy dances for years She had a pole and the poll is like you Know basically worthless she doesn't

Know what she's doing she's just riding Around a pole in a bikini And now she's added knives I don't see how they're fake knives but Either way she's uncoordinated and They're pointy And you know She's bound to get hurt like she's She's kind of a spaz And there's no reason for her to dance With knives because it wasn't like a Great dance where she you know has Worked with knives and knows the you Know the etymology of the the knife Dance you know And so um like as crazy as her dancers Are now she's adding things that could Be potentially self-harming And so people are concerned she set off Her comments a while back so she doesn't Get any comments Because the comments are usually like Hey you're crazy You need help Even from her concerned fans or you know Not even haters fans And you know Um and now she's getting divorced which Is I don't know whether that guy was a good Guy or a bad guy A Handler or not But she's now doing more risque Behavior Like it's not getting better for

Brittany and I don't think it ever will Because you know Britney's she was crazy In the beginning and it just that kind Of thing just gets worse over time Only spirituality will save this world It's paravato definitely going for the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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