Britney celebrates divorce with a epic dance

Britney celebrates divorce with a epic dance

So Britney is there you go I'm sweaty It's so hot in here I gotta I gotta mop Myself off here I'll go oh it's so hot In here she gave her divorce Announcement and then reduced and then Released this Video where she's rubbing toilet paper On her face For some reason here we go all right It's time to dance spin my arms there we Go fly around all right I gotta spin Yeah I'm getting divorced I gotta spin I Gotta spin again Gonna spin that way that's been this way Gotta look at the camera here smile look I'm not happy look I'm not sad about the Divorce I'm happy point to the sky Fast hands look at me oh I'm intense Kiss goodbye to your husband your former Husband Look at your bottom It's pointer thing no no no no no no no No there we go touch my shoulders hey I'm talking to you I'm talking to you Hey buddy I'm talking to you there we go Wiggle my bottom again running out of Things to do my post divorce dance with My hand in the air go back and forth Back and forth look at my hands back and Forth down low

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