biden yells ‘NO’ when asked about Hunter

biden yells 'NO' when asked about Hunter

It's hard to tell but it's clearly Moving the war in Iraq he's losing the War at home and he is uh become a bit of A fly around the world let's find out How involved were you in your son's Chinese Shakedown text message For you sitting there before you Involved no So it looks like he's chomping on his His Dentures are loose right like he's Talking like a guy who doesn't have his Teeth in He's you know he he does the fake laugh Again And then he shows sign of senility and He snaps and yells no Right after talking about how Putin's Losing the war in Iraq he goes over and Has to answer the question about Hunter's text messages shaking down the Chinese company for money saying his Dad's sitting right next to him and they Better or or else his dad's going to do Something It is it is like a you know this is Wednesday for Jojo Magoo

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