Biden thinks Fetterman has dementia

Biden thinks Fetterman has dementia

And now I'm standing next to the President again next to a collapsed Bridge here and he is here to commit to Work with the governor and the the the Delegation to make sure that we get this Exactly the delegation is there well you Got to get the delegation To make sure that we get this fixed Quick fast as well too this is as well As two quick and fast as well as two Is it committed to infraction yeah Exactly he's always in fructuring this Guy is committed to instructure then on Top of that the the jewel uh well a kind Of a Law of the information Uh bill that Infrastructure is the word you're Looking for and JoJo magu is looking at This guy going hey I think he has Dementia right like that's how bad Fetterman is Got to make sure that there's going to Be Bridges all across like this all Across the American

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