Because they just don’t care anymore & It’s not just JoJo’s mind he has no Heart as well p4

Because they just  don't care anymore & It's not just JoJo's mind he has no Heart as well p4

Greetings brothers and Sisters um I'm going to get to the Israeli uh Palestine conflict in a Moment JoJo MCU made the you know sort Of an epic um you know just a classic JoJo MCU Thing uh and then um I want to go Through a bunch of tabs I have opened That I haven't been able to get through But I want to start here because there's Been new information two things happened One had to do with ESP and Disney you Know ABC and um stuff happened on my YouTube Channel which is interesting so let's Start here in the YouTube channel so This video got yellowed here see like There's a yellow Mark here now I didn't Ask for this one to be reviewed because Um well I'll talk about that in a moment But Um another video here got yellowed these Are videos that had stuff on the Israeli And pales inian war and um it's not a War you know it's a you know land grab The Israeli land grab and there is a um Advertiser friendly policies and with YouTube and all these social media uh And pretty much everything on the Internet and in life in general anything To do with the mainstream corporate Model Um There's all this

Vague there's no clear um you don't get Like a clear sense of what's Advertiser Friendly or what's Community guidelines Some things are you know it's pretty Obvious that like if you post something Negative about you know medical Misinformation most of that's pretty Obvious you can't really say anything That goes against the wh and these other Organizations no matter how much Information out there even news articles And things like this um and everything Has to be based in what YouTube calls Authorit authoritative news CNN MSNBC And even those or or those uh news posts Get qualifying statements underneath Them so you know they've lost control of Their Algorithms and you know you have to Figure out the mind of a the Everchanging mind of the computer and The the AI uh the AI uh Bots they use That are supposed to be doing what they Call machine Learning uh but one thing that is Interesting about this so like they if You show them graphic uh like scenes of War or um something that's um you know Could be disturbing to people AI will Demonetize your video sometimes it Depends on the thing right even though News is showing it everyone else is Showing it and that's a way that they Can control the big events they can stop

You from covering the big events by Demonetizing videos that have disturbing You know in air quotes what they think Is disturbing you know possibly Upsetting imagery and things like it Could even be a a picture and their Bots Sometimes recognize things and sometimes Don't which makes it difficult but the Reason I'm telling you all this is that YouTube used to love my other channel The Apocalypse Now Channel it was in a Different category than my pockets of The future Channel and I got a couple Community guidelines strikes for um for Uh medical misinformation and they were Strikes you would just you know that Everybody was getting if they posted Something you know similar like there Was like video clips and memes that were Out there that YouTube was flagging for Everybody for and I don't know what's Happened but um when I get one of these Yellow things on YouTube and I request a Review on my other channel uh it takes Almost a week for them to review it but On this channel only takes a day and so Um that's the only reason I'm able to Sort of keep on making this content Because this video got reviewed in less Than 24 hours and I was able to put it Up it was a little bit it was a day late But it still was relevant right uh which Is you know and it shows you that they Have a whole complex way of grading

Channels and and you know categorizing You and um like I just on my own two Channels right my third Channel which Has just uh spiritual stuff on it you Know my gratefulness meditation Channel It would it would probably be uh very Hard for them they wouldn't yellow Videos as frequently right if if I Posted something uh different on that Channel like it's just um you know you Have to be Like Categorized as you know a truth or Whatever they you know they they name it As right um so then there so there's That but what's interesting about this Is that the left leaning media which I Didn't think would happen but it is Huffy and posts I've showed you and a Lot of these um you know just in terms Of social media is very sympathetic to The Palestinian people and human rights And and you know there's still a an Anti-war element to the Democratic party And there's been Pro Palestinian Sentiment growing uh sentiment sentiment Sentiment growing in the you know in Just the young people young Demographics and the Muslim people in General are considered a protected group As our Jewish people and YouTube has These these protected groups and these Two protected groups are now in this Conflict I mean they always in this

Conflict but one very specific to what's Going on in uh Palestine right now and So YouTube you know has the power you Know there's a there's money power and Influence Media power in the you know in The Israel lobbying groups and yet There's the you know the the Muslim uh You know the liberal Muslim sympathy and So YouTube is caught between those two Things and they're not out andout Banning people from talking about or Stopping people from talking about the War in a way that is not you know with The powers that b want but they can Prevent you from showing graphic imagery Like the the mainstream media can put Out graphic imagery and and talk about All the things samas is doing but you Can't show the you know the crimes and The anything that's um considered Upsetting right YouTube Will demonetize And it's a way of censoring without Censoring because you can cover the the Information but not with the same level Of graphic you know graphic intense Imagery and intense um you know that's All people want to see right you know People want sensationalistic things and So they figured a way to censor and like Walk a tight rope and not you know Offend the I don't know what it is you Go against the the so-called liberal Principles the other thing is that Um I you know I talk about this on my

Other channel but I want to cover it Here today and it's not really about Basketball or NBA basketball it's about W culture and just not giving customers What they want anymore which is what all Of this is about because YouTube Customers don't want authoritative news They could go to CNN MSNBC and uh you Know and fox and these these other Crappy news networks young people don't Want that they don't like it they're not Indoctrinated to it doesn't isn't Familiar to them they haven't grown up With it right they haven't grown up with The parents sitting around watching the News with the kids coming in the room And they're just not used to that right Everything is on the internet and so you Know they're they're giving the um Customers something they don't want like YouTube's been doing that for a while so I started watching a basketball game Um with the Celtics and the Miami Heat I Wasn't going to watch the whole game I Taped it but there was two women Announcers Beth something or other she's The play by she's the um you know There's an announcer and then there's a Play-by-play person right there's a Professionally trained journalist media Type person always right and this is the The way they do um announcing and then There's at least one play byplay person Usually a former player sometimes a

Former coach or both and they're the Expert they're the you know basketball Football hockey you know baseball expert And so that's you know we we know the Format and now they're running out these Two women and uh you know on a Television show that has uh you know a Genre of TV shows uh Sports you know Sports entertainment that is dominated By a male audience that's over 70% male Right and I covered this on my other Channel um there is a Award-winning uh Trio of um NBA cover NBA uh announcers uh Jeff and Gundy Mark Jackson and Mike Breen Mike Breen is Sort of the gold standard of the Announcer professional announcer Somebody with a great voice and just um You know just alert and aware and he Just does a good job like sometimes the Announcers are so clueless and a lot of The announcers are annoying but this is Entertainment right and I watched a Football game where they you know when I Was a kid where they went without Announcers and I thought it would be Great but there's a lot of and Especially football where there's a lot Of dead airs time there's you know where There's no play going on and you can Watch these things in a restaurant or Bar or a family gathering where you're Kind of watching a game kind of Interacting with people but if you're

Just sitting down watching it and again This is Entertainment Sports is Entertainment it's not you know they can Change the outcome they can rig the game You know they want to make it Entertaining they rig the whole system In order to make it more and more Entertaining when you're watching it They're playing a game but the game is Manipulated to make it have you know Better entertainment value and Jeff Van Gundi was a funny guy Mark Jackson was Also funny and they were Jeff and Gundy Was a former coach and he was Mark Jackson's former coach so they had a Relationship and these guys were just Great to watch there are certain Announcers that enhance the game right And watching it without announcers at All kind of sucks but they fired these Guys ESPN and Disney which is a you know A multi-billion dollar Corporation Decided to clean house and they fired What was considered a dream team and People you know in in the announcing Business the gold standard like they Were the best announcers and they were Only making a couple million dollars a Year Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy and They replac them with Doris Burke and uh Doc Rivers and I'll get to Doc Rivers in A moment and so now when you watch a Game and often and they've brought this Woman Beth comeer or whatever it is um

Let me go to a clip of them here back in The days oford against the Bad Boys hi And welcome I'm Beth m along with Dorisburg and Cassidy hover and here in Boston the weight of expectation goris Is actually being embraced by a Celtic Side ready to return the tradition and Return another championship Banner to The Raptors that it almost feels like Expectations come naturally if you're a Member of the Boston Celtics due to its History and a guy who seems un so I just Want to add this here she said the the Term over and over again he's just Ridiculous that's just ridiculous I Can't believe it's ridiculous you know Like this way of they have their Catchphrases and ridiculous she tried to Be serious you know and the thing is Like there are women who like to watch Sports who like to watch you know Football or whatever it is right some Sports with their husbands or boyfriends Or maybe even on their own and some are Just legitimate fans like women make up A percentage of the fan base and the Majority of those women don't care Whether the announcers are men or women Like they probably would prefer men Right just like everybody else because It's just you know the way it's always Been right and Men actually do this job Better and the women who would push for This feminist women aren't going to

Watch the NBA anyway because they don't Watch the WNBA right they have their own League they have a women's league where There's women announcers women Play-by-play analysts women coaches and They don't watch it right the feminists Don't watch I mean maybe if they played Basketball and they're also a feminist But by and large feminists don't watch The WNBA they're not basketball fans I Mean some of them might be and also Feminists but feminists in general They're not sports fans and you know They just want to find every last Haven That men are going to and invade it in Some way and pressure them to hire women And put women in these positions even Though it just makes it worse for the Audience and they're not going to be the Audience right it's really self-centered Because something that they don't want To be a part of they're not interested In but they want to wreck it for men Right you know it's just it's obvious This is the case and it does wreck it it Makes it it makes it worse and it's Unnecessary because just a stupid thing The games are you know fixed in some way Or another scripted in some ways Whatever rigged it's just entertainment And you know it's something that's Habitual for some of us that we've Watched Sports over the years it's not Some big thing why wreck it like why

Take that away you know it's just this Whole anti white male privilege thing That they got going on the feminists and All these groups and they're just doing It to be dicks right and dorisburg just Sucks um she seems like a nice person You know she's a former player and uh You know college and WNBA player and she Did sideline reporting which you know Was a she was an okay job she did a you Know whatever it was but she sucks as an Announcer you know there's these shows Like um Leave It to Beaver or fathers Knows best these you know these old School 1950s shows that featured these Perfect families you know these you know These um artificial families you know That we don't see anymore and there's Always this mom this Suburban mom you Know the classic Suburban mom who's Super nice and you always baking cookies And you know these kind of things and This is what it's like listening to Doris Burke like a super nice white lady That lives in a culde saac that you know That's always positive and you know she Knows stuff about Basketball but she just sucks to listen To like she's not funny she has no sense Of humor she's not cool like she doesn't You know like the announcers are selling You the game the announcers are bringing Excitement and enthusiasm and you know They have their taglines and they're

Supposed to be like hype men for the Basketball game or the football game or Whatever it is you know it's not there For grandmas like it's not a job for a Grandma like a you know like some some Typical stereotypical grandmother or Something like this who says oh goody Chu you know like A and so that's what it's like listening To her she's not you know it's horrible Uh and she was just doing like you know Games that nobody watches like the you Know the games that are not as important But now she's doing all the big games And men have very little like Refuge you Know it's it would be like a you know Some clueless Heterosexual uh you know white guy Announcing the runway models or you know Some other kind of you know like things That are typically not a part of your Demographic right like everybody has There's a demographic of people that Watch TV shows and you know they're not Putting men in these TV shows whatever It might be you know like Desperate Housewives or Kardashians you know they Don't Insert um like different male Demographics that are are not a part of The the show right you know whatever Shows that are targeted towards women Women still get the the you know the the The show the way that they like it right

But men have these you know things that They watch and you know it's a it's a Male thing and often times it's stupid Like just like the women's stuff stupid In you know different way And they just want to sit there and Watch it and just be away from the Female perspective the especially now The feminist perspective and in action Movies that's done like they got rid of That action movies are now you know Women kicking men's asses all the time Like for no reason and it's you know Counterproductive because you see men And women you know fighting fist Fighting which is not you know good for Women right because you know that's not A a thing you want to you know to Promote out there where you see women in Physical fights with men like that's you Know like like that's uh okay to do Right and so you know you they now have Like you're watching sports and you have To listen to your grandma you know who Who really you know you're kind of Wanting to get away from or your your Mom or you know guess your wife in some Cases announce to you or tell you about What's going on in what you're you know You've been watching for years and I Didn't watch that whole game I was just Watching parts of it you know I fast Forward to things and then I started Watching the Golden State Warriors game

And Doc Rivers is even worse than Doris B Burks let me show you doc Doc Rivers Here position this year to get back to The finals well they still have self Curry uh which means they're in pretty Good shape but I like what they did they Added Chris Paul to the team a lot of People were going doc Rivers's voice Starts off horse and just gets worse you Know like if you've been at a game and You're shouting the whole time or Something like this you're in a Situation where your voice gets horse That stock rivs all the time he's in a Job now where 90% of it is talking I Mean the whole job is talking right and If you make a living with your voice you Have to have you know a voice that People want to listen to and you have to Learn like I've had to work on it you Have to learn how to communicate you Have to learn how to be you have Inflection whatever it is right you have To you know talk in a way that people Find it uh you know soothing or uh you Know compelling to listen to you you Storytelling whatever it is you have to Develop skills and Doc Rivers doesn't Have any of them and Doc Rivers and Doris Burks are neither one of them have Any like uh sense of humor I mean They're not funny at all and Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson were really funny And they were they were just you know

Compelling they they always made the Game better listening to it and Doris Burke and Doc Rivers are a huge fall They're like like the worst people they Could have put into these key positions And they're going to be announcing in The NBA Finals there's no real Camaraderie there and they they're Pairing this guy Mike Breen who used to Be with these two other guys and Mike Breen is great at what he does but You're going to notice the difference And you know I don't think it's enough That people aren't going to watch but They're making it much worse right you Understand like they don't care that They're making something worse and Nobody would think it's better like Nobody who knows anything about it would Say yeah this is going to be better Because it's not they're just you know And it's the same thing that I was Talking about with YouTube and you know Forcing uh mainstream uh you know Authoritative news on you they're just Forcing things on people all the time uh Lifestyle agenda and you know I've Covered this in the past the customer is No longer always right they don't care About what you think or whether you're Upset by something they're just going to Push it through and like you don't have A voice anymore you don't have any you Know they they've known this for a while

Because as long as there's the internet And there's food they can do pretty much Anything to you and you won't do Anything back and you don't have Anything to do back right like you can Protest but that doesn't do [ __ ] right That's not anything you can protest but You know what does that do like nothing You could boycott but people can't stick To a boycott and even that they can you Know they can write it off and Businesses I mean they're changing Everything anyway in a collapsing system The customer that used to be so valued Is no longer has any power your opinions What do you think you know this is they Don't care they don't care about any of It they don't care about like you know You being upset or not or you not liking Something and it's just going to get Worse like it's you know they they Already know they have you and you know They there's no uh you know there's no Power there's no power people don't have Any power anymore in terms of an allout Revolt like that would take a lot for People to people are so pacified you Know everyone's a bonus hole and if the Seagulls know it like if seagulls know They can just come up and take your Sandwich Than the mainstream you know people Control the system know the same thing And they'll just put out sucky more more

Sucky stuff and you'll just have to eat It because that's you know especially Now for older Generations because They've got the younger generation Believing things and you know their Their warped sense of reality and that You're just done like as an older person They just don't care about you anymore You're you know you're worthless and People are going to be dying out anyway And you know and so they're just going To be taking away more and more of your Lifestyle because you can do nothing About it anyways let's get into the the Israel Palestine thing here so let's Start here Israeli soldiers continue Ground offensive inside Gaza Israeli Pummels Gaza tanks roll In Israel Hamas live War updates Israel Expands Gaza ground operation Aid groups Condemn internet Blackout and then Here the New York Post ticking Time Bomb Hamas War live update Israeli Forces still in the field and Gaza as Hamas pledges to respond with full force They don't have a full force they don't Have a military right it's not fair like It's not it's not a war right and they Would not be the aggressor when they Knew they were going to get their ass Kicked which is the premise of my whole Original video on this subject so joob Miden um well this is his response here

18 days since Hamas Hamas killed 1400 Israelis the Hamas controlled Gaza Health Ministry says Israeli forces have Killed over 6,000 Palestinians including 2700 CH children you've previously asked Netanyahu to minimize civilian Casualties do these numbers say to you That he is ignoring that message what Did they say to me is I have no notion That the Palestinians are telling the Truth about how many people are killed I'm sure in Do you hear that he's claiming that we Don't know if they're telling the truth Well we know that you're not telling the Truth because you're talking right like What do you mean you know they're Exaggerating the casualties that isra Israel would never do something like That Israel would never do something to Create victim Consciousness like what are you talking About innoc have been killed and it's The price of waging a war I think we Should be incredibly careful I think not We Israel should be incredibly careful To be sure that they're focusing on Going after the folks that are the Propagating this war against Israel and Uh and it's against their interest when That doesn't happen but I have no it's Against their interest when that doesn't Happen confidence in the number that the Palestinians are using so what if it's

Half that it's still more twice as many See this is there's a couple of things Here let's let him finish up here Mr President prime minister Albany easy so A couple of here things here saying that Casual Deeds of War are part of it well You know this is um not a war and we you Know those of us Who who look get our information from The internet and don't buy into the Official story we're not convinced that The original story and the reason Original reason for this it doesn't make Any sense that Hamas would do something That would result in basically a Complete um destruction of the Gaza Strip and you know uh I mean this is Where there's ethnic cleansing and all These things going on people being Forced out of the country and women and Children getting killed I mean this is The outcome of their so-called action The original action it's an ass kick and We see who's getting their ass kicked Right they say it's up to about 8,000 Palestinians who are dead now he Say well we don't know if those numbers Are accurate well we don't know if They're not right so You know like they're bombing the crap Out of the place this is a guy who Droned eight kids in Afghanistan to save Face he made up this thing about Isis K Because the Afghanistan withdrawal was

Going horribly and he droned eight kids And the media did really cover it and He's you know a murderer your he's your Child murderer it was it was um I think It was 12 people and eight of them were Kids they were droned uh Mistakenly and that's what's going to Happen there's going to be a loss of Life but there is a Prejudice here that The woke and liberal Community is not Happy about where the idea that Palestinian people are worth less than Israeli people right that brown people Are worth less than white people and This is a liberal politician you know a Democratic politician but he's not Liberal at all and he's you know been a Murderer involved in these murderous Wars and they come out and they say well We got to minimize civilian casualties But it's just words doesn't mean Anything and they're not doing that Right and Israel no longer should have The victim the role of the victim like They have killed more people than the So-called you know the whatever the Official story is about Hamas and this Is their goal all along to take the Gaza Strip and they're doing that right now Whether they get away with it that's you Know yet to be seen but this guy coming Out and saying well we we got to Question their numbers well even if it Was half but we also have to question

Israeli's numbers right like they're not Liars they don't lie they've never been Caught lying right like you know like They're not as big a Liars as they're The abusers in the situation and anybody With a pulse knows it right anybody Knows who the bullies are here the ones Who have the the American government Behind them and has the army You have an Army against not an army you Have an Army against you know so-called Uh you know gorilla Warfare terrorist or Whatever they're calling it so then this Guy is even worse you know I don't Condone the killing of any innocent Civilians and I don't know what Hamas Did in KES but Israel is doing the exact Same thing with Benjamin nanyu who is a Radical rightwing crazy person and I see Hundreds of Palestinian families that Are dead and they have nowhere to go CU They can't leave the Gaza no one's Opening their borders well that's the Thing you bring up a good point though You bring up a really good point why Aren't these Arab countries willing to Absorb some of the Palestinian Arabs They will not do it Egypt will not do it Saudi will not do it none of them will Do it okay so here's a guy who's Anti-immigration he's running on a Policy of closing our borders and Stopping the flow of illegal immigrants Right and that we don't want all these

Immigrants he took buses of immigrants And shipped them up to New York City and All these things he knows you know why These other countries don't want all These people pouring into their country And first of all these are Palestinian People that were there first this a Country that you know was called Palestine it was a country you know it Was a a place and they decide to divide It up unequally between uh the the Minority got the best land the Jews got The best land and the majority people Palestinians were uh shipped off to Various undesirable locations and they Have been getting squeezed ever since And why do they have to leave their Country right again you know this is I Mean this guy is worse than JoJo magu He's the worst he's worse than Trump to Me he's the most unlikable politician Even worse than JoJo magu maybe even Kamla like he's up there with kamla us Fire jets strike Iran linked sites in Syria and retaliation Retaliation for attacks on US Troops us strikes two facilities linked To Iranian backed militias in Syria Following series of attacks on US forces In the Middle East so the you know they they're Pushing for American involvement like They want that like it's that's what They

Want Tilla Swinton the British actress The British Street woke up woke up and Support the truth she's got a pro Palestinian um scarf there here's a Bunch of um you know uh armored vehicles Out in Wyoming somewhere people are Questioning you know there seems to be An uptick and and military activity Around military bases right like they're Ramping up for possible some sort of Possible involvement with the Middle East and and Palestine these presidential elections End up in the house Donald Trump's Thinking I got this and election Denialism has been so normalized and Accepted as a part of our Republican Culture or trumpist culture we can say Mike Johnson's an election denier that When a simple question is asked based on Your history new Mr Speaker do you Believe Joe Biden's the president of the United States the reporter is booed Literally booed by members of Congress One woman standing next to Johnson told Her to shut up shouting at the reporter Boo you know you're living in the past All the rest of it no we're we're Actually we're worried about the future Yeah and that's and that's the we we Have the bite let's listen to It you help oh look at this little Point Texture the efforts to over 2020 Election shut up shut up look at her

Go saying shut up mhm shut up I who Would do such a thing shut up put a Mirror in front of your face youut Exactly Gumby Joe put a mirror in front Of your face shut up I mean shut up gumy Joe look at him these people try to Overturn American Democracy we saw it we saw it we saw it Look it look at my hair do I saw it he Led the effort in the House and really and then they're Shocked the question why are they Shocked because they don't want to talk Talk about it cuz they're already Planning they've already got this Figured out they've got Donald Trump's Guy in there and they're going to steal This election in the House of Representatives so you're talking you're An election dener then right with this Speaker who led you say shut up we're Not going to shut up you shut up you Shut up we're not going to shut up you Shut Up if you if you want to overturn American democracy we don't want to hear What you have to say no one wants to Hear what you have to say cuz you have No audience like nobody's watching this Like I'm the only person like I'm the Only person watching this so keep it to Yourself but we'll yourself exactly shut Up because these are the people that Tried to end the American experiment

Because their guy didn't win American Experiment right well it's not going so Well and if you're a person of of Influence and power and you got these Clowns and just across the media but on Your show And you guys are you know so-called Journalists then the experiment is Failed because a failed reality TV show Host didn't win he didn't win and a Scile old man who shits his pants dead Is he who poops this depends so um this Has been up on my toolbar for about I Don't know two weeks so I want to get Through this this is an MSNBC reporter She's got she's got holes in her jeans She hosts a show I forget her name she Comes up every once in a while she's Covering serious topics she's here with An influencer who's got flowers in her Hair she's got holes in her jeans this Is an MSNBC report they're trying to Bring in young people when people hear Caroline Callaway they think Prime it's Really her name is Savannah sers strange That when you Google my name as a Law-abiding citizen the people who come Up are like Anna Delby Billy McFarland Elizabeth Holmes literal criminals like Are synonymous with my name okay she Gets her hair done so this is a reporter Getting her hair done they got this you Know vaginal flower Here so what have you ever been

Cancelled No so the last time we spoke flower hair We did flower hair those yellow flowers I went yeah it looks like that's Golden Rod dinner with him after you went home And you were like dear Dar I'm never Going to let that interview see the Night of day I think some of it finally Will in early 2020 I interviewed Caroline Callaway on the floor of her West Village Apartment A few months Before her first book scammer was Supposed to publish since I'm miked up We should really have like a a jinx Moment where I just like forget my mic Is on and I'm like scammed them scammed Them all years passed this is this is MSNBC this is what they consider Reporting now with no book or air date I Messy but like I do clean up my messes You know and it's been a little messy I'm Caroline Callaway I'm 23 years old And I live mainly in Cambridge but Sometimes in New York Caroline's Internet Fame started off as a fairy Tale an American studying in Cambridge England documenting her glamorous Adventures via long novelistic captions On Instagram so I've never heard of this Person but you know she's newsworthy Because she's I don't know a college kid Abroad Caroline rocked up over 800,000 Followers landed a six figure book deal And became a star of the early Instagram

Era but instead of a dazzling literary Debut there was Controversy this time last year i' had Already been cancelled once in this is a Reporter Here there was Controversy this look at look this is a Reporter sitting here look this is a Journalist she's been doing this for a While like so she now has a I mean this Must have been right before she got her Gig like as a she does something on the Morning on MSNBC time last year i' already been Cancelled once in late 2019 Caroline's Former best friend Natalie Beach wrote a Tell all for the cut Natalie said she'd Ghostwritten some of Caroline's earlier Insta captions and did significant work On her book proposal Natalie also Revealed Caroline had bought her Followers early on Caroline yeah like That's exactly what happens that's Admitted to buying followers and Acknowledges Natalie's involvement but Says Natalie took advantage of their Shared history I gave Natalie like um a Market that would eat up intimate Details about me because sort of like The Kardashians like once you've Ingested so much information about my Life you're sort of like for better for Worse I have you hooked you know I just Think we're really okay with heting thin

Pretty young girls with a B she's Describing herself bunch of followers on Instagram because we think their lives Are really easy and we kind of want to See them fail influencers influencers All right so that's news um the scam is That she um bought followers which they All do I mean that's how these people Get famous Now by buying followers my Son was telling me that there's some I Don't know gamer App and um it there was some kind of Glitch so that they couldn't uh inflate Their views and like all of them didn't Stream for like a week you know because They were they were they falsely Inflating their views and this is what All these young people do and it's you Know I mean it is what it is like Uninteresting people who are um Pretending you know that are pretending To be internet Celebrities bombshell dols bear the Scams of the worldwide influencer let's Just go the end of this thing I don't Know um me that wants to be Famous it's really Good are you happy No I've never been happy though like my Life is the life it's totally in service Of the art do you think that the Internet will always be tied to your F Okay so then she's just really annoying Then this was up has been up about the

Same amount of Time I really thought I could get Through this without crying 27% of American adults have cut contact with a Family member lasting an average 4.5 Years I never dreamed I'd be part of That Statistic this is about parents and Their kids and how kids and parents are Not having contact now Have you seen This dear Parents I need to speak my Truth All My Life gas SL and Guil you hurt my mental Health life ruined because of You life ruined because of you um % of The letter was about politics and how we Couldn't be in our life if we supported That guy this kind of angry Outburst From her was so out of character we were Shocked we just didn't know what to do All right so there's a whole she has a Successful YouTube channel now this Woman and they're documenting all these People whose kids have been turned Against them by the W culture and all These things right um you know we saw it With the the big event in Janu January Where kids were ratting out their Parents liberal kids were rting out Their their um they their Republican Trump supporting parents who went to the EV in January like this is where we are

Like the division of the family has been Um you know exacerbated it was always There and it's been you know it's been Growing but now it's there's a huge so You know sometimes they do a theme in a Video where I mean everything has some Of this in this today and this condition Now is that people Don't have the powers that be and people In general don't care About being shamed or doing something That's immoral or embarrassing which on One level is a good thing but on another Level it's a horrible thing you know There's too many cultures around the World Where the community opinion of you Dominates your existence and losing face And embarrassing yourself to the Community and you know you um you you Strive to make your family look good for Example or make your your country look Good or whatever it is right taking Pride in your family and your name and Your country and if you do something That the collective people deem you know Cancelable it is um you know before There was a cancel culture And you know people lived in fear of That right fear of taking a risk I mean I saw it with the Indian culture going Back to the you know early days of the Third Master of the system he wrote a Book called down memory lane and the

Pressure that they lived under and I saw It you know firsthand the kids to um Reflect good uh well on their family and You know to be um you know I don't know You know to be seen as good citizens Made them not take risks made them tie Themselves to institutions right made Them not do anything outside the box and So you know that thing you know that There's cultures like that ancient Cultures where Community shame being Shamed by the community is everything And nowadays with the way the the Country is the world is cancel culture And how effed up everybody is it's a Good thing not to worry or be concerned About the way people think about you so That's a good thing but then on a Different level on another level there's People in power positions sociopathic People you know the Controllers uh you know they just go out And they put out crappy content things That they should be ashamed of that suck So bad not just in terms of the Immorality but just poor quality or they Just bald-faced lie to you and they do Things and they don't care what your Opinion is like there's no longer any Sense of them caring if people think They're a bad person or not and it's Just gotten out of hand because people Can do anything they want right like There's a a trending towards evil that's

Really scary because of you know they Don't care if the you know 99% of the People are against what their agenda is They're going to push it through anyway And they don't care if people think They're evil there's no sense of like You know where shame would be a good Thing right where shame would be a Positive thing and so just to to add to That this thing with Israel you know I've been thinking a lot Of the biblical Structure and within all of the um you Know the what the Old Testament is based On whatever that thing's called I forget What it's called I think it begins with A Q and of course there's a Quran for The Islamic people and then there's the Bible now in all of these books the People the Jewish people in the the Tanakh it's called I just looked it up And what the Old Testament is the way That that they present the Arab people The non-jewish People uh throughout the various people That Moses is there to destroy all these People who are you know heathens and They're they work at the polytheism they Worship more than one God or whatever They're perceived as demonic and need to Be destroyed very violent it's very uh You know and then what people outside of The religion are portrayed as the um the Goya and I haven't you know know that

Much about it but you know it's talked About quite a bit in the truth Community Goam like anybody who's not Jewish is Cast as you know not as good right and Then it's the same with the Muslims you Know there's all these things in their In their books about Christians and Jews And then you know people who aren't you Know the one true Faith right this is All these people believ in it of course In the in the Bible and Christian Beliefs anybody who rejected Jesus and The Son of God is going to hell and so Each of these books there's no wiggle Room right there's no wiggle room in These belief systems to get along with Other belief systems because they all Believe that they are the ones right the Chosen ones in some level or another They all believe that there is the only True path and then you take the Communist countries where you know they Believe that the belief in God is Created all these problems they're Anti-religion in such a way hos way and Saying that anybody who believes in God Is you know an enemy to them and it's Not allowed in their countries right and So those are the players that are lining Up for this World War II you know the Battle between Muslims and and Jews has Gone on for 3,000 years you know or more I mean this is you know I mean that's You can't even imagine that level of

Time and all the bad blood and all the Things that have been perpetrated Between them them and so there's no um Coming together and singing Kumbaya Right there's no shared belief because The religions themselves have drawn a Line in the sand in terms of that Anybody doing anything but what they're Doing is wrong and all those religions Suck like they're all they all suck in In different levels right they're just Not good and I've talked about that in The past and so this is where we're Headed like there's only one way to to Uh To change this and then you have to Bring down all of these belief systems And it's not just religions it's also Your culture your country you know all These cultures thinking they're the best One and the different economic systems From capitalist capitalist to communist And these various social systems there's No way for these things to you know work Things out and so people aren't going to Give up on their beliefs and we've seen That that's the other part of this People are so rigid in their beliefs Beliefs that the only thing that's going To change people is when the results of These belief Wars and that's what this Is belief Wars will be so catastrophic That people will have to uh you know Look at all of that they'll have to give

Up on their beliefs and and build Something from the bottom up like all These religions and cultures and Economic systems and all these things That dominate our existence have to go And there's only one way for that to Happen and things have to get really bad You know there's there's no other way Anyways only spirituality will save this World it's farano definitely point for The apocalpse in the Ascension I would Have a blessed day and be grateful

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