Because Desperation has set in

Because Desperation has set in

Greetings brothers and sisters Um I Uh had this Realization about something I had said Earlier um you know I say things all the Time here that I they just don't stick To me right I don't think about them you Know information just flows through me Whatever insights I have to things I say Them and I let them go that's why when People comment on them like they're Personal to me I often don't even Remember what I said and so it you know It's just um people get all butt hurt And upset you know because I've said Something I don't remember saying it and You know I don't really care about it And it's often why I repeat things I Mean it's good to repeat things because Rep repetition is important for people Hearing things over and over again Especially things you're not going to Hear other places right uh so repetition Is important for information that is Contradictory to the programming you get On a daily basis or the indoctrination That you've received over your whole Life right but uh you know I don't think About these things I say you know my Opinions here are are not very important To me the information most of them don't Have anything to do with my decision Making I already you know have my life My future is pretty much mapped out in

Terms of you know adjusting whatever Happens and in my life in terms of Choices I've made most of my choices Already right I don't have any big Life Choices left to make this like maybe Death choices or whatever it is but just In terms of the rest of my life whatever It is uh 30 40 years or less I don't Know is already just you know spoken for My course is fixed right but I said Something a couple of days ago about Israel being desperate and then Yesterday I woke up and was meditating And I think maybe the night before I was Awake in the night a little bit I was Thinking about it and the desperation of And I want to say Israel zionists the Zionist people the Zionist group and That's not just Israel it's people in The you know there's people in the uh Neocon in America neocons who are Equally as desperate and their worldview Is centered around this one goal that is About to collapse and I went to eat Breakfast I turned on the TV the news And on MSNBC there was a guy showing more Reasons why the Zionist should be Desperate and why they are desperate and So um I'll show you that clip in just a Bit I I've got it on a you know on um my Phone I'll see if it's up a better Quality is up on YouTube but I'll show You that in just a bit but first I want

To get to this you know map and show you The first part of this Israel doesn't Have any friends right Israel's not Friends with Jordan is Israel's not Friend with with Lebanon Israel's not Friends with Egypt Israel's not friends With Iraq Israel's not friends with Turkey Israel's not friends with Libya Israel's not friends with Saudi Arabia Israel's not friends with any of these African countries so not friends with Iran or uh Pakistan or or um Afghanistan These are all Muslim countries by the Way turkey of course Muslim country not Friends with Russia in fact Russia Doesn't like them at all Russian is Friends with Iran and so is China they have Alliances um so India doesn't really Have any friends maybe some European Countries that you know um I don't know Know it they're they're not willing to Fight right so you have all these people Surrounding Israel like all these Countries surrounding them who are not Friendly with them they have one friend And it's all the way over here and this Friendship is fading fast it's aging out Right it's generationally aging out and We see it now I didn't know this was Happening till very recently I had no Idea but it's very obvious now and so um Let me show you the two video clips that I got uh one I hopefully find an older

One that I had um shown in a video about Five videos ago but this is a very Desperate country here because they have One friend and the friendship is fading Because the youth are not on board with The the generational policies of Supporting Israel that the older Generation have but on top of that America is going to topple sometime soon So Israel has one friend that's you know A powerful friend now the most powerful Friend that may be completely powerless In a in a short period of time probably After this war that they're pushing for And that friend even if they don't fall Out of power if America doesn't fall out Of power the Youth of the country is Going to reject the generational support Of Israel and so the zionists are very Desperate right they want to achieve This the greater Israel area great you Know this is what they they believe is Their Promised Land these people the Biblical people the Evangelical Christians the people who believe in This think that God has promised Israel This land and to achieve this it's now Or never in fact they're probably not Going to just retain this if America Falls this would disappear because they Have a desperate situation here's the Gaza Strip where there's all this oil And natural gas and if the Palestinians Got a hold of that they would be able to

Have their own Army equal to whatever Israel has because they would have so Much money here and you know they're all Packed in here these people um and so They have these areas in their country Where there's people who hate them and They're surrounded by people that hate Them and you know biblical this is Biblical hate this is 3,000 years 5,000 Years of hate between 2 billion people Versus 16 Million um that are you know worldwide Jewish people it's not a large Population of people and so um it's a Bad State of Affairs for them like They're you know on the verge of being Wiped out and the only thing that's Preventing them from having that happen Is not over here not over over here not Over here all the way the F over here Okay so let's get into the video here That I took the other morning Egyptian Sources say that more than 700 foreign Nationals are expected to evacuate Southern Gaza today now among that group Nearly 400 Americans like this 11-year-old my dad told me to be safe And he hugged me and he kissed my Forehead because he's very worried about Me he told me that he loves me and uh Stay safe and uh always remember I'm Very sad because I love all my friends Especially especially in school because The I was always happy with them and I

Miss being happy instead of just Worrying about my safety all the time Well now the IDF is giving Gins three Hours to travel South they posted the Message on social media it's not clear How many Gaza residents have access to The internet to see it because Israel's Turned off the internet and electricity So he said you have 3 hours to get out Of your homes your country and go to Places that are closed borders and no One's going to let you in and you don't Have anywhere to flee but we're we're Doing this we're occupying your country Because we're the victims and you guys Are bu the bullies you guys are the bull Get out bullies of your country because We're coming in occupy it and bomb you And kill your kids and do all these Things right and so um you know there's That Israeli military has repeatedly Called on civilians to evacuate as they Intensify assaults on densely populated Areas in Gaza City and in Northern Gaza Well now here at home the first national Poll of Arab Americans since the Hamas Attack shows a massive rejection of President Biden and his handling of the War so it's the gumball Guy this is the Guy who counted uh Trump's lies in Gumballs I don't know what his name is He's my favorite CNN guy he's actually Pretty good um a good he's good at Reading the news like he doesn't make as

Many errors and he has a better voice But he's done the brilliant thing of Making his associating himself with Something as great as gumballs because Every time I see him I'm like hey it's a Gumball guy Right just 177% of Arab Americans now Say they'd vote for Biden in 2024 that's Down from 59% % in 2020 quick math for You a staggering 42o drop according to The poll by the Arab American Institute Now if Arab American turnout reflects Those numbers next year that could Jeopardize Biden's re-election because And we know this Arab Americans live in All 50 states but more than 2third are In just 10 including the swing states of Pennsylvania and Michigan two states Crucial to Biden's 2020 win now Biden Won Michigan by about 155,000 votes just Shy 3 percentage points a poll out just Days before the Hamas attack showed Trump within one percentage point of Biden the largest concentration of Arab-american communities in the country Is just outside of Detroit let's go to Pennsylvania you know the the President's been there over and over Pennsylvania was so close on Election Night that it was called 3 days after For Biden after those votes were cast 82,000 votes separated Trump and Biden In Pennsylvania in 2020 out of more than 6.8 million votes cast and two polls

Released just before the attack showed Trump ahead in Pennsylvania can PR President Biden maintain his support for Israel and convince dejected Muslims and Arab Americans that he is worth Supporting in 2024 let's get perspective Now from Edward aked Mitchell he's the National deputy director of the Council Of American Islamic relations good to Have you in studio thanks for having me Let me start with this video that Congress woman rashita to Le posted uh Overnight online which um she says that The country is not with the president Here we see the videos of the protests Across the country and they're more than Muslims and Arab Americans at these Protests obviously she ends the video With This we will remember in [Music] 2024 Okay so the outcome here is obvious I'm Going to get into more of these things Let's go to this next video clip and I Got something between Bernie Sanders and Dana Bash and then I want to get into How desperate and why Israel is Desperate and what their only recourse Is again when I say Israel I mean really The Zionist okay so um just a few things I Want to show you here from Saturday Night Live I saw this was on you know I

Haven't watched Saturday Night Live on TV I watch it here sometimes to make Videos about it but this was uh an Episode from like three weeks ago the First episode of the season for them and The guest host was Pete Davidson and it Was horrible I watched the cold open Then I watched some other stuff and I Came back and this was on and um Something interesting happened though The jokes here are really bad like it's They're not I mean it's it's worse Watching it like on TV than when I'm Watching on the internet I'm making a Video like I expect the jokes to suck But this happened well this was a Terrible week for the world but a great Week for random idiots who like to share Completely unhinged thoughts wherever They Can so this is um him saying people Expressing their opinions about what's Going on the Middle East is a bad thing You know because media is doing such a Great Job I saw a thousand-word essay called How I'd fix Palestine so he's using the word Palestine he's calling it Palestine Because Palestine doesn't exist it's not On the maps it's not an official country But Saturday Night Live is um you know Doing this here then they have this Stupid Trump joke for example former

President Trump went out of his way to Praise the terrorist group Hezbollah so This is you know again three weeks ago Calling them quote very smart though in Trump's defense he thinks Hezbollah is The genie from Aladdin so there's that right like this Is not you know funny it's not funny Right so okay so I was looking for that Clip I was going to show it to my wife And I got the week After and this is what they were they Were you know doing a hitpiece on jojo Mago a high point of his term President Biden gave multiple speeches this week In which he issued the same strong Warning to anyone thinking about Attacking Israel and he so this is them Going in on Biden here was his message Don't don't don't don't don't don't Don't Don't so um they're starting to go in on Biden but this is you know for years Biden's been a joke he's been scile he's Always been a gaff magnet he's been an Idiot right and Saturday Night Live is Finally going in on him and it's at this Time and not just Saturday Night Live But huffing and post and some of these Other liberal Publications they've had Reasons to break with Biden before cuz Biden is a moderate and they're liberal And they have a social justice movement And they're all you know uh but it it

Took this thing with Israel and Palestine for them to fully break with Biden on this thing right and so that's A Telltale thing so this is Dana Bash And she is going to say things that are Blatantly untrue or at least completely Out of context in this exchange with one Bernie J Sanders one of those Senators Is here with me now independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont Senator thank you so Much for joining me this morning four Weeks ago more than 1,400 Israelis Mostly civilians were slaughtered in Their homes and at a festival so that's The official story that's being Perpetrated by the media but they're Forgetting the historic aspect of this And how many Palestinians have been Killed by Israelis in the past whatever 40 60 years far more than the Israelis I'll get into that in just a Bit so this is Bernie Sanders response Bonding well this is what you got it's I Think clear to most people what Kamas Did and Kamas is a awful terrorist Organization is they slaughtered 1,400 People in Cold Blood Israel has a right To defend itself but what Israel does Not in my view have a right to do is to Kill thousands and thousands of innocent Men women and children who had nothing To do with that attack so the immediate Concern down to my mind is we' have got To stop the bombing now okay so um this

Is Bernie Sanders response and this is What Dana Bash um says to Himing it and the other question is this Is a real this is a real um This is a horrific question how does Israel how does Israel destroy Hamas not just the Hamas is what they Are it's more than that that's what Israel's policy has been okay so it's a Combination of fact let's get to the Other let's get to the other point that You made which is really the key one Which is innocent civilians dying and They are how should his Israel uh Destroy Hamas post attack these innocent Civilians in Israel without uh hurting Killing innocent men women and children When Hamas is hiding behind them and Putting them in danger how does that Work what a horrible question and how Misleading all of that is see the way They're setting this story up they're Trying to set this story up but it's Leaking like even CNN is pushing back Against some of the story and you know All of it but what they're trying trying To say here is that Israel is just Sitting there completely innocent and Hamas is this big bully because Everything in this situation revolves Around victim Consciousness and I Covered this in a a two-hour video my Last video on this channel before the

The journey series one and it's um Everything starts and ends with victim Consciousness but what they're leaving Out is that this is a conflict where the Palestinian people have been off their Land and they have suffered far more Casualties and also in terms of just Being in fear all the time the Palestinians live in fear they're in a Prison they're in a basically a Concentration camp in Gaza and the West Bank they've had their houses robbed From them it's hundreds of thousands I Think it's over a 100 thousand Palestinians have been killed over the Years and it's like you know 20,000 uh Israelis I mean I I looked in At the step that's a while back but it The numbers are staggering so it's a Slaughter on one side and it's not cuz The Palestinians have an army because They don't it's not because they're Bullying the isra Israelis and taking Their land because that hasn't happened That the israelies have been taking and Occupying their land and building legal Occupation settlements it isn't like They can turn off the Electricity that the Israelis have or The internet or any of these other Things and do so all the time because Israel is doing that to them Israel Controls all these things right and to Sit there and say like this attack is

Unprovoked and that what's going on on The on the other side is a bunch of Bullies who are you know being tortured And being abused and being killed and All these other things by the Israeli Army the IDF and so for her to frame the Question like that that these guys are Hiding behind Civilians like they don't care about Palestinian people they just want to Kill Jews like that's the The Narrative That's there and they don't care and They're cowardly hiding behind these People making the Israelis kill innocent People I don't believe it because They're lying about the whole premise of This argument this um this conflict Where the Palestinian people have Suffered worse at the hands of the Israelis who are the bullies Israel is The bully And as long as you're going to play the Victim when you're actually the bully Then nothing you say can be believed Nothing that happens can be believed and Since your goals Israel's goals is to Take the entire state of Palestine and Turn it into Israel which they're almost Completed with that and maybe other Lands in that area it seems like they're The ones who are benefiting from this Attack and maybe they're willing to Sacrifice some people their own people So they can

Expand their lands and and do what they Said God promised them these Zionist People right but this is a good segue Into the desperation so let's talk about The Zionist desperation here and how the Clock is ticking and they have a limited Window an opportunity here um there is a Picture you know a photo my wife sent me It has all the politicians that have Some sort of relationship to Israel and It's pretty much all of them certainly Three major political candidates Trump Biden and RFK Jr and then so many of These other powerful people of course The media and these other organizations Israel has had a great uh strangle hold With various lobbying groups as well as Um saturation of the media and getting This idea out that they're victims the Jewish people have been victims for so Many years And not only at the hands of the Palestinians but all the Muslim people And other groups of people before that Right going back to the Holocaust and These other things and so they've done a Good job of Selling themselves as victims and being Sympathized with but they've lost the Internet they have been destroyed on the Internet they either didn't know what They they didn't have enough people to To combat all the information that came Out on the internet particularly in the

Truth community and the woke movement The the social justice movement but They're getting destroyed on the Internet and and many of the people who Are playing a role in this are Israelis There's all these groups that I belong To on Facebook that is Jewish people That are for peace or for uh you know The the they want to end the Mistreatment of Palestinian people they Post videos they post their own Um opinions about this and Bey himself Benjamin n Netanyahu lost the election it was he Was out of power for a little bit and so There's a growing liberal movement a Progressive movement who aren't zionists Who want to have a more peaceful and a More um you know passive I would say Passive but less aggressive approach to The Palestinian people and many people In Israel who didn't know how badly the Palestinian people are being treated Because of the interet they now know and Are changing their opinions and so even In the country itself the Zionist days Are numbered they're you know about to Lose their own their own powerful Positions they are prime minister and All these other positions and so they Could be out of power anytime soon so That's number one right and they Certainly have lost the Youth of America Now there's a clip I believe it was from

Morning Joe and um um you know I I look for it a Clip that I used in a video and I comb Through my videos and I spent way more Time that I should have because this is A day I have a bunch of stuff to to do That's not um you know I don't have Enough time to do everything I got to do But I found an article about this Poll and um it says um it says uh ages 18 to 29 there's 19% uh 25% of the people in this Demographic sympathize with Israel as opposed to people who are 65 And Older and um they um 62% of them Sympathize with Israel and so you know I Showed you this I don't know where it is But it's you know it's gone now and most Of the people sympathize more with Israel than Palestine but but the Younger groups it's almost equal and After what's happening now so many People young people are switching their Opinions even older people and people in My generation who are you know 50s 45 to 55 or whatever it is it's um you know Most of those people are like even they Have 50% support for Israel and then the Next demographic between 18 and 25 25 to 45 most of those people are you know About 30% uh sympathetic with Israel so

They've lost the youth in America and They've lost the passion and these are The same people that Joe Biden is Counting on for his reelection the many Of them are Muslim some of them are Muslim Americans like the gumball guy Was talking about and so that isn't Going to get better they've lost the Internet the internet is too big for Their small country to combat and you Know I've said things about Israel where I had Israeli Trolls um you know try to dissuade me of My opinion and they really sucked at it Like it was they did a bad job they only Made it worse my opinion of the country And the you know the Zionist people like They weren't doing a good job they don't Know how to work the internet they were Great at lobbying they were great at the You know Hollywood stuff they were great At the media stuff they were able to Present themselves as victims and you Know them being victims is essential to Their doing what they're about to do or Doing what they've wanted to do for Years and take over Palestine and some Of the other lands in that region and People aren't buying into that anymore Because of the internet and so that Window is basically closing and they're Getting pressure from all sides to stop Murdering these Palestinian people and People aren't buying into to their story

As well and so people aren't having Sympathy for them they're not viewing Them as the victims they're viewing them As as the abuser and as I said my other Video without victim Consciousness they Have without the victim stance they have Nothing they can't do what they want to Do here and we see that people are Turning on Biden Saturday Night Live Hington post these other groups over This so it's big enough issue where Young people and the internets and these You know social justice Warriors and all These other people and then the people In the truth community and since the Republicans are all in on this the Democrats this was a real weakness for Them and Americans are over spending Money for other people's Wars I mean People you know are broke now and they They're having Financial issues and There's inflation and you know they Don't understand that the wars are Essential for our economy and so they Don't get that point and they just see American tax dollars their money going To these people in other countries and That's just going to piss them off more I mean it is pissing them off And so they don't want to send money They certainly don't want to fight other People's Wars America's over all those Wars in the Middle East and you know People who signed up for war and you

Look at this younger Generation of you know vidiots who are Spending eight nine hours a day on the On the internet and just you know they They can't really I mean they don't have The physical capacity to go and be good Soldiers and so you know America just Isn't up for a big war like this right There's just Division and you know There's um when you go into a war you Have to believe in what you're doing and When you're supporting somebody like This another country you have to really Believe in it and Americans don't and so The zionists only have one friend right Which is America they have only one Ally And it's a good one because America has The greatest army and you know America Has these uh neocon fools who are um you Know they've had a hard on for Iran and These other countries and they also Share Israel's goals but they're all old And they failed so many times and you Know I don't know how many of them would Get in under Trump or how many of them Would get in under Kennedy but Biden is Failing and so it isn't like they have a Lot more Sway and power of course the Evangelical Christians uh Christianity Is dying out and there's a lot less Passion and a lot less passion for Israel and so the base of people that Used to support Israel is a dying group Of people right which we've already

Established and America itself is you Know weak and Fallen apart so like I Said they have a limited window to start World War III with Iran and destabilize That whole region and get America to Devastate the countries around Israel so That they can be more powerful right to Embolden their military dominance over Those other countries because if they Don't do that that you know if America Doesn't do it now America's not doing it And so they're going to do everything in Their power to push for World War III Here because once this window closes Then this boomer generation dies out or America Falls on Hard Times Israel has No shot they're sitting ducks out there Especially after what they've just done To the Palestinian people and these Other groups you know these people Really hate them and it's hard to really Gauge the hate from the Muslim people Cuz this you know has gone on for you Know over 3,000 years maybe even 5,000 Years and the is Israelis were ordered By God to destroy all these groups of People in the Bible and there's been you Know beef between the Muslims and the Jews forever and there you know neither One of them is backing down or has any You know desire to have peace with the Other side right you know growing up About 40% of the people in the town I Lived in were Jewish so I had Jewish

Friends kids who were on my sports teams Kids I went to school with some of my Neighbors and you know we got along fine Like I didn't even see there was a Difference you know kids just don't Notice these types of things right and I Had you know I went to my friends Bar Mitzvah and I had these various other You know interactions you know my dad Was um a sicilian you know very ethnic Looking Italian who went to rutar University like uh years and years ago When Italians weren't going to college Right like he was one of the rare people That was there and he had two friends Who were both Jewish and they were all They look similar and they were you know Prejudiced against this is in the the I Guess the 30s or 40s or whatever he was A was in College well you know that time period And Italians were looked down on and you Know Jews were looked down on and you Know there's open Prejudice and these Were lifelong friends of his and you Know so I had an ass association with Jewish people and I didn't really have Any you know bad experiences but years Later I was talking to one of the Abasi Someone who does the the meditative Practice that I do right and you know There is this book that came out Conversations with God and somebody Asked the um this guy was asking God

Questions and then he would get uh some Sort of a Response and he would write it down and You know people were into this book it's Kind of a new age book but it had some Quality information in it and I didn't Really read it but one of the people who Does the meditation asks the master of The system about um you know this Question that was asked and um the guy Asked God why do you allow people like Hitler why do people like Hitler exist And God's response was sometimes there Needs to be destructive work or Something like this like again I didn't Read the book and so someone went asked Asked Master chargie about it and master Chargie said that Hitler used to be a Great Rishi has a great Saint in a past Life and he was now living in the asham As one of these sort of what they call Inmates there are these guys young young Men mostly who would live there free Room and board and would do service Around the asham like they take a some Of them were you know educated they came From you know wealthy families and they Would take like a gap year and live at The them and focus on their spiritual You know their spiritual whatever it was The their spiritual life and then they Would you know move on to something else Different you know different some of the Guys were poor some of them were Rich

Whatever but he said that this guy was One of those you know s Hitler's Soul Was now incarnated in one of these People right and so I was talking to This Abasi this about seven years ago And I told him this story and he said Something about Hitler that was a very What people people would find a very Offensive Joke that I couldn't say right here Right and I was a little bit shocked by It cuz this guy's a you know a professor Like a smart guy um rocket Scientist and you know similar to me but Then I remember he's Lebanese he's from Lebanon and his family you know he's American Real American like he didn't You have an accent or anything but his You know his parents had immigrated over From Lebanon and you know he had a different Attit ude towards Jewish people than I Did and as time went on I could see that There's real hatred towards them in Various levels of society you know I Just did this piece about how Anti-Semitism is growing in America and Isn't going to get better by them Bulldozing the Palestinian people right It isn't going to get better for Jewish People and some of them many of them Know that by the way that the leaders of Israel are acting and the policies that They are doing to the the Palestinian

People so that window of support from America that window of sympathy that Window of people who are still in favor And supportive of Israel the money the Weapons and maybe even military support From America that window is just about Closed and if it closes and America Changes into a country that uh changes Their opinion on Israel then Israel is Completely [ __ ] I mean they are really [ __ ] being in that region surrounded By people that hate them and all the Things that they've done and being a Small country and you know without America they're screwed they have like You know no chance of survival and Really their only recourse is to start Some sort of war that involves Iran like They have to go for it right now because They can't just get Palestine I mean Again look at what's happening in the Political parties and and these people Like this um democratic congresswoman is Threaten to remove the Muslim support Behind Biden because of his actions and What he's allowing Israel to do you know And I had this thoughts I mean I kind of Was I I was talking about this not in This depth and I in a superficial way in A light way detached way but I thought About the other day I'm like this is Going to affect all of us right like Israel's actions from here on out if They push for war with Iran which leads

To America getting involved and then Russia and maybe China then that's World War III and maybe possibly nuclear war Because of their you know unwillingness To accept that they're screwed no matter What right I mean they're not going to You know this isn't going to go their Way whatever they think God is backing Them or not or they're God chosen people And they're doing it in an underhanded Way and lying about being the victim When they're really the bully and that Never ends well right because it's Fundamentally dishonest but as far as I Can see it they have one recourse here Either face Extinction or start a a Conflict that somehow involves Iran and The the whole region and make America Get involved and hopefully you know Twist America's arm with their political Power there you know they own these Politicians they've got to like a strong Lobbying group and push this war through Even if the Americans don't want it and Then you know um I mean that's about it Like that's there's no other path for Them to secure their own Survival which You know people are like well that's Great but it's not because they Desperation and they're you know when it Comes down to Extinction or doing Desperate acts that could affect Everybody in the world selfishly take Down the whole world you know even

Nuclear you know they're a nuclear power So I mean if they drop a nuclear weapon On Iran or something like that I mean You know who knows what they'll do uh Desperate people will do desperate Things okay so I got got to wrap this up I got more stuff to do here only Spirituality will save this world it's Parano definitely rep for the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be Grateful

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