Anna Delvey embarrasses Chris Cuomos

Anna Delvey embarrasses Chris Cuomos

You know you were offered a deal by Prosecutors and the judge in very Unlikely you know very unlikely this Happens she says nope no no the judge Says No No Deal There's No Remorse that Did not happen Well but that's happened How it's been reported wait how did you Have that information from from the Court record and the interest are you Aware that the Netflix I've never seen the Netflix show Anna I'm just I'm just trying to make a Difference that the judge declined the Deal the judge uh declined the deal they Say there's been no remorse but the Point is this you're pretty who's there It's been reported steadfast and telling People that did not happen where do you Have no what's the source all right I'll I'm here I'll show you I'll show you Where I got it from but let's deal with The concept okay Um you say so he never shows it

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