Amazon’s Reacher Season 2 AI Script $ucks

Amazon's Reacher Season 2 AI Script $ucks

Greetings brothers and sisters this is Just a short video I'm going to put up a Journey series video later today and Then probably one of my other channels So it's probably a bigger day than than Normal in terms of Content um and I just released something On my uh other channel the back uh the You know dodgy Channel and so um this One uh Reacher season 2 is now Officially one of the worst shows on TV and my wife and I had watched Reacher Season 1 and Reacher season 2 is so Mechanical the script is so Mechanical and the interactions of the Characters are so um you know so like uh Uh like it's just not natural and Reacher season 1 I enjoyed we enjoyed And so this is something that was on Amazon Plus and I was surprised at how Bad the second season was in terms of The Writing and how um stiff it was and I Remember that this was filmed probably During the writer strike so I said to my Wife you know this is probably AI this Is what an AI show looks like and then Um I searched for it And um you know I did this search for it Um some images from the show here And all I found was this one Reddit post But the person let's start over here the Person says the writing for re Reacher Season 2 seems significantly lower

Quality than season 1 I'm a long fan I'm A longtime fan of Reacher series written By Lee Child I guess that's the original Author and I really enjoy the first Season of Reacher I've now watched two Episodes of season and and just seems Like flat and rigid dialogue which seems Odd because from what I can tell it's The same writer Nick santor as season 1 I get the source content is not exactly Fancy or highbrow writing and that the Character is who he is but for some Reason they seem to do better job in Reacher in the sporting cast whatever Whatever right but then there's this one Comment down Here Um you do not mess with the special Investigators may be the lamest line in History of media and yet they keep on Saying it over saying it every episode Treating like it's some badass team MTO Feels like it was written by AI Um and it you know it is Um it is the worst line it's like the You know this is he goes back and he Rejoins his special investigator unit Because some of them have been killed And they keep on saying this you don't Mess with the special investigators and One time one of the a kid of the their Dead colleague says it and it's just the Worst kind of line ever it's just so bad

And there's it's just a like a like a Microcosm of other issues with the Dialogue and um a person would know Better than to make that into one of Those lines don't mess with the special Investigators so you know this is kind Of a show where there's um a crime to Solve might call it a mystery or Suspenseful and then after you know we Stopped I looked at this these that Quote my wife and I were laughing about It we laughed at the dialogue quite a Bit but it's one of those things where They'd be figuring out a puzzle and they Do it in a very computer-like way they Do it in a way where they're you know Everything that they do is analyzing Data and each person you know in the Cast has a few lines and they go around In a circle and they come up with a Solution to what they're seeing and they All you know propose it like they're Doing some scientific you know data Analysis but very you know very computer Like you know Reacher keeps on saying He's going with his gut and you know he Has some intuition but that's not how They're they're doing it like it's all Observational data I'm like this is Exactly how a computer does things right This this is how an AI bot would think Right it's you know that's how they're Going to write they're going to write And the characters are very computer

Esque the character Reacher the guy I Know he has suffers from depression but He almost looks like he's computer Generated he has these weird looks on His face you know like his acting is Very um I mean it's almost like he's Like a robot and you know it's I mean I'm 99% sure this is an AI generated or They used AI quite a bit because this Was when the writer strike was happening And they got the other writer the first Writer to sign off like he participated But they used Ai and the dialogue like These people are people that are Supposed to know each other from years Of working together and like they're Telling their stories in a way like you Know a um you see on like some sort of a Social media profile or something you Know like there or something you'd see Where some is just you know talking About a recent story on social media Like being interviewed and they just Talk about what's going on with you in The last 10 years and they just what About you and then they just go through It's so mechanical like the these are Like strangers that never met and you Know they were supposed to be people That were familiar with each other and The first season was nothing like this Like it's such a falloff if you watch The first season the second you can see The difference between something written

By a human and something written by AI Um and like it's you know there's number Of things about how bad it is but no one Has this conjecture that it was written By AI but it was like nothing I've seen In terms of you know you see flat Dialogue and you see bad shows but this Was something else like they had a Different quality of bad you know and a Human being has a soul a human being is You know there's an etheric element to Your life your life is manifested by a Soul and so AI or AI just won't ever Have that mechanical um Consciousness Will never have that aspect like a you Will not have the the Heart level the Soul level part of them they'll have a Mind and but they won't have a gut and a Heart you know we have three Intelligences we have the gut which is Our low our lower level emotions of Anger and you know things like that hate And stuff is generated there all this Stuff fear like when you feel fear and And anger it comes from your gut and Then you have your higher Consciousness That there are things that are from your Soul feelings like of compassion and Love and empathy and then you have your Mind an AI will have a superior mind Because of the computer generating Processing power it'll be able to Computate you know have faster Computations and come up with you know

Analyze data quicker but it won't have This other element and it won't have you Know the ability to figure that element Out mentally like it might be able to Have some conceptual ideas of of love And compassion and anger and fear and You know it can recognize patterns and Recognize you know when this is you know How people act when they say they're Angry and things like this so they'll be Able to sort of fake it a little bit but It just will have it'll be missing Something right and this is like clearly Missing something and so you know They're looking at the AI as being Better but it's going to be missing key Elements and I'm not talking about just Scripts I'm talking about you know all The other things that make human beings Uh a Multifaceted creation right and just Comes from you know all animal life has Some level of at least God right they Don't have as much heart like animals Don't have most animals don't have Really much of a capacity to love like Dogs for example you know they're Definitely um you know of course all Animals show some love for their for They young and things like this but they Have you know access up to about the Heart region and you know not far above That in terms of the spiritual elements That exist the Heart Like These chakras

And things that exist on etheric level And human beings have like more capacity For these things right and so um you Know it's not just about us having the Ability to make tools like when animals Are judged it's their ability to make Tools like on their their evolution you Know how can they you know do things That are to figure out and problem solve Problem solving is given a lot of um a Lot of props when they're talking about Evolution but there's other elements to Our Evolution our spiritual Evolution Love and compassion and being able to You know be selfless and be service Oriented and you know work for God and Have a connection to Divinity which AI Will never have ai will never have any Relationship with God and so um you know Unless there's some way an AI would be Created on a soul level and I don't know How that would happen but without a soul There's no without an etheric Creator You you're being created on a material Level and on a machine-based Situation and so they think AI is going To you know uh perform and do all these Things that people used to do but They're going to be sucky things like You know they're not going to be as good And I think you're going to have a lot Of AI error you see that already I mean They say AI already Hallucinates but I think AI will get

Things wrong there'll be a lot of Screw-ups because you know people are Creating the AI and people are screw-ups And you know many of them are Dysfunctional people there many of them Have low levels of uh heart energy and Gut energy like the mental the people Who are very mental very uh you know Geeky or nerdy but they don't have much Of a you know physical life and they Don't have much of a you know a Heart-based spiritual life and so They're really smart but they don't They're they're lacking in other areas And they're the ones creating the AI and That's very evident in this show like It's just you know there's Nuance to Good interpersonal writing script Writing where people interact with each Other to capture a naturalness to the Relationship and that's just completely Lacking in the show that the characters Don't don't have have any sort of Natural human relationships it's very uh You know it's paint by the numbers That's what AI is going to do like it's Just going to take other types of uh you Know dialogue and things like this and And manifest it into something else Without really understanding the nature Of human interactions but anyways you Know that's my that's my little you know Theory on the thing only spirituality Will save this world it's parano

Definitely pouring from the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be Grateful

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