ALWAYS & FOREVER + JoJo Magoo & the case of the Disappearing Chin

ALWAYS & FOREVER + JoJo Magoo & the case of the Disappearing Chin

Greetings uh brothers and sisters I'm Going to do a little bit of a a brief uh Um pre-introduction you know I was Watching um CNN actually I just turned On uh the Youtube uh tv app and CNN was On so it was like one of those you know Like I turned it on just at the right Time and there was a CNN reporter and I Just seen a CNN reporter and I'll try to Find that clip Was um somebody sent it to me and some Palestinian guy was just like fcnn Right Boop CNN right just right in the Reporter's face and she goes apparently They're not happy by the way we're Covering the Subject and so um I had just seen that Like maybe somebody had sent that to me Uh like you know an hour earlier I'd Seen it on instag or something and I'll Try to find that again you know you know A better clip of that but this um woman And you'll see the clip cuz I copied it With my phone and hopefully they have a Better version on uh you know they put It on the you know like YouTube or Something but if they didn't I still Have the clip on my phone I'll show you That as we go through the different Stuff I'm going to show you here I'm Going to start out with Jojo magu and His was uh messed up chin and all these Things his chin and his neck is like Morphine in this weird video probably

Most of you guys have seen it one way or Another and if not you'll see it here But there are signs that people are Holding up that said wake up C you know Wake up CNN wake up whatever it is America or something like that they're Using the term wake up the Palestinians Because truth or uh lingo has made it Everywhere right there truth movement is You know a internet a global internet Movement and people are um using the Lingo and aware of these talking points Aware of the various you know narratives And things that we believe here the Truth community and it's a very Comprehensive type of uh you know Awakening and most people don't get past The initial stage most people don't get Past the initial hey they're lying to a Stage like that's what that's the entry Level uh you know that's the entry level Awareness a Consciousness you know it's Like a gate you know going through a a Door and lots of people don't even make It through that door right lots of People that you know your relatives your FS friends and family you try to tell Them hey they're lying to us and they Say n n boo boo they stick their fingers In their ears and they refuse to hear it Right even though everyone knows that Politicians lie and corporations lie and Religions lie and governments lie I mean Everyone knows on some level people in

Power lie and people lie then people Know that people other people lie and They themselves lie that lying is a Thing right Li's a big thing you know That is you ever see that movie with Ricky Jes that the invention of ly like No one lied and he you know Ricky deras Comes up with the idea that he could you Know lie and you know it's kind of Interesting uh premise for a movie but Lying is a thing right but people who Are what we consider Sheeple they you know when they get the This whole vibe of the truther movement They're like I can't handle this don't Tell me this can't handle it and they Just try to dispute everything you're Saying defending the system defending Their controllers they slave masters you Know we all know what how that goes Right some people can't get into the Door the door isn't hard to get into Because you just have to see what's Obviously you know it's you didn't know Until somebody or something told you uh You didn't know like you sensed it that The whole system is an illusion and a Deception and on every level but the Sheeple just can't do it they can't go Through that door and then there are Multiple other doors or stairs if you Want to look at a staircase but pretty Much everybody stops there that we're Being lied to and what they end up doing

Is they look for somebody to blame you Know of course the Liberals the Democrats I mean most people are Rightwing leaning that come into this Thing so they want to blame the Liberals And the Democrats they want to blame This group or that group And they consider themselves like evil Hunters right we're hunting evil we're Exposing evil we're calling out evil and We're the good guys and they're the bad Guys and look at the evil the Controllers are doing to us and you know Whatever and they just become obsessed With finding out the evil things that People are doing like it's just some Sort of like uh you know being Junior Spies I mean the whole C movement and Getting in there we got to uncover it we Got to expose it you know we got to we Got to bring it into to the light you Know all these things and of course that Doesn't work because that's not going to Change anything and that's not what it's About but most people and most of you Probably many of you I mean probably Less of you than other places but There's plenty of truthers who make Content are the same way and the issue Is people don't change themselves they Get this information that they've been Lied to on a comprehensive level they've Been lied to by every Organization that governs their life

Whether it be the government itself Whether it be media whether it be Entertainment whether it be religion Religion particularly that's a tough one For people you know I have people all The time quoting the Bible and talking About the Old Testament and I you know I Said what you you read the Old Testament Like you you didn't know what it was Like you didn't know it was in Authority You didn't grow up indoctrinated that This was the the word of God and you Just wrote down the kind of person that God is this character that's in the Old Testament because it's a character it's A character that's been created that They're saying is God and it's you know It's not a an accurate betrayal of what God is it's a you know it's a Narcissistic Sociopath who's you know but hurt and Angry and and wrathful and so if you Can't confront that your religion's been Compromised and tampered with that They've changed things that there's a Controlling system that is you know that I mean it's historical there's the the Council of NAA and there's other places Where they just Changed the content the you know the Messages Jesus's messages and they've Changed things to uh control people like That was the goal like can bring more People in and control them and you know

Have more power it was a power move Right and people can't confront their Religion for example you're not being a Truth Seeker because you have to move Forward there has to be different levels Everything has to you know there has to Be an evolution to a you know to an Awakening to an awareness to Enlightenment it's not a a oneoff oh I'm Awake now and I don't need to do Anything more like I I was asleep and Now I'm awake and that's it like it's Just a it was a it was a one movement You know it was a one trick pony type of Movement I didn't know that they were Being lied to by the controllers I kind Of did but I didn't know to the extent And now I know so like I'm awake and I've made it you know and that's where Most truth truthers are and now you're An evil hun and you're out there you Know trying to uh figure out what you Know get to the bottom of things go to The bottom of the the rabbit hole and That's you know it's a it's a useless Pursuit and so the next evolutionary Step the next step into your Awakening To your awareness is I've been lied to On every level everything that every Institution that I'm a part of and you Know is uh you know uh controls some Aspect of my life is lying to me and There's a you know overall deception how Has it affected me like what do I need

To do to change what's inside myself Right like there's something going on Inside of me because of how's the lies Affected me like what am I as a person You know what have I become because of Growing up in this system you know you Do this people do this with their Families you know some people when you Realize your family's effed and you can Blame your dad blame your mom oh they Ruin my life things you do know all These kind of things right you can blame Your siblings you can blame society Maybe to some extent and you know Circumstances but really it's about okay What kind of person has this made me Into you know when you look at your Other family members when I meet my Brother or you know my sisters and you Know my brother I had more of a Relationship with and I see the effects Of growing up in my family on them and Our genetics and whatever else and what A drag it was you know like it would be Great to see my brother at first but Then like after a day or so it's just Overwhelming with his you know he's got More energy but he's you know we have Similar personalities I'm like oh is That what it's like to be around me you Know like so you know it's something That I can I can take that information In terms of things that I have to get Rid of Within Myself right things that

Are that have been placed there by my You know parents and by society and by My whatever pum scaras and whatever it Is things that are like unpleasant Things I have to you know change Within Myself like you know what what can I do To change the things to make it where I'm not adding more whatever it is bad Things to the world right I'm not making The world a worst place by who I am Internally right what what's inside of Me because of the system right it's all About changing what's inside of you Right you know the system warps people We've all been warped by the system and It's for each individual to unwarp Themselves right to get rid of the you Know the the deviations and the the Unnatural stuff and the things that Aren't uh you know pure reflection of Their soul and who they are as a soul Because the system is ungodly and Demonic and unnatural and it is Comprehensive and it's effects on us and It demands that we become something you Know worse than we nor naturally become Right something that's lesser than but The majority of people in the truth Community are just angry and they're Blaming everyone else and everyone else Sucks and you know whatever it is right I saw I think a Jim Beam commercial Hopefully I'll find that and I'll put it At the end of this voiceover where

Everyone's singing like one of those Sweet Caroline right you I'll do that I'll you know I'll see if I can fight it And it's in a bar and how great alcohol Is and all these things right and how Great people are um I had a comment Recently and and you know I must have Said people suck or whatever and the Person said people don't suck and then Somebody confronted the person and said Oh you have you been you haven't been Outside lately right and the person said Well you suck Right the person said people don't suck And then immediately with in one Interaction in a comment section changed Their position and told somebody that They talk and so that's you know some of You guys heard that video you know to go With this my wife um read something from Marcola Dr Marcola about chicken and how Chicken is just like a filthy you know Just these Factory chickens and and most People's you know various health issues Like urinary tract infections and other Things come actually from chickens and You know I I mean I have no way to Validate that being true but I Understand this as being something where Especially eating like cheap restaurant Chicken like you go out to eat like People have organic foods at home or They get you know cleaner Foods or Whatever or they grow their own food

Harvest their own food they have Livestock and and stuff but you go out To eat someplace especially like the you Know the cheaper level type of food Processed foods and it's going to be the Worst type of you know meat or whatever It is right and like chicken McNuggets Or whatever it might be and you know That kind of food and you know I worked In a restaurant a restaurant that was I Worked in multiple restaurants but one That was failing and the owner was you Know had really bad morals like he had a Two vegetarians in Northampton Massachusetts where was five college Area very liberal a lot of vegans a lot Of vegetarians and they had two Vegetarian dishes and people would say Which one is better and I would say the One without beef Stock they would say oh cuz that's not a Veget you know as a dish that had you Know beef stock in it even though it's Called vegetarian right but they would Take boneless chicken and just let it Sit there for like a week you know and I Was like that that can't be good like it Can't be you know I mean it is and it Would sit in these these drawers that Were refrigerated but they were less Cold and they were always being opened And contaminated right and you know you Just can't handle that I mean the health Department would never you know it's

Just a uh you know something that can't Be done but restaurant food especially Restaurants that are struggling Financially will you know want not want To throw things away there's a lot of Loss in restaurants and you know they Put out questionable food but in general Like this is just you know there's food Out there that is poisoning you and you Eat it and maybe you don't get sick but It's having some other kind of effect Like you don't like get you know Botulism or food poisoning but maybe you Get urinary tract infection or you get Some other kind of you know something Like that right um and all these ways That this type of food is contaminating Your internal system making you feel bad Making you less happy resing wck Wrecking your God in decreasing your Level of Serotonin and then you have to You're getting headaches or whatever you Know you're having these effects you You're depressed and you know of course The internet and all these things like This is why I say read the ingredients Because you're putting these things into Your body whether it be 5G whether it be You know the news whether it be you know Food whether it be you know whatever it Is you they're they're becoming part of You and if you don't work on not just The purification process of you know What you're ingesting but figuring out

What's inside of you that you have to Remove hatred being a big thing you know Victim Consciousness you know when I Talk about something like victim Consciousness and you know I give Examples of this and how it affects People it's not about talking about the People who have it it's talking about You know what you need to do what people Need to do I mean this is how people Should receive the things that I say Here it's not like you go out and talk To other people oh like I know about Victim Consciousness because this guy You know kind of talked about it he know Seem to know what he's talking about and You talk about to other people but then You still have it yourself right Physician heal yourself right you have To heal yourself you have something Inside of you like if you're not Changing especially people who are Creating content especially people who Are you know doing what I do there's Lots of people who do this who are you Know haven't changed at all they haven't Looked inside themselves and seen the Effects of the system on themselves and Learn to do something better and work on Changing themselves in some way that They're not just a part of the Beast Putting garbage out there putting bad Energy out there right been saying the Same making the same videos that they

Made you know 10 years ago right it's Been making the same content because you Haven't evolved because you're not Working on you know purifying your you Know the effects of the of this you know This demonic system on you the system Has these effects and you're not doing Anything to to uh you know eradicate the Effects in yourself real time effects And then the past indoctrination because All of us have been you know again our Lens in the way we view the world as Warped in some way you know people want Other people to change oh look at you Suck you you need to change that's what The comment section is all about people Want oh look you said this thing and You're wrong and you need to change and I'm right and I'm great and you you suck And you know like that's that's kind of What the truth Community is become right Oh you said something that I I believe Is wrong I know is wrong because I know You know saying I got to call you out Tell you how you're wrong about this Thing because you you you know and most Of it it's just about perception of of Something right one person thinks the Earth is round one the person thinks the Earth is flat whatever that's just Perception that's not about who you are As a person like you suck as a person is More important than your belief about Something oh you believe this and you're

Wrong I know about this I know more About this and you do and I saw a video And I saw this thing and they said this And you think this and I think that this Is your belief and this is mine so I'm Superior to you and you need to change And you need to be as you know evolved As me and that's just you know that's Like a child you know there's just lots Of children out there you know adult Children very few adults and just you Know grown-up children who are like you Know Nana Nana boooo in their life Through life like uh that reporter Whatever it was right Jim aosta I'll put That Meme there when I'm done with this Voice over but anyways let's just wrap This thing up here but it should be Agreed upon that people need to change And the only person you can change and Affect and make decisions for is Yourself like you can affect other People but you can't make them change And why would you want to like that's Not your job your job is to change Yourself right your job is to evolve and To become a better person and to get you Know in touch with the part of your That's the Divinity within you your soul Your your spiritual Essence and to move Forward in some way and you know Incorporate incorporate that connection The connection that's been destroyed by Our modern day system the connection

With the Divinity within like the the First thing that the system does is turn Your turn you into a materialistic Person that's disconnected from your Soul and your religion is a big part of That all of them the religions are a big Part of disconnecting you from your soul And monetizing the your connection to The Divine and using that connection not Just monetizing but turning into a you Know a powerful organization that is you Know speaks for God to you and that you Know and so that's really job one like The religion thing is the first thing That needs to be addressed your you know Your dysfunctional relationship with Your religion that is uh purposefully Turning you away from the Divinity Within you all right so that's enough For this let's get to the Jim Beam thing It sounds like I know you are but what Am I what's next I'm Rubber and you're Glue N na boo boo it's not if you do a Coup good for you world goes from let's Go Brandon to to oh no Bannon so this is A Jim Beam Ad people are good for you Jim Beam this Whiskey I believe it is um people are Good for you and here it Is was in the spring then spring became The Summer Come this has never happened in a bar Anywhere

Hands touching Hands reaching Out touching Me touching You you know every demographic is Represented here this is a extended [Applause] Version [Music] [Applause] People are good for you right um never Seen a bar like this right where people Are uh Lucid you know these are people Drinking whiskey drinking uh you know Something that's killing their liver It's a depressant it's and impairing Their ability to function it's uh Keeping them asleep and self-medicating And keeping them away from facing the Their miserable lives and the system That's collapsing around them and you Know all the things that bars represent Right and alcohol Represents and you know this idea that All these people these you know uh these All look like winners right you don't Find winners in a bar like this um and You know people are not so great right Now people need to change you know how Many alcoholics are here all of them Slightly you know at least partially uh But there's a more Insidious part to This the song Sweet Caroline was written By Neil Diamond and I covered this

Extensively I mean I did you know like a 20 30 minute a couple of videos on this Um and covered this but you know it's a Very sexual Song and uh he was um that he was uh he Saw this picture of um Caroline Kennedy Riding a horse here that's her so he Wrote this very sexual song and reaching Out touching you touching me he was Inspired by this picture there's JFK uh There's JFK and his you know wife and Jackie O and this is Caroline and Kennedy who he she ended up um the Kennedy Center for whatever Kennedy Awards they have this Kennedy thing they Give Awards to people for like Entertainment and politics and things Kennedy sent her Awards and she gave Neil Diamond she was given a speech About Neil Diamond and she made a joke About how creepy the song was that was Inspired by her as a 5-year-old and he They showed him in the audience and so There's extensive coverage of this that Him saying that he made this sexual song About this girl but what's worse about It is this scene is from a movie called Beautiful girls and in this movie that Featured a relationship between uh Timothy Hutton and um Natalie Portman And Natalie Portman was 11 and Timothy Hutton just got dumped by his girlfriend But he finds his soulmate and this 11-year-old girl and they have a you

Know a kind of a flirtatious romantic Relationship that's really creepy and in The bar they're singing Sweet Caroline In the bar um then one of the guys knows That he has this relationship and Indicates you know this song is kind of You know about this relationship so this Song is really creepy it's a Pedal [Applause] Song so they were all singing This Creepy ped song here is that Neil Diamond there you know so they're all Singing This creepy ped song and they're Celebrating this you know this poison This toxin that they're all ingesting And Jim be was saying people are are Good for you Right and so um yeah no no they're not Right and neither is Jim Beam but I want To start here um huffing and post is Clearly Against the um the is Israel narrative Israeli narrative Um which is very surprising to me Because there are such shills for Joe Biden and the Democratic party and the CIA agenda and you know all all of I Cover here all the time like they're Just um always on the wrong side of Everything like just naturally but They're not into Joe Biden's here and uh Very seldom they ever criticize him but They're going in pretty hard on him for Israel and its support of the the uh the

Is the idf's pursuit of uh land grab Here exclusive Mutiny Brewing at State Diplomats repair formal descent more Than 400 Capitol Hill staffers call for Ceasefire morale is low and some Staffers are preparing to formally Express their opposition to President Joe Biden's approach to officials told Huffington Post This guy arbar Shahid amid so he's um he Is a Yale University graduate who grew Up in Pakistan so he's Pakistani and he is um Huffington Post Foreign correspondent Foreign Affairs Correspondent and so um President joh Biden's approached the ongoing violence In Israel and Palestine is feeling Mounting tension at the US government Agency most involved in foreign policy The statement Department officials told HFF impos Secretary of State Anthony blinkin and Most of his senior advisers are Overlooking widespread internal Frustration some Department staff said They feel as if blink and his team are Uninterested in their own experts advice As they focus on supporting Israel's Expanded operation in Gaza where Palestinian militant group Hamas is Based there's basically a mutiny Brewing Within the state department at all Levels so um this is um basically saying That everybody who's not a part of this

Neocon cabal is in fact you know there's There's that um is not into it right and They're going against that because they Have an agenda more than 400 Capital Hill St staffers call for Ceasefire and so that happened Here isra Israel pounds Gaza evacuates Towns to have expected ground offensive Against Hamas Hamas Israel Hamas Israel Hamas War live Updates a trucks wait to cross into Gaza Another night of heavy bombing Muslim Members of Congress face spikes and Death Threats [Laughter] Okay it's the it's the um airplane of The chinless people here they're Having They're having who could have uh less of A chin off here this um reporter who Clearly doesn't have a chin and jojoo Has sported this chicken pouch here and Um his [ __ ] keeper mullet like he's not Doing well I don't know if they're doing Some kind of CGI or something or they Have you know just whatever they're Doing to not CGI but some sort of filter Whatever they're doing to make him look Better than this because like he looks Really bad here and people are comenting About this so he's got this this chicken Scratch here um we used to call it like A chicken Fest something like this my my

Aunts my you know my aunts my dad's um Sisters was it and they had all this Like fat on their arms they had flab and They called it chicken fat I don't know It's something for my youth but he's got This thing going on here if Hezbollah Initiates a war against Israel the US Military will join the IDF in fighting The terrorist group not true not true I Was never said think there's a lesser Chance and so then people are talking About this you know what's happening Here deposits are fat or what now that Israel won't go in and um into Gaza and That can be Averted that ain't right um he's just a Long talk about that and what all and Like this right here and just that and Like you know now when this when he Lifts his head up this disappears and The the fluid flows down into here watch Watch it it's watch it disappear it's Like he's got this double butt here and It's going to go we a long talk about That and what altern diss it's like it's Like you know now that's not as so it Was you know down here it was like this Right it was like a big butt there and Then it slowly disappears and then it's Like that and that this is you know um Yeah so JoJo magu is not doing well and Let's get into his speech here he's got Real low energy which we all see action Point in history one of those moments

Where the decisions we make today are Going to determine the future for Decades to come that's what I'd like to Talk with you about tonight you know Early this morning I returned from Israel they tell me I'm the first American President to travel there During the War I met with the Prime Minister and members of his cabinet and Most movingly I met with Israelis who Had personally live through horrific Horror of the you met with him Personally act by Hamas on the 7th of October more than 1,300 people Slaughtered in Israel includ okay so It's up to over 4,000 as of um today's Friday whatever It is the 20th or something it's over 4,000 at least 30 32 American Citizens scores of Innocents from Infants to the elderly grandparents Israelis Americans taking hostage as I Told the families of Americans being Held captive by Hamas we're pursuing Every Avenue to bring their loved ones Home as president there is no higher Priority for me than the safety of American Self hostage that's the number One priority the terrorist group Hamas Unleashed pure unadulterated evil in the World Evil but unadulterated evil it was just Unadulterated evil for Evil's Sak the Jewish people know perhaps pure pure

Evil they didn't cut it with anything They didn't throw anything to cut it With it's pure evil it's better than Anyone that there is no limit to the Depravity of people when they want to Inflict pain on others exactly no no Limit to the depravity of this these People in Israel I saw people who were Strong determined resilient and also Angry all three all all four of those Things in shock and in deep deep pain Pain deep deep pain give him the fist I Also spoke with President obas the Palestinian Authority and reiterated the United States remains committed to the Palestinian people right to dignity and To self-determination yeah exactly until We we have Israel Annex their country The actions ofas terrorists don't take That right Away like so many other I'm heart broken By the tragic loss of Palestinian life Including the explosion at the hospital In Gaza which was not done by the Israelies definitely not not not done by Them it's definitely 100% not done by Them that's just BS we trust me like have I ever lied to You before in every innocent life lost We can't ignore the humanity of innocent Palestinians who only want to live in Peace and have an Opportunity you know they have an Opportunity for what like not to get

Frisked not to go through checkpoints Like what not to have their houses taken Away from them all in Israel Echoes Nearly 20 months of War tragedy and Brutality inflicted on the people of Ukraine people that were very badly hurt Very badly hurt like look at him this Guy's your president this is your President Putin launch his allout inv Putin Putin Putin's it's Putin's Fault we've not for got in the mass Graves the bodies found bearing signs of Torture rape used as a weapon by the Russians no way that's not that's not a Weapon and thousands and thousands of Ukrainian children forcibly taken into Russia stolen from their parents it's Sick it's sick he didn't do that kind of Just what's wrong with Little I mean you know all he ever does Little sing little sing little little Gropin I mean you know none of that Stuff it's sick Hamas and Putin Represent different threats but they Share this in common they want our money It's going to cost you money and Efforts you're going to have to pay for It they both want to completely Annihilate a neighboring democracy Completely annihilated Hamas stated Purpose for existing is the destruction Of the state of Israel and the murder of Jewish people no way that's not nice Hamas does not represent the Palestinian

People Hamas uses Palestinian civilians As human Shields human shields for their Evil and innocent Palestinian families Are suffering greatly because of them Because of them all them never nothing To do with Israel meanwhile Putin denies Ukraine has or ever had real statehood He claims the Soviet Union created Ukraine and just two weeks ago he told The world that if the United States and Our allies withdraw and if the United States withdraw our allies will as well Military support for Ukraine would have Quote a week left to live but we're not Week left to live so we you know Somebody's got to paid for it it's going To be you you're going to hit you up for Some money cuz otherwise you know They're they're on their military on Life support withdrawing I know these Conflicts can seem far away and it's Natural to ask why does this matter to America why do it matter why do it Matter so let me share with you why Making sure Israel and Ukraine succeed Is vital for America's national security Okay cuz you're going to pay for it this Is you're getting the bill for this so I'm going to tell you why it's important You know history has taught us that when Terrorists don't pay a price for their Terror when dictators don't pay a price For their aggression they cause more Chaos and death and more destruction

That's what history's taught us they Keep going and going and the cost and The threats to America and the world Keep rising Rising so if we don't stop Putin's Appetite for power and control of Ukraine he won't limit himself just to Ukraine look keep on going he'll be in Europe he'll be in England before you Know it he'll be in Iceland like he's Not going to stop till he gets to Iceland he's Putin's already threatened To remind quote remind Poland that their Western land was a gift from Russia Exactly and we take it back one of his Top advisers the former president of Russia has called Estonia ltia and Lithuania Russia's Baltic provinces Exactly Kaboom these are all NATO allies for 75 Years NATO of course he's not going to Attack them because as soon as he Attacked them it's World War II Ukraine Is not a NATO that's what this is all About you were pushing them to be a NATO Which caused Russia to do what they're Doing and so uh if he attacked any of These other countries that are NATO Allies it would mean America would be at War with them so there's no reason to Even talk about this or we could get rid Of our NATO of Alliance which Trump was Trying to do and I'm not you know saying Trump was good or whatever but you know

This is just lies has kept peace in Europe and has been the Cornerstone of American Security and if Putin attacks a NATO Ally Putin we will defend every Inch of NATO which it treaty requires And calls for exactly so why you even Talking about this because we going to Let Ukraine fall and he's not going to Move any further we'll have something That we do not seek make it clear we do Not seek we do not seek to have American Troops fighting in Russia or fighting we Don't we don't seek that we're not Seeking that at all I'm not a seeking that out against Russia Beyond Europe we know that our Allies and maybe most importantly Adversaries and competitors are watching They're watching our response in Ukraine As well and if we walk away and let Putin erase Ukraine's Independence would Be aggressors around the world be Emboldened to try the same yeah because Your neocon boneheads thought that Russia was going to fold and cave and This would be an easy war and now that It hasn't happened and we're drained Emotionally and financially and we're Not into it and you're still hitting us Up for money and you failed I mean it's A failure you guys don't want to admit It's a failure you know there was an Article somewhere that um they were Building they were creating body armor

For pregnant women in the Ukraine I mean It's not funny but it's Funny they're making body haror because They need pregnant women to fight their Wars for them against Russia because That's how bad it is Ukraine has been Drained of its Youth and it's a war they Can't win they're just overmatched and Russia has resilience and you know they Just they're up for this kind of thing And so the neocons that he had to make a Deal with these neocons so he could Cheat his way into the White House you Know the neocons hated Trump so he made A deal with the devil neocons are Republicans and they're really pro Israel and they're really pro war and They thought they could win this and They fail at everything the neocons Think things are going to happen they Never happen the way they think they're Going to happen or if they do if they Don't they still make bank because they Control all these companies like Halden That make money rebuilding things so all These illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and things they created with false Flags and you know with lies and things To the UN about weapons of mass Destruction and what they did to Libya And they just destroyed these countries All the way back to Iran with the Operation Ajax would be emboldened to Try the same the risk of conflict and

Chaos could spread in other parts of the World in the Indo Pacific in the Middle East especially in the Middle East Especially in the Middle East it could Spread everywhere Iran is is is Supporting Russia as you in Ukraine they Are they are Iran Iran and Russia and Ukraine and supporting Hamas and other Terrorist groups in the region no way All those things they need to be stopped This is the neon's wet dream is to tople Rod that's their big goal and we'll Continue to hold them accountable I Might add the United States and our Partners across the region are working To build a better future for the Middle East one where the Middle East is more Stable better connected to its neighbors And through Innovative projects like the Indiaan middle east Europe rail Carter He want he loves this rail he wants this Railroad he's like a little kid with a Train set I announced this year at the Summit of the world's biggest said it Was going across the Pacific Ocean Remember when you said that everyone was Like oh my God his brain is Gone more predictable markets more Employment less rage less grievances Less war when connected it benefits the People would benefit the people the Middle East and would benefit us all of Us would all benefit American leadership Is what holds the world together no come

On bro no one says that anymore after The last five presidents American Alliance is what keep us America safe American values are what make us a Partner that other nations want to work With to put all that at risk if we walk Away from Ukraine if we turn our backs On Israel it's just not worth It it's just not worth it right it's Just not worth It it's just not worth the you know the Fact that we're going to go broke Supporting these wars and giving away Your money this like L's listen it again Make us a partner that other nations Want to work with to put all that at Risk if we walk away from Ukraine if we Turn our backs on Israel it's just not Worth it just not worth It that's wonderful so let's go to Morning Joe because he says that in Morning Joe watch this this um the name Of this video is in Morning Joe last Night Biden gave a historic speech what Holds the world together American allian Is what keep us America Safe America American values are what make us a Partner that other nations want to work With to put all that at risk if we walk Away from Ukraine if we turn our backs On Israel it's just not worth It part of President Biden's address Last night urging Americans and con They're calling this a historic speech

Like that is like a joke like how are You not laughing at that it's just not Worth it it's a joke like he's a joke He's an old scile joke he was a joke When he was when he was like at his top Of his game when he's in his prime he Was a putts and a joke and a plagiarizer And just a you know nobody considered Him seriously a presidential like he no One considered him presidential nobody Thought that about him right he was good At being a vice president because he's a Joke and now he's seile and they're just Carry on like nothing happened right the Speech is horrible Congress to continue To support Ukraine and Israel can you Believe this dude right here this m andf And Gumby Joe in the vastly different Wars each is Fighting we'll go live to Israel for the Latest on the expected ground Invasion Boom all this stuff look at this just Trauma here what's going on here night I Thought it was really effective sort of Part teacher part influencer and trying To spread the you're not going to call Him an influencer are you he doesn't Have any influence over they laugh at Him we're mocking him the Democratic People people who vote democratic have To be embarrassed by him in their choice Right and you know the re Ukraine war is A lost War it's over they they are Minimizing how bad Ukraine's gotten its

Ass kicked and Russia's Victory is Inevitable and just how much more money We're going to dump into this thing Right that's why tomorrow I'm going to Send to Congress an urgent budget Request to fund America's national Security needs to support our critical Partners including Israel and Ukraine Is a smart investment that's going to Pay dividends for American Security for Generations now the Republicans are Going to vote for Israel because they They're completely owned by Israel even More than the Democrats I mean this whole thing's a Mess right and it means more money for You help us keep American troops out of Harm's Way help us build a world that is Safer more peaceful more prosperous for Our children and Grandchildren in Israel we must make Sure that they have what they need to Protect their people today and always Always no one's no one wants to sign up For always right you know this isn't a Mar like always you mean for infinity And beyond the Security package I'm Sending to Congress and asking Congress To do is an unprecedented commitment to Israel's security that will Sharpen Israel's qualitative military Edge which we've committed to okay so How much money are we on the hook for These people um like I'm not up for it

Right I'm not I don't want this War I Don't want you know I'm not supporting This thing lots of people aren't the Younger people particularly you you have Younger people aren't into this and they Are more sympathetic to the Palestinian People the Palestinian cause as it were And so you're promising something for Them that they're not willing to keep Always no always right so he's going to Say something Here what am I doing now what am I doing Now It's called pooping in here Depends hello some bird Here some bird is tearing up the or Crow Or something the crow is the um was that A magire crow those are those are you Know birds of death it's taking the flag Just dropped it um um you know they They're supposed to take your soul to The afterworld it's a whole you know Crows have an association with death Okay so there is a movie that's called All the light you cannot see and here's A long 3 minute 25 second trailer it's About a young blind woman in France who Speaks with an English accent and she um Is on the radio and this guy's involved House house is involved there's Nazis of Course Nazis are there and there's Things going on here because this guy He's a Nazi but he he's really into This Woman's um her podcast Back in the Day

In France when France was under Nazi Occupation and she's blind and she has Courage and she's going to keep on going Despite getting bombed but this guy is Going to be told by his Nazi boss that He's got to go find her and he's got to Find where she is and he's running Around getting his ass kicked here for Some reason and and then you know he Doesn't want to do it but they're going To kill him if he doesn't and he's good At he's good at um finding where radio Signals are coming from and his Nazi Boss is a big meaner and he's just going To make sure he goes and kills this poor Blind girl but she's got courage she's Not backing down house is always looking Like this because that's what house does And then they're doing fire here for Some reason and this guy puts a Luger to His throat says if you don't if you Don't kill her I'm going to kill you He's like oh you're a big meaner and Then he goes over here and she's done Here she's saying she's never going to Stop and there's some kind of thing look At they got skulls and stuff they big Meaners over there and tals is still Doing that and then there's all these Flags here for some reason and it's France and she's going around she's Walking through the parade with her Blind cane cuz she's blind and she's a Hero and they're all saying oh my God

We're so proud of you and then he's like I don't know that that dude right there And there's all kinds of gunfire here And this guy's running cuz there's bombs Hitting she's scared because she's being Hunted by a Nazi and this guy's having Some sort of dream here with Nazi flags And swas Stiers and then the STI going Up over here and then the movie's over But this is Said most important light is the light You cannot see the most important light Is the light you cannot see so here Again we have another Nazi movie and it Seems like there's three or four a year And you know at this time right at this Time when the war with uh Palestine and Israel is going on so right now um They're saying that there's 4,000 and 79 dead Palestinians it's About 1,500 Israelis this is to a tag of aloa But I I kind of want to also just bring To the attention like I didn't really Realize how bad things were in Israel And he didn't realize until he watched The news and uh just wanted to bring to Attention um you know for those who Don't necessarily understand things that Are going on um that it it really is bad And if you don't understand if you go on Google you look you search and go on Google if you don't understand go and Look search how bad is it is in Israel

And you can type that into Google and Then you find out and you realize it's a Lot worse than you knew you read about What's going on in this world um this World needs prayer um you know we we I Don't know what we've come to but uh You know just my thoughts my prayers are Are thoughts and prayers it needs this World needs thoughts and prayers that's What this world needs you know when he's Done playing football his thoughts and Prayers it's like 75% prayers and 25% Thoughts or maybe the other way around I'm not sure it's a mixture you need Some thoughts and some prayers for this World are out with uh those people in Israel um you know I know there's uh the Ukraine and and Russia War still going On as well and I just wanted to to bring Notice that although we have the freedom To do this here play football and Exactly we can run around in a field Bunch of grown men beating the crap at Each other war war we can have our Imaginary Wars on the field for you know Millions of dollars and Taylor Swift and Things and fiser and all those things But there's real wars going on other Places you know that they don't have the Freedom to to stop and uh be able to Have the freedom to do these things that Uh you know to come back into reality And think you know that's that's what That's where we all are here in this

World so I just want to bring that to The attention and uh you know hopefully We we all come together and can can pray Pray for the the kids the children the The wives or the the women um you know And the men that are putting themselves Out there you know every day um for for Those those unfortunate events that are Happening happening right now you know What about the Palestinians do you know Anything about Palestine have you Googled that 2,000 US troops told to be Ready to deploy breaking here is US Politicians and Cong who hurly who Currently hurly hold stock positions That directly benefit from a war in the Middle East all these people good for Them they're going to get some money out Of this thing and this guy this guy this Caring Individual uh ethical moral individual Could justify that it's difficult to Look at The are you sad bro are you crying are You so sad about this Ukrainian thing Are you okay bro are you such a caring Universal individual who works at the Pentagon And it's supposed to be about war and Pentagon and all the the military stuff This is so sad it was so sad it's so sad Over there in the Ukraine I'm so Sad sorry you work at the Pentagon Andever your job is death and

Destruction and planting horrible things For people in other countries it's diff Did you cry when uh JoJo magu dropped a A a drone strike on eight kids in Afghanistan did you cry then when he you Know just to save face he invented this Isis k group and started droning people In Afghanistan to change the the the Story lines and the and the conversation And when he droned eight kids and they Died did you cry then you you soulless Mfer difficult to look at some of the Images and imagine that any well- Thinking serious mature leader would do That so I can't talk to his psychology But uh I think we can all speak to his Depravity yeah okay so Megan McCain said This um you know my podcast yesterday I Was talking about dealing with shame I Feel for having gone to Columbia University which is not something I have Ever felt until that's what you feel Shame for you're Megan McCain you're You're John McCain's Daughter and that's what you feel a Shamed for you were on The View for like Eight Years but you're ashamed that you went To Columbia University recently I mean The virulent anti-Semitism going on by The students on campus and then the Professor uh I Professor the professor That Professor makes me feel Shame

Professor don't I think his name is mad I think his name is did you just say his Name was mad don't I think his name is Mad I think his name is um coming out Saying that he felt invigorated by the Terror attacks it's just not something That should be acceptable in Academia Academia the only thing I can say is They will never get you're have a Academia nut with Academia a dime from Me I will never do any speaking Engagements with them I wholeheartedly Endorse what people like Bill Amman are Doing and John Huntsman pulling funding Huntsman and pulling resources because There should be consequences for this Kind of not just hate speech but the Celebration of death of a minority and I Don't pretend to understand that you Mean like how the Palestinians are Minorities and out of power and they're Being ethnic cleansed is that what you Mean Megan Megan it's Megan it's me it's Megan the experience of a minority or Jewish person I'm not saying I do but I Am I don't I don't don't I I don't but I Do saying that I've been in this space For a long time just because my activism Started a really long time ago and to See it's not only as bad as I thought it Was but infinitely worse has been truly Heartbreaking and you know Colombia can Go to hell as far as I'm concerned and

Boom go to hell you evil mfers my kids Will not be attending Ivy League schools Um if this is still the culture it's Going to be I would not be proud to I Would not be comfortable exactly and I Make my choices for my kids so I'm going To tell them don't go to Colombia and They're going to listen because that's Kind of the household I run well my Dad's uh I wouldn't say activism but his Politics in the space okay look at him He's got some mullet uh he has some [ __ ] Keeper mullet thing going on as well There so there was a guy I can't Remember his name is a truther and he Did an interview with somebody who was Um you know guy someone in the Intelligence Community talked about how The McCain family were assets for Israel That McCain's wife was given these cushy Positions and you know he was one of the The biggest supporters of Israel John McCain and it documented the guy Documented how this guy was um you know The in the interview was an old truther Video Probably five 7 you know 2012 that you know 10 years ago um can't Remember the guy's name but it was well Done and you know I don't know how much Of it's true but it's you know there was Things that were documentable like John McCain's finances and other things you Know him and that guy um liberman from

Connecticut and John McCain and his Family had all these ties to Israel Financially in other ways and so Megan McCain is coming from that perspective So there a video put out um and I assume It was done by Israel somebody sent me This and I lost it I don't know where Where I you know sometimes I just Something disappear people send me stuff And it disappears I never get to cover It then my wife found it as well and Send it to me this morning I'd forgotten About it uh but this says parents uh Kids can't read the the text in this Video but parents can and so it's some Sort of we we know that your child Cannot read this we have an important Message to tell you as parents 40 Infants were murdered in Israel by the Hamas terrorists Isis just as you would Do everything to protect everything for Your Child we will do everything to protect Ours now hug your baby and stand with us It's almost like threatening right it's Almost like There's A Veiled Threat There and then there's this um uh you Know this uh what is it manur whatever It is um for Hanukkah right I guess That's the I don't know um I'm not sure What the symbol is but that's effed up Right and this thing's been making Around the truth Community because a few People you know my wife saw it and

Somebody else sent it to me but uh how Messed up is that so this uh reporter is In rala on the West Bank um you know she's wearing a goofy Hat and just one of these stupid CNN Reporters and I'm glad I found this Somebody else sent it to me was a poor Quality you know something that was on Like uh instag or something who are Dealing with both a humanitarian crisis No food no water no fuel uh but also With a a crisis of just getting the air Strikes over and over and over again Which which has killed so let me just Say this we can all agree on here and Should everyone should be able to agree On this everywhere that there are two Sides to this there's a conflict and There are two sides and the sides are Based in a 3,000 year old uh dispute at Least 3,000 years of dispute between the Arabs and the and the Jews right so this Is you know this is where the conflict Is you know has uh Originated and it is something where There are two sides and America and American Media are on the Israeli side Sometimes they're compassionate to the Suffering of innocent Palestinians but everybody knows America Is I mean this is what they say over and Over again you you've heard it here we Stand with Israel we are you know we are There to have Israel's back always right

Forever and ever and so this is where The anger comes from because these Reporters go in like they they're Neutral and everybody there knows that America is is the you know is the is the Like the the Johnson right the the dick Behind the power behind Israel right Israel wouldn't be able to do any of These things if America didn't back Israel like if uh Israel lost America's Support Israel would be a Sitting Duck Out there and they would be completely Vulnerable and they wouldn't be able to Uh do these things to the Palestinians They wouldn't do land grabs they Wouldn't be able to treat the Palestinians the way they treat them Without America Israel is just in a a Small country surrounded by people that Hate them right and so this is where the Anger comes from that they feel like you Know this is not uh one-sided it isn't Like the Arabs are just you know the bad Guys and the Jews are the good guys and That's how Americans feel about it no Water no fuel but also with a a crisis Of just getting the the air strikes over And over and over again which which has Killed uh so many civilians um who are Not part of the government not part of Uh the government that runs that uh that Place that strip Hamas so you are seeing This sort of uh solidarity that was Called for by the way by Hamas all over

The Arab world and the world alike but You are also seeing the journalists Gathered here because this is kind of Where the clashes keep happens so all Right so this guy realized it's CNN so This guy realizes this is a CNN repor Genocide supporter you are not welcome Here you are not welcome here genocide Supporter you're a genocide supporter You're not welcome here [Music] CN Fcnn All right you see that people are very Angry they do not like the way in which That that CNN has been reporting the Story you hear that they don't like the Way that CNN has been reporting the Story this is great here but this is We're fine um but what you are seeing is The heightened fear anger um yeah we're Seeing that CNN sucks right we're seeing That CNN sucks you're not real Journalists And people know about it globally so I Saw that right somebody sent me that and An hour later I turned on my YouTube TV Thing for some reason and CNN comes up And this is what I'm seeing there so at Western media who people here World wake Up CNN wake up so immediately I'm like Wow this is like truth or you know Lango Lingo and uh this is their in the uh Egypt Gaza Crossing these people are

Trying to get into Egypt or get support From Egypt but you'll see that there's All this supplies that aren't getting to These people there's all this you know Aid that isn't getting to these people Who are suffering and you know um Whatever their thing is feel have Favored Israeli voices over Palestinians Where is your Humanity prot this girl Starts yelling at the reporter starts Shouting at me we invite her to do an Interview with us and so I'm surprised That CNN put this up on YouTube like This is you know they they need Something to make them sound like They're not completely biased for Israel Or they you know they want to blame Hamas for everything they want to say That there's good people in Palestine But Hamas has got to be eradicated and You know Hamas is the one doing this to Them not not Israel we know it's Israel The rest of us know it's Israel right Okay when a thousand plus Palestinian Babies die you don't feel the same you Don't feel the same as when I tell you One of your own has died But these are our Own and it is unfair and Egypt will s With Palestine all Western channels are Talking for Israel if the United Nations Is standing for Israel if all these International institutions are standing For Israel who's there for the

Palestinians and don't call it a war the Jargon is even more infuriating it's not A war they're not on an equal footing it Is not a war yeah cuz the Palestinians Don't have an army which I documented in My original video in fact my video about Kennedy's when Kennedy came out RFK Jr And gave that horrible take on Palestine And you guys you know if you've seen my Videos I documented the difference in Military strength Israel has an Air Force and navy and the Palestinian sto And there Israel has you know whatever Now they have three million whatever They have in terms of their uh ground Troops they outnumber the Palestinians And Palestinian doesn't have a Government or you don't have a they Don't have an organized military what They have is weapons they get from other Countries supporting countries in the Region but they don't have anything Right they don't have the support they Don't have any legitimacy you can't even Find Palestine on the map right it Doesn't exist where piles of Aid sit by The runway so close to where they need To be but held back the UN says by Complications over how to monitor the Trucks that enter Gaza and how to Establish a continuous humanitarian Corridor so they have all this stuff Here's this guy from the UN they have All this stuff there but it's not

Getting to the people right which of Course It Isn't So after doing all this Most of the video you just saw I've been Putting together for a couple of days I Went to eat breakfast and this was on CNN giving a been given a sort of a um a Free uh out card by saying well you know We're concerned because um you know it's Difficult for us to handle a bunch of Refugees well then where's the United Nations you know where's the concern for The Palestinian population um so it's an Interesting question but the Arab Nations in the region starting with Egypt are the ones that have a potential Solution here but make no mistake Israel Is committed to the elimination of Hamas And rightfully so unfortunately civilian Casualties unintentional will be uh a a Consequence of these operations Unfortunately civilian casualty Are a result of this operation and That's the problem that's the whole Problem because there's a war here There's been a war going on since 3,000 Years ago right and somebody wrote to me About how um Abraham was the father of Christianity and all these things to do With ishmail and Isaac and you know the The Old Testament socks the Bible is you Know okay but it's not validation for Right and wrong in this situation right You have three groups of people you have Muslims Christians and Jews and all of

Them let's say you remov the other two Let's say you wiped out two of the three And no matter which of the three Survived they still have beef with other People right like Christians would still Have issues with uh you know whatever Chinese Communists Russians you know the Muslims would still have beef with each Other the Shiite versus the Sunni there Still be war and conflict and hatred Because it's what I say all the time Hatred exists inside of people Jews Still would have issues because Everywhere they've gone they've had Issues with the you know the dominant Population the population there and so No matter where these groups go no Matter what these people do let's say They all to one religion it would still Be a religion where they would be hatred Towards other people atheists or Whatever it is it's because hatred Exists inside people hatred is a part of Human The Human Condition and people Hate each other on the internet people Hate each other in families people hate You know whatever you know hatred finds A way right like people say love finds a Way but hatred finds a way and so the Mistake was a third party the British And the UN creating Israel out of Palestine and there were some Jews there And there were some Palestinians and There was some whatever they had their

Beef whatever but by creating the state Of Israel they've now uh created a you Know a enemy in that area a you know a a Focal point where the surrounding Countries are focusing their hate on and You know the Israelis are doing whatever They can to eliminate the other people In that region somebody sent me a video I don't know if I have it Opposite still I've been getting so many things but but It was like 1980 or 194 so it was a long Time ago and some expert was talking About how Israel needs to expand into These other countries the original area Of Israel you can look up these Maps but The original area was Far bigger than What Israel is today like if Israel's if This is a Promised Land you can see the Map includes I found a a good version of This it includes uh Lebanon Syria turkey Iraq Saudi Arabia and Kuwait um and then Borders on Iran and so they would have The Red Sea plus they have Egypt so They'd have some of Africa this is what Greater Israel was so this is the whole Promised land so if they they are Thinking that God promised them this Land I got a great um quote to read in a Moment and this is the land that they Were promised right and so when you get Into this situation where there's been Beef and beef for 3,000 years there's no Way for any one of us to unpack it and Figure out who's to blame and ultimately

It's got to be both sides right if it's 3,000 years and you look at the history Of the peoples in other places like These people's when they've gone to Other places they've had beef right the You know the Muslims have had issues in In India and like India is just a land Of hospitality and they have trouble Getting along with the Indians and the Indians have their own issues isues but They're passive and they have this thing About hospitality and they've had issues That's why there's a Pakistan and There's an India and we know about Jews Being in different parts of the world And we know the Christians you know with Their Crusades and the Christians and Their colonizing ways right and so all Three of these religions have had issues Beyond you know you can't blame one Group or another there's you know There's a problem here you know there's A problem with their religion there's a Problem with their attitude there's a Problem with uh they can't get along With anybody right and that's people in General like people just can't get along People you know people can there's good People in every group there let's say 90% of the people are good let's say n 90% of the people are satisfied with a Small little piece of property and you Know whatever just or even a village Type situation like 90% of people are

Positive and can live in a you know Without being you know dicks or whatever Right and it's only 10% but that 10% Ends up wrecking everything even if it's You know less than 10% or more you know You get the idea but that's the problem With Humanity but for the most part People all um you know have a a Predisposition towards hatred greed and Violence and some of these other things We have higher developed qualities but Right now we're disconnected from them I Mean explain the horror movies like all The people watch horror movies or all The people play violent video games or All the people that you know all the Exploitation and all the things that are Going on in the world right all the Weapons why are there atomic bombs why Are there it's not just you know 10% of The people I it's it's everybody to some Extent has these Tendencies and so we Shouldn't insert ourselves like between The conflicts between the Ukraine and The Russians it's really none of our Businesses none of our business but we Have these alliances and we have our own Agenda we have our own you know whatever Machinations and plots and things Manipulations and so people are going to Back different groups and we're back in Israel and clearly that's causing even More of a problem right I mean United States is causing even more of a problem

By doing that and the backlash is Palpable but then there was this great Comment they came in and this is um I Just want to end with this and the Person wrote you say God doesn't promise You anything he promis love peace Happiness if you believe you you will Always find peace love and happiness now This a crazy Person you know this is a Christian Person I believe I mean they didn't say So but this was about my comment about The Old Testament these things but Jesus Didn't have happiness peace and love and All these things Jesus died miserable Alone he felt betrayed by at least three Of his disciples and by many of the People he was there servicing and you Know he was rendering spiritual training To and they turned on him they were Amongst the people that turned on him And so you know he said father why H Thou why haast Thou forsaken me and then All of his disciples met horrible deaths Every one of them had a you know brutal Death in some way or another and all the Saints in the Christian tradition Spiritual people who have been Persecuted It's just an amazing amount amount of People and you can find people like that Saintly people globally historically and They suffer they suffer even if they're Not persecuted they're not crucified

They suffer any even if they're Celebrated they suffer they suffer more Than the average person it's just the Way it is so God doesn't promise you These things at least on this plane of Existence there's no promises God Doesn't make promises there's Levels of spiritual achievement and if You do what you're supposed to do on Here at Planet Earth your soul will move Forward in its level of achievement on a On a soul level you always have these Things when you're not in physical body You have love you have peace you have Harmony you have all the things that Exist when there isn't physical desires Physical needs physical you know Expression there is you know there's a Level of uh you know know of peace and And serenity in the spiritual realm of Existence and as you move forward sure There's that so in a sense it's promised Or at least you you can you know it's Guaranteed in a way if you do what you Need to do on planet Earth you can Graduate out of this you know the the Misery of Life on planet Earth I mean Obviously it's not just miserable here But there is some you know Miser is a Part of it but it's the heaviness right It's the emotions it's the you know it's The unstable nature of physical life it Is the ups and downs it's the you know All of it and you can graduate to a more

Subtle realm of existence but most People don't want to do that the fact That people fear death people don't want To leave here they like to complain About it but they don't really want Liberation they don't want to be you Know if they they had a choice between Leaving here or going to a higher realm Of existence or living a life where They'd have a little bit more money a Little happiness They would choose the happiness and Whatever they know it's what people know Right the unknown is the life of the Soul right but most people would choose The you know what they do know which is Physical life and because of that There's Wars and all these things Because people are disconnected from Their higher nature which would make Most of the stuff that happens on planet Earth most of the wars certainly all the Wars and all the things that go on most Of the conflict most of the problem Silly right the more you're connected to Your soul the more that all the people All the things that people are whining About all the people things that people Are trying to achieve all the stuff that People are doing is just silly right Because it's it's like a video game Where you lose like the character in the Video game is no longer controlled by You like somehow your controller breaks

Or the video game malfunctions and You're playing the game and all of a Sudden your avatar is on its own like You no longer can control it you no Longer can guide it you no longer can Make decisions for it and so your avatar Just stops going on the quest whatever The the levels are to fight the big boss Or whatever it is to achieve victory of The game right whatever the objectives Are the you know the things that you're Doing to as a person that you want to Achieve through your avatar to win the Game or whatever it is right to finish The game your avatar just starts Wandering around and doing [ __ ] on its Own and you know indulging and it's not It's not engaging in the process it's Lost its its path its Journey it's it's Reason for being and that's what people Are they're avatars they're they're you Know they're disconnected from their Soul and their higher purpose and They're just wandering around and They're getting into things and caring About things that really don't matter And because of that there always going To be Wars like this and you know the Just all of it like all the things that We see because people are they're egos Hijacked the their true nature and their True purpose here and religions are a Big part of that and people come to Terms with that they can't call

Themselves truthers because they're not Willing to confront the things in their Life inside of them like I said in the Beginning of the video that are blocking Their progress and that's you know Pretty much everybody so you know we're Screwed until that changes only Spirituality will save this world it's Paul Rano death reporting for the Apocalypse and the Ascension have a Blessed day and be grateful

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