Allergies & Autoimmune Diseases, Causes & Solutions

Allergies & Autoimmune Diseases, Causes & Solutions

Welcome to truel Tuesday and the truth Will set you free [Music] Okay tonight we’re going to talk about As much juice as we can on this censored Uh portion which is this part and then The uncensored portion we’re going to Get into it that the sensor portion is On regulatory capture but we have to Bring a little bit in now For those that are supporting Dr bvip Thank God thank goodness for you so um Um you will watch it uninterrupted but If you’re on there okay if you can’t Afford it let me know I’ll find some way To to get you on there but but share the Data share the data because that’s the Only way that we can wake up people from Their dark sleep in extreme Health Academy we’re now on uh Library bit Shoot Odyssey Rumble okay I mean we’re trying To put it out everywhere but even some Of those sites Um are are being challenged so now we’re Going to talk about allergies now let’s Say just for the heck of it you have a Weird jungle disease Only penicillin will save your life But you’re allergic to it How many days does it take to get you Over a penicillin allergy Or how many hours according to the Mayo Clinic

With this treatment you receive very Small doses then you progressively Larger doses every 15 to 30 minutes over A course of several hours to a few days If if you can reach the desired dosage Within with no reaction then you can Continue the treatment You slowly desensitize yourself and if You’ve ever seen Um Princess Bride Iocene powder baby okay those are for The yeah okay so so think of this an Allergy is an abnormal recognition of a Foreign protein abnormal Now when I was a kid peanuts popcorn Cracker Jack okay Um at the ball games you know buying me Some peanuts and Cracker Jack now they Have peanut free days And you’re gonna find out an abnormal Recognition of a foreign protein where Does that that that foreign protein come In we’re going to go over that if it’s Not tempered by digestion if you get Stabbed with it Um if you have a leaky gut or something You’re going to get these abnormal Proteins floating in the system and one Of the reasons peanuts are so popular is Because it has to it’s it’s a popular Ingredient in some of the medical Procedures that we can’t talk about But this is interesting recent findings Observational studies randomized

Controlled trials and a meta-analysis Suggests that early introduction of Allergenic Foods is potentially an Effective strategy for the rising food Allergies and you’re going to see their Their allergies are rising now if we had Heard of Buffalo okay and we saw a group Of allergies rising in that herd would We rush at them with histamine steroids Or look at what that they’re eating Okay you know it’s not rocket scientists But it’s somehow missing our Governmental agencies okay so there is a Way that these foreign proteins are Getting in there but you slowly Desensitize it now now let’s say that You’ve had and I’ve got a lot of Patience with this with bowel disorders Inflammatory bowel disease and they have You know bread will trigger it okay then We know it’s gluten sensitivity then Caseins will trigger it so no it’s Dairy Sensitivity then then all of a sudden They can’t eat chicken or they can’t eat Meat or they can’t eat certain types of Vegetables and then they start doing This Elimination Diet and then Eventually they come in and they say Gosh I can’t eat anything eat not even Bananas okay you know and they’re Freaking out Okay And if you again find out the Avenue the The the mechanism of where those foreign

Proteins are getting into the system When they’re not tempered by digestion Then you found the source and you can Slowly reintroduce those but you’ve got To find the mechanism Now the reason our population is so sick Now we’ve got the the most expensive Health Care in the world by far and we Are one of the sickest industrialized Countries by far okay we’re not going to Talk about the death statistics for the Current Insanity okay but we’re we’re Looking at this how How do we get this way I recommend this Book the real Anthony fauci now I’ve got It on audio so I’m listening to it when I drive back and forth to Mexico or back And forth to Goleta and so I’m I’m 10 Hours into it and I’m at on the third Chapter So we’re talking incredibly detailed but You find out the last 50 years anytime You hear something on TV anytime your Doctor has something it’s a Pharmaceutical approach And this has been going on for 50 years Why because it’s the most profitable Approach not profitable for human health When was the last time you saw on on Channel 7 a guy from the Food and Drug Administration saying hey organic food Is good for you Oh my gosh sleep is really good for you Look at different stressors no for the

Last two years we’ve had ticker tape of Death okay and we’ve had everybody be Careful of this stay away from your Neighbors stay this and them So in this you’re going to find out 50 Years of a pharmaceutical approach to Health not environmental not not Physiologic like how does your body Respond to these medications like if you Take high blood pressure medications and We know that increases your risk of Stroke okay if we know that it increases Or decreases blood supply to the brain Increasing the risk of brain fog and Other disorders so why not looking at The source of high blood pressure just Taken that one but our National Institute of Health and the Food and Drug Administration and the CDC and Virtually the national Um uh Institute of what is it allergies And infectious diseases okay these Things are all captured these are the Regulatory agencies that are currently Captured by the industry they’re Designed to regulate so imagine if if Every airplane manufacturer in the world Would would check the safety of their Own plane so when a plane goes down they Say look all the other planes are fine In we’ve checked into it you can get on And we’re going to be fine okay that Doesn’t happen Because the Federal Aviation

Administration shuts everything down They do a detailed analysis they check Everything in order to see what the heck The problem was right so when we have a Rising epidemic in our population do They stop the insane medical procedures And find out what physiologically is Going wrong no No investigation in a vaccine side Effects since 1986 they’ve had a law That that gives these people immunity These these convicted criminals which Are the pharmaceutical industry immunity From any problem that these products can Occur so if I gave if I had a toaster Company that would kill a hundred people A year or a thousand people a year Um would you want to sue the manufacture Of the toaster Yes You can’t do that okay no investigation Americans medication side effects and we Can look at this in medications take Years to be approved but nobody really Knows what happens when it gets in the Public and the people that are doing the Testing are the ones making the product That’s insane And this has been going on for half a Century so what’s the end result the Sickest population on the planet Censorship of science you can have two Scientists from the exact same field in A courtroom talking about the same

Subject coming up to come completely Different conclusions Okay these science is a religion science Is a constant discussion and when we Talked last week We talked about the best science is when You have a hypothesis and you try and Prove that hypothesis wrong Okay like let’s say you talk about this That I can’t say okay is this safe and Effective okay you know covering your Face rebreathing in your own ways or is It damaging so if you are recommending This to be scientific you have to prove That this isn’t safe that maybe Rebreathing in your own waste is bad so You have to prove the negative and if You can’t prove the negative then you Have a good chance with available Knowledge that it may be positive so When you get these these religion guys Going yes it’s safe and effective it’s Safe and effective you know you got to Know that is it really CDC and other government agencies Actually hold vaccine patents you’re Looking at half of the CDC budget is to Purchase and distribute vaccines there’s An inner Play Between the people at work At the FDA which actually used to be Called a chemistry board and their job Was to be a liaison from the chemical Industry to you public to make sure that That their products were safe

Right okay no investigation of Glyphosate it’s okay which destroying The bacteria no investigation in a Genetically modified organisms because They’re considered safe considered safe There’s no real studies on it and then We do know that the glyphosates increase Cancer risk tons of studies on that they Destroy the soil bacteria they’re a Mineral key later and they damage your Gut Flora could that be where some of These foreign proteins are coming in They’re not going to look for it because In this the National Institute of Health If they were really interested in your Health they would do Environmental Studies to find out what’s the best Again using the Buffalo analogy if you Have half of the kids population of this Herd of buffalo coming up with chronic Conditions would you look at what They’re eating how they’re sleeping or Would you just say man we got a drug for Every ill they got There’s no investigation in the source Of non-communicable diseases these are Diseases that’s killing 80 percent of Our population 80 percent not less than One percent eighty percent and you do Not see that ticker tape going across The across the bottom Regulatory capture no independent Investigations the people that make the Product do the investigation and that

Product by the way is generally Liability free and us is one of the Sickest now this is a review of the book By Dr Joseph Mercola quote Kennedy Describes how fauci turned the National Institute of Health into an incubator For pharmaceutical products and Essentially sold the entire country to The drug industry this book is Incredibly well-referenced record of his Historic uh decimating human health and Exposes fauci has a self-serving Charlatan It’s not just fouchy okay but the entire Industry okay where the literally the Pharmaceutical industry is one of the Biggest contributors to the campaigns so If they want a law pass they fund people That they want in office What does this get us We’re talking over 60 percent of Americans have a chronic illness or Disease High blood pressure corny disease Diabetes cancer arthritis hepatitis Failing kidneys how many people have Failing kidneys and I lost my one of my Brother-in-laws to this that was taking Blood pressure medications for 10 years And I love the guy I loved them with I’d Still love them he’s not here okay and I Said buddy please just deep breathe You’re not going to need it do some Juicing and blending what’s he say

Lowest dose Yeah nobody says Jesus I’m taking the Highest dose you could possibly get this This would stop the heart of a horse No No One’s Gonna say that Okay so more than a 30-fold increase in Autism Um three to four times higher in boys Than girls when we look at our children Population we’re talking autoimmune and Allergies 54 of our children have a chronic Illness or disease 54 that’s more than half Now three years from now this estimate Is little old They said by 2025 it’ll cost a trillion Dollars because most of these kids they Can’t work So what does that mean that means Parents got to watch them that means the State’s got to watch them and I know You’re thinking a trillion ain’t nothing Baby all we got to do is just print more Money as long as the paper holds out I know you know people are still there Thinking okay I’ll sit home and they’ll Print money okay now 20 years ago generally the American Medical Association they do Trends and Infectious diseases some mortalities The age of pestilence and famine in Which the mortality pattern was Dominated by high rates of infectious

Diseases and death especially in the Young to the current age our current age Of degenerative and man-made diseases Infectious diseases around 4.2 percent Chronic and neoplastic diseases 81 so The 81 percent of people are dying in This country from diseases you can’t Catch you have to earn What do you think this is going to earn You less oxygen to your brain I’m Telling you right now okay it ain’t Protecting you You’re been exposed Infectious diseases are increasing from 58 uh 58 from 1980 to 1992. why now why Didn’t infectious diseases go down in The first part of the last century Refrigeration Food sanitation sewer systems look at The slums in New York and Chicago on the Films from you know 1900 1910 1920 I Mean it was horrible living conditions And the cleanliness has done the most of It the war on Cancer’s done a really Good job they’re winning 300 percent Increase in cancer 300 percent increase In cancer rates in 32 years so the National Institute of Health that’s Responsible for a pharmaceutical Approach to your health something that That you have high blood pressure we’ve Got a drug for it we’re not going to Change your diet or tell you to drink Water tell you to deep breathe you’ve

Got high cholesterol by gosh the Doctor’s smarter than your own body even Though cholesterol is 50 of your overall Weight of the brain and it’s the Precursor to almost every hormone you Make the doctor’s smarter than your body Is going to give you a chemical to Reduce it although that chemical called You know a Statin drug does increase Your risk of diabetes and cancer but the Doctor’s smarter than you see this the Pharmaceutical approach to alter your Physiology with a chemical has side Effects Okay you’re right Doc it’s not side Effects they’re effects okay World Health Organization this is what Kills 80 percent of our population in The world if we’re concerned about the Population would we look at Cardiovascular disease what about Environment what about coal-fired plants Increasing the Mercury what about the Water Systems okay that that we’re now Finding glyphosates in in everything We’re finding toxins inside of the mean Cancer chronic respiratory diseases Diabetes all of these things these are Not diseases that are genetic these are Diseases you have to earn from horrible Lifestyles and horrible Medical Care The rise of non-communicable diseases Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s dementia add High blood pressure cholesterol Cancer

All of these things these are Non-communicable diseases that you have To earn you can’t catch and this is Brought to you by a pharmaceutical Approach to health think of this but You’ve been raised for this your parents Have been raised with this it’s a Pharmaceutical approach to health that That that is insane because it doesn’t Have any basis in biology What are we getting one in one in Dementia that means you’re guaranteed Look to the left look to the right if You’re doing this pharmaceutical Approach to health you’re going to get Dementia You’re going to get brain fog this is Guaranteed Okay so we’re I’m going to show you how To reverse this okay autism allergies Diabetes so is it genetics Knowing that your genetics hasn’t Changed in like 60 000 years if we had 300 million caribou and half of them 150 Million have a chronic illness or Disease I’m you know talking about American Caribou okay would we say it’s Genetic Or would we say it’s lack of medications Is there some kind of weird virus or Something causing heart disease cancer Diabetes they’re all these Stress-related diseases no So the allergy statistics are horrible

This is that I can’t find anything newer Than 2016 right now okay Um but it has to do with leaky gut this Is where large proteins are getting out Of the intestinal tract into the system This is one of the main causes and Contributing factors do this but so so Where are they looking for it I know the National Institute is looking for a Pharmaceutical solution to this I’m Talking about where is it coming from Because if you have half of a herd of Caribou with an algae asthma or some Type of disease would you want to give Them drugs or find out what they’re Eating Oh there it is common sense I’m sorry It’s been missing for so long okay so There’s a hygiene hypothesis that that Aboriginal cultures have 30 000 Different bacteria in their gut or Species of of things in there and human Beings or modern society you’re eating a Packaged food from a processed food from A package that doesn’t have any Fermentation there’s no bugs on it so You’re not building your gut floor so Hygiene hypothesis You know Purell everything I cover Everything walk around like like you got To be afraid of every you know human Being to come in contact with Um and Jabs or medical procedures toxic Food toxic proteins I mean they

Developed a dwarf wheat in the 70s that Has 40 different proteins that human Beings have never been familiarized with And we’ve been eating wheat products for Over 10 000 years with no problem Whatsoever now all of a sudden there’s Gluten sensitivity And genetics genetics is just ridiculous So yeah the hygiene hypothesis 1980 went From 10 of the western population to 30 Percent Um and mainly because of gut Flora but Remember an allergy is an abnormal Recognition of a foreign protein that Foreign protein has to get into the System somehow okay it can’t get into The system but with it being tempered by Digestion because your body is going to Break the stuff down This guy won the Nobel Prize in 1913 Talking about anaphylaxis the first First time the term has been used We are so constituted that we can never Receive other proteins into the blood Other than those that have been modified By digestive juices every time an alien Protein penetrates by a fraction the Fraction means breaking in The organism suffers and becomes Resistant Interesting isn’t it Okay now when we look at this this is How you live okay the only reason you’re Alive is because you’re continually

Reproducing your body Okay you have to take proteins and break Those amino acids otherwise you can’t Build a healthy body you got to take Fats and break those to fatty acids Otherwise you can’t make hormones and Your brain doesn’t work right the skin Doesn’t work right you have to take Carbohydrates and break those down to Usable sugars to get the actual energy So you can breathe get up move and poop Now 90 80 to 90 percent in fact all of This digestion area and we’re talking The stomach the intestine the esophagus This this peristolic wave that moves Through anytime you eat something it’s Masticated here this is where Carbohydrate digest begins you swallow It it gets in the stomach the stomach is Super full of acid Unless you take something to decrease The acid like our pharmaceutical Approach I know it’s like you’ve lost Your mind okay so let’s just say I’m Talking normal human not a modern Drugged up one that’s programmed with a TV so you eat this stomach acid is there And that breaks the proteins to amino Acids this is why when someone’s in a Stressed State they produce less stomach Acid they can’t absorb minerals because You need minerals in order to utilize Vitamins and they can’t break the Proteins to amino acids so they don’t

Have the amino acids so their tissue Integrity gets less then it goes from The stomach into the stewardome Right next to the liver and the pancreas Is right inside of it and this is where Fats get absorbed so if you’ve had your Gallbladder removed which stores and Concentrates bile and then it contracts When it hits in there that means you’re Going to have a fat absorption issue so This means it’s going to be a hormone Problem or something else it’s like we Just had a patient a day That has a genetic condition Okay it started when she was 60. Oh Okay and okay Dear okay Um genetic and genetic expression did Anyone talk to you about this no of Course not they’re not going to talk to It okay gosh there’s a way it can you Name three of your siblings that have The same genes that don’t have this Condition Well yeah Okay do you know what I mean so there’s A difference between genetic and genetic Expression it takes physical chemical or Emotional stress to weaken your immune System to express that adaptive Gene Okay so you don’t have the same genes For over half a century and then all of A sudden it starts to break down so now

Think of this all of that I’m describing The the mastication the secretion the Movement of that that’s only 10 of the Vagus nerve 10 90 of that nerve well 80 to 90 depending On what you read is sensory that means Every time you put something in It’s got to send a signal up to the Brain to have your brain adapt to the New environment this is why human beings Can be seen from the Sahara to the Arctic It’s amazing the most one of the most Adaptive species I’ve ever seen maybe Bacteria can do both but you know I Think humans are pretty up there and This system if this doesn’t work because Everything that you eat Has to be filtered through this tube Called the intestinal tract and it Literally goes through the wall into the Spina system into the liver which is a Massive enzyme Factory Now the number one leading toxic drug to The liver I mean all drugs are toxic to The liver is Tylenol so if you damage That massive enzyme Factory you can’t Get the nutrients in the system So anywhere along this chemicals added That alter your physiology damages your System but if you take genetically Modified organisms or antibiotics or Bread that’s soaked in glyphosates That’s an antibiotic now or animal

Products that still have funguses and Molds in there because that’s where Seventy percent of our antibiotic use Goes anything that goes in there can Create a leaky gut or a gut that Increases its intestinal permeability Allowing undigested proteins to Leach Out of that intestinal tract into the Bloodstream and that freaks out the body And we bring this up when we talk about Hashimoto’s inflammatory bowel disease All of these things involve uh Increased intestinal permeability Now We have Placebo and no no no sibo This is huge you got to bring this stuff Up the last couple of years Placebo is Great if I say look this this drug will Make your joints and you feel better Okay and you’re going to wake up with Tons of energy about 40 to 50 percent of The people will take that even though It’s you know ground up nothing okay and They’ll have the result and this is Where you can think this so emotionally Your perception of the environment has a Big effect on the chemicals your brain Is going to secrete No sibo is where you have that voodoo Doll I’m going to take care of him bam and The person sees that then all of a Sudden they have a heart attack or die But it’s also what your perception is

Negative thoughts negative beliefs can Cause an illness So if you were living in a country that Actually cared about your health They would do a study now I’m thinking About let me say I don’t want to call it Lockdown because That sounds like you’re in a prison okay We’ll call it Your business is essential and yours is It okay okay that sounds so much better Okay you own a church you own a liquor Store gun shop and Costco Sorry buddy you lose Will that cause stress with anyone Yeah You have to have a good belief in God That would bother me too okay so Obviously people aren’t going after to Help you This guy Professor Yehuda schoenfeld Absolutely brilliant this is still still On YouTube which blew my mind we’ve had About 75 80 videos that have been Deleted we had to pull them off because They mentioned stuff that this guy’s Talking about now this guy When you’re talking about autoimmune Conditions he calls himself an Autoimmunologist which which he’s got The right to 1920 papers edited and Authored for more than 40 books 350 Chapters Um uh editorial board of 43 medical

Journals this guy is brilliant brilliant I I really like him Now this was published in 2007 in Neuromolecular medicine talks about how Some of the adjuvants because like if You get a splinter okay and I got a Bunch of them this week I was picking Fingerling limes and if you’ve ever seen A fingerling lime tree you got more Thorns than you do limes okay But that one way back there was really Good I know how I’ll bring you some Okay but what happens is if you get Stabbed with a sticker your immune System isn’t going to react so you have To put additives in there in in the the Shot and they’re called adjuvants and a Lot of these things they have to Stimulate the immune system like he Found out squalene aluminum hydroxide Um a combination of the two really Stimulate the the immune system but this Is weird because Gulf War Illness and This is neurologic disorders Um animal models and and very very toxic But people that didn’t go overseas got It and so they associate it now you know 13 14 years later Um with with the Jabs that they were Getting and this out of the Journal of Toxicology 2017. They used to say the dose makes the Poison

But that’s not true what they’re finding Out that if you have a small bit of this It gets by your warriors gets by your Immune system gets by of you know Because it’s not big enough to mount a Defense so you know you know that’s just A little toxin it’s no big deal I’m Waiting for the big toxin but these Toxins build up So the adjuvant size injected in the Suspension corresponds to the lowest Dose not the highest dose Neurotoxicity the dose makes the poison The classic rule of chemistry may seem Over simplistic Um We look at this this published November 2009 vaccine and autoimmunity yes that’s Actually a journal so don’t don’t strike Me down oh truth Like other drugs vaccine can cause Adverse Events but like unlike Conventional medicines which are Prescribed to people who are ill Vaccines are administered to healthy Individuals thus increasing concern over Adverse Events however rare reactions Such as hypersensitivity-induced Infection autoimmunity do occur and can Be severe and even fatal the latency Period is important between vaccination And autoimmunity ranges from days to Years Now and again we can’t talk about the

Current things going around in this Portion we’re going to talk about them In the censor portion Autoimmune phenomena such as arthritis Vasculitis Encephalitis neuropathy Demyelination are the most frequently Adverse Events Uh cause a relationship between Influenza and Guillain-Barre was in 1976. yeah and I mean one person died From the swine flu in 76 and uh and Hundreds of people had negative Reactions so the government stopped it Uh asip the advisor committee on Immunization practices Um and the CDC said concluded that three Years later a cause of relationship Exists between arthritis and two vaccine Combinations DPT and MMR now if you Think about this Shoot first wait three years find an Autoimmune condition and then you Associate it with that medical procedure That happened three years earlier Oh yeah that’s going to happen today Aha okay I’m not gonna curse I’m not Gonna curse I’m not gonna curse Uh again uh the European Association for Predictive preventative and personalized Medicine is associating these Jabs with Those conditions okay so this is not a Rare occurrence Autism rates which is something you can Say it’s an allergic response or brain

Inflammation or neurologic disorder but We do know that they consistently have Bowel and bladder or bowel and gut Disorders there is toxicity to them and It does they do have neurologic symptoms Massive on the uprise now you’re not Going to hear about this because the one System that was put in place after the In pharmaceutical industry was given Immunity only captures between one and Ten percent and when you hear the Authority saying yes yes anybody can put Their information on that it’s not real Reliable And you don’t hear one reporter say well If that’s not reliable how are you Monitoring the events I know that’s bam You’re not getting up okay so this is Out of the Journal of the American Medical Association and they had Harvard Go into this study now Um well there’s a Revere Shrine I mean Just brilliant Um 100 Years of Orthodox research and Vaccines represent a medical assault on The immune system a country which has Mandates vaccination is not a free Country it’s a country of zombies who do What they’re told by vested interest who Intimidate them and use them to make Money it’s interesting she said this I Think it was in 2017. So this is how you correct autoimmune

Disease and allergies Okay I’m glad you’re sitting down You have to find the cause Oh you want me to expand on it Okay Okay so stretch if you’re under a Chronic state of stress you have Decreased nerve supply to the gut so These foreign proteins have to be Involved in this system if you do have An Um an allergy or autoimmune condition You have to get to a credible doctor That knows how to look for stuff not one Trained by the pharmaceutical industry That just knows chemical control or Chemical control of your inflammatory Symptoms This proper nerve Supply because if You’re in a stress State and we have two Nervous systems one Keeps Us Alive under Stress which is where most of the people Are particularly if they’re watching the Ticker tape of death We’d use x-rays heart rate variability Like blood cell analysis thermography to Identify the physical chemical and Emotional stressors When we know the adrenal gland controls The thyroid the hypothalamus controls Everything where does the hypothalamus Get its input from the spine and central Nervous system so you literally get your Body’s awareness or how your body is

Going to adapt through your central Nervous system it’s going to know if You’re sitting on an iceberg it’s going To know if you’re in stress and where Does the sensory input come from your Entire nervous system a Misinterpretation of the nervous system Like misinterpretation of a protein can Kill you you can have anaphylactic Shocks so this is why some allergies can Kill people this is why you don’t want To reintroduce an allergen until you Find the source first You’re not going to take another Histamine unless you find out where this Is coming from because histamines damage The brain regular exercise this is going To move the lymph it’s going to Regenerate the brain and there’s four Things that your body detoxes with And a guy today with kidney disease Yes it was brought on by blood pressure Medications but eucenic I know You have four things to detox your System respiration perspiration bowel Movements and urination if urination Isn’t there we got the other three we Got to work with so that’s going to help And you can see how we talk about this In our kidney disease so does the Exercise on a regular basis No so we’re talking respiration to Perspiration ain’t happening movement

Does the lymph flow okay how many bowel Movements one a day if he’s lucky Okay so we get them up to two to three Bowel movements a day will that take Some of the stress off we get them out Of the sympathetic dominant state so his Gut can heal and his his nervous system Can start functioning correctly we get Him to sit in a sauna and the only thing He heard God bless him I I really like This guy he’s totally cool He says okay I can sit in Asana no do The other stuff too You gotta heal the body okay so exercise You got to resistance aerobic and you Move the joint every day you’re going to Keep it you know just remember what Mom Said no you only brush the ones you want To keep Okay you only move the joint you want to Keep okay An exercise helps brain and this is why We do cross-crawl exercise for brain fog I mean it’s it’s just amazing dementia Alzheimer’s you get them walking Barefoot in the grass but it’s Incredible proper nutrition this means Everybody that is listening to this is Going to start eating like their Great-grandparents I know they were whack they only had Organic seasonal and Yeah that’s food Okay and the animals were healthy I mean

If you look at the old uh TV series of Course it’s got to be gone now meet the Natives yeah these natives from Papua New Guinea coming up here and they’re Seeing them inject the cows and feeding The cows this dry grass and the natives Were saying aren’t you afraid you’re Going to get those drugs in the meat and Then they looked at canned yams and and In in the two natives are talking saying That’s dead food Can can we eat it and the other native Says well don’t insult them Yeah I I mean fresh seasonal normal you Remember you’re only alive because You’re able to break the proteins down To amino acids fats to fatty acids Carbohydrates to usable sugars anything That has a shelf life is get the Metabolic or digestive enzymes removed So you want something that bacteria Wants Um depletion of glutathione you’ve got To get normal healthy nutrients in there And this is oxidative stress every part Of your body you’re tearing down and Building up a billion cells a day that’s Called an oxidative metabolic process That creates free radicals so fresh Fruit fresh vegetables plants Antioxidants vitamin C all of those Things they deactivate the free radicals And allow your body to regenerate itself It’s like anything you do that helps

Your body regenerate is good anything You do That causes your body to not regenerate Is bad So It seems too simple but if you’re taking Pharmaceutical products to alter your Physiology now you got to remember a Hundred years from now they’ll go no People weren’t really doing it yeah if You’re taking a toxic pharmaceutical Product that has a myriad of effects Okay to alter your stress response to The environment find a doctor that will Find that source and fix the actual Problem Wow Um I wouldn’t take a a medical procedure That has no liability particularly if There’s no long-term studies You know you do what you want but at Least let’s each have the choice Healthy saturated fats vitamin D you get It from the Sun would be fantastic Plant-based minerals lugos iodine Vitamin C I mean vitamin C is so good For you So amazing but if I was king of the World I would not force everybody to Take it I would show you the benefits I would Give you certain you know choices in Fruits and vegetables to take it I would

Show you how important it is but by gosh It’s up to you Okay Um probiotics the recent studies Demonstrate that probiotic bacteria have Beneficial effects in these diseases and We’re looking at infections diarrhea Critical illness celiac disease Inflammatory bowel diseases by improving The intestinal barrier all of those Diseases It’s from foreign proteins not tempered By digestion getting into the system Causing an immune system response or Antibody production So eliminate GMOs non-organic grains no Commercial Dairy that’s crazy okay and Get lots of the good stuff rest is when Your body regenerates you are never ever Ever ever gonna see somebody with cancer Dementia chronic disease inflammatory Disease get up in the morning and say God I feel good I slept like a dream No sleep is when your body regenerates These people have a tissue production Problem change your sleep Sleeping pills yeah you’re going to get A chemically induced sleep remember this Is a pharmaceutically controlled country With pharmaceutical products okay you Take a sleeping pill what does it stay On this box it says will cause fatigue Don’t drive Okay it may cause dementia okay but the

Side effect is you might get to bed Early Okay if you’re taking any medications That affect the Sleep antacids I mean This is like every medication you can Get out there it can negatively affect The sleep and sleep is when your body Regenerates there’s a way a three week Exercise and this is what we give to our Patients there’s a way to reset your Circadian rhythms optimal human function Is six and a half to seven and a half Hours When you reset your circadian rhythms You’re able to regenerate it so please Check out our videos on sleep Prayer meditation How can meditation make a difference Well if you’re in tune now this is one Laying on hands of mice transplant or Breast cancer Without further treatment these mice now These mites were injected with something That 100 of them were gonna die And and this is between 14 and 17 days Now all this guy did was hold the mice For an hour a day in the cage he didn’t Pray over them it didn’t breathe on him Didn’t fart on them I mean they just Just had 100 of them live then they gave into us As assistance 100 of them live then they Gave them to students because they Thought maybe there was a positive

Mental thing and they said this is a Test for gullibility let’s see if you Can hold this mouse and you know they’re Going come on okay 100 of them lived Apparently we we are able to cure memory Adenocarcinoma and experimental mice on Demand so just the energy now why isn’t That the study is going through on this How can your body reverse this Allergies Japan they have a plant Similar to poison ivy all these people Are allergic to it they put the poison Ivy on one arm and then for control they Take another leaf and put it on the Other arm okay 100 of the people in the Study developed an allergic response on Where they used the leaf that was like Poison ivy 100 didn’t get it on the Other side guess what happened they Switched the leaves So these people that supposedly had a Hypersensitivity to the protein in this Plant had to suppress the symptoms on One arm that was exposed and express the Symptoms on the other Wouldn’t that be a cool study so Five keys to health nerve Supply Exercise nutrition rest and prayer Meditation to treat the symptoms is Crazy to treat the cause of the symptoms Makes more sense now we’re going to get Into the Dr B VIP stuff So YouTube Facebook we’re going to go Into greater detail next week on how

Your immune system works Um but we have to stop the live feed now Foreign [Music] [Music]

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