Alec Baldwin Incriminates himself in Newly release Rust movie footage

Alec Baldwin Incriminates himself in Newly release Rust movie footage

Greetings Brothers and Sisters Let's Get Right to it now to our NBC News Exclusive newly revealed footage from The Alec Baldwin Movie rust showing the Actor handling and firing a gun during Filming of a scene before the deadly Shooting on set as Khloe Mass reports it Comes as he is potentially facing new Charges okay so um they got Alec Baldwin Here and you know I am busy covering the The Will Smith stuff on my other channel And I've got a backlog of videos on this Channel so I'm just making a short video Here and then I'll um you know get back To my normal schedule so I'm going to Release two videos today I had a video That I was waiting to be green which you Guys see but uh nevertheless this is Kind of big news in terms of my couple Of years of covering Alec Baldwin I Think like two three years I covered him Well I covered him when Trump was still President so at least in when was the Big election 2020 so probably since 2018 Or 19 uh I started noticing Alec Baldwin And what how bad he sucked Right and I don't wish you know prison Or anything on Anybody um but you know like this seemed To be inevitable and the guy's been Having this hang over his head his Career is over he's married to a a crazy Woman

Uh who uh you know comes from Boston Spain and now there's this footage and This footage screws Him tonight never before seen footage From the set of rust taken in the days Before the fatal shooting of Cinematographer Helena Hutchins now wait A second if I'm going to shoot right you Want to go on the other side of the Camera I don't want to shoot toward you So that's brutal because he's admitting That you don't point a gun at Somebody right like he knows that this Is that you never point a gun at Somebody on the set he's just Acknowledged that this screws him I mean This is stuff that jy's going to see That he was aware that you don't point And shoot at somebody the clips obtained Exclusively by NBC News show the actor Preparing for scenes firing weapons and Interacting with crew members I don't Know why you're going up hills and all This other you're going to break your Neck according to a source familiar with The matter these videos are among dozens Provided to special prosecutors days Before they announced plans to recharge Baldwin with voluntary manslaughter Kaboom these videos like they've got all This stuff from rust I don't know Alec Was producer on this movie I don't know If they I mean this I guess they you Know subpoenaed all this stuff um but

This screws them right NBC News has not Seen the rest of the videos Everyone Doesn't need to be right Here says here everyone who doesn't need To be right here like in in the path of The gun could you please move so he's Aware of that like he's hearing that That and he said it himself and so they All acknowledge that being in front of a Gun uh even one that's supposedly lay uh Loaded with blanks especially after Things have happened with Bruce Lee's Son uh Brandon Lee and other people that This is is a well-known thing you don't You don't stand in front of a a gun Right like when somebody has an empty Gun and um you know they pointed at you It's Disconcerting because you're just Assuming you know the the one rule of Safe firearm safety is you always assume The firearm is loaded that you never Think the gun isn't loaded and you don't Act like the gun isn't loaded you just Assume it is even if it isn't and you Know that's a wonderful rule because There could be a bullet in the chamber You don't know about and that's Something Alec Baldwin should know Because his dad was a Firearms expert And a sniper for like the Marines and His brother did a an instago post on it Before this thing happened with Alec That came out you know and then his

Brother erased it talking about how they Grew up shooting and you know being Around Firearms when they were young so He knew this his whole life right and Certainly Hollywood has a thing about it It's a there safety issues and they're They have it Here in the path of the gun could you Please move the inside look just a Portion of the evidence that could be Presented before a New Mexico grand jury Starting tomorrow tonight Baldwin's Legal team and the prosecution declining To comment on the videos the gun since The incident Balwin has repeatedly Denied pulling the trigger in the fatal Shooting the movie's armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed has pleaded not guilty to Involuntary manslaughter and tampering With evidence charges her trial is set To begin in February the gun was Supposed to be empty I was told I was Handed an empty gun tonight with the Possib see like that all screws them Because they've come up with the I They've come up with Ballistic testing That he he had to pull the trigger so he Pulled the trigger and he pointed the Gun at his director and now we know for Sure that he knew that that was wrong That that was unsafe he's a producer on The movie he's responsible for all his Employees and you know he did this Interview that just was I mean it was a

Bad idea and he kept on talking about it On social media and he was digging Himself a bigger hole right there's Lawyers who commented on Alec Baldwin's Interview and said he's deposing himself He's you know he just he did his own Deposition and things that they would Ask and information they would try to Extract from him in the deposition he Just handed to the prosecution so he Mishandled this whole thing I mean other Than this being staged he has so screwed Himself it's it's hard to even imagine Right um I'll run all my memes after This possibility of new charges on the Line Alec bn's legal troubles taking Center Stage as prosecutors bring the Deadly incident back into the spotlight Chloe Moss NBC News New York thanks for Watching boom Um so here he is there he is he's so Screwed like these videos screw him and I think he he was kind of screwed all Along and you know it seems like he Wanted this's some kind of Self-destructive aspect of this guy's Life He's just one of those people that uh is Self-sabotaging you know everybody has That in them but Alex seems to have it Done a bigger level you know and also The stuff he did against Trump right he Pissed off half the country by his like Videos of his hatred of trump when his

Imitation of trump was just an Exaggeration of his own ducky lips and His own things that he does you know it Wasn't imitation of trump it was Imitation of himself and he's very much Like Trump and all the trumpers hate him Now and then his wife coming out with This you know appropriating a culture And saying she's from Boston Spain and Having this fake accent the Cucumber Video and that Scandal like it's just All kind of come together to wreck this Guy's end of his life like I mean he's a Disaster his instago page is now Hollow He doesn't talk anymore he used to talk All the time like he'd come out and do Rants and mostly about politics and Things like this and then he stopped all That stuff right and he's just hyp in a Way and you know all the things that I Got from his instagr page that are memes Some of them have to do directly with This whole thing that don't play well Now so let me show you all my Alec Baldwin memes and then uh you know we'll Move on from there you tell them that we Are horrible desperate ghoulish Creatures hello Mr Baldwin we in my way Sorry sir out of my way sorry out of his Way no it's the other car Alec I I would Say hopefully we're done but we still Have to Alex still has to go and do his Part boom snip you got to D nut him you Got to D nut Alex this is great watch

This he's got to do his part say Hopefully we're done but we still have To Alex still has to go and do his part Look at her lace look at her face when She makes this sensors she wants to dut This guy I mean she's been a disaster For Alec right consider the source oh She's a white girl yes I am a white girl I am a white girl So for example my wife's on the phone With her hairdresser or her friend she's Like really okay I can't wait to see you That's going to be great fantastic what Time 12:00 my wife is from Spain M and She said blah blah blah we have very few Ingredients we have tomatoes we have um What I saying cucumber cucumbers we have Um red pepper we have of course it's not It's not easy and I think part of it is That I'm in shape before I have a baby And then I stay active when I'm pregnant And it's I'm not trying to stay thin I'm Just trying to keep my circulation going And stretching and keep my muscle turn Up and then we're having a baby it was a Surprise a wonderful surprise and one Time at band camp it was a surprise a Wonderful surprise and one time at band Camp it was a surprise a wonderful Surprise well there was a scream I heard Which is the scream that's normally Reserved if there's a spider in the House on Long Island I'm not Exaggerating so the first part of the

Book is philosophy on how to live very Nom must day I have three little babies I live kind of a Crazy Life between work And them and everything else um so it's Just you know how to stay calm and Centered and deal with things that are Coming at you then we talk about food I'm going to kick your kulo going to Kick my kulo I'm going to kick your kulo Going to kick my kulo Honey honey this is Governor Christie's Fleece this is the fleece that Everyone's been looking for did you Steal the governor's please I cannot Tell a lie I stole it I'm his biggest Fan I admire Governor Christie Too New Jersey State Police consider the source oh she's a White girl yes I am a white girl I am a White girl I don't wake up and look in The mirror and go oh there he is O You you You may Uh Itana itana [Music] Come No Come you to Come you to Hush I'm being upstage by a dog that's Where my career is at right Now Come see a little

Weird here we Go oh good girls girls girls girls come And sit baby come Hey to Come that's my quue Um sit sit sit sit sit come come Here it's hilarious he'd be talking to Talking to his dogs in a Spanish Accent Trump is alone Trump is an Anomaly Trump is a Maniac we some Island Boys we some Island boys doing cam With the Allen a perve Ric Ballwin shot At his coworker and his wife thinks She's Spanish and we're on Cameo I'm Going to pick that up and Cameo we're Island boys and let the island boys Message to say how sorry I was and Shooting famous cinematographers and Then The Gunshot as you all know you the Cinematography I want to apologize I'm Sorry that Vladimir Putin Has lefted with me again Click with I don't know what words to Use today but if they click with them Isn't marriage a gunfight Sometimes I'd light up a couple when I Usually when I was working cuz I was I'm So nervous when I'm shooting when I'm Shooting to get the job done when I was Shooting or you know just stupid Behavior when I shooting when I'm Shooting when I was shooting when I'm Shooting when I was shooting when I'm

Shooting you know Alex has been screwed In a lot of ways he he was screwed when He married hararia she's been a Disaster and he's got eight kids so There's no Escape in that he was you Know when he went after Trump the way he Did and then of course the SHO Thing but the guy has dug himself into a Huge hole and it's kind of Hilarious um so I think Alex's going to Jail or prison we'll see only Spirituality will save this world it's Pano definitely important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be Grateful

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