Alec Baldwin Admits Fentanyl addiction

Alec Baldwin Admits Fentanyl addiction

I had my hip replaced on Tuesday Of this past week I had my left hip done In 2018 five years ago when I had I had My hip replaced I got bad hips I got Lyme disease I got bad hips and I Got a wife who can't pronounce cucumber Um for to touch my hair let me see if I Touch my hair here ears four to six Weeks to Kind of limit myself but now that my Career is over I have plenty of time and It hurts it hurts it hurts so bad I took The pink it was they gave me and man I Haven't been that high since 1977. I remember that high since the 70s That was some good Fentanyl and I've Been taking up you know so basically What I'm saying is I'm addicted to Fentanyl

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