A google employee admitted to me that they can’t control their AI Bot Algorithms! Bonus Video

A google employee admitted to me that they can't control their AI Bot Algorithms! Bonus Video

Ingredients brothers and sisters so this Has been going horribly Hilariously horribly with Um Google ads So much so that I got a guy to admit That they couldn't change the basic Uh you know that they couldn't change Something manually That I'm requesting for as a customer To run my ads on specific channels and That somehow you had to put enough Information in there to reach the same Laborious results With their AI Bots because they can't do Anything manually which is you know not Stunning but I mean holy poop right like It's brutal and I got the conversation Recorded here And I'll go through it and I'll explain It I think it's pretty funny But before that like about a month ago I was scheduled to have a meeting and The guy sent me a link to a zoom call That whatever group Google's version of A zoom call is and then I there was no One on that so I called the number they Told me to call and I ended up talking To myself And here it is Hello Hello Are you there are you there Paul Let's get back to the main event

Um I've been looking forward to making This video all day like I hadn't made a Hollywood celebrities dropping like Flies and there's a bunch of interesting Things there today on my other channel But I was you know waiting to make this Video because you know I I mean the Phone call to me is epic I haven't heard It yet but I think it's going to be epic You know I enjoy making videos I don't Get to the point where I'm just dreading It or you know it's pulling teeth like Sometimes if I'm tired I have to edit And you know I might have to take a nap Or something and you know I mean I just Do this every day so it can get Monotonous But you know for the most part when I'm Looking at the news or you know finding Stuff that's funny I'm enjoying making the videos And there are sometimes I just look Forward to something and this is it Because you know I've been running these Ads With Google and YouTube and now it's Become just fodder for this channel Because I'm losing money like I've I Think since the Um let me just see here That when I started when they started Running the ads my channel was That see If I find the thing here um My channel was that it's not it

My channel was at uh 2100 120 100 200 1000 and 700 subscribers 714. And it's down 300 subscribers And I don't know how much money they've Taken from me Um but you know it's it was less than Four dollars three dollars a day at First now it's up to ten which sucks Because they're not running ads on the Channels that I want them to and so as You guys remember I asked all of you I Made a video that said uh where I asked For recommendations or channels that you Watch Because that would be the best possible Channels to run as for you know to run My add-on right because the ones they Were running on it were horrible little Kid channels they ran ads on three Bollywood channels the guy Shane Dawson's Channel I mean places where you Would never find people That would also enjoy my videos and These channels were so far away so this Is what their algorithms came up with And it's completely prejudicial on their Part because to get to my audience you Would need to have truther stuff Spiritual stuff and homesteading stuff Right And even that wouldn't you know really I Mean so like those were topics or Categories of demographics

Then they might be able to come up with An audience or they could just look at My channel and see the kind of people Who watch my videos and they already Know what you guys like right they know What other channels you guys are Watching and so their algorithms could Very easily pick up channels to put by Add-on and there are so many truther Channels out there that they might not Want to run video ads from like say McDonald's or Walmart or something Mainstream that would be good to have You know advertisements for these Channels that YouTube could make money From it but they so don't want to Acknowledge us as a category or home Studying or God or spirituality They don't want that as a demographic That their algorithms have no chance of Picking up on our audience they're so Prejudiced against us And I guess the system sucks even more So than that And so at this point I don't have any Hope for it to work YouTube is Completely Broken like it is unbelievably broken so Let's get into the phone call yeah I do I do not want to advertise on websites At all all I want to advertise is on YouTube channels By I'm advertising my channel on YouTube Channels so we go back because you're

Saying that You're in charge of my account right And you're saying that Um That the channels I'm recommending and Saying these are the only places I want To run my ads these are channels my Viewers have told me that they thought Would be good placement for my ads so That's the best you know that's the best Test group I could have is my viewers I Think the people who like my content and You know the channels that they like so This is you know all your algorithms all The things that you're doing over there Isn't going to be as good as my audience Saying this is where I you know could Have seen an ad and would have come to Your channel and so you're saying that You're saying No but I'm just saying you can't control That that's all algorithms like even Though I've written on Our hand there's no really like manually Doing that So let me explain that how stunning this Is the guy just said there's no way for Them to manually Make it so As my advertising dollars I am a Customer And I'm saying I want to advertise on This channel it's like somebody Calling Fox News and saying they wanna

Uh advertise on who do they have they'll Have Tucker Carlson whatever they have Over there right Fox and Friends or Whatever their show is or CNN them Saying they want to advertise on Jake Tapper's show specifically So they buy ad time on that show or any Number of I don't know it's on network TV anymore but whatever it is right Dancing with the Stars or something you Know like you want to advertise on a Specific show because You know your research shows that that Demographic is likely to buy your Product and they have a certain amount Of you know they charge they have a set Price of what they you know what they um Jars to advertise on a specific show and I'm saying I have 40 plus YouTube Channels and I only want my ads to run On those YouTube channels not only Because it's recommended from you guys Which is a big deal because you know That kind of focus group you know people Pay focus groups to try to figure out if Their ads going to work and where to run It and where it's gonna you know where Where there are where the or do focus Groups to figure out where their Demographics they want to hit get you Know get the ad in front of is uh you Know where they are right where they What things they watch or whatever you Guys understand this right so like in

Terms of me figuring out what channels I Would like to run this on it would be The channels that you guys eyes watch Because you watch my channel and you Also watch these other channels and There's certain channels that got Recommended over and over again And so people like you People who might like my videos are Watching content on those channels and So that would be the best possible place For me and they have a place for that on Their you know on this extensive Advertiser platform and so I've put the Names in and they haven't won they put The names of these channels in and links To these channels so I said you know run Ads on these channels and this guy was In the beginning what I said to you he Wants me to run ads on websites he still Doesn't get it I like this guy he's a Good guy but he's helpless right and he Can't do anything he's completely Impotent on his end because it's relying On algorithms just to decide what I Should run my ads on not asking me as a Customer and this is across the board This is how Google ADS works they Completely you know what if I was a Multi-million dollar Corporation I said I want to run ads on you know PewDiePie's channel and they can't get That done right you know whoever is Whatever channel is out there so is this

Conversation plays out he starts telling Me ways that I can get information In front of the algorithms to get them To end up at this eventual goal that I Already know about but they can't do Anything manually I mean it's so effed That they're so helpless to their you Know their automated system and it's Completely inefficient because they Don't have enough demographics in a a Time where they spy in everything and Everybody right and then he gets to a Point where he wants your email Addresses he wants me to turn over your Email addresses To here to YouTube to Google right and I'm like I ain't doing that you know you Can hear this the whole part it's all Coming up here on on our hand there's no Relief like manually doing that So how did how does that I can only do Is to just optimize your campaign limit Your but I mean like like On the one that we actually put on like You have no [Music] You have no you have no idea how Frustrating that is to hear because The because what your algorithms are Producing as channels there was a little Kids channel the number one channel that They the algorithm shows to show my ad Was on little kid Channel and this Little kid Channel these little kids are

Not you know I don't make videos for Kids and the you know has nothing to do With my channel but little kids might Watch an ad because they don't know how To click out of it and then I have to Pay for that Information to put an exclusion so That's what I want so let me break in Here Um 15 ads ran on this kid's Channel it Was the number one 11 on Shane and 15 on This on this other channel And so I didn't get any subscribers I've Lost subscribers I'm gaining subscribers On my other channel which I've talked About there's like 400 subscribers there That have gained and almost 400 Something on this channel that I've lost So something like a or it's like a 700 It's like 350 and 350 or something But they ran the ad and it played Because it's probably some parents Sticking a you know stick in a um Like a tablet in front of their kids and They're watching videos and they can't Hit the to skip the add button so they End up watching my ad they probably Think it's part of the show and these Kids are you know obviously not going to Be subscribers I mean I'm not so I'm Paying for that's what I'm paying for And then he's saying that I can exclude Those channels which we he already told Me that I already did it but that means

I have to go in there and exclude these Channels New ones that they run the ads on and Figure out which ones I've excluded and Which are ones I have because it's not Marked and instead of them just running Out the ads on the channels I want them To run them on right I said I want you Guys to run as exclusively on these Channels and he goes yeah we'll try to Do that on channels like those I go no Not like those those I don't want Channels like those I want the ones my Audience recommended The microphone's on my chest so like It's you can hear me but it's my I'm Breathing so my chest going up and down In the you know Microphones moving and you know it's not The best audio it's the best I could I Mean do in this circumstance you do have An option there to put what are the one That you don't want your ads to appear That is on a separate on the placement Under that one you do have an option to Include um that topic exclusions Like if you don't want your ads to Appear that's something that you can Work or you can do on your end so in That way you can remove those irrelevant Searches no but I did that but but I Have to do that all the time because the Run because why would they run ads on Channels when I'm recommending channels

For them to run ads on it makes no sense And this is the age of computer you know I'm there was there's there's days that I my wife and I would go out and walk Around outside and I'll mention Something to her she'll say something And I'll come in I'll look at Facebook And they'll run an ad based in them Spying on me listening to my phone or Whatever it is right my viewers and I Talk about this all the time I get Comments like this and so with that Level of information and that level of You know I get recommended things all The time by YouTube That I enjoy watching YouTube you know Sometimes recommends things I don't want To watch they're trying to force things On me but there are algorithms that your You know algorithms actually work and so I'm giving you the channels of the of Where I want to run the ads and you're Saying that and the ones that the Computer algorithms are coming up are so Wrong it's so I mean it's like the worst Channels are as bad as they could be There's no chance of those people ever Becoming viewers of mine and I'm paying Money for that right and as a you know As as a person like I said if it was Actually working I would run more ads I Would pay more money if I was benefiting From this and I was getting more views And my income was going up I could then

Spend more money that's how advertising Works and the way it's working now it's Not working and so I mean it's is there Anybody I can talk to anything that we Could do just so that the these channels Now I have 40 more than 40 channels here That I would like to run ads on and it Might not even work with those channels And then I know my ad isn't good but Right now I have no idea like because It's just it's it's it's like throwing a Cup of water into the desert I mean I'm Losing subscribers right now and Subscribers people who want to subscribe To my channel You know who are you know they're Complaining because YouTube keeps on Unsubscribing them so I'm like fighting A like a losing battle against the Algorithms and the the system that has Been gamed against channels like mine And so it's so unbelievably frustrating Because the algorithms aren't working And they're not giving the people what They want it's not giving me what I need And want even though I'm paying for it You understand that so I mean any of These other things that we do isn't Going to work like you know I have the Channels right here And these are the best channels we're Going to have to run ads on I don't want To run on my websites I don't want to do Any of that other stuff I want it to be

Specified to run on the channels that I've selected here not as you know like Channels like these I want to run ads on These channels and it would be better For me in every possible way if it did That and if it's not going to happen Then there's just the whole thing's Pointless Okay I understand your side of that However as much as I want to get like a Department that will help you to that You want you want your ads to appear in Here the one that we can really do on That one is on the placement but what I'm going to do is to part that question I do have your email I'm going to ask Um like I'm going to research on this if There's a way like another department Where we can raise this concern and then Um I'm not guaranteeing you that we can Actually have a response right away but I'll make sure to get a response if There's really a way that we can Because in Google in Google ads there's Really no guarantees like it's really The algorithm of Google that actually Works regarding with those placements That you do have but I'll I'll try my Best to get and answer I'll research on That one within this week check because That's the main concern right you want Your ads to show there those are the YouTube channels that you want your ads To to be uh to be advertised so yes what

I'm going to do is to check on that and Then I'll get back to you on that email But um as far as I know right now There's no really like a department that Can do that manually okay if you're just Going to ask me okay but we'll make sure To Um certain that um I do have your the Copy of those placements that you have Actually put here okay but I also asked One of my Um my Superior when it comes to this Before I actually call you I try to Check what we can do regarding for your Account and then I notice on the Recommendations part when you click Recommendations can you click that Yeah on the recommendations Um on the upper right corner you can see There beside table Can you click that Um there will be an option there Cars yeah [Music] Um Okay yeah when you click cable you click Auto apply and then once you click Auto Apply you will see there are nine Recommendation types Because this one it's not only saving You time but making sure to help you to Optimize your campaign so you can see Maintain your ads um don't select all Because some are applicable for search

Network And some will be applicable for video Campaign and since you do have a video Campaign click the nine recommendation Types Okay so how how does how does this work Go ahead so with this did you click Did you click the nine recommendation Types where you can see it says yeah as In assets use optimized ad rotation add Response search ads improve your Response search ads the one that will be Applicable for video campaign will be The ad rotation and AD targeting So you can see that um advertation which Is the one use optimized advertation the First one and then optimize targeting You can see that it can potentially get More conversions at a similar cost so We're just actually optimizing your Campaign on that one that will save you Time so you can see there once you click Um learn more yeah okay yeah but I mean You understand the frustration here Right that I have channels like my Audiences people who like my videos are The best Focus group like people hire focus Groups and they're the best you know They're people who have found my channel And like it and they know other people Like them watch these other channels They watch these other channels so I Already have it optimized right like I

Have it optimized because you know There's this thing that you told me last Week my wife actually suggested it and Now you know I've I've put in all these Channels that I'd like these ads to run On and it's like the you know I mean We're like it's like being a slave to These algorithms and there's no human Control here and I'm not blaming you Because you're not in charge of this I Understand but I mean it's like I'll hit The thing so I hit so I'll check out use Optimization and rotation and then use And then use optimize targeting and you Can also click the remove non-serving Keywords because you remember we have Set keywords so the system will detect If those keywords are not serving for You it will be removed and we just want To make sure if there are Recommendations regarding with new Keywords and you know And the thing is that with all the Information that's been gathered that Google and YouTube don't want to you Know like I said there's no there's no Key word for God there's no key word for Spirituality which is a big thing There's no key word for homesteading There's no key for alternative Media or Truthers and these are the channels that They don't want to recognize because of Their own Prejudice or whatever is going On there on a corporate level and so

It's never going to work You you have not put Um you do have an option to add a Keyword manually yeah but it's not gonna It's I am okay we can go do that let's Go do that because you know we can we [Music] Yeah so [Music] We will see there on top green like you Have approved three recommendations yeah So we're not going to go back on that Okay okay once you see Let me just go ahead and make sure that That one has been set up so we're not Going to go back Have you selected that already yeah I Selected three you you yes all three of Those I selected Okay just be okay and then go back to The one under content Okay and then Go to under placement you can see their Display video keywords Once you click on 10 Okay Um I'm on placement You see other placement there's a word Yep I have that click the book Sign Okay so these are the topics okay these Are exact keywords click plus sign and Then choose the campaign which is Pockets of the future okay And then you choose the ad group just

One add a group let's say for example Audience On the right side and then there will be A square where you can type in exact Keywords Great and so I'll add all those keywords And yeah just add all those keywords Like spirituality you can actually do That because those are not topics okay Yeah and then you just need to hit C With that and then the other one that I'm I'm about to ask you since we cannot The placements are the the sites or the YouTube channels that you want your ads To appear which like I said like I said To you already that there's no guarantee But I'm going to still search on that What can what else can we do and I do Have your email but the other one that I Want you to work out is on the you do Have existing customers meaning to say You do have their email addresses right I don't have customers is that correct I Don't have customers no email I I don't like I have a YouTube channel I don't sell anything I just you know I Have merch that that is a third party You know which I have not I don't I have Very few emails I don't do that I should Do that but I'm you know lazy but even If I did [Music] Recommended other advertisers we Actually suggest that because the good

Thing about that is uh you can upload Your customers information yeah yeah I Don't know but I I I don't I would not Do that because I don't have permission For my I don't have customers anyway I Don't have people's emails and I Wouldn't do that because I just you know That I don't have their permission to do That and you know they would be bummed So that's I I can't do it yeah I mean That's a good idea For example be subscribed to you right Yeah so one So one they are just going to leave an Email email address and then what will Happen is there is an option for you to Reach new potential customers through Similar audiences based off your Computer match segments so okay yeah if You don't want to do that Because I'm just actually telling you That's another option yeah I mean that's Uh that's less we don't we don't need to Discuss that because I'm never going to Do that but here's the thing so what Google would do is they would take these Email addresses some of them would be Gmail accounts and they would have a Folder or a profile on these people that They've collected data on them because Everyone's got their data right and they Would know what these people like as References right or it's like you know Other channels that they might watch and

So they would take that the computer Algorithm would take all that Information and come up with some of the Channels that these people Watch right and then they would have a Better idea of my audience I've already Got that information like I already have The channels because I asked my audience They gave me the channels like I already Got like it's Another actually channels right yeah but That's what I want to run It but I mean like Google's gonna go Take take the information that I get so I get these email addresses I I turn Them over to you Google's Google's Algorithms and their computer you know Whatever it is AI stuff they you know They have all these profiles they figure Out and then they go oh and then they Found they come up with the information I already have and have given to them You see what I'm saying yeah [Music] Like audience segment so other customers Were actually doing that behavior of Services They are those are the one that will be Targeted by the system so it's not okay YouTube channel it's the audience that Will be a difference but I mean the the My audience has already spoken about What they what they think would be you Know what I'm saying the information

That I would give you so that you could Kind of run a profile to figure out what My audience is I already have all that Data and I've already put it into the System do you see what I mean we could Shortcut all that stuff You know all the you know and and it's Inferior at this point because you know I have human people telling me yeah These are channels we also watch along With yours which is the best possible Data that anybody could have like I have It right now and we just have to use it Yeah I mean like you see what I'm saying Like Actually I understand where you're Coming from I understand your persuas uh If only I can actually no I know I know You can't do anything I'm just saying Like the irony of it so I think you understand what's going on Here but I'll just I want to hammer some Of these points home and talk about how Effeduct this is so he wants me to give Your email addresses which I don't have And I wouldn't give right what I would Give is far better than that because YouTube has a profile on everyone's one Of us as does Google and Facebook and You know they I mean YouTube would Google the same thing but they have a Folder with or whatever it might be I Don't know how it works in algorithm Land but they have your profile

Because we all know that they recommend Videos based in other videos we're Watching so they take into consideration What we're watching and from that they Recommend other videos and they have Algorithms to do that sometimes it's Very similar videos sometimes it's Videos that other groups watch or people Who are watching the video that I'm Watching also watch this video right Like you'll get something like it'll say Uh we're recommending this channel Because you watch Kyle Doon again or Something like that right you watch Boxing future for you guys we're Recommending this channel because you Watch this other channel and so people Who watch this channel also watch this Channel they do this already right so They could have done this in the Beginning they know what you're watching They're connected and I now know how Disconnected Google ads is from YouTube But they're running ads on YouTube right And so they know what you're my what you Guys watch and they could have ran ads On what on those channels without me Ever asking you what channels because They have all that data they could have Done already but they didn't and so I Asked this guy he said yeah you can put It on channels you'd like to advertise And you'd think they'd make that a Priority in their algorithms they take

The channels you say you want to run ads On and run those ads on those channels Because as a customer you're going to Get pissed if you don't do that right And they haven't run one ad that's just Been a month since I put them in Whatever it is right they haven't run One ad right on any of those channels I've asked them to run ads on and so They have multiple ways to get they Could have already gotten there without Me making a video and you guys recommend The videos like I said just based on the Profiles they've created and so this guy Wants me to give you give up these phone Numbers and stick it back into the you Know into the data the algorithms are Using to determine which channels are The best channels to post my videos and They've done an atrocious job so far When we already know they're pretty good At this because of you know I had a Video where I talked about what I just Thought of polyurethane Because I'm doing something on my floor I didn't say it out loud I didn't Mention it the word never came out of my Mouth I didn't Google search it nothing And I got a Facebook ad for it so I'm Like are they reading my mind or are They so the algorithm so uh you know Like acute that they so detailed and Specified they can predict the next time I might need polyurethane I mean just

Which I don't use regularly I bought it Once three years ago never before that Don't use the word and if I'm talking About I'd say to my wife oh I gotta put Another coat on the on the floor but I Don't use like I'll say the thing You know whatever like Joe Biden does Like I you know I mean I don't think About I would never say polyurethane a Lot right and I didn't say it then right I talked about this but this guy is so Helpless he's the guy who's supposed to Be keeping me happy And getting my money I'm wasting money And you know if I wasn't doing these Videos and mocking it I would have cut The odds off already but I want to see Where this goes like you know right now I'm paying like 10 bucks a day which is A lot you know which is more than I want You know my budget is 20 bucks a day and I'm paying that to run ads that aren't Going to lead to new subscribers or any Of these things and I don't even know if It's going to work which I said to the Guy I'd like to run it on these channels If it doesn't work I know my ad isn't Going to work and then it's you know It's pointless if I can't get it on the Channels you guys watch and people like You know you who would ultimately might Watch my channel If that doesn't bring people over here Then the ad sucks or whatever it is and

YouTube can completely control this Which I'll get into in a moment I'll Show you the you know some of the stuff That's going on because they're screwing Me in the other areas right but with all The information they're gathering this Is the level of competence that I can Say look as a customer run ads on these Channels these channels need advertisers Because truther channels don't get a lot Of different advertisers and things like This I'm actually requesting these Channels those channels are not highly They're not the premium channels that Are going to cost more to run ads on so It's better for me I can run more ads And all of this stuff and they you know And if it's successful I'll buy more ad Time it's a win-win for everyone But like they just suck so bad right [Music] Be optimistic about it because I Understand where you're coming from yeah So what we're going to do is I'll get if If I'm not the one if there is another Department that needs to call you on That I'll make sure to search on that Just give me within this week and then We'll actually get it I'll get an answer From that okay yeah if ever I need to if Ever another department needs to take Over because my access will be limited In helping you for that if I will make Sure to actually erase your concern and

Then get another department for that Okay yes I'll make sure to do that Within this week just give me within This week so what I have here the Question that I parked is all those Channels that you put on the placement Those are the YouTube channel where your Ads would like to appear yes that would Be great that'd be wonderful Okay great so what we just did right now Is we just reviewed the campaign you Will be the one to add keywords right Yes yeah I have I have that open No I have it open I'll add the keywords Too as soon as we're okay yes I have That that tab open so that's great Okay so just make sure to add those Keywords and then the other one for the Recommendations at least we have tried That for the Um also apply and then we'll make sure To normally every time that we make some Changes still the same approximately 14 Days for the machine learning to work For us to see accurate results even Though there are no performance Guarantees cell C for fluctuations During and the other 14 days learning Period so I have your email here I'll Make sure I'm not going to set up Another phone call what I'm going to do Is just give me the speed and then if I Will be the right person to relay that Message for you I'll make sure to inform

You if there is another person that Needs to call you when it comes to that If Ever I need to create a ticket like For that issue so we can get an answer Yeah and then I will relay that message For you maybe I can call you and then if You're not available we can set another Time to actually call for that great That's great thanks I appreciate your Work okay and then [Music] Collect feedback on how we can improve To better support you so you have my Email so I don't want to take too much Of your time but I'll make sure to work On that within this week great and that Is something that I can do that okay Great I appreciate your effort in I know That oh yeah thanks thank you Okay Paul thank you bye-bye So this is um part of the conversation You didn't get to hear This is I've searched pockets of the Future And here I am on Lincoln LinkedIn I Don't know if I can even log back into That account Um you know I'm sure I could But you know I don't go on LinkedIn and I don't think anybody else does This is somebody who stole my content And put it up in audacity This is a song called pockets of the Future now I was the original epoxy the

Future here I am on Instagram This is some you know some some people Who have I don't want to say they stole The pockets of the future idea this is My patreon account Um this is my Facebook page right and There's nothing here right this is um my Facebook page again And Pockets full of Hope the UN and so The YouTube channel doesn't come up and Then my YouTube channel this YouTube Channel was the original pockets of the Future it was a name I came up with There was nothing else nobody else was Using it I have it you know I have box Of future.com I used to have a website I You know I own this term pockets of the Future right and the YouTube channel is The most popular thing of any of these Things It has millions upon millions of views Over 110 million views and you know Subscribers 200 000 subscribers and Should be more right because of their You know whatever it is and that's how Bad Google's screwing me they don't and It screws them because because I make Bang for them I make money for them Right Um and it doesn't even appear here And so you know Like if somebody searched videos you'll Find something but people were searching Pox of the future

Um so these are other people Um this is I'm looking under videos on YouTube and none of these are my videos Here I am on Amazon India And so um Nordic pockets of future this Is all stuff Uh this is my patreon account where There's some YouTube videos so there's Basically hiding my channel on their Search And I'm paying them to run ads and They're screwing me over there they're Just stealing my money right Uh you know which we all know about So I told this guy that right so I Talked to a guy that was under this guy A woman said some Island near the Philippines so these guys aren't even in America and they have very little power And they're disconnected right they have To go through a supervisor supervisor They have to read from a script and his Job is just to explain Google's website to me you know this Some of the things that you saw some of Those images that you saw they're They're not their website but they're You know whatever you call that the the Guts of the operation and there are so Many different tabs And there are so many different Applications in there and it's supposed To optimize their algorithm's ability to Find

My you know the ads that the placement For my ads and they say they want you to Wait three months before the machine Learning takes place so they want you to Run ads and pay for them as they Splatter your ads all over the Internet And figure out where the you know the Targeted demographics are and you know It has no flexibility no manual input It's just whatever tools that are there That I put demographics this and that The other thing and they're supposed to Gather data and information from the you Know I would hope the viewers on my YouTube channel but I don't think They're even considering that see what I'm doing is interacting with Google ads And not YouTube ads Google runs ads on YouTube but is disconnected from YouTube They're two separate entities and so That screws it right because they're not Looking at all right this guy wants People come to his channel let's look at The people who subscribe to his channel And figure out what they are as a Demographic and then we can run ads on YouTube channels that those people watch Right which you know they could have Done that automatically like I said Earlier and they won't do it manually And so I'm supposed to wait three months While they spend my money and frustrate The crap out of me I've already had Three or four conversations with this

Guy I had a conversation with that woman Twice who blamed me because she said I Wanted to run my ads on Google Search And she ran my ad like if somebody Searched a video on Comedy they would Get my my 15 second ad that was her you Know I I mean she didn't understand this Guy at least read the conversations and He read you know my request and he Figured out that I wanted to run ads on YouTube which I out and out said to the Girl but she didn't even know what that Meant right she just knows search Because she hasn't been trained again These guys are coming in from a foreign Country that don't understand American Stuff American society American Everything but in all that you know I Said to the guy I said you know I If you search box of the future on Google Search and I was the original Pockets of future and the most popular One it doesn't come up like think about How effed up that is that their searches Excluding me from the term that I Created right that's how bad Google Sucks but on top of that they are gaming All of us which we all know about when We asked to watch certain truther type Of channels and they recommend CNN Instead and people are you know are Getting unsubscribed or not getting Notified and this happens across YouTube Anyway and so they suck so bad and they

Just keep on getting worse they're Slaves of these algorithms and all this You know this data and you know I have YouTube TV which I pay them for I have YouTube premium which I pay them for and I make money for them and I bring Viewers to their platform and now I'm Running ads through Google and they just Like freaking I mean it's an abusive Relationship I mean I don't have an Option here and I don't feel like a Victim and you know I get to you know Make fun of them here that which is a Small consolation But they are squeezing me and they're Giving us less Avid revenue and the you Know outside of mainstream media and Nobody wants to watch CNN and you know No one wants to watch MSNBC or they Wouldn't have to try to you know crush The competitors and de-platform their Competition And there's such a vast amount of Information on the internet and channels And things like this they can't possibly Even do that And so it's just like I mean they've Become evil like this is beyond them Tube and not only evil but like epic Levels of incompetence right because all They'd have to do is Do what they used to do recommend my Channel when it's appropriate not Unsubscribe my subscribers who want us

Who've subscribed you know somebody Keeps on subscribing back again and they Keep on subscribing you know why doesn't Their computer algorithms recognize that They don't want to be unsubscribed I Have people right all the time I've had To resubscribe to you seven times You think that their their computers Would be smart enough to stop Unsubscribing to people and then if they Lose me they can't find me because they Search pockets of future if they search It on YouTube it comes up a little Faster But still I mean it's you know they Can't I mean it's being hidden and so All they have to do is stop all that Stuff and run the ads where I tell them To run the ads and I would have more Subscribers they would have more money For me and everyone would get what they Want all they have to do is do that and You know it's It's not like that would be the easiest Thing to do that would be how their Algorithms would work if they didn't try To exclude channels or exclude you know Whatever it is it's not just truther Channels but they have this whole you Know preferred channels and they started To to get into stuff they should have Never got into you know whatever you Want to see if it's legal and it's you Know appropriate for the platform I mean

They have their guidelines which are Bogus some of them but some of them are Are reasonable but if it's within the Community guidelines and it's quality Material and they have advertisers are Willing to run ads on like my Channel or Somebody else's Channel and you want to Watch it why mess that up Why did Why Try to prevent that from happening which Is what they're doing I mean in a way That's like incredibly seedy and I mean It's not just Weasley but it's also like Stupid it's counterproductive and not Just as a business but even as you know An entity that's some governmental Entity or some spy entity or whatever Wouldn't they want to keep people Engaged with this platform so they can Not only make more money but they can Collect more data and all these other Things but they're literally pushing Everybody away and making it impossible To stay here and this is not just truth Or channels people are saying that their Ad revenue is down 50 or even more than That and I'm trying to fight it off but They're fighting against me like just With the the most I mean if it's Stupidity incompetence that's really bad But if it's intentional then it's just You know then that's just evil only Spiritual value will save this world It's far remodel definitely important For the apocalypse and the Ascension

Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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