“30% will never change. Stop wasting time on them.” -Dr.SHIVA

"30% will never change. Stop wasting time on them." -Dr.SHIVA

20 percent people are change agents People who want a better world and Actually want to do it 50 of people are Looking which way the ball bounces They're watching the game thirty percent Of people are the real and the are divided into the obvious Establishment and the not so obvious Establishment strategically what our Movement does is we're about finding Organizing and mobilizing that twenty Percent I don't give about the 30 if you See a guy wearing five masks don't even Argue them go give him five more masks If he says he's got five boosters give Him some needles the mistake the twenty Percent make as they're arguing with 30 and they get worn out they Get depressed you know the world sucks No one's listening to me but you're Talking to a bunch of people who are Never going to change the world anyway The 50 will move when the 20 is Mobilized so this is the physics of it It's like a magnet if I drop a bunch of Iron filings if it can Clump up enough The twenty percent it'll drag the other 50 long then you have a bunch of That's left behind there's a physics Here the system's Dynamics once we Understand this you make very clear Decisions become a truth for to help Warrior scholar Truth for help.com

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