Zionists Hate Working-Class Jews (And Everyone Else)

Zionists Hate Working-Class Jews (And Everyone Else)

All the people I know who are Jewish They always commend themselves on how Smart they are so for so smart Why do you need the United States to be Completely self-sufficient let's cut all Funding take that whole region let them Figure this out I went to Israel For about six weeks on this science trip There are people in Israel who are Anti-zionists it's fascinating there's Tons of using my chat right now that Agree with everything we're saying Because they're actually being front run As The Bag Man for this whole operation Exactly the zionists actually hate the Jews when Hitler was in Germany there's A huge battle in the Warsaw Ghetto Jews Were fighting Nazis and the zionists Disarmed the Jews my sixth grade teacher Mr Roth he was a deli Jew he literally Ran a deli working class Jew very Different than the Jews who live in Long Island for example most of those Quote-unquote Jews are zionists many of Them have no idea of Israel but they Just want to kill every Arab if you're Truly a Christian and you actually want To live the words of Christ how the Could you say that you support the Subjugation of the Palestinian people Cheaper for president.com get a bumper Sticker truthfruitmenthealth.com

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