Zionism is the ultimate of racism. – Dr.SHIVA™

Zionism is the ultimate of racism. - Dr.SHIVA™

What does Zionism say that these people Are the chosen people Zionism is the Ultimate of racism which serves Imperialism Zionism took the ancient Text of Judaism and it flipped it they Literally took these beautiful teachings And they flipped it it's devil worship Kennedy supported the most rapid form of Zionism for funding the American working People's dollars to go butcher the Palestinians if you compare Israel and The United States to Palestine it's not Even a fair fight it's like someone Who's been abusing you for 100 years and Then you start rising up against them And then you make them wrong so here's Booby fing Kennedy he was also a Zionist Which means the promotion of the chosen People concept Israel as the chosen People that's a completely racist Concept it's based on nepotism you're Born into some tribe and overnight you Get to be the chosen one it's very much Like the cast system in India this Concept of you don't have to work like All of us do but you're born into some Family some cast and you're overnight The best person in the world we need to Build a Bottoms Up movement go to Shiva For president.com and volunteer

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