YouTube Bot Hilariously denied Shadowbanning + The Truth Question Nobody asks

YouTube Bot Hilariously denied Shadowbanning + The Truth Question Nobody asks

Okay greetings brothers and Sisters my wife and I watched the Sympathizer which I'll talk about in a Bit um it was kind of a haunting show About Vietnam but from the perspective Of the Vietnamese which is kind of a new Thing you know the time it took place Was in the 70s and you know brought up some Memories for me and my wife um the first Thing was this they opened a a can of Coke or something with one of these Types of um tabs or whatever they call It uh these pull tabs and I remember Doing this as a kid and I looked it up This guy made a video about it this guy Called um Christian Cutler what you do is you put this Together like this make sure you have a Little Bend in your aluminum you put This together and then you can p pull Back and you let it Go so um I used to do that all the time When I was a kid and I just remembered It like it's happening a lot to me Lately and I'm not a like a um nostalgic Person or you know these types of things You know I I'm always more than willing To move forward especially you know Things have gotten better you know I Mean this is what I used to do as a kid I don't drink Coke anymore or any kind Of um soda like this but um this is what I used to do as a kid and you know it's

Just um once in a while one of these Memories comes up and I I talked to About it with my wife who grew up at the Same time Period and um she um didn't do this but Often times we saw the same commercials We saw the same you know we did the same Thing we had the same lims and Rhymes You know things that were prevalent in Our Generation and I saw a little yellow fly Yesterday like one of the these tiny Metallic flies really small and it also Brought up the memory of What's called The green bottle fly now this fly came In yellow and green and you know Sometimes it had a little yellow on it Or was more yellow than green or Whatever um but this is the fly that I Remember most when I was a kid and my Wife said yeah she neither one of us had Seen this fly in years and I don't know If it's being displaced by some um you Know more aggressive species we have Black flies now and sometimes horse Flies but I haven't seen one of these Flies in like 30 years and you know I Grew up in Connecticut my wife grew up In Ohio and you know was very this was a Fly that we saw most and we talk about It we talked about it I haven't thought About this fly or anything like that in Years um but it's interesting this is Happening that you know I'm sort of

Going going down memory lane and Realizing things have changed like where Did this fly go maybe it's just um Around the country here or whatever but Again like I haven't seen one of these In years I don't know about you guys um But anyways let's move over to the I Want to go do my narration now I have Some stuff to do on um I got a bunch of Stuff to cover today interesting things A lot of different you know going back To a sort of a normal video but I got One more email response from the fine Folks at YouTube and I want to go Through that really briefly kind of want To wrap that up and then just talk about Like the the whole truther thing like You know where I am as a truther or Where I am as a a person who's seeking The truth okay to start off with those Of you guys who were watching my recent Videos about my conversations with their Various Bots my chats with Bots and then This email exchange with Christian and Then I think Edward and Mary and Kath And Chris didn't finally respond it Again to my you know I sent a voice over And I wasn't going to it just too much Effort for me to put it into text but I Did a voice to text it was probably About three pages long and I read it for You all and it was documenting how YouTube's policies have shadowbanned me And so many other people right YouTube

Can say they don't shadowban people but They put you in categories and they've Been doing that for a while they have Various categories of Preferred channel And whatever they do they have Categories and they you know they Categorize your channel they profile Your channel as you know if you're Somebody who's a truther certainly um But whatever it is if you're a celebrity They give you you know more preferences I me they do this on all these platforms Even though you know these celebrities It's kind of the opposite YouTube should Be the opposite of the celebrity culture Like the celebrities have a platform Right but you know they give them Preference whatever mainstream people I Mean Don lemon's just got a new channel He's getting preferences that you know Privileges the rest of us don't get Right like these kind of things and Because they do that and now they are Prejudicial against our channels and They are starting to not recommend us in The sidebar and or you know uh Unsubscribe people from our channels and These other things particularly truthers But all kinds of various demographics And channels that is Shadow Banning Right where people can no longer see us Right Elon Musk admitted to doing it on Twitter even though he says he's not a Censorship person he allows people to

Post whatever they want but then he Hides their their posts right and so Their algorithms you know the machines The Bots hide the post and so you know I These policies definitely caus my Channel to decline I mean I was gaining Subscribers and all a sudden I was Losing subscribers and then my Channel's Just started to sort of go on a downward Spiral and have a slow death right which I've documented here and so he says hi There thanks for your response I totally Appreciate your insights about you how YouTube works now and I deeply apologize If this is hurting your channel this is Just a superficial line right because it Is hurting my channel like it's no doubt It's hurting my channel it's designed to Hurt my channel right you guys are Giving preference to see NN and pushing Their crappy content and you're Suppressing content that has some s sort Of alternative narrative and so it's a Form of censorship it's a form of Gaslighting it's a form of withholding Information all these things right Punishing the people that build your Platform and so it sucks and you guys Suck right and so that's the one line Where he's kind of acknowledging that The policies but then he says I wish I Could do more however all the details Regarding your concern were already Addressed in my first email to clarify

We don't have such a thing such called As Shadow Banning um so this guy is not Even an American could by to clarify we Don't have such a thing as called as Shadow Banning he might be from India Like India says um called as you know if Like this guy is called as Paul Romano Like that's how they would you know um But anyways not it's not an American Sentence there I recommend Recommendation system doesn't promotee Videos to your audience but rather finds Videos for your audience when they visit YouTube videos are ranked based on their Performance relevance to your audience And not all videos are eligible to be Recommended um well why aren't they Being why aren't they eligible Recommended that's Shadow Banning you just admitted to it videos That aren't eligible to be recommended Why aren't they eligible to be Recommended because there's lots of Videos most of my videos aren't eligible Eligible recommended to my subscribers Or to the you know the general YouTu Population and so again um all of it our Recommendation system is constantly Evolving learning every day from over Eight billion pieces of info we call Signals the primary ones being watch History search history channel Subscription likes dislikes not Interested feedback don't recommend this

Channel feedback selections sa satis Satis Satisfaction Surveys um but that's not that's Dishonest because it's saying they're Giving you what you want do you guys Feel like you're getting what you want As truthers no I showed you guys when I Was searching for truther channels you Know and I I can go through my video List that YouTube um puts on my phone That's the only place where you can uh Hit not interested in the channel right Like or the videos in terms of a channel Don't recommend this Channel and I could Hit don't recommend this channel to all The channels that are anything but Truther and they still won't come up With truther stuff in my Facebook um you Know my Facebook feed like I don't make New friends on Facebook Facebook is a Dying platform but occasionally I'll see The the recommending Alex Jones David Ike And this morning they recog they Recommended really graceful and it's Weird because I just you know mentioned Her in a previous video because she left A comment on my channel and they Recommended their Facebook pages and so They recognized that I have truther Interests because I have probably 200 or So friends who are truthers and many of Those truthers and many friends who just

Don't do aren't either have they been Banned from Facebook or they're not on Facebook I used to have so many truth or Friends that posted truth or stuff and They got thrown into Facebook jail so Much that they stopped um posting and so Facebook has been cleansed of truther And even they they're recommending Truther people you know so-called Truther not that Alex Jones and David Ike are truthers but they are what they Are right and so um it's just like YouTube's the worst for this different YouTube features r on certain Recommendation signals more than others For example we use a video viewer is Currently watching as the main signal When suggesting a video to play next no You don't because how many times you Guys watch one of my videos and the next Video is a Fox News video and so F you Like don't pretend that doesn't happen Happens to me I have no interest in Fox News like Fox News isn't as mockable for Me as CNN and MSNBC even though Fox News Sucks as is bad and so my main sources Of mocking are CNN and MSNBC so I Occasionally watch those videos you know Whatever it is right for purposes of of This YouTube channel but when they Recommend a video on my Channel or to me It's Fox News which is weird because They categorized me as a right-wing Person when I'm not and we all have that

How many how many times you guys been Watching truther videos and it didn't Recommend another truth or video so like Just stop with this like it's just you Know I mean it's embarrassing to provide Video recommendations on the homepage we Primly rely on viewers watch History Viewers can turn off and clear their Watch History if they don't prefer to See recommendations on the homepage none Of these things I'm not going to read The rest of it because um you know it's All about them not admitting to that They're hiding Shan they're Shadowbanning channels there are Channels that they never recommend right How often do you get recommended a Truther Channel one that you re that you Watch regularly and so um you know they Really like to recommend basketball to Me you know I've watched a few Basketball videos you know I mean just Entertainment wise and that's always Something they'll recommend to me right And certain things I'll watch something From a certain demographic or category And they'll recommend the out of it Right whereas if I watch any kind of Truth or content or search for truth Truth or content they don't give me the Results I want because they've GED the System and they have admitted to gaming The system and so that's that like I'm Done with this I'm not going to respond

I said what I had to say to YouTube Weirdly enough there are people who have Said they haven't got recommended a Video for me for years and YouTube Recommended a video ever since I've been You know interacting with them so that's Whatever it is um but you know I this is Just it's just you're never going to get Anything with them I I knew that you Guys knew it it's not a mystery so I Just want to talk about the truth Community very briefly here in the early Stages of the truth Community the Definition of a truther was somebody who Didn't agree with the official story Right people who didn't believe the Politicians or the media right which is Pretty much everybody to some extent but People who had a problem with it and Were curious about it so that's the Lightest definition of a truther and now That probably makes up around 60% of the People at least you know between 30 and 60 but probably 60 B based on your Definition people who know the systems Lying to them and are at least a little Bit curious about it and you know want To find out more because the majority of People know that they're being lied to But some percentage of them don't care They know they've just accepted it and They don't care they don't want to know More about it they don't want to look Into it they don't want to see any kind

Of punishment they're not they just They're just they're okay this is the Way it is I'm I'm fine with it right and So that's the majority of people and you Know those are the people we call sheep People who know that the system's lying To them but will willfully push back Against it when you talk to them about It like they know you're right a little Bit like at least a little bit but they Won't you know go where you're going to Go right they won't they have no Interest in hearing about and they want To shut down the conversation as quickly As possible they want to put a wall Between you and them as soon as you talk To them even if you're somebody they Claim they love or somebody in their Family a relative you know old friend or Something they want no part of your Belief system and want to do everything To close it down they don't want to be Agitated or upset by it they don't want To change anything that they're doing They don't want to feel threatened you Know they're scared of what that could Possibly mean that the system is 100% Lying to you you know when I first like I had truth or inclinations my whole Life and you I've always been a truth Seeker to whatever extent that means a Curious person and like to get to the Bottom of things and you know I my Brother was a truther and he told me

Some stuff so you know I wasn't like new To this but when the big event happened In 2001 and I realized that you know the Whatever that the powers that be Whatever that meant to me back then were Attacking us and L to us about it it Just took a while to digest that because It was like you know at some level you Kind of think that the people are There's lines they won't cross and There's morals that they they have and Then when you see that they don't like That they will you know Murder their own Citizens and lie to them about it and Gaslight all the things that we know and It takes a little while to really you Know get that these people are and People who control the system and all The people that go along with it because We're all going along with it to some Extent right but you realize it's worse Than you know and worse than you'll ever Know and when that happens it freaks you Out a little bit right it it should to Most people and a lot of people can't Take that freak out the unsafety of it You know how unsettling it is right so It's um you know it's not something Where you're there's any anything you Can hang your hat on anything you can Feel secure about and so in the initial Stages you just had to acknowledge that The system was lying to you to whatever That meant right whatever level that was

And you wanted to find out more and that Was the birth of the truth Community but Over time there has been various levels Where people just stop growing in terms Of their seeking of the truth right if You're a truth you're seeking the truth You're a truth Seeker right and so here Are some of the levels just so people Kind of understand this and you can only Understand the levels up to the level That you're at right like when I talk About a level that's beyond where you're At you're not going to understand it you Know for the most part because you're You know you're stuck at this other Level or you're you don't have the Capacity yet to move to the next level So I just gave you the entry level level That we all have you know where you know The system's lying to you and you want To find out more about it and then There's like what I would call The Alex Jones levels the Q non levels the Right-wing truther levels the Flat Earth Levels and some of these other you know There's a couple of levels in there Right and so there's two things there I Want to focus on an external enemy of Bad guys the Deep Staters right the People who are just focused on the Deep Staters and the people who just want to Say that you can't believe in anything Which is part of this because that's That's all they can do and you know and

Then the people who um who still think They can wake people up and change the System and and so those are the three Levels within the Alex Jones level and So the people who think that they can Change the system and wake people up or There there they can their side can win You know that you after a while that Becomes less and less easy to believe But some people still do right some People hold on to some of that even Though they go up to a higher level of Understanding they still hold up on hold Uh on to that idea a little bit of you Know truth or hope then there's the People who just want to see other people Punished and they're always finding out The worst things about any person Celebrity anybody who it whoever it is Politician they're focused on a specific Group of people usually leftwing people You know it's right-wing people focused On left-wing people of course you could Make a case there's the the woke semi- Truther people who you know believe the System's lying to them but they're Focused on the right-wing people and the Trumpers and so they just want to see The other side punished and they think If their other side is defeated that you Know all the glory will go back to God And you know everything will be great And they'll be Vindicated and they'll be Right and they'll they'll be in power

And control and they're the good people So once that happens good things will Happen and they want to see their group And the people that are around them and Their whatever demographic they belong In do better and be victorious over the Other group and somehow they're that's Going to Excel them you know the Trump Make America great again people and Somehow this will all um have a happy Ending and again being programmed from The mainstream media that Happy Endings Exist that there's such a thing called Happily ever after and there's not There's no such thing as happily ever After and then there's a stage where Your position is whatever you're told by The powers that be or the government is A lie and it can't be true everything That's scientific everything that NASA Produces everything that is said by Every person in the mainstream media is An outout lie and you have to doubt it Like everything's a lie and you know I Saw a YouTube recommended a video about A guy frustrated talking to flat Earthers and this guy was not a truther You know it's the kind of video YouTube Would recommend right that not a flat Earth video but somebody who's mocking Flat earthers and it was something Unusual for my channel because I had you Know some of these terms and so this is Why this came up and the guy was saying

That flat earthers when talking to them They didn't really even believe in Flat Earth which is kind of an interesting Perspective from you know a sheepel they Didn't believe in Flat Earth they just Don't believe in anything and so if They're told the Earth is round they're Just going to say it's flat and so Whatever you're told by The Authority You say the opposite is true which you Know isn't like that's just not the case You know the authority tells you some Truth mixed with lies or withholds Information but it's not like as easy as Just taking the opposite position right If they say left go right you know these Things and so those are the remedial Levels of truthers and the primary you Know sort of bonding aspect of this is That they're set their group is set They're the good guys you know this is The Alex Jones message The Alex Jones Shill message and all the people that You know support this message or put out This message you know this is what the Cubies believe that there's you know Good guys and bad guys we're the good Guys they're the bad guys and so that Mentality prohibits them from taking any Personal responsibility and changing so You can't say that these people are even Truthers because they're not seeking the Truth right and that's the issue are you Seeking the truth what about you like

What about you right what about what you Have to change what about your role in This what what what do you need to do What can you change what what's about You know what how are you contributing To the problem what can you do to Contribute to the solution right like How can you better yourself and look Deeper into your own personal Indoctrination and in what ways are you Still being lied and and manipulated as You were as a truther you know a lot of The information that's put out there is Just lies and manipulation and Exaggeration how is how are your Emotions and the people who are in this Level are anger and fear-based and Hatred based right they're dominated by Their fear anger and their Predisposition towards hatred and so the People who are on this level you know They want to be riled up they want to be You know it's like people go to a horror Movie or or go to something that Provokes their anger or they want to Feel anger they want to feel hatred they Want to blame something outside Themselves you know they're miserable in Other aspects of their lives they feel Like a loser and they feel like you know They're they should be doing better and The system is somehow rigged against Them and so It's all the systems fault and they have

No accountability for their miserable Lives and their miserable relationships And you know why people don't like them And why they can't sustain a marriage or Something and and all of these things so Then there's the next level which is the Right left Paradigm people where you Realize both sides are controlled and Alex Jones used to be that kind of Person when the show was better than it Is now and then he regressed back to Being a right-wing person supporting Trump and you know pushing these Narratives and these types of things Right all of it pandering to a Right-wing audience because that's the Biggest game in town if you want to be Successful as a truther YouTuber or Whatever it is of social media you have To Pander to this big group of Right-wing Christian people who are Republican oriented and they don't want To deal with their own issues and their Own you know what their demographic did To cause this liberal Uprising because There was a time when I grew up where The Christian Coalition and the Right-wing power mongers you know the Military-industrial complex and the the Reagan ites the people who vote you know That were really into Nixon and Reagan And these people that they you know they Did the same thing to the left that the Left is now doing to them they

Suppressed the left's truth denied you Know their complaints and pushed their Agenda in a forceful manner that has Caused the left you know these hippies That now the Boomer hippies that now Have the money and the power to do what They're doing to the right and so you Know was completely Self-inflicted and you know that was Part of our history that's part of the Right-wing history and so although the Left is driving the country into the Ground it was the right that caused this Problem right they could have been when They were in power they weren't you know They could have opened up to some of the Good aspects of the left and uh you know Whatever racial demographics or what was Going on but it was their prejudicial Attitude and their you know their Christian indoctrination that caused the Issues that are happening today and so There's these various levels of the Left Right Paradigm people and that's where You realize the whole system is rigged Against you you know again how much e Emphasis you're going to put on the Elite is uh is essential to Understanding your Evolution as a Truther like the more that you evolve The less you should be concerned about The so-called Elite who I call the Controllers the people that run the the System you who apparently run the system

Because you realize they couldn't do any Of this without you right without all of Us that we're all contributing and we're You know holding the hand that holds us Down which I'll get into more as we you Know go through this other these other Categories but the Left Right Paradigm People is a step into understanding that The system is rigged then what do you do With it right if the system is Completely rigged and control Red by Negative forces then you have to move Towards the next level which is what People call the black build level where You can't fix the system you realize the System is corrupted and it's going in The wrong direction it's against the Divine will it's against the Divine laws And spiritual you know whatever it is Principles and things is going against What your soul wants for you as a person And collectively what all our souls want You know not want what need from us and It's disconnecting you from the Divinity Within you and it's taking us in the Wrong direction a path of Idiocracy Where people are getting weaker and more Entitled and all the negative qualities People people are de evolving and They're getting worse right the Idiocracy you know outcome from that Movie and so if you understand that then What next right the system is doomed Then what do you do with that right and

So that comes to the pockets of the Future people what I originally started This channel channel has and you know I Didn't know all this when I started it Like I had to evolve through it the idea That you start working towards building Something in the future because the Inevitable end of our system is upon us The apocalyse is upon us so what are you Going to do well you're going to prepare Yourself you know I talk about Connecting to the Divinity within you as The most essential thing but you realize We're in a transitionary period and you Know this is like End of Time stuff or Whatever you want to call it Whatever Cate way you want to categorize It and you're just accepting that a bad System that we're 100% dependent on that We're all contributing to we're all Addicted to and we all need is ending And then there's going to be something Else and it's going to be you know Interesting and horrifying and you know Scary and difficult and you know all the Things and you know some people are Going to make the grade and they're Going to be able to deal with this Transition and then of course there's Going to be kids being born and they're Going to have to deal with the aftermath And then people are going to have to Choose to go up or go down people have To go back to a caveman level and you

Know de evolve into some animalistic Type of you know gang likee violent Mentality which is definitely going to Be part of it but there also has to be An understanding that wow we screwed This thing up we went in the wrong Direction we need to work for Redemption Like so then there's a level of Understanding personal Redemption because we've all contributed We all bought into this system whether We had a choice or not doesn't really Matter that we've all been a part of the Problem we all contributed to it and There's very few people out there who Will be willing to give up like if I Could show you all the ways that you Support the evil system ways you never Thought about ways you support abuse Like all these you know liberal woke People talking in a coffee shop of how Much they care about poor people and This and that if I could show them you Know where their things that they enjoy The things that they you know they they Love in their life the things that they I don't want to say love but they are Addicted to and I could show them each One of them where it came from and how It hurt or you know nature itself or Other people were being exploited you Know your cell phones and these things You know where all your things that you Use in your life and how people are

Being hurt and you know the environment The world's being hurt because of these Things right all the negative effects of Your lifestyle your footprint you know Very few people will be willing to give All that stuff up almost nobody like Buddha you know U sadara the Buddha he Was a prince and he gave up his wealth And his privileges because he went Outside the castle and saw this misery And he said you know how could I enjoy What I'm enjoying when all these other People are suffering you know but the Most of rest of us there's no no chance Of that happening so are we really truth Seekers because you know that's a level Of Truth we don't want to look at our Participation in the beastly system how Many people are willing to even think About that right it's so much easier to Look at everyone else to say how much an Alex Jones is or Alec Baldwin is Or any of these other people you know Trump or Biden or whatever it is it's so Much easier to say oh these guys are Worse than me and they're the ones that Need to change and then you know what Are you going to do then what's your Role what are you doing in your life Just sitting there hating on them and Waiting for them to go to jail and then When they do go to jail you're like oh That wasn't as good as I thought didn't Make you any you know feel any better

And then just continued on your angry Failed path of hatred and fear and Whatever it is right with no sense of Personal accountability or Responsibility to to make the world a Better place so before I get to the Final category here Um you know all of these different Levels or all these different sort of Intentions or you know people's um People fluctuate back and forth people Regress people you know how multifaceted In their approach to something right but One of these you know one of these Orientations is the strongest for a Person and maybe they flirt with some of The higher levels and they regress to Some of the lower levels you know blame And hatred and the negativity going Depending on what's going on in their Lives like this like a human being you f You function on multiple levels even the Best people the most sanly people in the World have moments of selfishness and Egoism and what's in it for me and why Did thou for forsake me God as Jesus Said like everyone has these moments of Doubt and loss of faith and things and Even the worst people have their moments Of compassion and you know some signs of A higher nature in them right the final Level to the so-called TR truth Community the final you know where you Graduate from it this is a graduation

From being uh like a part of this you Know understanding this that the worldly System is rigged against you there's Actually two parts of this right so in Understanding the concept of Maya Illusion in Sanskrit the word is Maya And that is everything on the Earthly Plane is illusion even to the extent That color is an illusion because you Know for example all the green that you See outside isn't the color of the plant The plant is absorbing all the other uh Colors of light the yellows the oranges The Reds The Violet the you know all These things and it's rejecting green It's blocking the green and it's pushing The green back out and reflecting it Back out so it appears to be green but It's really the rejection of green it's Absorbing all the other colors and Rejecting the green right so it's the Opposite of what you think it is right It's that's illusionary and on a deeper Level you have a soul right so there's People who see this as a Simulation and they flirt with that idea This idea you know these things and That's good but on a deeper level Understanding that you have a soul you Have a spiritual Essence and because of That this is not who you really are your Soul creates your body and your life and Your your life as a human being is just A a blip on your existence right a small

Blip in your existence like your lives Can Be You Know Your Existence is like The beach and your life is like one Grain of sand right if you think about The your soul being created at the Beginning of the universe and then when The Universe implodes on itself again Whatever that time period is Quadrillions of years you know you're Going to live 70 80 years right it's Nothing and you know time is even Different when you're in a soul form so It's not even something you can conceive Of in terms of your material life and This illusion this third dimensional Illusion that your soul is encapsulated In and the experiences that you're Having that almost don't mean anything Because of the short time period And the Fact that it's it's not really you're Caught in a video game right uh a 3D Video game that feels so real but is Actually something else right it's just An illusion of your true nature and so With all those things in consideration When you start believing that everything Is a lie or that the system itself is a Deception then all the things that You're doing all the purposes that You're doing here with all the goals That you have and they might be things You have to achieve you know they're They're legitimate things but they in Themselves they're an illusion right

They're part of a biger bigger illusion So then becomes the graduating question For a truther which is why the am I Here you know what's my purpose right Why am I here you know what's my reason For existence right if it isn't all the Things that I've Been Told By A system That lies to me and this is the biggest Part of it right the biggest lie that Your system tells you this system tells You is that you're supposed to be rich And famous or you're supposed to be Successful you're supposed to have a lot Of money or you're supposed to have you Know this thing or that thing or you Know a perfect relationship and you know You know the dream or whatever it is Whatever you've whatever the system has Told you is your purpose your purpose is To serve The military and to be a part of the you Know your purpose is to be a patriot and And prop up your country right like I've Talked about I'm not a patriot and in Fact I'm the opposite of a patriot Because you know patriotism which is a Big part of the truth Community it's not Really it's dishonest you're fighting For a country that has always been a Deception and been abusive even from its Founding fathers and you can't be both a Patriot and serve God like you you can At times sometimes doing what's best for America is also doing what your soul and

God wants you to do but most of the time It isn't and so you have to make a Choice between serving God or serving Your country you can only serve one Master anyway and so this idea of being A patriot all these things that the System tells you and most people can't Get over that stuff right people will be Like everything's a lie except my Religion and Jesus is whatever Jesus is Right or whatever your religion is and Jesus is whatever I've been told but Everything else is a lie and Indoctrination science is a lie and the Bible is not or to scientists the Bible Is a lie but the science is scien is is You know science is pure even though Both have people in it right I mean if You have people in something they're Always going to manipulate it right and So people can confront most of the that they believe most of the Indoctrination but will hold some parts As sacred some safety valves like Something to to hang their hats on and They won't be able to confront that part Of it and so the question going back to The question why am I here if it isn't For whatever the system told me it is Whatever my goals are because you start Having goals and dreams when you're a Kid you dream of this you dream of that You want to be this you want to be that You want to have this you want to have

That right these things you want to have A happy marriage you want to have a a Big house you want to have this you want To be loved you want to have nice Clothes you want have a car you know Whatever it is right all the things that You're are your goals people have goals Of what they want you know they want to Have free time to go out and spend you Know go to a game in tailgate or you Know they look forward to these things a Super Bowl party or whatever it is right And they want to have you know success That they can demonstrate to other People now they want to show people on Social media how great their lives are And you know they want some external Validation they want thumbs up they want Likes you know whatever it might be Right and so when you realize that That's all right that's because It's a an illusion in the system and Some of it is things you're supposed to Do like you are supposed to do some of It right you're supposed to be a mom or Dad you're supposed to have a job you Know these things you have these things In your you know sscar pattern that I've Talked about Saras are The Impressions You take from life to life being Addiction being an addict you're having An addiction and then you conquer that And so it's gone you don't know you're No longer part of your experience but

For 10 lives you are an addict right so Something like that I you know I've Explained this in more detail I'm not Going to explain it here but at some Point you have to figure out what your True purpose in life is and when you Figure it out like it's to go back to The source to connect to the Divinity Within you and follow a process that Leads you back to your original Creator Right Define your Creator and to me That's what the real goal of human life Is and I've experienced it for years Doing the Sark system meditation you Know the the path the journey and then I've had experiences with the Creator And the source as well and so this Spiritual journey is you know you have a Material life that's here and while You're going on your material Journey if You do it right you also are moving Closer and closer to your spiritual you Know your spiritual uh origin Point You're where you were created and you're Going back to the source and learning Things on the way about The Godly Workings The Godly ways and you're Having epiphanies and these things right And oddly enough because I started sajar In 1993 and then I became a You know what we now call a truth or in 2000 and whatever it is you know 2000s Right um early 2000s I already had that Idea uh but you know oddly enough like

Going through this process going through These different levels all the levels I've described here as a truther has Helped me on my spiritual path and Confirmed to me everything that I kind Of knew already but didn't have Experience of which which is that it's All all the material life stuff Is right all your goals all Your dreams all the things this is what I first experienced when I had my first Meditation the sittings when I started Doing Saar years ago I had this Experience that everything that we Pursue in life everything that we worry About everything that we desire Everything that we're trying to achieve It's just all lies and the real goal of Your existence is right there inside of You all along that you're looking for Yourself in the outside world world and You are you know you're looking for Something experience some kind of thing To validate you whatever Adventures Whatever you're looking for in the External world and your real purpose for Existence and the real goal of your life Is within you all the time the kingdom Of heaven lies within is you know Jesus's best teaching and so you know That experience I had on the spiritual Level was confirmed to me by everything That I've seen on the material Level and There's wonderful things in this world

Beautiful things wonderful experiences To have and I've had a lot of them right I've had wonderful experiences and Horrible experiences but all of it pales In Con in comparison to your true nature And what you are inside and your true Purpose and align yourself with your Soul's path which is very hard for an Ego to do right but most recently you Know I've been I don't want to say Shocked but definitely Disappointed because you know I've seen This system that's been so great at Helping people connect to the Divinity Within them implode into this thing Called heartfulness right and so Yesterday you know I've been kind of Staying away from the heartfulness YouTube channel in Dody I for Demonstrating that it's turned into a Cult and the members of the system don't Care and you guys don't care like the Members of the system have fully Endorsed dodgy the fraud right and he's Just horrible like he's stupid and he's Like embarrassing right um and he has All these dumb scams and things but They've endorsed him and he scrapped all Over his former Master the the guy that You know gave him everything and helped Him achieve everything that he achieved Spiritually and he had this epic fall And things and it's kind of hard to Watch it's kind of interesting but hard

To watch and all these people had gone Along with it and so I've kind of Abandoned that whole thing but he came To America recently and they've been Doing this brighter mind scam you know Where they say kids can smell colors and Hear colors and all these things and one Of the kids he he brought these Teenagers with them and they were very Performative and they went from one Gathering to the next and I you know I Copied the I did a like a a video grab Of the you know these instances in case I need it in the future like some future Date what I've learned over the years as A a YouTuber is if I see something I Think I'm going to use I grab it rather Than having to find it later on or Sometimes it disappears all together but I saw that he was in Dallas Texas um Dallas as he calls it and this One kid had a blindfold on and the guy Who was the audience member you know They picked who should have been a shill But he wasn't because they they think They can you know just dup anybody and The guy was kind of performative himself He was kind of a ham and he kind of was Got into it with the kids a little bit And um what this kid does instead of Smelling the col smelling a ball Smelling the color on a ball or hearing It you know they do all these Performances where they pretend they're

Hearing the color they're smelling the Color they're touching the color they're Either feeling the ball or they're Trying to use their other senses to see Which is the big scam of this you know This educational program there was a Scam beforehand that that dodgy just Took and it got exposed by a as a scam By the powers of being India and he just Took it anyway and franchised it like a Do like a dope right and so this kid um The guy is moving the ball in front of This kid's face right and the kid says Hold it still because he can see through His blindfold and then he says you know Stop waving it around because he thinks It's orange he sees the ball through the Blindfold but it's kind of an off red It's like a it's not really Orange it's Not really red it's not one of the Primary colors it's not really a color That um and so because of that he says Orange and everyone's like no it's not Orange And he looks at it again he says stop Moving your arm and he said it's orange And you know which means he's looking For the blindfold like he has totally Exposed himself but they left the video Up anyway because I realized all these People I used to think were spiritual Seekers and they said they love their Previous Master you know it's a big Thing in the Indian culture and and all

These things you know all these people Who do have spiritual Tendencies many of Them are sort of saintly people many of Them are very devoted to God but they Also are very corrupt and the third Master of the system used to lecture Them about their cheating and stealing And bribing and you know all the things That they have to do because of their You know their bankrupt culture and you Know this this culture that's gone Sideways with dense population and Things like all cultures are have their Level of bureaucracy and Corruption but India has something special and he used To talk to them about stop lying and Cheating and you know doing all the Things that a spiritual person doesn't Do and I heard him say that and I never Really thought about how much it was True but apparently it is because They've accepted this guy because I know That they can see through this brighter Mind scam I know it's it's so Carnivalesque and I know they can see That he's thrown his previous Master Under the bus but all these so-called Spiritual people have just allow it to Happen right and there's a paity there And I realized that these were people Who were actively working through their Spiritual goal but not having you know Being sheeple and not having that sense Of curiosity in a sense of so both

Things need to be there is what I'm Saying right like you have to understand The material aspect you have to come Through a do the mat material Journey as A truther where you confront the you Know the truth behind your system that You're 100% dependent on the truth of Human life right you have to confront it As being illusionary but also you have To figure out the solution to that which Is to embrace your Soul's path And find the Divinity within you and if You don't do both of those things you Know there's a saying that you need two The birds of a bird needs two wings to Fly in the sjar system a material wing And a spiritual wing and you have to do Both those things it's a true Seeker you You have to realize that the truth isn't In the system you can you know go Through the material world and there are Truths but even behind those truths are Illusions and there's lots of just lies And people lying and you know Illusionary stuff and that life on a Third dimensional plane is an illusion Because it it dims the true nature of Your soul but in terms of the you know The spiritual aspect if you don't Understand that on a material Level then You can't evolve spiritually because You're always going to you know have Some doubt that that there is something Great in the material system unless

You've experienced it and you've matured Through it and you've had maybe Lifetimes of suffering and things and You realize that It's Just an Illusion Right that it's unimportant that the Material life you have to do what you're Supposed to do you can't Sher your Responsibilities you can't run away from Your duties you have a path you have Things that you're supposed to achieve And do in life but you should do it with Like a sense of yeah it's not really a Big deal it's not that important I Shouldn't worry about it I shouldn't get Overly stressed about it I just have to Go through it right and do it with a Certain lightness but still do it right Still execute the things you have to Execute still perform the task that You're supposed to perform do what your Soul needs you to do on a material Level But then take it light and not be all Caught up in and sucked into the to the Drama that people are okay so I just Went on a walk with my dogs and did some Farm stuff and you know I often think About what I'm going to say here while I'm doing that and I want to sort of I Don't want to say clarify but maybe um Add something to what I said and make it More sort of concise And so um to start off with I just Released the or I just uploaded the 1501 addition of the journey series and

I featured a picture of a robin's nest Eggs beautiful picture that I was able To take my wife and I were walking Around the pasture and there was this Nest in this tree this small like shrub Like tree and I was able to take a nice Picture of it couldn't see the picture Just shot shot it blind you know the The Nest is about right at eye level for me And uh I thought it might be I we Weren't sure what kind of eggs they were We have different birds that nest in our Pasture we have um um metal Larks and a Lot of redwing blackbirds but this was a Robin and then there was the Robin was In the nest and without disturbing her I Took a photo not as good of a photo it's Hard to see her but she's there if you Look at the photo and then Um I don't know a week later a week ago A few days later a few days ago I saw The that there were some babies in there So I took a short video and I took a Picture of the babies and so now it's Kind of Gone full circle from eggs the Mom on top of the eggs and now there are Baby robins and I was just walking by The nest with my dogs you know just now And one of the birds is reaching up with A very frail neck back and just reaching Up looking for its mom to drop a worm or A bug or some disgusting thing in his Mouth you know it's reaching for the sky And then it falls back down because it

Can't sustain that position because it's You know not fully developed its eyes Are still closed whatever right it's not Ready for you know that kind of Sustained activity but it still sticks Its mouth up in the air so it can eat Right opens its mouth wide waiting for Something to be put in its mouth And you know you can see all this here And so for the first part of this Clarification you know this is something That's necessary for material life right You need things bodily desires desire For food and water you know you feel Hungry you feel thirsty desire for human Companionship you know that you need Because you need other people and you Need you know um you can't just go out In life without a community right desire To to be part of a community be part of A family the desire for sex and you know Reproductive um you know things for your Reproductive system both the urge to uh Reproduce but also the pleasurable Aspect of it so that you'll do it again Right if there if sex there was no urge For sex and there was no pleasure there Would be no marriages and there would be No Kids you know you have to counterbalance The difficulty right so anything that You know if it was it was hard to eat if It was you know it felt bad to eat if it Wasn't pleasurable to eat we'd all be

Dead right if it was uh unpleasant to Drink we'd all be dead if it was Unpleasant to breathe we'd all be dead And the only thing that really isn't all That Pleasant I mean you can experience Some pleasure through breathing but it's You know it's it's not based in some Sensory like you don't have like these Nerve endings in your lungs that make it Feel good you know when you're Underwater and you you know you breach The surface and you're gasping for Breath it feels good and you know if you Have asthma or something you know you When you are not able to breathe but you Know in terms of it's being pleasurable It's not and the reason is because Breathing is automatic right your Heartbeating is automatic your heart There's no pleasure every time your Heart beats because your heart's and Your you your breath and your heart are Happening automatically right but what I'm saying here is that you need these Things to to keep you going a sense of Competitiveness right sometimes you have To feel wrong or slighted to push you Out and go go do something or take Something that you need to take or do Something you need to do right sometimes You need your ego to feel a certain kind Of a way so that you'll go and do Something that you were hesitant to do Or whatever it might be like being

Competitive is a big aspect of it right Like a big aspect of life and so these Things are there you know anger and fear And some of these emotions they're there For a reason as much as we think of Those things as being just negative They're there for a reason right and There are things that you know get Twisted and you know anger becomes hate And you know hate isn't a natural thing And you know all these things where People end up going on a dark and Negative path because things that were Natural that were you know to motivate You and to get you moving become some Sort of an Abomination and go in a Demonic fashion and so there are things That human beings have in their systems That they don't need right that are are There for whatever reason because of uh You know the twisting of the Divine you Know the Abomination turning something Divine into an Abomination but you do Need some of these things to push you Through life to do the things you need To do and so some of these things are Natural they're egotistical but they're Also Divine in their you know in their Application and their reason for Existence and so what you have in Western civilization we're doers Americans and Europeans we do things you Know we've been instrumental in bringing The world together through ambition

Through greed through whatever negative Motivations that are there for desire For Fame and Fortune have explored and Brought the world together on a you know Global level and a lot of it wasn't Great some of it's impure but the world Coming together was something that was Supposed to happen like it was something That was you know there's a Divine will Be behind it right and then you have Eastern people that they're very You know faith-based in the sense Whatever will be will be and you know Just fatalistic is you know a criticism That's leev levied against them you know Being good doers and competitive people And you know ambitious which we are in The west means that you have less Spiritual Tendencies you're more focused On material success and you and you tend To think that you're the doer which is The first fall from God when you say I Am and I do as opposed to Divinity Working through you and you can't do Anything without God your partner like When you're in partnership with God and You're connected to God in every way you Make a decision but then you have Eastern people that are so passive that They don't work to change anything you Know again this is I mean changing Culturally now but you know it's just a Difference in orientation where you know You're accepting of your fate and your

Destiny but you don't work to do Anything and you say it's all God's will It's all Al Al all will or whatever it Is right and so there's these two Opposing orientations to life I just saw That my camera switched off my Microphone switched off so I don't know If that's happened earlier if there's Some interference there's a storm Outside I don't know what's happening But this is where you know sometimes I Have my mic I have to watch the lights Because the lights go off that uh on the You know Whatever there's no visual reference Point for you but in terms of you know Two opposing orientations to life and so Both have their merits both are there For a reason both have their you know Their origins in Divinity but each group Needs to embrace the other side like People in the East need to try harder And and be more doing oriented and and More you know trying to uh change your Fate to whatever extent your destiny and People in the in the west have to Surrender more and say this is God's Will and you know surrender to the Divinity within them right they both can Learn from each other there needs to be A balance so going back to the um you Know what I was talking about in terms Of the the heartfulness debacle you know There was a time where I was doing

Research on the United Nations and I Noticed that sjar this is before dodgy But it was dodgies cronies and you know These people with bad characters that Are you know people who are you You Know Rich successful businessmen that were Into the material system you know these Were Indian businessmen for the most Part and they decided to push for the SJ Mar system to join the United Nations And be an NGO which is very common in India and master chargie had been in a Coma and he was in the you know last Couple years of his life and he was Sickly and you know he had delegated Some responsibilities to people and they Made this decision and you know earlier The second master of the system bajy had Declined to be a part of the UN he wrote Them a very critical letter from him you Know from from a letter from him was not He wasn't a critical person he was very Subtle and any kind of thing that he Would say that was corrective but was a Very corrective letter from the UN and He also wrote uh a a colleague or one of The the practitioners he sent him the Letter and he and he said that the UN is Trying to establish World Peace by using All the modern Weaponry which was kind Of a you know mocking of them but he had The opportunity to join the UN and he Didn't and so I knew all this stuff About the UN like most truthers do so I

Went and tried to present to these guys You know I wrote to the the master of The system and he said well you know I'm Not in charge of that you can talk to These guys and I interacted with them And they just gave me the runaround much Like YouTube's giving you the runaround Not giving me any direct answers and I Asked you know very valid questions like Did something change from when Babaji Said no to the UN like what's happened And they couldn't answer any of the Questions and ultimately one guy said we Can't let radical Idealism change uh prevent us from Taking this opportunity he was accusing Me of radical idealism just because I Believed in the teachings or the system You know the UN doesn't do anything for The mission it's continuously done Nothing you you do something for the UN The UN doesn't have help you you help The UN that's how NOS work right you get The title and you get to say that you're Part of the UN for those people who you Know actually think that's good or Important but other than that the UN Doesn't do anything for you occasionally It might support an NGO you know doing Some kind of community service or Whatever but we know the overall agenda Of the UN is to control and you know one World government and these other things Population

Reduction and so you know it was really Frustrating dealing with these guys and I realized back then that they didn't Really believe in the teachings like They weren't true believers in fact they Didn't even read the books and so they Were just doing this system maybe they Felt the transmission maybe they felt The cleaning you know maybe some part of Them was spiritual but to them they you Know they wanted to be big men and be a Part of you know an organization like The UN and they looked at these external Validations you know many of them have Social media posts on Facebook or Instagram where they they meet somebody Famous like Modi or somebody and they Show pictures they take a picture with The person celebrity worship and so Forth right but I realized that they Weren't really true spiritual Seekers Because they were still serving a Materialistic master and they wanted to Be validated by the Beast right and they Weren't ever going to ask the question You know they might ask the question What's the real goal of human life in Terms of you know it's part of the the Mission Prayer right something we say Before we meditate right this idea of The master within the Divinity within You is your goal right to be an Actualized soul and reach this you know Pinnacle of your the best version of

Yourself you know your Soul's full Potential expressing itself right and They might flirt with that idea but if They're kissing the un's ass then they Don't they haven't even started their Spiritual journey yet right and then Going to the truthers so this tie this Into the truthers so there's lots of Truthers out there and you may one of Them who asks specific questions you ask Questions like what happened on say 9911 What happened at you know any of those Events you know school events what Happened with pizzagate what happened With you know the election what happened With the war with Israel like people ask These questions but they ask other People and they don't ask God but they Limit the question to very specific Terms and they're looking for very Specific answers and they don't want Anything out of the parameters of those Answers right just like YouTube has very Limited parameters they're not willing To deal with their you know the their Consequences of their actions of Shadow Banning and they don't want to admit to Something that they know that they're Doing so they just oh we don't do Shadow Ban right but you know come on and so The problem with that is you're never Going to get the truth if you limit what You're willing to accept as an answer You're like tell me the truth but just

Don't tell me this part of it or as long As it doesn't include my religion or as Long as it doesn't affect you know hurt My my belief systems right and that's You know there's a lot of people who are In the truth Community who are looking For truth but they go and do the Research and they they go find sources That are going to tell them exactly what They want to hear they're going to find People who are QB like them who who are Going to agree with them and they'll They'll search for things that are going To tell them Uh the answer that they're looking for And they're not going to change their Beliefs or confront their beliefs or These other things and so you know That's a huge problem because you're not Really a truth Seeker because the Ultimate question they're not willing to Ask this question of God what's the Truth God give it to me the whole thing Like the whole enchilada but you're only Able to see the truth that you're able To see right things that are Beyond Your Capacity to or your you know that'll Threaten your Your Existence you develop These defense mechanisms so you don't Hear certain things or you don't Understand certain things and you just React to them like when I say something Here and I'm not saying it directly to This person I mean how many times have

I've read comments where I've said Something I forgot I've even said it Like I'm not even aware I said it this Idea of you know whatever truth coming Through me being a conduit whatever it Is and the fact that I make so so much Content it means next to nothing to me And I don't even know you know what I Believe or not right but I just say Something and the person gets offended And leaves a very hostile comment and They they feel like I've said it to them But they never explore why they got so Upset the reason they got upset is it Contradicts something inside of Themselves something they're not willing To you know deal with and see you know It's a truth that's off limits and so They're not willing to go to God and ask The very basic question what's the truth And what's what do I need to know what's Important to me God you know at my level And my understanding and where my Journey is what do I need to know you Know they go seeking specific answers to Validate their ego's position you know It's the same thing I was talking about These spiritual people you know they Claim to be following a spiritual path But they're really slaves to the Beast And they're you know they're slaves to Money and success in these things it's Only the unadulterated people who want The UN adulterated truth right I've told

The story of the M barata where you know This guy ARG was going to have to kill What turned out to be his he didn't know At the time his brother you know his Older brother who he didn't know was his Brother and all these people his primary Teachers a beloved Uncle you know all These people that were part of his Family it was a battle between these you Know basically families and a lot of Loved ones he was going to have to kill Cuz he was like the primary he was the Best Archer on his side he was the Primary Warrior right and he was going to have To kill all these guys and he threw down His bow and he couldn't do it right this Is what you know he references that um The guy um uh Oppenheimer references in Terms of the you know he's talking about The the first nuclear test and it's not You know it's not an Accurate he he doesn't really know the M Baratha but he gets a sense of it right So he throws down his bow and his like You know best friend is Krishna and Krishna is driving his Chariot which you Could could take as a spaceship or Whatever it is but Krishna is the Incarnation of Vishnu the the cosmic Functionary or the or the Divine being In charge of preservation and he's Incarnated a number of times before but He often comes down to earth in spirit

Form and his soul is known as Nariana and his ego is known as Nara and His ego and his soul come down to earth Often times and have physical form in This case his um his ego was this guy Argina and his soul was Krishna and so Krishna is driving AR arjuna's Chariot And and Arjuna throws down his bow and He says I can't fight I can't kill my Relatives and Krishna said well you know You you have a choice not to fight but If if you don't fight I'm G to have to You know I promise not to fight and I'm Going to have to fight and it's going to Destroy the world like it's going to Have cataclysmic results and then he Shows Arjun his true form and this is What oppen is making references and like He's this you know this whole Divine Form and it scares his out of ARA Like he picks up his bow and he says Okay I'll do whatever you want just Don't ever show me that again but here Is his ego being so being showed the True nature of this being soul and the Ego gets scared of it which is you know A huge part of human life right I've Said this multiple times people are Scared of the Beast Within the darkness In them the you know the potential Criminal or potential demon or whatever It is but they're even more scared of The Satan within them and they're scared That they're going to give everything

Away and lose control and you know Sacrifice everything for God and you Know become a you know whatever it is Right people are more scared of the Divinity Within in them than they are Scared with the demon within them and That's one of the sort of downfalls of Humanity but suffices to say we're Talking about truth seeking here right And so you know if you're not willing to See the truth of your your nature Your Divine Nature right which most people Aren't willing to do that then it's Always going to be very limited right People you have to call yourself a Limited truth Seeker like I'm not a Truther I'm somebody who wants a little Bit more truth than I have now but Nothing that's too threatening and Nothing that's going to make me change Or nothing that's going to make me um uh You know change the orientation of my Existence and become a a spiritual Person that you know nothing that Challenges my ego and and threatens my Ego's power and control over my you know My soul and my the trajectory of my life You know people are afraid to ask Questions of God right you know um this Third Master the Sark system said you Know interesting point of view of Christians he said you know Christians Want the son they don't want to go Directly to God they want God's son

Because they're scared of God right Because it's like you don't want to talk To your boss but you talk to your boss's Son and the son says yeah I'll talk to My father right they're scared of the Boss so they go to the boss's son and Say you know I have this problem but I I'm scared of your dad and he goes go I'll talk to him for you right like so It's like this idea of you know you're You don't want want to talk to God you Want to talk to the son right you want To you know Jesus is somewhat more uh Compassionate and more human and you Know less likely to give you the answer That your father will his father you Know your father you know all of our Fathers right and so you know we're Scared to the Divinity within us we're Scared to ask God questions because we Don't want the answers and so until You're ready to ask God the questions You're not really a truth Seeker Whatever they might be whether you're You know someone in heartfulness who's You know content with this scumbag Coming in and and destroying the system With corruption and things because they Don't really want Divinity right they They're more you know they want the Materiality that they claim that they're You know they're they're avoiding and They're you know they're they're you Know they'll pretend and pose and do you

Know there's so many posers out there I Mean this is you know the tale of two Posers Right um You could also say that about Trump and Biden okay so this video is already well Over an hour long so I'm just going to Leave it like this and I'll cover the Other stuff and in a couple of days um You know hopefully at least the um YouTube stuff should be you know on its Way out in terms of the my dealings with The the bots so I just did a bunch of Things my wife and I just went on a walk And the Robin was outside the nest I Tried to get a quick video or picture of It but it flew away And then um as we were walking there was A baby Robin um who was a little bit farther Along that was in the path my dogs Approached it and flew a little bit away And the mother Robin buzzed us um so That was you know there's this whole Thing that's happening so I want to get Into the sympathizer you know HBO just Makes good stuff I mean the Game of Thrones sucked I mean I don't understand How people watch that like I tried to Watch it a couple times and I like that Sort of thing you know Lord of the Rings Type of you know Fantasy whatever it is nights what that Kind of genre whatever that genre is

Called but I just you know couldn't get Into it but the rest of their stuff that I've seen it just has a a different Quality than other shows that you see But often times the shows are Dissatisfying or you know they're not Uplifting um and I would put the Sympathizer in that category very Intense uh you know it's not happily Ever after which I guess is you know There's no happily ever after like I Said often times they're depressing and The sympathizer and I'm not going to Talk very much about it because it's Really hard to describe and it's not Necessary to talk about the plot lines But it was the first time that I saw Anything on Vietnam that was from the perspective of The Vietnamese people both the South Vietnamese and the North Vietnamese who America was fighting the communist North Vietnamese the main character was a half French half Vietnamese double agent who Was working with the South Vietnamese But spying for the North Vietnamese and The show takes place both in Vietnam and Also in America and this was interesting For a lot of reasons so I grew up my Brother was a Vietnam fet and I grew up In the area the era where Vietnam was Very prevalent even after the war was Over so I was born in 1965 I think the war ended I don't know

In the 70s with Nixon but it sort of had Ended by the time that I you know my Brother said it was the Ted Invasion Where one of the generals said they Can't boil a pile of rice without us Knowing about the Vicon can't boil a Pile of rice without us knowing about It General M Mo I'm one of these guys Famous guys and the next day they had This thing called the Ted offensive Which was the Vietnam Vietnamese New Year and again this is I'm not looking This up right now so I might have some Of the details wrong but this is how I Remember my brother telling me and they Attacked 10,000 different places or Something crazy like that on the day That everyone thought they would never Do that CU it was a holiday it was a Sacred day in the Vietnam Vietnamese Culture and he said after that like America just had quit and they were just Going through the motions no one wanted To admit that we lost and they were just Um You know going through the motions and So you know this was um like the biggest Thing that happened the Vietnam War was Like the biggest thing that happened for A number of years there's the hippie Movement and there was some you know Different types of riots and protests And there was you know the liberalism Became a thing and it was being

Suppressed by the conservatives and There was this battle and you know my Older sister my my brother's 17 years Older than me and then is uh my our Sister is 15 years older than me the Oldest of three girls and my youngest The sister that's closest to me in age Is 10 years older than me and so my Sister and I had a relationship when she Was when I was young when she had was Going to college you know I was you six Seven years old she used to spend time With me when she came home for weekends And eventually she became a social Worker and she was a liberal person my Brother was you know mix of being Liberal but also conservative and Somebody who was a Vietnam veteran so I Had like both sides of the the Boomer Hippie movement you know that whole Battle between the the people who went To Vietnam and the hippies that were Protesting against the war and all these Things right my brother was drafted I Guess he enlisted to go to war but he Was would have been drafted so I don't Know not sure about it but he um you Know was deeply affected that was my Brother in Vietnam was like his biggest Thing eventually he would become a Counselor for Vietnam Vets he wrote a Book about Vietnam which I'll talk about In a bit and so during that period of Time when I grew up from the the late

70s to the 80s Vietnam became a big part Of the Cinematic Universe in terms of um So many movies and books came out about Vietnam and the majority of those books And movies were about soldiers and this Disgruntled aspect of the war and the Corruption of the war and and these Types of things and almost none of it Was about the Vietnamese people and Vietnam itself and like I said this was Like this huge thing that happened it Affected the Kennedy presidency and the Nixon presidency of course the Assassination of JFK and RFK these were The big events and we have events like That all the time now like on a yearly Basis we have more big news events that Happen of course now with the cable news Cycle and the internet information being Shared and just it's like we're in a a Time of um you know where everything is Uh you know a quickening phase where Things are becoming more and more packed In but the Vietnam War was a big issue Socially politically and it became sort Of the framework of the policies and the Position of the Boomer hippies that now Control the money like the Boomer Hippies had inherited their businesses You know my sister was friends with some Hipp girl who I believe parents owned The Tootsie Roll company or something One of those things and she inherited That and she didn't want it right she

Didn't want part of the corporate Structure but she had it right and so at Some point all these Boomer hippies Became businessmen and then they started This liberal agenda of course that being Influenced by the people called the Controllers and this and all this stuff Right so during that period of time There was um the guy I guess what's his Name McCarthy or something what is Whatever his name is he was the Anti-communist guy and the FBI and the Conservatives and these paranoid Right-wing what be considered right-wing Nut Job people were really concerned About the communis communism Coming to America of course capitalism and Communism both suck and this TV show the Sympathizer shows you both how they suck Right because neither one Embraces Divinity or the natural person right so Both communism I mean people are so Scared of Communism here in America but Capitalism sucks just as much or more Communism is anti-god but capitalism Takes you away from God even more so With your you know the way that it Pushes material pleasures and things Like this the rest of these things but You know they had these communist trials And you know people were called out for Being communists and there was Communist Like witch hunting going on and the the 50s and so Vietnam Vietnam was a colony

Of the French you know South uh French Vietnamese food is like a famous thing Now and the um North Vietnamese Developed a communist policies and Pushed the French out right another way That Americans mocked the French for Being what was called surrender monkeys Right back when I was a kid or as a Teenager you know because of the way They got rolled up by Hitler and things Like this I mean that's you know Some of the American rhetoric towards The French and it was a time where the American dollar became the world Reserve Cur currency and the French got pissed Off because America was just dumping Money into the Vietnam War like they Could never do and America had you know A much a bigger population but also Because of being the world Reserve Currency they could just print money and That turned into bullets and weapons and Things like this and it was also a big Military-industrial complex type of War Right uh but it was the first war that America lost and lost because it really Was Vietnam had nothing to do with us Vietnam didn't do anything to America we Had no reason for being there and it was A war for the military industrial Complex it was a war against communism And it was a war for opium cuz you know One of the things that my brother wrote In his book my brother wrote this book

Called Shades of Green In which um you know I read the book and I was around when he was writing the Book and this book was like a promise That he made to everyone the family that He was somehow going to become this Best-selling author he got an agent and He you know he was kind of a bullshitter And and the book never got published and You know it was kind of at the tail by The time he finished it was at the tail End when people were losing interest in Vietnam Wars I mean you know like there Was the Oliver Stone sort of um liberal Perspective where he made Uh two movies Apocalypse Now Apocalypse Now and platoon right Um platoon was a really horrible movie Like I just watched it I don't a couple Years ago and there was a scene where That guy ended up playing Jesus in some Movie William Defo Um he um he gets shot by there's two There's one guy who's a real Conservative sort of hard ass and then William defo was a pot smoking sort of More liberal leader within the you know The platoon and the other the other guy Shot him you know fragged him killed Them you know friendly fire in the Middle of the Jungle but he came out While they all leaving by helicopter and He's shot multiple times and he does

This like drawn out dying scene like you Know the aasum and um when will William Shner voiced the aposan Over the Hedge If you like where he you know dies like 10 times you know it was really bad but There's also these like Homoerotic type of um you know I I don't Know what the correct term is but you Know was sort of gay erotic like uh Subliminal messaging like they go Through this whole part with a smoking Pod and they're they're sucking off the Barrel of a like a shotgun or something Like it's just really I'm like wow this Movie is a lot worse than I thought but Anyways he he made these two movies These Vietnam movies That were major Blockbusters and you know they couldn't Recogn reconcile the Vietnam War and They kept on reliving it again and again In all these different movies right There's a movie where there's some Hostages um and they came back and uh You know speaking of uh gay erotic Movies um Patrick swy started that one Or whatever it was but they just kept on Replaying the the Vietnam War over and Over again cinematically right and There's a a movie in the TV show which Is part of the the you know the whole Storyline but you know it was just this Thing that happened all these books and People are fascinated by it and then it

Just sort of died out right and so when I saw this sympathizer TV show was about The Vietnam War and you know again I had Talked about it with my brother and you Know his his SE his guarding poppy Fields which is what they produce opium With you know two of our big Wars the War with Afghanistan and the war with Vietnam were you know the opium Production took off during those Wars Because they were able to you know the CIA had my brother and other soldiers Guarding fields of opium and they were Using of course they using drugs to do Their secret C operations and all that Stuff happened at Iran Contra these Various things and like I Barry seal and That you know reporter Gary Webb who was Killed when he uncovered it the CIA was Involved a lot of drug tra drug Trafficking to fund operations they Didn't want the American Congress and Government you know they want to report The operation so they could work in Secret and so you know all these things Right and you know it was a big mess That has led to the big mess that we Have now you it was the beginning of the Big mess pre the internet but I never Seen a Vietnam show or or movie where They focused on the the opinions and the Protagonists was a Vietnam Vietnamese Person right that movie Operation Dumbo Drop was a little bit like that where

They you know there's some that they had More relationships and the Vietnamese People had lines and they were developed Characters you know but not so much in Most of them right but this one the Protagonist was a Vietnamese person who Was you know half was like half Vietnamese half French so there was that Aspect of it and then his Relationships and it was interesting From that perspective because when People think about the Vietnam or they Think about America but America had no Business being there we had no beef with The Vietnamese and you know we lost the War and communism hasn't really taken Off the way it the way that they had Worried about it and everything is sort Of you know balanced out and and no There was no big you know reason the war Was unnecessary 100% unnecessary so to Tie this into the stuff I was saying About the different ways to be a truther Like I I so little I care so little About anything anymore after doing the Truther stuff and whatever happened to My spiritual organization or whatever You know I um I'm in the belief which is Part of the teachings of my you know my Sjar meditation the gratefulness Meditation practice that you know things Are going to happen for the most part That Destiny and the events that unfold Are not something you can change you can

Change some variations of them you can Delay them you can you know but they're Going to happen anyway there's the There's a script that happens Divine Script and it's far beyond the people Who control the system who like I said Before they are the least they have the Least ability to manifest anything the People we call the controllers can't Manifest anything because they have so Little connection with the Divinity Within them you know the people who are Closer to God are the best people to Manifest whatever they're they want to Manifest in the material world Especially when they're following God's Orders and they're following their Soul's path right but for the most most Part your your life is sort of mapped Out and things that you know you wish You could avoid are unavoidable things That you know you wish you could have Enjoy enjoyed more if you really Understood them when they were passing By and you didn't appreciate them or Grateful for them you know these things And that's you know the only thing you Can change is your reaction to what Happens to you and taking it with this Sense that everything comes from God and It's for your own good and be grateful For everything good bad and ugly you Know and I've really kind of moved into That you I'm about to turn 60 years old

And I haven't really paid attention to My age like for the most part when Somebody asked me how old I was or I had To fill out you ask me how my age I had To do the math like I had to you know go Back to my birth date and kind of Subtract and you know all these things Because I'm not aware of how old I am But last year I turned 59 I realized oh My God I'm going to be 60 I'm old as right like there's been these times Where I've realized I've gotten old CU I Don't really feel much different I mean I know that I've matured and I I know There have been changes but in terms of Physicality and some of these other Things that would indicate my age and You know these things like there was a Time maybe about six seven years ago I Hadn't run like I hadn't physically run In years and so I ran and I'm like you Know and I was a little bit more Overweight then I had a bigger belly and I was running and I'm like oh my God got Him running like an old fat guy and I'm Like wait a Minute I am you know so there's these Moments you have where you realize You're old you look in the mirror There's something that happens and you Know you see your dad's face or your gra You like something like that but like I Haven't really paid much attention to it I'm still in you know relatively good

Shape and um you know have a lot of Energy and whatever but you know I've Definitely seen a decline and I'm Realizing you know there's just Something that's happening And you know there's this I mean I've Been sleeping a lot soone is my wife and I'm wondering how many people are going Through that and I think there's things That are a foot like there's going to be More dramatic things happening and one Of the ways that you process stuff is to Sleep of course meditation is a great Way to process things as well but you Know when you're going through something And you're absorbing something and You're going through changes and things Are changing around you one of the ways To process it is through sleeping right You you get sleepy and you're trying to Digest the material changes around you On an internal level or accept them on a Accept these things on a on a material Level that are a part of your inner Journey whatever way you want to look at It both things are true you know so I Was thinking about things there's things That came back up and you know my Brother and I haven't spoken out in a Couple years because you know this is Kind of goes along with the journey Series I probably should add this audio Here to my next Journey series as well And you know what happened um well

There's a couple of things when I went Through my divorce with my ex I realized Because you know she had such a warped Narrative of me you know a narrative That she had to create for her own Psychological well-being but it was you Know a victim consciousness-based Narrative because of her being a Perpetual victim and things and like I When you live with somebody who has a Negative narrative about you a distorted View as your person and they put things On you that aren't true and all of us Experienced this in our life but I lived With it very intensely for a long time And I said you know I'm done with that You know it was I mean there's things Like that that you go through that Inhibit your ability to you know they Just um they help to bind you in a in a Negative with a negative you know person That's trying to create you into Something that you're not right and it Affects you negatively it's like a drag You know something dragging you know Hanging off your car or you know driving Like having an anchor when you're going Sailing or something you know it's just It prevents your move forward and I was So drained by the whole thing you know I Made a rule for myself that you know Anybody that wasn't you know that was Creating false narratives or was Actively working against me I had to cut

Out of my life you know I was hitting You know I was turning 50 I was in my 50 And I was like you know I have this Period of time where I have to reinvent Myself and reinvent the family and also When you're a truther you're constantly Told you're wrong and that you're Unwanted I mean all the stuff I'm going Through with YouTube right we're Constantly reminded that we're Undesirable to the system and that our Our worldview is considered were Considered crazy conspiracy theorists or Whatever it is and so I just don't have The time and patience for that right and My relationship with my brother has Always been complex he's you know I live With him for while he was you know I Feel grateful for him in various ways he Was a mentor and kind of like a hero for Me in different ways you know his three Boys were like my little brothers you Know they were uh the oldest one was six Years younger than me so I was closer to Age to my nephews than I was to my Siblings and you know I live with him For a bit and you know it's during my Basketball years he was a great Basketball player and my nephews played Basketball but you know like he was Somebody who loved me and rooted for me At times but also as my mom put it he Was jealous of me in some weird way and You know I'm not really going to get

Into that I don't really care about it But you know he's somebody who my mom Said that he was always jealous of you And I'm like well that's kind of weird Since he was 17 when I was born right Like he went to Vietnam right after I Was born came back and you know this is These two things these memories came up I haven't thought about these things in Years but when I was about five or six Or whatever four or five or something Young we used to have these Good Humor Trucks that would go around and ring a Bell and they sold ice cream and you Know I was out left uh Unsupervised in the front yard of our House and you know we we didn't live on A busy street but you know you couldn't Leave me unsupervised when I was that Young and the good umor truck rang the Bell and I ran across the street and a Car almost hit me and killed me but my Brother who was still suffering Post-traumatic stress went out grabbed The guy and started to slam him and bang His head off the like the you know the Good Humor truck right there's a bunch Of things that happened in my front yard My mom there's a there's a drunk fight My mom was beating the guys with their Broom my dog Libby which was given to us By our um my hippie sister it was a Hippie dog that was abused and you know Was very uh you know kind of a depressed

Dog all of a sudden you know out of Nowhere ran and attacked our neighbors Guest who had a pitbull that was a like A literal pitbull that fought like he Had a pitbull that he was you know this Guy had it on a heavy duty leash um but It was a it was one that he was a you Know he went to these dog Michael Vic Type dog fights with right and liby just Ran and charged the dog for like no Reason like we had all these things but Apparently my brother jumped off uh Those are things that I saw he jumped Off the third story of our house like This big old house house with an Umbrella cuz he was like having all These you know he needed all these risks And things right but now I'm thinking I Think my brother must be watching me Like it wasn't the Good Humor man's Fault that you know I was left Unsupervised and I was wondering if my Brother was the one watching me or who Wasn't watching me in the front yard That I was able to cross the street and Almost get hit by a car but anyways so There's that but that was him being Protective of me there's times I feel Like my brother's been protective of me And had my back and things like that but There are lot of times that he wasn't And you know I was just recalling this When we watching this Vietnam movie it's Just you know the stuff I'm thinking

About it just brought up from the whole You know that whole time period and then There was a story I think my nephews Told me I'm not sure if my brother told Me U maybe his wife told me but it was Probably my nephews that when he got Back from Vietnam like I was a little Baby and like he was holding me and like He has some sort of a flashback and he Shook me and almost threw me hard Against the floor which probably would Have killed me right um and so he had This like reaction like he you know Wanted to kill me there For you know and I was unaware of it I'm Sure it's probably affected me a little Bit right um today but he was the only One who did sahaj Mar my mom did it for A while my dad started my mom quit after A while she you know she did it for a Couple of years and my brother's been a Kind of a lifer and you know he couldn't Feel a transmission he was kind of Jealous of me at first cuzz I could and He couldn't it was a weird kind of Dynamic but he always has been grateful And thanked me for telling me about it But you know I've realized that having Him in the mission you know doing the The meditation has kind of worked Against me I mean some cases it's helped Me out and he was a caretaker of the Asham but you know I've talked about This in the journey series you know but

Like him doing this meditation there's a Competitiveness there and you know when We would talk it'd be good for like a Couple hours or you know I'd see them And we talk and I'd miss him and it' be Good to talk to him but then it would Just sort of wear on me and it would Have a negative effect same thing when I See my family like I enjoy seeing my Family my brothers and sisters you know Even my parents to whatever extent when They were alive but after i' be there With be be with them for a couple hours I'm like oh this is why you don't this Is why you don't see these people right So it's just you know I'm not saying I'm Better than them or whatever it's just It's a it's an energetic drag and you Know I'm a different person now than They ever knew and you know it is Whatever it is like we've all gone our Different directions but anyways you Know so when the whole covid debacle was Happening my brother was you know Antivaxx because of his Vietnam Experience but he was also Pro mask he Wore two masks and it was kind of a Weird thing and he you know he was Arguing with me about in our last Conversation that um that dodgy was Pushing the VX which which dodgy was Dody wouldn't let people go to the aoms Unless they were vaccinated and I mean It was all these things he was doing I

Dody was just always I mean he was Clearly sucking and I told my brother Some of the negative stories I had of Dodgy but my brother was you know very Binary in his approach and you know the Master was infallible and he just Couldn't go there and you know as the Conversation evolved and I look back at Our you know relationship the last Couple years and just all in just in General you know he's always had these Mixed feelings towards me where some Part of them some part of them wants me To fail some part of them is like Jealous of me whatever kind of a weird Way you know and I just don't have those Feelings like I don't like have those Feelings where I want people to fail and You know I just don't I don't care about It right like the more that I um move Forward on my spiritual progress I'm Like you know it's just it's all God's Will like I just want whatever God wants To happen and it's not for me to decide Because I don't want the responsibility Isn't about being a good person or a Nice person it's just like you know who Am I to decide right like I'm in a Position to decide if I was on a jury Sure if I had to you know if I was in a Position where I'm supposed to make a Call about something I'm supposed to Discipline somebody or there has to be a Consequence for something somebody's

Done that involves me yeah you have to Act when those are the the situations But in terms of these bigger picture Type of things you know you shouldn't Wish for for things to happen that have No you know the person isn't really Affecting you in any way right and you Know they say be careful what you wish For but I felt like with my brother There was always going to be this Complex you know duality of him both you Know kind of rooting for me on one level And you know you know loving me being a You know there's some love there Whatever but also like rooting against Me and you know sabotaging and just all Of it and I knew in terms of breaking Away from The you know the heartfulness system the Heartfulness cult that I've you know Since done that my brother whenever we Talked he would just be you know telling Me I did you know whatever it was and I Just didn't need that right and I've Seen this more and more in my life I Just don't need people like that who are Going to be against the thing I need to Do right when I need to do something I Need to do it and if somebody is against You know God's orders for me you know This even goes with YouTube cuz up to This point YouTube has been pretty Supportive of me doing what I need to do And you know even though there's some

Element of um censorship and I can't Talk about certain things and of course The suppression of money and things it's Given me the it's afforded me the the Possibility to do that but now we're Coming to this situation here and you Know a lot of it has to do with what's Going on society and all of it but if You know God orders me to do something And people are going to you know Obstruct me in some way or try to Prevent me from doing it or undermine my Confidence or you know say things like That to make it harder and just add more Drag or more you know more weight to my Burden I just I cut them out of my life I just can't have them because it's you Know this is where I am like I have the Things I'm supposed to do I have my Assignment and that's all that really Matters like to me like that's you know That's what I'm in charge of everything Else is just you know outside noise That's happening in the world you know All this stuff about what truthers get Obsessed with and locking Hillary up and Something bad happening to Biden or Something bad happen to Trump or Trump Going to jail or whatever it might be You know winners and losers and you know Whatever you team you're rooting for Whatever thing I just care less and less About it because it's just going to Happen and it's going to happen the way

It should happen like there's a time Where Divinity steps in and there's a Lot less margin for freedom of choice And deviation from the path and we kind Of reach that stage and that Everything's going to go the way that it Needs to go for you know a a Redemption Period for Humanity in a time where People get back to you know the Divinity Within them and and fall away from the Materialism and the you know all the Ickiness that's going on the isms and The you know the ego stuff that's going On now in society and in people's Personal lives and then collectively and So we've entered that phase and I feel You know just as an older person like I Just you know don't care about it Anymore like I care less and less about All of it because you know I believe That you know when you come to the end Of your truther Journey like in terms of Being a truther you realize that there's A plan if you believe that there's a Plan then you know what do you like what Do you care like what difference does it Make you know you might have an interest And you want to see things resolved and Once in a while you need information Because you have to make decisions and It's good that you went through the Truth or Journey but in terms of all the Stuff that goes on and all the drama and This is it you know the end of the world

People like Alex Jones you know the Chicken littles and sky is falling and This is the big thing and you know Whatever it is you know the things are Going to happen and we're just you know You're going to be able to adjust to it You'll be able to to you know persevere Through difficult changes and ride you Know into the you be a pockets of the Future and some you know as the par as The Paradigm shifts you know there's That right Um but for you know most of the things It's just enduring that you know the Downfall of a civilization and a system You're 100% dependent on and you know Those of us can do it will do it and Those of us who can't won't and you know It's the test is already happened you Know we're in the process of just Understanding who's going to be able to Pass it or not and it's really 100% Based in choice and attitude and mostly Being a grateful person and being Grateful for this opportunity that God Has given all of us only spirituality Will save this world it's Paul Romano Definitely report for the apocalypse and The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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