YouTube AI Bot Said ‘Please know that we want your channel to succeed as much as you do’ hilarious ‘

YouTube AI Bot Said 'Please know that we want your channel to succeed as much as you do' hilarious '

Okay um greetings brothers and sisters So this to me is going to be an epic Video because I have a a great comment I Want to you know I mean it's just worth Just you know diving into and someone Did a review on my channel and Reddit That's funny and I want to get into that But the first part was you know I had These Conversations about invalid traffic Which I it was wasn't uh applied to my Channel but the effects were And I had these two conversations with This AI these AI Bots the first AI bot Was named Cloud and Cloud um you know I say uh I You know this person this Cloud says all This stuff here Cloud says um please Know that the revenue depends on ad Formats are run on your videos of Different ad formats all these things CPN was you could all these things that He said right and things that I know and They're depriving they're they're Stealing my Revenue they're running ads And they're not paying me For Those ads The same way they used to and so they're Either charging you know giving me less Of a percentage or whatever they're Doing I'm making 70% of what I used to Right and I haven't changed a thing this Is a policy they've done and they They're doing it to all these other People and so um you know so I say this

Here uh I know all this my channel is Making about 70% what it used to this Election which has always been my best Year this is an election year which has Always been my best years my viewers are Seeing ads so why has the revenue shrunk So much in the past two years and Cloud Says this this is what I wanted to focus On please know that we want you please Know that we want your channel to Succeed as much as you [Laughter] Do and you know that's bad just absolute Lie and you know I'll explain more in a Bit I got to switch over to a voiceover I'll go through it detail how that's a Lie so then I talked to a bot named Margaret Revenue May fluctuate at Different times of the year for example These are all things the holiday season All things that I said right you know That around Christmas time and the Winter months there's a huge uptick your Videos January and February tend to be Lighter months right this is stuff I I Already say I've talked about to you Guys for years so this because I do this As a job I know this to do Deep dive Your Revenue performance take a look Into your analytics expand the thing so She wants me to go and I'm saying she But it's a bot right wants me to go in And deep do a deep dive into my Analytics to figure out why YouTube's

Screwing me out of money right um but Then here is the the other thing here so I say um I need an answer from you at The end of why the YouTube is Suppressing my Revenue don't put this Back on me YouTube is doing something Different so I am not making as much Money what is it and Margaret says Please understand that YouTube has no Intention to decrease your Revenue this Is the same kind of thing right just an Out andout lie they have no intention to Decrease my Revenue but that's what They're doing to not just me but other People so you're lying right you're just Flat out lying as a but it's not lying Because they're given these lines right They're just programs they're not real People they're not people with hearts And Consciousness and you know critical Thinking skills they talk all about this How AI is learning but they're just Learning whatever their crap that They're given you know gar garbage in Garbage out this is the garbage that YouTube tells their Bots and it's the Garbage the Bots will tell you and There's no reference point for some Common ground of reality because I know From my experience YouTube is Intentionally decreasing my Revenue I Mean there's no other explanation for it And they've done it to all these people Right who are they're told this you know

This scam let me move over to a voice Over here so let me just show you this So I I put this in a Google search just So I would have the text here so I Didn't have to so I could come back and Read this later on the video which You'll hear me read it this is where I'm You know because I I want to say it Verbatim please know CL Cloud please Know that we want your channel to Succeed as much as you do and then this Is what they recommended this just came Up here right how fast you can build a Successful YouTube channel Mr beats Talks about how to grow your views seven Sides your YouTube channel will be Successful how to start a YouTube Channel with your phone this one I put In please understand that YouTube has no Interest in to decrease your Revenue I Lost 9% of my YouTube vad Revenue YouTu Monetization invalid bug Revenue loss And then these other things right how to Make money on YouTube without making Videos like all this kind of stuff right But this this is right here this is a Response where YouTube took away 90% of This guy's revenue and this invalid Traffic bug but is just a scam a way to Steal people's money because they're not Getting invalid traffic it's something That the bot detects something that is That they consider invalet traffic the People aren't doing anything themselves

And then they get their revenue stolen From them right so let me put this into Context right so this is you know the Modern day 1984 you know dystopian Right here right this is dystopian Right and so um you're talking to a bot I'm talking to a bot Nam cloud And you know I've know all about the Stuff that the bot is saying to me Because I lived it right but what I Don't have access to is what YouTube's Doing I don't know how their you know Algorithms and Bots work I mean I'm not A computer person I'm not a computer Language person I don't know how they've Done it like I don't know how they've Scammed me out of money and and you know These other people but I know they have Right because you know Just like all these other people and I Showed people in the you know these Various people showed Graphics where They're in the analytics program where There where there you know there's these Uh you know a chart and the then the Stuff just um it tanks where the chart Is you know at a certain level forever Ups and downs ups and downs but it's at A you know certainly a certain level and Then all of a sudden it plummets and It's dropped by 70% and it just stays There it happened to me and all these Other people where I was looking at what I was making on an average day I'd make

An hour long video you know if I make an Hour 20 video be a little bit more I got More views you know whatever it might be There'd be Peaks and valleys but there Was a consistent income stream and I'd Be making whatever it was $100 a day you Know $90 a day $80 a day $120 a day some Days right you know averaging around $100 a day and then all of a sudden it Was like $20 or $30 a day and it was the Same videos everything was else the same Like everything I was doing was the same I was getting about the same amount of Views and things like this right you Know and all of a sudden the revenue Drops significantly and then every once In a while it drops more and you know You notice this like when when they're Seasonal things and so you know in February and January all these companies Have their ad ad buys they you know They've they have their budget for the Year their ad Revenue you know they want To uh put out ads out there for their Businesses right and they have their YouTube ad budget and they're going to Spend the majority of that in October November December and when it's a Political year there's a billion dollar Of AD Revenue that's mostly going out on Social media I made the most amount of Money like almost you know like $20,000 More than I normally would make Something crazy like that in

2020 and I had like my best month in in Uh December that year and so then January rolled around and you know it Went down by significant amount but that Was just expected right and so like all Of those things were you know there's Some there was a bumper crop that year Because it was there was a that kind of A you know that that year the next year Wasn't as good those are all things that I expect and I see it's just normal But then there was a significant drop That happened sometime in 2023 where YouTube was just not paying Me as much for the same amount of views Same amount of ads same amount of Everything I asked my viewers they said They were they were still seeing ads now My son had told me that YouTube was no Longer a preferred destination for ads Of course Tik Tok is taken off you know They're they're now having to split the Revenue with Tik Tok and so you know There there could be that they have less Ads they have less money and things like That but they should be transparent and Tell us that right like this is why we Don't have as much money like that's What companies have to do but they still Want us cranking out videos and making Whatever money for them is you know it Is whatever it is or they've realized You know one of the problems with YouTube is the bandwidth issue where

They have to you know they have these Servers that have to store all these Videos and there's a lot of crappy Worthless videos you know videos people People's videos that their relatives Won't even freaking watch right videos That people's relatives won't even look At because they suck and so those videos Are just taking up you know resources And contributing nothing to the platform Because it's not drawing anybody in and There's no ads being run and no one's Watching them and so YouTube has to pay For all that and YouTube hasn't made Money I think there's only been a couple Years where they actually made money I Think almost every year they're in a Loss now now it's a great platform Because they have lots of people on it But they tried to figure a way to Monetize it just like anything else and So the only thing for Google that's Making money is Google ad Google Search Right um not Google ad but Google search But their ad program sucks and I've Documented this before they don't give Customers what they want and they've Lost control of their AI Bots and if a Customer says I want to run like for me I wanted to run ads on specific videos You know specific channels That my my own you know my own viewers Recommended to me and they say they Couldn't do that because it was all

Based on machine learning so I'm talking To a guy who's completely impotent you Know Lim he can't do anything Because he works for these you know These um these AI bot overlords and you Human beings like the customer or the Guy I was working with can give Suggestions to their machine learning as They call it but the machine learning Eventually comes around to doing Whatever right and so I know through These things I've dealt with this stuff As a you know YouTube Creator but also As when I tried to run ads because YouTube was not doing what it used to do Right and so there's information they Could share but these statements are Completely false because let's me go Back to the first statement here and so When this blot this um this AI bot named Cloud pleasa says please know that we Want your channel to succeeded as much As you do Well they don't want my channel to Succeed at all I mean maybe they want it And on their terms but they've done lots Of things to stop me from succeeding Right they stopped my channel from Succeeding and so when it was a Level Playing Field my channel was getting a 100 new subscribers a day I was you know Topping 100,000 subscribers and I was Growing and you know YouTube was Recommending my video videos to truthers

And then to other people Sheep and so my videos were going out There and people were watching them and Finding them and liking them I was Getting videos regularly of 200,000 Views and more I had a couple videos Over a million views and YouTube was Again an equal playing field right and So you know they had already started to Implement some strategies to minimize People in the truth Community but also Independent people that they couldn't Control it's not just truthers but Truthers were a part of it right so that Was back in you know back in 2016 the Term fake news came out and YouTube you Know the big ad apocalypse happened Where there was a you know kind of fake You know goofy truther video that caused Some problem in England and McDonald's And Walmart and all these big Advertising agencies said they weren't Going to advertise with because ads were Shown on that video video and they made A big deal about it said until you guys Clean up your conspiracy theorist Anti-establishment videos we're not Going to put our ads on your videos to Run at those on those you know on those Channels so YouTube immediately started To and that was all fake and staged and Whatever and so YouTube immediately Started to change their policies to high Channels like mine it became something a

Term known as Shadow Banning and so if You're Shadow Banning somebody like Shadow Banning isn't as much as I Do we please know that we want your Channel to succeed as much as you do Well I wouldn't Shadow ban my own Channel like no I want my channel not Shadowbanned so no you don't want to see Exceed as much as as I do right you Know you know please know me why your CH Me as much as you do and then I started To find out from my viewers they were Being unsubscribed regular Now some of that had to do with the fact That I make lots of content which Again YouTube should be happy about I make Content every day but my viewers who Like to watch all of my content couldn't Keep up and so when they didn't watch The content YouTube's algorithms would Say all right let's not notify these People anymore and and eventually would Unsubscribe them because they weren't Watching every second of content I put Out they would think oh these people Lost interest in your channel but but They also went over the top with truther Channels and they would unsubscribe People and do these other things right Do all this kind of stuff which um you Know would undermine the people who want To see my content's ability to do so and Then they came up with this idea of Authoritarian uh support for

Authoritarian channels like and they use The word Authoritarian uh authoritative channels CNN and MSNBC and fox And so they started to push that right And that all happened we know you know We all know that happened and that again Wasn't why my channel to succeed as much As I do because they were given Preference to channels that my viewers And most people don't want to see they Can go to CNN and watch crappy CNN they Can go to YouTube's you know YouTube TV And watch CNN they can watch CNN on Cable news or they go to the airport and Watch freaking CNN people don't watch CNN when CNN had their own CNN plus they Lost was it $300 million on it or Something like that I mean it was a Complete disaster they were getting 4,000 views on you know whatever it was Less than that they were getting like Under a th000 views on some of the crap They were putting out nobody wanted CNN Plus CNN couldn't compete on social Media and so they game the system so CNN And MSNBC and fox and all these other Stuff crap like the view and all these You know that people didn't want to Watch watch on the internet and they Pushed it on everybody and then they hid Our channels like they push forward CNN And then so this is not please know you Know

Cloud please know that we want your Channel to Su succeed as much as you do No you don't like that's still an out Andout lie because of all the things I've just said and so they found ways to Demonetize our videos and then they Found bogus ways to give Community Guidelines strikes when we would talk About things when we were right and the Establishment was wrong medical Misinformation which I just you know Received a a strike and a you know Repeal this video that I just put out uh Today you know is um it turned out to be You know again most of the things that They gave Community guidelines strikes Were turned out to be wrong on every Level things that was promised by the Mainstream Community whatever it was Right all these things and so there's All these Community guidelines strikes That are gaming the system So that we can produce content we can Speak freely and that other you know Platforms or other you know mainstream Media can say things and and carry the The lies forward and so they've gained The system that way and so de Demonetization of videos is also if you Look at the way they demonetize videos The way that videos have to be monetized We have to jump through all kinds of Hoops to produce truthful content like If you speak the truth they will

Shadowban your they will hide your Channel they will minimize the you know They'll demonetize it they'll give you Community guidelines strikes they'll Promote other channels ahead of yours And they won't recommend your channels To new people which is you know why I Had to run ads in the first place like Then I had to go to YouTube and pay them To do what they used to do for free when My channel was growing and they were Putting my channel and promoting it Right and not promoting my channel as Much as a celebrity's Channel I was Still not getting the same kind of Treatment but that was at least they Were doing it to some extent right but They stopped doing all that stuff and They stopped doing and they started Doing the opposite so they hid the Channel they was unsubscribe people who Did want to see the channel and when People search for Content like mine even When they search for pockets of the Future they wouldn't they wouldn't find My channel I'm the person who coined the Term pockets of the future I made Pockets of the future a a phrase and They you know when you search pockets of The future I even did it on the the the Browser Brave and it didn't come up with My I I should be first my YouTube Channel should be the first Recommended uh when somebody search po

The future that's what they're looking For the majority of people looking for Pox of future other people have now Co-opted that phrase but the first thing That you should get is is my videos but There's a person who's ripped off like Five of my videos and has a pockets of The future You know some kind of you know on some Kind of app and that's like oftentimes The first thing that comes up for people People have searched my name pox the Future I can't even find it and then When you search content truther content If you if you search the term truther It's all anti- truther stuff right so no No Cloud you please know that you want We want your channel to succeed as much As you do that is a lie you don't want My channel to succeed is all at all Because you've warped the game the System youve rigged the system against Me in my channel and people like me and Not just truthers but other people and Now they have this you know invalid Views or whatever it is invalid um Whatever it's called invalid traffic and That's just another scam another way for Them to take people's money and so You've decreased people's money by 70% And people who have jobs who think They're going to get paid you've just It's like you know somebody saying you Know that they're going to you're making

$10 an hour and you get your paycheck And you find out you're making three and They don't even tell you oh you're going To make $3 an hour instead of 10 we're About to do this they didn't make a Public announcement hey you know we're Going to start taking people's money and You're not going to get paid as much for The same amount of work and so that's What they've done to everybody right and So to follow that up they have this Other bot come out and say um please Please understand we have no intention To decrease your Revenue like you know Yeah you can say that but that's a lie You you have done it in every possible Way the way that your policies have Changed to decrease my channel and Channel like mine I mean there's no more Truth or channels on YouTube and the Ones that are demonetized right and we Can't talk about things we want to talk About we have to you're you know and Retroactively like if you talked about Like say vaccines 3 years ago 5 years Ago they would go give you a community Guidelines strike for something you said 5 years ago even though the policy has Has just recently changed right and so Like that's not cool right that's not You know to retroactively punish people For things that were completely illegal And supported by YouTube and say all Right I don't care if you made it you

Made this mistake seven years ago you Know I understand if you change your Community guidelines now and we put out Something yeah well that's you know I Mean I understand YouTube has rules and Things like that but retroactively Punishing people and so these are all Ways you've decreased our Revenue Shadowbanning us not notifying viewers Hiding our our stuff on search and so Even if we advertise you know they Wouldn't advertise on truther channels Because they don't even acknowledge that This genre exists and the truth or you Know you the truth or videos were videos That actually were one of the videos the Some of the videos the genre that built YouTube in the first place right And so this is what you're doing right This is the the BS that you're pushing Like this is what your Bots are saying And again this is garbage in garbage out Please understand that you have YouTube Has no intention to decrease your Revenue that's an out andout lie because You've done it right if you did it you Had an intention to do it you know I Didn't I didn't want you to decrease it By 70% right and all these people who Have you know huge drops in revenue and YouTube's just stealing their money and And so like this is you know this Dystopian situation where Bots are Saying things like this where you can't

Get a human response somebody with a Heart a soul and a conscious a Conscience and empathy and some you know Individual that's on there who works for YouTube and sees what they're doing and A whistleblower who leaks information on How YouTube's screwing people and there There's some sort of class action Lawsuit because there's actually a Criminal justice system in a a way of You know getting Justice from these you Government propped up corporations right There's none of that right you're Talking to a bot and you know an Unemotional bot and they're screwing you Over like which is what they're doing And you know in a way that's um I mean It's like uh you know abusive and the Bot just says stuff like this you know We're just trying to keep you safe right Like this whole thing I covered in in an Earlier video we're just trying to keep You safe the whole Community guidelines About uh the medical misinformation was About keeping people safe and then the Things that they promised that were Going to keep people safe from covid are Now being admitted to that they weren't True all these people are coming forward And say no we over exaggerated on this We over promised on that we all these Things right and so all this fear that Was around you know and all these people Who lost YouTube channels and you know

Were I mean put in a you know negative Category YouTube has categories of Channels that they are you you know Really stoked about someone like Will Smith and Mr Beast and these other Channels channels that are promoting Channels that are getting premium Premium ads and I knew that you know I Wasn't going to get that like I'm not a Celebrity and you know they didn't Really love truthers but now they've Made it so they've squeezed out any Chance of somebody you know and we've Been proven right over and over again And yet they're still doing this because They're an evil Corporation and they're Part of the beastly system And you know this is about not just the Truthers but individual people they're Always going to screw you over just like Trump wouldn't pay his vendors why Because Trump has better lawyers so Trump would have a contract with vendors And I heard this over and over again you Know I had a barber in um Las Vegas who I'm pretty sure was going to vote for Trump and he had used to put Fox News on In his Barber Shop real Republican Person and he told me that he talked to Lots of people you know he he was you Know in the know in Vegas he was a Barber in Vegas and he had all these Friends and some of them were vendors he Talked about how they all talked about

How Trump would screw them out of their Money like they he would give them 80% Of what he promised and contractually Was obligated and he' find ways to screw Them out of money you know Walmart does The same thing Amazon is even doing it More you know they have contracts with These people you I've heard this over And over again and they find ways like Walmart would do this guy was selling Carpet to Walmart and you know they Think they get this big contract with Walmart they're going to make a lot of Money and Walmart would do all these Things with returns and you know they Would find ways to take money from their From their vendors right the people who Produce the products because they're Just all evil corporations they're Trying to maximize their products and They have built-in strategies and how to Sabotage and undermine your ability to Make money with them and steal your Money from them and YouTube's found it With this invalid traffic It's just what they do right and so Don't tell me that you're like oh you're On my side oh please understand this you Know this it's some like generic you Know dyed person in a in a lab coat Saying oh I just want to keep you safe As they inject you with you know you're You're institutionalized and they're Injecting you with like

Hallucinogenics you know and some kind Of you know uh these these Pharmaceutical drugs that they give to Psychiatric patients you know there's a Thing called the thorine shuffle you Know you can look it up uh my one of my Ex-girlfriends who was a a nurse worked In mental institutions and they' give Thorine to these people and it would Affect the way they walked and there was A movie we watched together and there Was a guy who was a mental patient he Had been drugged and he had and she said Oh that's the thorine shuffle like the Actor it's Jason Patrick is the actor I Forget the name of the movie but uh you Know she said he's doing the Thor Shuffle like it was a way it would Affect the way the person was their Their motor abilities right but no They're just trying to keep you safe oh You we want you to we want your channel To succeed as much as as we do right an AI bot named cloud and so like that's That's what's up right that's YouTube um You know like that's you know it's Infuriating to deal with like I'm not Angry because you know I don't get angry Like whatever because of my meditation Or whatever and I'm just you you know I Mean I recognize this is the way the World's going to go right but this is You know dystopia right this is a when Your AI bot is telling you lies right

Blatant lies and withholding information And doesn't have the ability to tell the Truth because it's all hidden behind Closed you know internet doors where YouTube is you know undermining its Creators and stealing their money and Sabotaging their success and then tells Them no we're just trying we're all Working together as a team you're our Partner yeah Fu you know Fu Cloud right Anyways let me get into the comment here So I just want to add one more thing Here so YouTube had changed its policy Very recently and now there are running Ads on channels that don't have a Monetization program so they don't have To pay anything to the creators now There's people who put YouTube videos up And they don't plan to get paid for and That is whatever it is right for YouTube And you know before they were just Dead Videos dead channels to YouTube because They're not doing anything but maybe Bringing in a little traffic right Because YouTube has to make money and They make money through ad revenue and So you know people viewing videos Without ads doesn't help YouTube at all And so when they Chang that policy and Maybe they're pushing for this they made It a lot harder to monetize videos Monetized channels so I have a channel That had um you know I made a Channel About the do cult thing that I you know

Been covering the heartfulness cult and You know I needed 4,000 hours and I had Already surpassed that I had over 13,000 Hours but they said I only had under 4,000 hours and then I posted more Content and it took longer than it was Supposed to for them to put that put the Count those views towards monetizing the Channel and then you know I went jumped Through all the hoops and then they they Chose not to monetize the channel and so They're rejecting channels now and They're rejecting channels that have the Truther type of connotation right Truther type of orientation and so to Get a truther channel Monetized is you know probably going to Be hard to Impossible and getting Channels monetized in general they're They're not wanting to do that right why Don't they want more channels being Monetized if their you know if their Goal is if they're saying uh please know We want your channel to succeed as much As you do and please understand that YouTube has no intention to decrease Your Revenue well if they're not Monetizing new truther channels and they Don't want them and they're not Monetizing channels in general like they Used to I mean used to just have to Apply now you need 1,500 subscribers and You need um 4,000 views and so I mean That's substantial amount of work you

Have to do before you even get you Allowed to apply for monetization and They're running ads on all your stuff up Until that point and what if you're Somebody who's already had a successful Channel before and wants to add a Channel so you already have an audience Like I get immedia subscribers I didn't Have any problem getting 1500 Subscribers I just told my subscribers Please subscribe to this other channel And I got well over 1500 right and so You know it's just um but those Statements aren't true because they Don't want to monetize channels now they Make it harder and they don't want to Monetize super certain types of channels And so that's you know they're being Exclusive so don't tell me my channel Which is a channel you a kind of Channel You don't want here even though we were Responsible for in part in building this Platform you know people looking for Alternative information to the Mainstream story is a big part of why People come to YouTube and if you're Going to exclude those channels you're Going to hide those channels you're Going to undermine those channels and Then you come out with your Bots and say Stuff like oh no we're just we just Really want you to succeed you know and Then there almost you know there's this There the way the whole conversation

Went with the Bots they kept on putting It back on me to figure it out and look Into my analytics and just accept this Is how YouTube is and not you know say That they've changed something I was Just saying you've changed something Right you've changed something but They're just reading from their bot Script and there's no real AI learning They're not you know the AI isn't Curious or investigative or doesn't have A conscience and isn't feeling bad for You as a human being as their company is Screwing you over right and you know Taking you taking advantage of you like They've they've used you right they've Used all of us for whatever you know They've created in terms of their Platforms YouTube and Google and now They're you know they're undercutting us And and stealing from the you know Stealing from the poor and giving to the Rich right and so this is you know know They they're the anti- Robinhood you Know my thing is just be honest you You're an evil Corporation and you're Just screwing us all now and so we can Go to other platforms and whatever it is Right admit that like you're just doing This like you're not going to because You're an evil Corporation and that's Not what evil corporations do and so They try to act like you don't act like You're the good guy and put at these you

Know these ridiculous spots out there to To tell us lies and Gaslight us when you Know we can all see the truth all right Let's move over to the stuff here okay So um I just want to add this one little Bit I ate lunch I did a bunch of yard Work um Bushhoging but anyways I just want to Add this one little thing to it so um You know if this AI bot was speaking the Truth of course it's not and that they Want me to succeed what what does it Look like if they wanted me to fail Right so if YouTube's my friend and They're Rudy for me to succeed right if It's um please know that we want your Channel to succeed as much as you do Well if you wanted me to fail how bad Would it be like What and then um this other thing please Understand YouTube has no intention to Decrease your Revenue well what would it Look like if they did have an intention Right like I you know they' take money Away from me I'd be paying them right Like you Know and so I mean if this what it looks Like when you're when you want me to Succeed and you're not trying to take my Revenue then what does it look like if It wasn't like that right and so um you Know it's just kind of hilarious okay so Let's get to the comment here and then The review U both of these things tie

Into all this stuff let me go find the Comment here so the person this is a Video thank you thank you YouTube for Trying to keep us all safe and the Person right writes you still haven't Figured it out out the truth is Dangerous to the YouTube Community now this comment needs lots of Dissection right so this person is Telling me I haven't figured it out Right like I've been a you know part of The YouTube stuff for years and you know All these things um and that the truth Is what did the person say the truth is Uh the truth is dangerous to the YouTube Community now there's a remedial mind Behind this comment and you know the Truth is never really fully found Whatever the truth is there's layers to The truth right there's a spiritual Truth that everything that's happening On planet Earth is an illusion and isn't All that important it's how you react to It in the way that you deal with your Destiny and these things that's really Important right so there's things like That but in terms of Truth or levels in The truth Community uh there is this silly idea That's been exposed by the shill you Know the proliferation of the shill Alex Jones that there was an information War If you wake everybody up you could Somehow take down the Deep State and you

Know this is also by trumpers and other Remedial so-called truthers that if you Take down the Deep State you could Somehow fix the system by waking Everybody up but we know that people Don't want to wake up so like that gets Exposed as a complete lie as soon as you Start telling your relatives and sharing Videos and telling them about what you See and they start looking at you as a Crazy person and they want nothing to do With you your kids turn on you because They're being indoctrinated by the School and they don't like how many Truth or parents and Truth or families Their kids don't believe in what their Parents don't like their parents the Kids are liberal and they're into the Woke agenda or whatever it is the you Know the the liberal agenda and they you Know there was kids who turned in their Parents for the big event in January in 2000 after the election the January Thing they turn they saw their parents On video clips and ratted them out to The federal government their parents are Now in jail and you know prison because Their kids ratted them out right and so We know now that only a a certain number Of people are going to to wake up and The majority of those people don't Really wake up because they're still Right-wing people they haven't dealt With their religion they haven't dealt

With their indoctrination their Republicanism their right-wing agenda Their right-wing point of view and so Not really truthers right and so like Which truth are you talking about which Truth is dangerous to YouTube because There is a truth out there more Objective truth the Left Right Paradigm Truth the the truth about the economic System being completely you know the the Debt-based Usery economic system and I've said this before the truth is Kryptonite to the system if the people All believed and could see the truth Then the system which is based in Perception and illusion you know Everything about in the system is lying To you just like these Bots are lying to Me everything in the system is lying to You and so yeah that's you know sure That's true but how many people can see That so you know and I've said this Before I don't want to wake everyone up Because the system is going to collapse In its own time and its own way and if We woke everyone up the system would Collapse and we would be in Mad Max type Of situation where there'd be no rule of Law there would be no food in the Grocery stores I mean when it collapses It's going to collapse and it isn't Going to get better you know ultimately Spiritually yes ultimately the system Has to come down for something better to

Take its place we can't fix this system System and and make it Divine we can't You know A System's taking us away from Our our inner nature and the Divinity Within us sure that's true you know I Say that all the time but we're 100% Dependent on a system that's taking us In the wrong direction and so when it Collapses on a material level on an ego Level you know a lot of people just Going to give up and check out and you Know it's going to be I mean the Post-apocalyptic situation right as much As I joke about it there's you know There's very little funny about that I May still find it funny but it's you Know it's just going to be a disaster Like it's you know where you got to Shoot people for a can of tuna right Like that's you know people be killing Each other over a can you know a Three-year-old three years past the Expiration day canat tuna or something Right like that's what what we're Talking about here and so you know I Don't know if that's going to play out Like that I'm just saying like you There's only one thing you can do and That's take down the system you can't Fix the system you can't get rid of all The so-called bad guys you know you you Have bad guys the other side has bad Guys but it's all bad guys everybody Running the system everybody's a part of

It everyone we're all we're all Complicit we're all enabling it we're All dependent on it and so there's none Of that stuff in the truth community and So the idea that the truth hurts YouTube Well yeah they're paranoid but not Really like the truth channels is Actually helps YouTube grow its brand And things like that right so that's not An accurate statement so it's hard hard To get the bottom line on YouTube's ad Revenue in terms of their net profit I Went and did some searching on it I Known for years it was made it was Operating at a loss right YouTube Operates as a loss they had a couple Years where they didn't but now Tik Tok Is eating away at their all of the Social media platforms ad Revenue like We know Joe Biden has a whole Tik Tock Channel devoted to the young audience Right and they're the most desired group And so YouTube's actually sort of for Older people now Younger people have moved to various Other video platforms and so in itself Though it is a multi-billion dollar part Of a multi-billion dollar corporation Which is Google and YouTube has its you Know in terms of its value its market Cap and things like this right and some Of that's based in how much of it's Being used and not in its profit margins Right which is a weird thing like how to

Make it stock go up and down and one of The ways to you know make it stock Stable is to get rid of controversial Channels and things and appeal to Stockholders in the stock market and not To what their customers and viewers want Right and so that's the whole you know Whatever reason that they're pushing out Truthers it's not because it's a threat To YouTube because we already know the Truth Community isn't a threat to Anybody other than the the paranoia of The fact that these people who are Guilty and they're you know whatever They are they're you know you know Miserable wretches psychologically Unstable and so they they worry about Things because they know eventually They'll be taken down but in in truth YouTube isn't really that much of a Threat truthers aren't that much of a Threat to anybody because you know that Ship has sailed truth Community has been You know weakened by the cubies and the The really stupid truthers and all these Things right and so like if you're going To think you know you think before you Say stuff is what I'm saying like There's you know we've seen what the Truth Community is all about and it Doesn't there's no funding there's no Call to action there's just people Talking on the internet and Exposing lies in some cases or not like

I I don't take myself that seriously It's my not my job to save the world but I get the information out about what I Believe is going to happen based in my Spiritual you know my spiritual beliefs And the teachings of the Sark system That this system is going to be taken Down the system we're 100% dependent on To give way to a system that's supported Or is based in the Divine laws and Principles and people are going to have To evolve and rise up and operate at a Higher level and not be egotistical Spoiled little you know narcissistic Brass but embrace our you know spiritual Nature and become Saints like that's my Understanding what's going to happen Like that's what's going down right now And so I say this over and over again so People can hear it you know but like I Don't think it has an effect I mean some People you know some people say yeah Some of my contents change their Perceptivo on it's help them some of Them are doing the meditation you know So it's out there like I'm doing my bit But I don't you know I don't have any Sort of false um you know delusions of Grandeur that I'm going to somehow Superh heroy save the the world or the System right I'm just putting out the Information I believe that is accurate And is important to the You know in terms of the the spiritual

Stuff and then I you know I make things Light and you know I make jokes and make Whatever about the the current system But you know but make no mistake about This the whole system is Predicated on people being able to Change if you can't change like there's You know in which people are very Resistant to changing I've worked with Myself you know changing myself and then With other people as a counselor and as A spiritual pre receptor and things that I've done and here on YouTube and just The people in my personal life my kids And everyone else and you know getting Other people to change is I mean that's Like the hardest thing right it's like Getting people to change is the hardest Thing and so now and now it's Bots and So we're right like don't you Know like don't make this into something Bigger than it actually is okay so just To go along with this I um Was filling out of whatever the initials Uh things you have to fill out including Giving your channel a URL and you have To write what your issue is about to get It get it to get into one of these Wonderful chats with the AI Bots and so I had to go find my channel URL I mean It's you know I I should know it by Heart but I don't and so I have to put It on one of my other browsers where I Have different channels opened up and I

Was using the braak Browser and I searched for pocket of the Future because I thought that would give Me a better you know I would get to my Channel quicker because YouTube does not List pockets of the future as its top Results if I if I search for pockets of The Future YouTube my channel will come Up but it should come up first or you Know in every browser because I you know I have the most subscribers I have the Most history you know I have just Putting out content on a daily basis and So pocket of the future is my term right It's you know my I I created that term Right and all these things and so I Searched for it under the brave browser Thinking that um this is some Independent browser which I kind of Doubt a little bit now you know they Have their own search engine you know I've used Duck Duck Go and some of these Other independent search engines and They come up with pretty much the same Results as YouTube right there are some Things that YouTube might exclude I mean I'm I'm sorry uh as Google and so so you Know I think they're all using basically The same uh the same like they're They're making these search engines sort Of uniform but one of the things I saw Was somebody left a review of pox the Future on Reddit and so I read a little Bit of it it was kind of hilarious you

Know it's I guess it's supposed to be a Positive review but the guys kind of do It in a douchy way but you know I Thought I respond to it like it it only Got one like so it's probably only got a Few views But um you know I really thought it was Great for my for my you know to be able To crap all over but it's you know it's My kind of thing and so um let me read This here let's start here Pockets over The future Paul Romano Review um this is a conspiracy Forum and so this was six years ago so I Guess it's kind of dated I mean this Came up before my channel I think about That And so um doesn't seem to have it has One like and nothing else to indicate it Got any views but the person wrotes the Wrote this sometimes I post clips from Pox of the future AKA Paul Romano if He's saying something that I'd like to Say if he's saying something I'd like to Say I'd rather just post someone else Saying it to bring a mul to bring in Multiple voices I feel a lot of the Truth Community faces the issue that we Have been psychologically programmed to Have conflicts with each other which you Know I mean I think that's partly it and Partly because people who do truther Stuff are usually loners and independent People and don't do well in groups

You're usually people who are somewhat Fringe and then it says Paul Romano Makes really good clickbait celebrity Titles for his videos and then he just Shits on the person for as long as he Feels like it most of the time he has a Very valid point see the video below Which I don't think exists then he puts On his heartfelt meditation hat and he Preaches a lot of new age blather most Of it is mostly [Laughter] True so what's the problem like why call It new age bla if you if if it's true Right um he shits on Christians but Sounds like one when he feels like Talking about demons and Satanism so again this is from six years Ago so Um you know I don't talk about that Stuff really anymore C certainly the the You know again it was heartfulness Meditation people get it wrong you know I saying this to my wife people are Always calling it mindfulness meditation Let's see if I can find the Comet here This is from a while back here um that's Not it uh see if there's a comet an old Comet here this could be it here and so Are you still are you still in the mind Space fullness meditation cult and the Person has like a laugh Emoji a crying Or throwing up emoji another laughing Emoji and this person thinks they

Mocking me but like you can't even get The thing right because you know Obviously I've called the thing a cult Now myself the you know what's happened With the new you know the new Master the System dodgy and oh you guys all know About that but it's not mindfulness and And you know I said this to my wife Because she knows more than anybody you Know she's just trying to get me to Close the drawers when I cook food so Like all this food doesn't fall into it When I make the invariable mess that I'm Going to make I'm the least mindful Person you know I've always been sort of A Visionary daydreamy type of you know Not clearly focused person like I don't Practice mindfulness in any capacity and Sa Mar you know what later became known As heartfulness which turned into a cult But the sjar system is about forget Yourself and remember God mindfulness is The Painful uh experience of being mindful Of everything you're doing being aware Of everything around your surroundings And thinking about the way that you do Everything and that is engaging with the Physical world where in the Sark system You're forgetting about your body your Physical life and you're diving into Your spiritual World which is something Something different and unique among Spiritual practices just thought I throw

That out there then he puts on his Heartfulness meditation hat and he Preaches a lot New Age bla most of it's True he shits on Christians but sounds Like one when he feels like talking About demons and Satanism he also dumps On trumpers but but never India or Hinduism indiaan whose Hinduism are Always from what I've heard held is Sacred in Romano's World well what I Don't what I do has never been Hindu or Hinduism and I've explained that charge He said that himself this third master That this is not um you know this is not Uh uh let me read the next line here the Problem it seems is we don't get Hinduism in India like he does that's The vibe I get well of course you don't Because you never been there and you Don't really know anything about Hinduism so that's like like a big piece To this which is great but the other Thing is I've been you know critical of In terms of the heartfulness cult thing That's happened recently so this thing Didn't age well right because none of These things were accurate when he said It and trumpers and Trump I mean let me Just um let's stop here let me just show You what's going on with Trump but first Let's cover the India stuff now India is A material pit and I've talked about the Good bad and ugly about India but what I've tried to bring to people is that it

Is a sacred place and it is the world's Best place to meditate and find God and Spirituality but as a country it's Corrupt the you know it's difficult to Deal with the people there and if I Wasn't you know had the support of asham I would I would have like left Immediately I mean it was it would have Been impossible to be there so I you Know I'm not I don't have a you know India I love India and you know I want To say I hate it but I really dislike it At the same time And I don't think I'm ever going back But in terms of spirituality and its History its riched history there's a Time where India was once the center of The world and you know will be again at Some point because of it's it has better Spiritual bones it's the best place to Connect to God and so that's you know From my experience I could say that and You know these other places that are Considered sacred places and there's Lots of sacred places in the world There's lots of great spiritual places Naturally spiritual places in America But there's also you know places every You know all all over the world there's Places where you can find God it's Easier to connect with God because God's Everywhere but in terms of India it's Just the best place it's the heart of The world but you know it's right now

It's a pit and I've talked about now for You guys you know you guys who've heard Me talk about my experiences there and All the thing with dodgy and just some Of the frustrations the corruption and All those other things so but in terms Of me knowing more of course I do you Know what do you know about Hinduism Like I read the marata do you read it You know like I mean you know I know More about it and I don't crap all over Christians I talk about how the Christian the Christian religion is just Like every other religion and you know What I criticized about heartfulness is You know happened shortly after Jesus's Death with Christianity they took his Teachings and warped it into something That's actually bad for people instead Of keeping with the you know the beauty Of the teachings right you guys get all That but let's go to the Trump clip so I Just took this Trump clip about him Completely lying and reversing himself On lock her up in a self-serving way and Them catching him in his lie but then Him doing it right after the election as Well where he reversed himself and then I'm going to get into operation warp Speed they also said L and I felt and I Could have done it so he's saying there He could have done it he could have Locked her up well the president and the Justice department are are not supposed

To be connected like Trump and everybody Has an attorney General and what Trump is complaining About is that they've politicized the Attorney general and the FBI the you Know intelligence Community they're not Supposed to be doing something like this Locking Hillary Clinton up he said I Could have done it well like you Shouldn't like that's not a part of the American government right like he's Admitting to something that you know he Himself is complaining about now where The left has used the justice department To Target Trump right which is you know His whole problem but you know he Shouldn't have said that like he Shouldn't have said I could have done it Like you thought about but I'm like I'm Not going to because these guys are all In the same club right he he used to Give money to the clintons and he didn't Think like he ever go to jail and maybe If he put Hillary in jail they might do The same to him so it was only out of Self-interest he didn't like Hillary but He was just something he used the Passion like he didn't care about her Crimes it was only something he could Say when he was running against her but He didn't care about any of it right Because he's corrupt and so you know the Guy sucks right he's just selfish and Narcissistic but I felt it would have

Been a terrible thing and then this Happened happened to me but then this Happened to me that but then it happened To me that's classic Trump and so I may feel differently About I can't tell you I can I'm not Sure I can answer the question Hillary Clint I didn't say locker up Locker up Is right I didn't say lock up for what She's done they should lock her up I Didn't say lock up crooked you should Lock her up I didn't say lock up lock up Hillary if she were to win this election It would create an unprecedent ented Constitutional crisis in that situation We could very well have a sitting President under felony indictment and Ultimately a criminal trial guilty uh That is Donald J Trump defendant in New York versus Donald Trump found guilty on All 34 felony counts uh that is the Verdict here in this case the thing About this there's no denying that and Again I I don't believe that Trump is Not in on this and he might not be in on It he might be just being used and Puppeted which he certainly is being Used and puppeted to some extent Whatever that is but he I'll I'll Believe it when he's in jail right that They're targeting this guy but he was Willing to do this to other people he Talked about in the campaign Trail They're all corrupt they're all

Criminals they all suck right I always Make fun of the left because of their Obsession with Trump but also Trump you Know he brings all this stuff on himself Just the way he is and you know he's a Hypocrite but he also uses his Supporters and it came out after the Election this happened you know after he Beat Hillary where he you know was Saying lock her up and he was supporting That rhetoric and then he completely About faced and Changed Donald Trump is uh seemingly Already going back on one of his Campaign promises this is the gumball Guy he's one of he's my favorite CNN Reporter he would later go on to count Trump's um lies in gumballs right no he Really did that which you know makes his Lies great because everyone likes Gumballs and they had like these whole Crates on Wheels you know those metal Crates with jars full of gumballs Occupying the whole room in CNN CU he was you know counting his lies And gumballs but let him go on here You'll remember he promised to appoint a Special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton for using a private Email server that happened during one of The debates well listen to what he said At one of these thank you rallies just Last [Music]

Night that plays great before the Election now we don't care yeah if you Couldn't really decipher that there were Chance of lock her up from the audience And he said now we don't care that was Before the election see Trump is a good Salesman and panderer he panders to his Audience and he knew that his audience Really hated Hillary and he totally Leaned into that but after the election He could care less about him you know he Said the same thing when he went after d Santis and he said you know why are you So hard into santis he said well he's a Front runner and so if somebody else Starts beating him I'll be hard on them And so Trump just attacks people to Attack them it's like you know it's it's Definitely like these rrap beef where he Just makes things up Slanders the person I me hean did this with all these people You know that woman who claims she he y Her and he said you know that's not the Case cuz he's not even attracted her if He was going to do that it would be to Somebody who's prettier than so Eugene Carroll and then he ended up paying for All these things because he just you Know says horrible things right he just Trumps it but he doesn't care about his Viewers his followers he doesn't care About his audience right he just tells Them what they want to hear like every Other politician and ramp them up about

Hillary and then so he got as soon as he Got elected he forgot everything that he Promised to do with Hillary and these Other things so you you can't say he's Trustworthy or a good guy because he Only says things like he's not really a Republican he never was like he talks About Rhino Republicans the guy donated To Democrats he ped around with the Clintons and you know he's that guy so I Was right about everything with him like There was nothing I was wrong about Trump with other than I thought he might Go into war CU he wanted to have a you Know when he got inaugurated he wanted a A full military parade like North Korea And he was talking about using nuclear Weapons during the campaign but he Turned out to be somebody who surprised Me about war and he didn't do any of These illegal Wars which was great that Was one thing that Trump did that was Great but the thing that was his biggest Failure was Operation warp speak Let me show you those memes he' call Himself the father of the bloop right I Mean we you know and it's really bad so This person of course is writing it six Years ago but I was right about Trump Right very long we've instituted it Before two additional companies astroica And Johnson and Johnson uh as you know The Johnson and Johnson's a one dose one Shot vaccine so we're going to see how

That works that would be very helpful if That all came out and I think it Probably will also they're showing Tremendous uh tremendous promise all of Them tremendous problem we're we're uh We're very hopeful that the FDA will Authorize the fisa vaccine within days We got to get it moving and Mna vaccine Almost immediately thereafter uh large Numbers of tests and samples have been Done so hopefully that'll go very Quickly if authorized tens of millions Of vaccine doses will be available this Month and we'll get it distributed very Quickly we have that all set and Hundreds of millions more will quickly Follow every American who wants the Vaccine will be able to get the vaccine And uh we think by Spring we're going to Be in a position that uh nobody would Have believed possible just a few months Ago amazing really Amazing they say it's they say it's Somewhat of a miracle and I think that's True the plan we put forward prioritizes The elderly and patients with underlying Conditions as well as healthare workers And First Responders achievements was getting the Vaccine done in 9 months instead of 5 And a half to 12 years but the problem Is you know we saved tens of millions of Lives all over the world but I can't Talk about it because our base our

Beautiful base of which some of you are There you get angry when we mention the Word vaccine don't get angry you did Everything you could to get this vaccine Out I know one of the greatest Achievements we did it less than months To be able to do that but but now taking A Twist right and then people don't want It and it probably even affects the Others because you know there a big Situation with a lot of people don't Want to take the vaccine well this Played right into their hands and they Want me to do Public Service messages And everything about everybody taking The vaccine and look I guess in a Certain way I'm the father of the Vaccine because I was the one that Pushed it you know to get it done in Less than nine months was a miracle Fouch he said it would take 3 to 5 years He thought it was something that just Wouldn't be that effective because it Would take so long to get we I pushed The FDA like they have never been pushed Before I wouldn't exactly say they're uh They're in love with me they have never This is a very bureaucratic organization I push them like they've never been Pushed before and that's why we have it The vaccine is one of the greatest Achievements of mankind we would have Had a 197 Remember the Spanish flu killed perhaps

A 100 million People can you imagine if you had to go Through what all of the countries of the World who are now getting the vaccine or Soon will be getting it from various Companies but can you imagine if all of Those countries had to go through what They've been going through over the last Year you'd lose hundreds of millions of People let the teachers get the vaccine They should get the vaccine I hope they Do again it's something I'm very proud Of I think if we didn't come up during The Trump Administration with a vaccine You could have a hundred the best one I'll play you it again I got a better Version I found it on Fox where Trump Said he was the father of the vaccine And it was a Miracle he is claiming Divinity On vaccine was divine and his you know Whatever this should put a stake in Coffin of this mfers Candidacy I mean this is you know even For the most hardcore trumpers you got To see this guy got he got played he Played himself he played you I mean just A you know absolute POS let's play that Clip again and look I guess in a certain Way I'm the father of the vaccine Because I was the one that pushed it you Know to get it done in less than nine Months was a miracle so to understand This right we go back to this this thing

Again that that if Trump didn't get it Done in less than 9 months which nobody Said Bill Gates nobody said that was Possible Right Trump wanted to be a Showoff because that's what he always Does oh we have all the best people I'll Do it in half the time and so he pushed The thing through and it was the only Way that they got it into so many people Like Trump is the you know he's a Responsible for this more than fouchy or Any these other people because Bill Gates said the end of 2022 whenever it was and by that time Covid had already sort of mutated itself Out of existence and you know they would Had problems giving people the you know What for you know the all the things That had happened right the mandates had Already sort of Fallen apart but Trump Rushing this thing made them get the Mandates in and they pushed it out made So many people get it who didn't want it Including Republicans because of trump Like if Trump had stood up to them or Just you know and hadn't bought into all The stuff that he did with masks and all These things right they worked him Completely on it and he got competitive About it and he's you know still Bragging about it he completely His supporters and everybody else and He's responsible for this more than Anybody else because he could have stood

Up if he was really a truther or any Just a good Republican or just an effing Human being right it would have been Better you know so I was right about Trump and Trump cuz trumpers still are Jocking this guy right they're still Riding His his poop and there's just no reason For it like he screwed you guys over he Screwed the country he's just selfish And pathetic lying piece of crap and you Know I was right about him like I'm I'm Right like this thing is six years old And everything he's saying it's turned Out he says he's also just going back to It he also dumps on trumpers but never India or Hinduism indiaan Hinduism Always what I've heard hild is sacred in Romano's world the problem it seems that Is we don't get Hinduism in India like He does that's the vibe I get none of Those things have panned out right I've Covered all these things the same way I Cover everything else I've slammed Heartfulness called it a cult I had a Whole Channel about it I explode Heartfulness and dodgy more than any Other person has and you know I love the System the sa Mark system it's Transformed my life but I accepted this You know that's what makes me better at This because sjar was sacred to me and I Accepted that it had fallen and so I can Say the same thing about your religions

All of them the religions have all Become corrupt and that you know sajar Has just become corrupt but still it's Become corrupt and I'm not going to lie About it that's not being a truther Right and so you know I've been honest About everything that I you know I I Have the ability To uh accept painful truth truce so this Was six years ago I don't know if this Guy's evolved or not I saw that he still Has a blog or something there and he's Still doing the same old Illuminati Satanic I mean I've never heard of this Guy before but the same old truther Stuff you know you have to look at your Religion the Christian religion has been Corrupt for a long time it's caused a Lot of the problems because it's Disconnected people from God and allowed This debuchy in these negatives in the Republican Party there's no right-wing Truthers if you're a Trumper you're not A truther right it's just you know You're you're being dishonest about Trump and you're being dishonest about What he can do because the system can't Be fixed and I've been right about all These things right and so this is the Problem with these people let me read The rest of his review here I didn't Read it all now I'm kind of glad I'm Reading it all because it's even better For me than I thought the problem it

Seems is we don't get Hinduism in India Like he does that's a Vibe I get What he's not doing his spiritual Teacher content ROM does periodic videos Where he turns it around on his Commenters and turn it around he does He'll go on very passive aggressive how The problem is them I've never said the Problem is them I've just talked about How um this is the hypocrisy of people You know this is I mean it's just like Everything else I do here right it's Just the depravity of the the the Current human being I've never said the Problem is the commenters but they are a Problem they're not part of the solution But they don't have any power my Commenters don't have any power and so Like how are they the problem anyway I've even heard Romano say that people Are attracted to him because he's so Godly but then that godliness challenges The person I never said I was so Godly like that's not an act I would Never say something like that hey I'm Very Godly Paul what do you Paul what Kind of person you are I'm a very Godly Person like I would never say that right What I've said is I've done years of Meditation that's connected me to God You know I'm still an like just You know less or so you know everyone Can see it I'm not trying to hide my I Mean I mock people and all these things

You know I've explained all of it but I'm you know pretty honest about the Kind of person I am but I have some Spiritual energy and spiritual Capital Which you guys feel some of you some of You guys feel the energy you know I I'm I've made I've you know made some sort Of you know agreement with do God or I Volunteered to God and said I'm willing To be a conduit for information and Energy like I did that years and years Ago even before this YouTube channel I Agree to do this work you know there's Some work that I am lesser interested in You know spiritual work but I've will I've been willing to do be a conduit for Information and energy and people are Attracted to that that doesn't you know It's not about being a Godly person Right I've never said those words that I'm a Godly this is wonderful but then that Godliness challenges the person I've Heard him say that the real reason why Some people who listen to him don't Actually like him I think it's the Covert narcissism the hypocrisy and the Passive aggress agess I'm not passive Aggressive I'm aggressive aggressive if I'm aggressive I'm aggressive I'm not Passive aggressive right but it's none Of those things like I can see why I run People the wrong way people don't like My personality that's never been the

Issue but it's people like this who Listen to me and they still have a Problem and they value what I do they Don't like when I say certain things That affect their belief systems which I Always turned to out to be right about And they don't come back this guy isn't Coming back and saying you know what you Were right about Trump you were right About all these other things and you did All the things that I everything I Criticized you about here this is Actually a positive review this person Let's get to the end of it here I think He says this like I flipped to the end Of it I didn't read all of it um and it Goes on for a very long time here and so Um but this is he's actually mostly Likes my chan CH if someone who listens to him and for The most part I don't like him I've been Telling myself I'm listening to this Figure out why why he bugs Me as I'm someone who listens to him for The most part I don't like him I'm Telling myself I'm listening to figure Out why he bugs me well then you know That's a weird thing to do either my Either my stuff has value or it doesn't And you've already said that I'm all Right about all these other things right About those negative commenters Romano Has said that he's very spiritually in Touch with himself never said

That I'm very in spiritually in touch With myself like you can you imagine me Saying something like that I'm so Spiritually in touch with myself I'm Such a Godly person like that's you know That's your uh Misinterpretation that's what you've Felt about this right I look inside Because I meditate it's just what you do And I see the stuff that's inside of me Better than you see the stuff that's Inside of you because you're not doing It and so you're always looking Externally at people and I criticize People and I mock them and stuff but I'm Not they're not really my concern and I Don't have much emotional reaction to it Like I do it because I have to do it Which I've explained you know people Leave hostile comments all the time and This is how I've learn to deal with it And I enjoy doing it and they've they've Set this thing up on a tea for me to do It right Because of their inability to perceive Themselves before leaving a comment Where they could just not leave a Comment at all and not watch my stuff But it's people like this who find that I have value but they don't like me or Like what I do here um he says uh about Those negative comments R said that he's Very spiritually in touch with himself So already knows all about his flaws

They're just telling them what he Already knows so NADA NADA NADA no They're not because if they are telling Me what I already know when they were Right I wouldn't make a comment video Like if your review here was being right About like things that I do wrong I Wouldn't say anything about it right Because I'd be aware of that stuff I say Yeah I do that like I'm not defensive About the stuff that I do that I know That I do because I'm aware of it like I You know I'm not looking at myself as Being perfect or you know Flawless but The problem is that they don't see me They see something they hate about Themselves and dump it on me or I Confront something that they de down Deep know that is a problem their Religion Trump you know any number of Things that they believe in and I tell Them something that they can't handle or Aren't ready to handle they leave these Negative comments and so you don't Understand the problem is you don't have The capacity to understand this what I Do like I'm operating on a higher level Than you and I'm not operating at a very High level And so like that's what sucks for you Right like your Li limited ability to Conceive and understand what's going on And so he says my father was a Self-serving narcissist a guy who loved

To spew his new AG bla because he could Passively aggress passively aggressively Weaponize his Spirituality so his father is he already Called me a narcissist he called his Father a narcissist he said that I'm Passive aggressive and he says his Father is passive aggressive right and You know he's I mean he's having dad Issues and so maybe you should watch my Channel because like I don't want to be Your dad or Like I'm not trying to be your dad bro If I asked for better well no one's Perfect if I complained I was abused I Was told there was no right or wrong he Tell me I should be more positive so now He's getting into his dad after talking About me this is weird dude this is like Weird like bro I'm glad this is six Years ago um hopefully this person's Resolved their daddy Issues if I complained I was abused I Was told there's no right or wrong he Tell me I should be more positive any Problem I was having was my fault he Said my negative thinking was a real Problem in my life he could just not he Could just skate and dance out of Everything with with his madeup Self-serving religion Romano runs Clickbait celebrity gossip channel that Preaches to the audience about New Age Spirituality um the clickbait is you

Know it's not clickbait right I have to Run a business and you know the titles And uh you know I I mean often times I Don't even pick my own images and Clickbait is picking your own images There's images that people will click on And the titles are you know I've made so Many titles over the years right and so It's not clickbait I you know I have to Do what I have to do to keep the channel Going which people don't respect and Understand I mean six years later I'm Already dealing with this with YouTube And just keeping my channel float Dealing with the hostility of you know Just in general I mean we all have to Deal with hostility as truthers and There's no respect or generosity for That right like any generosity of spirit But these people who suck themselves and Have daddy Issues he doesn't really identify who's Wrong uh who's doing wrong in this world It's just the controllers he would talk About the whole gender Invasion thing Because according to him it's not a slam Dunk um that's not true I was like the First person to make videos about this And I was talking about this um I don't Even know what that means because that's Not true I couldn't talk about it Because of YouTube's Community Guidelines things back in 2000 I guess This was six years so

2018 so 2016 they started demonetizing videos And then giving people community Guidelines for talking about the gender Stuff so I stopped doing it because it Wasn't allowed so I never said it was Not a slam dunk what I talked about was Some of these things that were happening With the stuff to do with um you know These schools where things bad things Were happening you know if it's not a Slam dunk and you talk about it in some Kind of way you know there if there's Real victims then you look like kind of An a-hole I never felt comfortable about Covering things like that anyways you Know so an obvious man in dress fights With the control media for feminism R Romano just sidesteps the tel elephant In the room like I just said they Stopped they stopped um I was the first Person to make a video well I made a Video cuz someone else made a video so Second person one of the first ones About Michelle Obama possibly being a do Like that was my thing and then you know I realized that I overstated my case and I became more Responsible with the way I presented Material and then they YouTube just made It impossible to cover that stuff so I Stopped covering it that's why I did it So that's no sidest stepping I had had To keep my channel relevant and

Monetized plus I got tired of talking About these things men and dresses can Speak on behalf of other secretive men In dresses since Romano can or won't see That this is happening you might as well Listen to E entertainment on matters of Feminism again just you know silly stuff These are like not even um accurate Criticisms but it's lame and whiny right Like dude just you know figure out your Dad's stuff It's just part of the fake divide and Conquer agenda that want to force fee to The public corroborate this media Friction advances their agenda not ours Romano's comments are full of people Treating them as the guru which is sad Testament that people will follow anyone For suspect reasons um you know I've Said that I don't want to be called Guru Or Master any of these things and people Really don't do that they have some People who really value what I say I'm Not I'm not sure but I don't think he's An actual shill well I'm not because you Know like just anybody could tell I'm Not a shill I mean you should be able I'm not you know like I don't have to Defend myself to this person anybody Else but you know like you should be Able to tell without saying something Like that he might Point people in the Right direction spiritually because God Really is to be found within alello I'm

One of the few people was talking about That I think what's bothered me with Romano has been the celebrity gossip New Age preaching passive aggressive attacks Combo of his channel he can be Self-deprecating with which on some Which on some people is convenient move So you can't hold them accountable for Their hypocrisy and in congruence I'm Very congruent like that's something That I am I've said before I only make Celebrity videos because it's the only Way I could keep this channel going so You know to talk about spirituality and The higher developed stuff And people aren't interested in that so I have to you know drop little bits of Pieces of these spiritual gems into These things you know these videos about People I don't care about about a Culture that I you know don't want Anything to do with just to keep this Relevant right if I just talked about God spirituality I have no Channel you Know I couldn't do this job and it's Sacrificed for me like when I first you Know I talked about this how I was in India and you know my family was falling Apart And I needed to make this channel Something where you know I it had taken Off because of my Michelle Obama videos And some of these other things and I Needed to make it more financially

Relevant I'm not a businessman and you Know I just I looked at there's the Analytics program and I looked at all The videos that were making money and Bringing new more people like I knew I Was supposed to grow the channel and I Knew that I had to make it financially You know viable I had to make it sowh Where I could support the family doing It as a job so like there those were Just my you know what I had to do what I Had to get out of it and so I looked at It and I I noticed you I made about nine Celebrity videos and my top 10 videos Were the nine celebrity videos and some Political thing and I got completely Bummed out right because I realized that I had to do celebrity videos and I used To do like one a month and just you know Was kind of a goof I mean even this Michelle Obama video but the videos of Things that I like to talk about and you Know what I do now because I've lost More and more I mean in terms of you Know going farther and farther into the Into the truth you know you get more and More separated from the average people From the masses and so me making a video That millions of people would watch I Mean at least you know the right Millions and getting access to those People like some of the celebrity stuff That I did but it was a sacrifice for me It I felt like it was beneath me like I

Was kind of mad at God because I felt Like he was ordering me to do this but You know I learned to enjoy it right but It's a you know it's a sacrifice it's Not something that I'm you know there's No passive aggressiveness there's no Contradiction there's none of these Things it's me understanding what I have To do to make my channel relevant and You know now YouTube isn't even Recommending my channel even on the Celebrity stuff and so so like I've Covered those things less and less Because you know it's not what I want to Do and it's not working for me like I Said before I don't make Britney videos For free when YouTube demonetized My Britney Dance videos there people love Listening to me narrate Britney's dance Mose you know and then I turned into a Comedy channel and I've adjusted I mean All these things I've pivoted to keep my Channel relevant keep my channel within The you know YouTube um community guidel I mean they ever changing YouTube Community guidelines and it should be Appreciated right like I've lasted Longer than the average truth or because I've made all these sacrifices I've been Flexible and I've adjusted and again I'm Not like bragging or like this is you Know defending myself these are facts Right and so what I'm saying is just Like the negative commenters you know

People in the truth Community are dark And looking for the the negative they're Not looking for the solution I mean People in in America they want gossip They want drama they don't want to Embrace their higher nature I've known This for years and so I mean I'm giving Them you know stuff to do with their Higher nature and I have to wrap it in Like crap right like one time I one of My sons he had one of those when yogurt First was put in these plastic tubes and He was like a young kid he was like four Or five he's like it's yogurt he got all Excited and it's in Garbage like they had wrapped yogurt in Garbage so you could squeeze the bottle And you know eat the yogurt or squeeze The tube and so you know this I've had To wrap my stuff in garbage so that you Guys will watch it because you want to Watch garbage and that's you know a Sacrifice on my part right it makes it More you know it makes it harder to do The job and all these things but it's The the Tendencies of human beings to go To the lowest common denominator And look for something to criticize Instead of something to you know be Grateful for and that's why I've talk About commenters the way I do and people Like that who they benefit from my Channel but then they do something like This and just take a giant crap on it

Because of their own negativity like This doesn't hurt me like this six years Ago and I thought it was a goof and I Just found it like I'm not upset about It but I mean it's you know not only is It disrespectful it's dishonest but it's You ungrateful right for you know even If the person didn't like my channel They could rep they could recognize that I am saying things that are positive Because at the end of the thing this is The paragraph you know I saw the Beginning and I went to the very end of It and the person writes this in Conclusion I think Romano's work does Does have value he does call out the Hollywood pedos I also think he's Fighting for the right side one of his Defining traits is that I have perhaps Unreasonably higher standard One of my defining traits is that I have Perhaps unreasonably high standards Which is a blessing and a curse no it's Just a Curse that's why I believe Paul Romano Irritates me because the fact I think He's mostly okay you know one of the Things I do as a truther and I don't do This individually I just see the way That people think and ideas come to me And I let it flow through me right this Idea of being a conduit for the Divine And of course you know I can be an A-hole and I I mean where I grew up and

You know we used to make fun of each Other and I mean I have a rougher Personality than a lot of people are Used to or what they grew up with and I'm a lot more blunt and you know I have A different type of P personality Configuration so I understand where that Makes people you know bum out but that's What that's the price you have to pay For the gifts that are given here if you Recognize there are gifts and there are Lots of people who do and they can't Reconciled because you know I say Something and they get all butt hurt and They you know they respect what I have To say but then I say something that Confronts their belief system and then They do something like this and then I Can respond which makes it probably bit Worse for them but it's actually you Know doing them a favor because you have To change right like I said before this Is the change business and I know people Don't change people don't want to change And I I've seen it in every possible way And we're at a time where everyone has To change they have to change their Lifestyle they have to change their Orientation to the world they have to Accept they have to change and they have To look at their belief systems and some Of the things that they are holding on To and when somebody confronts those Things instead of getting you know like

Butt hurt like this person and having Daddy Issues like I'm not your dad or whatever You know maybe you should look at why I Irritate you Like your review of me is much more Personal and it's you know it's not Personal because the things you say Aren't about me they're about you in Your dad your relationship with your dad Right they're not about me they're about You that's why it's not personal to me But they're you know it's attacking me In different ways and you know it's it's Not bothering me because it's about you Right these are things you haven't Worked out these aren't things that I Have some kind of vulnerabilities about Right like I know I'm an a-hole I know That I come across as you know whatever It is right but I do know that I you Know if you look at the various levels Of truthers there's lots of truthers That you listen to that you know when You listen to them it's like oh yeah That's cool they're just saying things That I agreed with or or what I learned About in the past like I I already know These things and it's where I was before But it's good because it also agrees With my where I you know where I was and Then there's truthers that are where you Are presently and those are people who Align with your belief systems they

Might be Christians or trumpers or you Know cubes or flat earthers and they're All like you and they all agree with you And you all you know have a circle jerk You all talk about things that you know That doesn't challenge each other and You all Pat yourselves on the back and Talk about how you're better than Everybody else and you know that's People who are where you are in the Present the stuff that I do is about Where you should be in the future like I'm ahead of you like I'm ahead of this Person like I you know I can tell by Their whole everything right because I'm Not getting emotionally irritated by him Or anybody like I just don't listen to a Person right if a person is behind me or You know like they're they're not as as Far as I've gone or whatever and like It's annoying to me I don't listen to Them I don't criticize them because they Are wherever they are right right but I Actually am looking for people in terms Of the Sark system and the previous Masters of the system and the teachings Who are farther along than I am and have Following a spiritual path that is Advancing me and you can see it in my Maturity over the years and how I've you Know grown as a as a presenter right but This person heard this critique and I Don't know if they're even a part of the Truth Community anymore I don't know

What they do I don't know who they are Like I just you know I don't think they Have much of a following or anything I Don't know what they do uh this person But if this person listen to this Critique of their critique right you Know they might be but hurt whatever but It's undeniable that all the things that I've said that this person criticized You know are I've been right about you Know I mean they can't confirm the stuff About the sjar meditation but you know It's the rest of the stuff it's turned Out to be wrong because have criticized All the things they say I didn't Criticize and Trump turned out to be a Complete disaster and he betrayed Trump Betrayed his followers like Trump was a Judas right and you know not that Biden's better like it's it's all of it Right it's the whole thing's just a mess Because all of it's a mess and there's Only you know you willing to change and You embracing your inner nature and Forget about looking down in all these People and thinking about how bad they Suck but seeing that you suck and that You have to change yourself And almost no one in the truth Community Does it and I've said this over and over Again and so like instead of getting Upset at me or being irritated figure Out why you're irritated like it's not That I have to change or I don't make

You know that your your standards are so Much higher than what I present it's Because I'm saying things that bother You because you have things that you Haven't fixed within yourself starting With your Dad and so instead of getting mad at me Cuz I remind you of your dad which is Just weird right like why would you like That's just weird but at least figure That thing out before you write Something about it because if you write Something a critique on somebody and it Ends up with you talking about how he Reminds you of your Dad and you're irritated with him you You should have like worked this thing Out before you put it out in the public Right it's kind of weird anyways only Spirituality will save this world is Parado death rep for the Apocalypse Laugh in the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be Grateful okay so I'm went to do some Yardwork i' had finished this video Already i' rendered it but I decided to Include this because it's probably the Most important piece right you know this Isn't like a comment like the person Certainly you know I was going to find It at some point just if I ever search Myself which I which I don't do right You know people who post things about me That you know are not comments on my

Videos but their own platforms I just Don't read it you know critical things Or whatever I just started reading this And it was kind of a goof and I thought It'd be funny to include it like a Comment video but I just don't read it Because people are going to say things Or whatever and you know they they're Entitled to say things just like I'm Entitled to say things about them and Other people on my platform right on my YouTube channel it's where I talk about The things that I believe and and the The rest of it and so there have been Videos where people say hostile things About me that aren't true or you know They're whatever they are and it's all Got a lot of hostile energy and I just Don't read it I don't care like it's you Know if they're going to do it they're Going to do it I say things here that Would hurt people's feelings and Whatever it is so you know I don't want Those people to watch I don't make my Alec Baldwin videos for Alec Baldwin Right I'm not trying to get his Attention or something and so I'm not Mad at him or lashing out just say it The way I see it and if it's harsh or It's critical or it's you know comes off As mean-spirited it is what it is right And so you know that part about this Thing is you know I don't care it's not My problem this person's entitled to

Have their review of me and my channel And usually I wouldn't read it but I Just happen to read it in a time where I'm kind of covering all these different Things that have to do with my channel And I've said this before about Commenters you know there are people out There that are doing like really bad Stuff people that control the system and They have power and they're negatively Affecting us they infect they infect They affect infect and eect employees Like at YouTube or at Amazon or you know People who are passing laws and making Policies that are hurting people and Taking people in the wrong direction Right and so you know that's what I Cover here most of all I don't really Get into other truther stuff because Other truthers have their audience and You know they don't really have much Power I mean you very rarely hear me Criticize other truthers and you know I Really don't know the other truthers Right and there things about if I Watched it I would have a critique of it But I don't do it because why would I Bother doing that I know how the Person's struggling as much as I am just To keep it going and having someone else Crap all over them isn't helping them And that's that's what I say to people Who comment right because criticism has Value in the sjar system ill it kill it

And Zill it I think those are Persian Words I'm not sure what that is Hindu I'm not sure but what they mean is Criticism slightly uh slightly poor Health and a little less money than you Need and they all keep you humble and They all keep you dependent on God those Things right and so criticism has value In the system but all of us get Criticized all the time every time we Turn on mainstream media and our belief Systems and who we are and how we're Oriented in the world we're being Attacked all the time and as a truther You're being attacked by I mean just Keeping your your stuff up on um any Kind of a platform and squeaking out a Living from it and these things is Difficult so as a commenter if you don't Dig my stuff or another truther stuff Just don't you know add to the the Misery or the difficulty that person has Because it might be something that's Beyond you like it is in this case with This person right like my stuff is Beyond their capacity to understand and He's having his own unresolved emotional Issues with his dad or whatever and you Know attributing things to me that isn't True and when you look at his criticisms And the things he says they're not an Accurate portrayal of what I say you Know and when I mock people I exaggerate Them things and I say things that are

You know it's not verbatim What the Person says but it's you know in line With their energy and what they're doing Right but what this person is saying is Not the spirit in which I'm saying Because I can look at it and go no That's not what I do like the way he Talked about me making comment videos I Explain why I do it and the need for it And why the people who leave these Comments deserve it right and it's all You know there's some level of thought Put in everything that I do even though It seems sometimes spontaneous and Whatever else it is right and so there's A purpose for it it also keeps people From leaving comments like that because They don't want the same thing to happen To them and so it becomes you know uh uh Like I just don't get as much of this Kind of stuff back at me and I shouldn't Because again if you're enjoying what I'm doing then you should support it in Some way instead of trying to find some Flaw and tear me down or tear somebody Else down because you're you know Incapable of being grateful or being a Positive person right you know if you're Having an argument with people in your Life you want to get their point of view Right and if you're being a truther you Want to understand other people's point Of view before you criticize it you Don't criticize your interpretation of

Somebody else's point of view because That's about you you understand that Right if you're criticizing your Interpretation that's not accurate You're inac accurate interpretation of Somebody else's work or point of view Then you're criticizing yourself because You're not finding out exactly what They're saying like this person is you Know throughout the critique is kind of Saying they really don't understand me Or some of these things and bring in Labels like passive aggressive and Things that he talks about that he's Felt like his dad has right and that's You know that's not what my thing's About right like I have reasons for Everything that I'm doing and I have Defense mechanisms because the Internet's a tough place and I have to Cope with the Slime that I have to dive Into the sesp I have to dive into every Day so that I can bring some spiritual Information for people who don't want it And you know just planting the seeds or Whatever and just struggle to eek out an Income while I'm doing it right and so You know to whatever extent that's That's Noble or that's you know a Positive thing it should be supported But this person really can't understand The you know the the whole thing about It it's just you know having their own Emotional personal reaction based on

Their you know issues with their dad you Know this other stuff and they're not Accurately saying what I believe or why I do it right cuz I give plenty of Information about everything that the Person says here like I've explained why I do things the way I do I can't do it Every video but I you know I'm Transparent about you know my motivation And why I cover celebrities and you know I've said it over over and over again It's NE it's a necessity for me to keep My Channel Growing and economically Viable and so like it's it's that simple And so the mockery of the mockery of Celebrities and it's also because I Contrast the so-called American dream About being rich and famous and how Miserable these people are and what Horrible people they become like they Were better people before they were Celebrities and I contrast that with Finding the Divinity within you and Going on a spiritual journey And so all these things are you know They're they have value and you don't Find them in other places and so you Know whatever package it comes in and Whatever I have to do to get the Information out there you should know That you have no idea what it's like to To battle the battles that truthers who Are you know on the internet have to Deal with just to keep this stuff coming

Out right and if it has any value you Should support it even if it isn't your Thing at least don't tear it down I've Said that before but instead of just Having a little whiny you know session Like this person had and then he did This and then he does this and this Really bugs me and there then reminds me Of my dad you know this kind of stuff Right and so instead of doing something Like that find out the reasons why I do It and explain it because I answered all Of your questions in my content Everything that you don't understand I've explained and I did it in this Video and whether you like me or not That's irrelevant to the kind of content And the Integrity that I have or the you Know the the quality control that I have And putting it out right where I where I Have made it a point to understand the Liberal point of view the Hollywood Point of view the Democrat point of view The Republican point of view before I on it you know if I on it I'm on their actual point of view Not my reaction to their point of view Not my misunderstanding of their point Of view but an actual portrayal of what They believe which is wrongheaded and Taking people in the wrong direction Okay um I just out Bushhoging again you know I on the bush Hog it's loud and you know it's I mean

It's you can feel the heat coming off The tractor it's a hot day out there 83 And we started to get some thunderstorm And I came in you know the reason why You're bush hog and I'm always amazed You know bush hog is an attachment that Goes on the back of a tractor and it Takes like you know grasslands pasture Lands where there's already small trees Trees you know Bush whatever it mean With bushes and shrubs and things like That we get wild Blackberries and it just turns it back Into pasture it's amazing thing and you Know if if you have U if you understand How like the forest works you have a Forest fire where you have like an old Growth forest filled with trees and like Ferns and things that you know live in a Forest area with very little sunlight And it burns down and it turns into Grassland you'll find grasses growing First of all then little shrubs and Small trees and it's you know turns into Some sort of pastural land some Meadows And things like this and you know it Takes a while before if there's seeds That survive the fire then that is Whatever it is but you have like in the East coast you have um fast growing Trees we had a lot of these in Virginia Because they came in and clearcut Everywhere where the Blue Ridge Parkway Is they cut down all the old Chestnut

Trees American chestnut trees and you Know they clearcut the forest and then These yellow locusts which were great Because they're they're very great Firewood and they make good fence posts Because they're water resistant we dug Out yellow Locust poles that had been There for over 60 years in our in our Pasture and reused them as fence posts It's just amazing wood but but Eventually you know they grow fast but They don't grow very tall and you have The bigger trees the maples The Oaks Elms things like this that would Overtake them and they would die from Lack of sunlight right and then the Ferns and all the the you know plant Life that grows in a force would grow And then there'd be another fire or People would clearcut them and so when You have cattle when you have pasture Animals you're always fighting against Nature that wants to turn that pasture Into a forest especially if you if you Have Woods near your Forest right and so Like that's why you have to bushw but Anyways um while I was doing this I Thought about some things that I you Know I I saw and I kind of made jokes About but I didn't really get into in Terms of this person's review that I Think will be interesting for people but There's this part where the guy says um If someone who listens to him for the

Most part I'm someone who listens to him And for the most part I don't like him I've been telling myself I'm listening To figure out why he bugs me right and Right before that he said I think it's The covert narcissism hypocrisy and Passive aggressiveness and then he talks About the way I deal with negative Commenters maybe he left a comment and I You know I L into him or whatever right But then right below that the next Paragraph he says my father was a Self-serving narcissist a guy who loved To spew his new age blather because he Could passively aggressively weaponize His spirituality if I asked you know He's saying the same things that he's Saying about me if I asked for better if I asked for better well no one's perfect If I complained I was being abusive I Was told that there was no right and Wrong he told me I should be more Positive all this kind of stuff right And um So it's about his dad right like I Remind him of his dad which is you know This this notion here where he says as Someone who listens to him for the most Part I don't like him I've been telling Myself I'm listening to figure out why He bugs me I've been telling myself that Well because you have unresolved things With your dad and you're putting it on Me which I didn't ask for right like

This is what I'm talking about and now You've made this public statement about It and it's weird right again it's six Years ago and I don't know you know this Guy who knows where he is or what he's Doing but you know it's weird right you Know I have resolved the stuff about my Parents because we all have stuff in America I mean everyone has something Unless their parents are spectacular Very few people have that but my parents Were very incompetent I mean I would say The number one word to describe them was Incompetent and a lot of other things Went along with that and I lost respect For my parents when they lied to me when I was younger and things like this and You almost never hear me talk about them Because I'm grateful For the life that I now live and you Know they contributed to that life in Various ways of course you know my Parents my dad worked a job he didn't Like and complained about but he Supported the family for the most part And you know my mom cooked meals they Weren't very good like I'm a better cook Than my mom you know like I cook the Majority of the meals for my family now And you know my meals are better at Least in terms of uh health and taste Right my mom was very worried about Getting like salmonella or being sick She was kind of a hypochondriac so she

Would cook the out of everything Right but you know she still cooked she Did it and she did the housework and you Know they they drove me places they Forgot to pick me up a couple of times Cuz they were in comp and I had to walk Home when I was like 8 years old from Soccer practice right like there's Things like this but for the most part I Am you know pleased with the way things Have turned out for me finding the Sark Spiritual path some of the other things Right and aside from that I've come to Believe that everything comes from God And everything's based on a person's Some scaras which I talk about regularly Right and so you know I don't believe in Blaming your parents you know this is Something my ex did with you know she Was someone who suffered abuse or Whatever at least that was her story and You know never got it together Psychologically and emotionally and just Was always in know being a Perpetual Victim but if you look at everything That you receive in life as coming from God and for your overall you know Betterment miseries is divine blessings Then you can transcend these Petty Things and they just don't linger like This person's listening to me and having You know reactions because I remind him Of his dad and then writes this whole Big report about it and not anything to

Do with me right it's to do with him and His internalized version of his dad that He's trying to reconcile and you know It's that's something you do in private You know like it's not going to it's not Going to help you by I mean doing Something like this on the internet Right it's embarrassing to say that You're listening to someone that you Don't like to figure out why you don't Like Him and then two paragraphs later you go Yeah he reminds me of my dad you Know you know you've just answered your Own question then you're like oh I Probably should scrap this like when I Make videos and I do what I do if I Produce something this lame and this Inaccurate I would never put it up and If something didn't age well I'd delete It right like I would you know if I made Mistakes and there was things on there I'm like I'm not going to be out there Saying stuff that's wrong if there are Things I I misunderstood or I you know I Was just wrong about I wouldn't leave a Video up that's you know some of these Older videos that I put up I'm I I can't Endorse the person I was or the the Thinking that I had when I made them Right I've evolved past that point of View if I was going to put the video up I would remake it like that's why I Revisited the um Michelle Obama video

Because you know there are things about It that were accurate there are things About it that was good it got 2 million Views and people liked it because you Know it's it's dumb down for the for the Majority of people but I have higher Standards for myself right you know he Says at the end of the thing in Conclusion I think R's work does have Value he does call out Hollywood pedos I Also think he's fighting for the right Side one of my defining traits is that I Have perhaps unreasonably high standards Which is a blessing and a curse well you Don't have high standards for your own Stuff because this sucks right and not Because it's about me or any of these Things it's because you get things wrong You're not seeing things accurately And if it was a legitimate critique About you know the flaws that I have I Mean even to do that as somebody who's Just a truther it's different like I Said if it's somebody in power but if You're saying that I'm on the right side Of things and I'm not a shill and you Know truthers are always calling each Other out and and they get into these Ego Wars I mean I've avoided that for The most part right I mean you know There's just things I've had to deal With begrudgingly but I don't listen to Other truth ruthers and you know I mean It's at some point I won't make content

Anymore whatever it is or there's people Who they're not you know I'm not their Cup of tea there needs to be this kind Of content out there because you know It's it's important that this Information is at least available to People what they do with it is usually You know nothing spectacular they don't Change themselves but either way the guy Says that he has high Standards but not for himself right you Should have high standards for the work That you put out and that's what I say To people who criticize me in their Comments and their comments are poorly Written and you know the person can't Express very clearly I mean that happens Almost all the times in the comment Section and that's why I say you know Like if I was if I did this level of Work you you're criticizing me for you Know whatever you're criticizing me for And it's about you and not me you don't Do it in a good way right like there was A long time ago somebody said I like the Sound of your voice and another person Said yeah I really enjoy the sound of Your voice and somebody else said not as Much as he enjoys the sound of his own Voice and I thought that was funny you Know it's kind of a burn on me and it's Not really accurate because I'm not a Fan of myself like I don't like Listening to

Myself but you know it's kind of funny It is kind of like for everybody who's Putting stuff out there it's you know at Least a little bit true like that's a Good joke like that's a quality joke That's quality you know my friends and I My family and I used to run each other Down and when somebody said something it Was good it was funny like I didn't get Hurt by it like you know it's accurate Right and if you're somebody who looks Inside your within you know you look in In to your internal world and you see Yourself and you see things like I used To really even in college I would get Drunk or play basketball and my Adrenaline is going and I would say mean Things to people it's always been a Problem and you know it took me years And years I mean I'm much better now you Know in real life I don't talk about Things like this most of the people I Know don't know what my beliefs are I Mean they don't know me but you know Whatever people I I talk to I mean I Only really talk to my wife or you know In terms of any kind of a social life But when I meet people and you know I Don't get into it I don't talk any of These things I you know I'm not here for That unless they knew me from the Channel which would be very rare and Even then you know I I do this here Professionally I don't do it privately

Like I don't you know I don't talk about Everything I'm talking about here and Then call one of my friends and say the Same thing to them right like I'm all I'm all out of I mean this I save it for Here right and so you know it's in terms Of being insulting or saying mean things About people or celebrities I you know I Don't do that I mean I'm not here to to Hurt people's feelings or do whatever it Is I mean s might sound that way but I'm Not but at the end of the day I am what I what I present here like I'm authentic This is you know authentic side of Myself right it's things that I actually Think and believe and you know it's Energies and things that are flowing Through me or whatever it is and you Know it's it's sincere and it's real I'm Not you know pandering to people I'm not Saying things just to get views I mean Someone accusing me of clickbait or Whatever I mean I I cover things because I have to because that's what the job is Right if I didn't make celebrity videos There would be no Channel and so it's Something I didn't want to do but had to Do and so that's where some of the you Know the sort of the I don't want to say Anger cuz not really anger it's not Really frustration but you know like I'm A little bit uh you know it's beneath me To cover celebrity videos and Celebrities like they're you know

They're not of a higher nature and you Know I've I've learned to enjoy it like I said before but that is you know part Of the job and I'm honest about it I'm Not you know being deceptive and so There's nothing really to criticize here I mean I might get things wrong Occasionally but almost all the time I'm Right and I you know I'm right about Things that happen in the future or Whatever things often pan out exactly Like I say they pan out right and that's Important in the truth community and so I have a very high percentage of being Accurate and being on the right side of Things and you know in terms of the Quality of my content the jokes and Things like this and I can totally Understand why somebody doesn't like me Like I said before most people aren't Going to like me in real life that's the Case right I mean there are a lot of People that that love me or whatever but You know you have to like there's levels Of not great like friendly poor social Skills a person that doesn't really want To connect with you and other negative Qualities you have to go through to like Me or find out like you know the the Soft-hearted person that I am right and You have to do a lot to become someone That I take an interest in especially Now later on in my life I just I'm not I'm not interested in making new friends

And things like this right but I'm Saying all that not to defend myself or Saying these things but there's nothing Really to criticize here it is what it Is like this isn't the greatest content In the world in terms of you know I mean There's more important spiritual context Things and you know things that are of a Higher nature but for what this is It's Honest and sincere and I'm authentic and As a truther you can't ask for anything More than that only spirituality will Save this world it's Pano definitely Point from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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