‘You’re going in the wrong direction A$$hole’

'You're going in the wrong direction A$$hole'

Okay greetings brothers and sisters um Uh it's the weather's nice and I've been Doing stuff outside and I have a Something I'm going to do today as well So I'm taking a little sort of mini Break where I'm just going to spend less Time on the channel for the next you Know whatever period of time and when I Get time I'll make content so it'll be Whatever it is I have some some epic Funny thing from CNN I want to show here On my next video here and there's a Bunch of stuff piling up for my Apocalypse Now channel so I'll get to Those um you know I'll probably make an Apocalypse Now video Tomorrow um and then you know continue In two days on Tuesday here but there Was something I thought about that I Thought was you know kind of profound And you know something that's really Important for people understand not just What's going on now certainly what's Going on now in the world but just in General with people right you know when You're assess SE Humanity as a whole When you're thinking about Humanity as a Whole and people individually as well is The collective like each person reacting In a similar way when it comes to Self-improvement right so in the truth Community specifically but in General on The Internet everybody thinks people have to

Change other people right everyone Thinks Humanity has to change on some Level people know that Humanity can't Keep on going in the direction it's Going in whatever it might be like the Liberals think it's well you know Conservative Direction conservatives Think it's a liberal Direction whatever You know people think in terms of their Religions or their personal Demographics but everyone thinks that Someone else has to change that humanity Is going in the wrong direction and We're you know it's a disaster both Political candidates are saying that Joe Biden and is you know we're saving the Soul of for you sa saving the soul of Humanity Trump is come out and said if Biden gets elected the country will be Ruined and Biden's saying the same thing And people believe it in both parties That's how what people believe you know People say well Trump's not so great but If Biden gets elected again we're you Know we're toast that's what people are Thinking right that you know there's That's what's on the table that's what's Up you know people believe we're on the Brink of whatever it is World War III or Something else economic collapse or some Other disaster this and that you know People are thinking that way so like the Idea of humanity crapping out like you Know self-inflicted destruction is there

For everybody like even the most Sheepish sheep people believe that right So you think about that right that you Know our society our civilization and The Earth that self is at risk of Devastation based in all self-inflicted Wounds that's where we are as a as a Species like think you know that how Many people would say that they think That that's you know at least part Possibly true right that we're heading Over the cliff you know it's one thing If death is intimate right if you've Been diagnosed with something that's um Is going to kill you and you know you're Going to die like within some period of Time like it's you know you're terminal You're in a terminal State might be you You might get to prolong it a little bit Here or there and you you know you're Going to try to prolong it cuz you're You know that's what you're orientation Is going to be but you also are going to Settle your Affairs you know people who Are functioning and you're going to Think about life in a different way in Terms of petty little things aren't Going to matter anymore and you're going To you know spend your time wisely with Your loved ones or whatever and so like That's about death and Collective death You know same thing you know people were Like all right I'm going to party Till It's 1999 some people are going to you

Know whatever you know if you found out The Earth was going to be destroyed or Something some Comet was going to come Hit it and you know people would go About that differently right but when There is a system Problem and people the way people are Oriented to the world is on a path of Destruction right whether you believe in Like global warming or You Believe In The Deep state or whatever that you see That humanity is completely effed right And you know you think about that not Just in terms of death of humans but in Terms of this planet being possibly not Being to be being able to be inhabited Right so you know where everything on Planet Earth is you you're suffering Radioactive poisoning and you know There's no food you know whatever might Be that happens that's not nearly what It is like now where you know this idea Where you can just you know pick up your Phone and order something food or you Know whatever you need is opposed to None of that available no electricity no Food no anything right some kind of Post-apocalyptic world right when you Have that kind of level of whatever is Going on and so so if that's the case Right like what do you think about what You need to do personally like if you Really think it's you know this is on The table what's your responsibility to

Change what you're doing that's where Humanity is f so you can say that you Know people are you know oh we'll turn It around or you know it's not that bad But if that's on the table where the Destruction of the planet or whatever it Is some you know milder version of that Whatever that means you know where the Place is just not going to be anything Like it was just completely wrecked that People are on the verge of wrecking Their earth like you know whatever way That that plays out and you know that's Possible and you know that on some level You're Contributing like what's your Responsibility to do something like What's your personal responsibility What's my personal responsibility like What can I do to mitigate at least what I'm doing to contribute to that outcome Right if we're all collectively working Together to do that you know instead of All blaming the elites all the elite the Elites you know this is I mean everybody Says the elite and you know the the So-called truth Community you know it's Just come on right like it's just you Know it's you got to get over that part Like it's not like the people run the Planet are great oh they're horrible but Like you're contributing I'm Contributing like it's just a level of Maturity to understand it's not you know

A set group of people that have you know If if you got rid of them everything Would be great the system would collapse Because the system is demonic and so you Know they're keeping the system going With their evil acts and their Manipulative acts and their unnatural You know behaviors and things because it Only can go in one way the system can Only get worse it can't get better and I Think that you know all the evidence Shows that if you're just being honest With yourself the system can't be saved And so like you know stop talking about The lead they're the worst of the worst You're expecting the people who are the Lowest And the least you know connected to God And any sort of natural you know Whatever it is order and rules and you Know no no sense of connection to any Kind of a a natural human being and you Know what it's like to to live a natural Life and these things and they're just Twisted and they've gone down a dark Demonic path and you expect them to Change you're waiting for them to change Like you if you can't change then how Are they going to change like they're Worse than you just because they have Power to does mean they're somehow Higher or better like they're going to Get it you know just praying that these People who are at the bottom of the

Barrel are going to get it it's just Silly like why would anybody think that Like why would anybody expect the worst Of the people to save you right like if You were on an Airplane and you were like you know the Pilot and the co-pilot died would you Pick the blind guy to fly the plane Right let's say you know you would do Some 90-year-old mentally pred guy would You pick Joe Biden to fly the plane or Donald Trump right would you say you get On the loudspeaker and the the the St You know the flight attendant would say Oh who's the least qualified person to Land this plane and the people would be Like oh me you knowless they'd be Talking amongst themselves and you put That person in charge no you want the Best possible person right you want the Person who's had you know there maybe There's a you know someone who flew some You know planes before you know has a You know pilot's license or something Right and so you would look for somebody Who's the most qualified to get you out Of this disaster and you're expecting The least qualified people the most you Know the most insane the most you know Twisted people the the grossest people To change and get better and save you no It's not going to happen like it just You know not that the system could be Saved but that's like a silly thing to

Think but here's the thing this is what I was thinking you know That if you really wanted to change Change if people really wanted to change For the better and I you know I've dealt With this on lots of levels as a Counselor you have a master's degree in Counseling you know in my personal life With dealing with mental illness and Then of course here on this YouTube Channel and all these things and then What I did when I was a preceptor in SAR And what I'm doing now with gratefulness And you know people changing this is all About these are you know I've worked in The field of people Changing and you know people knowing That they need to change you know Everyone knows they need to change like Some people are more desperate about it Right and the resistance to change right Like I deal with this every time I say Something that somebody doesn't agree With and they get butt hurt over it and They take it personally and they leave Some attacking comment and that's has Nothing to do with me it has to do with They know they need to change something And something I've said reminded them of That and they so resist Changing that they lash out like people Who are you know see most people have no Assessment of what it's like to deal With them right like this is something

I've known you know Personally just like you know for There's various things that were like Learning moments for me but what what What it's like for me and what it's like For people on the other end you know the PE the people who have to deal with me Right as a person you know the negative Things in me that that make it difficult For people to you know other people you Know that makes it whatever like I've Been aware of those things for a while And there's been you know moments of Realization but what it's like for other People to to have to be around me or Whatever it is right and you know I Noticed it with my brother like for Example when I visited my family and Things but even when I was you know in My 20s like people would say things About me that you know most people would Be like oh my God am I like that you Know I already kind of knew you know I Already knew like it didn't like bother Me in the sense that I felt like oh That's so insulting right like I didn't Get like angry and lash out you know I Might you know be like okay yeah I suck But what about this about you like I'd Be like that but kind of dispassionately In fact I liked it when the people said Stuff because I could say things that I Saw in them right because I knew you Couldn't like I knew I you know I was

Seeing things in other people That you know I felt like it's kind of My responsibility to tell them you know I just naturally did this and then of Course I was trained as a counselor and A preceptor and you know these other Things where you read people's Conditions and you see things in them Right like you see stuff and like you Know as a counselor you have to like as A therapist or you know psychologist or Something as a I was a counselor but you Know a Clinician you're helping people in Therapy you can't just tell them what's You know like it's so obvious to anybody Right you know so this is what I was Thinking I get back to what I was saying Here but this is what I was thinking That every one of us could go to the People in your life and say you know What do I need to do to improve myself And you know they might have a few Self-serving things that are AR so Accurate it's about their it's about Their stuff but you would get a Consensus from people that would tell You stuff that you would not you you Know that you you you would get Defensive about but it would be true Because everyone would be saying it like If you could get people to honestly tell You what was wrong with you because all Your family and friends know you know

You have people in your life who know Like what you need to improve as a human Being like you know I want us you know Not be a part of the Contribution of this you know crap this Humanity this human cesspit like I want To I don't want to add to it like I want To just subtract The negativity that I'm putting out There right I want to get rid of this The stuff in me that I'm putting out There like I'm you know whatever I'm Doing to contribute to this collapse of Our civilization I don't want to do that Anymore I want to negate the negativity Of myself and just make the world a Better place right the Sark system the Second master said at the very least a Human being should not make the place Worse and he was more or less talking About spirituality but you know the Whole thing because that what's what you Do spiritually you end up doing Materially as well but spiritually but The energy that you're exuding right Like if you're just sitting there Wallowing in hate and anger and Negativity and you're just you know a Factory for hate inside yourself a Factory for anger and fear and Negativity all this negative stuff Jealousy and you're just sitting there Stewing in your own misery and feeling Like you know just like negative towards

Everything Those are there's an energy in that that You're contributing to the collective You're you're exuding that when you People come and see you they feel that They're like oh I want to get away from This guy right when you're just stewing In your own you know victim Consciousness and you know lies and Deception that's the energy that you're Putting out there and you're putting out This you know this um you're creating Something inside yourself and it's going Out to the world so that's what he was Referring to which is you know what I'm Talking about as well but then there's Just You know the things that you do then the Acts that you do the decisions that you Make right and so each person is Contributing something to the collective Negativity unless you've done what I've Talking about here unless you've negated Some of that right and we're all going To contribute something on some days We're all going to have our bad days and We're going to you know like you can Feel a person who's just radiating anger And hatred and just a negative person Right and you know these celebrities big Ego people and they're just you our ISM And they're radiating this you know this The the vibrations they're giving off The energy they're giving off is like

You know it's palatable and you're like Oh it's like you know this is Icky like You can it's you know it's Perce it's Perceptible you're able to perceive it Right you're able to feel it and you're Like uh like the person's emanating Something and so unless you've done what I've said you to do here uh you on some Level not not specific things I'm saying Where you're thinking about what you're Doing to contribute okay Humanity sucks Right now and I'm part of humanity so What can I do cuz you only change Yourself right that's something that you Have to realize like every person out There who thinks that they're going to Stop Israel from invading Gaza or They're going to stop Biden or they're Going to stop Trump or they're going to You know fix their you know sister or Brother or you know their parents or Their you know kids or whatever anybody Think that they're going to get them to Change they're like you're full of Boop Like you just you people aren't going to Change cuz you want them to change and You can do very little to get people to Change unless you have some sort of Leverage you know in a like when I Worked in treatment Centers the you know the I worked in Treatment centers with kids who were Called sexually reactive the young kids Who had acted acted out in a way that

Was sexually in you know some like Illegal manner but they are too young to Be in whatever it was and then teenage Sex offenders who had been put in a Treatment dead but who might have a Parole officer or social worker and you Know they had things that they they Wanted like home visits and they wanted Of course to leave the place and so they Needed to work their way out through the Therapeutic process and even that that They sucked they resisted it you know They were they you know were in denial Right you know but when they came in They had this thing called The Assault Cycle and they had to you know if Whatever they had done sexually but as Well as their manipulative and grooming Behaviors they had to take account for Everything they had done you know some Of it was legal but there's other things Maybe they done they hadn't told anybody And they had to come in and honestly say These are the things these are the Crimes I perpetrated and take full Responsibility for those crimes it Wasn't somebody else's fault they Weren't a victim they did it for their Own personal gratification whatever and Only because of the they wouldn't have Done this otherwise right the legal Pressure the pressure of wh to get out Of the treatment center and even and Then they resisted you know for obvious

Reasons and so you know unless you have Some kind of Leverage where you can Force people to change and even then People will resist it right people will Resist taking responsibility they will You know they'll go to prison rather Than you know I mean whatever it might Be like they'll you know they'll die Rather than freaking change like it's I Mean it's that bad you know my wife was Telling me there's something she saw in Reddit where there's a woman talking About her husband who um cheated on her And the guy um said oh I'll do anything What can I do to to win your trust back You know just completely you know I mean Whine to not get divorced and you know Whatever and you know apologetic and Said he change and she said well you can Um you know open your app on you know Whatever your phone is and allow me to Track you he said well that's an Invasion of privacy you You know anything but that right you Know so I mean so he still wanted to Cheat right So and so his words meant nothing like You know the the pressure of divorce Wasn't you know it wasn't enough to get Him to stop cheating right it wasn't Like oh I screwed up I'm completely at Fall and I'll do anything you know just Whatever because he still wanted to do What he was going to do he just wanted

To get away with it so when I was Getting my master's degree in counseling There was um a it was they offered free Services so you know when you were Pretty close to when you were in your Last Semester there were people who come in For free counseling and you were you Know semi-trained right and um I had uh Like one kid he was breaking up with his Girlfriend his girlfriend may want to Break up with him and she was she went And she had like another therapist right Um and then um I had a couple a young Couple right like they were in their Early 20s and the woman was bummed and She was the reason they were in Counseling and the guy was in complete Denial and so she was she didn't either Have the ability to express how Miserable she was in the marriage or she Didn't um you know he didn't listen I Think probably a combination of both Probably more that that he didn't listen Because she was clearly bummed and I Could see it right and he's like oh it's Not that bad we don't have that much to Work on you know he came in and sort of You know it was her thing right but he Was the one who was explaining to me how Great their relationship was even though They're in couples therapy right and so You know I listened to him for a while And it was clear that she was miserable

You just look at her face like when he Talked she didn't look Happy right she looked like oh my God This guy man like you know she want to Stab him in the back of the head with an Ice big or something And so I said okay let's do this on a Scale of 1 to 10 how good is your Relationship like how solid is your Relationship and he said eight and then She said Two and he went into a state of like Meltdown two like what do you mean two Like he was like flipping out right and So at that moment he realized that it Was you know I mean a two is pretty bad For relationship right a two was divorce Like if you're if your relationship's a Two out of 10 right I'm even a three you Know you're on your way to divorce right Because that means it's 70% bad but She's saying it's 80% bad and 20% good And probably you know 20% that she's not Paying attention to because when you say Two out of 10 like he's thinking eight Out of 10 and his is you know the things That he doesn't like are minimal he's Paying attention to mostly the good Things I mean that's how it works right If you're you know if you're 80% happy At work you ignore the 20% right like You're like well it's always going to be Something I mean anything that's 80% Good is you know you know pretty you

Know it's good but you know something That's that's 20% good well that's not Good right and so you know I don't know How their therapy went I don't know if They got divorced you know it was Whatever time I spent with them and that Was the only thing I remember so you Know whatever you know but it was I did The the woman of service or them both a Service by getting it across to them That it was not good for her that she Was at 20% and that you know for this Thing to get better there's going to Have to be changes cuz he came in there Thinking they needed a little tweak and You know they need an overhaul right Like if you went in there and said well You know what's wrong with my car well You need an oil change and you need a You know this this belt replaced and you Know whatever but no we need to put in New engine new transmission you know That's what it was like so you know it's It's severe like it the you know the to Fix the relationship was going to take a Lot of work and she was at the point Where she just was over the guy like she Just you know didn't feel anything POS You know like when you look at someone You dislike them you know you don't Dislike their voice you know everything About them irritates you you know she Was like at that place right but going Back to what I was saying you know

People don't want to Hear the stuff that need to change Because they know right and I know they Know because I will say something here On on you know the YouTube channel Whatever it is and people will realize It's something that they have to change They realize that I'm talking about them They realize that you know this is Something they're doing is is not right And I'm not even thinking about them I Don't even know them right like I'm not You know I'm just talking in general Terms and you know things are just Flowing through me half the time I don't Even know what I'm saying right like Egotistically it's just like get into a A groove or a flow and I and I read Things and you know God shows me things I just say them right and so like I'm You know more or less just a conduit Like a messenger and delivering a Message and sometimes I'm not even aware Of who the message is most times almost All the time I'm not aware who the Message is is going to right like it's Not my message you know there's times That I interact with people and I see Something or there's a comment or Whatever it is and I just get Information I say it you know whatever It might be you know just my reading of The situation but again it's you know It's it's only partially me right and

I'm dispassionate about it you know like Maybe if they said something to me or Whatever like I you know I have some Stake in the fact that like you know Like they've you know they've they're The ones who you know uh you know drew First blood or whatever they you know They they threw the first punch so I can Say something but again it's you know Most of it's dispassionate right like Even then I don't really care that much And so when I say something and people Listen to it and they they get Emotionally hurt on some level they know I'm right like on some level they know That this is about them and they have to Change this thing and it's not just me I'm saying this because I experience This I know this to be a thing because I Experience it every day here you know That people react and sometimes I could Just probably feel it in the ether but It happens every day on the internet Somebody says something and you know Based in you hearing it it's about you Even though it isn't about you and you Say F that like and it's like God saying To you you have to change and you say F You God I don't want to hear that Because not just on the internet because This phenomenon is happening to you Every day in your life every day in your Life God is sending you a message your Soul's sending you a message message

Turn around you [ __ ] like you're you're going the Wrong direction right turn around you [ __ ] you're going the wrong direction That's what you're getting every day Every person in the world on some level Gets that at least until they you know They they realize that oh yeah I am an [ __ ] and yeah this is this is about Me like every person gets that in their Life especially now especially when You're making a mistake something is Giving you feed back maybe it comes from Other people maybe it comes from you Know like a you know physical like you Know whatever like a hangover you know Some physical diagnosis because you're You know eating food that is poisonous You know whatever it might be you're Being told by you by your experience You're going in the wrong effing Direction Right Turn Around [ __ ] You're going in the wrong direction Right you're being told that people are Being told that cuz you are going in the Wrong direction and there is a plan and There is an oversight and do have a soul And those things all are telling you in No you know uncertain terms that you're Going in the wrong direction and you Know it and you know it deep down you Know it you know it on some level you Know that that is what you're being told But you don't want to hear that your ego

Does not want to hear that and so you Say F you I'm in fact you get more yo You know I'm going to do twice as much I'm going to run in the wrong direction Oh yeah you s me I'm going the wrong Direction so what I'm going to go run Because that it's my choice and I can do It D oh you're telling me that well then F You it and guess what you suck and you Know you know you're just jealous you Know whatever it is right whatever your Ego Cooks up in terms of a defense Mechanism to avoid the truth and that's All of humanity that's why humanity is Eff and more than anything else like When people say why don't you think it's Going to turn around because of that Because of way I just said to you Because people are told and shown and You know over and over again and warned Stop what you're doing [ __ ] and you Know do what you're supposed to do right You you know what to do go do it right And they resist that that's all that's Happened right now is that people are You know who are resisting the signs and The information that they're being given That's 100% the problem it's 100% human Beings you know Humanity's problem right Now it's not any of these other things It's not the conspiracies it's not the Cuz those are all part of it right Because it's people who know they're

Doing wrong and that's everybody and Continuing to do wrong and then when Things crap out they hope other people Will change right they'll hope their Enemy will change you know it's it's Those guys over there they're the ones That have to change not me so that's why Humanity is effed it's 100% that because In any functional civilization any Functional species you would listen to God and you would be like oh yeah I'm Doing the wrong thing it's obvious I'm Doing the wrong thing I mean how many Times in your life have you been doing Something it takes six or seven or eight Things to finally get you to realize you Have to stop oh yeah this is the you Know like just you're getting sick from Eating bad foods or whatever it is you Lose all your money from gambling right You you crap out because of drugs and You don't change like you know the Stress you're having the the headaches You're having the you know the inability To sleep because you're you know you're So stressed out because of your you know Everything that you're doing is wrong Your life is you know off you know You're you're disconnected the Loneliness the you know the anger the Whatever it is all the things all the Side effects that go with the things That you're doing that are wrong and you Refuse to change right you refuse to

Even think about changing you refuse to Even take any kind of responsibility you Take painkillers to you know numb the Pain and you you self medicate you do Whatever you can to to numb the pain and To to pretend everything's fine And you get hostile you get angry when People you know like think about Interventions right people have Interventions how many think how many Times you think an intervention actually Works so these are your friends and Loved ones and and maybe they don't even Know each other that well or like each Other but they're all experiencing how Bad you suck like they all see you Sucking and they're all concerned about How you know your sucking is going to Bring about your demise and you're about To head off the over the cliff and they Get together like family and friends People you know who who their only real Connection is you like they don't even You know they don't interact very much And they all tell you the exact same Thing hey buddy you suck and you're Going off the cliff and you're like f You and you walk out of the who are you Guys to tell me I suck and then you get You know I mean that's what I'm talking About here like right now there are People in your life who could help you Understand how bad you suck and what you Need to do like people know for other

People it's either to do it for other People you know as a clinician as a as a Spiritual you know trainer you know pre Preceptor in s Mar as a YouTuber and you Know as a person who just you know as a Somebody who has these kind of abilities You know introverted and you know read Situation and can pick things up it's Easy for me to tell people what's wrong In fact one guy said you know can you Tell me everything what's wrong about me Right you know but like why do you need Me you know like is that if you need Another person and you're in denial like If you you know you already have defense Mechanism built up because you know What's going on in your life what is Your what is your experience telling you I what is your experience of humanity Telling everybody about Joe Biden and Donald Trump and about this you know the The war in the Ukraine and you know what Israel is doing you know all these Things you know things that are you know Horrific acts acts of evil acts of you Know devil worshiping acts of you know Demonism you know the movie um Oppenheimer you know they knew they were Doing something horrific creating Nuclear weapons for a species that is Too immature to deal with you know uh Cell phone or you know any kind of I Mean like think about the technology That we have that gets

Misused right you know we're not ready To operate our vehicle safely you know There look all the the cars that die or You know all the you know any of the Scams that are out there right in the Medical community and you know the the Stuff they put out there that has side Effects that are you know horri And you know there's a better way like They don't even find a better way Because it's not it's a for-profit Medicine and so they put things out that Are poisonous right and they know what The side effects are 5G you know what What does that do to you they know and They put it out anyway you know Willfully knowing that this thing is Polluting the planet in some way Whatever shape you know way shape or Form putting out Natural Things chemical Things that hurt people in the Environment and you know nuclear weapons Things whatever it is and going through With it and and having warning side Saying this is wrong but the government The collective the you know all the People are sitting there going you know Yeah this is wrong we're going to do it Anyway we have to do this like they just Won't Bend they have a goal and you're Told you're warned all right this is the Wrong direction no stop you know go back [ __ ] no no you you don't do this and They just override it every time I mean

This is you know the spiritual end your Souls and the spiritual beings that Watch over this planet they've had Enough of this Behavior like you guys Ain't freaking getting it right like you Guys have to suffer and suffer and Suffer for Generations for your being you know Because of this willful ignorance and You know misusing your freedom of choice In such a way that you've threatened the Planet the very existence of the planet And you've contaminated it and polluted It and turned it into something you know Horrible you've you've taken something Pure and beautiful and you've T turned It into an Abomination you know all this Crap they're doing with the gender stuff All the stuff that they're doing the Liberals are doing all the stuff the Conservatives did all the you know your Religion sucks right your the Christian Religion sucks and it's you know the the Evidence is everywhere because it's Filled with lies and things and you know Manipulations and it disconnects you From God and you know all these things All the religions suck you know all These things I mean they've gone on for Generations and the people who took pure Spiritual teachings took Jesus's Teachings Jesus came down and gave you Know these positive teachings and you Had positive energy and was you know

Helping people to connect to the Divinity within them and they took these Things and they edited them and warped Them and they Ed the power of the Teachings and uh you know the energy Behind them to facilitate a position of Power for themselves where they could be The middleman between you and your Connection to God And they came up with this heaven and Hell you know sales job so that you Would buy into it and then indoctrinate You from a young age thinking that you Were going to go go to hell if you Didn't subscribe to the belief system That they controlled and that if you you Know did what they said you would have This afterlife that they couldn't Promise you just for accepting Jesus and Not doing any work on yourself to Improve and be a better person right and To you know accept God's feedback back And so like this is you know like these Are the evil things that have gone on For Generations now the way that people Have warped and manipulated spiritual Teachings to suit their own ends and and Cut themselves a good deal in terms of Power and their material life but in Terms of their spiritual life they're [ __ ] right they're they've screwed Themselves over you know epically you Know but all this comes down to people's Resistance to changing so you have

Everybody's aware that that things have To change but everything but you right Or the things that you believe in or the People you believe in like that's you Know like you think that's what it is Like you honestly think that's what it Is that's there's an arrogance in the Truth Community about this kind of stuff You know where truthers think that They're just so much better and better Than the sheeple and you know they've Just made it like you know before they Didn't know anything but then they got They they woke up and now they're now They get it and now they see the good Versus evil and they're on the side of The good and the other side's the evil Side and they're not changing they hav Done they haven't done anything to Change themselves they're basically the Same people just Less Pleasant to be Around like they were before they woke Up they were probably better to be Around and now they're just arrogant Talking you know pissing people off Trying to indoctrinate people into their You know worldview and they've got Certain things wrong like in terms of The true stuff some of it's they've They've bought into the disinformation Or they only see partially what it is You oh this is deep State you know they Do all this stuff right and so you're Not a truther you know you're somebody

Who you know has uh taken the you know You dipped your toe in the water of your Indoctrination like the you know the the The the ocean of truth you're standing On the the beach of Indoctrination and you dip your toe in The you know the the the ocean of truth And you think you know everything right And you're going to wake everybody else Up and you know change it cuz you know Like if everyone thought what you Thought You fix it we wake everybody up and you Know this stupid Alex Jones crap that he Pushed out that shill you know and that People bought into it like if we just Wake it's an information War we're the They're the good guys you're the Resistance right you know no like the Resistance is inside you and it's it's You know it's not a good resistance you Know it's not a resistance to Authority It's a resistance to the truth about What you need to do as a person and Change like you you have to change you Know everyone has to change change like It's not you know and that's all you can Do like you can change yourself and People are unwilling to do that it's so Much easier to see how other people have To change and rather than do the work That you that you have to do you know I Told this story I think in my journey It's Journey series or whatever it is

But because of the years of meditation And whatever spiritual work is being Done to me you know when you do Something over and over again when you Meditate you connect to God and you just You know it has an effect even on just Even when you're not like into it you Know just you know showing up and and Punching the clock even if you don't do It great or whatever and there's been Some progress in terms of my spiritual Evolution and in the sjar system which I You know have complete faith in and this Is also based to my experience that the Closer that you get to God the better That you're you know you're connected to God the deeper that you go inter into Your internal Journey your prayers have More you know zing in them right and When I'm talking about prayers I'm not Talking about praying for you know Things for yourself you know please God Stop this or you know I mean you know Yeah I guess that you know is part of it But not really like real prayers are you Know like bringing to God's attention Things that are perverse and are going In a Direction they shouldn't or just Being able to pray and and connect God To something some kind of situation it's Always for others people right it's Always for you know or or for yourself It would be to change you know help you Know God please help me to change and

You know give me the strength to you Know to do your will or whatever like This kind of prayer and you know I have Some evidence and some you know just I Know to some extent that my prayers are You know just based in this you know Collect doing this spiritual journey Thing for 30 years or whatever it is That they would have you know a a bigger Effect than I I don't want to say bigger Effect I don't know how to put it but You know more profound effect or more You know more efficient they'd be more Efficient than the normal person praying Right and that I could do that like for Other people like you know I I gave this Example it's like two years ago and my Wife and I were traveling and she was Driving and I saw this family on the Side of the road and something in my Heart made me feel some compassion for Them and so I said a prayer like I W you Know God's love around them like just This you know thing and I felt like it Was effective like you know I had no Proof like you know we drove by they Were gone you know but I felt good about Like you know I I brought God into the Situation for them and you know maybe They were praying you know whatever it Is maybe they were there was some kind Of desperation like I didn't know but Something you know um triggered me to do That and I told a story right this story

And whatever it was and then my wife and I were traveling I didn't tell this part And like traveling Maybe the next you Know whatever 4 months later or Something next time we were we were out And she had heard me say the story and We saw a family same thing and she said You going to pray for him because you Know she had heard my thing and I was Like Yeah and I could there was nothing Stopping me from doing it you know and I Of course did it but just you know but You know and it wasn't like the you it Was the and I could do that all the time Like I could spend my free time just Doing that for people um it's part the Sark system like this is what the you Know true Masters you know not this Clown dodgy who runs the heartfulness Debacle but you know Babaji the second Master he would he would talk about how You know he would close his eyes and he Would see people like just their faces Or like they would like bubbles like Coming off of like water he would see This these people and he would just Transmit this energy that's in the Sark System just for a couple seconds and he Wouldn't know how it affect he didn't Know the people and he didn't know what To he just this is what God wanted him To do right he was just you know in a You know he'd be this you know this sort

Of mode of service to God all the time Right and he could do that like Constantly using his free time to do Spiritual work to you know pray for People to you know I whatever people Would write him letters people would Come in and he would see something in Them right he would read their condition And he would you know clean you know Activate some sort of cleaning process Which is what the side Shing system does And then transmit this energy And help them you know divinize the Situation and the you know the internal World of the people like that's part of The Sark system and there's people who Are preceptors you know I did the Preceptor work that do that on you know An inconsistent level and we all dabbled In it right we all would do it sometimes And for some people you know if we were In the right mood or you know some People were more service oriented and More you know dedicated or whatever you Know so I've talked about that I you Know I'm a spiritual Seeker whatever That means and I you know I some of my Intention is to serve God like I I mean I it's my primary thing and I think About it quite a bit and I I act on it But it could be way more you know that's What I talk about when I say people say You know you're a master whatever it is I'm like no because like I'm only

Committed you know part of the time like There's times I just you know I'm doing Something that has no value and I could Use that time better to serve God right But I don't and like that's you know Being aware of that is important like You know being honest with yourself you Know this is you know there's room for Improvement right because a saint or a Master is in some position you get where Everyone's like oh you're so saintly and You know people you know worship you or Something like that it's a service Position it's the people who are willing To do the most service to God right and You know it's every moment of your free Time using your mind to think about how Can I best serve God you know the second Master the SAR system when he used to Eat food he would say like every Particle of the food I'm eating is Changing my molec me on a molecular Level uh you know I'm not I'm kind of Butchering this but I'm just in terms of Explanation you know changing me and Divinizing me particle by particle so I Could better serve God so instead of Eating food and enjoying the taste and You know I mean being hungry and you Know your you know it feels good to have Your stomach you know you feel hungry And it feels good to eat something the Pleasure of it right and the taste of it And you know the whole Indulgence he

Would be thinking of strictly as a way To divinize his system so he could be a Better servant to God all the time Everything that he ate everything he Drank everything he took into his system He would think about it that way to make It be you know where it was a Divine act And it was divinizing his inner system Only so that he could better serve God And help you know people connect to God Or whatever you know when it's quite a Commitment like I've done it like I've You know practiced that but you know I I Can't keep with it because you know I Mean it's just nice to just eat food and Enjoy it and whatever or you know you Know talk some [ __ ] with you know my Wife or whatever it is right you know Just like whatever we you know watch TV Or whatever might be going on um you Know and so there's always some higher Level that you could be doing right and People should be aware of it like you're Never you've never made it you can't Look at like sucky people and be like oh My God I'm so much better than them so I You know I don't have to do it anymore Right because you know Souls aren't on The same level of we're not spiritually On the same level and so whatever level You're on if you have a higher level of Consciousness and perception and you're Smarter and you have you know you're More evolved than other people then

They're not your standard you don't Compare yourself to that right you don't Compare yourself to a a Kindergartener you know when you're you Know you have a master's degree or you You have a doctorate or something or You're you know even in high school Right you can't compare your ability um Like you can't go w wow I just you know Beat somebody in you know basketball Who's you know 5 years old you know and You're adult you know like you can't It's not I mean you know you're trained Athlete or something right you're always Looking at the people that are above you You you know like you have to you know You you have to chase them you have to You know see what they're doing and up Your level to that you're there's Something always in you know and then You have to actually seek that out right You know if you go into the the jungle And you are um hanging out with Chimpanzees or any kind of animal and You watch them and you're around them And you study their social patterns You're going to go down to their level It's like likely maybe next your the Next life you'll be a chimp like if you Get obsessed with them like Jane Goodall Or somebody one of these people um you Know animals animals are great but You're on a higher level you know when Animals come live with you like dogs and

Cows they they are more likely going to Be a human especially if they're good Service oriented animals but animals you Know we had dairy cows and we interacted With our dairy cows every day milking Them and things like this and the dairy Cows are just smarter and more you know They're ious was was on a higher level Than beef cows who just sit out in a Pasture not interacting with people Because you know there's there's Interaction animals that interact with People they get pulled up their Consciousness level get put up pulled up You know this is the transmigration of Souls right and so when you're obsessed With the the the the abyss when you're Obsessed with the negative you're Obsessed with the the demons the you Know the the the so-called Elite in Hollywood and that's all you look at you You you know that's all you think about As a truther you're going to be pulled Down right you're going to be pulled Down we looking at at the lower level of Humanity you know you're indulging in Like you know all the the lower level Stuff and porn and all this stuff right You know the degradation things have Been degraded you know the degradation Of humanity and so you need higher Developed Souls you need people to look Up to you need people who are operating On a higher level that are that are more

You know going in the right direction That can be an example for you right Like that has to be a big part of it Because you can't be looking at the drgs Of society and you know as a as a Barometer for where you should be right Oh look at that I'm so much better than Them I you know I don't have to work I've made it right well you haven't made It you know you're just looking at the People who have fallen and you're not as Bad as them so what is that like that's Nothing right that's just a your ego Telling you something that you know like You shouldn't even be comparing yourself To them like you're not they're not even You know that the most they like the Best thing you could do is like pity Them right pity the fool I pity the Fool Mr T you know a healthy human being knows They have to change and needs to look For inspiration for people who are where They want to go whatever the field is And especially in the field of Spirituality but all Fields right you Have to look up at somebody and you know Say I want to be like them or I want to Reach the level that they're on whether It be sports or music or anything but Certainly on a spiritual level and so a Healthy human being right now on planet Earth would realize they have to change That there are things you have to get

Rid of that you have to improve there Has to be self-improvement and you Should be seeking out a system and People that will help you get there and Praying to God and to you know show you What you have to do and you know what's What's the path you have to be on like Illuminate your path you know God Illuminate my path show me my path and a Sea full of Darkness shed light on my Path so I can you know figure out what I Have to do to change and and be a part Of the solution not the problem like you Know other than that then you you're Just a bullshitter right you're just You're lying to yourself like if you're Not doing that you're lying to yourself You're not you know you know you have to Change and you're resisting it by Looking at the degraded you know the Degradation around you and saying oh Well that's you know I'm above that or Whatever and just being judgmental about It and you know this it's a plague on The Tris community and certainly on the Internet I have to go eat breakfast but I just um want there's one more thing to Say so third Master of the Sark system Used to tell this story all the time you Know in the in the Indian tradition and This is not you know this is Sark Something that stands on its own but It's a you know it's a there's a Tradition of like Guru and a guru

Dakshina which is like a gift that a Person would give to their Guru you know As uh usually it would come later um but Sometimes it comes the the the Initiation stage and so this guy wanted To be a spiritual person he you know he Wanted he saw this Guru and he wanted to Be his disciple so he goes to the guru And says I want to be your disciple I Want to be your you know student and the Guru says okay well you need to give me A guru dsh and so the guy says sure what What do you want he goes bring me me the Worst thing in the world and so the guy Goes out and he's looking around he sees One bad thing and he sees another bad Thing and each things we know worse than The next it's like there's so many you Know bad things I don't even know what's The worst thing is so you know so he Goes you feel like you have to go to the Bathroom or he has to he has to poop so He goes you know goes to the bathroom And he looks down he goes oh wow this is The worst thing and so he goes to scoop It up and the poop says what are you Doing he goes well my Guru says he wants The worst thing and it's clearly you so I'm I'm you know scooping you up in this Thing poop could talk and the poop says What do you mean like I was birthday Cake you know I was an apple I was you Know Pizza I was you know I was Something great I was you know I was a

Five course dinner before you I met you Right that was something wonderful and You turned me into this so what's the Worst thing right so the guy goes back To the guru he says brought you the Worst thing the guru says what he goes It's me he say said good I'll accept you As my disciple it's funny I just got Like a kind of a a gush of uh whatever Emotion like telling I've sold that Story probably a hundred times here and I've read it and heard charie say it Maybe 10 times but I just even had a Deeper level of it um but you know it's All you need to know right like that's What you think about yourself not in a Way where you're beating yourself up and Like you're you know you're whipping Yourself like self- flag relating in That character in The you know the Dan Brown book The Da Vinci Code you know I'm a piece of [ __ ] I'm a piece of [ __ ] Nothing like that right but realizing Like you're the problem at least on an Egotistical level but the solution is Inside you and that you're actively Seeking the solution and that's what This is about you're actively seeking The problem that you are that you are You you have a problem and the solution Exists inside of you and you have to go From being the problem to being the Solution you're working towards solving Your equation your personal spiritual

Equation Divinity exists inside of you Right Divinity is there and you have an Ego that resists that Divinity and so You're working towards your ego is Working towards accepting that it is not The answer that the answer is the Divinity within you right Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within that was his Best teaching they don't talk about that In Christianity they want you to think The heaven is somewhere else right like Jesus the heavens within and they say Heaven is somewhere up there and that You die and Jesus will let you in well Why why would he let you in it was Already inside you they don't that Doesn't match up right well they don't Want you to know that [ __ ] right they Don't want you to know that God's inside Of you because you could they why do you Need them for right unless they can help You to connect to Divinity with inside That's inside you which Jesus could do When he was alive but they have no Interest in that so they're blasphemers Right they're Antichrists like they're really the Antichrist Christian religion is Antichrist because they've you know Warped his teachings right because you Know the Divinity is there all all along And so you know you can do that right Each person can do that doesn't matter What's going on in the rest of the world

Each person can choose this every Spiritual person every person that's you Know amounted anything on a spiritual Level has realized that they're the Problem and that they can find a way to Be better and you know solve that Problem that the the solution is INS Side of them and the external world is To point out you know what to help them Figure out what they need to do and you Know clean out what they need to clean Out so that they can move forward on a Spiritual level like you can choose that Each person can choose it you know why Wouldn't you like each each one of you Was listening to this video why wouldn't You like you know come up with a reason Why you wouldn't do that right does that Make sense like what I'm saying that you You know that you have to change and you Have to evolve like I mean how can you Not think that on some level And so if that's the truth then why Aren't you doing it you know why aren't You like just you know think about why You aren't you you know why wouldn't you Like do you know why wouldn't you say Hey you this may be something I I'm Miserable I'm depressed I'm you know I Am whatever I am you know I'm Dissatisfied and so why wouldn't I like Think about a Divine solution why Wouldn't I pray to God and say God help Me do what I need to do help me you know

Become what I need to become right like It's there anybody can do that anybody Can go go to God right now and pray and Say you know God show me the path and Show me you know what I need to do and You know what what resources are Available for me to help me you know Become better and for the most part you Know very few people listen to this Video and very few people will act on it Right because that's where humanity is At so that's you know when when Everything collapses you know I'm let You know that that's the reason right Because the solution is there there's a Saint in every person there's a higher Developed being there's the you know There's an actualized you know the best Version of yourself exists within each Person and that each person could you Know achieve that right each person Could become the you know the their Their best you know their best self Right they're the Saint the master Within they could Master themselves each Person has that potential and so why Aren't there why are there only been a Few people that have done that right why There like no one's like working on that Really you know even people claim to be Religious and things and so that's you Know that's the real question if the Solution exists then why are so few People working on the problem or working

To achieve that solution working on the Problem is probably the bad way to think About it you're why are most people not Even looking at the solution or Searching for the solution or becoming The solution when it's available only Spiritual value will save this world It's pado definitely reporting from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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