YOUR leaders reflect YOUR state of consciousness. Raise Your Consciousness!

YOUR leaders reflect YOUR state of consciousness. Raise Your Consciousness!

I think the leaders of a society reflect The consciousness of the people so if we Want to be bullshitted and we believe It's okay to be a hypocrite we believe It's okay to say personal Integrity Doesn't meet public integrity that's What Kennedy said to Megan Kelly I don't Know if you saw this interview she Starts interviewing him she goes oh I Just want to ask you some personal Questions Herschel Walker said he was Against abortion and then he had three Abortions and your uncle he had his DeLeon says then your other Uncle killed A woman and then he's squirming in his Chair she didn't ask him any hard Questions but he tried to preempt it and He said personal integrity and public Integrity are two different things he's Telling you right to your face I may up a lot of people personally but Just believe my facade So these people are telling people to Their face If you select leaders like that That means you yourself are at a lower Consciousness and I think the goal of Real leadership is to raise people's Consciousness so what we have is leaders Who justify lower states of Consciousness And so that's why we get these leaders Because I think collectively there's a Collective Consciousness I think Trump

And all these people get elected because People are at a vibration rate of Believing that's okay oh I can have 52 Affairs and then I can go home and be a Christian or whatever the they want To be And I think that that's why I think oh And the opportunity is to raise people's Standards and then I've recommended People vote for you because although the Odds of you winning is very low because Of the way media works and all that even If we win they won't let us win at least You're making a statement that you have Standards because I was I'm never voting But like I would write you in it for you Because you meet my standards because I Don't believe in a better or lesser of Two evils because that it means that Like I vote for my local sheriff because I know him he's awesome yeah I'm like Yeah I'll put my like I'm not against Voting but I could never vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden or booby Kennedy and People go yeah but we gotta win no it's Your struggling we all die and go Somewhere else and when we do it's like Our life is the story like That's the win like the win is do you Sign off on something like did you speak Out did you verbally consent to the rape When that's all you can you can't stop The rain from falling or the Central Bank from printing but you can either

Say you're for it or not for it and That's an important thing rather not you Win or not well that is the win so what We're trying to teach people oh and it's This very interesting concept we're Getting people to start flipping Because the concepts oh why are you Running as an independent you're never Going to win they go through that and I Said look the reason we're running is to Raise the standards so you actually have A real Choice let me show you this flyer Oh and see this flyer I this is old school when I was at MIT We would create these it's eight and a Half by eleven piece of paper and you See what it says the lesser of two evils Is killing your children we've gotten a Message down to that one little graph That red line is the U.S life expectancy Since 1980. I don't know if you can see That the gray line so I will go out Tomorrow at 4 pm and I'll go down to the Train station and I'll hand out like a Thousand of these The future is offline because they're Tracking everything we're doing they Shadow ban us but when I was at MIT we'd Make a flyer like this and we destroyed The student newspaper So this is much more powerful Than any social media anymore we're Putting one of these on the back of a Car because a lot of people are lazy but

You take a piece of paper and you put it On it's you my car you're advertising a Hundred thousand views so the future is Really offline I'm actually looking to Put up a I'm looking for listeners with A land next to highways to put up Billboards Billboards Flyers the thing The reason a flyer is important is you As an individual have to go out and you Have to look at someone you have to be Vulnerable and you have to hand it out Out of the 20 people that pass by one Will take it and that's typically it's About a five percent take rate but the Issue is you have to connect you're Putting yourself out there and then You'll have these conversations with People people say thank you very much And that is what we've got to stop doing Because what's happened is the current Media has become far more Consolidated In power than ever before You don't have any power but you go hand Out a flyer you put out a sticker you Have far more power than you can imagine And that's where things have got to move So our goal is running for president a Gives people saying wait a minute This guy is completely different this Guy and why don't I raise my standards And what is my life's journey ultimately About The other thing is what can you do by Yourself and what can you do Bottoms Up

Because we know all of these systems are Completely corrupt at one of our other Open houses Hindu priest shows up you Know with Swami he says that in the Indian tradition the earth goes through These different stages okay in the Hindu Mythology or they actually consider it Not just mythology so the earth goes to What's called the Satya Yuga The traitor you got the dwarpa you got And then color you got a Yuga is an age And each age is 1200 years So the how is the Destroyer right the Satya Satya means the age of Truth was An age when 100 of human beings were Good human beings like you could trust Your neighbor honorable people then when It went down to What's called the trait That you've got which you could call From the golden age to the Silver age 75 Percent of people were good 25 of people Were devils then it went to the dwarpa You got it became 50 50. and then when It became the kaliyuga which is what We're living in now you're lucky if one Out of four people are good human beings 75 of the world is filled by devils And then there's a hundred year cycle Where so it's actually a sinusoid it Goes from the golden age to the Silver Age to the Bronze Age to the Kali you Got and then it goes back to the Silver Age it goes the other way and apparently This guy was saying we're right in the

Middle of that And he goes in the next five years you Can take this predictions for what they Are will be one of the most toughest Times for all of humanity He says that's where we are right now in That period of human history And it's also said during the Kali Yuga There'll be great Darkness but it'll Also be a great chance for enlightenment But the number he came up with was 25 I Put it at 20 so that's why I'm saying it It doesn't matter Whether 80 percent want to follow the Kennedys and all these people But the 20 is where it's about because Once you get the 20 like that doctor Being self-reflective he's going to pull Over another 50 of people And that's from a strategic standpoint That's what's important to understand We're at this very very important point On what are our standards When booby Kennedy says personal Integrity and public Integrity are two Different things to me that's Satan Right there because it's saying that you Can live Two Worlds and I think when we Raise our standards saying no that you Can't have this two different worlds And I think that's the Consciousness That I'm committed to Bringing about oh And if we can do that because when you Look at this graph man

That graph it's been going on since 1980 This means you need a systems overhaul This is like you have to come to terms Like there's no voting for the Lesser of two evils acknowledging the Lesser of two evils saying that you Believe it's okay to live with Satan in Some ways live with the devil but when You see that graph that your child is Going to live shorter lifespan than you Like you have to really come to terms With reality like that one key Performance indicator is not just the Vaccines it goes back the last 70 years Of systemic policies that have been done Over and over and over again So that's where we're at you know a Friend of mine I'm going to do an Interview very interesting guy medical Doctor MD PhD He is a neurologist He's working at one of the Harvard Hospitals and he discovers that all the MRIs are fake They're issuing fake MRIs He gets the report and he sees the notes Of the same on 20 reports it's like Someone just made 1500 bucks and issued Them So this guy starts exploring them and Finds out many of them are fake Anyway and this is at one of the Harvard Teaching hospitals he gets fired he gets

His medical license thrown out He then learns the law and starts Fighting He loses in the state lower courts he Wins in the appeal court case been going On for 10 years He wins in the appeal court they appeal It to the Supreme Court and he loses There But on just some technicality and the Supreme Court Justices because they Didn't want people following his case Change the name of the case This has happened yesterday So you can see the medical and he's got All the documents we're going to expose It this week the medical cartel Tells the the courts what to do supreme Supreme Court Justices at the state Level and that's what leads to this Graph this is a corruption we Live with because we're supporting guys Like Vivek who buys a drug for 5 Million and then flips it and Tucky Makes money So it's like we really have to Understand that we are the ones who are Causing our own suffering Why are we choosing people like This it's like you must hate yourself You must think that you are lesser that You are a slave and I think that's where It's at man we ought to raise people to Have value for themselves and everything

Just will happen after that the Color you guys a period where there will Be great Darkness but there will be Immense opportunities for people to Raise And become truly enlightened Souls this Is actually a pretty amazing time to Live I love it brother All right man thanks Owen all right Everyone that was my update with Owen Everyone go to Shiva for Get a bumper sticker put it on the back Of your windshield 100 000 people see it Go to download this Flyer start connecting with your friends And family and obviously become a warrior

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