Wisdom + Civil W@r Movie Trailer + JoJo Magoo rock and a hard place

Wisdom + Civil W@r Movie Trailer + JoJo Magoo rock and a hard place

Greetings brothers and sisters I got a a Movie to review a trailer called Civil War hopefully it doesn't get copyrighted I can send you the whole trailer because It is really important um it is a Mainstream media liberal media movie About a civil war that happens in America then a bunch of things to do With Biden's mishandling of Israel and The political landscape for him and how He's um you know getting uh rolled up That even morning and Joe has to talk About a few other interesting articles And then I want to do a sort of health Update and um you know another narrative At the end of this video but I wanted to Do this first uh you know this is Something that I kind of have been aware Of but I haven't really you know in a Very um uh sort of subtle way but I Haven't really ever articulated it in a Way that um you know even to myself um Like I'm aware of it but not in a way That I have thought about in a sort of Concrete way and I certainly haven't Presented it anywhere here and it's Something that I think is Essential Knowledge to understand and it has to do With what wisdom truly is you know what Is wisdom because wisdom doesn't come to Everybody not everybody as they get Older is wise right no fool like an old Fool like there's sayings about it but Wisdom can come to people and the people

That wisdom comes to follow a very Specific path and what that's about like True wisdom what it's about is as you Get older more of your Soul's knowledge More of your Soul's experience more of Your understanding and perception of the World is opened up through experiences In your life now on a psychological Level this is considered developmental Milestones right so when a baby's born It's helpless like a baby is born Prematurely like a baby can't survive You know when when you see animals born In the wild some of them can't see like You see like rabbits and um dogs you Know they're worn with their eyes closed They're not ready to have vision and They have to like be in a den or Something with a kangaroo being in its Pouch right but a lot of animals they Have to get up and run and walk you know Within hours of being born like if you Ever been around a a baby calf or baby Goat or one of these herd animals They're immedi food they're born into a World where things are trying to eat it Immediately I mean that's everything but Specifically these herd animals and they Got to get up on their feet they got to Get up on their feet within the first Day like anything longer than a day that Thing's Left Behind The Herd has to move Right you know cows if you have if you Have cattle you find that often times

The cowes and the heers are born in a Rainy night like a stormy night because A predator s are inside sleeping they're Not you know hunting and things and um So being born when it's raining is Beneficial to the you know to the animal It gives them a you know extra period of Time where they don't have to worry About Predators right and so you know There's um uh alpacas have like a 14th Mon month gestation period you know Alpacas are kind of like a Ponzi scheme Animal they're worth like 10,000 $20,000 A whole thing you know but they take Forever to give birth right over a year And humans you know nine months is a Long time but human babies are basically Helpless for the first three or four Months six months you know then they Start to crawl then they can start I They can't feed themselves they can't They can't move they're just laying There right but in that first couple Year period there's all these Developmental Milestones and you know what is the Etheric ego and what's the the Consciousness from a previous existence And you know whatever your soul has your Soul's knowledge is you know it takes a While for it to descend into the child Right it descends in different stages And that's why as you get older you look Back and you see how much of a dummy you

Were when you were younger like I think About things I used to do and I have no Idea why I did them right it might have Been just the way I used to act when I Was younger when you act like you know Foolish when you're a kid and you know As you're as you get older you party you Do things But as you're you know as you age Physically and you have these Experiences and you have challenges it's Like you have these programs inside of You you know it's latent knowledge it's Unreleased knowledge it's unreleased Consciousness it's unreleased perception Of the world it's something you were Born with but it isn't available to you Until the experience things happen in Your life as you become an adult you Have full-time jobs having kids getting Married and all of a sudden there's Things inside of you that you knew about It it happens when you're a farmer it Happens when you are doing things that Are you know have been done in your Ancestry or in your past lives or Whatever your family ancestry your Genetic makeup and as well as your you Know your previous experiences as as a Human being or something like that if You've had past lives it's also these Things called some scaras Impressions That you have you know that are attached To your e theic being and there are

These programs and they're def in Moments and stories and you know things Within your system it could be that You're like an you know you have an Addiction which I talk about or Something like that like that's the best Example but it could be being an artist Or it could be being an athlete and you Have those conditions and your soul Creates those conditions physically and In your environment and you have people In your life coaches and teachers and People that will pull that Destiny you Have a destiny inside of you and these You know external circum ances will pull These things out of you like me doing This job like I've changed tremendously In my perception of the world from doing This job here on the you know on YouTube You know just doing all the stuff that I'm doing certainly doing the the Meditation the SAR meditation has helped Me on a spiritual level and my Perception my ability to understand What's going on in the world the lens in Which I see the world has changed Significantly because of experience Because of you know things that were in My external life that pulled out inner Knowledge and inner Consciousness and There's a shift there right you know It's what makes you stop doing stupid Things like if you're making the same Stupid mistakes over and over again I'm

Going to cover Draymond Green he just Smacked the guy last night you know and He's going to get a significant Suspension and you know I've talked About him in the past but if you're Doing the same things over and over Again you don't acknowledge them as Being a mistake and you can't see it From a different perspective then you Just make the same mistakes this is what Happens with addicts it happens with you Know people who are uh you know just Self-sabotaging their whole life doing Dumb things and until they you know Ultimately do something dumb and their Life ends P prematurely or they end up In jail or whatever it might be like They just don't get it they just can't See it from a higher level they don't Rise up and and learn right they don't Evolve and you know raise their Consciousness to a higher level where They stop doing these you know Self-destructive behaviors they don't Have any wisdom wisdom is that you see Things from a specific level whever your Consciousness level is wherever you're You know you're a college kid you're in High school you're you know a young Person right and then all of a sudden You can see it from a completely Different level right like when kids Begin to speak they have a a level of Comprehension they have a level when

They begin to read and write and you Know there's all these major Milestones When they're kids it starts pulling the Personality out of them because often Times when you you know see your kids as Babies as toddlers their personalities Will transform in front of you and by The time they're adults they're nothing Like that what they were when they were Younger right they you know they now Have a a more defined personality and They have a you know way of being and You know a perception and a way of Conducting themselves in the world and And that has to change and evolve and And grow as you become older but people Resist change there's lots of people who Are emotionally still children there's So many people who don't mature Emotionally they don't mature in these Other ways they are resisting to the Changes around them and they are you Know stuck in some way right and for Them there will never be wisdom because They don't move to a higher level of Consciousness you know this idea came to Me like I was aware of it but I hadn't Really articulated it like I said even To myself in some some way that I'm Explaining it here but you see it when Kids get sick you can see in your own Life when you get sick and but it's Easier seeing kids and all of a sudden They're different right it's like a kid

Who goes through a gross bird but it's Internally and something happens to them Or they have a a trauma some kid gets Really sick like almost dies or you know I get mono really bad when I was a kid I Wasn't going to die but I was I was like You know bedridden for a couple months I Missed almost a whole year at school I Was like you know in fourth grade right And it was you know really sucky and I Lost like a year in my life but it Changed me like it it's a defining event In my life it's something I'm aware of Changing me right kids will break a leg Or they'll you know go through a trauma Or something like this and they'll come Out more evolved or you know a parents Break up and a you know 12 year-old kid Has to be the man of the house cuz his Dad abandoned them or left or a parent Dies or something and the kids will step Up and start you know the older kids Will start parenting their younger Siblings and they have to they have to Grow up sooner than later right 15-year-old kid gives birth and all of a Sudden has to be a mom and again they're Not going to be as good as they would be If they were 20 but they start you know Stepping into that role even as as They're not really prepared for it and They're not ready for these things right You know that's what happens to kids When they um and young people teenagers

When they have to do adult level things When they're not ready to handle them And it affects them they're traumatized Right it prevents them from developing a Natural way like a natural trajectory in Which they're developing on time and on Schedule and you know these Inappropriate things that happen to kids They're exposed to sexual content at a Young age it affects them right they Lose their childhood innocence right Kids who are who are learning and Growing up by playing you know this Playing is so important the games kids Play is so important for their Development but if they're being yelled At and they're being abused and they're Constantly worried about their parents Or they're you know in an unsafe Environment they can't just safely dive Into their play they have to keep some Of their Consciousness aware of their Surroundings and make sure they're safe Because they're not safe right so They're they can't dive in and just play And play with all their their energy and Their Consciousness and develop and and Learn experience the world and you know Accumulate their you know this more of Their soul energy or whatever it is they Have to be you know split their Consciousness to be aware of their Surroundings or or not play at all Because they're engaged in you know

Child labor or whatever their you know Circumstances is but anyways I'm just Saying this because of um you know the Importance of understanding when you're Younger there's going to be these Changes and through life circumstances And events and you know these things That you go through whether it be Diseases or whether it be other Challenges in your life and marriage and Divorce and raising kids and you know Whatever crisises you go through going Being a soldier in a war all these types Of things you're going to have these uh You know these tumultuous challenges but If you go about the right way you will Um you know you'll evolve and you gain Wisdom and you'll be able to see the World in a whole different way like I See the world completely different you Know I was thinking about you know way I Used to act maybe I was in college and I Can't remember the specifics it was only Yesterday and some of the things that I'm like you know why did I do that like Why would I you know like I'm just a Different person my the way I present Myself to the world the way I you know Interact with circumstances has changed Incredibly right my decisions I make now Are completely different than how I used To react to similar circumstances right You know I used to get emotionally Triggered or overwhelmed or whatever it

Was right through the you know aging Process and doing sjar the meditation The cleaning and you just all of it and I'm just much more relaxed and I'm less Concerned and you know I don't care what People think I mean these things have Have have changed in me like you know And I I can't always pinpoint when it Happened some of them there were Specific events and you know things that Unfolded but I I know those changes are There like I can compare myself now the Way I used to the way I do things now to The way I used to do them and the way I Used to think about things the way I Used to react to them and it's you know The changes are there and you know the Change happen over time so you're not Like totally aware of it as you are in Like a physical situ ation right when a Kid goes from crawling to walking it's a You know it's a big deal and then when They get to learn how to run and talk And feed themselves and you know they They learn to be you know potty trained In these things these are big events and They are you know but a kid doesn't Isn't conscious of them because they're So young but things like that where There's abilities that you get or Whatever it might be that you are able To um you know see a definitive change But things that happen internally You don't see so much but if you compare

Yourself over time and you think about The way you used to handle things the Way you used to handle circumstances and Just you know being in relationships and You know dealing with disappointments or Whatever it might be you know you'll You'll start to see that there's an Evolution that's happening right and This is like the true definition of Wisdom where there's more of something Inside of you that was always there and Was ready to be used and utilized at the Appropriate time but just took you know Your whole life and you know years and Years of of living on planet Earth to Develop and cultivate and and pull out Of these things that are inside of you Anyways I just thought I would introduce The video this way let's get into this Trailer of this movie okay so let's get Into this this is um a film that Apparently was filmed mostly in Atlanta It's called Civil War starving starring Jesse pman plens and Kirsten d They're married I believe um a married Couple and I hope they let me show the Whole trailer here if not you can go Watch it on your own but uh you know the The stupid uh film companies copyright You for showing their trailer and it's Just you know you're you're promoting Their film in this case this is a film I'm looking forward to seeing because We've seen a lot of right-wing Fringe

Films you know films that cubies like to Watch that are about this subject right I've seen some of them myself of course There was that movie I didn't see that Movie but I watched the trailers it was You know the sucky one with um the sound Of Freedom right that became a more Popular film you know I saw um somebody Sent me that like homemade film I didn't Watch the whole thing it was God awful But it was called my son Hunter you it Was about Hunter Biden there were some Funny bits but it was so poorly done And it's so um you know right-wing but This is liberal media this is you know A-list actors uh this is uh you know Coming from Liberal Hollywood and it is about a Civil War in America the kind of thing that you know We know is potentially going to happen And you know I you can't tell very much From the trailer in terms of it's going To have maybe some liberal Perspective but it's you know fairly Realistic and it's got good production Values right so now liberal Hollywood is Taking on something that we have known Is you know a possibility now for a Number of years right a growing uh Division within the country and people On the you know the right-wing side of It who are you know armed and so many of Them have military training turning on The government right and so let's get

Into it here seceded the United States Army ramps up activity the White House Issued warnings to the Western forces as Well as the Florida Alliance the three Term president assures the uprising will Be dealt with swiftly let me know if you Want to try anything on are you guys Aware there's like a pretty huge civil War going on all across America we just Try to stay out with what we see on the News seems like it's for the Best you know something that we could See this in real life Right citizens of America the so-called Western forces of Texas and California have suffered a very great Defeat at the hands of the United States Military Mr President do you regret the Use of air strikes against American Citizens so this you know this line here Right where the president is ordering Air strikes in civilian Areas you know say the same thing that's Going on in the Gaza Strip right this is You know where you could see you know American planes bombing American Citizens right these are things that you Know are I this is a reality that is a Possibility and even in some ways a Likelihood to some extent we're moving To DC today we need to go down there They shoot journalist on site in the Capital every Instinct in me says this Is death

What every time I survived the war zone I thought I was sending a warning home Don't do This but here we are there's some kind Of misunderstanding here what we American Okay okay what kind of American are You you don't Know the Western forces will reach the White House on July 4th oh my god get in The car get in the Car it says all Empires fall right now This is stuff that's been going around The truth community of course they saw With the sound of Freedom it was Financially beneficial to make movies Like this there's a large audience we Have all this liberal woke woke you know Junk out there That's out there um that nobody wants to Watch feminist agenda stuff all these Things are pushing the Marvel movies no One wants to see anymore right and the Sound of Freedom which again saki movie Saki trailer shill stuff you know I mean Doing damage to the whole human Trafficking thing you know all of it I Mean it was a QB movie like a QB you Know whatever it was but it was really Financially successful and we know this Stuff is there right we know how people Are feeling about what's going on and it Just takes a you know uh the inflation To get inflation to reach its true level

The the way the inflation should be Right now is like 100% like double Prices from you know 2019 maybe even more than that 200% Inflation to where people wouldn't be Able to eat and then disruption in Services and you know the internet not Being there electricity you know food Shortages whatever it just takes Something like that for something like This right like that's where people are At and you know the tension and the Division that's been created here and They're actually pushing for this right The powers that be want this right America needs to be taken down in their Review American lifestyle America Everything and you know things to get so Bad where they can come on and offer AG Agenda 30 to most people and they'll Take and they'll take it or whatever it Might be right this is what they want They want to stabilize the country Because the economy is you know no they Can no longer fudge the numbers your Lifestyle is out of out of uh stock Right your lifestyle is out of Stock you're going to hang back I'm not Hanging back one Nation under God Indivisible with liberty And Justice For Hope go go go go Go God Bless

America so you know it looks really well Done to production values and whatever Their per whatever their perspective is This is gonna you know it'll be Something that is um you know not like This isn't science fiction right like This isn't so far off or so unbelievable That we wouldn't see this you you have Those you know right-wing movies about Um you know uh you know Harrison Ford Played the president whatever those you There's that guy used to go on Alex Jones um you know he's supposed to be The real Jack Ryan the Jack Ryan movies And all these you know military movies That come from the right wing and I'm Not sure which one which U you know Group is pushing this but they're Purposely targeting an audience you know People who are Republican people who are Pro military people who are QB's now you Know these things but this is something That looks more um you know balanced Right certainly not uh just a right-wing Movie whatever there's perspective then You have the left-wing movies you know The things that are CIA propaganda like Those um Zero Dark 30 there's a couple This woman director she won Academy Award for one of those movies Zero Dark 30 and the other one and you you know They're just CIA propaganda so you have These two things that are it's either One or the other this one looks a little

Bit more balanced I don't know I haven't Seen it it was a well- drwn trailer and It's you know it's a reality that's you Know a future possibility that's Becoming more and more into focus more And more Believable so then I saw this I turned On the news Biden Administration not Planning to limit Aid to Israel and he Said this here was his U money quote see If I can find it here he said this this Is JoJo magu we're not going to do a Damn thing other than protect Israel in The process not a single thing then CNN Rifts between Biden and Netanyahu Yahoo Spill into public View and so now There's this um I think he has to change And with his government this government In Israel is making it very difficult For him to move um so like he's been Saying stuff like that who openly Criticize Israel's prime minister Biden Telling donors moments ago that Israel Is losing worldwide support and Israel's Prime minister has a quote tough Decision to make Biden said Netanyahu Quote has to strengthen and change his Conservative plan to find a long-term Solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians so Biden is trying to you Know play Both Sides here The annual kanuka reception in the White House turned into a Bas wait what was it

What kind of reception was It the annual kanuka reception in the White House turned into a Bastion of Public support for Israel's war on Hamas You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist and I'm a Zionist wo he's a Zionist so I think I Saw this before but one of my viewers Sent this to me on on uh Instag and I just happened to see it This morning so I thought I'd put it in Here you're gonna pay somewhere between 20 and 40% less in those other country Same exact drug made by the same exact Company you mad Bro um you know Like every South American country which Has had its government overthrown by the CIA since 1947 Costa Rica in 1948 Guatemala 1954 El Salvador 1979 Nicaragua 1981 Panama 1989 Paraguay 1954 Brazil 1964 Peru 1968 Chile 1973 Uruguay 1973 Argentina 1976 and Venezuela in 2002 many of these were perceived as Ideologically opposed to the United States were leftist dictatorships or Were some combination of the two I knew About a lot of this stuff going on but That puts it into you know clearer Perspective so here Dandy Don Lemon cut The cord with corporate media reveals he Watches Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan Since firing says here Don Lemons seems To have no interest in watching his

Former mainstream media colleague since He's shocking officer in CNN earlier Writing this in a electric Streaming Electric Streaming pallet now has him turning Into some conservative Commentators so all of a sudden this guy Right CNN was the Biggest proponents of censoring all of Us like CNN couldn't beat um all the Stuff that's going on on the alternative Media and Don Lemons was a big part of That calling it you know whatever fake News whatever dour thing they were Saying you know I have some of the clips That this is you know real what he's Doing is real news and what we're doing Is you know lies and deception but now He's no longer watching that crap right And he's watching you know benjiro Certainly isn't a truther but uh you Know he's more along those lines and Then there's this twitch streamer H hul Null describes abusive ex shotgun attack He just looks so evil and I want to talk About that because it's something I talk About in terms of when people have like A you know like a demon you know abuse Demon come over them and I'll get into More of that in just a moment so let's Start with what I just showed you um I Haven't talked about this in a while but I used to talk about all the time you Know I used to cover more abuse stuff

And you know I just got tired of talking About it I worked as a clinician and a Counselor in different treatment centers With sex offenders I work with abuse my Ex was was someone who claimed that she Was abused by her dad and Mom um you know a variety of ways Sexually physically mentally emotionally And she had her different sort of Meltdowns psychological meltdowns and Things and would get into a state where It appeared she had multiple Personalities I don't know if it was an Act I don't know if it was manipulative I can't really say I have mixed feelings About it some of it was real and Authentic and genuine organic whatever And it's something that I heard over and Over again from kids and treatment Centers you know victims of Abuse and it's what I call the jaal and Hide Effect that these abusers were often Reasonable people nice people Charismatic people in you know one Sphere of their life Dr Jackal but when They get into this abusive mode their Faces would change and contort and look Like a different person you can see that This even when people get angry you can See this when you know somebody who's Usually a mild-mannered person gets Angry and there's like this other kind Of you know expression it's like they

You know it's like the gremlin movies Where there's you know that Gremlin Movie where the you know you don't feed The Gremlins after midnight or don't get Them wet or whatever it was don't feed Them after midnight and they change from These cuddly little creatures to Something else right and you know there Was the same basic bone structure but it Was like you were dealing with a Different person you were dealing with a Different entity like something came Over the person like a a demonic version Of them and you know I heard this over And over again many of you have probably Experienced this many of you have been Abusive situations you might have a Loved one or whatever as a kid or Whatever was like a certain kind of a Way reasonable person and then they Would change into this other demonic Being and this happens time and time Again like I you know I have thought About this over and over again that it Might be something where there's just Shared Consciousness and some other sort Of entity or something inside the person Whatever it might be but this has been Reported uh you know people who have Suffered abuse and have seen this you Know just not even just that in their Own life where somebody just turns and Something comes out of them that you Weren't expecting and it was foreign and

Often times the person doesn't remember What they did they might remember it but It's very vague like they were was like They were um you know overcome by Something it's like some kind of abuse Program that's passed through people Like a virus like a like a physical Virus on a you know like an emotional Spiritual level abuse virus and it you Know is in the person and you know they Keep it down like their immune system is Keeping it at Bay I want to talk about This the physical virus in a bit but They're you know their uh defense Mechanisms are keeping it at Bay but in Times of weakness and overwhelm Something comes out of the person and it Just you know scares you and then you Know you never really trust that person Again because no matter how reasonable And rational they are and how how many Times they apologize you know that any Minute this thing can emerge from them And this thing is destructive and you Know it's out of control and and you Can't really trust them it's like They're carrying around with them you Know every person who's been a victim Carries around an internal version of The abuser you know they have the abuser Inside them because you have everything That you experience inside of you we all Have memories that are similar to Computer memories except our memories

Are on different levels there's things That we repress things we don't want to Remember but they're in there they can Come out through hypnosis and or other Things right and if you've been abused You then internalize that person into Your system in such a you know horrible Horrific act traumatizing ing that it Has a strong presence inside of you so Every victim has an internal Abuser and that abuser he's a either Trying to come out and you know the Abuser might be destroying you from the Inside telling you a piece of crap or You know whatever like your internalized Version of that person like your parents Tell you you're worthless and whatever They're emotionally abusive and you just Hear their voices every time you fail Even though they've been dead for a long Time you hear them telling you what a Piece of crap you are and you carry that With you and that you know these Programs these versions of act you know People be people's behavior and the way That they were and their Essence is Inside you you've recorded them right And so you know it's something that's Just there something to be aware of Especially now that things start to go South right because when you're feeling Good when you're feeling strong your Immune system works but when you're Weakened and you're you know you're

Freaked out you're out of control and You things start happening the society Breaks down and you see this in war People will do things you never thought They would possibly do or they never Thought they would possibly do things Come out in war like things that are you Know so um selfish and so you know Violent and Despicable that I mean what People will do soldiers will do in war And individuals will do in war when There's no rule of law and everything's Broken down and people are traumatized And things people engage in behaviors That are Deplorable and you know sometimes it's The nicest people who you know never Thought they had it in them but they do Right theyve just repressing these Negative aspects just like with divinity Within you you know some of the worst People can in the right moment be you Know have the Divinity that's within Them and rise up to that even though They can't do it most of their lives They have their moments people have Their moments sometimes you know good People do bad things and you know bad People do good things and it emerges is From them and if you look at the content That's out there you see more and more You I'm going to cover the Draymond Green thing like I said on my other Channel most likely today or tomorrow if

I can't get it in today but more and More you see it's the year of the eff it And things just are breaking down like Things just are collapsing around us This movie being released the trailer That I showed you you know if you know They didn't copyright it you know I mean It's always a possibility but the Trailer and the movie and then what's Happening with Biden and Israel and you Know the guy Losing votes by backing Israel but he's You know got his handlers I it's a whole You know interesting Dynamic and to go Along with this I was talking about this With my wife how remember when Corona Virus but now it's covid like you know Corona there there was a Corona beer Commercial we saw and you know like I Was fast forwarding through the Commercials and I was like oh remember When Corona beer was freaking out when Corona virus was called Corona virus Right you know and there's people who Debate it didn't exist at all or it's Just the flu flu the flu bees right all These things that came out different People had different ways of looking at It there's no such thing as viruses Viruses aren't alive and all these Things but in terms of what they said a Virus is and you know I believe this is A biological weapon if it came from a Virus fine if it didn't it is whatever

It is but we've all had experiences with Some virus you know the epsteam bar Virus you know I had Mono when I was uh Like uh I think it was 10 years old you Know I missed a good port of the school Year and you I think I mentioned that Earlier in this video and I also had What was you know known as herpes right Some kind of herpes virus which for me Was I would get a lip sore you know lip Sores were herpes virus and those were Going around when I was a kid and so you Know they people had different forms of Herpes but mine manifested in in lip Sores and both of those Viruses would come you know would um Like be a factor when I got sick like The Mano would come back when I got sick Course the chickenpox right um you know Whatever that virus is where people get Shingles but whenever my immune system Was down I slept a lot that was mono was Like a sleeping sickness and you know Occasionally when I got sick or was you Know I was um uh you know whatever I was Physically overwhelmed I would get lip Source you know into my I think 20s I Haven't had one in years but um you know So these are things that were told I was Told were viruses in my system right and That you know your body's constantly Fighting them off your immune system is Fighting these things off which maybe is A good thing who knows keeps your immune

System ready and sometimes your immune System relaxes or you know it forgets to Fight the thing off or it's fighting Other things or you're just worn down Your immune system is suppressed as you Get older you're not producing as much To stuff testosterone and other things And so these things are then um just Waiting to come out and and you know Affect you again right they're waiting To you know uh rise up again in your Physical system and if that's the case With this covid and you know the co is a Biological weapon then it would be you Know prudent for everybody at least for Me uh as far as I'm concerned to get rid Of it right and so you know I've done Some detoxing and I don't know how to go About it because we don't really there's Not that much information about it now Later on there will be and you know Being sick again which I've been for the Past week like I can't like I don't have Any symptoms like I felt completely Better on Sunday you know I was taking This um mother wart tea which is good For the heart and other things it's an Heral tea and again you know I don't Recommend anything here and I always say That because I want to make sure people Understand I'm just talking about my own Experience and not Recommending things you know I've had Some regular heartbeats on and off from

The you know what from the time I got I Think the second version of Co and you Know there's something to do with your Nervous system like there's things in This thing that they're not telling People there's vascular things there's Things to do with your immune system you Know it messes with people even on a Psychological weather level remember Chris Cuomo saying he was having Psychological issues and hallucinations And people were like well that's strange And they came out there all the people Were you there's all these people that Were having psychological issues and They were you know seeing things and Hallucinating and you know there's all These bizarre symptoms with the the co The the co you know whatever it is virus Or whatever it is right you know there's One day as worried I was going to get Sick like sick sick and I did some Things you know I I rolled out Everything I have these herbal flu shots I have these you know they you know your Um their oral they're filled with all These strong doses of uh you know these Her you just have herbs in it tastes Horrible but I have this um this second Asia golden Spiel Spiel uh golden seal Golden Spiel golden seal spray that Tastes it's maybe the worst tasting Stuff uh but I spray it on my tonsils When I feel my like tonsils are often

Swollen right which is a sign of you Know prolonged kind of uh you know being Whatever fighting off things your Tonsils are to do with your imune system And I sprayed that first and the the flu Shot tastes great you know this heavy Herbal thick syrupy stuff right but I Did everything I could um before going To bed and I woke up felt better and I Knew I wasn't going to get sick sick but I felt a little bit lingering you know Some days I've been a little bit you Know tired or just you know I don't have Much stamina I get out of breath easy Most of the other symptoms have gone Away you know but it's something where I've been aware of like every year here I'm going to have to you know deal with This as the we head into the fall season The winter season there's less sunlight I'm getting less vitamin DM you know Less exercise right the heat comes on Dries out everything we have a Humidifier in our bedroom but you know It's something that just lingers and you Know what is it like there's I mean what Other the the long-term effects right if This is a a biological weapon which I Believe it is then what are the Long-term effects of this thing right What's going to you know I mean how's it Going to affect people of course the the Bloop that people got which is even Worse and so you know it might not kill

Everyone right away but it's going to Weaken people which is I think the Ultimate goal right and you know stop Young people from reproducing I mean all These things like there's all these Things we don't know about yet right as All this stuff proliferates over a Period of time and then we get the final You know the the the actual uh out come Of whever this thing is that's been Introduced in the human system you know The one thing the the co thing and the The so-called cure of it and so that'll Be interesting how it plays out Especially now you know going with all This political aspect and the wars and The the breaking down Society right You're weakening people physically is a Big part of that especially the future Generations of young people you know as They have to be pacified and you know They maybe there'll be medicines like AIDS and things that you know you'll be Have to be taking the rest of your life And so people get on these medicines That'll help to keep them from having a Cardiac arrest say like they'll be They'll come they'll come up with a Medicine to prevent all these cardiac Arrests but it'll have you know also Have negative side effects weakening you And then you'll be beholding to the Government to have this medicine that if You don't take it you're going to like

Die almost immediately something like That right like that's how it did was With AIDS like they got rid of AIDS but You know they now all these people are On these medicines they have to to take For the rest of their lives right HIV And things like that so anyways just Some thoughts here I'm going to wrap This up and get into the Draymond dream Thing but you know it's a real mess out There only spiritual value will save This world it's Pomano definitely point For the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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