Why the boop didn’t anybody tell me about the Umami taste bud

Why the boop didn't anybody tell me about the Umami taste bud

Okay as I've talked about recently Greetings brothers and sisters as I've Talked about recently oh yeah please um Subscribe and like and do all the things That need to be done to keep this Channel going with the crappy YouTube Algorithms um so uh there Is you know I've been talking about how I'm about to turn 60 years old and I've Just heard of umami like two days ago Right today's Monday June 2 4th so two Or three days ago I just heard about you Umami which I'll talk about the Experience let me just go through what This is yumami is a Savory Rich meaty Flavor many foods that you taste your The many foods that your taste buds Register as Umami contains a a substance Called Glutamate um says here Umami translate To Pleasant Savory taste and has a Been described as brothy meaty you can Taste Umami in foods that contain high Levels of amino acid glutamate like pan Cheese seawed seaweed miso and Mushrooms and so yumami is one of the Major here's their taste buds this is Umami in the Middle Umami bitter salty sour and sweet Think about how especially salt and salt And sweet dominate your existence right And the majority of your tongue is Yami Right and I never heard of it it's not Taught like you thought I thought there

Was four taste buds you know bitter is Underrepresented bitter is you know People think bitter has a a bitter Flavor right a bad flavor the word Bitter is a you know word in terms of Describing your emotional state if you Know you're a bitter person you know It's a bad thing but bitter is one of The flavors that you're tongue taste and Often times bitter things are good for You uh but you know we knew about bitter But we didn't know about you Mommy right And they don't even have an English word For the freaking thing its origin is Japanese Umami Umami I'm pronouncing it Wrong uh Umami is Japanese so they don't Even have an English word for it and so It's kind of an important thing like I Was saying to my wife imagine if they Had the light spectrum of rainbow and They didn't have a name or you didn't Learn about one of the Colors you know cuz your sense of taste Is relatively important to your life and There's only five different taste buds And one of them is Umami is that Right Umami Umami is one of them and here it Is here look it's this right there it's It's most of your tongue the majority of Your tongue is this you know taste and You've tasted this taste before if You've eaten any of the things that have It in it and a lot of things do have it

So you've actually tasted this taste but You didn't even know there was a taste Bud for this specific Taste so I searched this because I Wanted to show my wife the Umami was in The was in the Middle and you can see I searched taste Buds you can see the majority of images Do not have Umami here right that's just Um There a lot of tongue action going on There but they don't have it right they Have they're missing well this one has The pink there but again it doesn't even Like it's just like even that one that Does doesn't um Uh this one says a taste map is wrong Like the majority of them they're left Off uh taste But and so Um you Know there it is So because there's no English word for It and they didn't then you know I who Knows what's up I'm sure there'll be Some things out there that people know That they'll be saying in the comments Section but you know um in terms of There's one with you mommy but most of Them don't have it and so and I didn't Know about it so you know there it is so I do do the majority of cooking because I'm home and I you know have some Experience with it right and I'm kind of

A messy person my wife and you know my You know my family do the cleanup I do The cooking um and so you know I I don't Like to eat out cu I worked in Restaurants I waited tables and you know There's energy in the food the people Making the food I mean it's you put Energy into it right like people talk About food made with love and you know There's a vibrational condition but also The ingredients they use and I saw Things in restaurants where there's like Raw chicken sitting in a a drawer for a Week and it was being used you know I Was like You know refrigerator drawer like Something that's not as cool as a Refrigerator and like skinless boneless Chicken and stuff and I'm like you know This stuff can't be good like it's Things like that right um and just the I Saw the energy and the you know the the Conditions that most uh Cooks most you Know line Cooks uh the stress that They're under and there's a lot of that That goes into the food and so you know Plus it's just expensive and you know The ingredients and things that you can Control when you cook your own food is Just better right in terms of price in Terms of energy in terms of these things But when we do eat out you know when There's food we get takeout food or Something like this there's often times

I find something that I really like and I you know I um try to reverse engineer It and make it at home with better Ingredients and there's a bowl place my Wife you know has found and they have Some great stuff in there and they you Know they had quinoa that just tasted Better you know I make grains every Morning for my breakfast I make either Millet um or I make Kasha and recently I've been eating some quinoa and you Know I just make it plain in a in a an Insta pot and then I eat it with eggs Because we have chickens you know so I Have fried eggs and that's my breakfast And you know this quinoa that was at This place had a really good flavor and I said you know I'd like to try to make These bowls at home and my wife was like Well uh you know the broccoli is Spectacular at the place and the quinoa You know we had was like is really good Had a good flavor to it right so I Looked up um you know I Googled the the Restaurant and trying to find the herbs That were in the quinoa and then my wife Asked me to find it the broccoli and They said Umami right was one of the you know was The herbs and you know my wife had just Been given um some of mammy flavoring by Her mom which we kind of ignored because We had this truffle salt there was this Truffle saw I saw on Shark Tank and you

Know I was using it and you know it Enhanced the flavor of various things it Had some truffle mushrooms you know in The salt it was good and the company no Longer makes it like we were buying it On Amazon and so my wife had told her Mom and her mom had found something Similar which was a momy which was made Out of uh shitake mushrooms but I didn't Even know like I didn't know it was a a Flavor my wife did she's known for a Couple of years but she didn't like know As much about it right she had heard of It but all of a sudden we realized hey We really like the taste of this thing So I used some of the stuff that we had You know I I ordered some my wife said No we already have some and I was like Oh that was that stuff right and we're Also really getting into mushrooms as a You know we're growing shiitake and Lion's made mushrooms we have logs that We just put um plugs in and you know We're starting to farm mushrooms of Course we get the um I showed everybody The um we have morel mushrooms in our Yard like it's just a lucky thing my Wife has always loved mushrooms and and Hunting for mushrooms and uh you know so There's that but we've recently found That there's all these benefits you know It's kind of a new thing that people are Discovering all these health benefits That's been around for a while but it's

Been you know more public mushrooms has You know being very healthy for you Shitake being some of the best ones of Course we've got um there's turkey tail Tinctures we've purchased and things Like this we're we're learning about so Anyways I tried the Umami and I made Some um quinoa and we were like oh this Is incredible this is the flavor and I've been now putting in my breakfast You know I put in my I made Millet last Night and you know it just changes Everything it's a a new flavor you it's A little bit like salty but it's you Know it's a different flavor and I'm Like you know how do we not know about This right like I said like think about Any other scense Like it would be missing one of the Major aspects of the scense right it's Like crazy that there would be not even A English word for the majority of the The taste bud the biggest taste bud on Our tongue that's dead in the center of It right and we've all had that taste Because we've eaten things like it I Mean some we've experienced some of that Taste but it's uh you know it's kind of An essential thing right like your taste Buds are there for a reason and the Different flavors and the different Tastes are specific in terms of your Health like each thing has you know Components to your health we all know

What sugar does it provides energy but It also you know the glucose aspect and Obesity and you know all the things to Do with diabetes right we know about Salt the salt benefits of salt but also You know the potential negative things Of salt the the health benefits of Bitter that people don't want right Bitter taste and things and then sour Like we know these are things that Dominate our existence and you know our Food and the flavors that and you know How much effort we put into all those Things and they they didn't even have a Word for it right it was a a major um You know taste bud the biggest one and They don't even have a freaking word for It and so you know that tells you Everything you to know about our Education education system you think About all the worthless things we knew And then you know for 60 years all the The disinformation and bad information And trivial information and things and All the things that I know and all Things I I I talk about here on the YouTube channel and I didn't know that There was you know a fifth taste bud so Um yeah so that's um kind of interesting Anyways only spirituality will save this World is parado definitely point for the Apocalyps in the Ascension everyone have A blessed day and be grateful

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