Well this is really really bad News

Well this is really really bad News

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I'm Way ahead of the game I'm uploading my Video on my Apocalypse Now channel For um tomorrow Wednesday today's Tuesday May 7th it's only 1:37 in the Afternoon I'm already starting on this Video U which is great I'm way ahead of The game here so um this is kind of Devastating I'll explain why I got this In a moment the 25 least religious Countries on the planet Earth the number Of the right is the percentage of the Popul that identifies as Atheists and so it's also in this Article here and so these are the global Statistics China has 91% atheist so it's Almost a only 9% are Religious and 86% in Japan Sweden 78 Czech Republic And these are all European countries Here Australia as well um Vietnam Germany these are mostly all the European countries are well over 60% Here lva Austria Ireland and even Ireland right so heavily Catholic there Albania United States is at 43% and so this is brutal like this is Um really bad because you know other Than India that I don't think is on this List um India is at 6% but you know that's a very populated Country but China you know we're talking A billion people right here right a

Billion people in China and so you know These are very a lot of these are very Populated countries and you're looking At more than so I couldn't have finded Upto dat upto-date statistics in 2010 Census in service Ser uh surveys Indicate There were about 1.1 billion atheist Agnostics and people who did identify With any particular Religion um they say by 2050 that's Supposed to exceed 1.2 billion people But you know that's clearly not the case If these other statistics are to be Believed so this is pretty devastating Right this is I mean in terms of these Numbers and again you know I I don't Know how accurate they are but I know It's growing we can see it all around us And there are people who kind of believe In God right but don't do anything about It they don't do any in ter anything in Terms of religion they don't do any Spiritual practice so you know they kind Of believe in God but they're not I mean In terms of people who are actually Engaged in some sort of relationship With the Divine is a very small fragment Of the population you know when you have 8 billion people and I would say less Than 2300 million people are really Spiritually oriented I mean that's the You know there's other people who are Are more religious but you know that

Would probably still be under a billion One part of this is good and I'll get to That in a moment like you could you know There's positive narratives and Everything but this is really bad in Terms of you know people who don't Believe in God don't believe that There's a plan or don't don't believe That there's order believe everything's Random and chaotic and anything goes There's no reason for Morality if There's no God there's no reason to not Lie or cheat I mean this is why Religions have done what they've done by Threatening people with a hell or Something like it right because you know It motivates them to surpress some of Their more animalistic immoral Tendencies but the real reason this is Bad the worst thing about this is that You have a spiritual reason for Existing if there is a God and you have A soul then your soul has a purpose that Is not your ego's purpose it's not your You know your small self's purpose you Have a greater sense of self a you know Soul that has multiple lives you know Multiple incarnations it has a point Right there's a point to your life There's a goal to your life and it Involves God right if there's a God then There's something you know that you're Needing to do in terms of forming a Relationship with God merging with God

Going back to God you know all these Things bringing God into to your life Learning more about God right all these Things and if that doesn't exist for People then that whole part of their World their souls you know whatever Their soul is doing their whole their Whole life unless it they're doing it Unintentionally you know their soul Peaks through here and there and they Embrace their soul without even Acknowledging they have one I mean which Is you know very hard to do I me I guess It can be done I think we all do that a Little bit but for the most part you you Know they're not conscious of this and They're not looking to connect with that And so they're just wandering around Loss with no real purpose and not Knowing why they're here not knowing why They exist even people in religion don't Really know why they're here right Because religions have been corrupted Now the good part of this is people are Starting to leave their religions which You know ultimately is a good thing the Religions have gotten so corrupt and so Materialistic and they're actually you Know hindrance their power Brokers who Uh form of blockade you know Gatekeepers Prevent you from truly connecting with God and the Divinity within you so I Guess that can be viewed as positive but Not believe in anything and you know

Wandering around lost and people are Stupider now I mean it's the degradation Of population you know I saw this and I'm like well like this is it right here Right if these numbers are to be Believed but even if they were you know Not that significant it's still a lot of People right we're talking about Billions of people and maybe more than Half the population but there are a lot Of people who believe in God that are Doing nothing about it so you know it's A downtime like this is what happens When civilization is going to collapse The other piece to this is I'm going get Into the White House correspondence Dinner because this goes along with this Whole thing I'm saying here you know I Do this sjar meditation that was turned Into a cult by this guy dodgy the Heartfulness meditation thing that you Know a lot of you guys know all about This right and he there was this scam Going around India called the mid-brain Activation scam and DOI got duped by a 15-year-old and believed it to be true And he franchised it only to find out Later it was a scam and it was too late For him to admit that he'd been duped or Whatever and so he's gone along with it And there's a guy in India that's in Charge of the rational society and he's Figured out you know he he debunked the Whole thing thing and he's been you know

At dodgy and these things but that guy's An atheist you know we're friends on Facebook he's a guy who posted This and so it's interesting because India has only 6% atheists but this one Guy's one of them right and you know I Don't I mean I'm not judgmental towards People's beliefs because I mean you know Whatever I I am about it I mean Certainly it's something we need to be Aware of and you know your beliefs do Put you in put you into different Categories but the guy did good work in This thing in India debunking something That's a scam but then again you know he Has this you know atheistic Tendencies And so you know like it's just a mess Out there but speaking of a mess let's Go to the White House Correspondence Dinner do you think your Irish Grandparents are Wondering my great great grandparents Who get here in 1846 and when what in the hell's going On so this is your president the White House cour respondence dinners where They get to make fun of presidents and Politically they're used if the President has a weakness right if the President has things that are considered Weaknesses they make fun of them and They sort of take the bite out of it Right if he can laugh at himself you Know if he can you know sort of poke fun

Of it himself I mean this is what they Use Saturday Night Live for it humanizes Them but it makes it so that the attacks Are you know defanged right But he jokes about something here if you Really think about and Colin Jo who's The you know the big MC also jokes about It and I'll show you it's you know his Age and it's really messed up let's go Through it then I'll talk about it on The other side want to thank you for the Warm welcome but please not so Loud Donald was Listening is it Donald Duck or Donald Trump sleepy Don I kind of like that I may use that again Sleepy Don like why would you do that Right like you know you're in your Sleepy Jae Mode Kelly O'Donnell president of the White House correspondence Association Thank you for having me thank you sir She bowed Kello let's be honest you're way too Young to be President it's been a year since I Delivered you know um boy he sucks Right it's been a year since I delivered This speech and my wife Jill was with me Tonight was worried how I do I told her Don't worry just like riding a bike she Said that's what I'm worried About you know cuz he fell off his bike Last

Year so here's JoJo MCU Mr President Dr [Applause] Anniversary Boom all right so he's falling down all The [Applause] Time thank you you okay Mr President I'm Good yeah yeah yeah work okay maybe That's two I don't know when this was Maybe a couple years Ago it says a year ago right and so look At this confused Dem and effer and you Know you can joke about this you can Show you have a sense of humor about This but cognitive decline is a real Problem for many Jobs including the president Of course the 2024 elections in full Swing and yes age is an Issue I'm a grown Man running against a Six-year-old oh my Gody sucks so bad at This he's horrible like I think he's Gotten he's obviously gotten Worse well I feel great I really feel Great I'm campaigning all over the Country Pennsylvania Georgia North Carolina I've always done well in the Original 13 Colonies and speaking of History wow it's bad so we'll come back To this I'll show you more thank you Everyone hello hello

Colin that was hard-hitting journalism You saw in the Owl I didn't know you were going to show Photos of me from high school I have Some surpris yeah it's not really fair Um you can't do it for President Biden Because the technology wasn't invented When he was in high School look at him laugh look at this Look at this Sad Sack mfer right here Look at him laugh it's not really fair It's so good oh so Funny good evening everyone I'm Colin Joost and I'll be delivering the rep Publican Response I'll be honest with you I don't Have a lot of time uh I need to get back To New York because I'm juror number Five on a big Trial Trump's lawyer took one boy he Sucks too much better than Biden though Look at me and he's like he's got to be On our side Thank you Kelly for that very kind Introduction Mr President Dr Biden vice President Harris Doug dougy fresh gets a call out dougy Fresh good good good Doug as you can Tell from all the comments about my wife I'm also used to being the second Gentleman [Applause] Woo he's and I am honored married to a Dude woo to be here hosting what is

According to swing state polls the final White House correspondence Dinner I hope that tonight will be a Night to Remember for most of us So there are Acceptable deficits as President right In your job but memory loss is not one Of them like how many jobs can you do With memory loss where you wouldn't Remember you know basic events right That have just happened where you you Know public speaking and Assuring the American public in this Case is important and when you get up And speak you make one Gaff after Another because you have severe memory Loss right and we saw this with Federman You know Federman can't process what's Going on around him he needs a tablet And he needs tools to understand what Has what you know what is going on in His surroundings his interactions with People he's impaired severely and he's Out there but at least he could he's Young enough that there might be some Recovery from his stroke I don't know What you know all the he has there but Depression suicidal Behavior he can't do That job and Joe Biden is just going to Get older he gets worse every year and He was like this in 2019 we saw this he was already showing Signs of senility which they ignored and

You can joke about it you can sort of Take the fangs out of it but this is Something that you know I can't he can't Do the job right like he can't be President but he is and that means that Other people are running the White House And he's just a figurehead you know he Did this with Reagan when Reagan was at Alzheimer's and they didn't even let the Guy leave the White House right they put Him in a cowboy hat and they got him to Wave and he didn't know where he was They wouldn't let him speak in public And the people who were running the Country at that time of course this Already you know exists a shadow Government but most people don't know That or una aware of it and during that Time Reagan wasn't the President right Like he was you know he couldn't do his Job and JoJo meu has been like that the Last four years and it's getting worse And you know they have kamla who nobody Likes they don't have a lot of options There but they're you know they're Basically trying to make this thing okay It's okay this guy has memory loss and He scile I'm sure there's more jokes Coming this is where I stopped you know When I was watching it just to see What's going on but all this other stuff Is new and I'm sure this is going to go On as a theme probably was earlier People were talking about the same thing

Because everyone knows this guy is old As F and he is having you know mental And cognitive difficulties and it's not A joking matter right he's president Like you got to at least pretend that The guy has to be mentally competent Right you're saying that a mentally Impaired scile person could do the job Of presidency do the you know be the President well then why are we even Bothering with this election that you Know why even pretending that this is um You know something that's you know valid Right and there's another let me show You this other instag clip here first And then we'll get back into the the White House Correspondence Dinner hey so You've been lied to about this our Founding fathers were not old contrary To our current government every time I Ask students to describe the founding Fathers in three words I hear old white Men but on July 4th 1776 James Monroe Was 18 years old Aaron Burr was 20 John Marshall was 20 Alexander Hamilton was Only 21 years old Betsy Ross was 24 James Madison was 25 Thomas Jefferson Was only 33 on July 4th 1776 meanwhile The other day I'm watching the state of The union and I feel like I am watching A live simal cast of the world's most Expensive nursing home if you you've Been so you know I mean there is a valid Point there right whereas um these guys

Are just too old like they're just you Know 21's a little bit Young um but they These guys in the past of course they Were Freemasons and they were different You know breed of person but they were Much more educated they are more you Know these guys who got educated in Terms of the education system they had Back then rigorous education you know Terms of critical thinking skills and Debating skills and their ability to Function their vocabulary and things was Far superior to what we have today and Then all the things that poison and tox You all the toxins and carcinogen and Heart disease all these things that are In your system we live in a very toxic World and Country and those affect your Ability to perceive reality and you know The rest of it right so they've improved In terms of your lifespan but like how Many medications he's on and what are The side effects and so the older you Get the more there it's there and so you Have to have the maturity to be you know A leader but you know this guy I mean He's 80 years old right the average age Of you know the average um age of death Is now something like 78 77 or something It's dropping and so he's pass that you Know most people are are dead his age Right and so how long is he going to Live another three years another five Years another year six months like it

Could be any of those things right he's In the time where it could happen any Time now you know it doesn't take long And so and there's deterioration all the Way up he's going to live to 90 he's Going to live to 100 And so he's you know he's not really Capable of doing this job it's just that Simple no matter how you you you know Try to laugh it away he's gone and Speaking history did you hear what Donald just said about the major Civil War Battle quote Gettysburg Wow Trump's speech was so embarrassing The statute of Robert El surrendered Again Yeah these are not Jokes but Look AE is the only thing we have in Common my vice president actually Endorses Me woo K with do likes K Woo Mike Pence doesn't like Trump nobody Likes K's like hey you know he's talking About me right where's where's my knee Pads so I'm in the editing process and I Want to add this um I might have said This before at least partially you know She's got like a lotto ticket to be President it's her only path to the Presidency there's no way kamla Harris Gets elected because people do not like Her Democrats don't like her remember so

There was this time where um remember The guy in Hardball Chris Matthews and I Could never find the video clip but Early on before everything you know Developed in the campaign he talked About how Biden and KLA Harris would be A dream ticket and they were pushing Kamla Harris more than all the other Candidates they were giving her a lot More coverage they were pushing her out There like they wanted her to pop as a Candidate she got up to 12% and she was Second to Biden and she started to Criticize Biden a little bit and Then she was attacked like the other Candidates set in on her remember Tulsi Gabard and people got a good look at her And didn't like her Democrats got a good Look at her and didn't like her and she Fell below 1% and had to withdraw Without getting one vote right so I've Said this all the time I say this a lot About her but it's important to remember She was not even got she didn't get one Vote in the primary but Trump said he Was going to pick a woman then he had to Say he was going to pick a woman of Color and you know his choices As they went through them KLA seem like To be the best one you know KLA is part Indian like Indian from India and if you Get some you know support there because They'll they'll vote for someone like Them I mean my association with the

Indian culture tells me that's you know I mean they got a lot of Indian votes Because of that and also you know kamla Is an Indian name there's a lot of People in the sajar meditation that I do They know the heartfulness Debacle the people from India women have That name kamla and so she was not very Liked but they figured she was the best Possible candidate also she wasn't a Threat to Biden actually an asset Because people would be like well we Don't want her and she's been a disaster Ever since and so you know there's some Democrats that would gravitate her Gravitate to her just because you know It's a her against Trump or whatever but Once she's out there people just don't Like the Laugh they don't like the C She's kind of as hatable even more so Than Hillary Clinton and I mean she Isn't even popular among people of color Right so she has not a lot going for and Her best Pathway to the White House is Be Joe Biden's vice president and wait For that mfer to die because Chance of Him chances of him being Incapacitated within the next four years Would mean you know which are high would Mean she'd be president without ever Being elected and then she'd have a Better chance of winning the reelection I mean you know probably not but she Would get to be president without

Anybody really casting a vote for her Right you know most of the people who Vote are voting against Trump anyway They're not voting for Biden and they're Certainly not voting for her and so She's laughing it up because she knows The more this guy is you know shows Signs of senility and he has a you know 5050 chance of winning the election at This point and you you know who knows if They're going to try to rig it she could Be president like she's no way should be Even considered being president I mean Not that any of these people who are you Know running for president or our President are deserving but she's not Likable enough to become president like They can't even fake it because she Would PLL really poorly and as soon as She was out there talking and laughing And being kamla her support would you Know be decimated and you know to be a Woman president and be a woman of color President you'd have to be special right You know to break through that you know Mental barrier and KLA isn't special in A good way right she's the opposite of That so she's you know pretty Psy Because she's you know this is her best Chance to be president of course she's Supporting the guy and laughing and talk You know Michael Douglas saying all the All the people that work with him are You know 100% behind him yeah well their

Jobs are predicated on him winning right They replace it with somebody else that Person is gonna come in with their own Staff and they're not gonna say you know Well he's scile no one's gonna say that Right you know Michael Douglas the actor Said that he said even KLA Harris is Very supportive of of course she is this Is her ticket to the this is her ticket To the [Applause] Presidency I had a great stretch since The State of the Union but Donald has Had a few tough days lately you might Call it stormy weather [Applause] Oh look at this tells the picture of Health down there um just brutal let's Move forward a little bit Here note in addition to marrying up Colin and I have another thing in Common we both find strengthen family I Got to spend some time with his family Yesterday in the Oval Office it looks Like such a Tool Colin's dad was a high school Teacher in Staten Island and his mom is An incredible woman a family of Firefighters was chief medical officer New York City Fire Department on 911 as a doctor she rushed to Ground Zero risking her own life treating and Saving fellow First Responders rushing into danger for

Others is my definition of patriot and Now she has some thyroid cancer and Heroism you know from radioactive Fallout So okay so um I looked it up here Today's the next day the reason I joke That she had thyroid cancer she didn't But you know all these people did right And there's a higher rate of thyroid Cancer in the First Responders while the WTC exposed as one Of the most significant associations With thyroid cancer the metal analysis For the jnc1 found 81% increased risk Among these responders 81% so I mean that's a quite a Significant bump there right so this is Thyroid Cancer um was so high and I covered this In my Video this is the article here Trailblazing trailblazing fd1 survived The big event and helped survivors she Also is Colin Joe M we'll get into the Article here Um so it says here a trail bazy doctor With the fire department FD New York Fire Department New York who survived The terror attacks of the big event has Dedicated her life to helping survivors And also happens to be the mother of SNL Star Colin Jo Dr Carrie Kelly worked for 37 years with the fire department Becoming the first woman to be named fd1

New York's chief medical officer Kelly Now now advises the the big event Museum In Memorial on healthcare for thousands Who have gotten sick in the year since The attack she was a chief medical Officer on that day and so that's a big Thing because of what had to be covered Up in terms of these thyroid cancers Because that's radiation exposure you Know there is when there is a like a Nuclear blast so when there's a nucle Nuclear explosion there's different Types of Radioactive isotopes that are released And one of them is iodine I think 127 or 131 or something like that and it is Radioactive iodine and your Thyroid is absorbs iodine your this is Why they give you iodine tablets all These people who are radiation workers As a way to not um get thyroid cancer Because your thyroid is always AB Absorbing iodine whenever it gets it and It's like seven or eight days it doesn't Last for long so it's an isotope that That is released and after seven or Eight days it's gone right it Disappears but for those people who are Around such an event like Chernobyl and Chernobyl had a a lower risk of of um Thyroid cancer than the First Responders In the big event so you would have to Look at that and say why is that like Why was there so many of these First

Responders that had thyroid cancer it's The number one cancer that was that These guys had so many of them are Suffering ing from it and as a doctor Whose you know father was a firefighter And this woman is supposed to be a hero Why didn't she stand up you know John Stewart supposedly stood up for the First Responders nobody asked these Questions because it seems like a Radioactive blast you know what was in The the rubble that is causing thyroid Cancer you know I think I'm the only one Who talked about this I mean may you Know people I don't know anybody else Picked up on this but I you know you Know there's this Theory put out by this Guy Dimitri HOV and I covered it in my Um three videos about the big event and 2001 and you know this is years after I Think I covered it in 2014 15 16 Something like that and it was Demonetized and eventually I had to Delete the videos you know just like Everything else but think about it like You know there's a cause for thyroid Cancer one of the biggest causes is Radioactivity they're calling this place Ground Zero and you know mini nukes are Like a real thing and they're able to Take down buildings and so you know this Is overwhelming evidence right there's More there just just not this and so if They treated these guys for thyroid you

Know for Radioactive um uh you know some kind of Radioactive incident then they would Have to say that these things were taken Down by something else other than the Official story and so the mom here all Of a sudden her son becomes a very you Know I mean he gets a job he's not a Funny guy but he gets a job on on SNL You know which is a big New York City Job right I mean it's a New York you Know live from New York it's Saturday Night and then her other son works for The Impractical Jokers right so she um Is from sta Staten Island her brother Can be seen like he does little bits on The practical joker show and Colin Jost Appeared on that show right And so there is um again his brother's Kind of weird too but here it says um She's from Staten Island where the um The Staten Island native led the triage Units on the city's most heartbreaking Day so she talks about in the article How other people you know are still Suffering she said that the big event Hasn't ended because people are still Suffering I go for monitoring one of the Most programs admiring because we always Said we cannot change the exposures you Had she's saying that you're screwed Whatever happened to you the exposures Well it seems like there was some Radioactive exposure because of the

Thyroid links and some of these other Things she said um here it says Um she said she's been fortunate that Her own health has been good so far now She was supposed to be in these Buildings or around these buildings she Was like there with the fire Fighters And these people coming out they're all Cancerous and these things and she's Doing great physically and her sons are Now celebrities semi celebrities and on TV you know and her son now is uh Roasting Joe Biden and helping to you Know um and a very kind and supportive And like I mean saying that he's a fan He goes on at the end of this thing Saying he's a fan we'll show you that in A bit and so um you know This is pretty icky right so you know Let me just say this again there is a a Link between nuclear explosions and the Radioactive isotope for um radioactive Iodine and thyroid cancer like that's Something people know and that people Take iodine pills for that reason so you Know what happens is if your thyroid Thyroid has enough iodine it's not Looking to absorb more right if you have Enough iodine in your in your diet and Your you have enough iodine in your Thyroid it doesn't absorb more and so if You get in contact with the um you know These Isotopes and you've been given Enough iodine or you take it you know

Ahead of time or whatever that's why They say take iodine pills right away And again I'm not advising anybody you Have to look it up and because there's You know you can take too much iodine as A whole thing right but this is why they Do that and his mom ends up not Suffering at all when all these other People you know 81% chance of thyroid Cancer a more likelihood your likelihood Goes up by 81% if you're a first Responder there at that time and the People around that area they were you Know all the people right and she Doesn't suffer at all and her son's Become famous right now seems a little Bit fishy like I don't you know like why Wouldn't she look into the whole thyroid Cancer it's one of the biggest issues Probably the biggest health issue these Guys are all suffering from and you go All right well this is weird you know What happened what was released that day You know knowing the cause is always Better in Medic in medicine you know but Treating these guys and then suppressing You know this idea just even floating This idea out there that nuclear you Know nuclear uh some kind of nuclear Event happened right and so um you know Like these are the Jo is what all of you do when you report Truth over Lies that's why I want to close the

Night with my genuine thanks to the Free Press there are some who call you the Enemy of the people that's wrong and It's dangerous no it's not you literally Risk your lives come on doing your job Come On Do covering everything from natural Disasters to pandemics to Wars and so Much more and some of your colleagues Have given their lives and many oh come On all right let's move forward here Another lame joke here some of you Complain that I don't take enough of Your Questions no Comment of course the New York Times Issued a statement blasting me for quote Active and effectively avoiding Independent journalists hey if that's Where the it takes to get the New York Times to say I'm active and effective I'm For look at her laugh wow it's so funny Can't believe how funny that is like how Does that make you laugh like that like This woman Too just we're doing everything we Can we're doing everything we can to Bring home journalists fellow Journalists Austin and all Americans Like Paul whale you know who wrongfully Detained all around the world and I give Him my ERS a we're not going to give up

Until we get them home all you know he Says that like these are the bidens I Know Joe Biden Hunter Biden Dr Jill Biden and then you know Some of their kids of whatever his Daughter don't know their names but Those are the bidens right like bidens Aren't the like the standard of honesty This guy's caught plagiarizing lying He's been a career politician sers Snoozer you know corrupt all these Things son crackhead wife you know like I mean her thesis which she got her Doctorate she's just a joke and she's Supporting this guy being president was Clearly scile Biden are not honest People right let's go to the end here to An America where freedom and democracy Endure God Bless America woo God bless you Now I'm going to turn it over to Kelly Then to hear from a real Comedian I think I know what I'm in for You know Colin Jose has taken aim at me Before with his jokes oh I'm sure you Ready like saying after winning the South Carolina primary Biden barely Edged out his closest rival Time look I'm sorry Joey b car shs Joey B oh Shcks when I win I'm going to have a Whole hell of a lot of time and I'm Going to be watching pal Shing back to

You know so you don't believe in Journalism because you just threatened a Guy for making a joke about you and you Know okay so Colin Jose goes on here I Hope that tonight will be a night to Remember for most of us Like just so bad I was excited to be up Here on stage with President Biden Tonight mostly to see if I could figure Out where Obama was pulling the strings From look at him act like a Puppet I have to I have to admit it's Not easy following President Biden I Mean it's not always easy following what He's saying Like but before I begin tonight can we Just acknowledge how refreshing it is to See a president of the United States at An event that doesn't begin with a bayth Saying all Rise okay so I already did this I um you Know I forgot to turn on The just forgot to turn on the app that You know records all this so I covered Some of this already um he just gets Into Trump Here and I would like to point out it's After 10 p.m. sleepy Joe is still Awake while Donald Trump has spent the Past week falling asleep in court every Morning so Fox News said he was just Being Anti-woke yeah so it's like that really Bad it's hard to get through then he

Tells a personal story somewhere here I I think at the End nothing makes sense anymore the Candidate who was a famous New York City Playboy took abortion rights away and The guy who's trying to give you your Abortion rights back is an 80-year-old Catholic how does that make sense [Applause] [Music] Woo got to have your abortion rights [Applause] Back by the way President Biden isn't it Crazy that he's only our second Catholic President and what's even crazier is That in just a few short months we'll Have our third in RFK Jr why you why you applauding what's Wrong with her I'm kidding like his Vaccine card says he doesn't have a Shot oo Oo Everything feels strange Now by a lot Of measures President Biden is having a Very successful first term but people Don't seem to realize it like with the Economy The Vibes are bad but the Numbers say it's strong the economy is Kind of like you on the of Air Force One it feels like it's St oh did you Even get the joke fumbling but there is Somehow upward Progress I do think that you can do more On the economy sir I really do for Example have you considered eliminating

The national debt by shorting Trump Stock Come on like don't have Laughing people keep asking if our lives Are better than they were four years ago Of course they are four years ago we Didn't have online Sports Gambling what more do you Need that by the way that's probably What's keeping the economy afloat online Gambling and Taylor Swift without those We'd be in a recession right now Woo T woo the problem is people are Always going to compare your first term To Obama's but I think there are Actually a lot of positive similarities You both made big strides in healthcare Obama got us out of a recession you got Us out of a Pandemic Obama got Bin Laden you got OJ Jesus and by the way now that OJ's Dead Who is the new front runner for Trump's VP is it Diddy by the way I bet if Trump did Select Diddy as his running mate I bet This race would still be Tied I think even some Democrats say say That they're underwhelmed but I think They're just not living in reality Manage your expectations people it's Like tonight got move forward While sure we all wish we were at the Waldorf right now but we're at the Washington

Hilton and we have to make the best of It all right let's see he's got a story At the end here Somewhere to thank my family and I Wanted to thank my friends for being Here tonight to support me I want to Thank my wife for enduring lots of jokes And for agreeing to individually meet Everyone in this room right after the Ceremony that Is that's really special honey thank You don't be shy come right Up she hates privacy You would sell your your your dude out To these freaking horrible people Washington People and with my with my family in Mind you'd serve up your dude just for This um lame joke and I wanted to share One last thing with you before I go and I wanted to share one thing with you Mr President before I go I lost my grandfather this year as you Alluded to a firefighter William Kelly Uh Kaboom he's the reason that our son's Middle name is William I guess they're All Irish he helped Raise Me growing up and I would not be here today without him my Grandpa was a firefighter on Staten Island for 40 years to make extra money For his family he was a substitute Teacher and he p painted houses wow Sounds like a credible guy and since

It's Staten Island I should point out It's not like this gorsi Irishman Painting Houses he was not a mafia Hitman he Actually painted Houses the F wow that's incredible FBI Is here I don't want to start a whole Thing these are like not Jokes my grandfather was another rare Irishman who didn't drink because he Lost his father and his brother to Alcoholism your word is a Biden and I swear is this your true uh History or did you plagiarize this from Another Comedian Mr President this is not an age Comparison you remind me of Him some of your best qualities remind Me of his come on bro he doesn't have Best qualities And I will say he was 995 and he was Still great at Stairs I think it's because he didn't Try to run up Them he's putting a fist out there and He's got his he's got a little bit trim On his [ __ ] keeper Mullet really good really good but the Reason that I bring up my grandfather And I don't know if you know realize Mr President but Staten Island firefighters Are not normally your Demographic Staten Island voted about 70% for Trump in the last election and

The other 30% was for Giuliani but Staten Island also sided With the British during the Revolutionary War so we're not always on the right Side of History You know come on you Remember [Music] [Applause] Kaboom but my grandfather a Staten Island firefighter voted for you Mr President woo we seen woo one scen guy Vot for another scen guy woo All right I let's wrap this thing up Here he voted for you in the last Election that he ever voted In I mean I'm sure someone else will Vote twice in this election using his Name but that's just how the Democratic Machine Works he voted for you and the reason That he voted for you is because you're A decent Man he's de is that great he's not Special he's he's decent he's not but You're DEC that's what they always say About decent Joe that's what Michelle Obama said yeah that's their what they Want to label him like he was told about They want to get this idea that he's Decent right he's not great you know He's not a superstar but at least he's Decent that Trump's a

Criminal he's Decent my grandpa voted for decency and Decency is why we're all here tonight Decency is how we're able to be here Tonight except uh you know we're not Allowed to be here right the independent Voices that he's censoring right the Pressure he's put on the social media Networks the Scumbag decency is how we're able to Make jokes about each other and one of Us doesn't go to prison after We go to the Newsmax Afterparty and when you look at the Levels of Freedom throughout history and Even around the world today this is the Exception this freedom is incredibly Rare okay come on okay so I was going to Cover more stuff here but I just want to Talk about this ending to the this White House correspondence dinner so the big Thing was there saying you know it's It's a laughable thing and Acceptable that our president is Mentally impaired has memory issues and He's old as F and that's okay because You know we can joke about and laugh About it and the other thing is he's Doing a great job for journalist because This is a White House correspondence Dinner he's protected journalism now Obama had one of the worst Administrations on on uh on Um whistleblowers and

Biden had one of the worst Administrations has the worst Administration on censorship right I got A voice over I did two days ago that's On U God one of these comments for you Know God or whatever that person left me Kind of interesting different you know Thing than I've said before so that's Why I'm cutting the the rest of the Stuff out here which I'll cover tomorrow I got a bunch of other things to get to As one I'm say more stuff on Israel a Little bit on RFK okay so you know 2 Days from now so this will be released May 9th so May 11th you whatever uh but Biden had one of the worst Administrations on censorship so he went To these social media platforms as I Said earlier in this video or recent Video and he threatened to take away Their you know they had some kind of a Um protection against being liable for Things that are said on their platforms Which is the only that makes those Platforms you know people being able to Share the way they're sharing right and The Democratic party and you know the Mainstream media and the Biden Administration have done everything Impossible to stop us from speaking out And giving our narratives and you know I've covered this in so many recent Videos with the idea that somehow we're Threatening the system by not agreeing

With the official Story and widespread censorship and Biden has been the worst in in recent Years and so you know for them to Celebrate this I mean it's just the Hypocrisy of it here's a scile guy and It's not Biden it's his people and They're pushing for getting rid of People's ability for freedom of Expression and these are First Amendment Issues and Biden lost the case Overwhelmingly it was like in Missouri Or one of these states I think it was Two states and now it's being blocked Until after the election And so they're not you know they said That Biden should not a political party And administration should not contact These social media platforms directly And pressure them to get rid of content And that was the legal ruling and then There was a stay in the case right this Came out during the Kennedy trials on Censorship in Capitol Hill and now the Supreme Court is saying well we'll deal With this after the election so they're Allowing Biden to suppress these Platforms and put pressure on them Through the election even though it's Unconstitutional and violates the First Amendment and so this is how bad it's Got and they're celebrating this like These shills that go out there and you Know with no sense of independent

Journalism and go out there and just Carry Biden's way water and you know They say things like oh he's he's silly You know he's he makes all these little Gaffs you know no he's he's mentally Impaired and he's a lying piece of crap You know like he was never good and now He's doesn't have the ability to do his Job or any job really what job would you Hire this guy for what job could this Guy do would you have him drive your Kids in the school bus of course not and So the presidency is a you know of Course this is all a joke and you know He's not really the president he's being Handled you know he just roll him out He's just you know some Dopey guy that Everything that he does he'll you know Everything that they do with him as the Face of this Administration will come Back on him Right they can push anything through and They're free from any sort of blame I Mean they got the ultimate like Shield Here with this guy and he's going to die Before you know they anybody can blame Him anyway and so you know there's Nothing that that's going to there's no Responsibility accountable Accountability for all the bad things Happening in the the administration and So I just got a Comment this person writes Um you know here it is this is to my

Last video how the controllers made the Truth Community Disappear all I hear is narcissistic Bitching from someone who claims to have The truth yet does nothing but complain All day in and out about some cult Organization that destroyed his Butt I don't complain about it I Actually am providing evidence in a Story that's important for people who Are in this organization and it didn't Destroy me right which is you know an Inaccurate portrayal of what I've done With the heartfulness organization and To say that I complain all the time About it which I don't complain which is Inaccurate but I cover lots of ever Other things and the heartfulness Organization is more or less you know a Small part of my YouTube channel like You know the journey series is you know Uh about my spiritual journey and that's Included in it but the my regular Content on this channel the other Channel you know I mention it Occasionally but it's not that big a Deal so that's inaccurate right but then He says this um I can't imagine bitching About my life every day and not being Happy it's not uh you're bitching right Now like you're complaining right Now sure you can be funny but people go To work every day listen to your videos After a 9h hour shift and you berate

Them for for while you make 25 $25 a day On YouTube who am I berating right I Berate people who are working 9 hours a Day you mean people who leave comments Like this is this berating you have a You've left a hostile comment and I'm Dissecting it right sure you can be Funny but people go to work every day Listen to your videos after a 9h hour Shift and you break them while you make $25 a day on YouTube so that translates To $312 an hour right right Um so this person who's talking about me Berating hardworking people are they Working for $32 an hour and this is work That lots of people want to do how many People don't want to you know want to do What I'm doing right lots of people want To be on social media isn't like some You know lame job you have to have a Certain level of talent and something to Offer or whatever it is that that makes You have an audience right and it takes A lot of work and and but even more so This is a full-time job that's $125 a week and $6,000 a year which Really doesn't even cover my expenses Right you Know I mean he's saying that I should do This job and not say anything about YouTube again it's not just about me It's about them censoring especially That last video about them you know Closing a door I mean that was the whole

Point of the video right That used to be open and after they've Made so much you know money and built Their platform on people like me not Just truthers but independent people It's not just truthers they're censoring And you know and strangling their Channels right and not paying them a Proper wage I mean what person would Tolerate this I mean it's you know for The amount of times that YouTube has Done things to screw me over and people In the truth community over and all of You too because affects the content that You get to hear right and this person is Um let me just finish up their their Comment here and so this person um sure You can be funny but people go to work Every day listen to your videos for After a 9- hour shift and you break them While you make $25 a day on YouTube How's that for Truth well don't quit your day job right But you know I have to pay to edit my Videos I have a subscription to Adobe For example you know then there's all The equipment microphones whatever it is Computers I have to get high-end things You with lots of memory and storage for All my videos all the things that I have To do and you know he wants me to work For $6,000 a year work for you know eight Hours work every day put out content for

$25 a day right and be happy about it Which I am but you know I need to make More money or I can't keep my channel Going I'm very happy about being able to Do this I'm grateful for this job which I've said I'm even grateful for YouTube It's just that I can't do this and make That amount of money like I can go to a Whatever kind of you know I've talked About this like in the last couple Videos like I'm at a you know Turning Point like so many people have had to Face this and there's all these comments About channels that no longer exist that People are bummed about losing you know That they listen to over the years but They couldn't keep on going for all These reasons and even if you work for Free YouTube censors you and gives you Community guid line strikes and makes it Hard for you I mean you have to navigate All these things which takes a lot of Energy and time and you know level of I Don't know intelligence and genius to be Able to just survive this long because Of all of it right like it's just They're you know they're funneling out People out just like you're you're cost Caught in a Vortex where through Computer you know learning and Algorithms and you know now ai Bots They're finding ways to get rid of you Like everybody everybody who does this And you have to deal with people like

This right who leave comments like this Like you know I mean it's not factually Accurate it's not an accurate portrayal Of what I do here it's not you know Saying that I complain all the time is This isn't even complaining I almost Never talk about it right it's just Inaccurate and it's hostile and thinking He rocked it like he he cracked how's That for truth you cracked the Code you got it done right and so it's Not an easy thing to do that's why very Few people are able to do it and now Even more so if your truth are on YouTube is I it's almost impossible to Continue on at least if it's you're Depending on the monetization and these Things right okay so I just want to say This one thing before I get to the other Comment so it's kind of interesting you Know I had this thing with Verizon and The internet and they Um I talked to six different people they Told me well you don't really have a Good signal over there which which me That they shouldn't have you know they Should have told me that right off the Bat you know I've wasted all this time And energy and this is part of the you Know the job and all these things and You know upload speeds are important for My videos and then of course I need the Internet and you know my family needs The internet and we had a different sort

Of Internet there was a tower involved And when I tried Verizon so we're going To try Verizon and see if it was any Better cuz there was a lot of outages on My previous internet and we got Verizon And we had higher higher speeds it was Working better and it was cheaper and The other internet out went out for a Week like it was going out a lot and it' Gone out for a day or so you know Sometimes and that sucked right and I Have to use my phone and you know I mean I have I need internet consistently here I'm making content every day and so you Know they had been better at least in Terms of customer service but they were Having a lot of issues and we got Verizon and it went out for a week and They weren't fixing it and Verizon was Working great so I just said all right Let you know we talked about it my wife Said let's cancel the other one and so I Called the other company back because They said all right well you know Because we screwed up we'll give you a Better deal and we'll match Verizon's You know rate and their speeds right and So that was going to get better internet For them and they you know I got a I had To get a new modem we had an old modem It didn't seem to be working well we Have to have a better modem and things Like this and so um I hooked it up and I Was texting back and forth with this guy

And he was like um you know did you do This right I sent him pictures of all The things I did to hook it up and so a Guy came out and said yeah you did Everything right but there seems to be An issue then he found out that there Was an issue in the tower and that's why We had lost internet before I got rid of This you know before I got rid of this Internet right because they had messed With the tower and they messed up some Of the you know fiber optic stuff And then the guy was supposed to come Out yesterday and didn't you know so Came out Monday one guy but they needed A different technician to come out Yesterday and he didn't right and you Know I was thinking about all this the Timing of it like we got Verizon and Verizon worked great and these guys just Happened to screw up their thing which Made it seem like well Verizon was Better so I made the switch over to Verizon and Verizon was good for about Two months and then all of a sudden you Know there's I've lost internet about 20 Time since editing this video this Morning right like it's just happening All day and so I talked to Verizon and They can't do anything you know the Things that they need to do they can't Because just like YouTube they're Dependent on AI technology all these Things I mean it's all coming together

The the collapse of the system and you Know five people said they were going to Call me back to make sure that I got the New tower you know the new uh modem and They I never got it and they never Called me back now I have another thing From them I have to send back or they're Going to charge it for charge it to me But another thing that happened was I Went with AT&T and that was hor horrific You know I had AT&T for a while that was Even worse and AT&T just sucks on Different levels the people have AT&T Know and it's just they're horrible and They sent salesmen out to my house after I got the internet to try to get me a Switch phone service and the guy just Wouldn't leave right I was like no I Don't want it I I don't want anything From AT&T your your Internet sucks so I Go to return their equipment and I go to Like a UPS store or something and The Woman there says make sure you Photograph this receipt because they are Constantly saying they never got the Equipment back when you mail it in and I Couldn't go to an AT&T store and just Give them the equipment I had to mail it Back and they said they pretend they Didn't get the equipment and they charge You anyway which happened and I happened You know I already saved all the info And so then when I was talking to Verizon the the person says when you

Return these Mo these they sent me the Wrong router right and he said when you Return the router make sure you document Everything and take pictures and save The documentation this guy's working for Verizon he's telling me this because They'll charge you for it right even Though you've returned it and you go Through this hassle returning something And they charge you for it anyway right And what I'm saying is like it's just Over like this is you know technology And my wife and I were talking because I Always say to her you know it seems like It's it's supposed to make your life Easier and make it faster and of course It does in various ways but you waste All kinds of time you waste all kind Like now when you have a TV you have all These apps you got to switch back and Forth between the apps and the TVs Themselves because now they have a Computer in them have to be restarted I Mean how many times have some you know App glitched out in your TV or the TV Glitches out or you lose internet or Whatever it is and you're like you know It's harder to watch TV now right and Now the TV wants you you to register Your TV and have an account and you have To have these various accounts and all This stuff that goes with you know the The more high-tech your TV is and now They run ads on your TV and they you

Know they all the things that they do With it right and it's just like you Know it's wasting more of your time like When I as a kid we had three channels And you had to go and you know get up And physical turned the channel of Course you had to watch commercials and Things which sucked which is a waste of Time but it wasn't you know nearly like It is now right and all this technology You know and it also wastes your time Because you engage with technology when You're supposed to do other things so You you think it's actually saving you Time but you know it it like the Technology gets more and more glitchy And you know the the apps and things get Less and less human and then this the System gets more and more scam oriented And then when you try to fix it You try to get your money back or you Try to you know get them to not Overcharge you or you have to deal with A problem their customer service sucks And they you know they make promises They can't keep and they lie to you About the the quality of the service and You just get to runaround and I've Experienced this so much that I'm like It was simpler when we didn't have all This stuff like computers have actually Added lay layer of complications and and You know I mean just all of it right It's worse like it seems like it's

Better but it's actually worse but Anyways here's the the other comment That I wanted to get to you know and I Want to say that you know people don't Understand what it takes to do this job And there's a lot of things I don't you Know even talk about or even think about But there's good things and bad things And I always look at you know to be Grateful that's why I say and be Grateful you know that's why one of the Reasons I survived is that YouTube has Been great for me in different ways Which I focus on like I've learned how To do all these things and I'm actually Talking about that where I am in this Sort of Journey series now the this Latest Journey series you know I'm Talking about that phase where I you Know learn to be grateful like it Something I've worked on it wasn't Something that I you was born with it Was something that I had to work on Right but one of the things that when You do this job you deal with a lot of Hostility there's a lot of hostility From the people and there's a lot of Hostility from the system but you know In general people want to make it hard On you there is this energy you're Constantly being attacked in a way where They're trying to make you quit they're Trying to get rid of you you're not Welcome here we don't want your point of

View you know it's whether it's YouTube Or commenters or whatever it is it's a Constant and it wears people down wears Truther down I mean it's just there People are constantly you know even People who are supposedly in the truth Community and they're like you disagree With them and they want you to you know They want to see you erased from YouTube Or whatever it is right like there's This energy where people want you to Shut you up because of what you're Saying and your beliefs even though all These people claim to be into the truth Right and so that energy is there you Know going back to the White House Correspondence and every time you turn On the news or you look at any of these Things and we have to deal with it you Know the way I have to deal with these Things where I make content the way I Have to you know sit through them and Then comment on them it's about how They're telling us we're wrong all the Time and that we're you know Terri and We somehow you know uh a threat to the Society even though you know they're the Ones who've created these lies and Deceptions that are ultimately going to Collapse around us and there's this Pressure and this energy that's there It's there for all of us but people who Are out there like I am it's even more So and so saying that I'm berading

People right after a 9-hour day work you Know it's I mean the hostility that You're receiving is most people just can Can't tolerate it and you know they Would be able to sustain that level of Negative energy coming at them at a Daily basis all right here's the other The other um comment okay so um this is Tuesday May 7th um I'm going to put this At the end of the video I haven't Started the video that I'll release on Uh tues uh Thursday May 9th I just Released a video on this channel today And then I'll make a video for tomorrow For my Apocalypse Now channel so this is My schedule now for a bit um I'm not Having the issues with the Demonetization so I don't know but Anyways um it's nice to have be out in Front out in front of it so I got an Epic comment I want to get to here so I Said something to the effect of in terms Of what I do as a spiritual person and Whatever I'm doing to contribute to the You know the S Mar system staying alive In the post heartfulness dodgy debacle Thing And I talked about how I'm not as Committed and devoted as I would need to Be to be like a you know real spiritual Uh master or whatever it is right that I Don't love God enough right you know I Love God but not you know obsessively Like the people who reach the higher

Levels and my commitment to it is you Know is whatever it is right but I know The difference between you know what I Would have to do like the people who the Good masters of the sjar system and Really devoted people Saints and people Like that like I'm just honest with Myself about the commitment right you Know it's hard to judge your you know What goes on inside of you as opposed to What goes on inside of other people Based on what they present outside Themselves but I've seen the commitment Experienced it watch the work you know Particularly with Master chargie but Other really devoted people that do sash Mark And you know I do a good job of figuring Out what God wants me to do and I'm Willing to do it and I'm you know Service oriented I have some commitment To serve God but it could be better Right and I see the difference I see you Know what I would need to grow into in Some future existence or something but Right now or you know maybe later on my Life I don't know but right now it's Just you know whatever it is right um It's you know it's not as much as it Could be or not as much as a human being Is capable of you know devotion towards God and I'm being honest cuz there are People think that I'm like some you know Mini master or whatever because of the

Everything that's happened with Heartfulness and I you know I'm just Being honest so they understand that There's I know what's going on side of Me at least to some extent right more so Than other people and my commitment Towards God and these things and my love Of God is you know not at its maximum Right so I said something that you know I don't love God enough and somebody Took that a Christian took that as a way To try to [ __ ] all over me Right you know try to use it against me In a good uh Christian way right and not That I'm hammering all Christians just This particular person you know this Religious person in a way that you know To tell me how much better he is than Me you know this is how the internet is And uh you know the I mean it's a bit of Saving Grace for me that I was uh Master Chargie wrote to me this you know I've Talked about this in the journey Series This letter saying you know we don't Work for results we work for God you Know and something that he said often But he said it personally to me and Which was very helpful and continues to Be helpful that you don't work for Results you work for God you do the work And the the results are the work is Yours and the results are his right and It's also this you know Divinity within You and you don't get bogged down by how

People accept the work or whether they Appreciate it or whe they're grateful For it you just do the work and you're Not working for yourself you mean you're Not working for results you can't claim The results you do the work and you Offer it to God and then whatever Happens happens and then you're not Working for other people you're not Serving them you're serving God it's Been you know really you know something That saved me here on YouTube you know Because you get depressed all the time If you see the way people respond to Things but anyways um here is the Comment let me get to the comment here I Had it open here here's the com going to Make it Bigger um because The Gatekeepers have Closed the gate this was the you know The the video that he commented to you Don't love God enough is Honest now again someone can't assess What's going on inside of somebody right Because people present whatever they Present to the outside world this person You know uh you don't love God enough as Honest and you will not be happy on a Planet where surviving populations love God the solution is seeing the fire you Kindled for your future and turn to God For salvation from your destru Destructive self one God and now reread This I'm like well this is a crazy

Person um I guess they're saying you Know I was saying in the video which I've talked about before that people who Are connected to God and love God and Are willing to serve God will be the Souls that survive the Post-apocalypse you know Souls that are Willing to rise up to it and take a Different orientation because right now We've all been habituated to be selfish And seek pleasure this is a Pleasure-based system Where you know pleasure is something That exists for a specific Reason pain and pleasure both exist and Have a reason for their existence Everything does in the Divine you know System like reproduction for example Needs to be pleasurable because there' Be no people right you know eating food And keeping yourself alive and having a Fear of death you know keeps you from Being Reckless well first it keeps you Sustaining Yourself by eating food and Having some fear of death and wanting to Survive keeps you from just giving up And you know withering away and just Whatever it is right like there's things That have to be inside of you for the Proliferation of life including a a Reproductive urge and then a pleasurable Experience and engaging in the Reproductive act and so the pleasure is There for a specific reason right and

Also terms of intimacy and you know Growing closer and things like this you Know to your uh to your you your spouse And so there's reasons for all these Things that exist pleasure is there for You know natural reasons and Pleasure And Pain you know pain is also there and Pain is also important pain binds your Personality gives you something to work For you know a life with with just Pleasure and no pain would be a horrible Life and you see the people who are Ultra wealthy that have this you know Hedonism and they have this sort of Lifestyle where they don't suffer the Same sort of Pains of life and Everything's just a party and you get Into deviant decadent type of behaviors Right and it's natural for human Creatures or any creatures to seek Pleasure and try to ward off pain and When you have some sort of a higher Level of Consciousness and intellectual Ability then you going to to you know Find ways to minimize the pain which We've done I me especially when you have A society like ours but it's not healthy Right you have to have a a balance of All these things you know miseries is Divine blessings and your miseries are You know the people who uh utilize these Miseries to get closer to God and Understand their benefit and take Everything with gratitude you know they

Become true saintly people right this is Something the master chargy the third Master System talked about very Significantly this idea of Pleasure and Pain every time I came to America he Said you know the when you have pleasure You have to have pain it's two sides of A coin right and you're flipping the Coin sometimes you get pain sometimes You get pleasure whatever and then as You get older certainly pain exists There um you know just because you're Old and it's just part of your you Whatever it is but our system is too Much focused on Pleasure and you know The next good time without you know and Then trying to seal off the pain taking Painkillers doing anything to numb the Pain right you know have the the party But minimize the hangover and people are On all these types of drugs that are Keeping them from feeling the pain That's just building up this Bank of Pain that they're not experiencing and Then it all hits them towards the end of Their life or some tragedies and you Know blows them apart gets them Depressed and then of course you have Now generations of kids with the you Know living in these you know cyber Worlds and spending more time in the Internet and just being you know since Uh being stimulated over stimulated by Everything that's going on in the

Internet and these you know needing uh You know to constant stimulation and Then just getting depressed right Because that's the other aspect this This is the law of diminishing returns Which is a an economic principle where You have something and you're like oh That was good you know you eat something That was good and you eat another one You're like well that wasn't as good I Want that feeling back after what I had The first one so you had a third one and Then now you get sick right because Youve you know you've eaten three Desserts and fat and these things right And so you know there's this element of Realizing just experiencing the pleasure And enjoying it when it happens and then Suffer the miseries with some gratitude And just accept that there's a balance And there's a Harmony and this you know This the whole way our economy is set up That you're constantly supposed to be Spending money and so all these types of Things right so going back to this um Comment you know there is this Bank of Pain that we've all pushed away Consequences for our excessive excesses Excesses Excesses uh the pleasure and the you Know the Hedonism and the all of it Right and all of us have our own Personal things that have been you know We've been avoiding and then

Collectively and at some point this is Going to be reversed and we're going to Experience all these things and then Then the world will be you know pleasure Will not be as Available after whatever happens in Terms of nuclear war whatever you know Post-apocalyptic things that are here It's not going to be available and so People will have to go inside and Connect to God to endure a very Miserable life and things can change I Mean this is where people can rise up And only the people who have some level Of spiritual Tendencies they're Souls you know their Subtle bodies will be allowed to Participate in this because the people Who are you know just crazy and they you Know theyve just you know they're They've gone off the rails they're not You know capable of making this Adjustment at least not you know anytime Soon on a soul level and so this is what I was talking about right and this Person decided to give their own uh Dysfunctional opinion right let me read The comment again you don't love Gava is Honest and you will not be happy on a Planet where surviving populations love God well like how would they person First of all happiness won't be a a Factor right that's why I'm saying this Other stuff because happiness isn't you

Know the goal of life it's not about Being happy it's about serving God and You know there's going to be some Element of needing Redemption where People are aware of their past Contributions you know collectively to Their this debacle and needing to redeem Humanity well there'll be some element Like the way that people now pursue Wealth or pursue Success like with some one-pointed Commitment to get it right and to do Better this time see that's the the Outcome of you know the collective Collapse and realizing oh we really Screwed this up right there's a Collective and it's individuals and so Again you know just a I mean you know Why make this comment right like you Can't predict my future you know like I Can't predict yours like I don't know How much you love God or not but a Person who loves God would make this Comment the solution is seeing the fire You kindled for your future and turn to God for salvation from your destructive Self one God now again I assume this is A Christian but it might be some new age Person but that's just a remedial Understanding of you know this idea of a Destructive self because destruction Isn't bad and death is is n bad and Darkness isn't bad right there's a light And there's a darkness in the sjar

Tradition the central region is gray a Combination of light and darkness and There's a special time if you're out During sunrise or Sunset where there's Just a a different spiritual condition This why people like sunsets and Sunrises there's just something there And especially like if you're at the Ocean but you know can be anywhere Mountains and anywhere there's a good Sunset or Sunrise you can feel the Condition it's hard to feel in the city But there's a balance between light and Darkness this you know between your Material life and your spiritual life Right your spiritual life is from the Darkness you know the your physical life Your happiness is from the daylight the Sun is when the sun's up that's when you Experience your physical Pleasures your Physical whatever it is and then as it Gets dark out you can transition to a Spiritual a way of being a passive way This is where you sleep this is you know Where your your soul recharges itself Away from the you know from all the Stuff that you've you know you've gone Through and good things bad things During your waking hours right and right Before Dawn is like the best place time To meditate because the heat from your Body especially you know hot places but In general has been reduced and you're Closer to death at that time you know to

Your spiritual side and you you can uh Connect to God at a deeper level that's Why there's a reality at dawn is a book In the Sark tradition of meditation in Terms of what I was saying about the Post-apocalyptic time there won't be This pleasure available there's no Question of happiness or any of these Things people have their moments like Any other time but there won't be all The abundance we have today and people Are going to have to live in harsh Conditions but it can drive them inward And will have to and they have to Connect to God inwardly and then connect To God in a service oriented man a Service oriented Manner and find their Love and salvation by connecting to God You know I've had these incredible Loving moments where I've you know I Mean I just my heart just fills with you Know God's love from doing the Sark System and you know it's something there That you you cultivate over time but Then you know if you get too absorbed in It you lose Any sense of material Pursuits you end Up not wanting to live your life because You're just basking in God's love and That's what people are going to have to Be in that condition to survive the Harsh material Post-apocalyptic situation which will be A true blessing for your spiritual

Growth right where right now everything Is aimed at you in a hedonistic way to Pull you out of your connection to God And be pleasure focused and be a Customer spend money I mean that's the The debt-based economic system and it is Sensory oriented instead of you know Having some you know balance even the Spiritual New Age stuff and certainly The religions are centered on material Happiness and that if you do the Religion or you do this new age practice You're going to be happy and happiness Is the goal and this person themselves Is saying I'm not going to be happy like Happiness I didn't even talk about being Happy you know somebody who serves God And ends up like just being um detached From the material world you just you Know you're there you're you're doing What you're supposed to do you do your Activities but all the time you're Focused on your love of God you're not Thinking about really engaging in your Material life you're not being sucked Into the you know whatever's going on Around you you do your your spiritual Work loving God every moment and then You you know pray for the day wait for The day when you get released from this Earthly bondage you're detached you're You know you're just you're not of this World right you just you know there's This look that people have who are like

This and they have this you know sort of A a distant gaze right you know they can Engage and they can talk to people they Can you know be sort of seem like They're present in a certain you know Moment or whatever work they're doing But they're you know their heart is Somewhere else with God you know loving God on an etheric level and this is why I was referencing right But some person's like trying to one up Me you Know again you know the person saying One God I assume that meant you know Being a Christian but you know people Who grow up with Something um in terms of religion you Know there's people who do the religion And they are lovers of God and you can Just you know see it in them and they Can you know they feel the love of God's Love and because they grew up in a Religion they think it's from the Religion because that's how they think About God because they've been Indoctrinated but to get to the next Level they got to realize that the love That they have for God is you know just Despite the religion and despite the new Age practice you know especially Something that's not you know that's um Materialistic in its nature and you have To ascend from that and realize that Your love for God is something on an

Etheric level it has nothing to do with A material organization or something Like this it has to be you know Cultivated and you know the teachings That you're you're um you've been Indoctrinated with are are stopping this You know preventing this love of God and Devotion of God from growing to its full Extent right and so there are people who Are spiritual and they're God lovers Coming in and then they're born in Religion and that's you know they get The feeling when they're doing religious Practices and so then they think the Religion is you know responsible for it And it's not right the sjar system isn't A philosophy or a material organization It is you know a system that helps People through transmission and cleaning To experience this interconnection you Know their and allow the their Tendencies their good Tendencies to grow And become more you know their their Soul-based Tendencies and their their Feelings of love and devotion and Service for God to grow if it's used Correctly right but it's always up to The person to embrace that part of Themselves and that's what I was Referencing here right and you know it's Not a competitive Thing it's not a hey you know I know Yeah oh you know I'm better than you you Know there's no anything like that right

There's no competition in that you know The love of God and really what when you Realize these things you should be happy That people are doing better than you Like it's I mean it would you know if It's going to be competitive sure push Yourself to to you know to to the next Level but you know it's not really Something that's a competitive based Thing you should be happy that people Are Saints like the more Saints the Better everything is for you and Everybody else and if people pass you by Or you know are better at doing this Than you it should be just happiness for Them and you know God and everything Else right you know it's like pulling People down and wishing that they were Worse than you or trying to make them Worse than you oh yeah you don't love God as much as I do you know like well Who would say such a thing you don't Love God at all because like you're it's A jealous competitive you know Egotistical thing then right the love of God is something that you want to share You know it's something that you want Everybody to have when you feeling those Moments of of God's love you want Everyone to feel the same thing like It's just you know there's a generosity Of heart right like this you know these Things are just silly anyways um I'll Make the rest of this video tomorrow and

I'll put this at the end of it oh There's one more thing this is the big Reason I want to you know the original Thought I had about this you know people Think all right you know I want to be a Saint and that will never be a saint Right because it's the ego thinking they Want to be a saint the saint is never You know a saint or master or somebody Out of higher level spiritual person is Never conscious of their own Divinity Like they are but they're not right and Not in an egotistical way it's not a Position you work for or you try to Achieve what you do is you serve God and Your love and devotion grow to such an Extent that becomes an all-encompassing Thing and you're serving God and serving Other people and becoming a you know Bright light of divinity in this world And when you do that you become saintly Right you just raise up to higher levels God gives you more more and more work Because you're you know you've mastered The work on one level and you keep on Doing that and you know doing more work And the more commitment you have the More love for God grows and the more you Do for God and you keep on moving Forward with that and then like the Other parts of your existence start to Be minimized in your ego and you just Wake up every day with the idea of Serving God and so a saintly position a

Divine position a masterly position is Given to you because of your devotion And your work but you're not aware of it And other people might call you a saint Or whatever benefit from your your work But you you you know you're never Thinking of yourself as anything other Than you know how can I serve God today It's like when you feel love for Somebody and love and appreciation and Gratitude and you want to do something Nice for them like you want to you help Them in some way right you you you know Feel something in your heart your your Spouse your significant other your your Kids your you know parents or whatever You feel love and you want to you know You feel like you want to do something You want to make them happy you want to You know you want to help them grow Whatever it is right you you want to you Know benefit them you want to express Your love for them and it's the same Thing with God and you do that without Any sense of people you know like oh People are going to think I'm such a Saint oh when I do this I might I might Be a saint right there's none of that Right there's no oh you know like There's no positive selft talk about it You don't think about yourself Or in grandis and it's a pure expression Of your your love and gratitude right It's it's that you you know you want to

Make somebody feel the love and Gratitude you want to express it in some Way right you feel it you know and you Say I love you or something like that That's that's great but then there's you Know higher ways of expressing your love For people on an energetic level where They feel the energy of your love for Them and you know all of it or you feel This for God then you want everyone to Experience God's love because you just Feel you know loved you feel this love Inside of you the Divine love and you Just feel wonderful like there's a a Goofy preceptor who you know was so Psychologically you know a difficult This woman crazy woman and she would Give these Talks and she you know talked about how Much she loved the third Master of the System but has thrown him under the bus Now for Dody which makes a lot of sense But she was given a talk as a preceptor You know preceptor this transmission Flows through you in the s Tradition and you know I worked as a Preceptor and now working you know doing The gratefulness meditation and when the Love flows through you you just want Everybody to feel it but she said the Transmission was so good today I want to Keep it all for myself and I'm like well That's fed up because it's the opposite Of what you should feel because God's

Love is infinite like we can all Experience it it's everywhere you know God is love and God is in everything and Everybody and so there's this energy This pure you know Divine energy Everywhere and when you feel it you know It's infinite and that everybody can Feel it and you want everybody to feel It right that everyone could feel what You're feeling when you're in those Those moments it's something that you Want to share because you you know feels You know it's just a wonderful thing and You want everyone to have that Experience and so you know a saint is Somebody who Embraces that and works Towards that the proliferation of God's Love and the you know Divine Force is Working towards you know purification of The you know the earth and the human System and so you know it's not a in Competitive I'm going to one up you I Know more than you type of thing like There's no place for that on a spir you Know people who are like that they don't Know anything about Divinity or God's Love right they're just having you know Their egos are grandis themselves by Thinking that there's something that They're not anyways like I said I'll I'll continue this video tomorrow okay So that was I think from May 6th um I could listen the beginning did I say but whatever it's a couple days

Ago and I just want to respond to this Comment and the other comment you know One of the reason I do the comment Videos and I talk about people's Comments remember this guy said you know This person who just said that you Berate people who spend nine Hours uh you know working A Hard Day's Work like you know the that victim Consciousness right accusing me of that Kind of thing and so you know when you Leave hostile comments you got to accept That you might get something back right And you'll get something back Spirit you Know it's just always there right you Put out negative energy it comes back to You no matter what but one of the Reasons I do the comment and I talk About these things is I realized early On you know when you think about this Job when you think about people who want To do this job and people who do this Job you know you usually get lots of Positive feedback I mean sometimes you Know you can get a lot of haters but you Get lots of positive feedback and you Get to work at home and some of these People are making millions of dollars Some of these YouTube influencers are Making a fortune and lots of people want To do this kind of a job on social media Lots of people in the truth Community Want to express their opinions the way That other you know truthers do so well

Why they all quit think about it like Why would they quit something that's so Great and other people want to do it There must be a reason for it and I know The reasons for it like I experience Them every day you know the downside to Doing this and you know some of it is The hostility that you get and you get a Lot of it and the hostility often comes From people who once liked your videos And then you say something that they Don't agree with and they turn on you And their beliefs or their feelings get Hurt even though you're not talking Directly to them in most cases a comment Video is different but that's after they You know have gone after me in some way In a comet and the reason why I you know Make a examples of people and I make Examples of these comments I want people To see some of the other side that you Know things that you have to go through Not just me but everybody and you know Be aware that all of us in the truth Community are being targeted all the Time and we're not welcome here in our Society and we're you know all of us you Know in general and the people who are Putting out this content you're being Targeted and they're going after you and So you're getting a lot of negativity Then of course once in a while a Joe Biden person or a sheep will show up More so in the past when YouTube used to

Recommend these types of videos but you Know once in a while they come in but in General there's a lot of hostility Coming your way and then when the people Who you know you think about all those People who claimed to love Jesus and Then turned on him right I mean just Think about that like that you know That's part of that story they were his Disciples and they are people that Followed him and they loved him and then They turned on him and they throwing Stuff at them and all these things you Know and I mean it's just it happens to Saints and higher developed Souls all The time it happens to people who are Speaking truth to power and you know Celebrities even all these people and so If you want to see content like this Continue you got to support it in any Way possible because they're getting rid Of it and if you really want it and You're thinking it's important you got To find a way to support the people that You're you know that you listen to and If if you get upset at one thing they Say and you decide to complain about it Remember there's going to be a 100 more People just like you and so you know you Should be nothing but grateful because People are fighting you know fighting The fighting off the Beast to produce This kind of content and it's not just Me I'm talking about anybody who's a

Truther anybody who's a independent Person you know we now have Targets on Our backs and it's been the case for a While and they're doing everything in Their power to silence us and that's why People quit and there's so many Different reasons for it that you're not Aware of and so don't add to the Negativity like be positive be grateful For what you're getting and find a way To contribute find a way to participate Because you know that's what's necessary We don't have the kind of support that You get from you know the big platforms And from whatever it is like the system Itself and so you're our support system And if you guys when you guys turn on us Right individually or collectively you Know what's the reason to Contin you Right and so that's why people have to Remember that like if you upset about Something you know just keep your mouth Shut you want to complain just keep your Mouth shut because it's not going to Like I say it's not going to affect me In the sense that I'm not going to Change the way I think or what I've said I'm not you know I'm not here to listen To your complaints and other people who Respond to them that's a you know that's An issue because they're just rewarding You for behavior that should be Extinguished because it doesn't help Anybody you're complain to truthers

Because you know inevitably is going to Say something you don't agree with and Lots of people you know they don't have The ability to Express gratitude and Positivity but the first time they get Upset they can't wait to call you out or Whatever it is I mean it's just you know The idea of saving Humanity for most of Us who do this for a while we know like Why why would anybody want do that like Humanity is not worth Saving right I Mean there's good things in humanity but You know what you see is like everything That we see when we're covering truther Stuff and then this the behaviors we we See in the comment section elsewhere It's just sucks right it's not not a Good thing and so again you're you're um Just adding to the overwhelming you know Tidal wave of energy that's trying to Drown all the truthers and push them out Of you know this platform and other Platforms so if you get pissed off at me Or somebody else just keep your mouth Shut right there's no reason to you know Just go somewhere else like there's Other people you're robbing those people People like if a person just you know if You if you're the straw that that that Breaks the camel's back then you're Depriving other people of who want to Listen to that person right there's Always somebody that want wants to Listen to somebody right anybody who's

Got a you know effective program there's Somebody here that wants to listen to me There's people that here want to listen To me so just you get mad at me you Don't like my show anymore just go away You don't have to say anything right It's fine I understand it right I Understand why it's not a problem for me Like I'm like yeah you know people are Going to do that that's cool but why you Know take a crap on something that you You're no longer going to watch anymore Right why you want to just you know ding Somebody up with some negative energy Because you feel bad about yourself or Whatever so you're going to leave some Kind of hostile comment like this Person's accusing me are complaining but They're dropping some hostile comment Just go somewhere else I'm not you know I'm not making you listen right and so You know this is what I'm talking about Anyways got to wrap this up only Spiritual value will save this world It's Paul Rano definitely point from the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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