View Ladies the judge convicted tucker Carlson of lying

View Ladies the judge convicted tucker Carlson of lying

Not so much Fox News and Tucker because We know you're really screwed look at How happy Joey got he's a liar the judge Found that wait do you mean he's been Convicted of lying right the judge found That wasn't even me The judge never told a lot everybody's Lied I don't think there's anybody on this Planet there may be But not anybody in the public eye no one In America that's on television Has told the truth even if they didn't Even know they're lying they've repeated Other lies that they were told by their Parents or whatever it is right because Human beings are incapable of seeing the Full truth even if we don't purposely Lie we believe things that aren't Factually true Either spiritually or scientifically Like the sky is in blue it is rejecting Blue right it absorbs all the other Colors and reflects blue back to us and So that's a form of an innocent lie but Everybody lies right everybody's alive So stop with this she's supposed to be a Lawyer the judge said he's a liar

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