Upcoming Gratefullness Meditation Gathering Febuary 1 2024

Upcoming Gratefullness Meditation Gathering Febuary 1 2024

Greetings brothers and sisters so today Is uh Monday January 29th and um on February 1st which will Be Thursday so in three days you can Participate in the bassant meditative Spiritual Gathering which is a Celebration of the first Master of the Sjar system of meditation ly's birthday Which is the holiday in India and this is in 2024 and we've been doing this Meditation now um it started last year The gratefulness Meditation uh where we you know where I Personally cut myself free from the you Know the Sinker the dead weight the um Ball and chain that the spiritual ball And chain that is dodgy in the Heartfulness parasitic organization and Connected directly to God the source Through the sjar meditative Practice I you know have experienced a Transformational I mean it was just like Night and day uh in terms of my Spiritual condition how my meditations Went and many of you have done the same Thing and so I'm going to post this Video on all three of my YouTube Channels first on the gratefulness Meditation Channel but those of you who Want to participate in this Meditative Gathering it starts on Thursday Friday and then Saturday it Ends February 3rd and there'll be two

Meditations they'll be um each day so There'll be a total of six group Meditations that you can participate in One in the morning at your convenience And one in the evening at at night time Whatever it is uh twice a day whenever You have the time to do them they will Be no longer than an hour they should Should be around 45 minutes to an hour And there'll be transmission and Cleaning that is done on your spiritual System during that time again so we'll Start on February 1st 2 and then third Two meditations each day and before that If you want to go to the gratefulness Meditation apocalypse PTO F pockets of The future Channel there are these Playlists you can get um if you haven't Started this the medit Before there are the introductory Meditative sittings playlists and There's explanations there's an Introduction to each of the you know Each of the activities there each of the Meditations each one of these playlists Has at least one introduction and then Maybe further explanation video so it Has the sittings themselves the Meditations but uh people have to listen To the introduction first to understand What's being done and how to do it in These things it'll give you an Explanation of what's going on and That's at the beginning of each

Playlist there's an overall introduction To the channel and so it's not that many Videos there's about four or five Explanation videos there's one Explanation video for every one of these Playist if you have started you can get Individual sittings on this playlist and If you feel like you need a deep Cleaning before the Gathering there are Three individual sittings in one day There are three meditative sittings that You can do I really like like doing that One um I find it very beneficial it Shouldn't be done every day but when you Feel like you need it it gives you a Deep cleaning doing three of these Individual sittings a day and so you can You know take from any of these Playlists and and do any of these Meditative sittings to prepare again if You haven't started doing gratefulness Meditation here's the playlist that you Need to have these uh it's one sitting On three consecutive days so you'd start Like say today on Monday then another One on Tuesday another one on on Wednesday then you're introduced you Have the introductory level sittings but If you don't have time to do this I mean You really have to start today if you Wanted to um today is Monday I guess you Could start on Tuesday and do the last Sitting on Thursday morning before doing The first group meditation but you could

Still do the six group meditations if You haven't started and then um you can Revisit the playlist and do the starting Videos afterwards if you want to Continue you if you just want to try it Out or something and so that's um you Know either way um there's playlist for All these things and like I said if you Watch all the introduction videos the Introductory videos in the playlist and The intro introductory videos to the Channel it'll explain all this stuff in Detail but those of you who want to try Out gratefulness meditation this is one Of the better times to do it during one Of these three Gatherings there's one in April at the end of April April 30th and A and there's one in um around July 24th Right and then this one in uh the Beginning of February and these are Great times to experience the the Transmission and the cleaning and the Services the free services that are Offered by the system it's always free And you can you know meditate at your Convenience through the YouTube channel Uh there's links in the description box To my gratefulness YouTube channel to This YouTube channel where all the Videos are on and um yeah I think that's All the information so those of you guys Who are already doing this I'm just a Reminder of this upcoming Gathering and Those of you who are interested in

Trying you can go to the channel and Again everything's explained on the Channel itself only spirituality will Save this world it's Paul Romano Definely reporting from the Apocalypse In the Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be Grateful

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