Upcoming Gratefullness Meditation Event Babuji’s Birthday Celebration

Upcoming Gratefullness Meditation Event Babuji's Birthday Celebration

Greetings brothers and sisters So um Babaji's birthday is coming up and as Some of you know many of you maybe all Of you know uh dodgy canceled the Gathering at least a big Gathering I Know he wants people to do with local Stuff I don't know Um which was really a Shock or not really a shocker at this Point But uh you know he's claimed to get a Message from Babaji saying That he was just going to be too many Holidays you know at some point there's Going to be like 400 Masters And you know what are you going to do Then like there's not enough days right And so um you know when he tried to Recruit that guy That ratuka g people took a G's birthday Is the same day as Babaji so that was Going to cause a problem Because those people the Turkish people Celebrate their masters Guru or whatever he is to them Birthday every year it's a big Celebration Um But for in terms of the gratefulness Meditation we can have our own gathering In the sense of Like maybe someday it could be like a You know get together to I don't know

But at least for now it is a great time To experience The energy the um Transmission these gatherings are You know I look forward to them all year Because of the Boost I would get and for people that Are just starting It's just the best time it's the best Time for You know someone to uh if you haven't Felt a transmission or you've you know It's been a more subtle or whatever It's much easier to meditate at that Time and Especially if you know there's uh like You know there's some awareness of What's going on it's like you got to Connect with the The Gathering or what they call the Mindara Uh and uh I think that's a Sanskrit word And so Um A good way to do that is with some Anticipation of the Gathering so I've Done gatherings in different ways I've Gone to preceptors houses Or different preceptors houses or Sometimes we Would rent a place If it was more people in the center you Know the group of people in a in a you Know in a city city area

I've gone to ashrams and I've done it You know with um just with my family And then you know just by myself right So I've done these gatherings you know In the course of the ones that dodgy did Over the internet With cities that were on YouTube And you know every time I've had I mean The dodgy years have been a little bit Rougher Well each of the you know Gatherings has Been Uh you know like good it's been a it's Delivered In terms of connection connection and Feeling the transmission getting a boost In one's practice and you know these Experiences like anything you do if you Have a a good experience and you know That can be any number of things but Coming away from the thing feeling we're Connected to God and just all of these Things And so uh you know the way to do it is The same way we've we've been meditating And again this is um April 30th is Babaji's birthday Babaji being sort of The The you know centerpiece of the the Masters of the system In some you know various ways I mean all The Gatherings have Their you know Have the have have like sort of a

Signature to them But this is the first one that we'll be Doing with the gratefulness meditation So that's a a big thing there And you know they'll be the the 29th I'm Looking at the The calendar here Um And it's the 20 Uh ninth is a Friday and The 20 uh the 30th is uh Um is a uh Sunday And so um I think the way to do it is I'm not sure Bobby's birthday is the 30th so We could either do it the 28th the 29th And the 30th We can do it the 29th to 30th and May 1st um I think the better way to do it is to Start on the 28th which will be Friday Saturday and Um Sunday and so we can meditate twice a Day if we want you know anybody it's Your choice Because you know availability and what People are able to do But you know meditate like at least once Every what every day For as much you know time as you can the Longer the better

And You know going into the Gathering I Think is even more important that we Start thinking about it now when you Hear this video and I'll give reminders Each week until the Um you know until it comes around To anticipate the Gathering and right Before the Gathering you may feel a Little bit you know uh you might get Sick you might have uh you know just Emotional things come up Restlessness or You know sadness or anger or probably a Lot of anger is going on With people these days you know just Cleaning out anger and things But any number of like things that are Getting cleaned out are being pulled to The surface And it enhances the spiritual benefit From the Gathering To have some things that are blocking You know that if they're removed there's Space in your internal world for You know transmission and God's love and These things that are blocking your Ability to connect to God and things are Getting cleaned out and so there might Be things like that going on and you Know in terms of your personal Experience which I'll bring up As we you know move through this so that People be aware of you know that that's

Actually a good thing it's opening up Space it's opening up you know Connectivity channels to Connect to God you know like a I mean Anything is if something's crowded That's the cleaning process in the Massage Mark system The things that are undesirable in your Internal system is they're cleaned out It's more room for the good things God's Love and the transmission and the you Know the the Divine energy to be there In your internal system of purification Of the things that block your connection To God is you know obviously a good Thing and that happens pre-gathering in Some way or another And then it's just um you know and just The anticipation building the craving Building And you know really uh you know feeling That right in a like well something Special is going to happen at this Gathering and you know whatever it is I Mean just having the same idea that We're all meditating together whatever That is it's no time and space like I Said before you know I'll talk about That more as it gets closer To the to the you know to the days Um but just having right now this idea That this thing is coming and that we're Creating the you know the The benefits to the Gathering we're

Craving and you know pulling the energy Towards us and we're you know setting Our intentions and our you know it's Like when you're traveling It's there's good things about traveling Because the travel itself you know People open up when they're traveling And you get out of your your routines And your ruts and your things like that That's why it's oftentimes it's you know It's not as beneficial when people Meditate at home unless you're able to Create An ashram-like environment in your house But even then you have to get away from Your normal Routine just because it's uh you know Like on a holiday that's what you would Do anyway right and there's no like Christmas decorations there's no Easter Egg you know there's no fireworks on Fourth of July it's like the You know the all that stuff is happening Inside of you in sense of The you know the experience of the Bandar the holiday is an internal one And so creating that like having this That idea that this thing's coming and You know that there was it's uh you know It's going to be special whatever it is Right And it helps um You know enhance the experience you're Starting to connect now for something

And prepare for it even the cities Leading up to it and of course the Friday night City and I'll talk about Um you know I guess tomorrow or well this is I don't Know when I'm going to release this but On Thursday And so all these things are uh you know They have to be uh you know Activated in a way But anyways um so I just want to talk About that for a little bit and I'll Give weekly updates just so that There's a sense of this uh you know Building and people being aware of it Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely important For the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day And be grateful

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