Trump vows to destroy deep $tate that owns him

Trump vows to destroy deep $tate that owns him

Here's my plan to dismantle the Deep State and reclaim our democracy from Washington corruption second we will Clean out all of the corrupt actors in Our national security and intelligence Apparatus and their report okay so first Let's play the Chuck Schumer clip here You take on the intelligence Community They have six ways from Sunday at Getting back at you back at you back at You Shortly after he was sworn in Trump went After the national security agencies and Rachel Maddow and Chucky Schumer were Gleefully celebrating what was going to Be their revenge on Trump and Trump Learned his lesson and stopped attacking Them but he's back at it even though the Intelligence Community has worked them And pounded him and made him do their Bidding he had four years to do Something about the so-called deep State And he didn't do it because he's a part Of it and they own them

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