Trump played you when he said he could MAGA this is a no Hopioum zone

Trump played you when he said he could MAGA this is a no Hopioum zone

Okay so this is a brief Introduction um these are my upload Defaults and I've recently changed this Today I've added this video to the top Of my uh upload defaults on all three of My channel transmission pranoti Experiment and this is um you again this Is above my merch and my other stuff Here my books my everything this free Experiment experience of transmission You know pranoti is uh considered the Utilization of the Divine energy for the Transformation of man Prana is the Life Energy God's love right Prana is God's Love so I'm in the editing process of This video and uh when I was talking About Trump and some of the things to do With Trump and you'll you'll hear it When I you go through the video I talk About two people who uh did this Experiment experimented with this Transmission you know I've been Receiving this energy energy this Divine Energy through the Sark system for over 30 years maybe 100 200,000 people have Participated in doing the system many More have tried it and left or whatever But the the centerpiece of the system is God's love it's this energy that you can Experience and I had this idea to give People a sample of it act as a conduit For people to get a sample of it and I Tried it a couple different times and in This particular one the transmission

Seems to be more refined or you know I Don't know the experience of it I'm not Sure how to describe it but two people Who have tried over and over to feel the Transmission felted did this video on my Gratefulness meditation Channel and I Started talking about it in this video The one that you're watching now and so I'm going to let everyone know in my Videos on all channels about um that This experiment seemed to work well for People who are interested and trying it And you can always find this experiment At the top of the description box in all My videos like it's that important to me That you know I'm going to put it in Above my merch and other things that you Know keep this channel going because It's something that I think is you know Transformational and a solution to the Problems of humanity but anyways um Let's get into the video here greetings Brothers and sisters this is a bonus Whole video today I usually post a a Video every day here every other day is What I Do um but this uh thing with Trump and a Trump comment I got merits a a special Video a bonus hole Video so Trump had a bad day in court And I'm going to read two comments one Comment is specifically about Trump and My so-called relationship with him that Somebody misinterprets because whatever

They're you know inability to read other People and understand other people's Point of view and another comment that Feeds into that then we'll get into the Video of how the left ring media is Celebrating Trump's Demise and so let's get to the comment Here um so the person Writes Paul I get you don't like Trump But your dislike of trump has deluded Your thinking with with this Kennedy Thing I can't believe I heard you say That you assume he'll win some states Anything's possible we're talking uh We're talking one in a million chance so Win a state never mind the election it's Not one in a million but that's not the Major Point here my feelings about Trump Have nothing to do about my feelings About Kennedy or whatever it is right my Thoughts about Trump my you know my Characterizing trump and my Characterizing Kennedy are two separate Things and you know you get people who Come up with um psychological Assessments or they try to get into your Inner world and they put this stuff on You I just did a voiceover I found out a Bunch of Information about my ex and some other Things that was re revelatory that I Just covered in my you know 123 Journey Series and I just did a voice over about That where people just make things up

About you but he says your dislike of Trump has diluted your thinking on this Kennedy thing it hasn't diluted my Thinking right there's no delusion here Because I don't care about it I mean I Don't care about Trump and I don't care About Kennedy and I don't care about the Presidency there's things I like about The show and the difference between Trump and Kennedy is we don't know what Kennedy's going to do as President Kennedy is still an unknown we don't Know how that narrative would would play Out I don't think Kennedy's going to win But he sure is uh got a real chance like He has the third best chance right now Of being president and the two guys in Front of him one guy has just got in a Horrible uh you know rulings against him For his businesses and he's got more Criminal charges pending and the other Guy is uh you know pooping in his Depend And wandering around aimlessly and is to Be pulled as a Kennedy and so who Becomes the favorite after that and Kennedy's third in line like Kennedy has The most support of anybody that's not Trump or Biden but this isn't about Kennedy this is about people who just Come in and and try to you know analyze What I'm doing here and they suck at it Like you're not good at reading other People you're not good at uh analyzing People's perspective and motivations

Like you shouldn't do it because you're Not good at at it like you're horrible At because I'm not mad at Trump because He's done something personal to me like I don't know how much Trump is Negatively affected me other than Helping to create this uh narrative in Which they have been able to suppress People on social media Trump did that Right but other than that Trump didn't Do anything to me like Trump was my Favorite President for a while he Entertained me I liked him on The Apprentice I thought he was funny I knew He was a narcissist and a flimflam man But that was you know everybody has Their thing like I wasn't you know Anti-trump so none of that you know he Didn't let me down right he didn't do Anything to let me down he didn't you Know promis me something that I believed In his promises and and he failed me but He failed you he failed you supporters Epically because he led you to believe He could make America great again and he Couldn't it was clear I mean it was Clear all along to the rest of us but it Was clear it should have been clear to You as well when he lost the second Election right when he got worked on Coid and he used his supporters and you Know turned on them after using them set Them up on the big day in January set Them up for you know for some cases

Prison time he put them at risk for Something that he knew and the people Around him knew wasn't going to change He lost they you know whether they stole It from him whatever happened he lost he Lost this thing right he's a cheater He's a you know a manipulator he took People's money he got their hopes up Like when you get people's hopes up and It's false hope there's a time where the People realize it when you're a flimflam Man and you sell you sell people snake Oil and you have people who are Suffering physically and you come in and You say you're going to have Miracles And you have shills in the audience who Get up and all of a sudden can walk when They're in a wheelchair or they can see When they were blind or whatever it is And people are watching this get hopes Up because they they're desperate and They have some physical ailment or They're dying or something and you tell Them that you're going to do something That you know you can't and you steal Their money and they're you know based In false hope that's a bad thing a lot Of desperate people who are who are not Preparing for what's going to happen Here's the other comment let's get into That because that's about this as well Here so somebody wrote this to me and It's not that Comment um I'm going to read two more

Comments uh I love you but damn you're So negative and kind of sad please give Us please give us something that's a Little more positive we know these Freaks are corrupt I want to know how we Can change that well you can like why do You want me to lie to you well you're Saying is you want me to lie to you and Give you false hope and that's not what I do here and it's fun far more Responsible than all these other people On the internet who are giving you false Hope or you know in in the media Politicians and all these people they're Giving you false hope there system's Going to collapse and there's nothing Anybody can do about it what I give you Is something better and here are the two Comments I want to read and I'm going to Cover this separately on my journey Series and then another video probably On gratefulness meditation this is from The transmission that I you know that I Was a conduit for wow I tried I had Tried before about eight times and now For me it was subtle but today it was Very pronounced hopefully many felt this Thanks again Paul so this person had Tried doing some of the sjar you know Gratefulness meditation and tried Experiencing the transmission and this Was the first time they felt it and then This person said Thank you after years I Finally recognized the feeling of

Transmission and so it was a very deep One and you know it's not something that I can control like the depth of it but It was a really good one and a Transmission that was given it's a you Know there a video now on gratefulness Meditation for those of you who want to Try it but it's God's love and what I Offer here and it's not my thing let's Make that clear because it isn't you Know something that I you know have Ownership of or invented or did anything Other than was gifted it myself but it Was a gift that was given to me through The Saar system and the spiritual people Who you know help to cultivate this this Gift and the Divine beings that are There and ultimately God the Transmission is God's love and the Cleaning that goes with it is Miraculous and it's you know exclusively Offered or not offered by me because It's not my offer but it's you know it's Something like I said that I've been Gifted with and I am telling you about And the awareness that I'm raising about This is a you know is a gift and other People don't have it to give they don't Have it to you know the the awareness It's the gift of awareness like it's not The gift of the thing it's allowing People to know it exists and it isn't a Promise something that you're going to Get going to Heavens when you die or

Something something that can help you Right now and may or maybe not for some People it doesn't that's not my problem That's you and your some scares and your Grossness and and these things right you Know there's a person that came to Babaji the second master of the system You know Babaji lived in this rural Village and the person said can you show Me God and Bobby said no but uh if your Some scarus permit I can give you a Sample experience of the condition of Mergin with the Divine and so you know It was rather the person was able to Feel that or not Babaji could deliver The experience for those who were sens Enough to sensitive enough to feel it And had the you know the sensitivity of Spiritual whatever the lack of grossness And in their spiritual condition so There's that and so there's some people That again feel it but there are people Here who have tried over and over again And all of a sudden felt it uh and so That's what I in a sense offer here the Awareness of something that can help you And you know if the system's going to Collapse and life as you know it is Going to end dramatically you can do a Couple of things one you can prepare you Can prepare emotionally mentally for What's about to happen Happ it right Like you know I was watching that Deep

Impact uh movie and I think I'd seen it Maybe I hadn't um I can't explain Tia Leone's career as an actress because she Has got an annoying voice she's weird Looking and she's not good at acting so I'm realizing that about more and more People who had you know big careers and Had you know and they suck at their job And there's no real explanation for how They got where they were uh but anyways The Deep Impact movie is about a comment That's going to hit and Morgan Freeman Who's the president letting people know It's going to hit and what they're going To do to avoid it and so if you're in That kind of situation where there's Going to be a mass level extinction Level event and those things are coming They're inevitable for you know any it's Going to happen at some point this Civilization as we know it is going to Be wiped out whenever it began you know Back I mean you know the civil ation you Can attribute it to different places in The world maybe some thousands of years Ago right the you know the Romans and You know all these things all these These Empires that came and went and There's sort of a continuity between These empires in modern world History and at some point that's all Going to end whatever this is this Massive Empire that's last some Thousands of years is going to end all

Of it's going to be wiped away it can be Locally it happens locally but it also Happens globally and it's going to Happen globally and whatever that is and It looks like it's going to happen soon And even if it doesn't happen in your Lifetime it's taking you in the wrong Direction and everyone should realize That it's taking you away from God away From your family and becoming more and More selfish and materialistic so There's that right and so yes you can Prepare yourself materially you can Prepare yourself emotionally but also You can prepare yourself spiritually can Always do that even if the system isn't Going to collapse people are lonely and Psychologically messed up and they have Miserable lives and bringing God and Connecting to God internally will help With that and will find your Soul's path You have a reason for being here and Your soul has a reason for being here And all those things are things I talk About regularly that are next level and Other truthers and other people don't Talk about them because they don't know They don't have the experience they Don't have whatever and so that's what I Offer here so you might think of what I Say here is negative but it's on a Different level the stuff that I offer Is on a different level it's not my Offering it's my saying that this exists

That you can Avail yourself of it and Most people won't and that's not my Problem most people want hopium and That's what you got with Trump and he Lied to you and you won't admit that he Lied you know you should be mad at Trump Right because he gave you hopium and It's clear it should be clear to all of You guys it should have been clear how He handled coid what he did with Operation warp speed and the way he got Worked on the election and the way he Worked all of you and then turned on These people who he set up and then this Moment of Helplessness and this is all you need to Know and if you can't wake up to Trump And you know God help you right this one Moment let me end this voice over here Because I'm going to change the picture I'm going to show you what I'm talking About here here it is on Twitter like The sex thing is stupid but here it is On Twitter on December mber 9th 2020 if somebody cheated an election Which the Democrats did why wouldn't the Election be immediately overturned how Can a country be run like this how can a Country be run like this a man who Claims to be able to make America great Again doesn't say a victim like uh Statement like this you know I get all These tweets you know these X tweets I Don't it's just so stupid like

Everyone's going to call this Twitter Forever but I get all these tweets Twitter has um identified me as a Republican Trump supporter because of The tweets that I click on so I get all These right-wing tweets that come to me And there are some this morning one that Was from last night all supporting Trump And this thing that's happened to him Because Trump's claimed to be a victim And they you know these delusional People that are still either you know They're part of the thing they're shills Or they're still trumpers but this guy Wrote uh all the things that were unfair About Trump's Court situation that we'll Get to in a moment and they said if They're going to do this to a former President then what are they going to do To you and the they're implying that Trump would be somehow able to change This if he was president and we know he Couldn't he couldn't stop the coid Debacle from happening he couldn't Prevent it he went along with it he got You know worked by it he couldn't stop All these things he couldn't stop the Way they define gender differently way They Define human sexuality they changed The way you know words and pronouns are Used he couldn't stop any of that stuff Didn't even try and he couldn't and he Didn't do anything to make America great Again he made it worse they worked Trump

And their hatred of trump and now we're Gonna I'm going to show you the first Clip I'm going to show you is Hillary Clinton saying that Trump is um his Supporters need to be deprogrammed That's what she went on national TV and Said like that's you know think about What what's being said with her and this Idea of being floated out there and not Even being slammed in any of these Things and so Trump in this helpless Statement again when he said how can a Country be run like this he was saying He had no power he is being exposed as a Flimflam man and con artist and he Worked you guys and he gave you false Hope when you could have been using your Energies and You know whatever it is to do something Else and so this idea that somehow Trump Is better than Biden is wrong because It's the outcome it's the changes that Are there like there wouldn't have been A war in Ukraine under Trump so that's True like something like that Trump Didn't do any wars and that's why I was Talking about Kennedy like Trump was Such a Warhawk Trump was as a candidate Trump you know was saying he'd use Nuclear weapons and he wanted to have a Inauguration inaugural parade when he Was inaugurated full military North Korea style parade right but when it Came down to it he didn't he stopped

Ordering Isis to do their thing and he Didn't do anything in terms of creating More Wars so yeah that was you know That's better but all this other stuff They pushed through because of the T the Hatred of trump that changed America for The worse you know Trump's presidency Made America worse it did the co thing Happened to him which made America way Worse they worked him on that and then All the other aspects of it and there Are certain things because they were Using Trump's hatred hat people that Hated him to motivate change that they Can't do under Biden so you can't say One's better or when's worse they're Basically the both the same and one you Know they're they're both represent some Level of you know corruption and Deception and you know work can that can Be done under them to make America go And uh you know the direction it was Inevitably going to go anyway and Nobody's going to save you from that Nobody's going to stop that from Happening because there's people man Manipulating an agenda and Trump and Biden are puppets and I suppose Kennedy Has to be as well right I mean Regardless of you know what he says he Can do he can't do that Kennedy can't Stop this from happening nobody can Every president that tells you every Candidate that says that when they get

Elected they're going to change things And stop what's happening from happening It's lying to you it's going to happen And the people who control the system Can't stop it either they can't stop the Collapse of this demonic system because They're Divine forces at play and things Run their course it's like someone Saying they can prevent you from dying You're going to die and the system's Going to collapse these are inevitable Things the system's going to die and You're going to die because everything Does nothing lasts for forever and so The illusion that uh it can and the lies That it can are something that you know They're just saying because it's what You want to hear and you're too weak to Hear the other thing and so what are you Doing here for if you're too weak to Hear that then why are you here you know Go listen to somebody else lie to you Because you know that's what you need Psychological Comfort because you can Barely make it through the day it as it Is so you need some hopium and so you Know I'm not whatever you got to do you You know if that's what you need then Then why are you here right I'm I'm not Giving you hopium there's no hopium here We're all at a hopium you know I I don't Ever I don't know if I ever had hopium But I don't have it now like I'm not a Hopium dealer you know when are you

Going to admit that Trump cannot make America great again okay so let's go to The video clips here okay and before you Get to Hillary and the other videos went For a walk with my Puppers and This tweet came in from Lara Logan who Used to be on 60 Minutes used to be Liberal media I guess she's some sort of Uh QB type person now but she posted This tweet in which she Says so only Trump is under the gag Order not you and New York attorney General James posted this Trump as $735 Million in his appraisal and the Government's is 540 million this was the You know that Trump always exaggerates Which he does now she's saying that this Guy can talk about the Case and Trump has a gag order but you Know there's is some element of being Unfair like we know that but everything That Trump has gotten he deserved Trump Went in with an adversarial attitude and He is a dramatic person he goes after Drama he's a drama queen he loves drama And he has all these issues and he's a Deceiver a liar a narcissist he uses People he uses his supporters he's Continuously using the supporters he's a Bad person and the way they he interacts With people is either you love him and Support him or he's hostile and he Attacks you this is what Trump does this

Is his ML and because of that it's not Because he's fighting for you it's not Because he's trying to make America Great again it's it's because he's that Guy he's that dude that they are always Going to be after him and what's going On now is going to be a part of his life Going forward and his second term as President will be all this all Trump Drama all the time him whining about Being a victim and the powers that be Coming down on him and this is his role This is what they're going to do with Him throughout the rest of his life he's Going to be hunted until until like he Ends up in jail or dies or whatever it Is until there's some you know Retribution but the people who hate him The people who are using him to create a Distraction whatever this may be right That's going on now and Trump did Everything to create this Dynamic this Is the dynamic he's had in all of his Divorces and his business dealings and His battles with people like Rosie O'Donald and if you say well it's just Because he's great and he's fighting for Us you're lying to yourself this is Trump he's a drama queen he creates this Kind of division and they're using this To divide the country further so much so Where Hillary Clinton's talking about How delusional you are and how you need To be reprogrammed and that's what's you

Know at stake here this is ideas that Are being floated out there because you Won't see Trump for who he is right and One of the facts about Trump an Undeniable fact is he screwed over Hardworking people in his businesses and These were vendors and you hear the Stories over and over again there's People who are connected to this Personally who have left comments on This YouTube channel there's a barber in Vegas who was a right-wing guy who was Very anti-hillary this is back in 2016 when the election was playing out And he told me you know during the you Know right before the election that Trump had a bad reputation in town in Vegas with his Trump Tower of screwing Vendors and not paying them it's a you Know it's a claim that's been been Documented legally and in all kinds of Different ways that Trump doesn't pay His vendors and screws over ordinary Hardworking people because he has better Lawyers and he's in a better position Just out and out screws him out of money Gets their um goods and services and Then doesn't pay him what he owes him Like he's that guy that's who Trump is That's who he's always been and he's not For you he's using you and if you don't Get it by now you know what could I do For you you certainly don't belong here This isn't for you right you you go back

To your hopium then but it's not you Know you're not going to find any hopium Here so they exhumed this School and this is what she's being used For Now and sadly so many of those Extremists those Mega extremists um take Their marching orders from Donald Trump Who has no look at her look at her hand Movement here so let's rep play that Again but she they say it here and sadly So many of those extremists those Mega Extremists um take their marching orders From Donald Trump so look they Immediately she does this she's doing This right they're marrying each other Right he's like you're green Christian Christiana I'm mag extremists are taking orders From Donald Trump there's a new term mag Of Republicans that the Democrats are Using all the time and it's to put you In a category and it's screwing the rest Of us in the truth Community as well Your stupidity your inability to admit That this guy is not any better than Biden he's worse for different reasons He's worse for different reasons and He's bad for you he's lied to you he's He's done you wrong and he'll Continuously do you wrong and use you And then throw you away like he does With everybody else look at all of his Relationships with people he had you

Know was beneficial relationships and Then he threw the people away even Chris Christie saying how Trump Ted tried to Throw him under the bus when Trump gave Him and other people coid and he tried To get uh Chris Christie he blamed Chris Christie for it even though Chris Christie got it from Trump I played you That story and Chris Tristy sucks but I Believe it to be true because that's What Trump does it's who Trump is and Here they are like you know categorizing You and trying to put you in a box as Maggot extremists calling you extremist You know basically calling you you know Terrorists and they are going to use the Big event in January that Trump got Worked on and you guys fell for or Whatever it was and all these things you Know people like Laura Logan who are Enablers all these famous Trump Supporters who are not calling Donald Trump for being the piece of crap that He iscid to move on from this guy he's a Bad guy he's a known entity right and This is what this is where they're going With this who had has no credibility Left by any measure he's only in it for Himself he's now defending himself in Civil actions and criminal actions and When do they break with him you know Because at some point you know maybe There needs to be a formal deprogramming Of the cult members but some so um she's

Laughing but that you know she thought That was funny but she's saying here and She's serious she's you know this is What she's saying a formal deprogramming This is where the government grabs you You and put you in a deprogramming Center like some Christian you know uh Christian summer camp to to make gay People UNG gay kind of thing right to Deprogram you like you've been in the Cult of trump and that's what's being Floated out here and your you know your Denial of Trump's uh you know his his obviously Horrible qualities and that you've been Used and played by the guy isn't helping Out all you trumpers because this is Being Flo it out there they want Deprogramming centers and and then it'll Be for everybody that doesn't agree with The official story and just all being Brought to you by Trump who you know in His own admission can't make America Great again what way is this to run a Country when he's president he said that When he was president what way is this To run a country a guy like that is Helpless and can't make America great Again he can't do all the things he's Promising and all the things that you're Seeing now with Trump if he was elected President again there'd be more Impeachments more this it would be Constant battle Trump just needs to go

Away he needs to go away just like Biden Needs to go away and they're both can go Away and then you know it'll be somebody Else that sucks because this is the best An American can produce but you know Trump's uh Trump's character Arc and in In the terms of the show has run its Course so this court this this is his Lawyer who looks like she's There's an unhappy fish boy there there Is no exit here remember the judge has Already found that Trump illegally Inflated the value of his assets a Finding that puts Trump's business Empire at risk today's ruling blocks Trump from secretly dodging legal Consequences by transferring assets out Of the Court's reach Trump won't be able To do anything with his New York Businesses without first telling the Court that applies to all the properties In New York including Trump Tower this Comes as Trump's ego takes another Bruising hit this week Forbes revealed That Trump is no longer on its list of The top 400 wealthiest Americans and Here's where it becomes a full circle Deliciousness of irony Michael Coen Who's this little Dude little little uh Velma from Scooby-Doo or Marcy from Charlie Brown testified that Trump inflated his Property values in order to get on the Trump the Forbes list take a

Listen he wanted to be higher on the Forbs List And he then said I'm actually not worth Six billion I'm worth seven in fact I Think it's actually now worth eight with Everything that's going on Allan and I Were tested with taking the assets Increasing each of those asset classes Just that he he's this guy was his Inside guy this guy like he just talks Like a thug criminal lawyer right like When you if this guy was going to play a Role on a movie or TV show it would be a Criminal and this was Trump's the you Know fixer right like he had these Criminals around him I he's a criminal And they're criminals like you know you Say all right this guy's a liar and a Criminal yeah but Trump you know what May gave him a prime position right so This speaks about Trump like this guy is A scumbag and Trump hires Scumbags in order To accommodate that 8 billion Number so clearly the Forbes list was Very important to Donald Trump for years He sought to be included on this list of The country's wealthiest people and he You know so this is um part one but look At how they're gloating at MSNBC this is much worse than the Criminal cases for Trump right this is Where he is being called a fraud because

He's Fraudulent next this dude Marca Wallace Another happy person again no Smiles you Can't you know these people can't Express Joy but this is a joyful day for Them because you know this is Donald Trump getting his worst this is Donald Trump's worst nightmare core of Donald Trump's puffed up manufactured identity Lies in what he described there like It's almost like a smile Right this it's almost like happiness Righted sense of business acument the Value of his assets his deal making in His words again is wealth but the veneer Of that the Democrats are corrupt and You know we know this um I just covered How Diane Feinstein had $160 Million Worth of assets when she made $6 million In Pay they're all corrupt all these Politicians all these people they're all Corrupt Once in a while they burn one of their Own and Donald Trump is one of their own And they're publicly burning him for Something that everybody else does and That's been my one thing with him Everything they've accused Donald Trump Of other people are doing and have done Right of course Hunter Biden's a Criminal and Joe Biden's a criminal all These people they're all criminals and It seems unfair because you know these Other people are getting away with it

And he's not but you can't feed into That he's brought this on himself and He's brought this to your doorstep Because of you going along with this guy Who was never what he promised to be he Told you what you wanted to hear and you You know you trumpers I mean I don't Know how many trumpers even watch my Videos anymore or how many that are Actually out there that don't realize This and this is why this is happening Right and they have you know nothing Else but Trump the media doesn't have a Backup plan they don't have a second act CN NBC and CNN MSNBC and CNN Particularly and the Democrats all they Have is Trump so they keep on having to Make it worse do you understand this Because they don't have anything in Their they don't have an agenda they Don't have a you know the American People would you know they have an Agenda but not what American people Would sign off on they don't have Success they don't have good politicians They don't have likable people they Don't have anything but oh look at how Bad Trump is they only have Trump hate And because they only have Trump hate That they have to make things bigger and Worse in terms of their stories like now It's it used to be impeachments it used To be accusations now it's criminal Stuff right now it's you know uh

Involves the legal system because they Have to up the antee right they just Can't roll out a former uh uh porn star And say that you know he was under a Some sort of contract with her right That's not enough anymore Jimmy Kimmel Bringing out a bunch of mushrooms and Comparing it to Trump's you know Johnson And having uh Stormy Daniels pick one Out that's not enough anymore things Like that they now have to go after him In a way that's more intense like any TV Shows like this right you know a TV show That is about sensationalistic things And the internet is about Sensationalistic things it starts off on One level and has to get more intense Right Halloween 2 has to be more you know Bloody and more graphic than Halloween 1 You know all these horror movies and That's what's happening with Trump right And so you're a part of that like you're Being sucked into that and as soon as You let Trump go then the Democratic Party and this media collapses because They don't have a backup plan all they Have is oh Donald Trump sucks and we're Not Trump that's their whole thing That's simply what they do in terms of Marketing themselves you remove Donald Trump from the equation and then they Have to show that they have something to Offer and they don't Donald Trump is a

You know is propping them up right now That Persona was pierced by New York Judge Arthur andoran who found Donald Trump liable for fraud in the New York Attorney general civil case against him And now judge engoron took a step to Implement his decision on Trump's Liability a ruling he was able to make Before the trial even started as a Result of a new order filed by that Judge today the Trump organization must Show the court they are complying with The order to cancel their business Certificates in New York and notify any Movement of assets or creation of new Entities now in plain language it's over Lights out Trump cannot do business Anymore in New York and he cannot move Money around that could tamper with the Case now coming on a day that has Developed into a so I mean think about That you know there's a time they Celebrate Trump David Letterman was Praising Trump for rescuing the ice the Ice rink in Central Park saying you're The only guy who could have done this I Mean you can find the clip somewhere but David Letterman's falling all over Donald Trump let me see if I can find The clip real quick I found the Interview here I did the wman skating Rink in four months for 2 million or $2.5 million they started 7 years before That and were unable to build it I think

They spent something like $155 million This is a huge ice skating facility in Central Park which the city was s years Seven years seven years they could not Get it open they could not build it and We did it in four months so I think There was another interview where David Letterman was praising him about this Right but there's a time that Donald Trump was celebrated in New York like Constantly he was like Mr New York of Course that's why he got a TV show he Was well- loved by rappers and you know These people all these people loved Donald Trump right and in New York it Was the centerpiece of that and now he Can't do business in newor New York like Think about What's what's happened here and yeah the Democrats are corrupt and New York is Corrupt but this is Self-inflicted Donald Trump doing these Things the way he's doing playing into This and he could have went full truth Or and fought back against the you know The stuff to do with the coid stuff the Operation warp speed he could have Fought against all that he could have at Least gone out as a hero and then you Know this video wouldn't be being made By me but he didn't do that you know he Could culated and they still got him he Caved and he let them work him on Co and The economy and all these things and

They still got him you know he was uh he Sold you out and they still went after Him and these ghouls are you know They're exuding whatever that passes as Happiness and joy for them morgage Board Of attempts by the ex-president to delay Dismiss distract from the many many Legal problems the many many trials he Faces it started with this New York frog Case Trump's lawyers have announced that They will move for estay pending their Appeal of this case that they filed Yesterday over in the hush money case Trump's attorneys filed a motion to Dismiss that one attacking Manhattan District attorney Alvin Bragg and saying The charges he brought are politically Motivated then there is the federal Classified documents case sometimes Referred to as the mar so this is all of It right like this is and Trump you know The classified documents Trump was a Dick on that as well you know he he Fought for himself he didn't fight for You he caved on Co he caved on the Economy caved on operation warp speed I Mean he was you know what he called Himself the father of the blop right I Showed you that clip before and when are You going to get it like he doesn't care About you you know he'll fight for Himself and he'll go after them and and In unproductive ways and he'll use you And your you know your worshiping of him

To go uh put you in a position In Harm's Way he'll do it for himself but he won't Do it for you it is textbook domestic Violent radicalization a figure with Maximum street cred with extremists Stokes fear based on yeah now they're Trying to say you're extremist they're Going they've gotten him and they're Going after you they're categorizing you And therefore it falls back on the rest Of us like everybody in the truth Community you're a stupidity your Inability to admit when this thing was Over it was over in 2020 it was over When he lost the election it was over When he did Operation warp speed it was Over when he slapped on a mask and he he Capitulated on coid and was over when he Closed down the economy that was it that Was a chance to fight back and he didn't That was his chance to stand up for you And he didn't and you know ever since Then they've he's been destroyed here And now they're going after you I'm in The editing process and you know see What there trying to do here they're Trying to paint a Profile of trump being a Criminal uh you know hate Monger some Sort of you know white supremacist all These things they've been creating this Profile now for a number of years and Somebody who's a threat to America and The world and the people that are

Propping him up his supporters are a Part of that problem it's a cult and They need to get rid of this cult Because that cult is going to just Transfer to somebody else and prop up The same agenda somebody who's willing To par at Trump like the santis or Somebody else right and so now they're Going after you because of trump it's so Obvious that Trump can't win I don't Think he can win the election I don't Think they'll let him win the election They might and if he does win the Election he still can't win because They'll just ramp all this stuff up and It'll be a constant drama and then going After you and you know you it'll appear That he's a president but of course he's Not and they'll be able to use this um Threat to America which is Trump and his Supporters as a way to justify some form Of Martial law or the rest of these Things I me this is what's at stake here Because you won't the Trump supporters Won't get it they won't see what's being Done here how he's being used as a Weapon against you the system has always Been rigged and they're always going to Choose the candidate that best suits Their agenda and if Trump's best suits Their agenda they're going to choose him And if Biden best suits the agenda it's Going to be him or somebody else Whatever is Kennedy or one of these

Other guys vivec whatever is Ram Swami Vic any of these guys right whoever's President is going to be the person that Is most going to benefit them in their Ability to run out their agenda because Their agenda isn't guaranteed they fail All the time they're behind in a lot of Ways to where they want it to be Especially here in America because of The Second Amendment some of these other Things and and so they have trouble they Don't get what they want they you know Things are working against them the Divine forces that have a different plan And so the people running the system Fail all the time but what they control They control they control the media and They control the political process and Donald Trump is controlled whether he Even knows it or not right and he's he's A you know he's an entity an asset for Them racial stereotypes accuses Marginalized populations of being quote Terrorists fetishizes the Second Amendment and then tosses in the lit Match of even more incendiary rhetorical Bombs and we are exactly where we find Ourselves at this she's echoing what Hillary Clinton says right she wants to Deprogram you today Uncharted Territory You in the cubies like all these like You know dopes that didn't you know when When reality slapped you in the face and Your hopium addiction was was crushed

You didn't admit to it you didn't say It's all right it's over I got duped I Was wrong I was a fool you didn't admit To it and now this is what where they're Going with this they're using your your Inability to admit the truth as a weapon Against you when you're supposed to be Truthers right Donald Trump is a piece Of Boop and he always has been and he's A liar and a deceiver and he deceived You and he you know gave you false hope And now you have to you know when are You going to cut your losses right as we Have C covered extensively on this Program there's been a clear escalation In the specificity and repetition of Donald Trump's violent rhetoric in Recent days Donald Trump has called for The country's top military official to Be executed Donald Trump has targeted a Court clerk with a baseless smear that Led to a gag order he has repeatedly Gone after the prosecutors who have Charged again these are all Self-sabotaging acts that are only going To make things go worse for him you know When you're in a situation and it can be Completely unfair and you're in front of A judge and a judge has power over you You shut your mouth right you don't Exacerbate the situation everybody knows That but Donald Trump feels like the Rules don't apply to him so he goes After her his her clerk accuses her of

Being a Schumer's girlfriend which I Covered yesterday which isn't true just Stupid stuff this is a stupid man this Is a again maybe it's an act sure maybe This is just a character it's a stupid Character in the show he isn't better Than everybody else saying the rules Don't apply to him right and that's you Know elitist it's as elitist as it is He's in a bad situation here and he's Making it worse and he's acting like a Victim for doing things that you can't Do charged him with 91 felony counts in Total and Now now there's an attack on migrants That has Echoes to white supremacist Rhetoric on this program we try our Hardest not to ever amplify his most Dangerous comment yeah that's true that Come on this that's that's your whole Business Model is to amplify and exaggerate what He does not that what he does is is bad Enough but you this is your whole thing This is all you're you exist to do this This is your reason for Being but we're going to play them for You here today right now because we Believe you should hear the comments From the man Himself nobody has any idea where these People are coming from and we know they Come from prisons we know they come from Mental institutions insan as Islands we

Know he just said he just said no one Has any idea where these people come From but we know where they come From he's just you know he's a walking Hypocrisy nobody has any idea where These people are coming from and we know They come from prisons we know they come From mental institutions insan as ISS we Know they're terrorists nobody has ever Seen anything like we're witnessing Right now it is a very sad thing for our Country uh it's poisoning the blood of Our Country it's poisoning the blood of our Country okay so you know you get the Idea here not that she doesn't suck and The the mainstream media does suck but Donald Trump is their biggest asset he's Their asset he's not your asset he's not On your team he's on their team Okay so I want to say this quickly this Is a bonus video of trying to reduce the Amount of content that I make I've Talked about that so and this isn't Helping but you know it's necessary I Think there's a really important video But there's this guy named Chase Claypool who is an excellent wide Receiver used to play for Pittsburgh Steelers but his bad decision making and His attitude and being a cancer in the Locker room got him shipped out of Pittsburgh and he went to the Chicago Bears and the Bears played the

Washington commanders last night a Football game that I had no interest in But I turned it on and the bears were Playing like great like the Bears suck And you know the commanders are you know The commanders whatever two sucky teams That have no bearing on the outcome of The football season but end up being a Pretty good game and they had a wide Receiver that had like 300 yards and Three touchdowns and I was wondering What happened to Sky Claypool because I Saw a headline the other day saying he Felt like he wasn't being utilized Properly in Chicago and I was wondering Why he wasn't playing and I got my Answer today where he had been traded For almost nothing to the Miami Dolphins That are loaded at wide receiver and These skill positions and I'm saying This because the guy is talented and yet He is personality and Behaviorally working his way out of the NFL you know they don't give up on People with Talent Until they do and there's character Development people and you know they Tried to make the case with Kyrie Irving Because of you know that's a different Thing this guy isn't taking a stand on Something substantial this guy's just a Narcissist and there's so many people Like this and Donald Trump's like this That provoke problems with other people

And then act like a victim and never Take any personal responsibility for it And they are always you know blaming the System or this that and the other thing Or you know finding a way to make Themselves a victim and never take Responsibility for being an [ __ ] Right understand why people don't like You understand why people react to you The way that they do like I understand That about myself you know like I do and You know make a conscious choice that You're going to either work on your Personality and do things to not get People to react to you the way that they Do or just accept it like this is how You are and that this is how people are Going to react to you but don't blame Them for reacting to you this way like Stop blaming them right stop blaming Them for your you know your behaviors And the way that you're you know you Project yourself out into the world and Donald Trump is a piece of poop and he's Always been a bad guy a taker a parasite A bad dude somebody who exploits other People and treats other people a way in A way that he cries about and whines About when people treat him the same way Right that's Donald Trump and and There's lots of people like this and They get everything they deserve because Truth is slapping everybody in the face Every day and at some point you got to

Realize okay maybe I should change and This is we've entered into a a time Where changing is mandatory like Something's Happened fairly recently I Mean it's always been there but now if You don't change you're not surviving What's coming in any capacity right Right you're going to be left behind by The spiritual evolutionary movement That's coming about and going to take Over this planet and everybody who's not Changing and willing to change from the Top down even the Saints the higher Developed Souls the good people have to Change and then of course the lower People even more so change has become Mandatory I'll be covering this in you Know future videos but it's mandatory Right and for Donald Trump that's not a Possibility and so he's going to sink Like the Titanic and all the trumpers Are going to go down with him only Spirituality will save this world it's Paul Romano definitely app for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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