Trump owes over 450 million + Barbe Oscar Kimmels disaster + Heart info

Trump owes over 450 million + Barbe Oscar Kimmels disaster + Heart info

Okay greetings brothers and sisters big Stuff to get to here I have some Information about hard Stuff um you know some people are still Suffering um hard palpitations and heart Stuff postco of course we know about the People dropping like flies but other People are having heart issues and I Watched a great video that explains some Of that I want to talk about that a Little bit in the beginning and then Trump's you know they ruled against Trump some what whatever million3 Million $300 million or whatever he's Got to pay I want to talk about that and There's some more Barbie stuff I want to Get to um you know I've have this Gratefulness meditation Channel that I Do and for those of you who watched The Journey series and um you know the I've Done this Sark meditation for over 30 Years Now um and then there was this uh Parasitic uh shell company that the Current Master created called Heartfulness in which he's taken the Assets and we're talking about maybe a Billion dollars worth of properties or Or more and then all the other assets That were accumulated by the other Masters of the system that built this Volunteer purely spiritual organization And dody's you know turned it into this Cult-like thing and he's been lying and

Just making stupid Claims and um one of of the people who's A practitioner of the system sent me a Video clip of a talk that chargie gave This is the third Master of the system In America where he said anybody who Says you can get instant spirituality is A liar and the people who follow him are Gullible I'll show you that clip here There is no instant process in Spirituality if anybody says there is he Is a liar and if you believe it you are Too GLI there are many people going around Saying you know one sitting you're Done this is a process which Babu has Aptly correctly honestly defined as Towards Infinity and Um Char and Dody that's DOD he's called Dody a liar and so I made this video Here it's kind of interesting I have a Series there exposing the thing and you Know it's an extension of the work I Learned to do on my regular YouTube Channel I'm going to make a longer video That's going to cover the whole talk but You know for me it's like a personal Thing because I you know I lived it and I'm a part of that organization or I was You know I'm a part of the sa Mar Organization the original one and Watching it be turned into a religion Watch it be corrupted and watch somebody

Just suck like he's you know I would and He's trying to be a grifter and he's Trying to be a like a fake Guru but Sucks like so bad like he's it's Embarrassing it's like incompetent which Is another thing for me right you know I Talk about that uh a lot how people are I mean this is the year of the amateur Well he's been an amateur for a while Now like an amateur scammer an amateur Like uh you know somebody who's a Grifter so if you're interested that Series is you know it's a lot of um like Uh it's things that I cover in the Journey series but it's also uh it just Is everything that I do here on a Regular basis on these videos but anyhow Let's go to the other stuff here so um This person Dr Vicky Peterson I think she's a Chiropractor um and she started this Video came up and I you know I had Different part issues with my Heart and you know I knew it seems to be Connected with the Vegas nerve there's Ways of resetting the Vegas neres so I Got covid three times and I started Having heart Issues after the the First Co but it Really started when I got Omron the Second time I had Co and she explains That there's a thing called the hiatal Hernia before I get to that I just Wanted uh say something here about um

You know this isn't medical information This isn't me recommending something I'm Not a medical person or someone who's Considers himself a Healer you I don't Really like this kind of stuff like I'm My uh and I've talked about this Extensively in other videos but I'm just You know I want to do the bare minimum But after covid I can't do that I'm Getting older and I have to invest in my Health you know eat well exercise I mean These have been what I've done over the Years sleep if I get sick and things Like this but minimal minimum medical Interventions because it usually goes South I don't don't do well with alpath Medicine but this is one Explanation of people who are having Heart issues and it certainly resonates With me and I don't know if it resonates With you you know this is everyone has To figure these things out for Themselves in a postco world I mean this Is I guess the case for lots of diseases That are you know that allopathic Medicine just addresses the symptoms of But since there's no real knowledge of What co co actually is And then of course the things to do with The bloop right and these things right Um but all of it so we don't know and a Lot of us have weird symptoms and Prolonged after effects of covid and Some of that has to do with heart

Palpitations and I've you know for me It's kind of been Minimized but this woman has um linked It to digestion and hiatal hernia and She had a uh she saw a cardiologist that Actually agreed with this position And she talks about in this video so Those of you want to watch the video You're having this issues it might be Something for you you have to figure it Out right it's not for me to say because I'm not an expert and I'm just sharing Information here you know what the idea Came to me to make I was going to do This book I talked about an audio book And all the things I found out about Co Just to share this information with People and some of it might resonate With you some of it might not but I Think what I'm going to do is make a Like a video you know with just some Images of the things I'm talking about And then just go through all the things That I've learned and then put it up on Some other you know YouTube I can't put It up here so that's the whole issue in The first place but maybe I can put it Up on Rumble and make it like a a Donation based situation so I get you Know compensated for my time and Whatever um but I think that's what I'm Probably going to do I was going to put Up an Amazon but then it would just be An audio but this way I can show

Pictures of the things I'm talking about And the various remedies and supplements And things and uh you know whatever Information that I've discovered over The past couple of years trying to uh Get you know working towards uh Regaining my health postco I'm doing Great now my heart issues uh seem to be Pretty much um gone away I'm really Doing well with the nitric oxide Boosting stuff so I feel like it's been A you know it's been a series of Learning that I that I value now just From the standpoint as you get older you Have to do you have to make more effort In retaining your physical health and I Had to come to terms with that now you Know I'm I'm glad to do that I you know I'm putting more effort into that and It's paying dividends but anyways let's Get back to the video here so it says Here a high horar is when part of your Stomach protrudes up into the chest Through the feet of the muscle Called the the diaphragm which is right Here right so there's your stomach and It's like it gets part of it gets Pinched it like it goes through this Area here um and see here's how your Stomach should be and this is what it Looks like if you have a hiatal hernia Now there are chiropractors that or that Can like pull your stomach down and I've Had that done um like it's something

Where you're if you have digestive Problems and when I had Co the first Time it felt like there was something Stuck I don't know if I had a highle Hernia issue but I um uh you know felt Something right there at that point Right below my you know in uh right Below the chest plate right like it felt Like there was um like something was Stuck in there like some food like Almost like you swallow something it Doesn't go all the way down kind of Thing and I had bloated stomach and I Was taken these um these pills borium or Something like that I think they were Homeopath AIC pills that seem to work a Little bit my stomach was just like Swollen the whole time and the um what The woman said in this video and she has A cardiologist who actually address this Is that the stomach can swell up and Actually dislodge the heart they it can Move the heart a little bit and it can Also affect the um vegus nerve which the Vegas nerve regulates your heartbeat and If your heart beats too fast and you Have palpitations and it can mess up the Vagas nerve which is something that I've Felt when I be able to deal with the the Vegas nerve that it um you know it uh When I be able to reset it it's got rid Of the palpitations but this is causing People's heart to race the stomach Swelling up into the heart and and I've

Experienced this right so I really got a Lot out of this video um she you know Talked about this guy was a cardiologist Who kind of admitted that you know this Is an issue she didn't bring in covid But this is something where my stomach Was swollen a lot and you know it Happened with every time I got covid and That there's digestive problems that Lead to heart palpitation the swelling Of the stomach AAL hernia some of these Other things and then people go to the Emergency room and their hearts are fine But their hearts are having these issues Where they're racing and things like That And I you know it made sense to me it Was an explanation that made sense to me Um again I think this woman is a Chiropractor and so um those of you Who've had the heart issues like I know A number of you have also said that You've had palpitations and things like That but like I said you know one of the Big issues I had with Co decide with the Breathing issues was that my stomach was Like I mean I was barely eating anything And my stomach was just swelling and it Wasn't like gas or anything it was just My stomach was swelled up in some way I Don't know why it was like that and you Know I was um there were days I wasn't Even like barely eating and it would Swell up and it would make it hard for

Me to breathe it was like you know I Just ate a huge meal like I you know Stuffed myself and I felt like that all The time whether you know I was eating Or not and that made it hard to breathe And then of course you know you have all This stuff here with the you know the Lungs are right here so if the stomach's Welles up in the liver whatever all These things um and so you know I don't Know what's in Co I I believe it's some Sort of biological weapon and so um you Know this was one of the effects of it The digestion issues and of course if You you look at the bloop all the the Bloop right and that often causes Digestive issues and you see this right With like autistic kids they have you Know their digestion is completely Wrecked In your digestion you have these three Intelligence centers right you have your Intelligence of the gut intelligence of The heart and intelligence of the of the Brain and the gut if it's not right it Just affects everything your digestion You know most people have issues you Know I have my migraine headaches are Associated with digestion right when Kids get um stomach aches when they're Kids that'll become headaches when They're Adults and you know if you understand The different kind of pain

Medication that for headache relief they Usually have something to do with your Gut and they you know they block Something in your gut or this thing it Doesn't you know heal your digestion but Your digestion is key in all this and I Feel like Co does something to people's Digestion then they have these related Issues and of course whatever the bloop Is doing you know all that so I found That interesting right so this happened With Trump the judge in his ruling as you dig Deep really reflects on the history of The Trump organization uh along with What was initially before him yes and Because the standard because the judge In a sense was Finding repeated and Persistent fraud as he had even as far Back as his summary judgment decision Relevant to his honor is a recitation of The fact that this is not the first time This has happened uh in other words in Formulating a yeah this does not look Like a reputable person now Trump I Would wish Trump goes away I dislike Trump and I just wish he'd shut his Mouth and go away because he should he's He's just in it for himself he's a Selfish prick and you know and I don't Know what's real or what's not real What's you know it's all part of the Show like I you know I don't know how Much he's in on it or not I don't think

He's in on this um but what they're Doing to Trump as a character and I Think also as a real person you know he Had that other ruling against him which Was what was that $153 million or Something and this is 3505 million he's had a billion dollars Worth of um you know these court cases Go against him he owes half a billion Dollars and he's inflated his I mean This was all about him lying about how Much money he's worth and he's always Done that like you know and again you Know that's something but it's not worth 3 $55 Million like there isn't anything that Trump did that's worth this kind of um a Ruling right just like with the the Harassment of the that woman um like It's not worth you you know harassing Somebody and slandering them online Liable is not worth $153 million they're Just doing this you know like they did With Alex Jones it's ridiculous amounts Of money you know when physical crime When you hurt somebody physical when Corporations hurt lots of people Physically or even you know wrongful Death suits it's not anything like that Right million dollars or whatever you Don't get these kind of rulings Sometimes they're punitive to a company But even then you know like all the look At all the people who um who suffered

From uh oxy conton and these you know Opioid addictions from these Pharmaceutical companies and the ruling Was I mean we had like 300,000 deaths And all these people who were you know They had these these issues and they Settled a you know a a $4 billion or5 Billion claim for all those people and Then those people didn't get the money This was a governmental punishment on The family and the family walked away You know they made 10 billion dollar on Oxy content and they walked away with With half of that you know so they Really weren't punished at all all where Donald Trump is being slammed here you Know like he's he's not really a Billionaire if he's you know whatever it Is and his two kids two boys got Punished but not his daughter you know His daughter and Jared Kushner had a$2 Billion deal with Saudi Arabia that they Got cuz Trump was President you know This was kind of a you know very similar To what we see with Hunter Biden but More more money and so this whole thing You know as part of the show whatever And whatever is real or not like it's Just not fair right like you just this Is just too much money and you know him Not being able to do business in New York for three years has there any been Has there ever been anybody else that's Gotten this kind of ruling against them

And if he hadn't been president this Wouldn't have even happened they Wouldn't even pursued this right this Guy looks like such a Scumbag a punishment it was relevant to The judge that this kind of thing had Been going on for some time for example He goes into the history of corporate Malfant he discusses that in August 2013 The Office of the Attorney General and I Referenced this earlier uh had sued Donald Trump trump organization and Other entities uh in connection with the Trump University I guess you would say Uh University that wasn't a university So uh that goes back as far as 2013 then In 2018 offic the Attorney General sus Donald Trump trump Jr Eric Trump uh for Persistent violations of law uh based on The Donal Trump foundation and then as Back just recently May 2022 Trump Organization enters into a settlement Agreement with the AG you know again These are fraudulent things that they're Saying right um that you know Trump University these are like goofy Trump Fraud right um but this isn't harming People you know it's taking their money Sure that sucks but there are things Being done by corporations and you know Medical companies and wrongful death Suits where people die you know the Corporations I mean there was a movie I Forget the maybe it was called Dark

Water and uh something like this but it Had to do with um they were making Teflon when they first created Teflon And there was uh poisonous aluminum that Was killing people's cows like their Livestock and then people started Getting sick around these maybe it was Pennsylvania or something but it was a Real thing that happened you know we saw This stuff with Aaron Brockovich similar Things where people were dying and and Dying horrible deaths because of Pollution being produced by corporations And there's not these kind of rulings Right you know what Trump did or didn't Do is lying and maybe swindling and they Could you know calculate the amount he Didn't make uh $100 million on Trump University right whatever he made on it You know these scams now Trump is a a Piece of crap businessman Who doesn't pay his V vendors and you Know I know that I mean I know that from People I've talked to personally either Second degree of like you know way way Like there was a barber in in Vegas who Told me he knew a number of vendors that The Trump Tower just screwed out of Money like Trump just wouldn't pay his Vendors and he'd renegotiate something Or just wouldn't pay him at all like He's a scumbag you know and I wouldn't Mind him being punished it's just this Is an extreme you know this is over the

Top right and you know I mean Trump Deserves whatever he gets for operation Warp speed and all the stuff that he did He sucks you know I'm not a trump guy But this is just over the top for the District of Colombia and that's arising Out of allegations that the uh Inaugural Committee paid excessive fees to the old Post office there so and then you go Back to 2022 August weiselberg Alan Weiselberg one of the parties here Pleaded guilty to 15 criminal counts of Tax fraud so very relevant to the judge Here is that this has been going on for Some time at least over a decade a Little over a decade is the earliest dat The 2012 there's no doubt that Trump is Not a ethical and um you know he's he's Just one of these scammers he's always Been that way and there's no doubt about That and you know hundred million but Again this wouldn't have happened if Trump wasn't president And there's all these rulings against Him and you know they got um they got Hickey n out there and you know she's Running these I mean they started off The Morning Joe show the other day with Her talking about Trump about going was Going to likely go to jail and so she's Positioning herself for that I mean this Thing's going to be a mess right the Election and everything else so he owes Egene Caroll the settlement was for 83

Million right now he's on the hook for $438 million which again you know these Rich people they don't have that in Capital when they say somebody's net Worth they just can't you know pull out That much money even if he's a Billionaire so they say he's worth uh $2.6 billion but a lot of that's tied up In real estate like he doesn't have that In cash like he just having cash to to Turn over and you know that's going to Be uh a lot of that with this ruling of Him not being able to do business in New York and again I don't feel bad for him Or sorry for him he sucks you know Donald Trump sucks but you know this is Over the top right this is something Where you know it's just um it's pretty Brutal so I just want to add to this Here Um there was a movie called The all the Money in the world it was about uh J Paul Getty who was supposedly the Richest man in the world and his Favorite grandson was was Kidnapped and the mom went pleading to For him to give money so he get the kid Back and he didn't have any money Because these really rich people are Cash poor they have everything caugh Tied up in foundations you know they're Trying to hide money from being uh Prevent some of their income from being Taxed and they hide all this money you

Know Trump's Foundation was also found To be fraudulent but all these people do The same thing right they're hiding Money away from being uh you not they're Not paying taxes on the money and you Know you have these corporations that Pay for the private jet so you're CEO And you have these corporations you have Access to these private jets and things And you don't have to pay for them and You know it's it's ways of um making These things expense accounts they're Part of your uh instead of getting Income you're getting perks like houses And corporate owned houses and corporate Run like you know uh planes and things Like this right all that kind of stuff So they don't have cash to they have to Liquidate assets to get that kind of Cash right Trump doesn't have you know Uh $100 million laying around or $86 Million or $355 million lay around so he Can't pay for this right he just you Know these are ways of just crushing Somebody and then crushes his ability to Borrow which is a wealthy person's real Asset that they can borrow cheap money And invest in businesses we're going to Go to shark tank in a moment and that's You know there's a shark tank episode Where Damon the uh one of the Sharks Damon and Mr Wonderful were arguing like Who would better be able to get the Funding for to back this you know deal

They're trying to make with the with a Person presenting the you know whatever Their company and Damon said you know we There's we both go we both know the five People that you go to for money like he I look for it I could never find the Exact um clip but he was talking about How there's these five people out there That give you money and they both you Know they have to go these rich people Have to go to these people and get money And Trump won't be able to do that right Based in everything that's happened to Him because he's now considered uh you Know a bad risk and they're trying to Destroy him right and again you know I Don't have any love for Trump and you Know he's crapped on all of us with his Operation warp speed and the things is Failures and he should just go away but This stuff is punitive and it's not you Know it's not fair and it's not Right okay so this is a a shark tank uh Segment which um I watched I don't know A few days ago I think I'd seen it Before actually but weirdly enough I I Me have watch it again um it was a woman Who uh designed some um cyber wedding You know whatever it was uh software and Things For people who couldn't get married During Co but people are still using her Product and there are two things that Were interesting about this segment one

Was about um and I'm going to talk about This separately after I get through this Part here the you know I show you both Of these segments here is girl power Right you probably didn't expect me to Say I'm a software engineer when I Walked in here and so yeah I expected it Because you know yeah cuz women can do Everything do um when I was because Women can do everything there's going to Be another segment somewhere here when I I'll go through and I'll show you that Uh but that's just um you know not that Women can't do everything I mean I they Can't do some things men can do but they Can do something men can't do which is Have a baby which is kind of a huge Thing right being a mom and carrying a b A baby are things that are you know uh Really important important to the Species a really important role but it's Just the constant drone of women power And you know women are better than men And women have it so hard that you hear Now and see now on television and movies And I'll get into that in just a bit Actually I found the other segment here The this ones have to do with girl power Right business for me and so Unfortunately I'm out but I appreciate You standing there thank you Lori girl Power girl power Lori you changed my Life too seeing you up here so oh well Thank

You okay so um we'll come back to this So we'll get back to the girl power Stuff when I cover Barbie as well um or Maybe I'll just wait and do that the end But this was the other thing about this Then the reason I'm asking the questions About the technology is I'm trying to Figure out are you also a data company Can you get more information because if You become a so she's Gathering data on Not only the the people who are getting Married but their family and friends who Are participating in this cyber you know This wedding this Zoom call basically And so Mark cubin immediately wants to Know if they can use the data because That's where the money is right um and You know data company what are you Aggregating how deep is your database Because that is really what matters yeah And to answer that that's what really What matters the business is self isn't As important as selling the data and Then um Mr Wonderful gets in on that as Well this works for me I don't think You're with 4 million but it's an Interesting data feeder business if You're willing to work with the other Company so that we could sell your Weddings all of our other stuff they are My customers okay they so he's in you Know he's involved in other wedding Businesses and he wants her data so he Can sell her people his stuff and you

Know he can use these the data from These other businesses to cross Reference these things and and sell People you know this is the world we Live in trying to gather as much data as Possible from people look I track the Wedding industry by the weekend okay I Get all that data and there's a Scalability and so um you know then he Asked her what kind of data she has she Has email addresses and a few other Things she isn't Gathering a lot of data But then would willing to you know Gather more data so this is um again you Know where we're Headed well first of all I'm not going To cry no no I are you sure this guy so Punked himself when he made Barbie as Ken Ryan goley you know I Think that in a way you're talking about My my mother my mother's very beautiful And and and she was a single mom and so I think when you're a Kid and you have a single mom you know The in a way you know all all men feel Like wolves you know and uh not not K Though you know I remember walking with My mother and guys would whistle at her And it's very predatory and it's uh it's It's it's very threatening you know Especially if you're a young kid and you Don't feel like if something went Sideways that you Could you could uh you know do anything

About It okay it's okay Ryan you can grow up And make Ken and that'll help uh you Know Salvage the dutting or create the Dutting of the male Population at least your personal Dutting so um Jimmy Kimmel is um hosting The Oscars or something or doing some Promotion here it's on ABC Disney and He's got the map backwards of course the Pyramid here and the guy in the you know The Capstone in the pyramid He's got it inverted and he has this Black wedding ring since the dawn of Time men have been getting lost I am so Lost men get lost cuz they can't do Anything um story of one such dumb Dum He Came Upon A he's a dumb dumb strange Looking house and rang the Doorbell Hello hey man what's up weird Barbie Nice to meet I come on in yes we Barbie You know she's so not funny Kate McKinnon um She's Strange and they've Tried to make her strange funny and it's Not like it's if you watch Saturday Night Live featuring her she's not funny Like she's not a funny person like exude Humor like there's just something that People exude that they're able to like Lighten the mood and they can be you Know comedians are often psychologic Ally messed up and they can be depressed People but they have that in them they

Have this ability to change the mood and The atmosphere around them and she's Just strange she does weird things that Is supposed to be funny and it's not Right All welcome you must be midlife crisis Ken no lost everything the divorce Ken No probably should have gone a size up In that tuxedo Ken no I'm Jimmy I'm Kimmel oh I'm hosting the Oscars and I'm Lost and I really need to get back again Why is he hosting the Oscars this guy Should have been me too he had this show The Man Show which I've showed you and You know then he did black face with Oprah and and um Carl Malone he did all These things I'm not going to show you The clips because I've done that Recently but the guy if anybody should Have be me to or canceled it's him and He's again hosting the Oscars and then Being you know this feminist Juggernaut That was Barbie right back to Hollywood You find GPS threatening to your Masculinity I have just a thing for you Kimy g let's Go and Behold you know um it just reminds me How bad Barbie Was this is how you get to Oscar's Land okay it's a PR Straight Shot Through The Zone of Interest pass past Lives over anatomy of a fall Falls and All the way to Carnegie Hall okay but

How did you get to Carnegie Hall you Practice Jimmy then it's up the hill to buron Academy take a Jeffrey wri and go all The way to Los Alamos New Mexico I can't remember all this um They've L Barbie off the thing Which was strange but you know I mean I Don't know why they did the movie sucked It was horrible like it was cringeworthy I mean I've covered this extensively and How weird it was and how you know Barbie Itself and the woman who produced Barbie And I you know I had a whole thing my Barbie videos were you know um they Evolved and more information came in it Was pretty substantial amount of Weirdness and you know whatever was There um but this guy his show takes Place in the freemasonic Hall of Hollywood that's been converted to a Theater and it's rif with Humiliation and these humiliation Rituals and you know he's just a a dark Person he's a Gatekeeper and you know of course They're pushing this Barbie thing um for A movie that really has been snubbed by The Oscars right I know you're limited But don't worry we're taking the weird Wagon And you know you're limited cuz you're a Man they pointed the Weir wagon towards A colorful Montage to the Oscar

Man I like your Car Hey look it's even weirder you know In this um in this Uh segment like they going back and Forth between Barbie land in the real World they just it was unnecessary they Did it like constantly and it dragged on For like Ever hey Bella hi she my cousin really Yeah and welcome to O County oh look They grow Italian people Here is that Rain no like this just goes on forever Right it's Kenard Bernstein Oh my God what happened to that guy's Face born that way oh that poor Incredibly hideous Disgusting ugly man yeah put these on to Protect your eyes thank you oh they're Not seethrough I can't See here we are the Oscars again this is supposed there's Zero jokes in this thing wow I didn't Think we were going to make it thank you Hey no problem so Much who look at this you honestly now That I'm here I'm nervous this is like It's I don't know if I can do this it's Such a tricky thing he's right it is a Tricky Thing it's literally impossible to host The Oscars you have to be extraordinary

But somehow you're always doing it wrong Like you have to make they're reliving This monologue that was horrible this Feminist Manifesto from the movie fun of People but you can't make how hard it is To be a woman and I want to talk about This you know I mean this is part of the The stuff to do with um Shark Tank and Girl power but uh let's watch the end of This and I'll do that in a voiceover too Much fun of people and you have to give Everybody enough time but you can't go Long and you are the center of attention But almost nobody cares you're there you Can never show off never fall down never Fail never show Fear nobody says thank You and everyone has something critical To say online if it goes well no one Says anything but if it doesn't it's Your fault yes that's I think what You're saying is hosting the Oscars is Even harder than being a Woman no nothing is harder than being a Woman nothing Is no no that's that's not at all what I Was Saying Wrong I got in and Out it's kind of this cool social media Trend where you get it before the Oscars Oh hey Ryan um actually I think the Trend is to have In-N-Out after the Oscars actually after you've won the Oscar yeah well that's not going to

Happen good thing gret has got director In the bag oh Ryan yeah Mhm What um that scream that feminine scream Because she's not going to win director I was surprised when I made the videos I Thought they were going to give it the Oscars just because of the feminist Stuff but apparently they they're just Snubbing it because of the feminist Stuff because it was fighting Financially successful but it was a Horrible horrible movie [Applause] Right girls grow into women but not all Boys grow into men some remain Hopelessly stuck in a loop of infantile Foolishness one of them will host the Oscars live Sunday March 10th at a new Time 7 So not funny right so my wife and I Watched this TV show called Murder at The end of the world it must must have Been on Hulu I believe it was from FX You know Fox that does um very liberal Feminist or whatever it is and it was Kind of a murder mystery a little bit Interesting maybe a little bit of a Twist you know it was just one of these Traditional Agatha Christie type of Setups you know where they have the the Whole you know they bring everybody Together the room at the end and the Murder solved and all these things um

But it had a feminist twist and there Was conversations you know how difficult It is to be a woman and you know it Happened over and over again you know This whole Barbie theme and this was Made before Barbie was released you know This is a constant talking points you Hear from Hollywood how difficult it is To be a woman there's one scene where This woman who allegedly went to the Moon and and the main character who's a Um she's she's a young girl that's Obsessed with you know death and the Many women who are murdered that they're These cold cases that never get solved And how dangerous it is to be a woman And yet her everything that she does the Girl and the the main character is to Put herself in danger and be uh you know Especially with men like she's just a High-risk person you know it's like you Know just hypocritical right like you Know that women are more vulnerable to Death and murder than men and and you Know violence but men and she does Things and says things throughout the The show the shows to put herself in Danger a lot of bad choices but this Woman who went to the moon says you know The men have have it you know we know How difficult it is to be a woman but The other side has it you know bad as Well and this idea that there's two Sides here that there's a battle of the

Sexes you know there's Competition across the line and you can Say there's a battle between races and Demographics and people but you know That does exist and there's a battle of The sexes I guess but you know women Root against other women and are brutal Against other women more than anything Else and they judge other women and They're harsh you know they're there's The The women competing Hillary Clinton you Know she employed less women than Donald Trump she was highly competitive with The women that work with her and she was Harder on women than men right which is Often the case um women keeping each Other down you see this across all these Demographics people are usually Competing with people that are like them That are you know their their biggest Rivals and competition and enemies are Usually people in their very own Demographic but they've made up this Fantasy of that there's this you know um That somehow women are being purposely Targeted by men and you know there are Things that are built into the system That are you know derogatory towards Women but a lot of those things are Self-inflicted things that women have Done to themselves in the fashion Industry for example and all the things To go with that um holding themselves to

A standard that men you know don't care About or men don't don't know anything About right and so you know this idea That women have it so much harder which Is true in one way but not the way that They're talking about they're talking About they have it so much harder in Business and you know there's a any There's a pay Gap and all these things But that's not where women have it Harder it's being a mom like being a mom Is harder than and you know it's also The nature of a woman's heart is Different than than a man's heart that's Been sort of documented in the size Mark System that a woman's heart is designed To be nurturing and loving because of Being a wife and a mother and women are Much more social and suffer pain from Social situations and cultural Situations much more than men because Their hearts are open and more naturally Loving because of having to fulfill the Nurturing role of a mom and so in this Way women have it harder and it's more Painful for them but also there could be More joy and there more more you know I Mean more emotional Gratification because they have a higher Range of emotion and feeling and things Like this and so with anything that's You know there's when there's ability There's also there's things that go with That ability but I talked about this

Mantra this girl uh America Ferrara Delivered in the movie about how hard it Is to be a woman and most of the things She was talking about were things that Women do to each other like judgment and You know this the social construct Because men are like actually are kind Of Dopey in different ways and clueless And they couldn't develop these you know These obstacles that women have um you Know placed within their own you know System trying to win on a economic level Or in or on a career level you know this Is part of what Barbie's about and not Embracing the motherhood role like Diminishing their motherhood role I mean That's the the worst sort of Self-inflicted crime that this just a Mom you know I've talked about this in The past minimizing the role of the Mother which has been done I mean maybe To some extent by men but for the most Part by women right I mean the CIA made The feminist movement but feminists have Been really critical of the M Diminishing the role of the mother and That's where a woman and women Collectively where their power is by Being the center of the family you know The Lakshmi of the family you know the Like an Indian goddess of love right uh Or the motherly goddess you know a Woman's Divinity comes from the Divine Mother right the Earth is you know uh

The Earth is considered feminine right You know the the mother earth and that's Where Women's power comes from but when You demean the role of the mother then You disempower yourself and then you're Making it about business and your career And careers are for the most part stupid Very few jobs have any real meaning They're just financial jobs that are Part of the economy and you know they Have a role to play but careers in General aren't as important as people Make them oh my God I have to I have to Be validated by having a successful Career no you have to be validated by Being uh doing what your soul wants you To do right you've incarnated as a as a Woman or a man or whatever it is you Incarnate as in terms of your you know Your racial demographics and your Abilities and you know and eventually You're going to be a mom and a dad for Most people and you know these things And you've incarnated to experience These things but not you know it's not The end all right your your egotistical Life and your whatever you become as a Person isn't the end all it's what you Do to move your soul forward on its Journey you have a purpose and a goal Here and people who are you know caught Up in some sort of materialistic Validation I mean this is what's Happened to this clown dodgy in the

Aress organization he's winning Awards And he's hobnobbing with celebrities but He's a failure he's lost members and you Know the organization is uh completely Corrupted because he's looking for External validation you know how many Thumbs up do you need to make yourself Feel good about yourself right how many You know positive comments or Ps on the Back on a social media level do you need To not feel like a piece of Boop right Like it's just you know how many awards I won an Oscar did you well your movie Sucked you know you know and even if it Didn't suck it's just a movie right and So this is you know um this false agenda They're pushing it's constant like you See it in TV show after TV show that This idea that women are having so much Rougher and they're so much better than Men and they're not getting the credit And you know it's material validation it Means nothing you have to live a life Where you feel good about yourself and You align yourself with your Soul's path And you feel you know validated from Within because you're doing what you're Supposed to do but most people aren't Doing that they're just lost wandering Around the world uh being unsuccessful Because they view success as being some Sort of Materialistic process anyways you know Barbie sucks only spirituality will save

This world world it's barano definitely Point from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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