Trump is a cancer on the truth community & America

Trump is a cancer on the truth community & America

Greetings brothers and sisters so I Wanna Go in on Trump and trumpers In a bit Um I want to show you why first And then explain my point of view which Is probably something you haven't heard Before At least not from me It's not just about Trump it's about Everything you know like like about Everything about the Apocalypse First he comes out here with a dope Marjorie Taylor degree Marjorie Taylor Green is here she would say Hello Marjorie Hello Marjorie hello Madre Madre [Laughter] Warrior oh there she is oh look at her How beautiful She's a warrior [Applause] You want to say something come on say Something [Applause] All right I want to let you all know and this is Something that you know this is Something that I know president Trump is Beating Joe Biden poll after poll after Poll pull after poll after poll Like there's a just uh like it's a totem

Pole let's go back to that image there It's a totem pole of dopes here He's up seven points today And if he were to run against Kamala Harris he's up 11 points which is funny All right Georgia let's it's funny 11. Four more years There'll be four years of his presidency If you went together four more The hug Thank you oh my yes five oh yes thank You All right I'm gonna get into why that Sucks but first let's go to his I haven't seen any of these videos but I Have a comment couple comments to read From trumpers and I want to talk about Why he and her are a cancer on the truth Community and have been for you know a Couple years now Okay so this is an hour and 23 minutes speech Okay so fish boy brags about how great a Job he did and what he's going to do in The future And then he gets it to Hillary a little Bit and then he gets into the indictment He said that it was Russian Disinformation Everybody knew that wasn't true they Knew it wasn't true that's become a big Scandal that was another form of Cheating on the election a lot of the Great pollsters we have a couple of them

Here tonight they said that the I mean You look at what they said about it 17 Point difference it's uh incredible but The 51 intelligence agents lied Now the Marxist left is once again using The same corrupt doj and the same Corrupt FBI And the attorney general and the Local District Attorneys to interfere In our elections at a level that our Country and few countries have ever seen Before So um what are you going to do Differently this time Because your audience isn't going to do Poop right the people he's talking to If there's that level of corruption And it's coming from the intelligence Community the social media Companies the mainstream media countries Fox News they're the ones who called it For Biden and bailed on you Like what are you going to do Differently this time You know what's different about this Time what's the apparatus this isn't the Main thing I want to talk about but if They are persecuting you like he says Right he's a victim of their Corruption and he's squeaky clean and a Great guy he's never broken the law he's Never done anything wrong what is your Apparatus for stopping this from Happening

They're cheating they're crooked they're Corrupt these criminals cannot be Rewarded they must be defeated you have To defeat them and how are you going to Defeat them To feed them To feed the criminals because in the end They're not coming after me they're Coming after you and I'm just standing In their way here I am I'm standing in Their way and I always will be it's just The way Stander he's just setting picks You know He's just out there sending pics against The people coming after you And he's stopping them you know because He's Trump and he's done such a good job Of that he stopped all those supporters From being thrown into jail after the Big event in January and he's stopped All the people from being Banned and harassed on social media so Much so that he went and formed his own Goofy Twitter knockoff write all these Things like he hasn't stopped anything He's not in their way at all like he's Helping them he's the Catalyst for them Doing what they're doing and that's the Main part of why I talk about in a bit I Just want to get through this but he's a Catalyst it's on him right it's he's the Reason He is the you know he is the problem That they are using to push their

Depraved agenda Restaurant [Music] [Applause] Thank you very much Thank you very much The ridiculous and baseless indictment Of Me by the Biden administration's Weaponized Department of Injustice Will go down as among the most horrific Abuses of power in the history of our Country many people have said that Democrats have even said it yeah I know It won't I mean it's come on Everything with Trump is huge like he's The greatest it's the biggest this is The worst This is like the worst thing that's ever Happened It's not like it just isn't I mean Trump Is a corrupt businessman and you know an Immoral depraved person And he's just part of the club of you Know demons that are are in power in the System Either the money power the political Power the media power This vicious persecution is a travesty Of Justice you're watching Joe Briden Job I think of it Biden is trying to Jail his leading political opponent an Opponent that's beating him by a lot in The post okay so Joe Biden Joe Biden is A senile joke and most trumpers

I mean the trumpers that come here they Love to mock Joe Biden for being senile For being sucky for being corrupt for Being clueless falling down on the job These things right it's the same thing I Said about Trump they made fun of trump For being such a dope they made Trump For being a you know a kind of a [ __ ] Of an idiot but then also he's a Criminal mastermind and same thing for Biden you can't be both senile And a criminal mastermind if you're Talking about his handlers that's one Thing But that's if they're actually trying to Put you in jail Which they're not like you know if they Put them in jail they put them in jail It's not like there's going to be Justice we didn't see it during the Post-election we didn't see it during Covid we didn't see it for Kyrie Irving We didn't see it for all these people Right Justice hasn't existed For a very long time right but he'll say It here it's just like they do in Stalinist Russia or communist China no Different Our country has gone very bad and think Of it in three years three years ago we Were energy independent we had no Inflation We had low taxes we had low interest Rates we had the greatest economy in

History So it was a false economy which I said Back then Because Trump deregulated everything Again so there's an economic boom Of derivatives and you know Banker scams And things But it's a short-lived boom And let's say it was real The thing that killed it and it's not Real but the thing that killed it is When Trump shot shut down the economy Because he got worked on covid they Pushed him into shutting down the Economy his great economy and pushing All the agenda including operation warp Speed where either he was completely in On it or he got worked like a a pigeon a Stooge I mean he just got worked by them So either it's a dope that got worked or He got you know handled or he got you Know he's just into it whatever whatever It was that's what killed his economy His very own actions the way that he Handled covet he could have called out BS from the beginning He could have uh you know not pushed the Operation warp speed which would have Changed everything They wouldn't have been able to push That thing on everybody if it wasn't for Trump because Trump got that thing going In record time like he you know he I Mean he's there let me just um

Let me play all the memes here of him Saying that stuff Very long we've instituted it before two Additional companies AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson uh as you know the Johnson and Johnson's a one dose One-Shot vaccine so we're going to see How that works that would be very Helpful if that all came out and I think It probably will also they're showing Tremendous uh tremendous promise all of Them tremendous problem we're we're very Hopeful that the FDA will authorize the Fisa vaccine within days we've got to Get it moving and modern our vaccine Almost immediately thereafter uh large Numbers of tests and samples have been Done so hopefully that'll go very Quickly if authorized tens of millions Of vaccine doses will be available this Month Then we'll get it distributed very Quickly we have that all set and Hundreds of millions more will quickly Follow every American who wants the Vaccine will be able to get the vaccine And we think by Spring we're going to be In a position that nobody would believe Possible just a few months ago He's a brilliant They say it's they say it's somewhat of A miracle and I think that's true the Plan we put forward prioritizes the Elderly and patients with underlying

Conditions as well as health care Workers and First Responders latest Achievements was getting the vaccine Done in nine months instead of five and A half to 12 years but the problem is You know we saved tens of billions of Lives all over the world but I can't Talk about it because our base our Beautiful base of which some of you are There you get angry when we mention the Word vaccine don't get angry you did Everything you could to get this vaccine Now I know it was one of the greatest Achievements we did in less than nine Months and to be able to do that but but Now he's taking a Twist right and then People Repeat others because you know there's a Big situation with a lot of people don't Want to take the vaccine well this Played right into their hands and they Want me to do Public Service messages And everything about everybody taking The vaccine and look I guess in a Certain way I'm the father of the Vaccine because I was the one that Pushed it you know to get it done in Less than nine months was a miracle Fauci said it would take three to five Years he thought it was something that Just wouldn't be that effective because It would take so long to get we I pushed The FDA like they have never been pushed Before I wouldn't exactly stay there uh

They're in love with me they have never This is a very bureaucratic organization I push them like they've never been Pushed before and that's why we have it The vaccine is one of the greatest Achievements of mankind we would have Had a 1917 remember the Spanish flu Killed perhaps 100 million people Can you imagine if you had to go through What all of the countries of the world Who are now getting the vaccine or soon Will be getting it from various Companies but can you imagine if all of Those Countries had to go through what they've Been going through over the last year You'd lose Hundreds of millions of people let the Teachers get the vaccine they should get The vaccine I hope they do again it's Something I'm very proud of I think if We didn't come up during the Trump Administration with a vaccine you could Have a hundred the best one I'll play it Again I got a better version I found it On Fox Where Trump said he was the father of The vaccine And it was a miracle He is claiming Divinity The vaccine was divine and is you know Whatever this should put a stake in the Coffee this mnfer's candidacy I mean this is you know even for the

Most hardcore trumpers you got to see This guy God he got played he played Himself he played you I mean just uh you Know absolute POS let's play that clip Again and look I guess in a certain way I'm the father of the vaccine because I Was the one that pushed it you know to Get it done in less than nine months was A miracle You know and then he got worked right he Just got worked on it and then he got Worked on the election and the Post-election and he got set up and he Allowed he walked into a trap of his own Doing and he hasn't got out of that trap Right but they might let him out of the Trap because let's listen to this part Here Think of it I could stand up here all Day long and just talk about all of the Great success we had and now of course You could We have everything's the opposite Inflation's killing our country energy Is Ridiculous and ridiculously how we're Getting energy from Venezuela Nobody can even believe it I never Thought Such a thing could happen to America As far as the Joke of an indictment it's a horrible Thing it's a horrible thing for this Country

I mean the only good thing about it is It's driven my poll numbers way up can You believe this of course it does let Me stop here and get into the thing okay So I did a long voice over and I'd add a Video at the end where John Bolton's who Was once the you know beloved member of Trump's Administration who eventually Ended up Turning on Trump trump turning on him Which always happens And you know I want to talk about Not words but actions and effects So you have words where people verbalize Words Verbalize intentions verbalize their Inner World verbalize their goals Verbalize the kind of person they are The kind of beliefs they have and then There's actions which are more of a Reflection of Truth Because words are you know full of lies And if you're you know a skilled liar And deceiver you can create you know Deception where your words say one thing But your actions say The exact opposite and then there's the Results the effects that a person has on A company affects a person has on an Organization it affects a person has on Other people in their lives right And those are the two things that I want To talk about here with Trump not his Words because you like his words

People are into the words right People are you know that's what they Love about Trump is his words they're Trumpers But his actions if you are going to be Honest and you're a Trumper and you're Not going to be because you know if You're a Trumper you've already gone Through so many layers of denial you Know I got this long voice overcoming But this is a pre-introduction to that But if you really look at Trump's Actions as president And the effects that he's had on the Country look at where we are now look at Where we are now as uh country and you Could say well Trump you know got Cheated out of the election if he was President that wouldn't have happened But what happened happened right the Trump presidency led to the Biden Presidency And whatever Reasons that happen whatever you know Was the the you know the whatever the Behind the scenes stuff whatever the Power struggles whatever the the Corruption whatever you know whatever Made this thing shake out the way it did That's what's happened Trump was the president now Biden's a President And all the things that have gone wrong With kovid with the economy with

Inflation all across the board those Were all things that Trump did things Have gotten worse Trump didn't make America Great again he made America worse Again look at the results what are the Results Of trump Well people are at each other's throats And again this is an all on Trump but This is what's happened since Trump was President and he became a politician There's much more division in our Countries in our country and you say Well that's not like Trump he's a uniter How is Trump a United right think about All the relationships Trump has had And I'm going to talk about this again At the end of the video but look at his Fixer Michael Cohen whose life was Ruined he's a scumbag whatever And he went to jail And then turned on Trump And Trump turned on him When you know he did all this work for Trump did all this illegal work at all He was a fixer right John Bolton which I've already talked About Steve Steve Bannon and then now Kaylee mcinini I mean all these people You know you list a lot more Who once were Beloved members of Trump's Administration that Trump eventually

Turns on who hasn't he turned on and Some of these people like went to jail Lost their jobs I mean some of the the Effects Trump has had on them in his you Know his relationship with them Businesses that he's had that has gone Bankrupt people that he's ruined That came in contact with them the many Lawsuits that Trump has had I mean so Many people who have had Trump in their Life Have had horrible effects afterwards Like he's one of those people that Poisons and contaminates and hurts the People around him like the father in The Succession TV show right that guy who Wrecked his children wrecked his family Hurt the country you know Trump is a Divisive angry hostile hateful low Person and he affects people that way Same way Hillary does right they have Bad energy they contaminate the world Around them it would have been the same With Hillary just different But it would have been the same effects Joe Biden another person right you can't Claim that Joe Biden is a good guy based In all the things that have happened While he's been president and things Getting worse right and it isn't like It's all his fault but he certainly Didn't make things better and so if you Evaluate Trump's actions and the effects Of having him in your life in the in the

World around you It's a negative he's a negative person Again you know this is on a spiritual Level this is all supposed to happen the Collapse of our system You know the collapse of our corrupt and Dubai system and so I mean some of these Things are positive but then you know Trump and Biden are in some ways doing God's work again I'm not getting into That level of analysis here But that's always there that's going you Know in a deeper fashion which I get Into the the onion right deeper levels Of truth but in terms of what we see as America And how America is right now it's not Better Trump didn't make it better Biden didn't Make it better it's gotten worse that's Their effect both of them The Trump presidency left to a buying Presidency presidency which may lead to A second Trump presidency and it's just Going to keep on getting worse The division the you know the lifestyle The you know all of it is just going to Go in that direction Trump hasn't been Able to have a positive influence on Really anything Even as an apprentice even as you know These people that Apprentice with him Right all these you know he just he's a You know he's a contaminator he's a you

Know he's a he's a black hole so if you Forget about his words but look at how He affects stuff like he walks into a Room and the flowers die it's like he's A bad like shreplic he's one of those People He's been bankrupt twice and he's ruined All kinds of things He's you know ruined people's lives he's Ruined businesses he's you know done all Kinds of damage and you know he's not a An uplifter he's not a person that makes Things better and you've had people like This in your life you've had people who When they come into your life they make Everything better They just brighten the world around them And I'm not claiming to be one of them You know far from it but I know people Like that right and certainly the you Know doing the massage meditation the The masters of the system you know I've Had people like that my wife is a person Like that and so you know there are People out there who just They're just positive they have positive Energy You see this with players basketball Players who are you know Trump's a Cancer on the truth Community is a Cancer on Humanity just like Joe Biden Is just like so many Alec Baldwin all These people right But there's you know players who go to a

Team and the team gets better Great players right but there's great Players who are selfish narcissistic and All all about themselves you know all About their their own getting their own And when they go to a team they're a Cancer they hurt the team the team falls Apart right they don't improve the the People around them they don't improve The environment they create Division and Gossip and you know negativity and Everyone gets a bad attitude you know I Had a a boss a manager at one of the Restaurants I worked at when I waited Tables and he said you just need one Negative server one negative waiter or Waitress And then I have to fire the whole staff You know because once you get a negative Person pointing out how bad the job Sucks or whatever it is right it infects The whole you know the whole staff and I've seen it you've seen it in your life We all know this there's people who if They were president it would just be a Positive effect it would still be you Know there'd be lots of problems and all Things that are there And you know we're in such a downward Spiral But Trump is not a positive person is The the effects of him as a human being The energy he exudes the Consciousness He has so yeah you might agree with he

Might you know Pander to you and tell You things you want to hear But he's a cancer he's one of these People that's just a Cancer and because He's embraced the truth Community to Some extent not really but in you know The the cubies and you know people that Are going to help him and benefit him I Mean he's he embraced Alex Jones for a While then turned on the truth Community When he became president you know all The things that he promised and didn't Deliver he him say he was going to lock Hillary up and then saying you know no That was that was that played well During the election but now we don't Care now that I've won right because Everything was about him winning Not about him doing what he promised you He would do if you voted for him you Know he was a typical liar and flim Flame man and the one thing I liked About Trump is at least he wasn't hiding A lot of this stuff he wasn't acting Like a politician But now I see that He's you know he's just such a cancer And he's just you know he contaminates Everything that he's around And the world is the worst place with Him as a a political figure Is a worse place and you can see it Whether you want to see it that's up to You

But he's not a person that creates Something good He is I don't want to even say Destructive because that's a destruction Is a natural element of life But he's uh you know a cancer like a Malignant Force A demonic Force out there And everything that he you know when He's the Center of America which he is Now in terms of political discussion in Terms of so much Of the battle that's taking place in America Trump is the central you know The center of the storm right and you Can see his effects and he's like a Contagious tumor right And so um let's get into it here because You know This is just a pre-introduction But let's go to the other stuff here So if I lie to you If I was a fake Trump or if I pretended I was a Trumper a Republican Or a right-wing sort of Leaning person I would do a lot better you guys can all See that right you have the ability to See that if I pretended to be a Christian for example or pretended to be A you know uh when this group a flat Earther or a a QB or you know a Trumper Or you know any number of these things Right-wing person If I told you there was hope for the

System that the system Could be saved and Trump could make America better again Any number of these positions Would increase my subscriber count and Viewer count and support financial Support and all these other things right I say things all the time not just about Trump but in general That piss people off and they either Comment and leave You know I'm unsubscribing right or They just leave right I say things that Challenge people eventually everybody Eventually everybody that comes here I Say something That they don't agree with and it causes Them some emotional distress some people Work their way through it they're mature Enough to See that maybe I'm right or maybe you Know whatever we just disagree But the majority of people leave you Know if I've had Millions upon millions Of viewers here like hundreds of Millions of views Uh you know I've deleted videos and lost Those views but I think it's like at 110 Million views or something like that Collectively over the years and so There's been at least several million People that come in contact With my channel and out of those people I have about five to ten thousand loyal

Viewers right Um and my content doesn't suck well you Can stop like my content sucks You know I say funny things there's Humor in it there's Insight I mean There's lots of people who love my Channel when I agree with them But when I don't they turn on me and They leave right and so you know it's Not in my best interest as a YouTuber To tell you that Trump is a piece of Poop right It just isn't like it would be better For me when I you know the videos that I'm hammering by nerve making fun of Biden or the left do a lot better than When I say things about Trump in the right Wing because there's a right-wing Element Of the truth community And there's a comment I received last Night I'm going to read both comments I Covered one yesterday And the person says you are wrong Paul I Know the vast majority of politicians Are bad But there is one group that is a lot Worse If you can't see that your health must Be worse than you are letting us know Now that's a remedial position It's a you know an embarrassingly naive And you know just willfully in denial

Position And I'll get into that all you know I've Talked about some of it before but I Talk about it a different way But there is no difference like there's No oh he's not as corrupt or he's not as Bad In the world that we live in now there's None of that right you know especially In the political world And when you say things like that You're showing that like let's say the Truth is an onion You haven't even peeled the skin yet Like let's say being a truther is an Onion a layers of onions right and That's not the best onions just have Layers But it's not like when you get to the Center of an onion it's beautiful in Heaven right But you know it's a good example of Something that has layers It's you know concentric circles and if The center is the truth You're at the skin level of the onion Right if the center of the onion is the Truth Then you're not even penetrating the First layer that you know brown papery Skin that's on the outside like you Can't call yourself a truther and to be A truther to be somebody who's seeking The truth

You have to be evolving you have to be More and more clear on the truth As things evolve there's so many people In the truth community They're saying the exact same stupid Stuff they said You know dummy stuff 10 years ago 12 years ago five years ago You have to be evolving you have to be Seeing things clear as you get older you Have to become wiser You have to be able to somehow show some Movement and some growth as a as a Perceiver of reality that's what this is And if you're you know backing Trump After all the stuff that he did the way He went out in his election he exposed Himself And you know and not only As a you know as a flim-flam man and a Scammer not only did he turn on you and Do bad things to you But also He showed that he was powerless I mean there's that one great tweet let Me find the Tweet here so this is Post the election And Trump said this If somebody cheated in the election Which the Democrats did why wouldn't the Election be immediately overturned Question mark How can a country be run like this this Is December 9 2020 when Trump is still

President And so like it showed you how powerless He was he's admitting to That the country's being run by other People and not him The idea is that the president is Running the country but he's admitting Right there That the country isn't being run by him Or anybody that he understands like you Know why is this happening to me Why is this so unfair and most of us Experience this Because we're not billionaires And things don't go our way because we Can't buy The system but even rich people Experience this kind of feeling The richest person in the world Experiences this when they get cancer They lose a loved one or you know they Can't control something they thought They could control Because life isn't meant to be Controlled and there are governing Forces far beyond what I call the Controller there's Divine forces at play Here At you know human level at the Governmental level at the you know Universal level That things play out that we can't Control and sometimes they seem Completely unfair

And so sometimes it's the government That looks like they're screwing you Sometimes it's something more right Sometimes it's you know corruption on Some human level But there are Divine forces on a deeper Level And this dope who left this comment Is not even you know scratching the Surface of this is at the skin level Of the you know of the whole thing There's another Covenant here and I'm Going to get back to these things More in a bit I just want to make this Initial point Paul you like to see someone go to jail This is about Trump Just because you find it interesting Nothing spiritual to see here folks Pathetic Um I covered this in my other channel Yesterday I dissected that person and Their motivation But it's people dwelling on the surface If you're still a Trumper you're on the Surface level you're not on our level Those of us who see it you're not even Close to it not that we're better than You but we're better than you like we're In terms of our perception of reality We're closer to the truth than you are By many magnitudes because you're you Know you're lost in binary world you Haven't even taken the first step

Because you were Republican before You were a right-wing person before you Weren't a Democrat you woke up and Realized how great Trump was and how Great how corrupt the Democratic party Was You know you didn't realize any of those Things You didn't make any movement you didn't Confront your own beliefs which you have To do You have to confront your own You know prejudices and beliefs that you Came into the truth Community with Because we're all deceived we're all Believing in a corrupt system We all have our view of it and we have To confront the distorted lens in which We see the world That's what being the truth there is not Exposing everybody else for being Whatever they are we have to figure out You know the way that we're seeing Things and how it's distorted reality Because we're seeing reality through a Distorted lens a delusionary lens Of psychological programming and you Know egotistical Pursuits and You know Conformity to a system a group Of people that we feel connected to who We you know the group think mentality That we have with other people That are in our lives whatever it is Right going against that is all

Difficult And it's very hard on all of us to do That and those of us who can do it you Know suffer we suffer something and when You don't you don't you know you don't Get to come in with these Dopey little Comments when you've given up nothing When you've you know when you've when You've not changed at all you're the Same dope that you were before you So-called woke up with having said that Um You know Trump um Him saying that he has a higher level of Support because of course he does this Is a political You know long time political reality That when you attack a person like They're doing Trump you Galvanize his Support his base becomes even more Involved they give more money they work Harder they get more into it right now They're emotionally it's like you see a Character in a movie being screwed over You see a character in a movie that you Identify with or somebody that you you Know even more so this is you know Trump's a God or a you know some people Compare him to Jesus some of his Supporters right you know he's their Savior and he's being singled out he's Being you know prejudiced against right You know like he's it's like almost like A form of racism or something

Where you know he's being you know his And people identifying with Trump feel Like they're being attacked you know White people white men whatever they Feel like they're being attacked right People who you know identify with the You know the the kind of person that Follows Trump these people all feel like You know their way of life and you know The system this corrupt system and Joe Biden you know even though he's senile Piece of crap who wears defense diapers He's also some criminal mastermind and They're going after trump it galvanizes His support And if Trump doesn't go to jail There's going to be a backlash in the Liberal community of people who who are Going to be like oh we can never get Justice like there's that level of the Liberal people you know people in the The BLM movements some of these other Groups you know people in the LBG TQ Community this feel like oh see a white Guy will never go to jail or you know Trump is you know he's a Republican and They'll feel screwed over when Trump Doesn't go to jail so it'll exacerbate That on the left But not as much as it's Triggering people on the right and if Trump doesn't go to jail then it's a win For Trump You know it's yet another time they

Couldn't get him they they impeached him Twice and at some point it looks like a Witch Hunt to people Independence and Whatever else right and so this Indictment 100 helps Trump just like all The other ones if Trump fights this off And is able to run for president because He's he can if he's a felon if he stays Out of prison and you know whatever else Then you know he's a shoe-wing almost Because you know Joe Biden they can't Hide Joe Biden unless they roll out Another pandemic but they certainly Can't hide Hunter Biden because that's All out and admitted to right and Joe Biden is a lot worse so if Joe bideness Will go out on the campaign Trail And you know I mean people like Stephen A Smith and other people are calling him Out and you know you just can't ignore That he's senile and he's he's lost he's Too old to do the job and he wasn't Great in the first place people didn't Love him there's no Joe Biden fans you Know not real ones you know that are Passionate about him Like they're passionate about the Democrats or they're passionate about Obama and Joe Biden's connected to that Or they're passionate about Trump They're not passionate about him they Don't have a you know a backup candidate And so they're in a really lame position Only if they don't want Trump and I

Think they do And the reason they want Trump Is because you know when you look at the Stupid Marjorie tailored green you say At least she agrees a little bit with me With you you know with all of us And she's better than AOC but she's Really a cancer on the truth community Because she is a face Trump is the face Is a you know is a face Alex Jones is a Face and a voice that People who aren't in the truth Community Look at and say oh those guys are all Stupid those guys are all corrupt all Those guys are all you know Liars those Guys are all you know distorting reality They're either really stupid or they're Really Criminal and they're you know Challenging the official story And in ways that could be easily Debunked you know Marjorie Taylor green Was a former QB she got involved with That and you know Trump loves anybody Who loves him and she loves Trump But together they demonstrate the Problem because when youth when you see Like people in the public eye it's been A huge problem in the truth Community Let's say a celebrity comes out as a Truther like Roseanne Barr did or Somebody like um Isaac Cappy they Immediately are propelled to the top of The you know Kennedy who's an anti you Know what any of these people

Who are you know famous people Politicians celebrity actors athletes Whoever they are if they come out Kyrie Irving for example if they come out and They verbalize something that flirts With the truth community They're immediately propelled to the top Of the Pyramid of the the great truthers right Like whatever you you know they become Leaders Just because of their your celebrity Bias That you have a celebrity bias or you Know people in the truth community of a Celebrity bias and deep down you think These people are better than you because They're famous and they're rich or They're successful or whatever And so you want people like that you Want people who verbalize your beliefs Who are you know in the club and it's Stupid because the whole club's corrupt And these people some of them are Sincere Some of them aren't some of them are you Know they've all been a disaster one not Kyrie Irving so much but they've all Been a disaster Like Isaac Cappy and Roseanne Barr and All these other people have been a Disaster to some extent because they Haven't done a good job of being Truthful people

Which is what the truth Community should Be about They've been self-serving they're people Who are they need the reason they got Into Uh you know being an actor or a Politician or a famous media person Is a crave Fame and glory and You know there's narcissism there and It's about them and not the truth right It's about their personalities their Their Cult of personalities and they you Know they want to have people who Worship them and follow them and you Know it's been the whole problem with Social media when you have that desire To be famous to be you know whatever it Is it's going to distort You know you're going to Pander to the To the you know the the people You're gonna pander And when you Pander you're distorting Reality and you're telling people what They want to hear Even though you know you know it's not The truth or you don't even care because The truth for you is to be popular the Truth is for you to have support from The largest group of people you can get You know the this you know the cult Following that's created by doing Something like that right And Trump wasn't a truth like he was Never a truther he's not an honest

Person right he's a cheater a liar he's Cheated on all his spouses he's cheated In business he's cheated his you know Partners he's cheated poor people Vendors He's exploited people he's all about Himself he loves people who worship him Like someone like Marjorie Taylor green He loves people tell him how great he is But he's weak he's not a you know he's Born with a silver spoon in his mouth He's weak and kind of pathetic Um especially now you can see it now the Way he handled the post-election and What he's the way he's handling Everything now And everything's all about him he's the Center of this movement for trumpers it Isn't about you he's not doing it for You he's not protecting you he's not you Know in it for you he showed that when He turned on all his supporters he he Conned into coming into the capital and Then when things went South he Completely denounced them right he did a You know like uh uh you know he did a Peter you know Saint Peter of uh you Know Jesus he denied them right he you Know he said no it's their fault he Blamed them even though he you know he Worked them up and he you know got Involved with that rally and he got Completely worked and they got Completely worked and they turned on

Each other some of them right And you know he embraced the cube Movement which is so dishonest and so Bad and so wrong He's embraced all these things like Marjory Taylor green embracing her Because he's pandering to The remedial people that have hurt and Kind of destroyed the truth Community Because there are people who are Unwilling to confront the truth within Themselves About their beliefs about you know what They think America is about you know Everything from their religion to their You know to their political leanings to Their you know the people that go to Their church and their friends and their Family And realizing that they're you know that They're all deceived and deceiving Themselves They've been deceived and they are now In the process of deceiving themselves And keeping the deception alive Because they can't handle the truth Right they can't confront the reality of Our dying system and the people who are Running it into the ground And one truth that nobody really thinks About Is that people who agree with you Slightly And they have some position of power or

Fame or whatever it is are not your Allies they're your enemies people who You disagree with like Joe Biden isn't Your enemy right the Democratic party is In your rounding me the Liberals aren't Your enemy if you're a Trumper a Conservative or whatever it is Because you know what they are You're never going to believe in them You're never going to agree with them And you know what their agenda is right You know What they're doing like you see obvious For you to see what they're doing right But you don't know what Trump's doing You don't know what his motivation is And you think it's what your motivation Is you think his vision and his goals Align with your goals and your you know Your vision and it doesn't Because he's not in it for you and he Went after the truth Community because Of Steve Bannon he went on the Alex Jones Show And he realized Trump didn't even know There was a group like this Of truth there's like he you know did The Obama birth certificate thing and he Flirted with that a little bit But he wasn't a truther he never was Because he's part of the problem he's a Part of the club he's a a billionaire Corrupt celebrity I mean he's a Celebrity billionaire he had his own TV

Show you know which I liked it was Entertaining but he was never a savior He's you know he's a he's a narcissist He's uh you know he's all about himself Right and so you know he was never into Finding the truth never confronting the Truth in himself he hasn't grown as a Person he just Embraces the people that Love him that are kind to him that say Good things about him he Embraces the People who are you know who are Cult-like followers of him Marjorie Taylor green she's a dope right she's Not the best that the Republican party Has to offer but he Embraces her because She loves him And that's how it always spins it has That's how it's always been is going After Kaylee mcinini who's been you know a Worshiper of him and like people are Commenting that she was a great press Secretary you know I don't know that Much about her but I know that she loves Trump And she wasn't even criticizing Trump She made you know what Trump thought was A mistake and he attacked her because That's what Trump does that's what Narcissists do he's not about you know Ever confronting the problems that he's Caused Because of his attitude and behaviors And the division he's caused in the

Country and the things that he's done Because he doesn't do that he doesn't Change he doesn't grow he doesn't evolve He's the same piece of crap that ran for President you know that was on The Apprentice that was a you know New York Billionaire and he's the same guy he Hasn't changed at all it's gotten worse Over the years he's not evolving he's Not changing he's not growing as a Person he's not becoming more truthful Or honest he's not embracing the truth He's using your belief as a truther as a Person you know who believes a system is Corrupt he's using that to pretend that He's one of you when he's not and so He's the Real Enemy he's your real enemy And you don't even know it he's the Judas goat leaving leading you down Deceptive path the Great Pumpkin Promises you something that doesn't Exist Uh you know solution and a outcome that Could never be And all these people that are going Along with this they're hurting you Because they're you know they're getting You to believe in something that isn't Ever going to happen if he doesn't go to Jail it's likely that he'll be president Again and you say oh that's better Because he's he believes more than what I believe that Joe Biden does But realize that the whole gender thing

You know all of it all of that stuff That happened wouldn't have been pushed Through if it wasn't for Trump Is their Catalyst Trump is their reason For being able to make a case for their Distorted Hollywood morality for all the Liberal agenda more of it got pushed Through Because of trump there's been a lot of Looting under or under Biden there's Been a lot of corruption and things but They couldn't have pushed through this Agenda without Trump hatred they Couldn't have gotten the you know the BLM riots going the antifa riots going They couldn't have you know pushed all That stuff and they couldn't have done Covid the way they did it without Trump Trump is the you know the outrage that's On the left and is you know in the Middle uh you know the independence or Whatever Trump is the you know the Energy behind the movement he's you know People they're anti-trump attitude makes Them buy into this distorted reality That they've forced on all of us And Trump has been the Catalyst for it All they couldn't do without Trump and If he's president again they're going to Be pushing even more he's already stated That he was powerless before his President he couldn't stop them from Doing it the first time and they're just Going to take an another huge uh you

Know uh hunk of power And you're going to be like well he's President he's going to stop it all why Didn't he stop it the first time so for Example within the Truth Community right wing especially Right-wing people You're upset about what's going on with Target In Bud Light and you know all these Other whatever it is right And that all happened under Trump like In 2015 and 16. That's when they rolled out this agenda They changed the definition Of gender how we think about gender we Change the way we think about language I mean they've shamed the way language Is used And you know it there's all these levels Of it and you know they pushed a Hollywood morality they'd been around In the elite circles you know with Trump Trump Was you know he was part of that right He was a part of the elite he was a part Of the use of billionaire club he was a Celebrity he was around you know Emma he Was around NBC he was kind of under Contract with NBC for The Apprentice he Was working with models he was a big Model person you know the model industry Is where a lot of this stuff incubated The model industry is like the fashion

Industry is you know one of the worst For all this stuff right and he was a Part of all that and you know his wife Is questionable you know In the air quotes right Melania right She's questionable Like dudeish right and so he has been a Part of this he had no problem with any Of it he didn't push back against it at All verbally in terms of his policies And they pushed all this stuff through Because of trump because Trump was Viewed as a right-wing you know racist Uh you know homophobic uh you know Anti-feminist misogynist and that he was And the people that support him were Stopping this movement which was about Human rights and it was about you know People who had been oppressed and people Who had been Disenfranchised and all this stuff right And they pushed this liberal agenda Through using Trump's embracing these White supremacist groups because they You know kissed his ass and they told Him how great he was not denying them And Trump certain things that he said Here or there even though Joe Biden is As much of a racist and you know old guy As Trump is old white guy As Trump is Part of the Power Club you know they Pushed this whole thing through right Because of trump and Trump offered no Resistance to do anything to stop it

Isn't doing anything to stop it now or Turn it around because the number one Thing that Trump has given them is Division and I said this back when Hillary Clinton was running against Trump They were both such divisive hated Figures They were the most hated Political figures ever And they were you know whoever got Elected was going to divide and the Reason Trump was picked the reason Trump Was better than Clinton is Clinton Didn't have any supporters real Supporters people don't love Hillary Clinton they're not passionate about Hillary Clinton They hate her she's got haters Trump has Haters but he also has lovers and so That created a division between the Trumpers And the Trump haters and that's what They wanted and they still want and They're pushing for this that's why They've kept Trump alive in the news Media Cycles he wasn't president For the last what three years and he's Got more coverage Than Joe Biden he gets more news Coverage than Joe Biden people are all About Trump in every possible way in MSNBC and CNN and political circles and Hollywood and all the rest of it it's

Like Trump is still president I mean Joe Biden is there but it's Trump who is the Star of the show And they've made that to be the case for You know this reason they want division They want the left and the right to be At war with each other they want racial Divisions they want uh division between The so-called cisgender and the LBGTQ And all these other things right they Want division they want you to be on one Side and the you know and have enemies On the other side and be passionate About how much you hate the other side That's what they want and that's what They're pushing for you have all these Trump screenshots from 2016 and some of them are about how much Hillary and Trump are both hated some of It's Trump freemasonic his symbols his Hand symbols things I'll put all those Things here I'll you know I haven't done That for a while but I'll take all those Screenshots all the stuff he had with Women that was weird his weird Relationship with his daughter like very You know in session incestuous in the Pictures you'll see it all like all These things Trump is you know not a good person he's Like you know he's he's not a truther You know he's a pretender he's a poser And he's gotten you all these people to Follow him and it's been devastated for

All of us because he's done more damage Than Joe Biden ever could Because of his having lovers and haters Trump brings energy that Joe Biden Doesn't have Trump you know creates a movement that Is bad movement on the right that's bad And movement on the left He creates you know he's a you know Someone who's Bringing Consciousness down he Embraces Stupidity He Embraces you know the lowest level of Followers He likes stupid people that don't Question him or can't see his faults or Can't see through some of his BS right He wants stupid people he's pandering to Stupid people Which is you know the most anti-truthor Thing that you can do You know you have to evolve right you Need to be ahead of people you shouldn't Inspire people to go farther into the Truth to go farther into the you know Into any of it right go farther into Their spiritual asset acted farther into Their relationship with God but he just You know keeps people comfortable in Their stupidity He tells stupid people they're great and Stupid people don't need that right And you know the lower level Consciousness people the dummies the the

Binary you know the people who are Bought into the binary system people who Are the lowest level of consciousness And if you can't see that then you're You're not a truther you're just you're Not awake you're just you know outraged About something that you really don't Understand or can't don't have the Ability to perceive All right so let's move on with the Other stuff here okay so I just want to Add this on um You know Trump um Has said things about Ivanka Various things you said some things on Howard Stern it's a number of places That he is Said incestuous things about his Daughter Including here that he would want to Date her And so this is what he said here if Ivanka weren't my daughter perhaps I'd Be dating her Outrageous things Woody Allen He's just a creep right you just Undeniable creep and this isn't the only Thing he said we implied that he was Sexually attracted to his daughter and Then there were weird pictures of them When he grew up and look at how Joy Behar Joy made a funny and like it's a And scrapped all over Woody Allen and

Other you know all of it and the whole Jeffrey Epstein thing with Woody Allen And Trump I mean it's just there it's There for anybody who wants to see it All you Trumper okay so I had a bunch More stuff to get to but The Narrative took a long time And I want to do an update on my farm Some Mulberry stuff maybe today Hopefully but I watched this um Mark Zuckerberg first match Jujitsu match uh you know he's doing jiu Jitsu Uh which you know he's an expert at that Was kind of hilarious but this is what I Want to get to here The CNN Headline CNN title of this video Bolton makes prediction on Trump Political career after indictment Shocked by the degree of sensitivity of These documents this is a trump Guy this Is a trump appointed guy A guy who Completely turned on him and bailed on Trump right Which is something that you know this Isn't bolted we're going to get on get Into in a moment here many there were Frankly and uh so the government's Agenda was to get those uh protect those Documents and get them out and I think It was perfectly appropriate to do that It was the right thing to do and I think The counts under the Espionage Act that

He willfully retained those documents or Solid counts So that's that guy turning on him And here's Bolton Porn Stash warmonger John Bolton one of The worst guys right the United Nations And Ambassador Bolton look you are Neither secretive nor subtle about your Desire to see the former president out Of the race for president or to be a Candidate for president anymore I don't Really want to ask about the politics Because I want to ask you about what These documents actually mean there's a Lot of classification markings there's a Lot of uh words and descriptions that People might not understand Tell people from a national security Perspective what's in the documents laid Out in this indictment Of course neither I nor anybody else not Involved in the case knows what's in the Documents yet but I do know what kinds Of documents were put in front of the President during my time I'm sure during The so you have nothing to add in this Thing right entire four years of his Term uh and they did go to Absolute the Most important secrets that the United States has directly affecting National Security directly affecting the lives Lives and safety of our service members And our civilian population if he has Anything like what the complaint what

The indictment alleges and of course the Government will have to prove it then Then he has committed very serious Crimes this is this this is a Devastating indictment I speak here as An alumnus of the justice department Myself John Bolton was hired by Trump And had a brief stint and with Everything Toronto I'm going to cover in My pre-introduction which I haven't done Yet well you've already listened to but Everything with Trump ends with You know especially with these people With strong personalities Ends with a feud They get Trump has gone through so many Brutally bad breakups which I'll talk About And John Bolton is one of the worst Because Trump likes to talk about Rhino Republicans But there's no more Rhino Republican Than John Bolton John Bolton was a Neocron On steroids he was the number one neocon He was pushing for war with Iran pushing For nuclear war pushing for war Everywhere military industrial complex Guy just a real piece of poop and Trump Embraced them he said you know wonderful Things about him praised him hired him And then inevitably they had a breakup And now Bolton is one of these Trump Haters like so many people

Who were once in Trump's good graces end Up becoming haters which I say I'll talk About in the in the pre-introduction And you know he's just one of them right And Trump says he doesn't like Rhino Republicans and the Republican Establishment but he's embraced it in Various times and he has had guys who Are advocates for him Whether it be Steve O'Bannon or whether It be his fixer Michael Cohen people who You know possibly went to jail for Trump Or you know were indicted and I mean Things went badly for them and it shows You what kind of person Trump is the People that you know get around him Rudy Guliani all these other people his Lawyers that were defended him those um Lawyers for him in the post-election That are now under scrutiny Fox News who Back some of Trump's claims got sued by Dominion like Trump just as a cancer on Everything around him He just poisons people and destroys them And you know their friends and then Their enemies and then again these feuds And then all these things and he just Lays waste to everything he's got bad Energy he's just a horrible person You see it he's not a truther he's hurt The truth Community he's hurt all of us Right so now we're going to do the Pre-introduction which you know I'm Saying some of these things over here

Because I know I'm going to repeat these When I do the pre-introduction because It's important For people to hear over and over again The delusional Trump supporters right Anyways only spirituality will save this World the sparrow model definitely Pointing for the Apocalypse In the Ascension everyone have a blessed Day And be grateful

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