Too Big to Fail

Too Big to Fail

Greetings brothers and sisters so I'm Going to do things a little bit Different today I made my normal Hollywood celebrities Dropping like flies this is the One that would cover Britney's divorce Which I was Surprised I wasn't getting lots of Messages about from viewers on Instagram And everything else But for whatever reason YouTube's Bots Demonetize the video this is the Original video that was 53 minutes I took a couple of segments out that I Thought maybe the Bots would um Have reacted to and they still Demonetized it so I have no idea so I'm Waiting for Them to review both these videos To see what's up it used to take about a Day but now it takes about three days And I'll release it one way or another Whatever they decide to monetize it or Not but anyway that that's the reason I Didn't put out any content yesterday but In terms of this video There was an idea that I would cover Why the system can't be fixed I talk About this quite often and I don't think It's um understood and I wanted to Explain this simply as I could the Fundamental reasons why The system can't be fixed and make the Video just about that that was my

Original idea but then I added something To do with these addictions you know I've been talking about RFK Juniors sex addiction all these Things And so there was two pieces to the Voiceover so I decided to make that an Introduction And then make my regular video that I Was going to make today But because I want to get a video up Sooner than later And I feel like this is a you know Important I guess you would call it Concept And something that's so misunderstood in The so-called truth community I thought I just released it sooner than Later this way And it's still a long video So uh here it is Greetings brothers and sisters that's Going to make this a standalone video And I still might but I'm probably going To make it an introduction for my video Tomorrow Today is Thursday August 17th I wanted To cover something that Is very simple but it has profound Effect on Everyone in the truth community You know the truth Community is about Well it should be about people seeking Truth

That you're lied to by The Authority You're lied to by the government the Media and The whole power structure their Narrative The Narrative you grew up with The narrative you were indoctrinated With is a lie From a religious authority to financial Authority to historical Authority And you know practically everything else Cultural social And that's the first step you realize You're being lied to And cheated on and all these things And so you then What naturally happens is oh we gotta Get rid of these people We have to turn this thing around we Have to cleanse the system we got to get Rid of what the cubis called The Deep State But that is an unwise use of your energy And I say it all the time and I want to Explain it simply and quickly here As quick as I can because this Continuously comes up And so what you're looking at is a Criminal Enterprise Starting with the economy The debt-based usury economy economy That is illusionary and is a scam Like a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme And it's run by a criminal mentality Except these criminals are the authority

They are in charge of everything it is a Generational criminal organization That has lasted for numerous years now I Mean we're talking about Since the 1930s basically And they have armies they have media They have I mean all kinds of Power Religious power you know you're Religions have sold out to these you Know to this scam I mean they have all these things at Their disposal so instead of being a Criminal organization that's running a Ponzi scheme where you can just shut Down the Ponzi scheme Try to recover as much money as possible And give it back to the fools that fell For it And send people to jail This is the system it is the system is a Criminal system Except it's not criminal because they're People who are making the laws are Running it so it's you know as far as Their their concerned They're doing what's legal and what's Best for the country in the world or Whatever for themselves or whatever they Want to think about it but in terms of The rest of us you have to know it's a Criminal system That a Ponzi schema pyramid scheme a User-based economy Is Criminal it's immoral it's uh goes

Against the natural Order of Things Divine will And it always ends up in one way With reality bringing deception to an End and you have to understand this is a Deception because the basis of this Criminal scam Is that something that has no intrinsic Value in fact is that It is a IOU it is the opposite of wealth Right debt is the opposite of wealth Debt isn't an asset it's a liability And somebody else's debt if you own Somebody else's debt if somebody has a Debt to you it binds you to that person Which is bad but binds both parties Together A debt is something that has to be Resolved and it's bad for both people in A spiritual level if somebody owes you a Debt or you owe somebody a debt it's bad For both people you want to just be Clean you don't want these things They're attachments there things that Bind you to the material world keeping Your soul from moving on Thinking that somebody owes you Something Is a you know you're a victim of Something or whatever it might be is Bondage Or you lording over somebody using what They think they owe you or what you Think they owe you or what you both

Think they owe you As a way to Lord over them and extract Some form of like slavery from them or Whatever Is bad for you and bad for them It's a dysfunctional abusive Relationships that's bad for you like You just Better walking away from it if you're if You're somebody who you know somebody Uh you think somebody owes you something Or they do owe you something just better To to let it go and say yeah you don't Owe me anything and just walk away But all of our relationships And all our financial relationships are Based in this idea because we have a Debt based system it is a promise to pay The government is giving you an IOU the Government says we promise to make good On this promissory note the money that You have that we're vouching for it you Know the government that lies and Murders and spends 60 percent of our Budget on the military Is telling you that they're good for Something that they can be trusted and We know the government can't be trusted So There's that but it's not worth anything Which many of you know and so if you Understand that the currency isn't worth Anything Then you understand that our system is a

Complete fraud because everything is Based in money and money power Money power and money are the primary Building blocks of our system right they Are what our system is based on an Illusion that something that is actually A debt is got value and of course it Comes now with the derivatives market And all the debt and there's like two Quadrillion dollars worth of debt and I Just been saying that for years but I It's probably more There's no way to calculate it I'm sure There is but I don't have that ability But even on the U.S debt Clock if you Add in the derivatives Market it's about A quadrillion dollars just for America America is in a quadrillion dollars Worth of debt and that debt is being Traded back and forth like it has value Because it's viewed that what's a Liability to you Is an asset to your credit to your Creditor the person that holds your debt And so they look at that as something That has value right it's a you know It's your debt and you owe them this and They use that on their books to claim They have More money like a something that they're Not even sure you're going to be able to Pay back or whatever But what's important to know is that A dead based system a usury-based system

We know how it is right like it's not a Mystery it's an illusion it's a lie and It is unsustainable and in our system You know the interest is the problem the Sorcerer the the entities I call them The financial Sorcerers that create the Wealth that conjure wealth out of debt Out of a negative right wealth is Something a positive something you Accumulate some By work by you know by luck by whatever It is wealth is something that is uh you Know viewed as a positive it is having a You know uh an abundance of something Where debt is the negative it's the uh It's an idea it's the idea that you're Gonna do something in the future because You owe something and that you have like A you know you've agreed to pay Something off that you're gonna buy your Labor by your effort by your work you're Going to accumulate the resources to pay Back this thing that you owe And that is you know a negative in all Ways right it is The opposite of wealth and it doesn't Exist right it's you're promising Something in the future it's you know You're bound to that it's a form of Slavery a bondage of that your energy And your life force and your work and Your efforts are going to create wealth In the future so that you can rid Yourself of this debt of this liability

And the centerpiece there is you know in Terms of the currency Something that doesn't have value And really is a negative is viewed as a Positive and So eventually That doesn't work out because you know What's against you is math And like I said the interest that goes With it from the Financial Sorcerers That conjure up the debt you have not Only the debt to pay back But you have the interest and the Interest is always accumulating And the interest on our system like the Debt-based clock that we have Is extraordinary let me go to that real Quick here so this is the national debt Clock And the big number that everyone Concerns himself is with this here 32 trillion dollars And you can see it's accumulating here And the last time I counted it was three Million dollars per minute And the last time I looked at this it Was 31 trillion And now it's almost 33. You can see it's uh 707 billion So it's only 300 billion away from Another trillion so I look at this Fairly regularly And it was just that 31. I don't remember it being at 31. I Remember being at 30 but either way it

Wasn't at 32. and so this is the total U.S debt including all kinds of things Like credit cards and whatever Well this is the personal debt here so The personal debt that people owe credit Cards mortgages car loans you know Whatever Is 24 trillion And here This is um The total U.S debt is 102 trillion so That's what we owe like 102 trillion Like a non a non-fathomable number And so Um This is The income tax and it's gone up this is The revenue that income taxes generated So this is the budget The amount of money The government has to spend On all of the you know governmental Spending items this is the money Generated from Income tax for the last so many years It's been 3.3 3.4 3.5 Now this year it's up to four trillion Six hundred dollars But our budget exceeds The income right like you know this from Your personal Uh whatever your personal income is when Your bills what you owe on a monthly Basis whatever it is rent mortgage food

You know car payments whatever That you're making less Money than you need to live like I've Been in that situation lots of us have Been in that situation where Your bills and what you owe is more than Your income and we've been in that Situation for ever that's why we have This here The U.S national debt because this isn't Enough to cover our expenses And with that There are these things called unfunded Liabilities and these are things That aren't accounted for and all these Numbers have gone up extraordinarily Since the last time I looked this was at 150 the last time I looked now it's at 193 trillion dollars Medicaid Social Security is at 22. and Medicare Is at 35. so at some point they're going To have to tell you That your Social Security is gone That whatever you've been putting into The social security system is not coming Back to you and they're gonna have to do That some way in the future because they Can't pay it These are unfunded liabilities these are Things that they have no money to pay They are things that are promised and Are accounted for but they're not Accounted for there's no money for them

There's no budget for them there's Nothing the Social Security tax that You're paying is not enough to cover The boomer generation which is a large Generation of people Unless there's massive die off which They hope you know covid related or Whoever is you know the The who played any of these things But in terms of Social Security there's just it's a Bankrupt system They've been taking the money you've Been paying in and paying off the older Generations as a system that's not going To work With the economy going the way it is and So that's going to disappear it has to And Medicare is even worse and then There's other things that they have you Know promised to pay here Almost 200 trillion dollars And you know they don't have anything to Pay so this is another Level of that there's one trillion Dollars of credit card debt over almost Two trillion dollars of student loan Debt just all these debt debt everywhere Right this all the rent But what's probably more disturbing Is currency and derivatives now Is that 600 trillion dollars 630 and This goes up and down it was at 700 at One point so that's 630 trillion dollars

Worth of debt right there Because the derivatives Market is debt And there's no you know there's no way To pay that back right And so this is the amount of debt where You have 100 or 200 trillion dollars Here almost 200 trillion dollars here 100 trillion dollars there the national Debt 32 trillion dollars all this debt And the income here The the collected tax revenue four Trillion 600 billion dollars right and Again our budget is more than that so That's all accounted for so there's no Way to pay uh pay down on any of this Debt and it just keeps on growing the Interest keeps on growing and no one Wants to admit that this is EFT That this system is uh so much and you Know we're so much in debt we could Never even conceive of paying it off We're not going to win the lottery as a Country there's no You know there's no Financial Miracle Here The math is against us The math shows you that it is impossible For us to pay back this debt the U.S GDP Is 23 trillion dollars right and we uh Well that's the GDP that's a gross National product This is 2021. it's going to be less Because of the economy and you know There's all that's not the net amount of

Money that we make collectively And so we can't pay back any of these Things there's no money left over We can't even meet our our basic needs As a country Our country is Going into debt three million dollars a Minute because more debt and interest in Things because We don't have enough money to pay our Bills And it's just getting worse as time goes On because the more interest it Accumulates the more that goes to the Principle And it becomes a revolving dead on a Scale that nobody can really comprehend So this is what a trillion dollars looks Like This is uh you know these are pallets of Money here And this is the U.S Capitol these other Buildings airplanes football field There's various um You know uh videos and visual cues here Something that CNBC did there's a Trillion dollars This is one dollar bills that it would Wrap around the the world over three Times like it's hard to comprehend all This stuff right there's all these Various images of what a trillion Dollars looks like and It is you know

Something that's incomprehensible This is what a quadrillion dollars looks Like and they can't even Comprehend it here this is a football Field and a plane and this is this is a Trillion dollars right so this is a Thousand trillion dollars And a trillion dollars is you know a lot Of money and start to comprehend of a Trillion dollars But you can't even comprehend it Quadrillion dollars of debt right it's Beyond the imagination it's you know a Thousand trillion dollars and trillion Is a thousand billion and a billions a Thousand million And so these kind of numbers are Extraordinary like I don't you know how Many grains of sand are on a beach but It's You're getting into something like that Or a desert or something like this Where there is uh you know it's might as Well be Infinity There's just not you know the Earth Isn't worth a quadrillion dollars you Know the wealth itself the real estate Itself and all the resources on it Aren't worth the quadrillion dollars That's how much debt we have so I'm Saying this because our debt has Exceeded our imagination We can't even conceive of the amount of Debt that's out there

I believe it's at least two quadrillion Dollars But there's no way to really calculate It because it's growing and nobody's Really looking into this because they Don't want to know it's like the thing That you don't want to know because when You know you realized you're pooped Right that you are effed but like any Sort of criminal Enterprise any grifter Type of game a confidence game this is a Confidence game That you that you have confidence you Have been Flim-flammed you have been duped into Believing That money is valuable that money has Value and you have value In your bank account like that can be Taken away your savings could be taken Away or the wealth can just disappear Through inflation or some other reason But all this all these things that you Think you own you possess that are Abstract ideas of money debt based money Digital money digital currency A pension that can be taken away from You so security that can be taken away From you these promises The stability of your government the Stability of your financial system All of these things can disappear in a Heartbeat just like a snapping of the Fingers right they can be Thanos out of

Your existence you go to your bank Account and your bank says we don't have Your money You go to your pension they say we don't Have your money you go the government They say well we don't have any money It's just all gone And it disappears it's happened to People in the stock market it's happened To people in uh in cryptocurrency where It's things that they thought were a Value just disappear Here's value of your stocks disappear You think your portfolio is worth a Hundred thousand dollars in the next day It's worth nothing This happened over and over again to People who are who have invested in Something that the value just disappears The company goes bankrupt the company Has a scandal the company Loses money and all of a sudden your Stock value is gone money that you Thought you had and you thought were was Promised to you and you was owed to you Disappears because it was never real in The first place it was something you Never had it's all an illusion right and Once the confidence goes once our faith In the system our faith in the monetary System goes The system goes with it and you see this When people panic and they run to the Grocery store and lose the grocery store

Before you know it there's nothing there Anymore there's no groceries there's no Food coming there's no You know there's no shipping there's no Uh harvesting of food there's no Processing of food you have whatever you Have left in the system our food system Has collapsed going to the banking System and asking for your money back Everybody who is banking at that bank Or that branch of that bank goes to the Bank and wants their money back and they Say hey we don't have it We've never had it we don't have your Money here we have some money we can Give to The people that come on a single day who Want money who want cash We usually have enough money for them But not all their money if they come in To get all their money we don't have it Here People have a lot of money in the bank They don't have it there And so you go there and you try to take Out your money and if it's only one Person they you know they can do it but They don't want to do it because they Don't have that much in the bank maybe It's only like a hundred thousand Dollars And collectively there's you know people Think they have millions of dollars in The bank collectively the the you know

Patrons customers of the bank And so if they all go there's a run on The bank they just have to tell you we Don't have your money It's not here in fact there's not Anywhere it's digital currency the the Uh the total amount of printed currency Is like five percent of currency most of Its digital currency Banks creating Currency out of thin air when they give Somebody a loan of money they don't have To loan and the bank says he vouched for It because they have insurance and they Say the person's going to pay and that's Where the whole derivatives Market came From people Being given loans that they can never Pay back during the the subprime Mortgage crisis But we know that all these things are Illusionary I got a comment from Somebody That was hilarious Your system is collapsing not ours don't You put that curse of worldliness on us Spiritualist Um I don't know where this person is From there this is from Hollywood Celebrity shopping like fives Uh little Tay fake yeah this is the Video they got Demonetized for a while which kind of Interesting me Talking about it here

But this person has no clue right Because it's a system that's tied Together we saw what happened remember There was an Asian uh it started with Japan Where they had a economic collapse there And it almost sent the world into a State of uh depression And that was just Japan And there was of course the 2008 Financial collapse the too big to fail And what the too big to fail thing means Is Once the truth comes out the system Collapses And so too big to fail wasn't the banks It was the whole system the whole system Is too big to feel fail because we're 100 dependent But it only takes one if it's a dollar Collapses what do you think that's going To do the rest of the world If America defaults or financially Collapses and goes into depression we're Tied together and it's one world economy In fact the inflation that American America is now experiencing Is being uh is not as bad as it should Be in America but the rest of these Countries around the world are feeling It They're being in their their experience In inflation Because of the world's Reserve currency

In America's overall economic uh Influence the world GDP is only 95 Trillion dollars you know America is 21 Trillion dollars and so it's uh over One-fifth of the world GDP And Yeah you know but if there's any major Economy that collapses a currency that Collapses it's going to affect The whole system because the whole System is a lie though all the Currencies are worthless And so this is what's waiting for us the System is doomed from its very onset From its very birth because it's a Debt-based Ponzi scheme criminal Enterprise Run by a criminal mentality that is Against the natural Order of Things And it's full of cheaters and liars and Deceptors and illusionists and magicians And all these you know any word you want To use for people who create a scheme That is not based in Divine principle Hard work and all the ethics and values That go with something that's Sustainable This is unsustainable it's never been Sustainable and once people wake up to This it's over once people realize and They will at some point or they'll just Be told we can we don't have your money Once people lose faith and confidence in The system the system implodes and we're

At that point You know where we've we're long past That point people should have already Realized that the system is completely Corrupt and it is you know doomed to Failure it's already failed and we just Won't admit it we're fudging the numbers To keep it going so that's why I say the System can't be saved when I realized This years ago This system can't be saved and it Shouldn't be saved That replacing getting rid of the Criminals that run it And taking over their positions of power Would mean you'd have to be a criminal Because this system is a criminal Enterprise And it can't survive truth it can't Survive ethics and morals a moral Ethical person running this system Would bring the system to an end because They would pay off the debt and if you Pay off the debt the system collapses The debt is our wealth And so and they wouldn't be able to pay Off the debt in the first place so they Would let everyone know all right this Is the truth I want to level with you Right The leader coming out and saying this is Your system and they'd have to discredit The person and you know when prison the Person or do whatever that's what

Anybody going against the system and the Criminals that run it as a threat to the System and that's why the truth Community Is being uh You know is being Demonized and Pathologized and censored Because if the truth if people realize The truth the system would collapse If people stop believing in the in the Money that they believe in That they think has wealth as you know There's value Then the system would collapse And so there's no fixing the system There's no replacing the leaders it Takes criminals to keep the thing going Because it takes liars and deceivers and Murderers and starters of wars and Distractions and all kinds of things To keep you know people who are going to Fudge the numbers and create Distractions and Illusions to keep this System going And if you get rid of those people the System collapses that's what too big to Fail means that if you bring Justice to Something it should fail but it's too Big Because it's failure means catastrophic Consequences for all of us Who are 100 dependent on the system so That's it that's our that's our you know

That's the where you get to as a truther Where you realize the system Should fail it's better for us if it Fails because it's hurting us bringing Us in the wrong way making us weaker Stupider more entitled selfish all these Bad things It's making people worse it's Guiding Us in the wrong direction it's Bringing out our lower tendencies That's the you know that's probably the Biggest problem with the system How it affects us all It makes us into less you know our lower Selves It makes us into the worst versions of Ourselves and so for that reason it Should fail Because it's taking us to the wrong Direction away from our souls away from God away from our family Making us you know individual selfish People all competing for something that Has no value And we're all like you know running Around trying to get as much of it as we Can It's Madness right it's a you know it is A demonic system it goes against the Will of God And so because of that it should Collapse But there's no fixing it so you can Forget about all that like the party

Where you woke up and said oh we gotta Change this No you haven't woken up enough because When you realize the true nature of our System You realize that it isn't that it can be You know a few bad apples can be thrown Out and it'll be fine if you get rid of The criminals they'll be fine you Realize it's a criminal Enterprise that Needs criminals to run it it is Essential that its leaderships are Criminal in nature are demonic in nature Or you know all the bad things that you Can think of because they're the only People that can keep this system going You know from the Bible where Jesus said Give to Caesar what is Caesar's right Give to the criminals what is criminal And that's the whole system all the Things that you think you own and it can Be taken away in a heartbeat because you Don't really own them it is an illusion A Ponzi scheme of you know a A con job right we've all been caught And so that's that so then what do you Do with it like what do you do with that Knowledge well you prepare for it's Inevitable collapse and connecting to God is step one and then gaining the Skills your ancestors lost when they Left the farm They left the homestead they left the Tribes where they were taken away from

Them whatever way you want to look at it And learn to live the way people used to Live because At some point that's going to happen You're going to need those skills to Survive And so that's where we are like that's You know as much as pockets of The Future Has any value here It's for people to understand that's Where we are we have to connect to God Internally Inside ourselves and receive guidance From within Guidance from our soul guidance from the Divinity that resides in all of us And then start developing the skills and Building the community or doing whatever We need to do To survive the inevitable collapse of This demonic system That's all there is it's very simple Most people is are overwhelmed by that And I'm overwhelmed by that and I've Been Knowing this at least since 2014 so You know I realized 2014-15 That this was the case And I was like oh you know what do we do Right so this is our situation And so to go with this in my last couple Of videos I've been covering RFK juniors Being a sex addict he called it a his Lust demon

They've been talking about adultery Cheating and The self-destructive nature of this Behavior and so I want to categorize This with three Individual personal Self-destructive behaviors as well as Collective Self-destructive behaviors so the three Things that came off the top of my head And there's probably many more Gambling Alcoholism substance abuse addiction And serial cheating and sexual addiction And the inability to be in a monogamous Relationship So with gambling you end up broke and There's more side effects to all these Things but with gambling you end up Broke with substance abuse you end up Physically ravaged and mentally Incompetent And with sex addiction you end up alone And there's many more side effects which We'll go through some of them here just The the negative outcomes but these are All self-destructive behaviors That we know what happens You know people have been addicts for Thousands and thousands of years people Have cheated for thousands and thousands Of years right people have gambled for Thousands of thousands of years Maybe hundreds of thousands of years

Right these are things that they've Existed in the human condition for a Very long time And we know what happens at the end like It's not a mystery you're not going to Be the exception It happens to everybody who engages in These processes and the longer you do it The longer it takes you to quit or to Maybe you never quit the worse it gets So with gambling you are literally Betting against math the math is against You just like with the economic system It's a rigged system where the house Always wins And what that means is eventually the House is going to come up on top Because that's the nature of gambling The numbers in the math the algorithms All these things are rigged against you You know you're literally betting Against something where there is an Unfair advantage in the part of your Betting against right you're betting Against the house and whatever system They're using whether it be cars whether It be Sports whether it be uh you know Uh the lottery whatever it is they have The overwhelming advantage of math on Their side right in history because most People who are gambling are are losers Who want to lose you just want to hand Your money over to them and you can see The effects of this

By going and living in or being around Las Vegas for any period of time And see the amount of money that they Have for parks Las Vegas is one of the financially I Mean look at the they just build a two Billion dollar Stadium for the Raiders It is one of the most financially Successful cities any of these gambling Cities are Because people are just literally coming There to throw money away people are Just coming from all over the world to Give their money away to these legal Criminals that are running this rig System you know it's rigged going in you Know that they're doing really well you Can see the opulence right right around You Because people are just handing them Their money And people do it anyway it's saying you Want to give your money away you want to Lose As a self-destructive element to it Because you know you might win the first Time in fact more often than not you're Going to win the first time it's just How it is like a drug addict who gives You Drugs and you're being lured into it Like the first time you gamble You're going to win and there's some you Know early on you're going to win and

You're going to have this feeling that Wow this feels great I'm gonna get this feeling again And you're going to remember that Feeling But not the feeling of losing that's Going to happen over and over again And every once in a while you're going To win again It's going to make you feel good and You're gonna remember that feeling and That you're going to put more importance On that experience than you are on the Multiple times you lose in the multiple Times you're depressed and then when You're you know you gamble away your Family's money and you know I mean so Many different side effects to this you End up broke lonely often it involves Substance abuse and other you know these Things all are intertwined Uh cheating and sex addiction and all These things go along with it right These are all addictive Tendencies and They intermingle most people who have a Gambling addiction also have substance Abuse issues and trouble being in Monogamous relationships Being a monogamous person And so these things are all like again Intertwined and the side effects are There But it's a willfully self-destructive Self-hating self-loathing act to give

Away your hard-earned money to criminals And people who don't deserve it and that Also is our economic system Then there's addiction now addiction has Physical components there's painful Consequences for not feeding your Addiction there's a psychological Effects as well but we see you can see People who you look at Beth addicts and Cocaine you know crack addicts and uh Opioid addicts and even caffeine addicts And cigarette addicts it has an effect On your body like first of all there's a Physical effects and nobody escapes These things You know people die of lung cancer from Smoking people die of liver disease from Drinking too much alcohol and then a Host of other health issues for any of The other more stronger drugs which Ravage your body you're literally Putting a poison into your body all of These things are toxic for your body They impair things they make your body Function it impairs your body's ability To function as soon as you start Drinking alcohol it Negatively affects the parts of your Brain the first symptom that gives you The ability to self-perceive see Yourself as others see you that's why You act foolish when you drink And you become you know loose-lipped and You say things that you shouldn't

Because you lose that ability to Self-perceive and then it affects your Brain in other ways all these drugs Impair your ability to see reality They impair your ability to function and Then there's the after effects of taking Natoxin which is a hangover because You've just taken a poison That is changing your your your Perception of reality and then the Health effects kick in you know in terms Of Taking a toxin it's always going to hurt Your liver Because your liver is there to process Toxins and the more toxins you take the More poisons you take the harder it is On your liver and then there's the Effects of each specific addictive Substance and the effects are Devastating to your physical body and Then your mind breaks down and when your Liver is doesn't have the ability to to Work and detoxify your system you become A toxic person You have toxins in your system that are Your body doesn't have the ability to Expel it warps your reality on a daily Basis now because your ability to Perceive reality is worked by the Toxicity of your body and then there are Spiritual effects and then the effects On your relationships your ability to to Hold a job unless you're Hunter Biden

You know or somebody and then there are Things like paranoia and the rest of it So all of these substances all these Addictive substances things that change Your you know what they say your your Brain chemistry which is you know not a Real thing But change your ability to perceive Reality It has long-term effects psychologically Spiritually and physically and everybody Knows it and if you sober up for a Little bit you see the damage that the Addiction is done and you get you know You free yourself from the physical Addiction But then you go back again And then there's the gambling and the Infidelity and things also go hand in Hand with that and then with the Infidelity you know Kennedy's lust demon Again these are all self-sabotaging Self-hating acts you know you're hurting Yourself it's like you're punishing Yourself By doing something that you think is for Gratification In terms of cheating you know most of These uh cheaters womanizers or I guess I don't know what the female uh version Of that is I guess a hoe or whatever But having lots and lots of Partners and Not being able to live within the Confines of a you know a marital

Relationship a monogamous relationship All these people who have had all these Interactions with people All these sexual interactions all these Relationships Ultimately die alone They are they lose their ability to Trust other people because of the way They behave they become cynical They become you know hardened and they Just really can't open up and be in a You know a healthy relationship my Brother told me a couple years ago you Know he was someone who Had a sexual addiction and a you know Inability to be in a monogamous Relationship And you know I saw the you know all the Things that the effects of that in his Life And he's basically all alone you know His kids have I mean he has you know Still some sort of relationship with his Kids but it has never been the same Since he left his wife for another woman A crazy woman who I talked about in an Earlier video And you know he called me we're talking Maybe two years ago and he was about he Was a caretaker of the ashram and uh Molina Georgia you know he's been and He's there by himself he's been there For years on and off Since um

It's in 1995 1996. And there's nobody there he's there it's A you know a couple of buildings not Nice buildings big staircase you know That he had physical troubles he had his Both of his hips were placed going up And down those stairs and he was in his 70s now And you know some of that had had to do With it but he's just there by himself a Lot of the time which is you know Difficult the Internet isn't really that Great there he had a TV or something But you know very lonely I think he says He's on the phone with people Has a few friends But really just you know all alone you Know and just um has been all alone for A while And he told me you met this woman She was you know I mean I guess she was Around his age maybe a little bit Younger she was somebody from some maybe South American country And they were going to retire together In Florida they met playing pickleball Which I'd never heard of at the time And you know it seemed like a good Situation for him they were condemning The ashram and of course you know those Of you who know about the the corruption Of the heartfulness system and you know That was I was just figuring that out I Was like pre-coveted and things were

Going bad there And since then the mission has imploded In my brother According to my sister were not you know Speaking Um But uh you know it had to do with Kobe Did the bloop um But anyways He um You know has been relocated so he was Living in the Sasha which wasn't an Ideal situation And the only reason to live there is That there would be these gatherings The Gatherings were great there would be Three or four of them a year and then People would come up on Sundays for Group annotation But it's not being utilized it's just um Dilapidated broken down My brother was up there all alone not a Healthy situation And now he's being reassigned I don't Know what that even means and so he had This opportunity with this woman And you know he was going to retire with Her and spend the rest of his life but Then he you know we call I called and I Asked what's going on with that and he Said the engagement was off that they Broke up and He didn't really elaborate but he had Been a womanizer and uh you know a

Serial cheater And he's you know gonna die alone and There's lots of people like him I Because there's just uh an inability to Commit and Be in a lifelong relationship and you Know the ups and downs and all these Things and so you have these people who Have been in so many relationships Sexual and you know or whatever the Other aspects of it are and they're Extraordinarily lonely and they don't Trust anybody because They think other people are like them And so you know there's that and then There's You know Financial Ramifications for this I mean you can Have serial cheaters that are wealthy But for the most part there's going to Be Uh you know usually there's substance Abuse in these other aspects of it right And so all these things it takes a tall Toll on you psychologically and Physically You know human beings are social And being all alone and you know having A to deal with life's problems without a Support system and people you can trust And and you need love and all these Things right things that you need love And affection and all of it And so you know there's a negative

Effect for this and it's Self-destructive right it's another Self-destructive behavior and I'm saying All this because it's a part of the Economic system which is a Self-destructive system it's a Collectively destructive system Because we know how all these things end We know how a debt-based economic system Ends we know how a gambling addict or Substance abuse static or sex addicts Life ends we know what the consequences Are we know how it all ends and it Always ends poorly it's failed it isn't A a good way to go about things You are doing something that is You know a known entity and the effects Are there The failure the Heartbreak the you know All of it right the Lost opportunity the Physical and psychological Deprivation I mean the breakdown of the Human being And they're crushed by their failure and Their self-hatred and their Self-loathing and their inability to Do things that are good for them and People like that you know let's talk About this with Kennedy are ticking time Bomb They are always going to do something That self-sabotages and has Ramifications and it blows up and all The people that are involved with this

Person Blow up along with it right you all Suffer the consequences of Their self-ager their self-loathing and Self-destructive nature and then when Most people in society have that Self-hatred self you know that you they Don't want what's good for them And everybody can connect with God you Know I've seen this over the years Two things that I noticed recently Uh personally and then just you know Watching it And what I cover here in these videos The first thing is that people don't Really want a relationship with God Your ego doesn't want that because God's Going to tell you things you don't want To hear and you're gonna have to change Things you don't want to change And you know there's a self-hatred Self-loathing guilt a shame and people Don't want to face God And so that basically FS them for that Life If you're scared of God And a lot of religions teach a you know A God-fearing person which is the worst Thing to do Then you're screwed for that whole life Like if you fear God And you don't want to confront God or You don't want to go in front of God and Be you know in what you used to consider

Be judged what God considers just Bringing the truth to light You know when you go in front of God the Truth comes out and people want to face The truth about themselves and you can See this because you know I worked as a Therapist and a counselor and I've dealt With this personally And you can see a person's flaws and you Can see what they're doing wrong you can See what's what's hurting them what's Causing them you know they're Self-destructive nature And you confront them that's why people Have interventions And they don't deal with it right they Know it's true And they react hostily they get Defensive they attack you They break off your relationship with Them I mean you see this over and over Again They don't want to hear the truth Whether it comes from you whether it Comes from reality whether it comes from God They are in denial and they have created All kinds of defense mechanisms not to See the truth I cover this all the time I cover this across the board all the Time on these you know On the channel look at all the comments That I get from people when I say Something

That they know is true but they can't Deal with maybe on a deep level they Know it's true and they lash out at me Even though I'm not talking to them Because they can't handle the truth Right it's not because I'm wrong It's because they don't want to admit That I'm right they don't want to admit To themselves because it means they have To change they have to Confront their own worth reality and People just don't do that then of course All the denial That we see in mainstream media and all The rest of it so people don't want to Face God but what's the other thing People don't want to be loved people Don't think they deserve to be loved I Mean there's people in loving Relationships there are people who are Loved and they don't do that much I mean Maybe you know they're good people and They they work on their relationships And they give to others and you know They're lovable they have a lovable side They bring out their lovable side And their loves right and you know That's a small percentage of the people There's so many people out there who When they're loved they immediately turn On the person that's loving them right Like I saw this um maybe five six seven Years ago I started to see this that people say

They want to be loved particularly women Who you know are in this they're Culturally and biologically and Spiritually Program to be more loving than men Because of the maternal aspect And they Crave You know a loving Relationship a loving marriage a love Relationship with a man and yet they Pick the men that have the well time and Time again pigment that don't have the Ability to love them men that don't like Them or want them or value them men that Abuse them exploit them and then they Meet you know a so-called nice guy I Mean it's the bad boy principle and After suffering from that for years and Years they finally meet a nice guy or They've met nice guys all along Ones that actually care about them ones That would you know love them and They're not attracted to them right They're repelled by them you know my Brother his brotherly advice to me was You know this is why I was in my 20s Hook women you know hook them you know Get them to Like you or whatever and then be mean to Them right like that was his recipe for A successful relationship And you know it worked to some extent He was able to do this because the women Would come back for more they you know Hook them into the you know liking you

And then mistreat them and they would Come back for more And you know there's lots of men are the Same way And so they go to people that they you Know they are attracted to people that Will never love them and never Treat them with respect and dignity and All these things And so those are the things right people Don't feel like they need to be loved I Don't know what percentage there are People who are in loving situations Loving families but it's a small Percentage I would say 20 would be high I don't know like I don't have a Ability to have statistics on this It's a you know sort of an abstract Thing And then people are scared of God and Don't want to connect to God and so That's the majority of people and that Is why our society is the way it is That's why we have an economic system Like we have that's why there's Substance abuse that's why there's Sexual addiction and gambling addiction And you know all these other addictions And self-destructive behaviors and uh Commitment to war-like Tendencies and Paranoia and all these other Psychological issues entitlement and you Know all of it Hedonism and selfishness

And it comes from people Being scared to connect to God and deep Down not feeling like they deserve to be Loved And that's you know that's the basis of All these things and that's why this Thing's going to end the way it's going To end And you know for all of us we have to Work on those things those liabilities We have to come to terms with our own uh You know our own limitations as a person And understand that you know love is There God's love is there and Loving relationships is a part of a you Know something that's a need we all need Prana we all need the fundamental energy That's the basis in building block of Everything in creation which is the Divine love and then the you know human Manifestation of that in relationships And things People have to come to terms with that Ability that you know to be loved and Accept even though that you're flawed God's love is there for you and that Love can help you elevate yourself And you know this is why people start The seismic meditation feel the Transmission which is God's love and Then find a way to eff that up and quit Right you know because they they have it They feel it they know they need it and Yet they think they don't deserve it so

They find a way to to run away from it Okay so that's the introduction let's Get into the other stuff here

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