This what happens when you lower expectations

This what happens when you lower expectations

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I'm Going to cover some of the others today We really just um I'll talk about hickey N here in a second and I'm going to talk About Kamala I'm going to show you some Great video from Kamala Um but with Joe Biden doing his um State Of the Union Tomorrow I believe it's tomorrow you Know it's late you know they've Lowered Expectations for him right like he just Got a I mean he can be horrible but if He doesn't have a major Gaff or doesn't Poop his depend or wander around stage It's a win like that's how sad and you Know low the expectations are for the President of the United States and the Same thing with Trump like both sides You know have Lowered Expectations because the other Candidates you know I just um turned on The news or was watching something video And it was uh it was hickey nil and I Guess she won Washington DC and as soon As I hear her voice it's just something About her it's just very Unlikable um with all these candidates And all these people in the news like They're just they're so unlikable and so Like if just someone comes out that's Just like halfway decent I mean it's you Know it's just uh you say all right I Dislike Trump and Biden but who are you Going to replace them with right kamla

And Nikki right so there's just um such Low expectations there's not anybody's Just a reasonable you know okay human Being they don't be Great like these people are all pieces Of Boop and so but let's start here this Is ma like one of my viewers sent me This I believe joining us now professor Of political science at the University Of Maryland Baltimore County Tom Scher And journalist and opinion writer Paul Waldman their new book out tomorrow is Entitled white rural rage whoa white r Rural Rage the threat to American democracy And Tom will start with you uh why are White rural voters a threat to democracy At this point you would think as we Pointed out looking at Joe Biden's Background and Donald Trump that that The opposite would be true I mean we lay Out the four-fold interconnected threat That white World voters pose to the Country first of all and we show 30 Polls in National studies to demonstrate This so we provide the receipts there There are threat to the country white Rural voters are a threat to the country Right if you live out in the country you Know people in the country are just Happier than City People you understand this like I've Lived in both the city and in the Country and people in the country are

Just way happier it's like so less it's So less stressful in the country just Why where you live because you're closer To Nature and it's just the noise the City the stress we know what happens in The city you look at where all the mass Shootings happen where all the you know Where all the negative things happen I Mean all the stuff that happens it's Always in the cities right you know There's crime in the countries and There's there's crime in the country and Rural areas but everything happens in Cities and when it does happen in rural Areas it's usually usually in the urban Area of the rural place so people live Out and most people desire to live in The country in some Capacity because you just do better There that's where you're supposed to Live people are not supposed to live in Cities we're not designed we're not Colony based people we're not like uh uh Animals we're not you know we're not Like bees that live in hives and can be Packed together there's Colony animals Right that live in close proximity live On top of each other and people aren't Supposed to be that way we're more Freer Ranging type of uh creatures animals you See the way people have lived yes Villages you know small villages and Things like this but that's L different Family based Villages and things rural

Area um you know tribes and stuff but Not like big cities where there's you Know millions of people living on top of Each other and so this premise is just Wrong from the get-go because there's a Lot more anger in the city and when you Go to the city you become angrier like You just you know you break down Mentally and mental illness sets in and Not that there isn't mental illness in Rural areas but it's it's not the same Right because of that just you know you You have an advantage living in the Country like you're blessed if you live In a an area where you have more land And suburban suburban places as well Right it's in chapter six they're the Most racist xenophobic anti-immigrant Anti-gay geodemographic group in the Country second they're the most Conspiracist group qinon support and Subscribers election denialism Co Denialism and scientific skepticism Obama birtherism third anti-democratic So there so danger they're danger to America sentiments they don't believe in An independent press Free Speech they're Most likely say the President should be Able to act unilaterally without any Checks from Congress or the courts or Their bureaucracy they're also the most Strongly white nationalist and white Christian Nationalist and fourth they Are most likely to wait they're

Christians you say that they're white Christian nationalist so these the Meaning religion here which of course Religion sucks I'm not a a fan of Religion know for my videos but you know This is all stuff if you were saying the Same kind of thing on the right you Would be accused of some sort of racism Or some sort of you know it's you know It's okay to say anything about So-called conspiracy theorists like you Can say anything about people who don't Believe in the official story you know We're a demographic that know everyone Knows the government lies and Corporations lie and the media lies I Mean it's you know everyone knows that But if you believe that and you posted Online you are part of a group that they Can basically treat you any kind of way And it's okay because you're responsible For you know not not the people in power That have power not the politicians not The people who have money not the you Know all of it like all the religious Power whatever it is it's individual People posting that they believe all These people are liars and you're Somehow the threat right you know like You're the the threat of course you are Because the truth will take down Our system I mean not in a good way Because there's no there's no backup Plan you know I've said this before the

Truth Community is Purposeless because it's just a bunch of People want to destroy Something that there's no backup plan For you know they think that they're Going to change something but you're not You're going to destroy something Without having some way to replace Something to replace it with and so it Is you know in that way a threat to this Evil system and so that there's truth in This but they're not saying that like They're not admitting that the truth Will take this evil system down and then There won't be anything to replace it With to excuse or Justify violence as an Acceptable alternative to Peaceful Public disc so you mentioned a lot of Negative factors about about this this Demographic you know of course M's Leading the way here she's like you know Abysmal so I saw an article about this This person interviewed use Bernie Sanders Um here made clear their dissatisfaction With this White House position on Israel And Gaza as more than 100,000 voted Uncommitted in the Democratic Primary so Bernie Sanders is comes from Jewish Descent and you know Biden is better on Israel than Trump is and the Republicans better on Palestine than Israel but he's not great

But he's still better and um Bernie Sander is better than Biden you know Confronting what's happening here which Is an atrocity which we now see it's you Know it's um I mean think about this Began in October 30,000 people dead most Of them women and children and you know Civilians and nothing to do with Hamas And those people's lives are wrecked Forever encroachment on their you know They don't have um food they don't have Electricity they don't have water they Don't have your know basic needs they Now going on you know what is it October November November December December January February that's four you know Over four months almost five months now And it's like almost you know half a Year and Israel is not as indicated They're not stopping this is going to Continue and it's probably going to Continue in other regions to such an Extent it's been forgotten about like This has been something that's less and Less talked about it's not even going to Be a as we move into the Political um season here it's not going To be a major uh you know major campaign You know it's not going to be campaigned On or talked about other than Trump Endorsing and giving a green a blank Check to green light or blank check to Israel and Biden doing whatever he's Doing right um Biden's caught in the

Middle between the you know sort of Conservative Democrats the you know Middle Road moderate Democrats and the Left and so he's not going to want to Talk about this and they're going to Just go into other things right this is Going to be about other issues and you Know Wars just Wars are like anything Else they're forgotten about like the Initial acts of war the initial things That get it going make the news but After a war just lingers on we saw this With a rock and a The Rock and um uh uh Afghanistan and these you know various Places Vietnam Vietnam was more Contentious because of the liberal you Know left pushing against it but you Know it just Fades from the news people Forget about it right like it's just no All right whatever the war yeah there's A war going on and that's what's Happened like Israel's pushed back Against all the forces that Bain uh to Stop right and to you know make peace in Some way ceas fire and they just said no And you know people like all right well What are we going to do right America's Not going to do sanctions against Israel Food and Aid they have apparently done That can you talk a little bit about how Receptive the White House and the Administration have been to outside Pressure well I think for all this is Something Alex they've been thinking

About for a while because what they see What you see what I see is almost an Unprecedented humanitarian disaster We're talking about hundreds of Thousands of children facing starvation We're talking about Israeli bombs of Making it impossible for humanitarian Aid to get to places that is Needed this looks at you know again we Could be he could be Um uh you know sort of a left cover but Bernie's like coming out strong here I Mean at least you know this could be an Act whatever but he's one of the few People here was um I mean that's what Should happen right uh that the borders Are being uh blockaded uh and and Aid is Unable to get through so I think what The president is doing is an important Step forward but we need to do more we Need to tell Netanyahu and his Right-wing government that they're going To have to open those borders United States of America and I think the rest Of the indust the rest of the world is Not going to allow hundreds of thousands Of kids to starve to death so we need a New approach to Israel for many many Years we have given them a lot of money Recently there was a vote I voted Against it to give them another $14 Billion my view not another nickel for Netanyahu's government uh if he's going To continue this wholesale Slaughter of

The Palestinian people that's the thing I can't really reconcile right we're Airdropping Aid at the same time as the US is sending weapons of war over to Israel like she sucks like they're right About this thing which is you know weird Um but I've covered her before she's so Like you know she's just a sucky MSNBC Host but they're you know for whatever Reason this is where they're getting Like this one issue you know at least Sort of right I mean how do you recogn How do you reconcile that is the right Hand not talking to the left hand you Can't reconcile it it's totally absurd And on top of that look the air drops Are very important but that is not as Important is opening up the borders Because you're going to need hundreds And hundreds of trucks every single day And our message to Netanyahu you know What you're not going to get another Nickel unless you open those borders and Prevent the Salvation which is imminent You say it's your message to Netanyahu But I wonder if it's not also the Message to President Biden right I mean I I I have to read this passage because I think you know we don't cover Gaza Every day it is an ongoing appalling Situation and this is what's happening For people who have tuned this out for Domestic politics which of course are Important as well but listen to this it

Was Hunger that drove Ibrahim Al from His house in Gaza at 2: in the morning On Thursday it had been months since he Could find bread for his wife and Daughters in war ravaged Northern Gaza Flower sold for close to $11,000 a bag And even the animal feed many had turned To was running out some people are Eating grass according to the United Nations it is an unprecedented disaster Alex I mean it makes my stomach turn When you think about it and by the way There are children right now who are Suffering from severe malnutrition who Will suffer permanent damage if all the Food in the world came in tomorrow they Have already been permanently damaged You know I've said this before and there Was a um you know Clinton's um Secretary Of State whatever her name was meline Albright for some reason my um I'm in The editing portion and um the um my Computer didn't copy or didn't uh record The audio off the computer which is a Disaster for what I do here but either Way um it's matn Albright and she says this about Economic Sanctions we have heard that a half a Million children have died I mean that's More children than died when in Hiroshima and and you know is the price Worth it I think this is a very hard Choice but the price we think the price

Is worth It so I didn't understand this before Because economic sanctions sounds better Than War but economic sanctions you know What they're trying to do to Russia what They're doing you know to various Countries kill children it children Starve like that's what happens when There's economic sanctions children more Than anybody else die of Starvation and what's happening in Israel's even worse because they've cut Off everything to this country this Isn't just it's war and economic Sanctions and they've closed the border So there's no Aid that can get through And people don't have you know the Things they need to live so they're Being uh you know starved and kids are Going to die of just starvation which is Probably worse than dying in a you know In in in war where it's immediate right Where you know bomb hits you and you you Know you're there's no pain in suffering I mean not I'm not saying that's great But dying of starvation that takes Months and then the the pain of the Families watching you know members of Their family die of start all that stuff Right and of course babies and things Like this mothers not being able to have Enough nutrition to produce like breast Milk and things or whatever and so That's what's happening here and Biden

Is allowing to happen and Trump and Nikki haly I mean hickey n are saying It's a great thing and there's no Problem at all I that's how bad the Republicans are that's how bad like Again lowering expectations right when People suck so bad that you know you Just accept whatever's when all you have Is a bunch of pieces of Boop you know Bernie Sanders looks good right you know This is how bad it is RFK Jr looks good Not in this case cuz he's so pro- Israel But when people suck so bad even someone Who's just willing to flirt with the Truth looks great so the word has got to Go out that we must demand a total Change in what Netanyahu is doing we got To put an end to this bloody war right Now Netanyahu and the Israeli government Have got to start supporting the concept Of a two-state solution so that maybe Maybe there will finally be peace in That region I I got to I mean it seems Like political pressure might be one Thing to to get the administration to Take a more aggressive posture Visa Netanyahu and I wonder what you made of The results from the Michigan primary Earlier this week over 100,000 people Voting uncommitted as an effective Protest vote against this Administration's well it tells me and I Think it tells the White House that There are large numbers of young people

Large numbers of minority people large Numbers of Americans who are sick and Tired of the slaughter of the Palestinian people and again this is not Some distant Thing this is with our tax dollars but Also what's happened with the Ukraine Right like this is um you know it was a War that was that was going to be lost And America is supporting the ukrainians And they're suffering they've just been Slaughtered because they're Outmatched and you know was inevitably Going to end this way and American money Is being sent over there to just a fail To temp for whatever reason to weaken Russia it's failed like it failed you Know it was these neocons who were in Power under George W bush who made a Deal with um Biden I think it was you Know a deal to sabotage Trump and give Biden the election if they got to run The foreign policy you know America's Foreign policy they're very pro-israel As well anti-russia these things and They failed they they failed before the Neocons have just failed every time they They failed at all these wars all this Stuff they met a lot of money for Themselves they met him a lot of money Like halber money rebuilding Dick Cheney These things you know they did well Financially but they've destroyed America and these other countries caused

So much suffering and they're little Like they're just wormy people right so The hammer guy interviews I mean look at Him look at his face look at his effing Face of course this dope um he gets Teary eyed at the end of one of these Things I don't know which I have two of Them up um somebody sent me like an Inferior clip so I went to the source You know somebody taken a clip and put It on instag or something but let's get Into it here the uh situation in Israel Now for the administration seems to be Trying to find the balance between Israel's right to defend itself as a Country it's not it's not defending Itself like stop even talking about that You worm like look at this like just Look at him like he's just completely GED up right Taken from the day of the horror of October 7 where as you know 1,200 people Were massacred many of them young people Who were simply going to a concert um Where where women were were assaulted And abused uh our position has always Been that Israel has a right to defend Itself without any Question you know she she and hickey uh Hickey NY I mean all of them like They're all like this but there's Something unlike about them Particularly like you hear them talk and The first like just the the tone of

Their voice like there's just they Radiate insincerity and you know Whatever like Trump and Biden are dopes And they suck in their own level but They're funny because they're so I mean They're old and they're like they're Stupid and they're whatever you know They have they're humorous and so you Can at least watch something like it's a Train wreck but at least it's it's funny And there's going to be gaffs and you Know for for my purposes here where I Talk about the system Imploding and the you know the Degradation of American System but these Are people like immediately this this Your teacher and she you know comes in Front of the class and starts talking And it's like oh I God I got to tun in Her out like just you know there's just Something about her and you say like Same thing for hickey n you know Obviously there's other people you know There's like um you know you could say The same thing about Ronda santis Although he's just weird Too um but there's these you know more Gavin nome's another example of this you Know polished politicians who they're Not you know she's not a good public Speaker but they're better than Trump or Biden like there's less gaffs there's a Lot of gaffs with kamla because she's Weird but they're just you know they're

A little bit younger their minds are a Little bit fresher and they're you know They're able able to um uh articulate Things in a you know a better way than Trump or Biden and you know they're more Aware of they're younger they're just More aware of what young people and you Know the way they're just not stuck in The past right but like they're just so Unlikable they're so fake like they're Such posers Right and how it does so matters and as I have said many times and I think we Know that far too many innocent Palestinians have been Killed and it is important then that and We have made clear our perspective on This that um that there be a lessening Of the intensity and and more Precision Around how Israel um goes after Hamas And the leadership of Hamas well this Isn't defending itself this is a land Grab like stop lying about this part you Can say whatever about the first thing Whatever ever is you know whatever Happened with the first thing the you Know what the the initial event that got Israel to do so like I've said this Before Um nobody goes and punches a lion in the Face no sane person right walks up to a Lion or bear or you know even a bobcat Or raccoon and says let's fight right Like or beehive like no one goes and

Walks up and kicks a horn at its nest Like you know a s insane person right You there's nobody that would do that And countries don't do that like once in A while you get a crazy leader of a Country but that's you know that's how They like to frame it but countries Don't like people don't like to get Their ass kicked right when you know That you're Outmatched you see this in the animal Kingdom like sometimes you get like a Honey badg or some small animal fights Off a bigger animal just on their Ferocity but the Palestinian people have Been getting their ass kicked by Israel Because they don't have an army like It's already been lost like it's already Been established that the Palestinians Don't have an Army and the Palestinians Have no friends at least in terms of Like America the support the patronage That America gives Israel is you know I Mean it's you can't even describe it as A as a like a you can't there's nothing To compare it to the amount of money That we give Americans give to Israel And the way that we support Israel There's no other example of that Anywhere in the world and the Palestinians don't have that in any Capacity so you have the most powerful Richest nation supporting Israel and Israel has a military and the

Palestinians have nothing I covered this In my earlier videos on this subject Right and so what's their motivation for Doing this you know this big event like If there's just doesn't make any sense Like without knowing all the details and Without you know the mainstream media Lying all these things why would Palestinians want to get their asses Kicked I me why would the Palestinians Want their kids to starve like they know What Israel's going to do right you know What they're going to do like this is They know more than we do right they Live it they they live in fear of it and So they knew it was going to happen why Would they do that in the first place Right and so this whole thing is a you Know just it's a lie right the whole Thing's a lie and as you know secretary Blinkin secretary Austin have paid now Repeated trips to the region to make Clear our our position on that um but we Do also need to focus on what is Happening now toward what is possible And and and should be possible the day After as we call it uh laurren say you I Was in Dubai recently meeting with a Number of leaders including many Arab Leaders to talk about our commitment as The United States to a two-state Solution and commitment to doing the Hard work that that will Require Israel's position Zionist

Positions is that God promised them this Land Evangelical Christians Neocons also believe God promised Israel To the Jews this is Israel the blue part Is Israel it's part of Egypt part of Saudi Arabia part of Iraq I just covered This in my last video part of Syria it Has lots of I mean look at the ocean Here there beautiful oceans here Persian Gulf I mean has all these you know oil and There's oil in IR Rock and half of Iraq Would be part of Israel they would have Oil there's in the Palestinians right Out here where the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip right off the coast there's All this like natural gas and oil and Stuff like this I mean the resources Israel would be one of the richest Countries in the world it would have all This stuff here right um it would be Like a place of a a destination for Vacations because of the Red Sea and the Med Mediterranean Sea and things like That the trade that happens to the Persian Gulf and these seas and then all The resources they would have and this Would be they would be a superpower They' probably be you know rival to America um if they were able to you know God promised them this land and all These countries would be crumbled like The way that Israel would get this land Is if Iraq Saudi Arabia Egypt and turkey

And all these countries were somehow you Know crushed in some way like Israel Would just be you know emboldened by Ian I don't know how it would happen but if You believe in the biblical uh you know And I don't right CU you know there's It's all you know God doesn't promise You anything like nothing's promised Like animals have to compete for their To territory every day every day you're Competing for your territory go look out The window like it's springtime we have Red wing black birds who are looking for A mate right And they're competing watch them chase Each other right we have hummingbirds Like that are you know that's not They're not here yet but they will be Soon and we have a hummingbird feeder And if there's one that sits out and Tries to chase all the hummingbirds away From the hummingbird feeder right like You just they set up territories animals Are Territorial and they have to fight Off the other animals to keep their Territory things happen storms Hurricanes tornadoes and they have to Relocate you know this is just constant Like nothing has ever given to you Nothing no land is promised to you it's Not your land it's never your land we Have this illusion of land ownership Through these unnatural artificial Governments that's nothing to do with

God or nature but God doesn't promise Your right you got there's no Promise okay so let's fast forward to The end here relate directly or Indirectly to our national security and You and I Lawrence have talked about it Many times when I was in the senate for The four years I was there when one of My favorite experiences as a senator was Being on the Senate intelligence Committee and I'll tell you why that Meeting took place in a skiff which is a Secure room where no one could bring in Their cell phones there was no public no Press just us and people would then walk In that room regardless of their Political party and take off their Jackets have a cup of coffee roll up Their sleeves and not act as Democrats Or Republicans but act as Americans who Should prioritize first and Foremost our national security and the Best interest of the people of our Country in terms of ensuring that we are Standing for our principles all four Years when you like ran for president And you pulled at less than 1% of Democrats less than 1% of Democrats Wanted to vote for her and Joe Biden was The leading candidate I mean Pete Buddig I mean like you know Bernie Sanders These were people that were crushed in Her right I mean I have Cloar and Biden and who else was out

There so um uh the woman uh Trump calls Po Elizabeth Warren um they were Crushing her like she had 1% she had to Quit she didn't even get one vote in a Primary but Trump uh but Biden made this Proclamation he was going to pick a Woman and then he said he pick a woman Of color and so like she was the one That sort of Made the most sense um for him but like She's unlikable like she's not somebody Okay so then she talks about abortion Resolved in November of next year Because I do know that the American People fight for freedom and believe in The woman's right to make decisions About her own body but understand every Day until then there are women suffering In our country in horrible Ways and look let me tell you there's Going to be a split script screen on This too in November of 24 to your point About the election there's really going To be of all the issues we've discussed So far none of them are binary this one Is November 24 Binary on the one hand you're going to Have the folks who are standing such as President Joe Biden and me saying we Trust women to be able to make a Decision about what is in their best Interest and women can trust us to Protect their fundamental freedom And on the other hand you're going to

Have folks who want a national band and Have the gall to tell women who are even The survivors of rape or incest that They don't have the right to make Decisions about what happens to their Body Next so I think there's going to be a Clear uh choice on this issue and so Many others next year in November yeah the women who can't you Know don't have permission to kill their Fetuses right you know I've talked about This like it's not a you know it's such A complicated issue because America is a Disaster of Immorality and lies right and if they Get rid of abortion one it wouldn't stop Abortion if they made it illegal then There' be illegal abortions but two all These unwanted kids would have I mean We're talking about tens of millions of Them added to an economy already and the Crime and all these things these kids Would you know kids who grow up in Situations where women feel like they Have to abort their babies usually are Not going to have a good situation most Of the time it's going to be in in Poverty and whatever else right often Time young single moms I mean whatever And so like America had to to Survive I mean that's one of the things That fuels America's I we're barely Hanging on by a threat anyway in terms

Of the economy in terms of poverty in Terms of crime these things it would Have put America over the edge right and So it is a systemic problem it's Something that has to happen abortions To keep America going like that's Something people on the right don't want To deal with the you know pro- lifers That America that they 100% dependent on Needs to do evil stuff both the left and The right don't want to deal with this Democrats and Republicans they want to Blame one side or the other but all of Us should be aware of for us to sustain Our lifestyle For America to provide us with our Lifestyle we have to do evil things that Hurts kids all around the World children are suffering because of Our Lifestyle and the resources that we Consume and then of course wildlife and I mean you know whatever it is that you Love you know whether it be animals Whether it be nature whether it be you Know children whatever like you know Whatever um is the thing for you you Know innocent creatures whether they be Babies whether they be trees whether They be you know animals whatever it Might be right that has to suffer for Our us to have our lifestyle it's Something people don't want to deal with Like all of us we're all in on that

Right like we want our lifestyle but we Don't want to know what it takes to to Get it right kids suffering in sweat Shops and countries and things like this Nobody wants to see that like nobody Wants to confront that that you know Stuff that you're enjoying right now Whether it be your you know devices Whether it be your you know food that Comes from another country whether it be Any number of things the suffering that Goes into providing that for you they're Suffering on the other end of our Pleasures right like I mean it's just Like you know and that like nobody wants To see that right like we're enjoying Stuff that you know that comes from the Suffering of other people or the world Or the you know the environment or Whatever it might be and you know being Honest about that like the first step is Just to be honest and that The system collapsing isn't a solution Either because that involves like a Complete breakdown of everything right And so we're all kind of caught in this Trap where you know it is too big to Fail and it has to fail like for it for The world to move forward to people move Forward on a spiritual level and stop You know the the moral Heming the Ethical hemorrhaging the the stupidity The idiocracy that's happening the System has to collapse and like that's

Unthinkable right so everything that um America's doing now is lowering Expectations like kids today don't have The expectation that you are given for Your life right and the expectations for The kind of people that are leaders and Their characters and what kind of people They are what kind of levels of Competence they have you know Trump's Stupid lie about making America great Again like America was never great in The sense of you know it's It's all right I mean it's it's great in The sense that we have the strongest Military and the best Economy but that isn't great like that's You know it's think about the rich People that you know in your life or the Publicly rich people even the publicly Successful people they're not great They're actually pretty Self-involved I mean people with lots And lots of money or hoarding money it's A mental illness you have a billion Dollars again you can be a Multi-millionaire you know millionaire Or something and you know have a Reasonably normal life but you're a Billionaire or a trillionaire or Something like that you know it's just Obscene amount of wealth right and with More and more Comforts the less and less You be become a spiritual person like You just you lack spirituality

Successful people are often spiritually Deprived because you're out of balance You're putting too much effort into Being successful And really successful people people who Are great at something like really great At one thing they put everything into That one thing and neglect other parts Of their life their families and their You know it's just you only have so much Energy and time you I've covered this Extensively and this and my spiritual Videos and so you know great is I mean You can say something's great or Somebody's great but usually there's Means that they suck at everything else Right you know or they're they're bad or You know mediocre at lots of other Things and so greatness is an illusion And America was great in the sense that It had the strongest military and best Economy but it's a limited period of Time and it neglects all the other Suffering that's happening to sustain Your lifestyle to be rich there's got to Be a lot of poor people you know wealth Is defined by contrast right happiness Is defined by contrast everything's Defined by contrast so if you're rich That means there has to be poor right You know like if you're if you're Wealthy that means that other people Have to be in poverty because you're It's wealth is comparative you're

Comparing your wealth to the wealth of You know everyone else and everyone else Has to be you know much lower levels and There's going to be you know people in The middle there's going to be Impoverished people then they're going To be ultra wealthy and that's how our System is and a system like that is Always going to be based on uing and Slavery of one time one type or another But in all that so America wasn't great And Trump's a liar but you know there Was a time where there was an American Dream a dream that I don't particularly Buy into or believe in as I grew up but At least we had that dream and on the Material Level and these kids growing up Today don't have that dream because There's been lower expectations and you See it here with these leaders you know Like Joe Biden just has to go out Tomorrow and and not poop himself and Not You know implode on stage and where Everything else has been accepted and They continuously lie about like he's Okay the guy had dementia forever and it Doesn't matter because we've accepted That that's okay we've you know given Into that right you know like let's say You're in a relationship and your Significant other hits you could be a Man or woman right or something you know Woman like does something to you

Whatever it hurts you as a person like a Woman might cheat on her husband or man Cheats on her or you know whatever hurts You personally something that really Made you feel bad and you don't get Divorced and you just accept it and then That's part of your marriage now you Know the person just keeps on doing it Because you've you know you've accepted It like you've you've lowered your Expectations of what your husband or Wife is willing to how how they're Willing to treat you and so like that's Once you've Lowered Expectations And then they can just roll out you know Agenda 31 housing and and these kids Have very Li limited expectations of Their lives and as long as they have the Internet and something to you know do on The internet and whatever it is they you Know they're they're cool and so you see It everywhere right the lower Expectations there are a few more things Here and I want to get to some comments Just a few things that are left to cover Here my White House Mission Impossible How I the cia's disguised division Chief Disgu deceived the Secret Service Infiltrated the Oval Office and shocked The president by peeling off my face Mask Um Jonah Mendes was chief of cia's Disguise Division a branch of the agency charged

With outfitting secret agents operating Abroad and they had lifik latex Masks and um sophisticated the Technology like Mission Impossible and um she went out went into With a a fully animated ethnic and Gender change mask ready for the runway I changed to a man's suit and da the Mask of a black male adding matching Skin tight latex gloves and that were Precisely painted at the same skin color Including the Veins Um and so this is just you you know a Whole thing that happened there and Um that's what they're into that's your Taxpayer dollars at work how I hate China controls all our politicians they Make them touch the Great Wall of China And swear Le it's the CCP wonderful Meme here and there they All are right various presidents all um Pledging their Le allegiance to China Weing the Chinese hat okay so I haven't Done comments in a while but I have um Well here let's get to a couple today That came in there's an old one I want To track down Somewhere um let's go with this one First and note to particular order Verbal violence is not funny and the not Is capitalized and it's a short video Where Trump says to Caitlyn Collins you Are a nasty person

Verbal violence is not funny you Know words are just words and feelings Being hurt are usually emotions being Hurt and it's usually your ego being Hurt now there's a difference between Being hurt on a heart level when you Hurt somebody's heart and it's very Perceptible if you do the Saar Meditation that I've been doing for Years you can feel when you've hurt Somebody else's heart it sucks you feel It and you feel immediately bad right You know I mean even if you're like not The nicest person in the world just Feels bad and you feel how other people You just feel it and and person's ego Being hurt is usually you know anger There could be some fear or whatever it Might be uh ego related things gut Related things but when you hurt Somebody's heart there's a deep inner Pain right um and they you know they Might not react in a way where Um they say something to you or you know They react where they you know fire back I mean if they then transition to an Emotional state as opposed to a feeling State right where they go from being you Know hurt on a heart level to being Angry at you like then reacting on an Egotistical level but you know the Feeling that they have is you know it's Sucks and you don't want to hurt People's hearts but most of anything

Else is hurting people's egos which Isn't really a bad thing you know People's egos being hurt isn't horrible Because you know the ego sucks I mean The ego's especially you know your ego Can be divinized in some way your ego Can be something that's made into Something that aligns with your soul but You know that's that's very rare and Right now people's egos are just out of Control things that hurt your ego are Just you know a little dose of reality That you're not as great as you think You are right and so this idea about Words is violence and I'm not advocating For you know mocking people like I do Here or you know people you know all the Things that are done out there insulting People or whatever but you know it's no Big deal it's only the fact that People's are so ego-driven or the egos Are so Fragile is that and they're Psychologically fragile that words are Now considered violence right you you Can have you know words of hate and you Know threats and things like this that Are that's something different but if There's no you know like it's a Condition people have to be in and Anyways I mean just you know just a Stupid comment and then there's this one Um Paul is a shill for racial Dynamics He says he's Italian like that isn't

White and talks too much about the Indians you know sad to say you're too Stupid to to understand the word Shill it's overused in the truth Community and there's so many stupid People in the truth truth community that Aren't capable of critical thinking Skills so they don't belong here and They're using words like shill and shill Is too big a word it's a one- syllable Word with an easy definition a shill is Somebody who like let's say there's a Snake oil salesman and the person or There's a priest or you know these one Of these um fake uh miracle workers some Religious just Minister something and is Healing people and they have some guy in The audience on crutches who can't walk Or in a wheelchair and the person stands Up and walks and everyone goes oh my God It's a miracle but the guy's a shill and The guy could always walk the guy's in The wheelchair or somebody who could Always walk right or a snake oil Salesman will sell something and Shure Somebody but what a shill means is that You're on the Payroll okay so whose payroll am I on Racial Dynamics am I on racial Dynamics Payroll like that you know like they Just don't know what you're talking About like you're a right like an Easier explanation Paul is a shi for Racial Dynamics he says he's Italian

Like that isn't white so this is a white Person who's mad because I don't you Know I'm not white nationalist clown Like many of these right-wing truthers Right you know I don't um even consider Myself Italian and I'm not I'm Italian Irish German and Albanian and I you know I'm those um that's my Heritage and I Have some genetic Tendencies because of That right I have things from all those Different peoples European peoples who Are you know would be considered Caucasian but Italians are a lot darker Say than uh Germans you know depending On you know the I mean just all of it Right just the placement of where people Live but in all that right like I don't Think of myself in any of those ways I Don't think of s you know people who Define themselves by their race and by Their their you know their culture and Their family name I mean I don't even Think of myself in terms of my family Right like I think of myself as in terms Of like a spiritual person and then just My Egotistical attitudes towards everyone Else and people in general but in terms Of like any of those things I don't Belong to a group like I don't have some Kind of group identity like I don't root For Italians or Irish people or you know Germans or albanians you know because I'm part that like I don't have some oh

My God that guy's Italian and I have Some predisposition towards liking Italians in fact the people I would most Identify with are people who live in the Northeast part of the country and I Don't like I don't want to live there Like I would never go back and live in Connecticut you know I don't get along With the people I grew up with I I much Prefer to live in other areas like People in every other part of the Country are nicer you know they're just Less stressed out I mean I I prefer Other places than living in you know the Connecticut New York Massachusetts area But in all that I'm not taking money From any of these things I'd say you Know a better way to look at is I have An opinion that disagrees with yours and I don't agree with you in your group That doesn't make me a shill and using The term shill wrongly then you just you Know you kind of like just embarrass the Whole truth Community with your Stupidity Like you don't know what you're talking About like you don't realize what the Word shill is then you shouldn't be even Commenting like you have nothing to Offer anybody because you're just not Smart like you're like it's not just not Being smart it's your level of Consciousness because all I'm all I'm Saying is things that disagree with you

And you might not like those things and You could leave a comment saying you Disagree but I've already said I I don't Even remember what's in my videos so It's pointless so like you know it's you Just vent you can just stop watching I Mean that would be the best solution Because if you think I'm a a shill what Was the term you use let me go back here You think I'm a shill to um shill to Racial Demographics Right you mean you're think you're Saying that I'm woke like what are you Saying like you know I mean it's just And who's paying me like woke People like where where am I getting my Funded from right like just like think About things before you talk and then Don't talk you know because what you're Going to say is stupid so the other Comment I want to just comment on it Here I should comment on one of my other Channels this is from my you know I'm Doing a lot of stuff with the exposing Heartfulness and I um here's the comment Here it's having trouble opening it here It is Here unnatural color magenta please it Is ungodly and here's the picture I'll Show you the picture of the color that's There um And so this is my wife and I were at the Beach

And it was like there was a hurricane Like it didn't really hit but there was Like weird weather and a hurricane and It was Sunset and this was the colors that were There and it was quite significant like I'll show like I'll put a bunch of the Pictures here now my camera was set on Vivid so it picked ped up more of the Color but that just means it's picking Up more than your eye does and you know I it on a light set of vivid all my Pictures have vivid setting so it's a Little bit I wouldn't call it a filter But it's you know the um those pictures Of the canyon that I show sometimes and I'm not going to show them here because You know whatever but if you take Pictures with Vivid this is where I Learned about it it picks up colors that Your eyes can't see but my wife and I Could see the these colors we were like Oh my God the color is amazing it was Like all around us and it was because There's some sort of weird weather event Going on and I've seen the sunset you Know multiple times I've taken pictures It's a place my wife and I go to we go To the ocean and you know this was the Pictures and the pictures that were There and it was amazing amazing colors And you know I the camera didn't change It to magenta and so like just stupid Stuff like people their stupid stuff

Right I me you know this was an actual Picture there was actual like experience That I had where the color of the sky Was just amazing because there was some Kind of weather of it uh and I don't Know I don't know what caused it but we Were like oh my God this is amazing and It's a documentation for us of that Event you know it's a little bit more Enhanced because of the iPhone but we Saw all the things that you see here It's just not as Vivid and I want to say This also this picture here I'm facing Away from the sunset and this is early On in the process and you can see it Picks up Violet like this is you know Ultraviolet which would be you know this One one side of the spectrum something You can't see and then the color violet The other side which is reddish right The other side was facing the camera Towards the sunset you see red and Orange and you know a reddish you know This is on one side of the the Prismatic Um uh the Prismatic you know whatever it Is this is from the hurricane that was In 2022 of October and it really didn't Hit this area like we didn't get the Hurricane but the you know there was a Condition the you know the hurricane was Hitting I forget what part of the you Know this the how far away it was the Hurricane was hitting but this was the Sunset on that night and my wife and I

Were like wow this is amazing And so again you know just like Stupidity you know anyways only Spiritual will save this world it's par Will definely born for the Apocalypse in The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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