This Video is a Must See TV

This Video is a Must See TV

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so Alex Jones is Crying um about losing INF for Wars and I'll get into that in a bit I got MSNBC Gloating on that but I was already going To drop a voice over about the nature of The way the system takes away your time Steals your time and energy to keep you Down and I want to talk about that in You let me go through these other things First because they're all tied Together and so the first one the first Part of this is this um this is salign Dion and I covered this in my last video But there's this one part that really Bugged me I talked about it pretty Extensively but I have more to add here And so this is her talking about being a Ghoul you know she has stiff person Syndrome I miss it so much so this Movement right here where she throws the Ball between her legs to her son and I Talked about how he's all dressed up and This thing right and this isn't a real Catch right they're this isn't Benefiting him like the Father's son Catch you of course his dad's dead and They're Canadian he obviously plays Baseball maybe she has a place here Probably in Vegas I think she lives in Vegas so he's probably growing up in America and playing Baseball and you know he doesn't have a Dad so she's out there doing this here

You know throwing the ball between her Legs right and that's not a catch right Because when you're in a situation where You're having a catch with your son it's About him right you throw grounders you Throw pop flies right so he's get used To Fielding right if he plays in the Infield you're you're getting him used To picking up grounders you throw Grounders or you you you hit the ball to Him and you know this is you helping him Develop this skills he needs to play Baseball right and so it's all about him And you know the kid and the the dad Having this connection but also when I Worked in treatment Centers kids would get one inone time And with a staff and you'd often have a Catch with you know a baseball you shoot Baskets or you would um throw a Frisby And whenever you're having a catch is a Way to connect with people you're Throwing something to them it's Cooperative And it you know forms a bonding Experience and it gives a chance for the Adult to you know make the kid feel like They're noticed and all these things Right and none of those things are going On here because of this selfish Boop Seword is doing this as a photo Opportunity and instead of making it About him right she does something that Doesn't belong in catch where she throws

The ball between her legs here right let Me mute it throws a ball between her Legs here and you know that's about her That's about her showing off like she Does with everything else and then Dismissing the kid because she used him As a prop and that's everything that's Wrong with celebrities in Hollywood Where they become so narcissistic their Kids are just extensions of themselves Right and she's you know doing this as a Way to like oh look how fancy I am they Only 10 ft away this isn't a catch this Is not benefiting him you're using him As a prop and that's your kid so like This is how you know like they Feast on The the crowd and you know having public Perception and public approval like is So prevalent today on today's social Media and it's just disgusting right It's failing as an adult in every Possible way so my wife and I watched The two seasons of the traitors in England um which was much more enjoyable Than the American version they have uh The same exact show except they don't Use in America they make it even bigger And over the top the same activities Right the same kind of challenges the Same whatever and I'll get into the show In a moment but in America they used Reality TV stars and many of them were Desperate hies Housewives some of them Are former Survivor type people but

They're um it's not great at all right It's pretty horrible um because the People are horrible and in England they Just use average people and some of them Are you don't have social media presence They all probably have some social media Some of them were you know one of them Was allegedly a comedian and other one Was um a uh like a a m magician and Things like this but for the most part This is the American version this guy's Just over the top but what was great About the English version I'm going to Switch over to our voice over now well Was great about the um the uh the English version was the men crying like There's other things that are good about It but in season one we watched season 2 First which was probably the best season Of the Traders and what's great about The show is it shows you how you're Screwed because it's based in a Psychological game from some Russian guy That want to show how you're abused by The system by a of information right Where there's a game called the wolves That he invented where there are these Wolves and then there's Villagers and the wolves are uh you know They're given this position in secret And the Wolves usually it's two or three People you know depending on the size of The group that you have right and the Traders it's usually three there's

Usually about three Traders you know two To three Traders and the Traders meet secretly And murder everybody at night you know This is I mean it would be a shorter Game if you're doing it you know they They'd meet every once in a while and in The TV show The Traders you know they Meet and then they have activities to Put money into the pot because Somebody's going to get the money at the End and the way it works is that the Faithful if there's three faithful left Or one faithful left at the end of the There campy there's got to be at least Two they split the money and if the um If the if there's one Trader the trader Gets all the money or there's two Traders they split it right and so There's a couple great things about it So the the reason that it's so much so Uh relevant is that the Traders have Access to information they're murdering People and they're basically sending you Know sort of shock and you know by the People that they take out in the game And as these people live together and They bond together they're watching each Other and scrutinizing each other see if They're Traders or not and there's this Level of paranoia and people just Misreading people and the Traders often Are the most likable people the ones That succeed and people never suspect

Them because you know they forget that They're playing a game and anybody could Be the traiter and they start being Prejudicial based in their preferences And they'll never vote for certain People there are people that are Obviously the Traders as the game plays Out and evidence comes out cuz in the Beginning they don't know right and they Rig the game so that they make more Traders so there's always some Traders Right so you have to vote out faithful You know the faithful banish somebody Every night hoping that they get a Traiter but in reality they have to take Their numbers down because there's only Going to be four people in the final Vote so they have to whittle 22 people Down to four whether they're Traders or Faithful or whatever right and people Who successfully playing the game kind Of realize that but there are people That they bond so much there's a woman In the you know in one of the seasons That's so like motherly no one's even Suspecting that she's possibly a traitor And would never vote for her right they Just they can't even conceive of voting Her as a traiter they can't conceive of Her being one and it's like great and That way but what Ely happens is the Traders don't want to split the money Plus you know in the end vote if they Suspect there's a traitor then they can

Keep on voting people out to try to get Rid of them and and so the Traders have To turn on each other the Traders have To take one other Trader with them and Get that Trader Banished at the end and so that person Says they're a Trader so that they think They got all the Traders and then the Trader can take the money and the people Who are with the trader at the end love The trader and feel completely Betrayed so the show's really great that Way but in season one in the English Show the men cry every one of them like Weep pathetically so I mean from the Beginning to the end they're always Freaking crying and it's hilarious like There's no Masculinity and it's something you know I mean just in terms of the Entertainment value if you like to see Men weep over a a game like if you Imagine playing a game of Monopoly and crying Right I am I'm not a traitor I'm a Faithful I'm 100% faithful I mean it's Just bad it's it's hilariously bad but Anyways this is also going to tie into My voice over let's go to the Alex Jones Thing though here okay I think this Person's name is Alex Wagner yeah right Here Alex Wagner Alex Wagner tonight is The name of the show uh she's one of the Most anti- truther people and she's a

Big one on MSNBC they have a couple big Ones on CNN but here she sets in on the Shill and uh you know the co-intel pro Operative Alex P Jones So it has been a terrible horrible no Good very bad week for conspiracy Theorists oh my God Alex what tell me About it normally there would be no good Reason to show you a clip of the reality Distortionist Alex Jones but this you Guys show clips all the time was really Something I'm like literally here like Watching a family die like 30 years on Air 27 years this operation 15 years This building and I'm literally when I Know I lead tonight they're going to Shut us down maybe it's tomorrow the Next day I just want people to know I Love you I believe in you I believe in Humanity I believe in my grandparents I Believe in my parents I believe in Humanity I just want to stop these People this is what fake cries it's kind Of hilarious that's an Entertaining Persona Alex Jones has his You Know let me show my let me show my memes Here you know what it's like to go to Sleep every night knowing you work for a Bunch of psychotic killers and you Bastards are probably going to end up Killing me one day you know what it's Like knowing you've ruined my life you Know what it's like you sons of [ __ ]

I'm tired of your crap you know what It's like to go to sleep every day Knowing you work for a bunch of Psychotic killers are probably going to Kill you one day you bastards you ruin My life I want to quit I want my 401k Let me get out of this contract a Thousand people that run the world According to the Kissinger group's own Book Super class put out 15 years ago and I Believe it's accurate and the one guy That wrote it Roth cop the head of the Kissinger group tried to recruit me to Go meet with them in New York and Henry Kissinger okay so I'm explaining how Real this is okay they tried to recruit Me they did it in front of my producer So it's the only time I can talk about It because the other meetings were off Reccord with other globalists I have off Reccord meetings with these people okay You know I have to probably say that I Have major Mass masic Roots uh a lot of My family uh because Texas was pretty Much Masonic through and through was Masonic high level Masonic and they were Very very good people George Washington Was a Mason and all it is is a University study of religions of Philosophy and of building and of Mathematics and of agrarian systems and So what you see as Masons today is just Those schools going on and there have

Been hundreds of different variants and Groups and rosac crucian orders within The Masons and the Illuminati uh founded in Germany was a Counter Illuminati to the real Illuminati and and yes undoubtedly my Family on both sides on the Mayflower Hardcore Protestants you could say rosac Crucians this country was founded by Real rosac crucian not the rosac crucian See out there today and so Undoubtedly um if you want to say it I Mean I would say I come out of a Classical Enlightenment family of what You would call real Illuminati uh real Enlightenment and I'll just say it here when anybody ask Me who I am I'll tell you there's no Secret society there's no secret Messages there's no secret handshakes There's Freedom there's Jesus Christ This is a human this is what we look Like this is what we act like this is What everybody was like before us this Is what I am I'm a throwback I'm here I've got the fire of human Liberty I'm Setting fires everywhere this is a shi This is what we look like this is what We act like this is how you make $165 Million I'm coel Pro I work for the CIA I'm cutting you out of your money I'm Cutting you out of your money everywhere We're at war I've declared bankruptcy I'm broke I need your help right

Now my body is full of cholesterol and There's a strange growth on my scotum There's only one way to fight this Madness to win this war you need to buy My products and you need to do it now Before my head explodes my blood Pressure is too high I'm on the verge of Being thrown out Illuminati and they've Canceled my gym membership and I need Your money and your support now I just Made a stinky Roger got to be stopped we Got to stop Him so At the end of the day we're going to Beat these People it's like this on um season one Of England of the traitor constant Cry I I try to be dramatic here but it's Been a hard Fight that was Alex Jones she's gloating You know she's happy he's one of the Country's biggest conspiracy theorist Crying at least we think it was crying On his show last weekend about the fact That his program Infowars might finally Be coming to an end for decades Jones And Infowars have pushed insane Conspiracy theories insane ones like 911 Was an inside job and the US government Controls the weather okay so let's talk About this being insane right Because the big Event1 again I'm not going to speak About it here because of YouTube sucking

But you know in terms of why is it Insane why is it insane well let's go With the weather one first if a Government can control the weather do You think they would control the weather Right people have wanted to control Weather Forever weather is one of the biggest Threats to humanity in our daily lives Let me switch over to a voice over here You know we control the weather every Day we control the weather in our house And in our cars right do you want to Give up your air conditioning and your Heat that's controlling the weather That's climate control you're Controlling the climate in your house in Your car where you can do that we want To control everything we want to make Our lives easier we want to I mean we Have Insurance against any sort of Catastrophe you know there's hurricane And these types of things right and There was a a film I watched years ago Um it was about a big baseball game game The World Series I think it was the Yankees and maybe their pitcher was hurt They wanted a wait a day so the pitcher Could get more rest or something and so The owner seated clouds this is a black And white movie like an old 1930s 40s Movie 50s whatever it was and he's Seeding the clouds which was a way to

Make it rain and rainfall is a big deal Right people with droughts do you think They would control the weather if they Could Get it to a Rain where there's going to Be potential forest fire destroying uh Valuable forests and national parks and Things and people's homes you think they Would control the weather and Make It Rain okay so they would control the Weather right they could want to control Everything and so we know that happens Right we know there's false flag attacks To make Wars happen this happened Throughout history where an a superior Army wants to create you know a Situation where a weaker country who Would never provoke them into war Provokes them into war it happened in The Princess Bride where the prince was Going to uh kill his wife The Princess Bride and blame it on Gilder so they Could go make an excuse to attack Gilder In vain and take their land like that's The you know just from that movie so It's believable right it's not crazy That these things could be a Conspiracy because you know we would Control the weather if we could I don't Know if we can or not you know there's Lots of evidence out there that I used To cover this a little bit but if we can We will right we want to control Everything and so don't make it sound

Like it's crazy because it's not crazy Right you know it's not crazy that this You know people would do that because People do stuff like that all the time Like stop you know making it sound like It's insane to believe such things Because humans will do crazy stuff and Have done crazy stuff and your only Excuse is that these people are Trustworthy and the government and the Media are not trustworthy people lie all The time people in power lie even more They lie to people all the time they Keep secrets they conspire it happens There's a word for it conspiracy Conspire it's a real word because people Do it it's a behavior that people do People conspire And so to pretend that it's like crazy It's not crazy like it might not be true But it's not crazy to believe it because It could be true because people will do Such things right you know people um say No America government would never do That or the media would would expose it No we know that doesn't happen if They've kept secrets the nuclear program Atomic the atomic bomb you know there's Thousands of people that knew about that Project And they still kept it a secret until They developed it no one even knew that These things exist until they dropped Them right they were just like a rumor

Like they nobody knew like you know this Was something where the average American Person didn't know that they were Developing Atomic weapons and they did It without the consent of the American People and you know now what's the Problem right like look at what's the Potential for nuclear war that Everyone's waiting with un baited breath And so don't pretend these things are Crazy cuz people do crazy stuff people Do evil stuff Right but perhaps Jones's most Pernicious and disturbing conspiracy was His claim that the Sandy Hook massacre a School shooting that killed 21st graders And six adult teachers and School staff Members that Sandy Hook was staged okay The big event 2001 it was 3,000 people Died and the the idea that was the Government that's more disturbing right Um but this is the one that they're Focused on because of the Lawsuit Sandy Hook it's got inside job Written all over it Sandy Hook is a Synthetic completely fake with actors in My view manufactured all I know is the Official story of Sandy Hook has more Holes in it than swiss cheese Alex Jones Pushed lies like these about Sandy Hook For years for years he pushed these lies Which resulted in his followers Harassing and tormenting the families of Sandy Hook victims so those families

Sued Alex Jones for defamation and they Won Jones was ordered to pay those Families nearly $1.5 billion okay so as A Journalist you don't think that's Excessive right now Alex Jones might be A piece of Boop and you know according To these people they believe they're so Much better or whatever their shills or Whatever it is right but you know he is Doing things that other people do in Terms of giving opinions about things That have happened out in the world and She might not like him but you know the Guy um is kind of he's got journalistic Credentials right and he's you know Considered a a bottom feeder but his Saying the things that he said his words Are worth $1.4 Billion the average wrongful death Settlement can vary significantly it can Range from 500,000 to over a million so If you think the worst thing you can do Is kill a person you can say torture Might be worse but you know killing a Person is considered probably the worst Thing and so500 to a million dollars Corporations that have caused people to Get cancer and caused them physical Damage and those things are worse than Any words that you would say right Anything that you might infer and so These kids that you know they're saying Died in these events were um killed by

Whatever person right this this guy who Suffered psychological whatever it was The parents didn't sue that guy right And you can say well that guy didn't Have as much didn't s Sue that guy's Family or whatever it is or the Psychologist at Yale that treated him or All these things or the gun manufacturer Or any number of things They could claim um contributed to their Kids being killed right and So they were responsible in some way you Could make a case that these various Entities were responsible the kid was on Psychological medication for example so Pharmaceuticals I mean if that was you Know a factor which certainly is could Be a factor it seems to be a factor in These type of things you know for Whatever is going on with the official Story whatever it might be I'm just Saying like in terms of the official Story they could have sued and would Have only won a million dollars for Family right now Alex Jones is a Multi-millionaire but his net worth was Probably you know they said he was Making like $150 million a year or Something like this he wasn't a Billionaire right and this is excessive The Trump settlement was excessive the Rudy gulani settlement was excessive and As a reporter she should say this is Sucess is excessive right because he

Just he was sued for words that he said Right generalized words you know he's a Shell and the whole thing's controlled And why wouldn't Alex Jones appeal this Why wouldn't any you know body of um any Uh you know court in the land take a Look at this the higher cour the Supreme Court and say yeah uh $1.4 million is Excessive you know it should be like $100,000 per person or something or less Right I mean if you know even if like Alex Jones didn't present any sort of Case he heard his um he heard his Evidence they sent his emails over to The prosecutors his defense accidentally Sent his personal emails over ones that They claimed they didn't have and it Destroyed his case you know in the Previous cases he said he was a Performance artist and so why didn't he Go with that right why didn't he go with I was just being you know whatever it Was as a defend right because that would Be less if he's you know pretending to Be a journalist because in his divorce Case he said his lawyer said he was a Performance artist which everyone can See he is right that he's not a real Journalist and so this whole thing is Ridiculous right you get it there's no Way that this should be $1.4 billion and This reporter should say so that that's Excessive excessive by you know most of It like almost all of it 99% of it it

Should could be probably under a million Dollars the whole settlement right and So the whole thing is ridiculous so let Me add this Alex Jones has like press Credentials right and whether you want To say that he's a conspiracy theorist For this you know for these people he's Still in the media and the media has Just like any other you know sort of uh Any other profession there's a Connection and she Alex Jones is Not Msnbc's competitor right Alex Jones is In viewed Fox isn't is an msnbc's Competitor CNN is Right CNN and MSNBC Are going after the same demographic of Liberal viewers Fox News and Alex Jones And Donald Trump are their subject Matter right like I'm talking about Mainstream media here mainstream media Isn't my enemy to whatever extent media Mainstream media CNN and MSNBC pushing For the deplatforming and the Demonetization of videos yeah that's I Mean they're you know sucky that way but We're not the same like we're not like You know in some sort of a battle right I I use these clips all the time from MSNBC and CNN to cover my material here Right and so Alex Jones is their subject And so they might claim they hate So-called conspiracy theorists truth Theorist but you know we're not doing Anything like we're not we don't have Any power you know like it's like the

Way they go after Trump is a little Different because Trump you know Allegedly has some power but Alex Jones Is you know a fringe person and really Has no effect we have no effect other Than we're taking away people from their Watching mainstream media and there you Know the overall truth Community share The movement that's there is certainly Hurting mainstream media but that Battle's already been lost like it's Already you know happened the internet Has hurt mainstream media it's always Going to be if it isn't truth is it's Going to be something else because People aren't going to go back and watch The news no matter what they they'd Rather watch crap on TP tick talk and All these things they're going to get Their information from other sources That's that that uh ship is already Sailed but her competition is CNN you Know CNN and MSN NBC are in competition For the same audience and so like them To be like you know her to be like this About Alex Jones is it's kind of silly Right and the ruling is ridiculous like At some point you got to say I mean they Don't have to because they don't but you Know it just becomes like a joke like if He got you know it was a reasonable Ruling then it would be just whatever But uh over a billion dollars for a guy Who doesn't have close to that it's it's

Just insane for words right for words You know it's not a it's not a real Thing and and regardless of what they're Claiming people did like his viewers Harassing the people like he didn't say To go do that right so he's not they're Not suing the people who are harassing Them and they're saying that his words Cause them to be harassed okay so did You sue the harassers well the harassers Are worse than the guy who instigated it Right the people who are harassing them And the harass wouldn't have been that Bad I if it's not even criminal you know Harassment I mean harassment happens Every day on the internet I get harassed Anybody who's out there gets harassed Right we're all getting harassed and you Know you the lawsuit for that I mean What's the you know the verdict of Harassment like somehow his words are Worse than the harassment which is you Know definitely seen as the worst of of The things right and damages but in 2022 Alex Jones declared bankruptcy Effectively guarding his money from the Sandy Hook families until tonight Tonight Sandy Hook families accepted a Proposal from Alex Jones to liquidate All of Jones's personal assets this Court supervised liquidation will okay So then why would he do that if he Declared bankruptcy and he was Protecting his personal assets from the

Families why would he go offer them all Of what he had the court supervised Liquidation will allow the families to Benefit from immediate asset sales while Keeping the claims on Janes assets alive In the event he acrs wealth in the Future she's going to say this year Allow the families to benefit from the Immediate sale of Jones's assets while Keeping their claim alive in the event That Jones acru more wealth in the Future so like he's like why would he do This I mean what would motivate him to Give them everything he has now Liquidate everything he has lose his Business his job that you know is his Passion whatever it is I mean he's a Shell but whatever like this is his Number one thing and they're going to Take down Infowars and if he gets more They can still take the like if they Said all right you can take this or Leave it I'll give you everything now But if I earn anything a future I get to Keep that but then you know that would Be the deal right that would be the deal Okay I'll give you what I have available I'll liquidate everything sell it you Guys can have that but then you know but No like you know we want the $ 1.4 Billion doll so like he might as well Just be homeless from now on and so you Know that's a ridiculous deal for him to Do right when why not appeal any of

These things and the the amount and just All of it like he didn't present any Kind of a legal case and then when he he Just destroyed his I mean he just Torpedoed the whole thing in typical Alex Jones fashion like the whole thing Seems like a set up and like Fake but you know it was just ridiculous Right and that's reporters you should Say this is ridiculous for him to do This and all of this means it could Finally be the end for Infowars so Alex Jones is being held to Account literally his bank account Reality has really set in this week and Not just for Alex Jones this is the EP I'm GNA go back to um I'm going back to Um I'll see if I can find that whole thing Because it's funny times it is a news Outlet that started decades ago as an Anti-chinese Communist Party leaflet for The Fallen gong The Fringe religious Group you might know the Fallen gong Because of the billboard advertisements For their Performance Group shenyun a Show that travels the country explaining Their version of pre-communist Chinese History through song and dance but at Some point in the past 10 years The Epic Times became less about Chinese I Cultural views and more about just plain Old conspiracy theories plain old Conspiracy

Theories the again I don't you know I Don't consider these things real you Know I mean it's Alex Jones is a shill Epoch times people send me stuff from it I'm not you know but again right pushed Antiva content claiming antiva content Vaccines caused WID spread injury and Death it pushed seriously Niche content Like this documentary revealing in a Secret world government plot to call the Population and force survivors to eat Bugs but for years now the Epic times Has claimed content like that has been Wildly successful they put up Billboards Across the country declaring The Epic Times is the number one trusted news Good boom in 2021 The Epic Times claimed They had grown the site's Revenue by 685 Per in two Years it all seemed pretty Fantastical because it was according to An indictment unsealed this week in the Southern district of New York the site's Content was not the money maker here not The bug not the bug plot prosecutors Alleged the real increase in Revenue was Coming from a massive money laundering Scheme Kaboom now I don't know if that's True or not like the whole thing but Like this is you know again they're Going after anybody who isn't with the Official story like this is the next Level of doing that I've been Documenting what YouTube's doing to all

Of us and not just people who are Truthers but anybody who's producing Opinionated type of um material they're Trying to get rid of that right it's a Problem that they had when the internet First came about and now they're having It you know with the with all of it Right but um they're just doing this Across the board it doesn't matter like They've already won I mean they've won In their ability AB ility to keep the Country and the world going until it Collapses from their you know Mismanagement which is you know it's Happening one way or another but they Don't want you to know about it right They don't want any other opinion Because the system is that fragile and They're worried that you know this could Cause the destruction of the System okay so in the week of uh Wagner's debut last Tuesday this is an Article here um in the week well Wagner's new MSNBC show saw a double Digigit ratings drop in the first week In the week of Wagner's debut last Tuesday MSNBC total viewership for the Hour dropped 15 from 2 million viewers The prior week to 1.7 million viewers That's per week right according to Neelon Media research the show dropped Even steeper to 23 in the key news Demographic it's 23rd in all these news Shows and this is you know the prime

Time show from 200 14 uh 214,000 viewers for the full week before To 164,000 viewers so she gets almost Nobody watching and the people watching Are the worst you know people watching MSNBC and CNN and believing it to be True they're like the lowest Consciousness people many of them are Older and so she's a younger person that Can't get any viewers right and you know The amount of people who watch truther Videos and Believe In Truth or theories Is you know hundreds of million probably Over a 100 million people you know Subscribe to some of these views and Beliefs so she's out there saying it Like she's the authority right right When she says this stuff it's like she's The authority but it isn't they're not Successful MSNBC and CNN right not Nearly as successful as the truth or you Know information or alternative media That's available on social media run by The Epic Times Chief Financial Officer Since 2020 the CFO has allegedly been Buying millions of dollars of prepaid Debit cards at 70 to 80 cents per dollar From criminals on cryptocurrency Exchanges I mean nice work if you can Get It the epic epic times CFO is being Charged with bank fraud and conspiracy To commit money laundering and could

Face up to 30 years in Prison all of this is negative press for The Epic Times and positive news for the Health of our yeah but people who watch These shows and I'm not saying you Should believe in Epic Times or in um Alex Jones because they're you know Whatever they are shells and you know Whatever dis disinfo they're putting out But the people watch that are just going To say this is a setup because the same Way they're feeling about Trump because You guys are not believable and you're Underhanded and you're misusing the Criminal justice department we all know It right not that Trump is Trump sucks But you know that's the way it appears Because you guys suck information Ecosystem and to that end to the to the Triumph of reality over conspiracy there Was also news reality over conspiracy on This Front let me Begin by asking a very Simple question do we know the truth About what really happened in the 2020 Election that was far-right activist Denes duza's conspiracy theory filled Documentary 2,000 mules when that film Debuted Trump hosted a screening of it At maralago and Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell the pillow guy they were all There in attend they're all there Mike m LEL it is a very schlocky film that Alleges

Thousands people were paid to dump Biden Ballots in drop boxes across the country And steal the 2020 election it is a Complete fabrication but the rightwing Went okay so how how was it complete Fabrication because election cheating Happens and I'm not saying it's true Desta Souza and the rightwing and Trump Suck and they're all liars and whatever But election rigging happens America Fixes elections in other countries Elections are not sacred and people Cheat again so you're saying that Democrats would never cheat in fact There was a a documentary put out by Amazon called killchain Which was about Democrats complaining Because they thought Trump is going to Rig the election using faulty uh these Um these uh you know the computer uh Software hacking and things like this it Turned out to be uh mail in ballots that Were question but they believe that Trump was going to rig the election and Hillary Clinton talks about the Russians Rigging the election but now that's just You know that's something Americans Would ever do what are you talking about Right bananas for it to this day the Film 2000 mules is a central part of the Maga revisionist history of 2020 and Last week after a lawsuit was filed Against the media company that Distributed that film Salem Media Group

They stopped distribution and they Issued a formal public Apology so a pretty good week for Reality and a pretty bad week for Conspiracy for reality you're the Arbiters of reality and that doesn't Just matter for the health of our public Discourse it also matters for the health Of our democracy oh my God okay Alex Wagner ladies and Gentlemen um well I guess a little bit More here because it wasn't just 2,000 Mules that was pushing the big lie all Of these Outlets were the big lie you Know the big lie let me show you let Let's go to my the big lie um um stuff That I have here is a lie but this lie His big lie the big lie his own big lie The big lie I I doubt any of them are Stupid enough to believe the big lie of The big lie by the big lie deranged by The big lie they continue to perpetuate The big lie that big lie the big lie Because the big lie the big lie is the Big lie is uh the big lie this whole big Lie election there is a new big lie Making the round and big Li is a big lie These big Liars is the big lie the big Lie is just that a big lie president Trump told a big lie one of the biggest Ever told this big lie is perpetrate an Act upon the big lie that that Donald Trump perpetrated the big lie the face Of provable lies lies that right now are

Continuing big lie Trump's lies Conspiracy theorists would rather travel Across the country in service of the big Lie extraordinarily Dangerous to spread the big lie oppose The big lie standing against The big lie yeah I said it we know that The big lie was cooked up you got the The big lie about the the function of The big lie have been banned from sites Like Facebook and Twitter but his Interviews with right-wing media where He continues to repeat the big lie They're part of the big lie goal's in a Great lie you keep repeating the LIE Repeating the LIE big lie people will Know it's one thing for one man one Woman to repeat the LIE over and over And over again so that last part of the Compilation this is the voiceover that I Was going to do before any of this stuff Happened I woke up to the Alex Jones Thing right um you know uh I got Recommended a video on YouTube but where Biden's saying they repeat the LIE over And over again comes from my book the Choice I mean you know he didn't read my Book the choice but I talk about how They have to repeat the lies over and Over again because the truth wants to Come out right everything in the Universe wants to be Purified and brought back to its divine Nature its original pure purist

Unadulterated state right it's pristine Condition and a lie is not that right a Lie is something that is not Divine in Origin it's created by human beings Imagination and their ability to twist Reality and so the only only way they Can keep the lie going is to keep on Saying it over and over again and they Use things like talking points and not That Trump you know the whole thing Isn't you isn't like Trump won the Election and Biden cheated it's like the Whole thing is a lie right Trump's whole Thing was a lie his election his Presidency it's all you know Trump's a a Huge liar himself right but the big lie Is a joke and the thing with Alex Jones You know this video went a lot longer The beginning part I went found his Original video on his Infowars and he's Claiming that on that video was last Saturday today's Saturday June 8th it Was Saturday June 1st and he's still Putting up content right but he's Claiming they were coming in to lock the Doors and I got a bunch of stuff I'm Going to cover that at the beginning or It'll be a whole video will be about That next you know my next video I'm not Going to do that there but it's kind of Hilarious classic Alex Jones but let me Get to what I was going to say you know All along here you know this was the it Was supposed to be the whole video here

But it ended up going in a different Direction you know I Um when I first was Inspired you know I had sort of a Visionary type of um you know I had this I've always had like a Visionary Personality but you know I first thought I had something to say in terms of Writing books and eventually this YouTube channel you know I had this Thing where I had this spiritual Experience that I believe was shuy where You download something from the Divine Process I described this in a recent Video was shuy counseling that became Pockets of the future and then all these Other things but it's where you know I Can look at something like um whatever Is being said here about Alex Jones or Any subjects that I cover and I just see It or this information just comes to me Was like a switch with throne and I was You know inspired to be able able to Create this kind of content or any Content right and you know when that Happened I was working at a job as a Counselor with sex offenders a clinician With sex offenders and the place was Unbelievably corrupt and abusive in Itself and then I'd come home to an Apartment a cockroach fi Department with Six kids four kids were mine Two For My Ex's previous marriage and my ex who you Know who was I mean when she would have

Meltdowns she would cut herself or like When we'd have arguments I'd have to go Hide the knives and you know so it was Like chaotic crazy you know time in my Life in this crazy you know relationship With this person who was unstable and Would use suicide as a way to you know Self-abuse and suicide as well control Situations and that's just like to get An understanding of what it was like but It was you know there are so many Intricate aspects of it and so I had This inspiration I had this sort of Vision of you know what I do now here But I couldn't do it like I didn't have The energy and time to do any of it like I had a book to write and you know I had These uh videos I could make and just All this information that was flowing Through me and I wasn't clear about how To go about it because every day and This is like for most of you you know This was an extreme circumstance given My relationship with my ex and who kind Kind of person she was and this extreme Job I was working but most people have This you might have this in your life Where you work a job that sucks you dry It just completely drains you of your Energy and all your energy goes into Coping with that job and then the Support system that you're supposedly Supposed to have also drains you you Know going back to this thing with s

Selene Deion where you don't even have Time with your kids where you can have Catches and you know positive Interactions with your kids because you Get home from your job and you're just Dealing with all this drama in your job And then in your life that you don't Have any time to go and be who you're Supposed to be like whatever Vision you Had of your you know whatever type of Person and potentially you have whatever You could do like something special or Something different or you know Something that was just the least Satisfying to you in a way that was Congruent with who you are as a person Instead you're selling your time and Your energy to the Beast right and then You know the other aspects of your life Are also stressful and you have to put Energy into your you know your family Your kids your your spouse even if They're good people like they drain you As well and you can never have enough Time to figure out a way to do something Different you have never enough time to Like figure out a different plan like You're caught in this trap and you're Just making enough money so you don't Have time to you go on vacation and you Just need a couple weeks to just clear Your thoughts and then you might start Having some thoughts about ideas and and You know things that you could do but

Then you go back to work and you're Being drained again it's the way they Steal your time and keep you down by the Pressure your the economic pressure Around you and all the other aspects of It and so this is the problem with Sheeple this is a problem with pretty Much everybody that they don't have the Wherewithal in their lives to be able to See through all the things that hold Them down and on top of that you have a Lot of people who you know they live in The same area their whole life and they Take pride in their state and their town And their family and their community and They root for the same teams like you Know many of them like they'll they'll Root for the Alabama football team but Many of them didn't even go to college Right and they don't even have Association with Alabama or Florida or Any of these you a lot of these Southern Schools or whatever it is right but People root for their home team Michigan Ohio State and you know they they can't See past any of those things you know They go to church and they you know they Have a community there and so any of the Things that they are you know Indoctrinated into it's a part of who They think of themselves as an identity That they're part of this group they're Part of this family they're part of this Community they live in they're part of

The state and they you know they never Think about moving from where they are They never think about rooting for a Team that isn't you know a local team They'll never think about exploring Something beyond the indoctrination of Their religion you know thinking about God on a spiritual level they can't make That leap and anything that threatens That if you suggest that those Institutions that that they're tied to You insult their state and they want to Fight you you know you know like you say Something bad about their state they're Like what do you mean it's the greatest You know like they they're so Indoctrinated and their time is being Used up and you know their energies Being used up in what I referenced Earlier in terms of their jobs and their Family that they don't have enough Energy to even look at you know they Have different levels of patriotism in In the country and so they don't have Any uh you know any of this anything Within them to um confront the lies Because they can't even deal with it Right they can barely get through a day Every day and they're exhausted and They're you they're wiped out and They're just being used like their Energy is just being sucked from them And their their time is just Disappearing and they get old and it's

Even worse they don't have their useful Energy and they get overweight and they You know they're eating foods that are Toxic and poisoning them and they they Can't you know they're drowning and They're getting stupider as time goes on Their your body's full with these Chemicals and they're you know they're Drinking and they're you know Self-medicating and and they're just Getting worse and you know more and more Dumbed down and more more and more Idiocracy and this is happened to even You know people in the truth Community They can't they find a way to get take a Breath of air and you know think about Things in a different way and Contemplate and be philosophical and Think about you know what they're doing What their lives are about right and if They do wake up it's a situ situational Awakening where they they're part of a Group like the QB and they're still this Group thinker they fall into a group With the flat earthers or any of these Things that they do right you know the Woke you know all these people who Confront the official story in the Government but they have to do it in the Confines of group think and you know Some security that there's other people Like them all believing the same things And they develop these rules and these Things that are pillars in their

Intellectual makeup like this happened In the truth Community like thermite was Used and when I made a video showing That thermite was you know it's just it Was a lie there was nothing there the Thermite wasn't used in control Demolitions and they there they people Attack me they couldn't you know deal With that right because now they've Replaced their old indoctrination with Truther indoctrination and Alex Jones Was you know at the center of that truth Or indoctrination the Infowars even Though he was a proven shill you know he Went South I mean he was there were some Positive things to his show back I don't Know 15 years ago but he had that Interview in 2008 or n with Piers Morgan And from there on you know he was he was Covered in the mainstream media and he Became like just he went full right-wing And then he backed Trump and then back Trump and now he's back in Trump again And you know people are talking I'm Going to cover this as well the Evangelic Are talking about Trump like he's the Second coming of Christ and he's clearly Not a spiritual person he's a selfish Prick and a disaster right and so people Can't reach up to you know the the Reality that the system itself is Strangulating them and that it's a bad System and that you know there's no way

Out for all of us because we're Dependent on the system that is holding Us down it's abusing us and keeping us You know disconnected from who we are as People and our souls and the Divinity Within us and things like this it's very Hard to get to that place and that's Where I am in terms of my content so the Potential viewership has shrunk right You know there's a comment that just Came in I think I took a photo of it let Me see if it's here um the person writes Here time to get a real job like the Rest of us there is one response here I Wanted to read is as well um time to get A real job like the rest of us and then Person responded yeah don't don't do What makes you happy don't contribute to Society don't follow your dreams slave Away your life and become miserable see You know let me make this point this Comment just came in today I was already Going to say this stuff beforehand but For me to do this work and it is work I Need to be compensated because doing This as a hobby is not really I you Can't be good at it right because you Know unless maybe you were single and You had a part-time job or your job that Wasn't all that draining it takes time And energy to put into these videos and Just the thought process and just Talking like I talk two hours a day on The mic or whatever and it's you know

It's draining like it drains your energy There's energy flowing through you and You know you think it isn't that Draining but it is right like talking And doing this is you know all the stuff That I do here it it takes your energy Away right it's just like anything else It's work and you need to have energy And you need to have you know uh like if I'm stressed out and I'm dealing with a Bunch of things my videos suffer and I Have to separate myself from all that Stress or whatever but you know the time And energy goes and there's days like You know by the end of the day I can't Produce this content the creative you Know content you it takes a creative Force and it's draining like and you Know it's I have to work outside also Being on the computer and things like This to compensate and sort of you know I mean do the spiritual meditation I do The cleaning I do and all these things To produce this content and you know Being able to just sit back and think About things and you know just have some Inspiration it's hard to do that when You're in the rat race in the grind and That's where most people are and that's Why even when people wake up they don't Really fully wake up because they only Can wake up on on the amount of Overwhelm you can take and the overwhelm Gets worse and worse as you realize more

And more about the truth because the Overwhelm is overwhelm isn't as bad when You think Alex Jones isn't a shill or You think that Tucker Carlson is Legitimate or you think that Trump could Actually you know make America great Again it's not as bad then but when you Realize that they're all part of it Right and the whole thing is and you Know part of it whether they know They're part of it or not right we're All part of it and in ways that we're Not willing to see or admit so it's all Of those things and when you're wrapped In the in when you're you know when You're in the Trap when you're in the Rat race and you're just you know Spinning the wheel of your life away Because most of the things that you do Have no value to your you know who you Are as a person you're selling your time And energy for food doing a job that is More and less meaningless often times The job is contributing to the you know The beastly system in some negative way You know that contributing to propping Up the system but it's not better for You it's not helping you right and being Able to break free from that just take a Breath and think about things and you Know I remember feeling like if I could Just have some time where I could you Know could just sit back and and focus On this instead of having to to deal

With all the stuff in my life the drama And the drama and the you know all of it I remember feeling it like I if I could Just you know break free for a little Bit and you know be able to do that and You know after my ex and I split up my Videos got so much better and you know I Had all this energy that I was going Into my that relationship I'm covering This you know this is going to be part Of my journey series as well and so you Know all those things are imperative to Um you know being able to understand the Nature of what's going on right you know I was telling the story in my journey Series about my ex you know when I Figured out that dyslexic I didn't Figure it out I you know my ex was Homeschooling my kids and she could see That they were struggling with um their You know whatever it was their um their Uh like you know their their Education and she thought she looks that Looked up dyslexia thought that the kids Well some of the kids might be Dyslexic and it turned out that the Stuff it said about dyslexics are things That I had in full and I had been evalua Ated I went to like y University I was a Kid for this these different types of Tests and you know it came out there Like I had a high IQ but I had some Issues but Nonspecific and I called my mom and I

Said you know I'm dyslexic cuz I read it I'm like totally dyslexic right and she Said yeah of course you are and I said Why didn't you say something she goes Well and she had to have an answer I Don't know if she didn't want to hurt my Self-esteem but I'm like Jesus mom this Would have been helpful if I knew I was Dyslexic early on in my life right it Was a way my ex had of putting me down Like I was lesser than but I looked it Up right and there's all these famous People and I talk about this in my Journey series I'm going to put this Voice over there the journey series 151 um but dick Lexic uh like here's two things it says About here it says Um uh why why are so many billionaires Dyslexic people with dyslexic often see Different things from other people they Can help them to this can help them to Spot problems other people might miss or Come up with Creative Solutions there's A valuable skill for entrepreneurs and These various people like Einstein and All these famous people you know some of Them are people we don't like in the Truth Community but you look up who you Know who was a famous people and they Were dyslexic right and you know Bill Gates was dyslexic for example so these Some of these other people famous people In history like Winston Churchill and it

Says can dyslexic people have a high IQ Absolutely you know that very very many People with dyslexia have high IQs you Know and I see some of the limitations I Have because I'm introverted and you Know my social skills and I'm very Highly introverted as well you know Things that help me spiritually and Meditative and help me in the job I'm Doing here also you know are difficult In my life right but you know this idea And there all these things that were Said here that it said here um you know Because it's this idea of uh Neurotypical and neuroatypical but when They talk about Dyslexia and you know some of these Other things there's autistic people are Very you know um successful as well they Call it a disability right but it's just That you're configured differently and You you know you have a different way of Understanding or perceiving the world as Well as in terms of your educational Style and the way that you learn and it Doesn't go along with the other things That people are doing right and so many Of us suffer dyslexics and introverts And people like that suffer even though We have something to offer but the System itself is not configured to deal With us or educate us or any of these Things right it doesn't want us it Doesn't want people who are some of us

Are configured to be truthers right it's Easier for us like because of what I Said like I never rooted for the H Team I never identif ified with Connecticut And had some connection I didn't Identify with my community you know I Was a religious person and I had some Connection with Jesus and his teachings And things when I grew up but I you know I was also somebody who could see Through the religious aspects of the the Stuff that wasn't so great in the Religion itself and I could see that There was something better which was Spirituality which is where you have Direct connection with the Divine and so These things were already in me and it Made it easier for me to do what I had To do and so like I don't you know Begrudge people who are connected to Their communities and to their churches And to their families and things and to The you know to all of it the government Because I understand how hard it is for People to break free like I was lucky You know I look at the dyslexia and the Way I was configured internally as a Gift for you know especially since I was Supposed to do this work right but I Understand that's why when people talk About sheel you know I used to think That way about sheeple but I realized That you know it all of us who were able To make the leap and make the full leap

Right not a partial leap into being a QB And still being a right-wing person but Also considering yourself a truther when You're really not because you haven't You're only seeing half of the issue It's easy to see half you know it's a Lot easier to see half then then deal With all of it right you know but that's Where we are as a as a human being means That you know you have to break through Free from the system you have to somehow You know clear some time and energy for Yourself to to see through all the stuff And see the truth right and it allows You to you know penetrate to deeper Levels and understanding and it's a Journey like you you're you know you if People are saying the same things they Said 10 years ago then they're not You're growing you you it's not like You're you know yeah the first step is You see that the official story is a lie But then there's a long journey to find The truth and most people don't even you Know make it past the first wrong they Get caught up and you know [ __ ] new Narratives that people are putting out There for self- aggrandisement you know These Flim Flam men like Trump and Alex Jones who you know see that people are Freaked out when they realize their Their system is not what they were told When they went to school and what they Grew up with and then they come up with

A these counter BS narratives and they Push him on the people and the people Run to them because they want something Solid to hang on to and then they you Know they get indoctrinated to these you Know these truther things that are just BS right instead of being on a journey Of Truth which is you know you're Constantly evolving in your Understanding becoming more Sophisticated more refined and you're Willing to perceive what's going on and Then you know you're being honest about It you're learning to be honest with Yourself and and be uncomfortable with All these things right and you know it Takes a long time to get to a place like That especially like when everything in Society is trying to make you conform And pull you back in right and make you Just like everybody else and just you Know dumb you down and just you know put Your your nose to the grindstone and Just you know crank out some you know Unimportant un uninspired work and just You know take some self-medications and Whatever it is or prescription drugs to To numb the pain right so this is you Know the pain of the truthers this is What it is to be a truther right you're Going to you you have to deal with the Pain and and things that other people Don't want to deal with and don't have The ability to because they're so asked

Out you know they're so overwhelmed by Life they're so bankrupt energetically Internally that they can't even you know Contemplate something like this being True you know they you know their Situation being way worse than they ever Thought like their situation sucks right Now Individually but they have no idea what The forces are that govern their you Know their world and their and their you Know their their Existence and it's way worse than Anybody thought and like they're you You're dependent on a system and you Know these people that are taking you in Like a demonic direction right like Taking you away from your soul taking Away from and I mean your religion and All these you know Flim Flam man and all Of them they're all you know doing you Wrong And you're doing yourself wrong right Because you're you deep down you're not Trying or working towards finding the Truth like you you want something to Miss you know make you feel better and Soothe your you know your pain and your You know whatever it is right and so Everyone's a part of this because deep Down they don't really the truth is There for them to see and they don't Want they don't want or they can't even Conceive of the truth right they just

Don't have the energy to be able to do It's overwhelming now talked about the Maah barata you know there's the Characters of Krishna and his you know Best friend Arj and in on a soul level they're they Represent vishnu's Soul like Vishnu is The the divine functionary the god of Preservation right you know I believe All these things to be there's some Truth in them and vishu uh is the the Sole part of uh you know uh Krishna is The sole part of Vishnu and and argina Is the um The Human Side the ego but They're you know they often are Incarnate together and they're like you Know twin souls one's the theine one's The you know the human part and so They're about to fight the maata and Arjin got to kill like all of his Relatives and his teacher all these like People are are on the bad side because Of Duty in one way or another they're on The wrong side and arjin got to kill all Of them cuz he's like the only like good Archer in his family he's like you know This um he's the you know he's the one That's got to kill all these people and He throws down his bow and arrow he say He can't do it and chrisan goes well Like you're going to destroy the Universe if you don't do what you're Supposed to do and Krishna shows him his Spiritual side like he shows him all of

It you know this is the Oppenheimer Quote you know from the you see that Ophy he looks like a little demon he Talks about this interaction between Krishna and Vishnu when they made the Atomic bomb they were thinking that they Were feeling the same way oppen Hyer Said they were feeling the same way as Krishna was with arjin and it's not Really he doesn't he butchers the story He doesn't really get it but arjin is Looking at his soul right he's looking At what his soul is and when he sees it He goes okay don't ever [ __ ] show me That again I'll do whatever you want Just don't show me that again Right like he would rather go kill his Relatives Than see his true Soul nature like That's his ego going oh my God that's You know that's what it is don't ever Show me that again I don't care you I'll Do whatever you want I just don't want To see that again right and that's the Problem like human beings you know They're scared of the demon with inside Them right they're scared of the Darkness inside them but they're even More scared of the Soul they're more Scared of their potential which is why Human beings don't rise up spiritually They're scared of their true potential Than they are of their you know their Demonic potential and they're scared of

Both but they're scared of the the Higher more than the lower and that's Why human beings have you know unless There's some big time changes like this Isn't going to go it's going to it's got To end badly right human beings refusal To um to embrace their divine nature is What is you know bringing Humanity down Right now and we'll see if that changes And I don't know and I've seen it and Talked about it the whole heartfulness Debacle I've seen saintly people and you Know we all struggle people with you Know saintly Tendencies people with Spiritual Tendencies we all struggle With it we all struggle with embracing Our divine nature and people get to a High level even like someone like Jesus You know he had his momentary lapses and Fall Falls at the end of his life you Know father why hast Thou forsaken me Was a fall right that was his lack of Faith in these things it happens to Everybody and you know it's something You have to work your way through and It's not easy to do that and you know I Don't know if people collectively or Even a few of us will be able to do it Right never mind everybody but that's Our predicament but most people don't Even get on to the playing field because They're too asked out and bankrupt from Their lives like I said earlier and That's the sad part so you know these

Things all have to change because we're All going in the wrong direction and There's no fixing the system Because it's built on going in the wrong Direction it's built on demonic energy Debt and you know illusion and you know All these things and the disconnection From God and who you are as a human Being and warping you into something That you're not right most people have Been transformed into something that's Not at all uh consistent or congruent With who they are as a soul and that's What our system does to us anyways you Know I'll continue on the next video I Don't know a couple Uh couple days or something only Spirituality will save this world it's PA definitely point from the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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