This is why they call us the great $atan + Nailly Hikki + JoJo babling

This is why they call us the great $atan + Nailly Hikki + JoJo babling

Greetings brothers and sisters so I got Kind of another bummer from YouTube this Morning I got some stuff to get to I Want to to cover the you know impending World War III and few more things here Today uh but I went to my grateful Meditation Channel and yesterday it said That I was 100 and I think 80 hours Short of becoming monetized and becoming Monetized means I can stop the Commercials on my uh on the meditation Videos and also I've just released four Or five pretty severe takedown videos of Dodgy and heartfulness that are worth Watching for those of you guys been Following not just Journey series people But you know it's more personal to me Than some of the other things I cover Here and it's it's pretty uh you know Comprehensive and you know I think it's They're good Videos and so I was hoping to monetize The channel this morning because I was Going to pass 3,000 hours hours this Morning which I did but when I passed 3,000 hours well first let me read this While earlier creators must accumulate 4,000 watch hours within the past year To qualify for Monet monetization now It's reduced to 3,000 hours uh this was In January so um it's been showing up as 3,000 hours but then I passed the 3,000 Hours this morning well past it and Theyve bumped it up back to 4,000 hours

Thanks YouTube appreciate it that was uh You know good way to wake up Today uh you know my whole day was Predicated on I've released a third Video now to help move it past the 4,000 Hours but I was hoping to monetize that Video and then take these meditation Ones that are on there off um you know Like I said U but let's get into the the Uh uh Iran stuff here we calibrated to Try to talk to two places at once and That's worth remembering it's it may be More rhetorical than reality the Question is whether the voices here in Iraq now that call for the US forces to Be pushed out of Iraq whether they will Gain gain traction I I think for many Americans looking at what happened Overnight you will be like a light bulb Being switched on further now about the Extent of Iranian influence in this Region I'll just give you some examples Of that after this operation overnight We've heard from senom about more uh Contact with the houthis in Yemen uh Trying to Stop Those Iranian back Attacks on commercial shipping in in the Red Sea and even hours after this Operation we heard from in Syria uh Reports of a Israeli strike south of Damascus on Iranian revolutionary guard Operative uh there so that just gives You a picture of how widespread the Iran Influence is in this region and that is

A problem and a question that the US Really hasn't addressed with his Operation overnight there more stages uh But I suspect this is still a li lied Operation despite it si NBC's Simmons Force interrupt here thank you okay so Um this is Iran this is Iraq this is Syria this is Libya down here Egypt and Libya here's Israel small country here Saudi Arabia right and America is all the way over here right These people are here here's America Here are these countries Iran and Iraq Here that are bordering each other right And he's like Americans are shocked by The amount of presence of Iran the Medling of Iran in Iraq but America went In and took down the leader here and not That the leadership in Iraq and Iran got Not that s Saddam Hussein got along with Iran but but America's been meddling in This area because there's oil there and We need oil for our system right and Because of the oil America has invaded And taken down in one way or another you Know Manipulated the outcomes of Elections We've taken down regimes in 1968 I believe um this guy mosad who was A democratically elected moderate leader In Iraq in Iran was forced out by the CIA which CIA has admitted to 60 years

Later and that caused disastrous effects In the region in fact all these people In this region have suffered because of America in one way or another we've Taken down the government here in Libya They're in chaos we manipulated outcomes In Egypt we did stuff in Jordan very Recently we try to um take over Syria do Regime changes in Syria and again not That these leaders are good people or Good for the people but what would Happen afterwards is always worse right We can take down a tyrant Saddam Hussein Sucked we took down s Saddam Hussein and Things got worse there Iraq is a mess so Many years later we took down the leader In Iran Iran's a mess right look at What's happening to the Palestinian People so all these people around the World uh you know in this region and Other places in the world where America Has meddled and take down countries Right there's a there's um there's a Video out there how CIA kills uh Countries this guy John Perkins he Called himself an economic Hitman and Sometimes they just use economic Pressure he said that they have three Stages economic pressure they send in The jackals who are like assassins and Things like that and then after that They send in troops right but either way They get these regimes taken down the CIA manipulates elections whatever it

Might be But America has been meddling all over The globe we're the evil empire right And I'm not going to pretend I haven't Benefited from that because I have and You have as well we've all benefited at Least on the material Level our Lifestyle has kept going by our Government in the CIA meddling in these Countries so I'm not going to be like oh These people are horrible and then you Know dismiss my participation because I've participated by enjoying my American life right like I don't want to Know about this like most people don't Want to know about it but without them Doing things like this manipulating the Region our lifestyle isn't the same Right we we don't have the same Lifestyle and so you know we're all a Part of it right Afghanistan too these Countries are wrecked Afghanistan is Worse off than before America went in There and did regime change right now The Taliban are more emboldened and more Empowered and so we've wrecked these Regions these countries all around here We've influenced in a negative way and The economic system the global economic System has oppressed these people in These countries and their suffering Because of our country and we're Benefiting materially in their suffering And we're all a part of it and Pretend

We're Not that we're not a part of it as Dishonest right we're not doing these Evil acts but we're participating in one Way or another and our silence is a part Of that participation but if they didn't Do these things our lifestyle would Disappear That's our reality right that's the cold Truth about our country without these Types of wars and manipulation and uh Regime change and people being oppressed And us uh absorbing and stealing their Resources not absorbing stealing the Resources our country and our lifestyle Wouldn't be the same that's the sad Reality of our situation so when you Hear these people talk I turned on MSNBC I got another clip I want to show you When you hear these people talk about You know Americans being attacked we're Occupying other countries that we're you Know we're over there with military Presence in other people's countries Imagine if there were Iranian uh Military station or Chinese military Station in your neighborhood you had to Drive by a Chinese military and they Were checking your papers and you know They were busting in your houses and Searching through your stuff and taking Your guns or whatever looking for Whatever it was right taking your money Are just harassing you you know and God Knows what else troops are

Doing when you're there are foreign Troops in there they abuse the people Right imagine if we had that here in America so that's what these people have In their country and you know we're the Invading force and we have an interest There and it isn't the people it's the It's the resources that we want for Ourselves and we want to get them as Cheaply as possible we want to we don't Want to pay more money for gas right so We we don't want to overpay or we don't Want to pay fair market value when we Can get it for cheap and the companies That run these things they want to get It as low as price as possible and they Don't care about the people the people Are in the way of them getting their oil Right and the other things that are Available there opium and Afghanistan or Whatever it might be and so that's the Reality that's the reality on the ground That's the reality these people live With that America is an occupying force That takes down their governments and Destroys their infrastructure And disrupts their way of life that's When they call America the great Satan Yeah that's a kind of a a legitimate Name from their perspective right I Would understand why they call America The great Satan hard right uh Individuals how how from your experience And and all of your experience because

You've all kind of touched in this space How does this refashioning of this Crisis for the American public uh rise To a level you're talking about Escalation in the Middle East escalating In the political context here in the United States so that Americans do not Peel off of this engagement that the US Finds itself in right now and if to add To that how does prime minister Netanyahu play into all of this someone Who has been very clear that he is not For a two-state solution right now That's right that's right well first I Think to answer the first question I Think it does Focus the American mind Like whoa you know Americans were just Killed these young people you know in The flower of their youth their their Their beautiful people and to learn About them is to really feel sad for the Loss of the families and it touches Every American and many people have Service members in their families you Know serving overseas and so it is a Wakeup call to Americans that when we Are out in the world we are still the Dominant power and the bad guys will Attack us and it could cause a loss of Life the bad guys will attack us we're The dominant Force right in somebody Else's part of the world we're the Dominant force and she's saying the bad Guys are going to attack us but we're

The ones who are there occupying that Part of the world right we have Interests there which I've already Described oil and other things political Interests whatever it is religious Interests and we are in that part of the Region right we're in that part of the World and to say that they're the bad Guys well that's their part of the world And they see us as the great Satan this Woman is Um Supposedly the um expert on uh the Ukraine and Russia and this Middle East She's the expert she's they're bringing In right but she called these people the Bad guys and not the bad guys I mean if Anybody's the bad guys we're the Bad Guys right because we're you know we're Stealing other people's resources we're Not there for their benefit I mean I Wouldn't call these guys the good guys But they're not the bad guys and that's Just fundamentally dishonest right so Hopefully what it means is that they'll Pay more attention and support our Government in establishing deterrence to Make sure that we aren't attacked They'll understand that it's important To have a strong defense and a strong Foreign policy I think the Secretary of Defense speaks you know he doesn't speak A lot but when he speaks um he does it In a really decisive non-nonsense

Fashion which I think helps the President um getting to Netanyahu look I Think the demonstration of power that we Exercised last night is also a Demonstration of Power Visa Netanyahu Like don't mess around with us you're Not listening to us we want to bring This to an end and you are not acting As a goodfaith actor I would argue and I Think for the administration he's a Frustrating character because he's got His own agenda politically and Personally to say the Le farcus I mean So at least they were they've changed Their tone a little bit on the conflict With Israel and the Palestinian people But they were talking also in this I'm Not going to show you the clip about all These people in these different regions And America invading these different Regions acting out in these regions Right in terms of um having action in Yemen and you know in Iran and these Places and she said somewhere that Iran Doesn't want war which she at least Acknowledged that but the bottom line is That Israel isn't going to cooperate I Don't see Israel ever backing down they Think they own America or America can't Do anything and America won't abandon Israel and this is their chance to go For it and I've showed you this picture Before time and again that this is the Greater Israel

Here this is the Israel of the Bible and It goes into all these area these other Countries and they believe you know the People who are Zionist believe that God Promised them that this land that it Would be returned to them and that if God promised this land he promised all Of it and so are they going to listen to God or America right and aside from all That the people in the Middle East are Are over are over America so just Matters what China and Russia are Willing to do and so I believe this is Going to end with nuclear war it's part Of the predictions and prophecies and my Spiritual system that you know there Will be a you know ruining the World by Nuclear power and so you know there's That but there's just the it's like this Has already happened in the future right You know the third the fourth dimension Of time is beyond the third dimension of Our reality right so you have these Various Dimensions that each one is more Expansive like each Dimension is Limiting the First Dimension is one Dimensional space which is which is Basically flat right and you know you Can look up an explanation on YouTube But Third Dimension is much better right It's much more um I mean there's volume And there's we're in three dimensions Right the second dimension here's a

Example of the second dimension two 2D Shapes are shapes with two Dimensions Such as width and height example of two Dimension a two-dimension shape is a Rectangular Circle two Dimension shapes Are flat and cannot be physically held Because they have no depth a Two-dimension shape is completely flat But we have these various dimensions and Volume like when you look at a a good Artist that's able to give perspective And it looks like it's um like a Topographical type of art right my you Know when I was a kid we used to have These topographical maps that weren't Just a flat map but it had you know Mountains and things like that was in Third the third dimension but the fourth Dimension of time is beyond us so it's Linear and we start at one point of time Which is the present we've just come From the past and we're going into the Future and we're moving along in a Linear fashion but when you move into The dimensions beyond the fourth Dimension of time it's cyclical and so If in some future reality and in the Future that you know in a cyclical uh Time experience that there's already Been nuclear war then this is it right You understand that's already happened In the future that the events that are Going to unfold you know the things that Are going to unfold like who you're

Going to marry and jobs you have and When you're going to die and when you Were born and your parents getting Together and conceiving you right you Know your life in the future Your Existence in the Future is um already happened if your Existence in the future has already Happened then your parents have already Met and have conceived you you Understand this and so if you're in and If you exist in the future then that you Know that Future uh demands that your parents have Some sort of You know sexual interaction so that you Will be born right they're meeting They're falling in love whatever you Know whatever their story is is a part Of your being born right and so if you Think about you know time that way then Either World War II is happened or it Hasn't in the future it's already going To happen and so if it is happened in The future these are the events that are Leading to it and there's nothing Anybody can do about it right and I Believe that to be the case Okay enough about um World War II you Know just looking at this guy now Trump Isn't great now Trump is obviously old And he's deteriorating mentally and he's Made a lot of bonehead decisions and his Presidency is a you know is a an

Abomination I he just sucks and yet he Isn't this far gone right first of all Thank you thank you thank you you're Welcome you know that old expression in A little town I grew up in Delaware Called claymon Delaware you all are the Ones that BR me to the Dance yeah that's not just for Delaware and it's called dance with the Ones that BR you which is you know I Mean it's it's in the movie who's yours Right and I never left you I never left You you never left us We To me it's a basic basic thing and I Mean this sincerely yeah he does he's Not lying now usually he's lying you Know Wall Street didn't build the middle Class labor built the middle Class yeah exactly labor and the middle Class built the country yeah they built The Country [Applause] Really and when labor does well Everybody does well no no I'm not he's Not being scious not just saying it he's Not just saying it um you know I've Heard him say this over and over again He says this every time he goes and Meets with union workers or whatever Same old Spiel I know I'm the most Pro Union you know Anyway won't go into all

That single biggest reason Why it breaks here for a second he will Go into all that the single biggest Reason why the econom is growing because You are the best workers in the world That's not hyperbole no you really are Really are I say it every time it means It you really Are and when labor does well everybody Does Better and folks look we now have in Large part because of you and organized Labor the strongest economy in the whole Damn world the whole damn world we did It woo we do we do we have it don't Don't uh pay any attention to that man Behind the curtain and the the inflation That's about to expand beyond your Ability to support your family we do in The whole World inflation's coming down jobs are Growing we created 800,000 manufacturing Jobs remember they told us we were dead Manufacturers dead in America China was Going to eat our lunch well guess what Man we don't taste that Good China's going to eat our lunch and we Don't taste that good no our lunch Wouldn't taste that good you mean chinis Is going to eat us and we're our own Lunch that's wonderful a wonderful Gaff Here we were dead manufacturer dead in America China was going to eat our lunch

Well guess what man we don't taste that Good so look folks I really mean it you Really mean that we don't taste good You know he's eaten human flesh before And he knows that people don't taste Good he speaks from Experience thank you thank you thank you And the whole country owes you they Really owe you well that's never a good Thing for a president to Say made America by Americans that's why We're the best in the world and you're The best thank you and God bless you all Thank you thank you thank You and you don't say America owes you Because that creates problems especially When you're the President days of darkness this is the US News days of darkness house one woman Escaped The Conspiracy Theory trap that It has ens snared Millions I'm glad They're F finally acknowledging Millions It's Ramona in air quotes at first his Story seemed harmless tales about secret Organizations planing to take over the World about the good guys working to Save it and about the proof that if you Knew where to look was hiding in plain Sight to Ramona her boyfriend don't Don's Tales of conspiracy theories Sounded like a movie a lot of it didn't Make sense but Ramona would not along Anyway Don enjoyed telling his stories And showing off what he read online he

Always knew the answer the pair met While still in high school they work at The same fast food place in Ramona's own Town in Western Tennessee Tennessee and They started working a few years later T they started working a few years later Don was a big guy good with engines Somebody who could fix anything Ramona Has always wanted to be a teacher and Was enrolled at a nearby college Sometimes she struggles with anxiety but With Don she feels safe the couple moved In together as covid-19 swept the globe To Dawn the pandemic and the global Response to it were filled with Clues Pointing to some kind of conspiracy Orchestrated by American leaders In the media maybe the virus was Accidentally leaked from a lab maybe it Was uh a bioweapon Don also suspected The lockdown to nefarious purpose and he Believed the bloops were not were unsafe Perap perhaps designed to kill this guy Is crazy where's he getting these stuff Don's wild stories had seemed innocent And even silly before but in the midst Of the Corona virus pandemic they Suddenly seemed plausible at a scary Time when questions about the virus Outnumbered answers the conspiracy Theories filled in some of the blanks I Have a lot of fear about what I can't Control Ramona Now 23 said of her of her Vulnerable mindset as covid-19 spread

Roman agreed to tell her story to the Associate PR after she detailed Experiences on a forum for recovering Conspiracy theories the is the AP is not Fully identifying Ramona or her Boyfriend to protect their her privacy And safety the stuff he was telling me It made me feel at least we understood We had an explanation of what was going On I didn't realize what I was getting Into this alternative reality nourished By conspiracy theories would transform Ramona's life sending her down a dark Path of paranoia and loneliness that up Endered her life and spun dreams of the Future into turmoil convinced her that The new world order was already underway She felt into a that was and snared Millions of Americans and even at times Hijacked the nation's Politics what is this new you world Order that you speak of isolated from Friends and family distrustful of Explanations offered by officials in the Media Rona and Don began to prepare the Military might try to put Americans like Them in concentration camps run by FEMA They had to be ready to flee the cup Pile the couple the cup pile the couple Began stockpile in food and supplies Don Started a go bag containing survival Gear he used their modest savings to buy A rifle a handgun and ammunition one Cold day in January 2021 Don read about

A power AG in the Vatican City on one of His conspiracy theory website the couple Discussed what might what it might mean Perhaps the pope had been secretly Arrested but for his role in The Conspiracy to control the world or maybe The bad guys had knocked out the power So they could smuggle child Vics in or Out of the the Vatican either way the Allege meant something big was happening There are no coincidence Coincidences just just Clues to be Deciphered a few hours later Ramona was In the bedroom with the lights in their Tanai home flickered and they went out Don started yelling Ramona said he Sounded almost exhilarated he comes Right into the bedroom Ramona called hey He says honey we got to go this is it They loaded their guns and dog in the Car and drove into the darkness down the Rabbit hole the APA spoke more than a Dozen of people whose lives were Disrupted by conspiracy theories even Because either because they believed Them or because a close loved one did um Kind of goes on for a while here but you Get to just it's an excellent article It's just so it's just so insightful it Just cracks the Code um you know there a lot of Conspiracy dopes out there record label Plans to drop Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters following accusations of

Anti-Semitism Roger Waters is one of the People who has been Pro Palestinian and he has been um you know Eviscerated in the media for it and then Finally I think I got another um US Drops 125 bombs on 85 targets linked to Iran's re revolutionary guard and Devasta air strike on Iraq and Syria of Course I reported on this earlier Biden Warrants retaliation for drone attack That killed three soldiers will continue After long range bombers and drones hit Middle East um 125 bombs on 85 targets Means they've killed civilians right Three Americans died okay I couldn't Find where it said the amount of Casualties um but it's going to be in The hundreds right it's going to be a Lot more than three people and again you Know we're America's the occupying Force just a few more things to get to Funny things here my view sent Me I know a lot of you hating want me to foul but guess What it ain't happening you know why cuz I got a mother microwave on my Head yeah he Does that was Great this is from Sky News Australia Joe Biden speaking a different language And listening to a barrel of Beer by the way used to make beer brewed Here it is used to make the brew beer Here

This oh Earth Rider thanks for the great Lakes I wonder Why okay um way to go Joey my teacher told me I'd be no good At poetry due to my dyslexia but so far I've made three jugs in a vase a vase Vase so F you Mr Fears and speaking of Dyslexia um I was you this wasn't really Dyslexic it was more than me just it was More about me just um you know I say so Many Words and eventually I'll say the Something wrong Mis pronounce I'll Mispronounce something or something like That right when you talk a lot Eventually you start getting tired and Whatever that's why I you know make fun Of Jojo magu and these people but I Recognize gaffs are inevitable and so I Was talking about Nikki haly and I Called Her hickey I called her n hickey Reversing her last name and her first Name and the first two initials I just Said that naturally um but then I was Like oh I made a mistake and then I Thought about I'm like that's pretty Funny so I corrected it but then I went Back and said actually I'm going to call Her I'm going to call her Uh naily hickey Her name is Nelly hickey from now Nelly Hickey trolls Donald Trump with perfect

Dress up costume this is um The Huffington Post is trying to say these Things here um Democrats are ecstatic About the prospect of running against Trump they couldn't dream up a worse General election candidate if they tried Between his legal drama his terrible Poll numbers his confusion Trump will Hand the Democrats a big victory where's The dress up part now hickey I mean I I Did I get the title wrong Here this is it here um oh it's adults Costume $50 million in legal fees Terrible poll number social media rants Temper tantrums not included private jet And Diet Coke um you Know n hickey this is um I guess some Good trolling on your part but you're Already lost right like you have no Chance of winning come on nily Hickey um But anyways okay so I just want to point Out um for those of you who haven't seen It on my other channel Wendy Williams is Always Crazy um Alysa Mana who he who he Say It Isn't So and I talk about people getting Macked by macked Monkeys you got mck bonus hole and you Know I forget about things that I say um And I said something I made a joke about Madonna Madam expiration date and the Mack monkeys and I had you know so many Comments where people repeated it Because they found it hilarious right

You know sometimes the jokes play Sometimes they don't Sometimes some People get it some people sometimes Other people don't think it's funny uh But if you haven't seen that video on my Other channel pck laughs now there's Lots of laughs in that one and I forgot About it until this morning when I Started reading the comments the other Thing I want to say is the problem that People have is they associate with their Military and their you know their Country's military and their country Allies military whatever it is but Mostly their country is military and They don't associate with civilians and So when you hear what the r army is Doing you're rooting for our army like You're rooting for your your home team Like your you know your team that's Teams that you root for it's the wrong Way to look at it because we should be Rooting for the civilians because we're The civilians right it isn't our army And us against the world it's armies Around the world versus civilians right I mean sometimes it's it's about other Armies but usually what happens is the Civilians end up taking the brunt of the The casualties and so you always have to Be worried about civilians because You're a civilian and whatever they're Doing as civilians in one country can Happen to you and you might say well you

Know our country's you know better or Our people are better or whatever it is But you know the way they treat Civilians in one country is the way that They'll eventually treat civilians in Your country and that's something to be Aware of right and so when there's Civilian casualties it's like you know It's who we should be identifying with Because that's us right we're the we're The civilians we're the for the most Case uh hopeless helpless civilians in Many cases that don't have a way out and Are subjugated by their governments and The governments can do with do with you What they will and they can legally kill You and you know there's all those Things right you think you have rights But you know that's until you don't Right only spirituality will save this World it's pan will definitely point for The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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