This is WHY the Economy Keeps Getting Worse for the Working People. #shorts #workers

This is WHY the Economy Keeps Getting Worse for the Working People. #shorts #workers

Between 1900 and 1970 as the economy Grew everyone's wages grew because there Was a strong working class movement a Bottoms-up organic movement that put the Fear of God into both Wings Of The Establishment over 11 000 strikes nearly 150 million people on the streets that Made the wings of the establishment Recognize that they better treat people Fairly everyone prospered by the 1950s The Establishment was so afraid of these Bottoms Up movements that the Republicans led by McCarthy granted all Of these movements marxists as though They were being run by Russia that was The early Russia gate the left wing this Bernie Sanders of the time took over the Unions after 1970 there was no more Bottoms Up Union movements and between 1970 till today 47 trillion dollars in Wealth was transferred from the working Class of this country to the elites the Average American worker is lucky if they Have 400 in Savings in their bank Accounts for a rainy day both Republicans and Democrats have done this We need to build the bottoms up movement Choose from go Toshiba for volunteer volunteer Volunteer

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