This Is How Dr.SHIVA™ Exposed This FACT About GMOs That NEITHER Side Will Tell You

This Is How Dr.SHIVA™ Exposed This FACT About GMOs That NEITHER Side Will Tell You

What's the difference between a Genetically modified tomato and a Non-genetically modified tomato so this Is a fundamental issue what is the Difference those in power basically are Saying don't worry the genetically Engineered tomato is exactly the same as A non-genetic engineer see it's red it's Red it's juicy it's juicy they're all The same eat it it's called equivalence And this is a very very fundamental Question that very few people understand The scientists were saying oh see They're exactly the same see they got Green they got green they got a smiley Face smiley face they're red red look They're exactly the same in 1976 Gerald Ford signed a bill called substantial Equivalence so what they did was Substantial equivalence was oh okay you Gotta white stethoscope and you got a Black stethoscope if you can prove They're still the same the FDA will Fast Track it so that was done for medical Devices so when genetically engineered Soybean comes into the market the Numbnuts in Congress they said oh now we Have genetically engineered soy how do We get this approved through the FDA and These guys say oh let's use that Substance equivalence document that was Used for medical devices now remember a Medical device only has like five or ten Parts 20 maybe 100. how many parts does

Soybeans have they have hundreds of Thousands of Parts the parts are all Those molecular Pathways now remember You have people who don't study who sat In the back of the room as mama and papa Let them go to school for free they paid Off someone to write their essays these People get it all hand fed to them they Never have to work so they said oh Soybean it looks like this yeah yeah Let's use substantial equivalents so the FDA based on the lobbyists and based on Congress allowed substantial equivalents To be used as the basis for getting a GMO soy substantial equivalent to a Non-GMO soy and who got to decide that Monsanto Monsanto said okay this soy is Round it weighs this much it's got this Much water content and our non-GMO has That much great it's equal let's get it Through they Define the characteristics Of equivalence when I got into this I Said wait a minute you have to go to the Fundamental issues to understand how This is different and again no one had Done this at the time even the people in The non GMO movement didn't even know What substantial equivalence was they Were just out there oh yeah we're Against GMOs we're against GMOs because Why uh because uh why because uh because Monsanto is evil okay so many of you Know I developed a very powerful Technology called cytosol and using

Cytosol which came out of a PhD work Where we could model very complex Systems I said what is the difference And we found out that you will have 230 Percent less glutathione in the Roundup Ready soy so how do we do this you know I'm running for president I encourage You to donate and volunteer achiever for and donation means when You give any money 510 whatever dollars You want to give I actually give you Books I give you access to many many Courses I cannot take money from you Without giving you something back and We've always done that but go to Shiva For donate or volunteer or Just go to and Become a warrior scholar and get all This knowledge so what is the difference What I did was I started looking at all The literature written on for example so I mind which side to solve all of these Literature by the way no one paid us for This research no one funded us didn't Get one penny while I'm running my Company I did this as a noble service Why because my grandparents were farmers I never saw genetically engineered Foods I care about my health and I care about Your health and I could see there was Something seriously wrong we didn't Start a non-profit and beg people for Money I just went and did it all right So the first paper I wrote was I looked

At all this and I went through 600 837 Experiments in 23 countries and I built The first systems architecture of C1 Metabolism I wanted to find out how Plants function every plant in the Universe sequesters carbon and it uses Carbon as a Machinery to do this very Interesting metabolic pathway methionine Is synthesized which goes to a Methylation cycle and by the way this Generates formaldehyde which is toxic It's a waste product and every plant is Doing this sort of engine and then the Formaldehyde in a normal plant is Detoxified there's something in there Called glutathione but every plant in The world uses a C1 metabolism pathway So I discovered this engine by going Through all all of this and I discovered The molecular Pathways of methionine Biosynthesis documented that discovered The methylation cycle which is this red Here discover the formaldehyde Detoxification Pathways and I published A paper on that very quietly in the Journal of agricultural Sciences so the First paper I did we didn't get funded I Did this because I wanted to do the Fundamental research we analyzed all These papers and we built the first Systems architecture and I published This in a journal a peer review journal By the way Monsanto is published in this Journal and after I published some fools

At all this journal is not a good Journal uh while Monsanto is published In there too okay so he published his Paper no one said anything this journal Basically said hey these are the Molecular Pathways of plants the next Thing I did was using cytosol I took all Of these molecular Pathways and I Mathematically modeled it I wanted to Find out what happens when C1 metabolism Happens in Plants what are the Fundamental variables that really Distinguish plant metabolism so when I Ran this through I found out something Interesting there's a very important Nutrient in fact you have it in your Bodies called glutathione it's the most Powerful antioxidant and in a normal Plant that glutathione levels are Maintained at a beautiful steady state Level formaldehyde is created but then It gets consumed because glutathione Levels are made that's the antioxidant Your body for example makes toxifying Things and your body cleans it up but You need glutathione so this was a Normal case no one had any problem with This I did sensitivity analysis and we Published that in another Journal called The American Journal plant Sciences in Silicon modeling of those Pathways no One said anything everyone was fine did It on my own while running other Companies while being an activist again

This was done on my off time staying Awake until two three in the morning Doing this with our science team next What I did was I said okay what happens When plants undergo stress just like you Undergo stress plants also can undergrow Stress what is stress they get drought Right maybe they get hit with pesticides Right maybe they don't get proper food So that's when a plant undergoes Oxidative stress it typically happens When drought occurs right plants don't Get enough water or something happens in Environment that is called a stressful Condition they're under oxidative stress So I looked at those Pathways so here You have the methionine synthesis Pathways and I looked at the oxidative Stress Pathways and identified three of Those subsystems where reactive oxygen Species get created you have lipid Peroxidation and you have ascorbate Glutathione Pathways and I connected Them together this is a systems approach So we had done this in the two papers on The right and this was my new Understanding and what I noticed is when I put all of this together with cytosol Which is by the way technology that I Created for humankind out of my PhD work And we gave it away for free here we Noticed that in the normal case Glutathione levels are the green line But when plants undergo stress guess

What happens their glutathione levels Get depleted everyone see that they go Boom down that's a red line normal case So when a plant's undergoing stress just Like when you're under stress your body Depletes as glutathione that's why it's Very important to if you're under Stressful conditions eat an Acetylcysteine make sure you're Supporting your glutathione levels okay And guess what happens because your Glutathione levels drop the plant are Not you the plan that doesn't have Enough glutathione to detoxify itself And formaldehyde levels will go up and I Did sensitivity analysis and same here So under all different conditions Glutathione level goes up so let me Repeat when a plant is under stress Glutathione levels will drop Formaldehyde will go up because Glutathione is needed to detoxify Everyone following all right so we Published that third paper published Boom no one said anything people thought It was a great paper again we published This in the American Journal of plant Science as a peer review journal now Having done this I was curious okay so I Published my first I understand the Metabolic pathways I've shown what Happens under the normal condition I've Shown what happens with oxidative stress What happens when a plant gets

Genetically modified what happens when Monsanto went in and inserted that Gene To create let's say Roundup Ready soil What did it do at this molecular level Again no one had done this research Should probably get The Nobel Prize for This but we won't get it because we're Not because Nobel Prize committee loves Monsanto so what I noticed was when you Do genetic modification I found Independent research saying that for Enzymes are upregulated during genetic Modification catalase superoxide this May take glutathione reductase ascorbate Peroxidase and one oxygen reactive Oxygen species so these four chemicals Are increased during genetic Modification when I plug those things in To our oxidative stress model connected To our C1 metabolism model put it all Together voila look what we see here we See that in the non-GMO condition plants Produce formaldehyde and guess what it Gets depleted right this is a normal Case but the guess look what happens in The gml case formaldehyde increases why Because of plants in the non-GMO case Which had glutathione are being depleted So what I had shown here was when Genetic engineering takes place the Plant is literally as though it's being Under drought it's freaking out and so The glutathione levels drop to a lower Level and this is why it's my view that

Whenever they create genetically Engineered seeds they have to coat them With neonicotinoids because if they were To plant the normal seeds they get eaten Up by the soil organism this is no Different than a bodybuilder getting Injected he looks big but he's actually Weak his nuts have shrunk in this case The seeds are weak so then not only do They have to do Roundup Ready soy then They have to do genetic modifications And they coat the seeds and by the way The neonics get into the plant and they Kill the bees that's a whole nother Story but you can see the level of Idiocracy that's going on here but Anyway this was then published now when This got published this is when the bomb Went off because I was showing that Genetic engineering lowers glutathione Levels increases formaldehyde levels and When this came out boom I start getting Attacked no one attacked the first three Papers when I showed this you have the People at Cornell you have the people in The European Union everyone started Attacking oh this research is just Modeling it this is not true it's just It's all it's just modeling It's modeling what I then did was I said Okay I'm going to compare our results With if I could find Greenhouse results And I was very lucky a group in England Had literally grown Roundup Ready soy

Plant in a greenhouse which means the Plant which was a modified genetically Engineered soy plant and the organic soy We had used our models and we found out That you will have 230 percent less Glutathione in our mathematical models Predicted that you would have 230 Percent less glutathione in the Roundup Ready soil and when we published that People saw this is well guess What we were very fortunate we found This paper by the way this came out in Another paper called plant physiology by The American Society of plant Physiologists where these people in Leeds had found that when they grew the Soy plant in Vivo which means in the Soil that the organic soy plant had 9.9 Levels of glutathione and the transgenic Roundup Brady's Plant had 3.7 you see It's 230 percent less and look what we Found same thing and voila our results Concurred with their results when this Came out you saw absolute silence in the Industry and no one has popularized this And this was done over a series of five To six papers so you guys you understand You're looking at someone who's an Activist and who can get his hands dirty Do the research and then we did major Demonstrations so from the activism to The research to getting on the ground That is a real human being and that's What you deserve serve you know I'm

Running for president I encourage you to Donate and volunteer achiever for and donation means when You give any money 510 whatever dollars You want to give I actually give you Books I give you access to many many Courses I cannot take money from you Without giving you something back and We've always done that but go to Shiva For donate or volunteer or Just go to and Become a warrior scholar and get all This knowledge

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