This is All a GAME for THEM. Not for me, Not for Us.

This is All a GAME for THEM. Not for me, Not for Us.

So this is a big fight that you're up Against you talk about how you grew up Having your share of hard times I've had This I've had to fight Injustice every Step of the way so this is not like oh I Know you're blight I know how you feel I'm living in Malibu I have my goal to Play the toilets no I am off the wall Everything I have Jody I have earned not Scamming investors not hanging out in The Yale and Harvard clubs I'm one of You these people have no idea what it Means to struggle everything they do is Sound bites made up of and it's Time that we as working people of all Different colors wake up and realize That they don't give a damn about us Except every two to four years trying to Pitch you a sales scam saying things you Want to hear thinking that you will not Go look at their histories and I Encourage everyone if you like what You're hearing and you want to support Dr Shiva go to the But if you want to educate yourself even Further go to it's time to Build a Bottoms Up movement

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