This can’t be it there has to be something More

This can't be it there has to be something More

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Made a voiceover relatively important Voiceover of something that I haven't Talked about specifically in the way I'm Talking about it here there's new Information and you know I've kind of Given my world viiew about such things So it's there but I haven't you know Articulated it or conceptualized it in This way uh first I want to say Please Subscribe and like the video and do Whatever you're supposed to do to keep My channel going because YouTube's Algorithms and Shadow Banning stuff Sucks um they've actually I'm getting People who are hearing from my channel In years you know they haven't heard About my channel in years so my talking To the Bots has you know changed things A little bit and you know there's um I'm Putting out a lot of content which is You know this voice over today and I Have a followup to Taylor Swift I have a Hour and 10 minute video that I have Already uploaded that I won't make Public for a couple days and then um I Want to talk about Umami in a video as Well so I might put out a couple of Shorter videos today but anyways let's Get into this uh video here okay so this Is to me one of the most import Important point is one most Inoon if you say in Poon it's definitely Inoon uh voiceovers that I've done uh

I'm going to talk about the truths Community and the you know the conflict Not really the truth Community the Conflict has almost nothing to do with The truth Community what's playing out Now in the world we're in a Transitionary time in the world right And so you know there's the xman wing of The the mutant wing of the comic book The Marvel comic books where you have These human beings who have powers right Who are somehow different and they have A different Gene and they've mutated the Human beings have Mutated and now they are these groups of People who have powers which you know Fit into the the comic book narrative It's a simplistic narrative that's based In something that would sell comic books And people would go to movies to watch It like a battle of a these beings that These humans that have special powers That are somehow marginalized and it as A threat right but to understand the Narrative in the way it would play out In the real world in terms of the Evolution of a species right and so you Find physical Mutations in every Species around the world right so the Theory is that human beings came from Apes and I believe that it's the you Know there was some genetic tampering And alien whatever it was um in terms of

You know the connection that we have With chimpanzees or gorillas or whatever It is right in terms of the other you Know parts of our genetic line right you Have the K9 family which are the dogs And you have the Feline uh the feline family which is Cast you have all these different Animals and you have Apes right you have Monkeys that have tails and apes that Don't right and we're all supposed to be Connected and share a a common ancestor And so if that's the case and we see This you know there's snakes that are uh There're lizards that are they don't Have any limbs they're not snakes They're lizards without legs right Somehow they evolve to lose their legs Of course we have animals like the Dolphin and the whale and the manate and These different animals that were once Land animals right the manity shares an Ancestor with the or came from you know A common ancestor with the elephant the Mates and the elephants are related and So you have these animals that decided Oh we just want to be sea creatures and They adapt it over time right all these Things otter and these types of animals Seals their land animals that now are Sea animals or they live in water in one Way or another and so you have Adaptations and you have Evolution you Have changes

Physically in a you know a biological System right and you know you have Animals that evolves that have taken the Place of other animals right and so the Animals that once you know they had a an Ancestor and the ancestor no longer Exists this has happened quite a bit you Have animals that disappeared because Something you know some part of them had To adapt and the animals that adapt Survived and the ones that didn't didn't Right so they disappeared and they out Competed them the the new version of the Animal the Adaptive version of the Animal the mutated version of the animal Eclipse the old version you know there's Another movie on Netflix where these People have powers and they're all Marked and you know they're they some of Them do work like this one guy had the Ability to work you know some kind of Electrical type of there's these Different types of uh mut mutations Right and so the fear of of the people Who haven't mutated is that we're going To disappear and that's always going to Be the case right in terms of you know Historically in terms of nature right Like we have this idea of the chrom Magnaman and the Neanderthal and the Chrom magnam man I think is the one that Evolved and um eclipse the Neanderthal The enderal was Stronger but the chromag Man was smarter and the chrom Magnum Man

Became what people are now right there Was a an evolutionary again I don't Subscribe to that theory but that's just You know a way one way to look at it Right there something that actually Happens and this is on a physical level But what if there is a spiritual level Where there are higher developed Spiritual Beings that are there are you Know somehow um reached a a different Level of Consciousness Souls that are on A higher plane of Existence that are you know different Like a person soul is different the Quality of their soul is different Doesn't mean they're necessarily Geniuses it doesn't mean they're the Smartest people it's not about Intelligence although intelligence would Be part of it you know they would be More intelligent than the average person But they wouldn't be these Geniuses that Are often you you have these Geniuses Who are completely mental and they're You know they're very flawed they don't Have uh often times they're like just Out of sync and uncoordinated and They're very limited they're very smart In terms of a like almost like a Computer type way but they're not Evolved morally or ethically or Spiritually they're not Saints they're Geniuses right they're smart but they're Not spiritual in some way but I'm

Talking about something where they're Higher level Souls that become Saints Become Advanced some some way they reach Another level of Consciousness right Which would happen on the spiritual Plane but also play out in the material World and the need for people to do that Because we are a dying species we're a Species that's ruining our planet and You know we're becoming extinct right We're we're going to destroy ourselves We're becoming weaker and I mean more Entitled and just unnatural and all These things demonic and you know Without any purpose but just to consume We don't contribute anything to the Planet I mean more and more just taking Resources for a pleasure-based type of Indulgence based ego physical based Demonic based you know away from God's Plan and Creation uh you know path in life and we All see it like we see it to some degree Right everyone wants to blame other People but that's the direction humanity Is headed in and so you know if there's Going to be a Divine if there's God Right and there's Divine contingencies If there's a divine plan if there's Divine beings that are overseeing the Evolution and the upkeep and the Maintenance of this planet and its Effects on the you know the planetary System the universal system there would

Need to be a contingency and so there Would have to be an influx of souls that Are coming from a higher place whether They evolved here on planet Earth Saintly souls or Souls from some other Region you know I've said this before That people think about an alien Invasion as these giant you know Spaceships coming to Earth and then Aliens you know descending down and with Higher level technology or some way of You know we've seen all the movies the Various movies that where alien life is Eclipsed what's ever going on here with Humanity trying to enslave Humanity or Do whatever and you know that's one way Where you you have space travel and you Have this you know higher level Technology where uh spaceships come to Earth but a a better way is have a Variety of souls you know I covered this In my book The Choice have a variety of Souls from a certain planetary region Come in and incarnate an earth and why That's better is because humans are Better at the conditions here like if You came from another planet your planet Would have a different atmosphere Different levels of oxygen and you know Whatever it is um the various components Of the atmosphere they wouldn't be able To breathe you know you have all these Like Star Trek movies where Kirk and the Crew descend on the planet and they're

Not wearing space suits they can breathe The air but in reality even a you know Planet like Earth would be different It's gravitational field would be Different right the pull of the you know All of these things right so um it's not A very uh like if even if you invaded And had Superior technology your bodies Aren't really suited to that planet you Know temperature-wise I mean even in Terms of you know there's influx there's Ice ages and there's there's various Types of things that have happened on Earth there's always changes going on And so like let's say you were able to Time travel and you would go back to a Time where you you're you know the Atmosphere and the Earth's conditions Would be different than it are now but a Better way would be to bring a bunch of Souls down and incarnate in and then you Could affect the planet to whatever you Know set it up for an invasion later on Or just take it over as humans like as a You know as a a Malignant Force of souls That come in and incar in and these Things and so it's a better way that That would be the real way for an alien Invasion like there could be these Various Souls from different parts of The universe that have come down and are Now inhabiting human human bodies but Are from a different place and have a Different agenda and you could see that

Playing out here like that would make a Lot of sense to the different types of People there's like groups of sociopaths And these other people who have uh you Completely different orientation to the Planet but but in either case you have a Situation where there obviously needs to Be changes there needs to be a Transition right there needs to be Something different that happens because People are going in the wrong direction And we have an influx we are at the peak Population of human beings the largest Amount of people that we've had on this Planet and there is a lot of people Suffering from malnutrition a lot of you Know there's more people alive now than Were dead in the past past and so you Have a situation where you know there's A lot of firsttime souls a lot of Animals have been you know like there's You know Soul energy on this planet and You have souls of animals now that are Incarnating as people and things who are First timers they they don't have much Experience in this you know level of Consciousness and so you have a planet That is you know the human population is Overpopulated insane and you know many Cases crazy And unnatural you know demonic going Against the the Divine will not Following our Soul's path and being Connected to our spiritual Essence and

Are just here you know consuming the Planet right consuming the planet with No real you know just uh almost as a Parasite parasitic type of behavior so If there was a plan right where you know You had to deal with this you had to Rectify the situation the first thing There would have to be massive Population ction because you have a lot Of souls that are just not capable of Abstract thought not capable of Evolution and becoming something more Than they are now right just you know Animalistic type of um you know uh Souls That are just not capable of higher Level thinking and things like that so There would have to be some ways of Depopulation right and then there is a Group of souls that are on a higher Level in terms of their potential and Consciousness But they have uh deviated from their you Know people I call the controllers that Have deviated from the natural order They're disconnected from God and they Have control over this planet and they Are not willing to give it up and so They're going to manipulate the masses You know they spend most of their time Putting out lies and psychological Operations and and things to you know Creating constructs to block the Natural Evolution and the release of their Control over the Earth right that they

You know even holding the Earth hostage Threatening to destroy the Earth if they You know if their way is threatened Right if they're their strangle hold on The planet and the power they have over The planet right now on the human level And willing to take the whole planet Down if they are usurped and their power Is taken away from them and part of that Plan is to keep the souls that are here To redeem the planet people who could be Potentially Saints higher developed Spiritual Beings that are on a higher Level of Consciousness and keep them From seeing what their purpose is Keeping keeping them from seeing what They're supposed to be doing here and Get them distracted get them addicted Get them you know uh somehow you know Weaken them and and distort their you Know their their world view their Ability to see what's going on right and The way that would play out is just the Massive amount of lies and psychological Operations and deception and things that Are going on to keep you from Seeing what the truth is and you can see It like if you're a person who doesn't Get it like doesn't get why you know the Whole uh you know you grew up not Understanding the the concepts behind The you know the motivation for fame and Fortune and things like that right like The things that you know the American

Dream if you didn't understand the American dream say and you didn't get Why other people were You know into the things that they're Into like you're not you know you Experience successes you experiences you Experience things and you don't feel the Same way about it like other people do It's not that big a deal and sometimes It it's Hollow like you Hollow victories Hollow uh Accomplishments that feel like you've Accomplished something but really deep Down where it appears that you have Accomplished something but deep down It's like uh you know that doesn't feel Right like that doesn't feel like it's Like I'm not here for that like you're Your purpose you're not you you feel Somewhat lost and you you don't have a Divine Purpose you don't have a a real Reason for being you're just going Through the motions and you're doing What everyone else is doing but it's not The same for you you're not like this is Not you know there's no satisfaction in And you get this feeling am I crazy or Is everyone else crazy like this is the Kind of soul that I'm talking about the Kind of person am I crazy or is everyone Else crazy like do I why do I don't Don't get it or do they not get it right And they've done a great job of Confusing the higher developed souls and

Demonizing them and pushing them away From their true purpose everybody like Everybody you know away from connecting To God like All Souls all people but the Ones that are here for you know Redemption and to create something Better here and some of those people Find themselves in the truth Community But not everybody like it's a diverse Group of people like to think that it Would be one race or one you know these Higher developed Souls would all be in One race or one group of people or one Country or one you know orientation to The world is silly because the higher Developed Souls would have to be spread Out throughout the world in some you Know leadership capacity and they would Have you know maybe very little in Common in terms of their belief systems In terms of who they are as people but They have a lot in common in terms of Their purpose here and what they're Supposed to be doing you know you have These ideas of indigo children and Crystal children these things that they Talk about well really what that is is Higher developed Souls Souls that are Here to you know bring Humanity to a new Level but in terms of the people Controlling the system and all the People who are on a remedial level You're a threat like you're if you're a Soul that's waning to bring something in

You know and create a you know a new par Paradigm here and change the whole energ Energy and change the whole you know the Whole um like right now sociopaths Thrive on our planet like people who are Narcissistic and selfish Thrive the Structure of our culture and our society And our economy and our you know Everything it rewards for selfishness it Rewards for being Cutthroat it's rewards For having little very little conscience And you know having very little in terms Of empathy and things like that if You're real you know hostile selfish Person you can make a lot of money and Get a lot of power and you can get a lot Of success and so the system does not Reward for selflessness does not reward For Spiritual sacrifice it's not reward For having a connection to God does not Reward uh reward for having a heart and Things like this or at least a developed Heart and so if you are sensitive and You have empathy and you care about you Know whatever is going on you want to Make the world the place then this place Planet isn't for you right and so you Struggle but what if the things were Changed what if the system was the System in place rewarded for all those Things well the people controlling the System couldn't live right they couldn't Breathe they couldn't you know Everything that they did would be turned

Against them right like every time they Acted selfishly they'd get immediate Consequences and you know ultimately They couldn't survive on this planet and Lower developed Souls without the ab Ability for abstract thought and the Ability to you know to you know whatever It is to evolve into that couldn't Survive either only saintly people only People who are willing to serve God and Be you know come back to their natural State and embrace their Soul's path and Minimize their egos right the the Current system is a A system that Rewards for egoism you know it's it's The time of egoism it's a paradigm based In the ego but if that was minimized and Big Egos and egos that had hijacked the The Soul's path and the you know the Person's life and things like this would No longer be able to exist they couldn't Like you know the the whole you know the Whole condition of the world would be Against them and they would be Threatened at every you know they would Be you know eventually just erased from The planet they wouldn't be welcomed Back either because I talk about this Quite often if you reduce the Population then there's you know what Are the souls that are getting bored What are the souls that are getting Preference if you have 8 billion people And you reduce the reduce that to less

Than 1 billion then one out of seven People one out of eight people will will Be able to Incarnate back on planet Earth if you give preference to a higher Developed Souls which it would be Because that's you know there's a a Controlling system of the Incarnation of People right there's it's just not Random chaotic if there's a God then There has to be some order and some you Know some system in place and you didn't Allow the lower developed souls or the Deviant Souls the you know controlling Souls the Demonic souls to Incarnate on Planet Earth you have would have higher Developed saintly you know people with Better Tendencies and they would create A system that wouldn't be anything like The system we have now so the battle That's taking place is something Different than we think about it's not a Political battle it's not War it's not You know one country versus another it's Within every situation with every Company with every government within you Know families you have higher developed Souls that are willing to do God's work And are coming down here with a purpose Who are willing to you know redeem the Planet and change the Paradigm and Change the way that human beings conduct Themselves and then you have everyone Else who wants to control and keep the System the way it is which is impossible

So they're fighting a losing battle But they make up the majority of the People right they make up the majority Of the population the people I call the Controllers and then all the remedial Souls that you know they're not Remedials probably you know unevolved Right Souls that are you not capable of Making that next step that next uh you Know leap into in terms of human Spiritual Evolution you know Souls that Don't want anything to change and even Though they're not happy like you have The you know the masses the the mob you Have the people who are you know Suffering right now because of the you Know the unnatural uh I mean the whole Wealth creation and the whole you know Poor there has to be rich people there Has to be poor and the whole everything About it like everything that sucks About psychologically and you know when You have a demonic unnatural system Everybody suffers and so there's people Complain about the suffering but they Want no part of the solution because They're not part of the solution like The you know they have to disappear for The solution to take place cuz they're Not capable of making that leap and so They might be you know they're not maybe Demonic in their orientation but they're Limited in their capacity they're Limited as the masses and so they're

Just lie to constantly and they're just You know they don't have the ability and They're you know the and I don't want to Call them like sheeple because it isn't Like they're just all sheeple I mean There's sheep people who are you know Lost and and you know they're in a Defensive position but they have higher Developed Soul you know to identify a Higher developed Soul like it's it's Just whatever it is right someone who Has the capacity to be more than they Are has the capacity to be more saintly Has the capacity to rise up and reach a Higher level of Consciousness and it's Not like we can choose who that is Because we like them you know or Whatever right or you know or we want to Be that either we have that or we don't Either we're willing to work at that We're willing to you know serve God and We're willing to you know abandon the Self the selfish type of orientation of The world or we're not and we either Have the capacity for that or we don't Right it's just there but it's something That has to be worked on and cultivated If you do like if you're if you're that Kind of person you're not doing enough Right now if you're that kind of soul And you're being you know prevented from Realizing your true nature right your You know your your ability to to become This you know part of the solution right

Your your you're being uh uh like Hijacked and being undermined and you're Being gaslit as is everybody else and so As long as the controllers control the System and is going to undermine the Spiritual people and undermine any sort Of spiritual movement and compromise it And you know do whatever they can to Prevent their uh you know their Fall From Grace you know you have power and Then you don't have power like it's just Something that's there like it's not Something you can pass on generationally I mean you contempt to do it but Eventually you know you you lose power And the people running the system and Their you know whole world view and Their whole orientation is being erased And the system has to come down because Of it without their system they don't Have anything like they don't have any Bargaining ships right they're not doing What they're supposed to be doing they Have they have to have leverage and Their Leverage is that they can you know Do damage to the planet and they can Prevent the you know the The Godly Divine course of action from playing out You know for some period of time you Know the Divinity always wins in the end Right because it just does like it just Takes time for it to happen it doesn't Appear like it can happen but you know It is happening because you know the

Threat to the people who running the System is obvious like they're panicked And you can see by the you know the Changes they're making decisions and you Know the the kind of System that they are running Eventually ends in so much degradation And stupidity and Idiocracy and so much lies and deception You know when something isn't backed by Divinity it just becomes a Cancer and it Eventually consumes itself right it Destroys everything in its path and it Becomes completely uh D destructive and Self-destructive and the people become Self-destructive they make bad choices They Self-sabotage you know they they have a Soul that's there's no longer connected To they're so they're out on their own And it's an ego uh you know living a Demonic unnatural life and it is cut off From the source it's cut off from its True purpose it starts to want to Distinguish itself right it's suicidal And self-sabotaging and it just you know Ends up I mean and you have groups of People like this and they're doing Everything in their power to sort of Combat those Tendencies but it's a Self-destructive type situation human Beings are destroying the the planet That they live on and that's you know And then all the other things that go

With that right you're no longer part of The flow right you're no longer part of The symbiotic relationships that have to Happen to keep this planet going you Know where things are mutually Beneficial you have one species that's Just consuming everything else and Destroying everything in its path and no Longer you know working in a Cooperative Way with the other creatures that Inhabit this planet and the Divine System that keeps everything in balance And you know manifests itself in a you Know productive way where there's you Know there's a flow to it right there's A natural flow of creation and pre Preservation and destruction and things Are moving and changing and always Evolving and people you know do their Time on planet Earth and they accept Their death and they you know they make The world a better place in some way They contribute to it's spiritual Evolution and you know creatures of all Types benefit from the presence of a Higher developed Soul like some you know Soul that is you know has the right to Be a human being because they have a Spiritual capacity to uplift the the Creatures and the fellow beings and the Fellow humans and all the everything Around them right they make the world a Better place they you know they elevate The consciousness of the the planet

Right and that's you know instead of Bringing it down to some demonic crazy You know Twisted level in some horror Show some horror movie where everything Is you know like a going against what Should happen you know you know what's Supposed to happen like that Smith Character in The Matrix when he said That he knew what he was supposed to do Which was die he just refused to do it You've gone Rogue in the worst possible Way away from the Divine system and You're no longer participating in the Creation the way that it was designed But in that the majority of people Realize you on some level that they're No longer going to be a part of the Future right they're no longer a part of This Earthly experiment where their soul Skull whatever they do is not going to Be here like there's you know there's People or Souls that are willing to make The thing a better place they're willing To do God's bidding and things like this And there are souls that are you know no Longer welcome because they've theyve Either gone a deviant path or just not On the level that they need to be to Make that happen right to be a part of The paradigm shift and so right now it Looks bleak for the Souls that are Willing to do that because it just is Like it just seems that way so things Have to change there have to be events

In the future that tip the scales Because this the higher developed Souls The souls that are here doing God's work Are being compromised they're being Sucked into the system they're being Undermined and cut out cut away from Their their true purpose and they feel Weak and they feel lost and they don't Really you know there's not any sort of Organized um connection between them to Where they can you know figure out What's going on and come in collectively And make the changes that need to be Made they don't have the money power the Political party power they're not part Of the club and if they be are the part Of the club they've been corrupted their Soul is you know their their ego has Hijack their Soul's purpose and they're Lost in the in the you know the abyss of The the beastly system and we're Outnumbered like it's you know I mean It's we're a minority of Souls and so That's when you turn on the news and Like everything's twisted and wrong and You know you see the the narratives and All the you know stuff that's out there And you're like this isn't right and you Know you're and you're considered crazy For thinking that way right where they In some cases will even lock people up Who you know can't who see reality in a In a more pure way you know they they See through the Distortion of the

Reality and they're called crazy and Certainly you know they're pathologized In one way or another and so this has Nothing to do with the truth Community Like I said because the majority of Truthers are in a the lower Consciousness level type of category I Mean there's people who are seeking Truth everywhere and find their way into Communities like this whatever it is Right but the majority of people just Don't have the capacity to be part of This solution and so they're not you Know it's not a truth movement as much As it is a spiritual movement And the spiritual Movement uh is about enduring this Period of time and you know allowing for The natural flow of things to destroy The the system that you know to Disempower the people Empower and Cleanse This you know planet of the the Energy and Consciousness that is Perverting the Divine will because That's going to happen naturally it's Not something you can take down or you Know it's it's just going to it's going To die of its own Demonic nature right it can't sustain Itself it's a cancer it's destroying the Host right it's a cancer on the the Planet a cancer on Humanity it's a Cancer on all the other creatures Inhabiting this planet everything and so

It's a cancerous system that is going to Die because it's cancer you know cancer Kills and it kills itself right so Cancer kills the host and the cancer Dies with the host right if you have Cancer in your body the cancer is you Know having its own you know form of you Know cellular structure and it's a you Know it's an Abomination and it eventually kills you And then it and it dies itself right so That's you know the process that we're Seeing right now like a cancer is a Metaphor for the the beastly system and All the you know people controlling it And eventually it'll destroy itself and So then you know what's left well A Reduced population and a chance for Redemption right so that's you know this Idea poxet of the future starting to Create small communities of people Living today the way they're you know Developing the skills and the you know More the the orientation and the Consciousness of the seeds of the future That have to you know be planted and Have to be you know worked on to create Something better because there's a Chance that we fall to complete chaos as The current system collapses and that's Going to be part of it but at some point The you know the low develop souls and The chaos and the all of it has to be Cleansed and then people can have direct

Connection to God and receive Instructions directly from the source And from these higher developed Souls That are here to uplift this planet you Know higher developed disembodied Souls That are around the incarnated you know People who are here to to uh redeem the Planet right and so this battle is Something like that you know this idea Of a mutation on a genetic level but Something that's really Spiritual uh you know an influx of a Spiritual energy and Consciousness that This planet so desperately needs to Regain its place in the natural order of Things right the divine order of things And if you're one of those Souls you Know I mean there's some percentage of Those souls are going to were part of The solution I mean you probably stopped Listening if you weren't Right like at some point it would become You know um like I got a comment from Somebody you know I have this Taylor Swift video that got some more views and I could see an influx of um normies and Someone said well that's 42 minutes in My life I'll never get back and I'm like Well you didn't know it 41 minutes like You didn't know it 5 minutes in like you Watched the whole video and then you Determined it was a waste of your time Right and So and so you know there's the normies

But most people who are you know would Hear this message it would be you know Make them feel uncomfortable It would be over their head they Wouldn't understand it or it' be Something that you know isn't for them Like it isn't you know they're not you Know it's they're on the other side of The thing right they're they're in the Majority of people that aren't you know They're they're slated for extinction They're slated for you know they're not Invited back to this you know whatever's Going on here they're you know they're Disinvited from the party and so you Know for those people it's difficult and They're not going to you know they'll Dismiss it or deny it because you know Their their role in this like you're You're being cast in these parts right And so you know there's these various Roles and very few people have you know Any there's any place in the future of This planet right I mean if it's you Know one out of eight people right one Out of 10 people I it depends on how the Population is reduced that's 90% of the Population you know 80% of the Population this message St doesn't apply To and so and those people who are so Far gone they have potential but they're So far embedded into the whole thing and Their you know their Consciousness is Being dimmed so much by the system or

They're you know just out out crazy Because of the whatever their souls are You know they're capable of being a part Of the solution they're just so lost Right now they can't even conceive of What's being said here but for those Souls that are a part of this you can Look at it in a totally different way That you're part part of the solution And that there's changes coming and Although it Le looks bleak now that once The dust settles you can breathe a s of Relief and there'll be you know a sense Of well wow now this can change right Right now appears it can't change like Change isn't possible because you look At the majority of you know everybody Like just pretty much everybody change Is it really desired and even the higher Developed Souls aren't embracing change Because they're addicted to the system And they things but once the dust Settles and you know there's some Corrections and medicine given right Some events happen that ween or collapse The system begin the collapsing of the System and the you know people control It and then there's you know the the Chaos and the fear that ensues but then There's a sense of wow things could get Better like we could actually build Something better now like the you know The the suffocating of our potential is Being you know released leased by the

Collapse of the system and so when you See that happening you know as much as It's scary it's also one door closes one Door opens something dies and something Else gives a chance to begin right Something old dies and something new is Created in this place right something Takes over for the you know the the Pre-existing system and Paradigm that Was there and so you know in that way It's you know there's hope because you Know the events that that are going to Create the change haven't begun to Happen yet but they're there like They're you know it's it's starting to Happen right so there's one more thing I Want to add here um so you you know in Terms of the Alex Jones The shill Alex Jones and the infow war the idea of an Infowar where you could wake up the Majority of people and then restructure The government and save the system but In his worldview like Alex Jones is an Emotional you know demonic ranting fake Piece of crap you know Plagiarizer parasitic you know type of Scumbag right you know but you know in Terms of that model that many people in The truth Community follow this idea of A deep State you know of course the Cubies and all these people the idea is That the system can be fixed and the System that they want to revert to was The old time when the Christians and the

Right wing dominated and the Liberals Were the you know were disempowered the Liberals didn't have the money power and The positions they now have you know the Boomer hippies grew up and inherited Corporations and money and wealth and Now they're pushing their agenda and Trump and the make America great again Folks think that if you get rid of the Deep State and the you know whatever it Is you can revert back to the way it was But it wasn't great then it wasn't you Know it was still the same thing as it Is now it's just that they weren't power So those people aren't real truthers Right people who want to make America Great again you know don't realize that America was never great and it never Followed God's plan in terms of the Divine will and our religion's corrupted And our you know system is corrupted and The debt-based economic system and so I've talked about that extensively and So those people aren't the people that I'm talking about here because they are Trying to save a system because they're You know their whole existence is Predicated on that system but they can't Be part of the real solution and so Majority of people in the truce Community the majority of people in Every Community the majority of people In every Demographic can't rise up to this level

For whatever reason they they don't have The potential they don't have the you Know the capacity yet I mean everyone Has the potential but they're you know Lifetimes away from having that Potential realized and then the people People who do have the potential but Refuse to be part of it and are you know Gone a demonic path and they you know Their egos have hijacked their soul and They just can't get it together to you Know bow before God and redeem Themselves and so this is what I'm Talking about the majority of people I Mean at least 90% of the people this Isn't you know the real solution isn't a Part of what they're willing to explore Right and so if you're thinking that you Can change the system sure you you know Everyone could hope but you have to look At you know all right well maybe what if You can't what if the system can't be Changed then you know you don't have to Go all in you know change everything in Your life or whatever but just entertain That possibility and the people who can Entertain that possibility and then can Imagine or Envision that there might be A chance that they could be part of a Future without the system well those are The people I'm talking about it's a a Rare minority and even within that group Most of those people you know this is a Terrifying idea but it's an idea that

Has to be you know Ingested because it's happening like one Way or another like there's no whe Whether it's terrifying to you whether It's you know Unthinkable it's it's What's up right it's what's happening It's what's planned and you can say well You know that's my opinion well it's not Really because you know I don't you know I don't relish it either right like it's Not what I particularly at this age and Stage in my life those kind of changes Are are overwhelming and I know a lot More about these changes than most People because I've homesteaded and I've Done you know spiritual meditation and Things like this and I've changed and Adapted in so many different ways and Evolved that you know I've known about This for a while but still I know how Difficult it's going to be in terms of Like the massive amount of change and The you know the effects that people are Going to have when a system that it That's all they know is this system Collapses you know this has happened Before this is the first time an Empire Has collapsed and it probably won't be The last time either but anyways um you Know it's just something for people to Think about because this is you know a Possibility you have to acknowledge that At least it's a possibility that the System can't be fixed right like in any

Kind of situation you get a car and the Car is totaled right the value of the Car isn't worth the price to fix the car Or sometimes the car just won't run no Matter what you do to it no matter how Much you try to fix it it just won't run This happens to your body at some point Your body becomes terminal right it Eventually dies and you can't fix it Right in fact we're all in that state We're in a terminal situation because Our bodies eventually will give up give Out on us and so that's just the way it Is right same thing with our system at Some point the system and the countryes Think about all the names of you you Look at the lands around the world think About all the times they've changed Names and governments and you know Whatever it is religions and the Population I mean just the structure of The Earth itself the tonic plates moving At one point all the land masses were One and they broke up and formed these You know other you know these other Continents and countries and things but There was one point where all the land Masses was were together and then there Was water you know ocean everywhere else And so you know there's changes things Change and there are structural changes There's changes things go species go Extinct the planet's constantly influx There'll be a time when this planet's no

Longer inhabitable in terms of people There'll be soul soul energy like There's Soul energy on other planets There's no uh biological life and so all These things there'll be a time when This planet doesn't exist there'll be a Time when this universe doesn't exist Right so those are scary changes like Real changes just like this is you know A smaller change on a scale of a a Systemic collapse and a collapse of a a Way of life but it's not you know Wholesale changes there'll still be life On planet Earth and there'll still be You know people it'll just be different Right and you know that's always a Possibility there's always a possibility That something's coming to an end like a System a way of life you know a Worldwide government like you lose Things you lose the abil AB ility to run You lose the ability to jump you lose The ability you all everything that you Do right as know as you get older you Lose abilities like you get into a state As you get older you're constantly Losing abilities you're losing things That you used to be able to do Physically but there's a maturity of Things that come with it like a Different understanding of life and You're preparing to for death so you're You know you're you have one foot if You're doing things right in the in the

Etheric world in the energetic world of Your soul and you're starting to you Know transition from life to death and There's a whole thing that happens right Those of us who have you know get older We see this happening we've lived Through it and people who are you know Living in the right way you're conscious Of this and you're accepting of it right You're accepting of your inevitable end And there's inevitable end to our system And that looks like it's fairly soon and So what's next after that are things Going to get better they're going to get Worse like who's capable of making it Better who's you know capable of Bringing it down to a lower level like Is we're either going to go up or we're Going to go down like that's always what Happens either things are going to rise Up to a higher level or we're going to Go down to a lower level and so those Are the choices and for the higher level There needs to be higher developed Souls That manifest the system based in the Divine will and change things you know Bring us up to a higher level of Consciousness and that's you know that's Obviously a possibility it should be you Know there for everyone to see and if You can't see it it ain't for you like Like if you can't see it You know it's beyond you and you're not A part of it right you're you you don't

Have the the capacity I mean at least You know at least this in this moment Maybe you do have the capacity you're Just too defended and too uh you know Too boxed up in your own you know Egotistical fears and you know your Personality structure but you know the Majority of people it's if you don't Understand it it's like well you're not A part of it right and you know that's Just the way it is only spirituality Will SA save this world it's parano Definitely point from the apocalypse and The Ascension there would have a blessed Day and be grateful

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