Things you need to know about my short videos

Things you need to know about my short videos

Greetings brothers and sisters so um I am talking about this again I Mentioned in a video I think on my Apocalypse Now Channel This video is going to go up on both Channels and it's going to explain The new kind of thing that I have to do By thing I mean process in terms of Uploading these short videos right One of my viewers left a comment that They got a notification that I put up a Video and then I went private a few Minutes later they didn't get a chance To watch it but that's because You're not supposed to watch it right It's a flaw in the YouTube system And I'm going to explain this you know I Think the short videos are a good thing But they're not you know totally a good Thing right there's some issues with Them I like YouTubes software I like YouTube's you know user friendly at Least it is for me And you know most of YouTube works very Efficiently But this um short video thing does it So let me show you here these are all The short videos I uploaded today these Are all Don Lemon memes I thought I published Because you know he's being canceled Right now so it's topical And I have all these memes so you know Some of them are you know the one where

He talks about boohoo cancel culture Is important to what's going on right so These are the ones I've posted these Short videos you can see they're all Like under a minute long some of them Are just Seconds long And then here is the part I posted Yesterday That some you know it had a song in it And it got a delayed copyright blocking It's um you know blocking it's uh me From having ad Revenue So I had to re-upload that and you see Now there's all these videos these are The short videos but you can see like This one here Um there's nothing fake it's long format Right and it looks goofy because I have To Center him right so if if this was Normal he'd be over on this side And it wouldn't be good for a short Video right and so I have to Center you Know the longer ones do I do with Fetterman and there's images that I have To put in the center so that it will Work in the short format so I have to Edit this uh you know I have to edit These clips and you know it doesn't take All that much time but it's a little bit Time consuming I have to edit these Clips and then I have to upload it as a Regular video now somebody gave me uh You know wrote up how you make short

Videos And just you put short hashtag in the Title but it didn't work so I made these Videos here and then I have to make them Public see these videos are all private And here's some that are draft right This one right here If you look at it like this one Um YouTube puts in I have a default thing For all of my description box stuff Right and it has the title here But when I edit this on my phone so what Happens is I have to make this video Public for a little bit And so I edit it on my phone and that Takes about you know a minute and then I Upload it from my phone and then I can Make this private again because you're Not supposed to watch this right You know these videos got some views Like people watched them when they came Out and it sucks it says notification Forum because you know I mean that all Sucks because it it screws me on the Algorithms it'd be great if I could do This if I could edit these videos when They were unlisted or they were private But my phone the phone app won't let you Do it unless it's public So that sucks and if I privatize it Before it starts to upload it disappears And now I have all these extra videos up Here

That if I delete them They um the short will disappear which Happened to me you know I talked about That in another video So I have all these extra videos and I Have all these short videos then I have The video that the short video comes From and it's very like busy for me I Can't find my other videos and it's a Little bit of a drag right like I like The you know it's a good thing in a way I mean it's helping my channel And it's adding you know some level of Revenue and it's another way to get my Channel out there through these short Videos and YouTube prefers is pushing For these short videos so that's the Reason I'm doing it all those reasons But you know there's some things that Suck about it so when I publish a video And it's not a short video It's only going to be published for a Little bit of time and I don't want to Say don't watch my videos because that's Counterproductive but in this case know That it's going to come out in the short Form out and it won't look as bad right Like these ones this one looks bad here It's not going to look as bad see this One got 43 views this one got eight Views these ones I was able to do a Little bit quicker because they were so Short And you can see here this is the video I

Put up on my other channel And these are the the shorts that I'm Going to release today And you know they're not all going to be Recommended here some of the private Videos right this one so here's the Final it's finally happening that's the Short there's the original one so if you See the original one here It's you know It looks very small because I'm trying To get all this in In the short format so it's it's going To look goofy here There's a rooster yeah I'm trying to Center the rooster and all that right But you're not going to see the like my Shadow here You're not going to see you know the the Stuff on the other side and so it looks Goofy it's not a quality video it's just Made that way so I can edit it on my Phone and then make it private so you Know I'm just kind of letting everybody Know that if it's not in the short Format then it's not worth watching and It's better to watch it in the short Format because the more views I get in The shorter format the more likely it's Going to be promoted by YouTube Okay so I just edited this video and I'm Not sure if it's going to be clear or Not to people But basically what I'm saying here is to

Make short videos I have to edit those You know bits and pieces of my existing Videos memes whatever it is And I have to turn it into a widescreen Video And upload it to YouTube and that video Is not for public and consumption Because the way that it's formatted I Have to Center everything And it's not a short video and the whole Reason I'm doing this is to make a short Video I don't do anything and in the Tall uh you know in terms of a tall Frame video I make everything widescreen and so that Video I have to make public for a short Period of time it's not meant for Anybody anybody to watch And so if you see a short video that Isn't a short video You know if you see a video under a Minute long and it's not in the short Video format then it's not really for You to watch and it'd be better if you Waited until I edit on my phone and put It back up And you know I mean It's just a convoluted way to do things But it's the only way to convert a long Formatted video into a short video to a Tall video On YouTube there's no other way and so Um there it is you know I hope this is Clear

Only spiritual value will save this World it's Paul remodel definitely Reporting from the Apocalypse And the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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