They Act Like They’re Fighting for Us, so We Don’t Fight for Ourselves.

They Act Like They’re Fighting for Us, so We Don’t Fight for Ourselves.

As a 17 year old kid when I came to MIT Mondale was running against Reagan and There's this other guy the media gave a Lot of attention to Jesse Jackson Bringing everyone together against the Quote unquote establishment he was the Left not so obvious establishment on the Floor of the democratic convention he Tells everyone we have to vote for the Lesser of two evils which was Monday This guy just Bamboozled us and most People say I guess Jesse had to do that As a student of system science I went Deeper into that and you realize that They have this probably in some War Room Strategy like a holy sh we have a vacuum Over here and that is why Trump was very Very important to the establishment they Had burned through the Tea Party burned Through Ron Paul and they needed a right Wing so Trump was created to fill this Gap on the left they already had Bernie Sanders AOC and Trump's role was a very Specific one act like he's fighting Against the establishment so the white Working class wouldn't do anything for Four years they would allow a quote Unquote pandemic to take place they Would allow a lockdown to take place This is why we have to build a Bottoms Up movement truthforterm Become a warrior scholar Shiva for get a bumper sticker

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