The Truth about Youtube & Google & Truther Channels

The Truth about Youtube & Google & Truther Channels

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Put out a video yesterday some of you Watched 800 and something Watched in which I asked for help in Terms of Uh asking you what truth or videos that You watch truth or channels So I could recommend or put these on a List so that YouTube could run My ads on those channels Which was something that um well you Know I described it yesterday And I was recommended so many channels I Mean I was overwhelmed I had to make the Video enlisted Last night because I got such a response Which I was grateful for some of the Channels I recognized some I did it but You know they all were channels that Um were you know Channels that you all watch right like You guys all watch my channel and also Watch these other channels so there's a Connection there right so Um and it's a lot better than what YouTube and Google was was doing for me And so um let me show you a little bit Of what I'm talking about here So if go to content and placements Um I guess I always have that open here And I click on this I can select an ad group and now I have Two for no I didn't even understand the Explanation they're tying these two

Different ad groups with different Metrics to try to figure out how to work This thing Um I gotta go back though Um It says select an ad group and then That's ad group number one You have to hit enter Then you have to Paste The URL to the YouTube channel And then eventually if I hit this add Placements and not this save Which I did a number of times I would Hit save because save is a lot bigger Than add placement so it's not a very Well thought out You know whatever it is but I ended up Getting 42 in on this one And then um And the other one I got more channels That I put in there 46. so that's a number of channels They're not running that many ads I mean It's right now it's just I don't know Five like 10 a day or something Um but there's all these you know Channels that people recommended to me I Think over half the channels that people Recommended to me were not monetized And so um you know I was I got a lot of Channels a lot of people recommended Similar channels uh you know there's a Lot of people recommended like really Graceful for example or

Uh Jimmy Dore I know really graceful is I kind of know who Jimmy Dore is but you Know a few other um I guess um True true stream media which I know who They are but some channels I'd never Heard of lots of them and a number of The channels were just not monetized Which was interesting to me maybe even 60 percent like Um a number of them like I would say at Least half of the recommendations People um are not monetized and you Wouldn't know that because YouTube runs Ads on videos that aren't monetized you Know I had um I put up a meditation Video on my new channel Which is not monetized there's less I Need 10 000 subscribers to monetize it And right now I don't know if I will Because it's just For um A gratefulness meditation and so it was A meditation that there was a a Beginning and then about a half hour of Silence and somebody said an ad was run And interfered with their meditation Which I can't do anything about Because I'm not monetizing the channel YouTube is and so sometimes you might See ads on a channel And YouTube is making money from them But the channel itself is not monetized And so um you know that's a reality uh

So you know I was grateful for all the People that contributed ideas and the Channels that were recommended and you Know I try to bring in different types Of Truth or channels when I looked at The channel I try to evaluate Um you know most times just putting Everything in there and then I was Looking more for some prepper channels Which people sent me my wife sent me a Couple of things like that and then um You know some just a wide variety of Like there's different things that are Where the truth Community is you know Circulates around people go from You know these different genres of true Stuff And so um now there's you know over 40 Of these potential channels that they Can run ads instead of you know they Were running ads on um Tiffany's you know Shane and like this Digital video these are all just um Bengali Cinema you know like just weird Stuff right like they didn't um None of these were appropriate Like their algorithms didn't pick up on One thing and that led me to um also I Searched on YouTube various terms here So conspiracy theories now this guy Shane Dawson had a a bunch of conspiracy Theory videos he did that sucked Um you know but at least they were kind Of he brought up legitimate conspiracy

Theories there's this guy Graham Hancock These are none of these people are what You're looking for when you look for a Conspiracy theories right uh uh you know I searched for it yesterday you see here There's a lot of um You know these things 10 most disturbing Cults that are still alive These are just you know popular channels Popular Mainstream type of channels and not what You're looking for right not for not What truthers are looking for And then when you search truther videos There's you know again Vice is here and You know none of these people are Um CNN right Ventura's take on Boop they Wanted it to happen and that's CNN you Know Um all these things Katy Perry's Glitching out on USA Today 10 topkin YouTube conspiracy theorists And these are just all mainstream Channels and so when you're looking for Truther videos that's not what you're Looking for right when you're looking For truth or channels This is I believe in conspiracy theories Until one pushed me over the edge YouTube is going to hide conspiracy Theories again this is under truth or Channels Birds aren't real the conspiracy Theories that satire's conspiracy theory

60 minutes Lesser known conspiracy theories again This video again here watch Mojo I guess These are all you know popular owned Shill type of uh you know establishment UH 60 Minutes Australia so this isn't What you're looking for when you search Truther channels certainly wasn't what I Was looking for I'm not looking for vice In 60 minutes Australia in 60 minutes You know like that's not where I want to Run my ads and you know I'm going to get More into this in a moment one more Thing to show you here So this is covid conspiracy inside covid Conspiracy theories from 5G Towers to Bill Gates 60 Minutes Australia another One from Vice BBC News right What we need to know about covid-19 Labley lab leak CNBC why people believe in conspiracy Theories Conspiracy theories virus misinformation In the U.S Al Jazeera English Again this isn't what you're looking for When you type in covid's conspiracy And so let me switch over to a nurse Speaks out after being subject of Anti-boop conspiracy theory and so we I Showed you this MSNBC Tucker Carlson has a Bonkers do Covid boom conspiracy theory one year Ago MSNBC Bill Gates can play to tech companies

About laughable covid-19 conspiracy Theories ABC Australia again Jamie Foxx Rep shuts down conspiracy theory about His health issues Entertainment Tonight That's not what we're looking for right So I thought about this uh yesterday And You know It's a fundamental uh Contractual And idealition of your duty As what YouTube is right now there is The corporation uh aspect of YouTube and You know I've talked about this before That I am grateful for YouTube I have a positive association with YouTube I watch I don't know Five to ten videos at least parts of Videos every day you know I've been Concerned about my health things to do With farming and homesteading I've Learned to fix things and grow things And make things and you know I've Learned about things that help me get Healthier I mean so many informational videos that Have helped me You individual people people who are Experts in their field to people who Have know-how people who you know have Skills and posting things that have been Helpful in terms of dealing with Software and figuring out how to you

Know make videos for even like all these Things I learned how to make videos from YouTube videos And then there are the things that I Have you know been entertained by uh by YouTube and probably 70 to 80 percent of The time I spent on the Internet is in On YouTube of course met my wife through This YouTube channel which is probably The biggest thing that YouTube is you Know in terms of you know the greatest Uh you know that has the most uh you Know overall effect on my life my Marriage and things like this right so You know YouTube has been great for me And there was a time where my first Marriage was imploding my family was Falling apart we were in a foreign Country and I needed to you know find a Way to bring an income and that's when I Started doing this as a full-time job I Had the channel for years And YouTube really you know bailed me Out it helped me bring my family back to America and get set up here and all These things right so YouTube has been You know wonderful to me in a lot of Ways and in the search Mark tradition You know the meditation I do The third Master the system said you Know you just you should be grateful Just to God Because you can be you know thankful for Everything thank you Apple thank you

Oxygen thank you Ben you know thank you Chair I mean all these things it's good To be grateful for You know whatever you have but the Overall sense of gratitude should be for God right so at least in terms of what YouTube has been for me in my life its Effects on my life it's been great right So you know it's a gift from God in that Sense and I enjoy making movies and you Know as a little kid I had a eight Millimeter camera and I shot like you Know like six seven years old I shot Like Um horrible you know grainy low quality Footage of a a circus you know like some Other things and you know I you know I Some part of me always maybe wanted to Do something like this right what I'm Doing now Um at least in my early part of my life I was interested in making movies and You know now I do this but having said That Google And YouTube have two fundamental Responsibilities not to their Stockholders not to you know Their the business interests not to the Government not to society they have a Role to fulfill right each you know job Each service each business like food Industry they're responsible to feed People right and the quality of the food And how healthy it is and the effects of

The food are a part of it right but you Know what YouTube has done is let's say You're McDonald's and your job is to Feed people and you can say it's poison Or you know some better restaurant or Whatever Whole Foods something like this You know whatever some healthy Restaurant And they stop serving food And that's essentially what Google and YouTube have done here In terms of their business and these Other social media Giants as well so First of all Google as a search engine Engine has one responsibility And that is to deliver to you the Information that you're looking for That's what a search engine is supposed To do the best search engine delivers to You the exact information you're looking For right that you're looking for Something specific like I'm going to do A video tomorrow in Nancy Kerrigan Crying and I search for that on YouTube And the video came up I was looking for I'd seen the video before It has an interesting um I think I'll Add this to my Journeys here I have my Uh you know my um Hollywood celebrities dropping like Flies tomorrow I was going to put in today's video but I didn't have enough time and there's Something interesting about it they want

To share right and I found the video With the search that I did so YouTube Which has a search engine and Google has A search engine Has you know a function of giving you And delivering the information that You're looking for And on a search engine level they have Failed In terms of truther videos and Alternative media because they know what You're looking for there was a time Where they started to hide Conspiracy Theory videos and truther channels and You know when that was in my channel and Other channels got caught up with this And we had done a lot to build this Platform because people love Conspiracy Theory videos truth or videos There was a wide range of them and YouTube and Facebook and these other Platforms Allowed these videos and encourage these Videos and recommended these videos to People You know on a wide scale business Venture you know in terms of their Um you know their economic model they Wanted to keep people engaged with their Apps as much as possible And so this is what people wanted and They provided a platform for it and you Know it was a mutually beneficial A working relationship right

But then there was this pressure from The powers that be the people who run The you know the establishment to say All right let's first of all de-platform People or hide videos or censor videos And say you can't post this you can't Post that you know I said originally These are private businesses and they Get to do that but they're breaking like A covenant here right because you know This is the business that took off Google as a search engine and YouTube as A a search engine and a place to host Videos those are their primary functions In an age of information and there's all This information out there and you know People are able to express different Viewpoints than you know we were limited When I grew up to A variety of news channels and some Public Access some local you know cable News shows and some some Fringe level AM Radio and shortwave radio and Underground newsletters and now we have The internet where people could express Themselves people could make videos Right we have the technology and Equipment now we're all carrying around A movie camera with our phones there's Been technological development and People liked making home movies There was this you know TV show America's Funniest Home Videos right That became something popular that was

Like YouTube before there was YouTube And people started making their own Personal content sometimes it's just for Friends and family but sometimes it was Meant to reach a broader audience And the Covenant the responsibility for This for this role you know there's There's something sort of sacred here That individual people now could express Things that corporate owned businesses You know media businesses and ones that Are influenced by the government and the I mean all kinds of various Um controlling influences in terms of Mainstream media We didn't have that individuals didn't Have that we could say things they Couldn't say we could do research they Weren't willing to do we could find out Things that they weren't willing to Uh in fact they were against putting out There right they have sponsors and they Have clients and people who run Commercials and they have corporate Ownership right you know Disney and Marvel and these you know all these Subsidiaries of ABC and you know these Companies that own Viacom and these Other you know big corporate Giants that Own all these various um businesses they Weren't willing to post information that Would hurt their other businesses they Have these big umbrella companies and You know there's all these things that

They weren't willing to go after because It would hurt their own interests their Own you know stock prices and the rest Of it and so You know there's very limited Information coming from mainstream media And they were willing to Go after uh any of these you know Big head honchos and the people that Control the world and these other things That they weren't even willing to tell You about right things they did covered Up lies you know all these various Conspiracies that were there but Individual people could and there was Now a place for this and which was Called YouTube and these other platforms And people are able to do that but they Shut this down and now they're giving You something that you don't want right They know what you want they know what People are looking for but now they were Hiding those videos they were erasing Those channels they were starving the People who were you know monetizing Their videos and making a living and They were giving them you know less than Crappier channels or more mainstream Channels or CNN and MSNBC or Fox News And what they call authoritative news And they broke their role they violated Their mandate as a you know as a a Service right because it's like a Restaurant that doesn't serve food

Anymore right like YouTube and Google as Search engines they're supposed to do The best possible job of connecting you With the information that you're looking For and they're clearly not doing that Right so much so that I want to give Them money and from my my point of view And my relationship with YouTube I have Provided them income and content that Has benefited them as a corporation as An organization As a customer I've watched lots of Videos which has benefited them And I've recommended videos and videos To where family members and whatever it Is I've promoted their site I have you Know the YouTube Um Whatever it is premium YouTube thing I Have you know where I don't see ads Because you know I'm when I get all These other like little perks and things Like this I have YouTube TV And you know I am now running a Membership that YouTube gets some Percentage on And so YouTube has made money off of my Channel it's made money off of you know The membership program now that I have And then off of me as a customer and now I'm paying them to advertise and do Something they used to do for free Because they're unsubscribing people and People who want to watch my videos

People are saying I got unsubscribed Like 10 times from your Channel They resubscribe and they keep on Getting unsubscribed like how how many Times do you does a person have to Subscriber for YouTube says okay we're Going to allow you to be subscribed to This channel they have a subscription Service plus they don't notify people Of the videos I put up and part of that Is because I put up so much content People can't keep up with it and so They're crappy algorithms are saying That people have lost interest in my Channel because they can't keep up with All my content even though all my Content helps them they want me to make As much content as possible Another YouTube creators but they don't Want a reward for it so it's a an ass Backwards system right where they're Hurting you they're punishing you for Doing something that they want And so Me paying them to run ads on YouTube Right Where you know they just have to find Channels like mine but because you know They don't want to recognize the truth Or narrative they want to you know Smother it they want to suck it out of Existence even though you know they're I Mean they would lose so much profit so Much of their platform is still these

Type of videos you know Mom and Pop type Videos as opposed to corporate News Videos and media videos and things like That and people don't want mainstream Media right unless they're they're Searching for something on CNN and put CNN in the search they're not looking For that right people don't come on YouTube to watch CNN and MSNBC those Aren't the the you know the channels That are going to carry that the Platform but getting back to it so I'm Paying them to run ads on YouTube which They're benefiting from and if people Watch the ad they get paid and if they Click through to my channel subscribe That means they'll be watching more Videos on my channel and YouTube gets Paid there maybe a person some of those People become members YouTube gets paid There again and they get all the you Know content that I'm creating growing My channel helps YouTube Benefits YouTube And I'm paying them to do it and they're Not willing to do it right they're not Willing to provide the service to their Customer I'm a customer to them on Multiple levels and I had to go out and Figure this out my wife you know came up With this idea and I asked the guy and He you know he didn't recommend it Himself I could usually I could Literally choose the channels I want to

Advertise on which is what he should Have said in the beginning like all Right you have a because I said none of These categories meet what I want I you Know I have a very specific type of Channel he could have said okay you can Hand pick the channels and we'll run ad On those channels but they don't want to Run ads on those channels they want to Take my money and run it on channels That the audience is never going to come And watch my videos because they're Sheeple and they're not anything like me Right And so you know YouTube has failed right They have you know again I'm not talking About some legal responsibility or They're breaking the First Amendment you Know I never said that right like They're not you know the First Amendment Doesn't apply here because it's a Private company But in terms of what they're supposed to Do as a you know connecting people to Information And honing their search engines to get The exact information that you're Looking for they fail because they are Willfully change their algorithms to Give you Links and you know search results that Don't match what you're looking for Which is completely effed in this way They're blocking the information flow

That way and then on YouTube by Suppressing and hiding and starving and You know I mean all kinds of ways of Gaming the system against you rigging The system against truther channels and You know different types of channels not Just truther channels they you know There's certain channels that YouTube Just deems you know that aren't the ones That they're they're not their favorite Ones right they're picking winners and Losers and usually the winners channels Suck usually the weather channels aren't What people want to watch right the Majority of people and especially Thinking people and smart people right They're also gaming it towards stupid People Instead of delivering what smart people And people with you know open minds and Awoken people you know people who are Awake a little bit or whatever it is People have expanded Consciousness they Don't make those channels readily Available and they they hide the Information and so they failed their Responsibility their sacred Duty here Right because it's bigger than Corporations it's bigger than any of These things like you have a function Like this is your function and you're Failing at it you're willfully Sabotaging your efficiency you're you're Making your your si your

Um your services Warped in some way towards the same old Stuff that people are running away from And they're not looking for mainstream Media that's why they're coming to YouTube in the first place they want to See individual creative people With you know fresh voices and you know Freedom of expression and you know you Know whatever it is that they're not Getting from CNN and MSNBC and you know Mainstream content and all these things And so the failure I you know I kind of Recognized it yesterday When I was looking through this and I Was looking for conspiracy theory Truther channels that I couldn't find Any Because YouTube was failing me they were Failing me as a customer they were Failing themselves right they weren't Doing what they were you know were given Responsibility for doing it's like a Restaurant that refuses to serve food You know I have this up here Um you know these channels now and they Haven't kicked in yet maybe that's fine But I want to see that they're just Running ads on those channels and I'm Going to write to the guy who's in Charge of and say and I don't even know If he does anything because it's all Algorithm like his job was mostly to Explain to me

How to you know he put together sort of An ad Campaign which is my video that I Created and he you know did all the you Know The work of like registering it on their Site right Um and approving it because it's a whole Thing too because they're you know goofy About that as well And you know he put the thing together And then his job now becomes Explain to me how to work their software And their you know there's many Different tabs and many different you Know metrics and things and you know Analytics and things But in reality it's being run by Bots And you know AI or whatever it is Algorithms and things like this and you Know even though I've recommended these Channels they still might try to tell me They know better and put my ads out on Channels I don't approve of wasting my Money throwing my money away and wasting You know just energy and I mean it's Immoral right with the idea of morality Like a massage Mark system is the proper Utilization of resources do the job You're supposed to do pay the man Danny Right and do the job that you're Assigned to do You have a job do that job like don't You know do some other job or try to Give me something I don't want or give

Me what I want I've recommended these Channels you guys recommended these Channels you guys who are my viewers you Know customers of YouTube You guys said these are the channels That you see being a you know a gateway To finding people who might be Interested in my channel certainly a Much more high pro a much higher Probability of people coming to my Channel from those channels right And you know I now have done the work And it wasn't I mean it took me an hour A couple hours and it was a big deal but It's not the kind of work I like to do Very clerical and whatever right Um And you know I might do more later and Add more channels and you know their Channels that I would much rather run Ads on than you know Shane Dawson all These other channels that they they you Know they did they picked you know They're you know their Um Golden Child channels or whatever They are channels that you know have no Connection to what I do and Their Audience is not my audience Um and so you know will they do it right Will they actually do that what I'm Asking them to do as a customer right And it'll be profitable for both of us And I'm paying them to do a job they Used to do for free

You know there's a time my wife was Remembering when we were first together When I was close to a hundred thousand Subscribers I was getting 100 Subscribers newer subscribers a day Like now I you know some months I lose More subscribers than I gain And if I do gain some it's like a Hundred you know a month or whatever I mean I've I'm pretty much stagnant Because YouTube keeps on deleting my Subscribers and hiding my channel and Hiding my videos right and you know I Mean that's no way to treat people you Know like I haven't done anything to Them but been a a benefit I haven't Heard the platform at all I haven't Heard YouTube I haven't heard Google and I've availed myself of their services And you know they've I've been a Customer of theirs and you know it's a Dick move on their part right and I'm Just saying I'm one person but this is You know how they treat so many of us Right Um and they're failing in their Responsibility because this is the age Of information when secrets and you know Lies are supposed to come to light it's A Divine mandate it's happening on a Much higher level a much higher Consciousness than YouTube is you know These people are aware of These corporate you know these these

Lower lesser evolved Corporate Bean counters are aware of Right there's something epic happening It's a time of an Awakening And you know YouTube and the internet Are a part of that These platforms are a part of that and You know they instead of embracing this You know higher nature it's all this Little mealy mouth controlling little You know I mean just obsessive Compulsive little you know scared little Rabbit you know little dog that rolls on His belly and and pisses itself right Instead of being bold and embracing What's Happening Here I mean not just You know in terms of YouTube and Google But the people who control the systems It's time to realize that you know your Ability to control things is over right You've lost it and just allow the you Know the flow of a new paradigm to flow In and you know Elevate Humanity to a New higher level of Consciousness and so Right now they're completely failing you Know where they were once succeeding Where they once were a part of the Solution they're now a big part of the Problem and it was you know very obvious To me yesterday you know doing the the Ads have really opened my mind to how Dysfunctional it is right because if you Run ads They need to connect you to the groups

Of people that will most you know I mean They can't just throw your it's such a Vast platform We're talking about billions of views Per day right Uh so many you know interactions On YouTube you know globally and even on In terms of America and so they just Can't throw your ad out there they have To be very specific and figure out where It should be placed and they collect so Much data and they know so much and they Have this you know Monster data Collecting profiling of people they know What you want but they're refusing to Give it to you Because of some you know BS political And social control game that you know They're gonna ultimately lose so I mean It's just it's just kind of pathetic Right it's like well not another thing That's just become really pathetic and I You know I was probably better off not Knowing like I've you know worked to Remain positive and be grateful for You know the job that I do and you know The opportunities that I have and and Focus on making content and you know Controlling the things I can control But I know more about YouTube and Google That you know I'd rather not know right Like there's things that you can suspect And there's speculation and there's some Of their overt policies of community

Guidelines and you know excluding and Recommending authoritative news sites And you know doing these things all that They can to squash what they consider Fake news or you know disinformation Which is you know in in many cases Disinformation but in lots of cases it's More accurate than The official story you know we all know About that and we know that there's Different forms of censorship But the incompetence in the you know the Failure to to fulfill their duties and Roles and do the services that their Their businesses existed to provide People and they're just failing right They're failing intentionally failing And self-sabotaging and you know It kind of sucks to know it like it Sucks that it's just this way Um you know it's just another a part of The you know so-called beast that's Collapsing Uh you know in an apocalyptic way Only spiritual value will save this World it's Paul remodel definitely Points for the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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