The Savior Complex

The Savior Complex

Okay greetings brothers and sisters um Just uploading my video From yesterday or today yesterday for You today for Me um this is the Monday August 28th This video will come out to 29th on Tuesday and So uh well first of all you know I Talked about Dr Shiva and there's all These things I was going to cover on That video that are kind of important Things follow-up stories LeBron James Son amongst them other things I can't Remember Biden said something new about The the Latest hopefully I have that up on my Toolbar I think I do um I'm going to Cover that on my other channel tomorrow On Wednesday so I wanted to clarify my Position about all these kind of things These other truther truther running for President you know you Dr Shiva you know RFK Junior Joe Rogan these kind of People and then um you know just truther Of all shapes and sizes right so the one Good thing about all the levels of the Truther stuff even to some extent the QB's the right-wing people the leftwing People you know there's the smallest Movement in those people and then There's just all these different types Of truthers right red pill blue pill Black pill you know all these kind of uh

You know ways that truthers have of Seeing the world but the one like sort Of common denominator of value is that We've all been indoctrinated by a system We all have been you know programmed by A system and we grow up believing in That system to whatever degree whether We you know always sense that Something's wrong or it's off or we Don't really understand it or we're Outsiders or you know we don't fit in or Whatever it is we still are Indoctrinated by that system and you Know people think that they're being Lied to by corporations or you know I've Talked about this so much it's never the System that's evil this is indicated in The DSM 5 and four there's no diagnosis For the system being at fault there's no Condition that's uh based in the system They might say there's factors in the System that contribute but it's the Individual that's effed up it's you That's crazy but pretty much everyone in The in the you know country of America The world could be diagnosed with Something some sort of mental Abnormality some mental emotional Difficulty based in the dsm5 so Everybody's messed up Psychologically according to the dsm5 Like there's something that everyone's Experienc in that can be called Pathology so everyone's somewhat

Mentally sick mentally ill and we're all Physically like pretty much everyone has Especially now the younger Generations They have some sort of Physical condition some chronic Condition that's not going to go away They're going to live with that for the Rest of their lives you know I get Migraines and you know I have some I Used to have allergies now they're kind Of uh lesser than but I'm a little bit Overweight you know these things right Or maybe a [Laughter] Lot depending how how you depending if You ask the scale or the mirror um you Know we all have something right we all Have physical Liabilities and you know there's very There's no one that's out there has Perfect physical health and perfect Mental health according to the Psychological model the dsm5 the Diagnostic conditions there and Allopathic medicine and so so these Things that govern your physical health And your psychological Health are you Know some way contributing to and um Defining you as being effed up you're Effed up just by your very existence You're crazy and you're sick and so you Know it's just to what degree and the System's great right you know if you Have a a system where everybody's crazy

And everybody's sick then it's a bad System like just based in it's the Product it's producing which is the Human beings the system is churning out Human beings they get you and they Indoctrinate you with their TV with Their internet now with their you know Religion with their you know this the Education and they program you like You're a blank slate as a kid and they Get into your psychological mind your Psychological makeup your ego and your Psyche and and your you know mental Components and they program you and then They feed you stuff the food system the Things that are in your food things that Are in your environment and one makes You mentally ill and the other makes you Physically ill but it's not the system That's at fault the system is great the System's wonderful but it's producing Crazy sick people and so pretty much Everyone will tell you a politician lies Or corporations lie or you know there's One Super Bowl was rigged or you know They all have sways that they say the System Isn't is Dishonest but the overall belief of the Sheeple the people are still embedded in The Matrix is that the nature of the System is good globally but more Importantly the government US government For people in America and so you know

This is a heroic country based in a Democracy and wonderful founding fathers Who laid out you know an imperfect Government But its intentions are good it's a pure System and it's aligned with divinity And nature on some level we're the good Guys right and you go country by country And most people in the country believe That they're the good guys they might Believe that other countries aren't the Good guys but they're the good guys Right the Russians believe they're the Good guys Chinese believe they're the Good guys Americans believe they're good The good guys and there's patrio Patriot Patriotism and nationalism and all these Other isms and the fundamental idea of That is all these systems are basically Good but there's just some wrongdoer Some deep State and so all the people Who are what I consider Truthers understand that that's a lie That the system is evil or demonic or Whatever you want to call it whatever Way you want to phrase it it's actually Not good it goes against the will of God And it's making you worse it's a cancer Like a food is a CA a carcinogen it's It's like a you know it's like a Spiritual carcinogen it's warping you on A spiritual level on a psychological Level on a physical level it's a Gollum Right it's a you know it's a ring of

Power you know it's all these things not A Gollum it's the ring of power and it's Turning people into golems and some People be might be more Golems than Other people but we're all a little bit Golems because we're all you know Addicted to the ring to some extent and So you know you have to get to that Place that you realize the system is Evil and you know what you do with that Knowledge and what you you know how you Change as you as a person that's you Know that is whatever it is but all the Truth Community does is get you to that Place and some people need to be hit in The head by video after video told over And over again and they you know they're They dive into the truth of stuff but They still have some doubts about it Right and you know there's that element And of course there's degrees of this Right you know in terms of the the Comprehensive nature of the evil in the System the way it goes against the Divine will against the natural order of Things now there are people like Alex Jones who I believe is controlled Opposition right somebody like that who Has been given what seems to be money And power to develop a you know a Network and and you know demonize the Truce Community by AC acting crazy and He serves a purpose right but still for Some people you know maybe all of us to

Some extent there was some level where Alex Jones exposed the evil nature of The system and again he's you know off Base he's become more and more of a Shill As Time G has gone on and so you Know he's he's had a negative effect Overall but he's had a positive effect For some level of you entry level people Waking up you know to where ever degree You know in some way and Alex Jones Stole a lot of his stuff people talk About that guy I think his name is Chris Cooper um you can look him up but There's people like Eustace Mullins and Other people and people like my brother Who you know were into this years and Years ago a small percentage of the People was very underground these truth Or narratives people who wrote books uh You know the um the creature of jeal the Creature of jaal island or whatever That's called you know that's where jaal Island in Georgia's where they um Created the the Federal Reserve Bank the Debt-based currency and you know in the Modern truth Community Alex Jones had Wide wide range effect on all of us he Was like the Google of the truth Community although he's controlled Opposition and you could say Joe Rogan Is or not you could say you know all These other people RFK Jr is or not but It really comes down to whether they're Being told what to do by the powers that

Be and they're receiving money and Compensation those would that's what Would make them a shill that they are Being managed and handled by the powers That be but even in that they have some Effect on people to reach that initial Stage to understand that the system is Evil and not good and that's all it's There for the truth community in that Sense but there are a lot of people in The truth Community that's just where They live they just want to be told over And over again that the system's evil And it's not good they just want to hear That they want to see it they want to Hear it proven I was going to get into The whole um the painting the roof blue And the you know the laser and all that You know they want all the details they Want to find out all the proof they you Know they just want the story they They're diving into the rabbit hole time And time Again and you know for what for no Reason and there's truthers who were Just making the same videos that they Made before and just regurgitating the Same they're stuck in this Loop because They haven't figured out what to do with This information right and then there Are people who want to be celebrities And leaders within the truth Community They want to form their own little group They want to have their own you know um

Chellas as it's called in India right uh Their own you know following their own Uh you know fan base fan base is one Thing and then followers is something Else right and they want to create Something a community which you know may Be good I'm not saying it's necessarily Evil or bad but then the person has to Be above approach and not have the same Tendencies because you've been trained To have the Tendencies by the system and Whether you're conscious of it or not That doesn't mean anything because you Have those samsaras in you you have Those impressions in you and those Sam Scaras you know po some scaras you know I've seen this over and over again some Scar as in the sahaj mark tradition is You know Impressions that you formed Over lifetimes and you know if you don't Believe in past lives fine like I don't Care I you know I I explain this over And over again multiple videos why it's You know it's something that's not Really a matter of a choice because the Proof is in every aspect of every Religion every uh aspect of human life Because even in your this life alone you Have multiple lives like I've probably Had four uh periods of transition which I would consider like a new version of Me was born you know obviously when You're a kid that happens then you Become a teenager then a young adult and

Then you have Consciousness shifts in Your adult life and you you know evolve Into something hopefully more refined More spiritual and towards the end of Your life you're more Spirit than you Are physical body your physical body is Withering and and your spirit is more Present than ever and you're less mental You're less physical and you're more Heart you're more loving you're more Transitional right you're you're about To make the the trip home your Soul's About to leave this your body and Hopefully go farther along you've Evolved in some way right and that's you Know that's the that's a life well- Lived but in this Theory and I'm only Calling it a theory because you know to You it is and you're going to believe it Or not to me it's not a theory it's fact But to you it's a theory in this Theory Whatever you form an impression of like Let's say addiction is the easiest one To describe if you have an addiction in This life and you're not able to beat it You're not able to transcend your Addiction then you'll die and you'll Have a addiction some Scara and you come Back and be an addict in a future life You commit suicide in this life you'll Have the same conditions and temptation To commit suicide deci side in your next Life these types of things there can be Goods some scaras that you know success

And things that you bring in from Previous existences but again these are Attachments that keep you bound to Planet Earth and the good ones are Probably the worst ones because they're The ones that keep you bound here the Bad ones or your you know negative Experiences make you want to transcend And graduate this school as a soul and Move on to the next level of spiritual Evolution and again you can go to my Great fness meditation Channel there's Description of some scaras and links to The sjar teachings of them there's other You know there's other organizations That have their own view of some scaras And there's you know different I guess Interpretations but the way that I'm Saying it here and the one thing that I Want to talk about the reason I'm Bringing up some scaras is that there Are some scaras that are you know They're just waiting for the right Conditions to Flower and you could be the nicest guy In the world or nicest woman and you get Power and you turn into a dictator and Nobody saw it coming like nobody thought You had that in you it's happened to one Saint after another one spiritual person One king people with the best intentions Politicians they come in they want to Make the world a better place they're Selfless everybody loves them they have

Charisma and they get power and the Events unfold to become for them to Become a Gollum like dictator you know Some sort of evil King and nobody would Have G guessed that would have happened It's inside them and and they never knew It just took the power and the position To bring it out and so without a Cleaning process that's available in the Sark system and without incredible Discipline and you know a commitment to God and things like this it's very easy For people to fall into these traps and Pretty much everyone has these some Scars and so when anybody becomes sort Of a leader and they gain power and they Get followers The natural inclination is to take Advantage of the people the people start Turning on you you know there's like Almost like a you know this drama that Plays out where the followers turn on The leaders the pupils disciples turn on The gurus I mean happened to Jesus right Three of them you know they were all Loving uh Disciples of Jesus Judas Betrayed them Thomas doubted him and Peter denied him I mean there's just all This you know master charie said that There's always three out of 12 or Something like this right there's a Ratio people always going to turn on you They're always going to you know they'll See some human flaw or they'll you know

Find a way and these are the Dynamics at Play so you know I don't care what People do other people how they cope With what they do with this information Community is necessary you know if You're leaving one system you're Dependent on you need a community so That's something I was talking about Dr Shiva program you know he says things He's a good he's got some grasp on Truth Or narratives he can articulate truth or Narratives he's a smart guy he's got a Good mind and so you know there's lots Of people that have that but then you Got to ask what are they selling you Know what what are they trying to get You involved in what are they trying to You know what are they Shilling for what Are they pitching you know to you you Know if it's books that's one thing if It's you know contributing to them so They can keep on uh presenting their Information and you know we all have to Do that to some extent you know there's Different things and you have to you Know figure out if you're being taken Advantage of or if it's you know like Whatever it is like you guys all have to Figure that out for yourselves right but You should always look at it like what Are they selling and what do you have to Lose or gain and so you know Dr Shiva Had some he has a grasp of Truth or Narratives and he can uh contribute to

Whatever the the flow of information That's here in the truth Community but He wants a few things he has a program a Paid program and also he's running for President and you know that in itself is A lie because I could run for president Hey I'm running for president right do I Have any chance of winning no and so Before I get any kind of support from You because you know you might give me Money you might you know do whatever i' I have to be honest with you and say Yeah I know I can't win so this is just Uh uh you know and I know even if I did Win I couldn't change the system in fact It would be bad for me if I did win and Let's say so by some miracle I won I Would say yeah I was just kidding I Don't want to be president I mean Literally that's what would happen let's Say I ran for president or let's say you Guys all voted for me and by you guys it Was a majority and wrote me in even Though I wasn't a legitimate candidate And I would say yeah I don't want to be President like that would be what would Happen because I know a I couldn't Change the system and be the system Would hurt me in some way and it you Know it's not what I'm supposed to do it Wouldn't be what God wants me to do With and so you know that would be what I'd have to say up front and Dr Shiva is Not doing that because he's not being

Honest with Supporter so why is he running for President if he knows he can't win and There's no way he would win you know Based in his presentation of things he's Saying he's not legitimately running for President right so he's getting Something else out of you and maybe it's A positive thing maybe he's giving you Maybe his program's great maybe there's Some benefit to you personally you know It's not going to work for everybody but In that he was crapping all over Bobby Kennedy he was calling him booby Kennedy And you know he's insulting and you know I mock people you know I do this here so It's not like a a behavior I'm foreign You know it's foreign to me but the Difference between him and Bobby Kennedy Is voting for Bobby Kennedy isn't going To cost you anything It isn't going to f and I'm not telling You to vote for Bobby Kennedy and I I Unless he turns his position on Palestine around and you know there's Some uh change in me I'm not voting for Him I'm not supporting him you know but I liked what he was saying in initially And he is the most truther candidate out There but even if it's a ploy right even If Bobby Kennedy's completely owned he's A shill he's just he's learned to our Articulate truth or narratives and Present himself to us all even if that's

The case we have nothing to lose to for Voting for him right you understand this Like what's the difference between him Being president and any of the other Candidates we know what Trump's going to Do Kennedy isn't going to be worse than Trump because they rolled out all that Agenda under Trump right they changed The definition of gender under Trump They changed all of that they loaded out All that stuff there were all those Riots under Trump he rolled out Operation warp speed and he had this Debacle uh you know the big event in January the postelection stuff that he Did the selfishness and he just became This um you know this lightning rod for Division and we've Seen all the other candidates right and So if you vote for any of the candidate It doesn't matter it doesn't hurt you You know like one candidate's not going To be Biden is you know we know what he He did you think K is going to be better You think you know that christe's going To be better or Vivic whatever his name Is no of course they're not you know They're all going to be owned they're All going to be you know used they're All going to be uh a part of this plan And so there's nothing to lose to vote For Bobby Kennedy right and he is Articulating truth or narratives in a Way that's harder to dispute because

He's good at it right he's good he was Good in front of the the Senate like in Terms of the Senate hearings on Censorship and again whether it's some Play they're doing and he's just a part Of it who cares what difference does it Make right you don't have to watch it You don't have to participate in it but If you do if you support him in some way You don't lose anything you give him Money that's something different if you Give him money well then you're giving Him money right you know then now if he Lets you down and he becomes just Another one of these horrible president Then he's kind of stolen your money Promising you that something you know Again if you don't care about the money If you're willing to take a shot you Know it's like playing the lotto you Think the guy might actually do a few Things I he's not going to change the System he's not going to save the system That can't happen so no one you know There's no risk to the system being Saved right there's no you know there's No chance of that happening and so you Know whoever you vote for or don't vote For however you participate in it or not None of those things really matter all That much you're not going to lose Anything certainly if you you know turn Him into a savior if you turn Dr Shiva Into a savior or me or anybody else then

You're going to be disappointed because There is no savior right there's no Savior it's a savior complex and Jesus Wasn't a savior you're none of these you Know they're not a savior if you don't Do the work you don't get saved right You don't you don't make it to Heaven if You don't put in the work if you don't Evolve in some way and it it's you know Astronomically hard the number of Liberated Souls that have broken out of This prison planet that their souls are Free to go that their souls aren't Trapped in here in some sort of Materialistic sscar saric bondage is Dismal like the the souls that have made It out it's a small number of them even If it's a million and I think it's not a Million like I don't know the numbers I Don't have any way of you know I mean There how could I figure that out but Let's say it's a million Souls out of a Billion human Souls you know about seven Billion almost 8 billion human Souls if Only a million made it out that's Nothing that's a that's not even a you Know I mean it's like a a grain of sand On a beach most of the saints that you Hear about in religions all across the World most of the ones people that Started Religions and didn't get liberated right Uh the guy the father of yoga pangali Who was an e like a spiritual giant he

Left at the first starting point to Spirituality he didn't even get to point Two and so you know he became Babaji in The SAR tradition of meditation and so It is phenomenally Hard To Break Free of Your Earthly Bondage not because it's hard it's Because it's hard for us right it's hard For the ego it's hard for our addictions It's hard for our desires it's hard Because our ego doesn't want it you know Think about the number of people believe In some form of heaven right all these People believe in heaven that there's a Better place when you die and how many Of those people are eager to die right And the crazy ones who are you know they Suicide themselves they do whatever you Know and they end up not going because I Mean they're crazy right but most people Who believe in heaven are you know you Do have a survival Instinct but don't Really want to leave planet Earth you Might believe that there's a and you Might believe it's better you know You're sold you know 70 virgins and a Mule right whatever you think is waiting For you up there or really in there Right it's not up it's in most people Don't want to leave the Earth they don't Want to leave their Earthly bondage they Fear death and they they couldn't wait To come back into life and so that's why They're so view liberated souls are

Ready to move on and reach that next Level so for me I don't really have a Distinction between between shills and You know hardcore truthers or not I mean I'll point out flaws when people ask me About things or they come up and you Know the things that I'm covering but I Don't care about it because I don't know What a person's path is and I don't know You know how um I mean somebody could be Taking money for the government but Really you know working in a subversive Way right working as a double agent for God like I you know that's between that Person and God right but but as far as All this you know stuff that's going on In the truth community and the different Levels where people are wanting to have A following or not they want to start a Community or not they want you to to pay For this thing or or another you have to Evaluate it based on what you're getting Out of the content the person's creating And you know supporting this you know Movement that the person's contributing To right I mean that's what it comes Down to if you're going to spend money If you're going to support somebody Whenever way that is you know people are Like I I'm unsubscribing like you know Okay what does that even mean right what Do you think that's the value is of that You know on a monetary level or a you Know on a you know emotional level or a

Spiritual level I mean what do you think Your subscription is worth right what do You think your endorsement is worth and Then people are worried oh I endorsed This thing I said it was going to be Good and I was wrong people worried About being wrong like that's just your Ego of course you're going to make Mistakes you're going to get fooled and You know nobody's all bad like sometimes You see the good in somebody and then Their deceptive nature or their you know Their their ego that's conning you right Every conman can present themselves as a Reasonable person there's lots of people In the trth community who can Articulate the truth or narratives and Are perceptive about the evil nature of The system but they themselves are bad People they themselves have the same Tendencies as the so-called controllers That they hate they have the same sort Of power hungry Tendencies they have the Same some scaras and they're just good At selling you that they're different But they're not right and they may even Believe they're different but they're The same guy and if they got power they Would do the same thing as the Controllers right they have the same Deviant Tendencies just waiting to Flower in a samsaric way and that's why You know I say you shouldn't trust Anybody and there's no reason for trust

Like what is trust right you know I Trust people are going to make mistakes But I also I've seen the higher nature In people and the lower nature in people And you know everyone's battling with That and you know people are going to Let you down and things are going to Happen and really you know if you think About it in a light way what differen is It is you feel pain you feel pleasure You feel betrayal you feel loyalty you Know whatever it doesn't matter like you Know what difference does it make Somebody gives me a thumbs up or thumbs Down why would that thing bother me or Or make me feel good like I don't even Look look at it like you know I don't You know I get whatever percentage of Approval but the people watch my videos What difference does it make right I Means that maybe I'm you know what I'm Doing here resonates with people like if I had no audience and I'm just sitting Here speaking to myself that would make Me crazy right even though this could Have astronomical value if nobody valued It then why would I keep on doing it Right why would I bother picking up the Microphone so yeah there's that but Other than that you know it's not about That it's me you know feeling good about What I'm doing me you know believing I'm In the flow and I'm doing what my soul And God want me to do and you know you

Always have to have some doubt and you Have to you know re-evaluate that and You know question it because you know That's what makes you you know not get Arrogant and you know it's these things Are you know uh things that are maybe a Little bit Humbling about illet kill it and Zill in The Sark system that three things to Make a saint is a a little less money a Little less resources than you need it Helps you to be frugal helps you to be Not overindulgent because people with Too much money overindulge you know Whatever and then the other the next Thing is critics and critics keep you Humble critics keep you motivated Critics keep you you know moving along The path and not getting too arrogant And you know understanding your Limitations but also motivating you to You know dive in deeper or whatever it Is right you know critics have value and The other thing is slightly poor health For the same reasons you don't Overindulge and you don't you know get Overwhelmed by your strength you're just You're always aware of your mortality if You have you know like some kind of like Sickly Tendencies right that you you Know you value your health when you have It you realize it's you don't feel too Powerful you don't feel Invincible you Know you you realize that you're always

Done dependent on God for your continued Everything that you do you have to Depend more on God the weaker you are You have to depend on God right um and So you know these are all things that Are considered bad things but help Someone achieve sainthood but going back To the original point when you Understand that the system is evil then The only thing that you can come to Terms with in understanding what that Means what does that mean the systems Evil can you make the system not evil no It's an evil system it is built on Deception and the economic level it is Based in Hedonism and heightened spir Heightened materialism it denies your Spiritual nature Cuts you off from God It destroys the family and it warps you To be entitled egotistical Small-minded stupid right idiocracy I Mean all the things that we see and so When you see that when you understand it You realize the system has to go like It's bad for us like like it's just you Know like you have addiction to Cigarettes right and you can all right Well I'm going to smoke lights I'll Smoke one day I'll use a patch you know Whatever it is right I'll I'll start Vaping whatever you try to deal with but At some point you have to come to terms With you got to stop smoking you got to Stop drinking right these things are bad

For you there's not in they're not you Know good in moderation it's better in Moderation it's not as poisonous but They're poisons to your system drugs and Alcohol they they're poisons and they're Poison makes you feel something warps Your reality or heightens your energy Level on a shortterm basis you know Caffeine it is a a toxin that plants Produce to kill animals so they don't Eat the seed right and so caffeine is a Poison that you're injecting or you're You know having I recently quit caffeine Myself and my energy level has evened Off my overall energy level is better And I drank caffeine for like 20 years Years or more you understand like it There seemed like I was getting more Energy when I drank it but then there Would be the headaches and the you know The hangover aspect of it the the low Energy you know the the time I would Feel down until I drank more coffee or Good C you know tea or chai whatever it Was right or H some chocolate but Overall my energy level is much better Not having it in my system and so once You realize the system is poisonous then There's only one you know solution and And that is to negate as much of the Poison as you can given that you're Dependent on the system you can't get Rid of it all and then hope for a chance To build a better system in the future

That won't be poisonous and that's you Know the simple aspect of the truth Community and you know anybody who's not I anybody's telling you the system can Be saved or you saying if I was President I mean Dr Shiva running for President he's saying that through Politics you could change things and you Can't right same thing with Kennedy you Know whatever level Kennedy's a truther You know there's a deception there Either he's deceiving himself or he just Really wants to be president and so he Doesn't want to tell you the truth that They can't really change anything right And you know with that there's one Little Kennedy thing I want to get to The the stuff to do with his um his Court case I don't know if I'm going to Cover anything else here but that's the Introduction I think this was important You know imperative for people to hear Because I don't think other people are Saying it right but if you're going to Be honest about it that's it the system Is evil you know we they say it's good And we've been indoctrinated to being Good we're not the good guys we're part Of an evil empire and the only way that It's going to get better is a system That we're 100% dependent on it Collapses and after whatever hellish Post-apocalyptic world that's left we're Able to build a better system out of our

Deepened connection to God and all these Other Uh things that we have to do reclaiming Skills and you know going back to a Better way or creating a you know a Whole new way of being on The Human Experience and the system helps us Evolve and become the best version of Ourselves instead of pulling for the Lowest version our system rewards for Sociopaths right it rewards all the bad Qualities and so that there's all these Indicators you don't need to be Convinced you should be you know aware Of it already and so you know what do You going to do with that information And there's not a lot to do with it as Long as the system has a hold on us Anyways let's get into the other stuff Okay um I just Was getting a making a salad and I Realized there are a few things that I Had to add to what I already said and I Want to get at least to one story today To do with Kennedy and the censorship Google thing the thing first thing I Wanted to say is that it's very easy to Describe the problem and you can do it On any number of levels and it's Something I've been able to you can see Flaws in the system in other people and In the leadership and be critical of Those things and up to very recently it Didn't have much value you were looked

On and even now you're looked at you Know somebody who's complaining but Doesn't have a solution you know you're Not part of the solution you're just Criticizing the system or all dependent On right and critics are not really Highly valued in any other time but a Time where the system is obviously Imploding and now most people are aware That if we don't do something the system Is going to implode if we don't change Something then it's going to you know Things are going to go south it's we Just can't count on the system going Forward given the trajectory and what's Happening right now and so you have like Republicans are saying it's the wokes It's the woke Consciousness we got to Get rid of wokeism right you know and That's you know yeah I guess that's true A little bit right and we know that woke Stuff sucks but it's not the real Problem right so you know it's true you Know and you can get people to follow You yes the wokes let's get rid of the Wokes and the you know the Liberals say It's the the magot trumpers the Conspiracy theorists the you know Whatever they say and that's very Remedial and then you have people in the Truth Community who have deeper levels Of the systemic corruption and the History of the corruption and you know We can all articulate that on our own

Level and that's a little bit more Compelling to you it makes more sense And you know it's more true than the Other stuff right but most of the Information and the energy goes into Diagnosing the problem and then you can Come up with a solution and if you Really convince people people you know The problem on another level than they Do and other people and you're better at Presenting the problem and describing it Than the majority of other truthers or Democrats or Republicans you can get a Following right you know Trump has the Problem it's the you know was Hillary And the you know the Democrats and we're Going to clean up the swamp you know and People want a simple Solution and he doesn't really Articulate a way to accomplish those Goals build a wall right clean up the Swamp you know these bumper sticker ways Of talking but he doesn't have the power To do that because the swamp owns him Right like he's in the swamp he is the Swamp right and so you know you can Describe the swamp and be a part of it And people will follow you because they Think you're differentiating yourself From the swamp in Trump's case the Trumpers and with Biden you know it's Well if the magat trumpers get power Again they'll destroy the countes right So they're you know we got to save the

Soul of America this is uh but is an Articulated way to do that you know Raise taxes on the wealthy that's that's Talked about all the time and it doesn't Work like that's not a solution to the Problem it never has been you know lower Taxes that doesn't help either you know The taxes is not really indicative of The real problem and so the second part Of this is the part that nobody wants to Hear and it's why you know I struggle Here in terms of retaining an audience Because most people don't want to hear This simple fact the real issue is you Have to change I have to change we all Have to change you have to change people And over the history of the world Changing people especially convincing Them to give up something lower their Addictions there some scar connection to This thing or another thing and strive To be Selfless be uh you know altruistic to Rise to a higher level become more Disciplined become more uh you know um Less indulgent less uh Vic you know Being less of victims victimization and Dwelling Less on the problem and Dwelling more on being grateful for what You have including all the problems that Help you become a better person and make Something of yourself work on your Character you you know selling people That never never has been a good deal

People who try to sell that in the past Especially you know everywhere outside Of like India you know especially in the Western countries they kill you right That's what happened to Jesus that's What happened to one Saint after another Saints coming in and telling you you Have to change is a recipe for disaster You might be able they might be able to Articulate the problem and they love you For that when the solution is hey you Got to change buddy they turn on you Quicker than you know and that's the you Know that's the problem here until People want to change and and they're Not going to want to until the system Collapses they're not going to want to Why they have their addictions and the System is giving them what they what They desire and so you know everyone Wants to complain about the problem and You know diagnose the problem but nobody Wants to deal with this um you know this Overwhelming fact that people are the Problem the system is a reflection of The people we've become egotistical Demonic going against God ignoring our Souls ignoring the call of the Divinity And the the Divine beings that are Running the the Divine end of this System the you know planet and we've you Know dove into our egos and our Egotistical Pursuits we're entitled We're weak we're Petty we're you know

Competitive we can't come together and Work in Harmony and you're not going to Dig up some old system whether it be Communism or tribalism or there's Reasons why those systems collapsed in The first place because people weren't Evolved in the tribal communities the Aboriginal communities people didn't Evolve and so that's why they were Eradicated people live the same ye way For thousands of years some sometimes Tens of thousands of years and the People were better than we are now and They were more you know in line and Connected to Nature and More in Harmony And doing less damage to the planet and Each other and themselves but they Weren't evolving they weren't moving Forward spiritually they were living the Same way they weren't rising up to a Higher level of Consciousness and that's Something that is a necessity right and So just you know doing better and Finding a system that's harmonic with The the natural Order of Things isn't Enough you can't change the system of You know in terms of Base it in Materialism how do we make sure that Everyone has a good material life and It's happy you can't base the system in Happiness you can't base the system in How to keep everybody happy or how keep Everybody fed or you know preventing Wars and you know having Harmony and

Living in a more loving and uh you know More natural and loving State it's what God wants you have to base a system in What God wants and not what you you wish God wanted or what you say God wanted But what God actually wants you like can Connect to God at a deeper level and Follow the path that lead leads to you Know you're you're the path each person Individually following their Soul's path And creating a system out of that based In what's best for their souls not What's best for you as a person not What's best for you as a you know as a a Human being what's best for you as a Soul and nobody wants to hear that Because you could listen to your soul Right now you could connect with your Soul and ask your soul what you need to Do and you know if you could quiet your Mind and go inside and do that you would Be like hey F you Soul you the majority Of people if their soul told them what They wanted to do would be pissed off at Their soul and say I'm not going to do That and their ego has hijacked their Soul's purpose here that's the problem All of us and so you know when people Mature enough to deal with that and we Will relinquish their egos we will Relinquish control and they you know Find their Soul's path then we'll see a Difference but until people are willing To do that and right now they're totally

Not all of us there won't be any change And the system's going to collapse and The people will feel bad and you know The the the you know nuclear waste of Wasteland that will exist in a Post-apocalyptic world people have Regrets and seek Redemption from God Only when they are miserable and they're Suffering because of their you know the Glaring mistakes of their ancestors and Earlier versions of themselves in some Previous life and they realize oh man we Screwed up only after the consequences Right it's a person who wants to change After they get caught cheating or they You know they almost die from an Addiction or they get drunk and they Kill somebody and they're going to jail And you all of a sudden they find God And they want to change after the Disastrous results of their you know Their egotistical Pursuits yeah that you Yeah God hey what about you hey God you Know can you help me out now like I you Know you've made a mess of your life You're mess of your everything right and That's how people are and they don't Want to hear that and they they can't Hear it and won't hear it and so until Their their ability you know they they Have the ability to hear it then we're All effed you know the system is going To collapse and then we'll deal with the Consequences okay so um I want to at

Least cover this I'm going to just sort Of waking up here uh today's Tuesday August 29th I did the other voiceovers Yesterday and you know Kennedy suing Google over his ability to talk about The Boop and this affects all of us uh You know cuz this is YouTube and you know him being a Presidential candidate they're not Supposed to censor him and if you're a You know presidential candidate you're Supposed to be able to have you express Yourself you know obviously they could Everybody could say they're running for President and so that's the issue um but Suing uh Google and YouTube for Censoring some of his videos where he Talks about The and so this is from Politico judge Denies RFK Jr's request for restrain in Order against Google in censorship suit The Democratic Democratic presidential Candidate argued that his first forend Rights are being violated and this is um On uh the 8th of uh this is the 23rd of um August Which um you know was 6 days ago I meant To get to this earlier my last video a Federal judge on Wednesday denied a Request from RFK Jr to temporarily Restrain Google from removing two videos Of the presidential candidate as he Seeks to sue the company for censorship The US District Judge Trina Thompson

Appo of President Joe Biden wrote that Kennedy's claim that the company Violated his first rights is unlikely to Succeed because Google is a private Entity Thompson also wrote that a Restraining order was not necessary Because he would not be he he would not Be irreparably harmed if the order was Not Granted um so you know this is I don't Know if this is the judge that's going To hear the Case um but if it's a if it's a Biden Judge right then and the chances of them Reversing this uh we'll see how it goes This will be important in the future for Uh you know people being able to discuss The Boop as the know the all these Things have happen down the road so There's a funny meme here when you get To an island and you Realize there are no Children um this is uh Biden allegedly Falling asleep in Hawaii You know we don't know if he's it was Unclear I saw the video I didn't cover It cuz I couldn't tell for sure he fell Asleep but you know it would be a Disaster if this was like a real media His actions that in Hawaii and then um one of my viewers Sent me this just now or I just saw it Just now they sent it to me last night This is Dr Shiva with um Fran

Drer mazeltov to Fran dresser she's a Married woman woman hi I'm Sophie chaly And this is trending on ET Now mle to to friend rusher the Happily Divorced star married email creator Dr Shiva aad in a private beachfront Created the Email it's been validated by entertain Tonight that he created the email Ceremony at the couple's home according To people the bride were Badgley Mishka And the groom or Ralph Lauren Fran Shared the news on Twitter with this Sweet photo and a caption reading Surprise we got married This is the second marriage for drer who Was hitched to Peter Mark Jacobson for 21 years they divorced in 1999 Jacobson Came out of the closet and now they're Producing partners he came Out they're married for 21 years and Then he came out of the closet as I Assume gay and she married then Dr Shiva Who invented the email congratulations To the Newly Weds for all the latest Celeb wedding scoop keep it locked up Okay so um I guess they later on got Divorced so this is Dr Shiva I'm not going to try to pronounce His last name his net worth seems to be Between five and10 Million um you know he invented the Internet so like he should be better off

And I mean he was you know he's a player He married Fran dresser and somehow he Needs your money to tell you things that You know truther is pretty much already Know you know there's certain people That come through the truth community That have a celebrity status and they Show up and they're newbies like they're Newbies to doing this maybe they've been Truthers on their own for a while but They' they're celebrities in some way And I always get people sending me what Do you think about this guy what do you Think about this person and I don't Watch other truthers like I you know I Had my time where I was a viewer of Truth or stuff and you occasionally Somebody sent me a video or something Else um you know like that's uh truth or Oriented and you know I'll watch Something here or there little clips and But I'm not aware of like other people In the truth Community like I just have My own way of going about analyzing What's going on and you know I don't Want to be like contaminated or polluted By other people's views and the you know The sort of egregor the group Consciousness of the truther narratives That proliferate the truth truth Community right now you know and I I Gave a like in the introduction you know The basic idea here is that we all agree That the official story is wrong like

That's to me what makes um you know the The bare minimum definition of a truther Right but you know how we deal with the Truth and what our personal goals are What's our personal orientation to the World is and all these things and mine Has become you know I become more and More Fringe in the truth Community as I've evolved personally you know but the Whole idea behind pockets of the future Is people living now the way that Everyone's going to have to live in the Future and you know that was before I Knew all the things that I know now and That still holds that the system is some Point it's going to Collapse it's in a collapsing Phase and then what do people do and in The past there's always been pockets of The future there's always been people Who could see the writing on the wall That there was going to be like Noah was You know pockets of the future in the Bible say right where you had to prepare You could see that the system wasn't Going to make it and you had to figure Out you know what to do to survive that Initial collapse of the system and then What to do afterwards in a time where It's always going to be harsh you know Our system makes the world uh you know Our system dominates our you know our Material lives and our lifestyle which Is

Completely uh predicated on the system Staying strong is substantial like it Isn't like you know we're we have a you Know we're a Tribe and we you know we we still live The same way if the tribe falls apart Right like we have skills and let's say The tribe is divided or something Happens you know to the Leadership they're still going to live The same way because you're already Doing a lot of the primary work yourself But with our system you do one Specialized skill and then everything Else comes to you you you get money and You can buy everything else if the money Monetary system collapses then what do You do Because you can't buy all your other uh You know your your uh things that you Don't know how to do and you know if There's no stores there's no whatever And so that's the fragility of our of Our system and our situation that we've We've minimized our uh like our skill Base our skill base has been narrow to Such an extent that we don't know how to Survive any other way so there has to be Pockets of the future There has to be you know people starting To uh you know learn how to and come Together to create something new or you Know something old or whatever right but Something other than what we have now in

The current system the majority of Truthers have not done anything to Prepare you know like they don't even Have like a little bit of stored food You know nothing like nothing to prepare For a collapse they're watching the Collapse of the system every day And indulging in this you know these Going down the rabbit hole but haven't Done anything to adjust oneself to Prepare for what's inev inevitably going To happen like we all can see that the System is going to implode one way or Another right and a lot of it's just Like fear porn that people are like oh Look look what the controllers are doing Now look at what they're doing now you Know it's well look what they're trying To do and you know it's just a waste of Time It's like uh you know You're uh like apocal you know being Apocalyptic uh you know obsessive person Just watching The Descent of the system And not doing anything to prepare Yourself for the inevitable collapse and In that there are these saviors that are Given there are people and it's always Somebody famous that you know some uh Like you know also that guy um Tim uh Whatever his name is from sound to Freedom like there's always like some Star that comes through and people have Been so programmed by the this the

Hollywood star you know Mentality and then a new politician new Whatever comes up and people are like What do you think of this guy what do You think of that guy right and you know This most recently happened with RFK and Now this Dr Shiva and people like ask me That and I'm like well you know no one's Going to save you like what do you mean What do I think about him like you know Like I mean there's no you know there's Nobody that's a savior out there there's No savior you have to change like you're Going to have to change your lifestyle That's an INE inevitable whether it goes To you know they get rid of whatever the They change the economic system and me The system doesn't implode and the System somehow reinvents itself and There's a you know a a reboot I mean You've seen changes already look at What's happened since postco look at What's happened since you know the Internet is taking over people's time in Their lives I mean we've seen Significant changes just with the uh you Know everyone having cell phones like There's just been a lot of changes Already and things that have uh you know Change people's lifestyle and you know To where now kids grow up and spend 9 10 Whatever 11 hours a day I don't even Know what it was it was 8 hours like 5 Years ago a day on the internet but this

Generation of kins is substantially Different than we are I mean there's Already big big changes and you know There's going to be whatever else if the System hangs on it's going to change Dramatically and America's going to Change dramatically more than probably Any other place because America's Lifestyle is going to you know dissipate And change in ways that um you know like We we would be stunned at you know our Generation grew up uh you know the People in the you know Generation X or Whatever grew up without you know the Internet right so that's completely Different like we we're foreign to the Kid the Generation X and you know Y and Z and the Millennials and all these Whatever the generations are now coming Out their lifestyle what they assume you Know what they consider life is so much Different and then the you know post Divorce era and all these things people Growing up in broken family and you know There's been a degradation of the you Know Human Condition and we become more And more unnatural so the changes have Already Occurred and like there's you know the Kids are so much different than than we Are and you know we're so much different Than uh it was like you know 100 years Before we were born or 50 years but not To this not the changes that this

Generation is going through and then Most recently with the co stuff and all These other things and so there's going To be a transition one way or another Whether the system stays intact or it Doesn't but I don't see how it stays Intact it's going to be you know it's Starting to be shaken by the you know Awareness of people like it's just that People don't believe in the system the Way they used to and they have to you Know they're going scorched Earth Because they're so desperate the people Control the system they you know systems Imploding and they Actions are you know that of desperate People and so there's things coming down The pipe that are you know going to be Knockout blows to the system and then What right so like that's the you know That's the material aspect of it but the Big thing is most people should realize They're not like doing well like I said Everybody's sick in some way and Mentally ill in some way based in the Definition of the system itself the System is has made people into unnatural Dysfunctional people who can't sustain Relationships can't s sustain you know Employment can't stay whatever it might Be are very limited and can only survive Under certain circumstances where the You know it's assisted living the system Is Assisted Living where so much is done

For you that you can survive as a weak Person that you know you just and Sometimes the system itself just props You up you you're got disability you're Not gainfully employed and you just have A life where you're you know a a Parasite on the system itself where Everyone else's labor and everyone Else's work is propping you up that the System you know does everything for you You're barely functioning you know and This kind of thing is not sustainable Like there's elements in nature where The weak and the herd are you know they Don't make it right there's always weak Animals that can't be the animal that They're designed to be they're not good Tigers they're not good gazel they're Not good you know whatever noes you know And that's where competition and Survival the fittest and predatory Aspects of of the natural world make Your species stronger the weak don't Make it but you have like domesticated Animals now that become weak dogs that Are you know bred in such a way that They're barely function right like a Bulldog is very poorly designed dog like It's you know all of it but you have the Know maybe even worse breeds and then Dogs who are you know psychologically Fragile and they wouldn't wouldn't Survive you all these domesticated pets And things you know most cats would do

Okay right you know they they still have Their predatory but you know you see These fat animals the obese animals and You know whatever that people own and You know that's and human beings even Worse that you know have lost any Ability ability to survive as a natural Human being like we're weak and you know The system has bait us uh by doing Things for us that you know we should Have not allowed it to do right that we Should have retained some of our Abilities and so you know the system When it collapses all those people the The level of your weakness I mean you're Just going to go into a State of Shock And you just can't make it like it's It's too much of a leap you know so That's the idea po of the future you Would have you know some ability and you Know as I get older it's harder and Harder to you know imagine a life Without the current system the way it is Now and you know what happens in Post-apocalyptic times and you know Making it through the apocalypse is one Thing but then the aftermath is the hard Part right and then if there's a lot of Toxicity and you know just all the People are on medications and without Those medications they can't function Physically or mentally are both and so You know that's what we're facing a time Where you know people are aware that the

System could collapse most people are Now aware of that like it's a Possibility and even the politicians are Talking about it and there's commercials For it and you see more and more movies That are apocalyptic or you know Post-apocalyptic and so you know there's All that um you know and the species for Its survival there has to be positive Future where people are aware of this And begin the transition ahead of time And you know you got to figure out what That means for you like each person and Coming together in community is a good Thing if you have a good community and It's not a dysfunctional community and Doesn't you know have all the things of The past right the uh dysfunctional Systems of the past and you know this Was talked about in the Sark system Bob's uh you know the second master gave These predictions in my vision about you Know the uh the the world of the future Would be built built on the bones and Ashes of the current Civilization and so the next one is Going to be built on the bones and Ashes Of current Civilization and no person or no Civilization no group was going to Survive without spirituality as its base That you would have to connect to God Internally and everyone would have to be On board with you know have their own

Internal experience of God showing them What needed to happen and then check With God you know to connect with god With every decision you make and build a System on that you know on the idea that You know God is a partner in your system Which clearly it isn't now and you know So that's the key to the Future for me You know more than anything else that if You connect to God internally and you're Willing to participate in this creation Of a new system where God you know you Base it in Divine principles and your Soul and God are there as part of the Decision-making process so you're Aligning the system with divinity and You know most celebrity type people Don't say something like that because They want power and control you know They they might say it like they're Doing it but they're not like you know They might you know parot my words here Or say something like this quote the Bible or some you know whatever quote The Something spiritual literature and Principles but you know they just want The power themselves that's we've seen This before right you know this is where There has to be each person has to be uh Connected to God and collectively you Have the same vision of what needs to Happen without you know egos getting in The way and That's essential for the

Next phase and you know other than that You human beings don't have to survive They're there's been Extinction of Species or you know there's other forms Of uh you know intelligent life human Life even in other parts of the universe And have been here before and so we Might fail we might fail as an Experiment you know like I said I've Given my view on this that we were Created a slave race whatever the Current version of human beings has um You know issues Genetically and you know not the best um Job was done creating whatever we are Right there's been other forms of human Life here and you know ours isn't that Great you know whatever transition Happened or an exodus of the life forms That created what we are here now and You know that's going to be that is what It is you believe that or you don't but We don't have to survive like we don't We're not essential and right now we're A negative we're a you know we're a Problem to the rest of the world to the Rest of the creatures and then even on a Universal level and so either the Problem is solved and we Evolve and we become an asset or we Don't like to the Divine system and then You know if we don't become an asset and Rise up to a higher level of our being Because we can do it we all have that

Potential we all flirt with the self Within the the soul the best part of us People have their moments of you know of Uh living in a you know a God's love Type um way where we're selfless and our Higher qualities of merge compassion and Things like that like people all have Those moments even bad people but we Don't sustain them like we have Predisposition towards going to the Lower and then you have uh you know this Idea of a you know a soul that comes in A human being that becomes a saint or a Master or you know whatever and you want To Uh you know follow that person but until That person tells you things you don't Want to hear and then you kill them like You like it's you know this has happened In religions over the over a period of Time you know there's a savior complex And you know collectively we all rise up To a certain higher level of like but Would people consider a saint and that's The task at hand you know and the Savior Complex has to go like you know there's No savior like if you don't rise up I Mean there's going to repopulation Reduction anyway and so you know I don't Know what to say but you know there's There's no one going to bail you out There's no you know there's no golden Ticket here you're going to you know You're either going to rise up you're

Going to sink or you're swim like you're Going to be it's like God's going to Throw you in the middle of the ocean you Either sink or you swim right like That's you know that's what's Up all right I'm going to end this thing Here only spirituality will save this World this parano definitely poting from The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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