The Real Reason most Truthers won’t face this this one aspect of the Control $ystem

The Real Reason most Truthers won't face this this one aspect of the Control $ystem

Greetings brothers and sisters um I want To start off with a an epic comment There's actually two comments this Comment I saw on my phone and I almost Never take a screenshot of the comments That come in you know YouTube will put Out about 10 comments a day like I get Hundreds but there'll be 10 that just Show up on my phone and this one was There last night and I saw this morning And I took a screenshot of it and then I Went to look for it this morning on my Regular comments on my laptop and it had Disappeared so it was good that I I did That so it was uh you know what I'm Saying is it's it was something that was Kind of meant to be and the person Writes Paul you keep on talking about The Old Testament Incorrectly God is God is like reality Is wrathful nature is cruel you missed The philosophy of the Loos God created Both good and evil you're understanding Like the most of the West is Incorrect in its type of understanding Of Christ as the archetype of the Divine Logos there's people who um there's a Group of people love that term Logos but it's um well let me say this First this is probably the only place You're going to hear what I have to say About this you're the only place where You're going to hear what I what I say About the Old Testament and then this is

About these three religions that came Out of the same area they were all once A part of the same beginning okay so That we're we've established that that Biblically there is a break between the Sons of Abraham and they became two Different uh like uh you know streams Two different uh pass right and then There was the division between the Christians who came out of the Juda Judaic religion and there continued to Be deviations right there was deviations Between the path um like the different Christian religions and the different uh Jewish religions and uh the different uh Muslim religions now there's you know Different churches there's the Sunni and The Shiite there's all these different Types of Jewish people people right so This is what happens there's an Original uh teaching an original person Original movement and then that movement Becomes diverse and you see there There's Wars within the religion and Within the movement itself this is Happening now currently with the Heartfulness meditation what was once s Mar which I practice is now become Heartfulness and there's a you know There's a diversion there's a watering Down there's a lesser than it's not as Good in fact it's quite the opposite of Good it's the it's bad what's being done With what I have done for a number of

Years with the new defunct leader DOI That process of a Divergent uh impure Movement right which happens and human Beings do this all the time and I'll get Back to this part in a bit but what's Important in terms of what I do here Like you're you're only going to hear This stuff from me like I only I'm the Only person that has this perspective You know there's people who are Atheistic and they don't like Christianity but they come from a point Of view that they don't understand it Right and then there's all the Christian Channels all the people who post things About Christianity and there's going to Be some people who believe one thing and Some people who believe another you know Different Wars over uh interpretations Of course there's multiple different Versions of the Bible and then it's Going to be like that for all religions And so there's going to be that kind of Stuff but in terms of somebody who has Taken a you know a step on the spiritual Path which is a a path towards Transcending one's religion like what I've said before Swami Vivian's great Quote about a religion is a good thing To be born into but a horrible thing to Die in that religions are there for Children and then hopefully you know at Least some people will become spiritual Where religions are something that take

A take God an outsourced God they become A you know they become a barrier a Gatekeeper between you and God for their Profit and power and they warp the Teachings for whatever reason so Somebody who's taken a path to be a Spiritual person but came from a Christian background and had a Relationship with you know the the Bible And Christ and these things and has a Favorable opinion of Christ like there's A lot of people who hate religion and Hate Christianity and then they say Christ was just a man or whatever and That's not what I'm saying here and so There are plenty of people that are Going to back your opinion you can go And find Christian channels or people Who are you know hating Christ and Hating you know the Christians or Whatever you find plenty of channels of Those types right plenty of people Saying things along those lines and I'm Saying that because people want me not To say things right it's offensive to Them but you you have lots of people who Are telling you exactly what you want to Believe agreeing with your beliefs System but I don't think there's another Channel that talks about it the way I do And in this case I'm talking about Violence in the in these three religions This is you know most recently what I'm Talking about here which I'll get back

To in a moment but this person let me Just reread the comment here I got to Pull it up on my phone Um it's not coming up here here we go Paul you keep on talking about the Old Testament incorrectly God is like is Like reality is wrathful nature is cruel You miss the philosophy of the logos God Does create created both good and evil Your understanding like the most of the West is incorrect In His understanding Of Christ as the archetype of the Divine Logos well there's a few things about it The first thing is Christians for the Most part are the most literal people in Terms of the literal view of the Bible And so you're a Divergent person not Representing what Christians say the Person who's commenting because Christians are always saying like John 3:16 literally means that the only way You get to heaven is through Christ it's Literal like that's one of the big ones It literally means that the firmament Literally means the firmament the god Picked up the Earth by Four Corners Literally means the Earth is flat like This is what most Christians are very Literal about the Bible this happened Exactly the way they say it it's not Abstract it's not Logos you these guys love that word it's Not you know a metaphor it's not a you Know some sort of an allegory or

Whatever it is right this is literal Whatever said is literal Christians are Very literal black and white the Bible Is the word of God whatever it says is What it says but they don't read the Bible just like all religions the Majority of people don't read it and They don't think about it they don't Read about it and think about it for Themselves they have other people read It the past their Pastor or now people On YouTube and interpreted for them and So most people don't do any sort of Critical thinking or Research into the Things that they believe they don't read The Bible and say oh this is what I Believe why do I believe it they're not Experts on the Bible and yet you have One freaking book you know in the sjar System we have hundreds of books right You know there's a wealth of teachings And they're much more Sublime and subtle And there's all kinds of different Levels to these I mean there's in terms Of The Whispers of the brighter World Messages there are five books that are You know like 500 400 pages long right Just there's 20,000 of these channeled Messages that are about a page long and That's just recent addition those are Something that you know was just added Recently but there's lots of literature In other religions and other spiritual Movements and in the whole if you want

To read be well read on various Religions and the view of God and Understanding of God through many Different lenses and many different Movements there's vast amount of Spiritual literature you never ever get Through it but you have one freaking Book and you don't read it but you Believe in it and you use it as like a Weapon against other people all the Bible says this would do you read the Bible no but it says this someone else I You know I watched the just like with The flat earthers the flat earthers Can't explain their model because they Don't have one but they announce it oh The Earth is flat you know it says in The Bible you know this is this is what I'm talking about literal no sense of it Being abstract or some kind of metaphor Whatever you want to call it right a Symbol or symbolism but if you Understand the movements these different Three religions that came from the same Understanding right uh let me just go to This other comment I just copied and so This was another comment that came in This morning no eyes to see no ears to Hear the Old Testament is the principal Representation of the spiritual reality Shown in the New Testament it's all Typologies of a savior from God's Wrath Against sin report and look on Jesus and So these are ways that people have of

Rationalizing the immature and the um Childish and violent and you know the Horrors that are in the Old Testament And then just all of the stuff to do With the Bible it's a a book that Doesn't hasn't played well in terms of Modern understanding of Science and in Terms of uh you know all kinds of Different advancements that people have It wasn't designed for intellectuals or Spiritually Advanced beings or mature People it was designed for primitive People okay so I went to eat breakfast I Went on a walk with my wife and dogs and Then ate breakfast and uh you know I Want to come back to what I was saying About the Bible being designed for Primitive people you know that all Religions they want more people so they Have to dumb stuff down if you want more People you dumb things down like it's my YouTube channel here if I wanted more People I would dumb things down like It'd be better for me to be into the Bible it'd be better for me to embrace a Lot of the stupidity in the truth Community because there's more stupid People than smart people it's just a Fact And smart people are you know the Whatever they are like they're you know They're they're not as loyal they're not As black and white you know people who Are using critical thinking skills are

Challenging everything all the time and So they're they're not that great of an Audience right they're not that great of A their loyalty isn't there because They're questioning things which is a Good thing but they're a harder audience To please but I want to start off with This here get back to what I was saying These two commenters and ous other Commenters and people who hold these Beliefs silently are thinking that I Don't get it like I don't get the Bible Like they have to explain it to me like It's all about logos and metaphor and a Cruel world and you know this is why God's got to be this way and what they Don't see and they can't see is that It's like the way I'm dealing with you The way that I'm you know talking about This here in terms of your beliefs is The same way you feel when you're Talking to she people who just won't go There they just won't even entertain What you're saying like you guys are so Close-minded to the possibility of what I'm saying for a couple of reasons the First one being you were brought up to Indoctrinated in this religion you were Told that if you stray away from your Religion you're going to go to hell Right and if you do what you're supposed To do you're going to go to heaven so You have this idea Christians have this Idea that if they violate or even

Question these teachings if they go Against these teachings not violate I Don't know but if they question these Teachings that they'll go to hell and It's uh you know once you open that door It's hard to close but also your ties to The afterlife are based in your belief In the Bible and if you do what the Bible says and you you know be a good Christian you're guaranteed to go to Heaven so if you believe those two Things then it's impossible for you to To really question because out of fear And out of Temptation you are you know You are bound to this book you're bound To the teachings and the religion and It's scary to go to hell to think that You might go to hell it's also scary to Think you might not go to heaven and so You are limited and that's why you're Sheeple in this area you're complete Sheeple because you're not willing to Question a defunct religion all these Religions the second piece is and I'm Going to cover this more extensively is That all the horrible things that have Been done in the name of Christianity And Judaism Judaism and Islam all the Horrible violent things and abusive Things and slavery and all the things That have been done in the name of these Religions specifically Christians here And all the missionary stuff and all the Exploitation and slavery and the

Conquering of lands has been the idea That you're giving these Aboriginal People or whoever you're you know the The Crusades and these things you're Giving them something which is Christ You're giving them the the opportunity To go to heaven and they wouldn't didn't Have that otherwise so when you you know When the Christians went in and you beat The Irish children until they spoke only English or when you went to the Native American people and you wipe them out And then forc Christianity on them put Them in these orphanages and all the the Horrors and when you took black people As slaves or all the things that were Done and you you know did it with the Idea that you were giving them Christ And now they had a chance to go into Heaven so all the you know violence and All the oppression and all Colonialization that you did was done Because of that right because you're Giving them something you actually they Should be grateful for you giving them Christ and when you realize that's [ __ ] Right like if you entertain the idea That that was wrong and there just Complete lies then you're just bad Abusive people right you come from a you Know group that's bad abusive people and There's so many people in the truth Community who identify as right-wing

Christian you know and all these you Know all the stuff that goes with it it And the same thing with America you know My wife belonged to some you know chat Group and there was just a lot of people There that are um oldtime Republicans Some of them served in the military and They were just saying we should back Israel and all these you know just Following that the Republican old school Type of Conservatives and they're just saying That you know there's a one-sided view Of this and they should Hamas and and The Palestinians should be wiped out and All these things and and you know they Ties to the military and they're ties to Traditional conservatism and all these You know military-industrial complex in America and you know these people Consider themselves patriotic in some Way or another and they can't entertain The idea that you know we're the evil Empire like we're in the wrong like what We're doing is wrong what we've done in All these wars is wrong and we we're Abusive right we exploit people and take Their resources they can't entertain That idea and so so that idea is not a Possibility for those people to believe It that they would believe that about The groups that they identify with the People that the culture that they're a Part of you know all these Anglo these

Uh you know people come from England who Are um Protestant Christians who you Know have some tie to the you know the English um you know England and uh the Queen and all the you know the the royal Family and all these things but the Royal family has its own church and In this church when the queen and the Now King Charles were inaugurated and All the other ones before them they Carry an orb and a scepter that Represent that the Monarch is God's Representative on Earth that you this Singular person is representing God's Wishes and will on Earth think about the Arrogance there but not only are they Head of a church just because they've Been born into this you know satanic Twisted family that has ties to Count Dracula you know this I mean his Religious ancestry of Count Dracula and Cannibalism and all these things and all The atrocities that the European Community in England specifically did in Terms of colonization and all the bad Things that they've done they also were Head of the military so they're both the Head of a military they were head the Head of the you know most powerful Country in the world as a leader as a President and also the head of a church So the monarch in England is head of Three major power structures religious Power military power and political power

And think about that even now England Has extraordinarily extraordinary power With the British Commonwealth all over The world like the King Charles can show Up in Canada and shut down Parliament Like just do that like just say all Right parliament's done I mean stop the Democratic process in Canada because They're Commonwealth and that's a part Of their Charter and you know similarly In all these other countries that England conquered and invaded and these Things cuz they had military superiority And all of that [ __ ] comes from England Like all this stuff you see now the Stuff with Israel and the you know Palestinian people all this stuff that Happened in terms of deciding to create Israel all that stuff comes from England All of it comes from the royal family Right this demonic family who they're Not spiritual they're not godly people I Mean they're horrible people and all the Leadist people around them all the Royals all the Dukes all these people All the Abus that they inflicted on People and so this is where America was Born America is the child of England More than any other country right where The the you know the English Empire Became the American Empire and that's Where we learned to do all that we did In terms of manifest destiny this idea That whatever we do is God's will like

We're dominant and because of we're Dominant whatever we do because of our You know connection to Jesus and you Know whatever is going on there all that Stuff right biblical teachings in John 316 that we have dominion over the Animals and the Earth these are things That were said that's why we've Mistreated the environment we've Mistreated other people Aboriginal People of people of you know different Religions and different cultures and Colors and things like this all over the World that's what we did that's what we Did and I'm was say you know I'm not a I'm not English so you know that's on You guys but in terms of our you know Collective what we've done as Americans That's what we've done we've imposed our Will and we've exploited and Tak things From other people based on this faulty Idea that we're doing God's will that We're doing what God you know we we were Given this power because God wanted us To do what we're doing and maybe there's Some case to be made for the truth in That only from the perspective of we Have to destroy all this now there there Had to be connectivity so you know God Wanted the world to be a global Situation and not just local localized Governments and things like this so in That case yeah sure there's some of that Truth in that little bits of truth that

England and these colonizing countries Went about it was not God's will right In terms of the violence in terms of the Oppression in terms of the disrespect And the Mal treatment of all these People right and the reason that that Was done the reason that England and These other countries did all the things That they did and the reason that Israelis and you know the Jewish people Go from one country to another country And they they get along with the people There they're always claiming that They're victims in some way by these Other people's beliefs but the reason That there's conflict in Israel and and Palestine and you know in terms of um Arabs and and Jews and Christians is Because of the original idea of what God Is all these three religions come from The same basic you know teaching right In terms of the Old Testament and a Wrathful God and the reason this guy was Wrathful and was presented this way Because the people there were violent They were Warrior esque they were Hotheaded you know they were easily Provoked and they believed in power Power was you know they had to have a God that was powerful because that's What they were into right they were into Military type of violent gang likee Power I mean violent people that lived In those areas and the highest that they

Could aspire to was a king like kings Were I don't want to say worship but Worshiped and you know Kings represented Power right there are people that are Very primitive in terms of their you Know their Warrior people they're They're people that are into you know These cultures that into are into um Strength and military strength and you Know warlike Tendencies so if a higher Developed Soul came down and was in Charge you know God put a higher Developed soul in the Middle East in This region right whatever was going on There at the time and this person grows Up and figures out that God Wants him to impart these teachings to The people there right in part the you Know teachings of divinity he has to Meet the people where they are which is You know their brute level Force so God Has to be powerful and so if they're Going to make a statue of God God's God's going to have like a sword and God's going to have big strong arms and God's going to be a king right he's Going to frame God as the King sitting On some Throne somewhere because that is What these people will you know will bow Before this is that's what these people Respect strength and power and things Like this and so the teachings that are Given to those people especially the you Know the dumb people like the people you

See at Walmart that don't have the Ability for abstract thought people who Don't have real spiritual Tendencies Can't connect directly with their souls And things like this and you know maybe They don't really even feel love and Compassion they're disconnected from Their hearts right they're they gut People that are you know simple and Their you know their ability to perceive Reality so they taught God was strong And to get them to obey they had to make God threatening right well if you piss God off God's going to do stuff to you God's going to curse you God's going to Sacrifice you God's going to destroy you And so that's why the old testament's Like this and you know there's incest And there's slavery and there's you know Rape and there's all these things there Right all this you know AB use on all Levels because that's the kind of God That these people would respect the People in that region and they're all Connected to these ideas now still the Three religions and these three Religions have a long history of Violence right I mean in the Old Testament itself Moses is walking across The desert and he's just God is telling Moses and his people just to destroy the You know Philistines or the whatever it Is right these different people that are There he's saying destroy them all these

Arab peoples and Moses and his you know Band of you they're yelling Yahweh as They go in there they destroy these Villages and kingdoms I mean it's all The time it's goes on through like you Know a whole part of Moses's life this Whole part of the Bible it's not just There it's other places there's violence In there and violence that God says Go Destroy these people and destruction is A part of life right there's creation There's preservation there's destruction There's Divinity and destruction right God has brought about destruction that Is a part of reality God hasn't brought In evil God didn't create good and evil Evil is something we've created right Because we have freedom of choice God Gave us the ability to choose the wrong Thing God has allowed us to make choices And do the wrong thing and that's where Evil gets its play right love is you Know evil is in response to love right Love is pure love is you know the Divine Will and so so evil comes when people or Egos somebody's ego goes against the Divine will you know what God wants you Know what God you know internally you Know what the right thing to do is and You willfully just choose to do the Wrong thing which people do all the time That's evil that's where evil comes from You don't need to teach people how to be Evil or that evil exists because you

Know it's there right so I mean whatever This comment let's go back to the find My phone here the person saying Paul you Keep on talking about the Old Testament Incorrectly God is like God is like Reality is wrathful reality isn't Wrathful like there is things that Happen that are corrective when you make Mistakes and there are things that Happen that are just Destructive destruction isn't wrath Right nature is cruel that's not true Either there is competition there's Violence in nature right creatures Eating other creatures there's predatory Creatures there's things like that but Isn't cruel or wrathful right because Death itself isn't evil like death isn't A bad thing if you look at death as Being a bad thing or undesirable things As being bad or evil then sure but those Are things that you that you don't Understand why they're happening when You go to die and all you know is Physical life and you're scared of death Or you have a child die or you have you Know whatever it is It is you know perceived as bad because You don't want it to happen you don't You want to control those things and Controlling those things is what evil is Trying to control and prevent the Natural flow of things is evil because Inevitably all these things are going to

Happen you're going to get sick you're Going to have miseries you're going to Have difficulties you're going to have Pain you're also going to have pleasure And you're going to have these other Things and neither is good or bad they Are what they are each one is whatever It is right you miss a philosophy of the Logos God does create both good and evil Which I've already addressed your Understanding like the most of the West Is incorrect in its understanding of Christ as the archetype of the Divine Logos Divine period logos and so there Is Jesus the Christ the idea of the Christ right but Jesus's own Spiritual uh spiritual Evolution and his Spiritual achievement is very limited And the misunderstanding comes from your Inability to question what you've been Told when you were a kid in this area You're questioning everything else right As a truth or supposedly questioning Everything else but you're not Questioning this one most important Aspect of your life and your Relationship with divinity and how it Has been monetized and weaponized by Your by your religion your relationship With God goes through your religion and You're not questioning your religion You're not questioning your Bible you're Not questioning the teachings you're not Questioning the way these teachings have

Been warped and manipulated you're not Questioning this idea that Jesus was the Highest developed spiritual being ever The only son of God and yet there's Teachings that we're all children of God And you know these teachings contradict Each other but the Bible itself and the People that you know follow these Religions the religions of uh Christianity Islam and of Judaism are All violent and have had a long history Of violence and a long history of you Know just uh exploting other people and All have been involved in slavery and All these things right I mean that's the Effect that's the effect that this Religion these religious wars that have Gone on now for so long and you don't See that with Hinduism and I'm not Saying Hinduism is better it is better In various ways and it's you know got Its own problems because I've been to India and you know Hinduism has its own Issues right and with Buddhism they Don't even believe in God but you don't See the Buddhist being for the most part There are sects that are more you know Militaristic but for the most part They're passive the Hindus and the Buddhists are much more passive and more Mature in terms of their religious Beliefs and the Hindus specifically Aren't trying to indoctrinate other Religions they don't go in and do

Something like the Crusades and try to Force other people to do their religion There was a thing that happened where um The heartfulness organization joined With the RSS which is a very pro- Hinduist Pro Hindu paramilitary group And I looked at the military training Videos and they have these you know Skinny little guys with sticks right you Know and yeah they're I mean they're Maybe a little bit intimidating because There's 10,000 of them or whatever but They're not as intimidating as like you Know the Navy Seals you know it's like Not even I mean the the military there And there you know it's it's kind of Cute like it's you know kind of whatever It is right cuz they're more you know Passive in their approach to life and There's a spiritual maturity there Because there's been uh a lot of these Religious teachings that have made it Into other religions about a soul and All these other things the soul was Discovered 200,000 years ago when people First understood that there was a soul You know there's been variety of Different civilizations here on planet Earth of human you know civilization but In terms of you know what we understand As The growth of spiritual knowledge on This planet the idea of the Soul was Discovered in India 200,000 years ago

And you can believe that or not but it Bears out the idea it was called the Notman that was the original name the Otman and you could say well that's not True because I believe in you know Christianity and Judaism was the first Religion you know I first looked at the Um when religion started and they had The mahab Barat 5,000 years ago slightly After Judaism right but there's stories Like Moses that was really about the Character Cara in the maab barata Cara Was um who came from a Divine birth Process this um this woman CTI got these Mantras that allowed her to call a God To her and in the case of caret was the Son God and she called Cara Sun God to Her and he was able to impregnate her Like an Immaculate Conception and she Had five children the five Heroes the Pivas five sons and carnish so she had Six two of them was a second wife who um She also taught these um these mantras Because her husband was cursed and if he Had sex he would die he would die from Having an Orgasm So but this stuff was there long time Before and then um Cara she took Cara as A baby and sent him down the the river Like Moses was right and a lot of these Stories that are in Christianity and Judaism actually come from ancient India Indian religion and the idea of a solar

Otoman comes from the discovery that was In India years and years ago but this Idea of God being you know something Beyond a a violent King has created These cultures these Aboriginal cultures That saw God as nature and you know they They were warlike to whatever extent cuz People suck right they had their own Violence they took slaves right it's not Like I'm saying there's ever been just People have been great and awesome Because that hasn't been the case There's always been sucky people and Religious power has always been misused And things but you do see a difference In people's idea of God and when you Have a wrathful god a God that's Presented in you know was really a demon A a petulent demon you know somebody Who's who's always being you know but Hurt about this or that offended victim You know victim Consciousness all these Things the way God is presented in the Old Testament and you have three Religions that come from this idea of God being this way and of course they're Going to behave like this of course the Christians are going to do what the Christians did and of course the Muslims And the Jews are going to be violent and Have all these Tendencies right Materialistic and all these other things Because that's the god that's how they See God that's how they perceive God and

It's a flaw and there's no solving it There's no fixing it because the whole Identity of these cultures is based in a Faulty idea of God and that's why what's Happening now in Gaza or what's going to Happen in the future what's happening in The past 3,000 years of conflict and War These religions and these people who Grow up with this idea of God are always Going to have these Tendencies they're Always going to have these immature Warlike you know might is right type of You know if we have the power we must God is giving us Dominion CU because we Say so because we have the the best Weapons and the best military and that's Why America is like it is that's like Why England is like it is and that's Like all why all these various you know Religious authorities you know Iran and These countries that are based in Muslim Teaching and this is why Israel and and Jewish people are like where they are Because they all have a faulty idea of God and their idea of God is warping Their perception of reality and to where There's always conflict and there's Always materialization and there's Always these other things because it's a Very immature understanding of God and One's purpose here and it's aggressive Right and that's why these cultures are Aggressive so these this war that's the Reason that's why it's happening the way

It's happening there's no good guys here It's just that Israel and America have The power there's no sense of that if Palestinians had the power they would be Doing the same thing right if the you Know the the Muslim Community if America Withdrew its support for Israel then Israel would be destroyed by these you Know these I mean no I want you do you Want to go to any of these countries I Mean real in reality would you want to Go live in that area of the world right Because they suck over there right and It's you know and we're a child of that Suckiness America's a child of that Suckiness that's why we have all this Violence and obsession with violence and Obsession with dominance and obsessives But people refer to themselves as kings And you know people want to be royals And all these things right it's because Of this um you know this is how people In our culture these cultures understand God this is the nature of God this is How people conceive of God and so their Behaviors are molded after this belief Anyways let's get into the main part of The video here okay so I was originally Going To add this or make this an introduction To a you know video where I'm going to Cover clips and news items and videos And things things and some of it like The video is tied together cuz I want to

Talk about the you know this is my Explanation of the root cause of this You know dysfunctional conflict Dysfunctional in the sense that there Can be no positive outcome there can be No you know there's no good guys or bad Guys there's no if this groups wins it's Going to be good or this group wins it's Going to be good there's no uh you know There's no there there right the Conflict exists to be resolved in some Way and for overall destructive purposes To bring this negative um you know cycle To an end this materialistic cycle in Our system to an end and so the conflict Is just a part of a an overall Dysfunction of a culture and a religion And a way of life and economy and you Know a medical model and all these Things that go against God's Will and The you know the natural order things And are ego-based And they're all coming together to bring Something to its inevitable conclusion And so I'm going to put this up as a Separate Video and today as a voiceover and then I'll just maybe stick it on the end of The video for tomorrow with an Explanation of this whole thing um you Know for people who don't watch it you Know when it comes out as a voice over Because of you know whatever reason cuz They don't want to hear

Stuff about something that they can't You know look into into themselves about But I did want to add one more thing and In the sjar Philosophy there were three Masters who Reached a higher level of spiritual Attainment called Li vasta mergence with God where they reach their you know Realiz State as a you know full Expression of their soul now that's the Philosophy you you believe believe that Or not right and to whatever extent I Believe it it's based in my experience Of the efficacy of the system and their Uh accomplishments right you know unless You have achieved that state yourself You can't validate that claim so all of Us who do sa Mar who've done s Mar over The years we believe in it because we Trust the masters of the system but only Because of that but there are Experiences that I have had that are you Know that are a confirmation of the System itself because the difference Between reading the Bible and Reading Sjar literature is well this is for People who practiced it if you just Picked up a sjar book and read it it Would be just like reading the Bible but If you do the sjar practice and Meditation and you're connected to it And you are sensitive to it then when You read the books you have an internal Experience of the books it's something I

Really can't describe where like the Books were knowledge that I had inside Of me and the system unlocked that Knowledge the meditation and Transmission then when I read the book It was like reading things I already Knew like the book had already been Transmitted into my system and then I Had experiences things came up in my Life to validate the philosophy and Teachings and things that were in the Book it's you know again it's so um Internal that you really can't do it Justice and somebody who hasn't had that Experience would either never believe it Or not understand it but there's a Difference between reading the Bible Where you're reading a book as opposed To reading the book but having an Internal experience of the book and the Outcome of this internal experience is The book is validated because you have An experience of the you know the the um The truth in the book right and there's Nothing else like it and that's you know Why I I believe in the Sark system the Way I do because it isn't just I'm Taking somebody else's experience and Someone else's teachings and their word For it but I've had the experiences of Some extent I've had some of these Experiences myself the conditions that Are talked about in the book The Transformation certainly and I've been

Able to see the benefits in my practice That I read about in the book or the you Know the books and so that's like a Profound difference so people who Believe in the Sark system and who have Had these experiences have practical Experience of the philosophy and the Eacy of the system and they see changes And transformations in their Transformational uh situation in their Internal world and it isn't something That we grew up with like people who Have kids in the system like my kids and Kids who grw up in the system they Struggle a little bit more because they Take take their parents' word for it and They believe in it because of the you Know their parents did it but often Times they don't have the experiences And connection to it which is sad Because they're born into the system and They have all these advantages but they Don't you know they don't believe in it Like their parents do especially people In America and the west and there's just You know lack of um India is a little Different but often times the kids are Just going along with it to be obedient To their parents or you know it's the Same thing as growing up in a religion And so even though there's advantages of Growing up with it there's also Disadvantages that it doesn't become Something that you test and you have to

You know you have to be convinced that It's real and that has a profound effect On your ownership of the system because You choose it based in your experience You choose it because you experience it As being something that's valid and true Not just cuz your parents told you or Your priest told you or your re or your Your Society told you it's something That you have experienced yourself and You believe it because you've you know You you know it's true through your own Process of investigation and challenging The system and asking questions and your Own suspicion and skepticism to the System right and the problem of human Nature still exists even with that Because which I've talked about quite Extensively in my journey series the Fourth master to the system just crapped The bed he just like completely failed Dodgy comish Patel somebody who I Experienced as being a very spiritual Person somebody who was certainly better At the system than I was somebody who Had a lot more um you know reasons and Things going for him in terms of being Chosen than than say me or other people Right like I thought well he would do a Good job because he was better at the System and more you know he's more Devotional more into it than I was right And so I had every reason to believe That he would succeed and I had

Experiences of seeing that he had the Work done on him that was done on the Previous Masters in terms of spiritual Evolution and and all these other things And and I you know we were almost kind Of like friends like I knew him and you Know I knew him to be a good Practitioner in the system and I had Like again these experiences I saw him In a spiritual light in a few different Occasions I saw his spiritual like Excellence and so I just assume that he Would be a good Master of the system he Would go along and just succeed like the Other ones had succeeded before and There had been teachings at least the Second master said to the third Master There's no chance of you falling there's No chance of you Failing and many of us assume that that Meant that that would apply to all Masters in the system and since he was Chosen and prepared by the previous Master and he was endorsed by the other Two from uh you know channeled messages It was like you know he was validated on Every level and for those of you who Have listened to the journey series his Suckiness is like epic like he got Involved with all these bad groups the RSS which is a political Hindu group you Know sjar is not supposed to be an Extension of the Hindu religion and that Was stated in various places but that

Was ignored and now he's joined with These organizations he joined with this Guy who's a controversial owner of Ayurvedic medicine yoga uh you know Asham and uh products and things he's a Billionaire he's got a long beard and he Got up at a gathering and stripped down To his diaper and an orange like Underpants that my wife referred to as Diaper Baba when we went to this Gathering in India and all these people Like what's going on and he started Doing yoga and prancing around doing Belly dances and you know like making His belly you know through these yogic I Don't know know um he was able to Control the muscles in his belly in some Weird Way and this guy was just a clown but You know this RSS was a paramilitary Organization and uses force and Saar is Supposed to use Force isn't supposed to Be a religion DOI also denied charie he He completely dissed his previous Master He he slandered him and said things About him and I mean just behaved in a Like a totally Punky way which is you Know uh like blasphemy and I mean you Know it's horrible what he did there and Then he got involved with this brighter Mind scam which is a previous scam that Exists in various spiritual Shady Spiritual organizations that said that They could teach kids how to smell

Colors and see with the blindfold on but The kids can see through a blindfold It's a scam and DOI got caught scamming By well a doctor who did the system who Disproved that it could be done you know A doctor who did Heartfulness and he was ostracized this Guy called me and we had some multiple Conversations and there's all these Other ways that Dody just sucks his Videos the YouTube channel he says Things are wrong he's he's scrubbed Chargie this his previous master and He's canceled these birthdays and got Rid of all their teachings and works I Mean his failure is epic and he's done Things that anybody with common sense Would realize anybody who does the System would know is wrong disrespecting The previous Masters and scrubbing books And literature that's helped many of us And has been a positive experience for Many of us all these things that he's Done and you he's basically run the System into the ground and yet people Can't admit that like people know that He kind of sucks but they won't admit That he's you know he's failed and you Know he's fallen and the system is going In the wrong direction and there's you Know like billions of dollars worth of Ashrams hundreds of Millions of dollars At least of ashs and properties and you Know all these things like there's you

Know and these were all uh built through Donation and people's hard works and Things like this and he's destroyed all This his family business crapped out he Got $ 120 million of of money investor Money to turn his seven pharmacies he Was a rich man he turn his Pharmacy Business over to his kids and they they Were trying to make it into a you know Delivery come to your house Del Pharmacy And it worked pretty good during coid But then they got $120 million investor Money and they crapped the whole thing Out and and imploded and the business Went out you know they went out of Business and the kids who were American Citizens fled to India to be with her Dad I mean so there's all these things Right like epic failures and you know And I'm just touching on a few of them And yet the people who do my system Can't confront these things honestly and Admit that there's been a fall it's the Same thing that's happened in all these Religions in the past you know people Just can't you know see what's right in Front of them because it's just too Painful but the truth is the truth and That's my point here the stuff that I'm Saying here whether you agree with it or Not has no bearing on you know whether I'm right or not has no bearing on you Know whether it's the truth right well If it's if it's the truth I'm right and

If it's not I'm wrong but it has no be Your subjective opinion doesn't mean Anything and if you look at the Religions and the people who run them And the cultures that have come out of These religions you see a pattern of Destructive and violent behavior and Hedonism and E egotism and just all the Bad things that people exhibit Sociopaths and just really dark stuff That's happened in these religions Themselves and the cultures that they've Spawned they're very violent Unproductive and self-destructive Cultures that are ego-based and have Have no reflection on love and you don't Feel love and God's love from these Processes right maybe there's some Saints and individuals who are able to Connect to Jesus or or God or whatever Through these religions but that's a Credit to them and not the religions Themselves these religions are are you Know the reflection of the religion is The outcome of the religion these Cultures and violence and you know Slavery and you know oppression and Colonization and you know bullying and All these things and hostility and Narcissism all come from these religions That's where is based in those the know People's um understanding of how God is Reflecting in their behaviors here and It's bad behavior it's just that simple

And you might not want to see it but It's there to be seen only spirituality Will save this world is PA Rado Definitely pour from the Apocalypse in The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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